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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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break in to two vehicles in a wealthy section of montgomery county and this is in potomac, maryland. huge million-dollar homes in the neighborhood and police alerted authorities and they worked together. police say edmonds broke into cars and homes in this potomac neighborhood and this is where he was arrested. authorities say they were able to recover items they believe he took from the home. >> we recovered evidence from inside the homes that directed us to one home. the police knocked on the doors, asked residents if this property belonged to them and that is how the connection was made. >> reporter: and this is a mug shot of brad edmonds. at this point, he's charged with burglaries in montgomery county but fairfax county investigators believe he's connected to a string of burglaries in their county and
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there could be more charges to follow. the fairfax county police first started to follow him after a citizens called in a suspicious vehicle. >> i have to credit a citizens that was alert and an early- morning hours of november 8th, one of our streets in fairfax county. my officers went and handled it well, and we developed the suspect as a result of that call in to us. >> reporter: all right, tonight, edmonds sits in a month dorm -- montgomery county jail. the bond is set at $425,000 faces more than a dozen felonies, and several from a stolen gun. members of a special task force put together in fairfax county plan to come forward with their own charges soon. >> it sounds like police are saying the crimes were very similar no matter the location. is that right? >> and we have been covering these for months now. the same m.o. he went up to the homes, there was an open door and that is
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how he was able to gape access in maryland. he walked in overnight and simply got through an open door. >> all right, matt ackland, thank you. >> uh-huh. and we're following a developing story affecting commuters. the police are investigating a deadly accident and this is on that outer loop of the beltway which is the dulles toll road. the officers say that one man was killed in the accident and this is the scene right now. you can see the traffic is backed up for miles and miles. we're told the lanes affected are not open. traffic is a mess out there and this is on the outer loop of the beltway near route 267 and very slow-going out there because of a deadly accident on the outer loop of the beltway awhile ago. we're going to stay on top and find out what they reopen. when we do, we'll bring you more information as we get it. metro police are investigating after a d.c. man
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was attacked and the station manager did nothing to help and he said he got into an argument on wednesday and tried to get up and held his seat and the girl blocked her arms and began hitting him. we spoke with the victim who asked us not to identify him. >> she hit my side and back side like this. >> how many times do you think you were struck? >> multiple times and at least five. hit me in my leg and knee, hurt me like hell. >> reporter: the victim tried to report the attack but the station manager appearedup concerned and didn't call police and a metro spokesperson confirms police are investigating the assault and said the rail system began an investigation into the conduct of the station manager. a bowie man is charged with 11 counts of distributing and possessing child pornography and the charges carry a sentence of up to 80 years in
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prison. the state police report the investigation started when a trooper came across an online offer. the troopers traced that computer to sanders and got a search warrant and then discovered files of child porn. sanders turned himself in to police this morning. and three days of jury deliberations in the chandra levy murder trial and still no verdict on this friday afternoon. fox 5s paul wagner has been following this from the beginning. we understand that jurors asked for a clarification on one issue today what, do you know about that? >> reporter: around 2:00, the jury asked the -- gave a note to a judge asking for the definition of assault. they had to bring in the prosecutor and defense and ingmar guandique. he's here in this courthouse but was downstairs and they had
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to put him in his jumpsuit and that took some time before the jury was given that and that was around 2:51 this afternoon and what they wanted to know was the definition of assault and had to do with the charge of mid--felony murder kidnapping and there is a lot of legalese in this and what that comes to, judge, we want ton do we have to find ingmar guandique had assaulted chandra leafy to get to the point where he kidnapped her and then get to the felony murder. that is what it appeared to be, as far as we could determine from what we were hearing in the courtroom and this note and that is only the second note they sent. the first was can we see the picture that was taken by guandique by his girlfriend in spring of 2001. this is only a sec note we have had and this jury didn't begin
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deliberating until 11:20 this morning. over the three days, they added for 15 hours. >> and that is still a friday afternoon, traditionally verdict day and in cases. we're going into a holiday week next week. what does that tell you they were not able to come to a verdict today. is that trouble for the defense? i'm sorry, for the prosecution? >> reporter: my gut said when i heard their question today, it sounded like they might be leaning towards a conviction here and that is based on their question. i have no inside knowledge of what they're thinking. so, but, obviously, this jury is taking a lot of time to consider all the facts in this case, and you have to hand it to them, three days now and no verdict and they're going to come back on monday and considering different work. they considering three charges here, first-degree felony
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murder attempted robbery and can find second degree and that is if they find them not guilty and go to that lesser includey of second-degree murder. >> will be interesting to see what happens on monday. >> thank you very much, paul wagner and follow the trial yourself and blogging every day and go to www. everything you need to know to stay on top of the latest developments in this case and that is all a click away. what a week it's been for prince georges county as the corruption investigation unfolds. the federal agents arrested 11 people and say it's only the tip of the iceberg. more arrests and charges are expected in the coming weeks and months. fox 5 is bringing you in-depth coverage and that started a week ago today. county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie were arrested at their mitchellville home. the federal agents say the johnsons are investigated as part of a, quote, pay-to-play scheme. mrs. johnson is accused of flushing a $100,000 check down the toilet and hiding $80,000
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in cash in her bra as investigators knocked on their front door and later that night after being released from jail, jack johnson declared his innocence. >> i'm innocent of the charges and i can't wait for the facts to come out. and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i am going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> on monday, it was back to business as usual for the johnsons. he returned to work and vowing to finish his term as county executive, which expires in early december and on machine, the craig probe grew by leaps and bounds, 9 more people were arrested including three prince georges county police officers, seven of them including two officers, were charged with conspiracy to commit extortion and are accused of running a smuggling ring. a third officer and another man were charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. detention hearings for most arrested were held throughout the week. two were released and are on
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home detention and have to wear electronic monitoring bracelets. three were ordered held until trial, four are wait on detention hearings. the brother of one arrested spoke out after the hearing yesterday. >> i wanted to convect him on the first press conference and that is under the bus and not sent them. >> reporter: county residents are stunned over the arrest of county executive jack johnson and leslie johnson. today on wtop radio, fellow council member-elect franklin and walker and ross spoke out about whether they believe leslie johnson should be wonder sworn in as a council member on december 6th. >> and i hope she uses -- chooses not to take the oath of office. it would save them from further embarrassment and damage to the reputation if she chose not to. >> that is a personal decision she has to make and look at it from this point. suppose she's 100% innocent.
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would you give up your job if there were allegations out there? you have to make a personal decision on the judgement. >> at this moment in -- moment in time, miss johnson cares about prince georges county and the citizens of the sixth district and herself. i think she will do the right thing and won't be sworn in on december 6th. and just because she has the right to be sworn in, doesn't mean that is the right thing to do. >> and our coverage continues tonight. we're going one-on-one with roberto hilton, find out what he has to say. you can see the full interview later on and go there right now to watch our interview with incoming county executive baker and you can read all the court documents related to this case. just click on hot topics on our home page. and we're following more developing news here at 5. another msnbc correspondent put on suspension. the network announced joe
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scarboro host of the morning joe show won't be on the air for two days. at issue, campaign contributions he made without seeking approval from network bosses. two weeks ago, msnbc correspondent keith olberman was suspended for two days for making political contributions. president obama is in portugal meeting with nato officials there and on the agenda, afghanistan. when will troops come home? we have that next. keep that here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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>> leaders from around the globe are meeting in portugal this weekend for the nato summit. one topic expected to dominate talks, the exit strategy in afghanistan. fox's connor powel has details from kabul. >> reporter: world leaders meeting in lisbon this weekend, will focus on the strategy to wind down nato's role in afghanistan. >> here in lisbon, i look forward to working with our nato and our partners as we move towards a new phase, a transition to afghan's responsibility that begins in 2011. with afghan forces takes the lead for security across afghanistan by 2014. >> reporter: on saturday, nato leaders are expected to endorse the plan by general david petraeus, the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan.
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and to start handing over security responsibilities? in parts is of the -- parts of the country next year. the petraeus plan has a timeline that would transfer the remaining security responsibilities to afghan forces by the end of 2014 and based on conditions on the ground. >> nobody can make guarantees of what will happen four, five years from now. and based on, that we are quite confident we will meet the end of 22049 season, aimed to have afghan forces in the lead throughout the country. >> reporter: karzai is attending the summit and will have talks with president obama on saturday to explain how he plans to work towards that goal. many will be ready for the job. [speaking in native tongue] [ through translator ] >> the way we see our security forces progressing, hopefully by 2049, we will be able to have the ability of leading the military operation in our country. [ through translator ] >> we have our own national army and national police who can stand against any enemy and
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in iran. >> reporter: even if nato meets the goal, the plan is to leave significant forces in afghanistan to train and advice the afghan army and police n. kabul, connor powell fox news. the two remaking american hikers imprisoned in iran could be released and that is according to an official. they were taken into custody last year whole reportedly hiking in iraq's northern curdy stan region. they were -- couragey stan region. they were accused of spying. shroud has been released since. and the one of the possible end for the search of an ohio woman. the police found their bodies stuffed in the garbage bags and hidden in a hallowed tree yesterday and investigators found the woman's 13-year-old alive, bound and gagged in the basement in the home on monday. a vigil thursday to pray for the safe return of tina herm onan, her son and friend instead bam a memorial and in
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memory of the victims. >> we love them very much and will miss them so much. >> and you don't want to say goodbye. >> reporter: police arrested an unemployed tree trimmer charging him with kidnapping the 13-year-old girl and investigators are looking for evidence linking him to the murders. georgetown students being warned to keep a close eye on the laptop and that blog is reporting thieves stole 8 computers over three days last week and one was taken from the dorm room and students can leave the registration program to help the items on and we have details on how to register your property and click on news links to find it. and another beautiful fall day. >> gorgeous. how's that going to be? i would imagine quite chilly, gary? >> you're getting this figured out. >> you're going to went to do it yourself.
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>> no, never. >> and thank you very much. >> that is going to be good overnight tonight and going to be cold and freezing in the suburbs. not freezing here in town and that looks like we'll drop into the the upper 30s, chilly and go ahead to the true view. a lot of cloud cover to the west and we have a little bit of that that morning and the skies brighten and we had a wonderful day. temperatures managed up into the mid-50s for most and we were 54 degrees for a high temperature at national and tomorrow, believe it or not, how does lower 60s sound. how about that? i wanted to show you the picture of radar. we're seeing snow into that northwest. travelling this weekend, should be pretty good and we'll see more precipitation on the map by tomorrow and into sunday. again, should be pretty good for you early travelers. 50 in town. dulles, dropped to 43 and same for frederick. we have fair skies out there. the temperature is dropping and remember the temperatures we show you here are in town and out in the suburbs. easily you can take away as
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much as 5 to 7 degrees and that will be getting fairly chilly the next few hours. the weekend forecast is coming up and that looks good and we're talking about next week as well and on wednesday for that great getaway and have a look at that forecast. >> we'll see you very soon. thanks. cardinals from across the world are at the vatican for a day of prayer with ren benjamin. the meeting is part of a rare summit, including the sex abuse scandal and religious freedom. a ceremony at the vatican tomorrow will have an impact here in the washington area. it's elevating 24ing cardinals including donald whirl. local students are supporting cardinal-elect whirl here at home. take a look. these kids are at our lady of victory school in northwest and they all, as you can see, wore
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red today and students all over had special activities and most rang bells for special moments of prayer and many are taping special congratulations videos. we're staying on top of the developing story. police are investigating a deadly accident and we want to clarify what we reported earlier, happening on route 267, the dulles toll road near the outer loop of the beltway through the tyson's corner area and officers say one man was killed in this accident and it's dark outside and you can see a long line of headlights as people are stuck in traffic and waiting to get by and we understand that traffic is backed up for miles. you can see all the lanes that are affected are shut down and we're going to stay on top of the story. you can see there as sky fox pulls out. the traffic line goes far and we're going to bring you more information as it comes in. >> and that is bad out there.
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thank goodness, not raining. and grid iron auction on the way. >> and this week, talking about the play-offs and have a look at the high school football game-of-the-week when we come back. [ male announcer ] to thank you for making pizza hut your favorite pizza we're offering two mediums with up to three toppings for just six bucks each! this offer only lasts ten days ending november 20th so don't miss out! two medium pizzas. only six bucks each, ending november 20th and only at your pizza hut.
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>> we're following breaking news in the distribute right now. a high-ranking d.c. police officer is suspended due to possible involvement in a cheating scandal. paul wagner is live with the latest. paul, what do you know? >> reporter: this involves the assistant chief diane groom and is known in the community, the reporters and with people coming in contact with her on the streets. she's a street person. she's a hands-on police officer, always at crime scenes and she has been with kathy lanier since the be-- cathy lanier since the beginning.
5:25 pm
she was the assistant chief overseeing the patrol division and has held that job the last four years and there has been a statement released from chief lanier a few moments ago saying that diane grooms has been suspended and placed on administrative leave pending further investigation and i am reading now from the statetion that she was involved in compromising a task and to some members of the command staff as part of their in-service training and effective immediately, the assistant chief dua.m. will oversee the school and has been the chief from the beginning and serving as her executive and he is going take over for diane groom. pretty much a stunning development here and this is something i have not heard anything about or leaked out to reporters that anything like this was coming down or that anything might have been -- anything like this may have been developing and this is a surprise here, shawn. >> i know the information is coming in and you have been
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covering d.c.'s police department for many years. do you know anything about this annual in-service training? >> reporter: in-service -- . >> in-service training is part of what many officers, if not all, have to take part in within mpd. they typically have to go down to the training academy, they have to take class and training and different thigs on the law -- things o the law and new weapons they're using. all sorts of different varieties of subjects. computers, computer software and they would be required to take part in that training and as far as testing is concerned, was unaware that they had to take tests as far as the command staff was concerned and that is new to me. this test, as far as what she may have compromised, is unclear. i would have to do a little bit of reporting and find out what
5:27 pm
this involved. >> we know you're going to stay on top of it and should tell you we have learned in light of the allegations, the d.c. police department will inwill -- invalidate the tests and they will be taken again. paul wagner, thank you. moving to the fox 5 high school football game-of-the- week. the winning matchup with 44% of the total votes, the huntingtown hurricanes at the patriots. lindsay murphy is live with that preview and pep. lindsay? you always have pep. >> reporter: we always have pep out here, and that is play-off. your team is done and every player gives 150%, especially tonight because we have a championship game and that is the 3-a south region finals and let's look at huntingtown a little bit. they're the number 4 seed who knocked out the number one just last week and that game rushed for 336 yards and they can pass the ball pretty well and looking at the home team, they're the number three seed and beat the number two seed this last week and have four receivers who caught four different touchdown passes. that is the key to their game tonight and we'll talk more
5:28 pm
later in the show and right now, friendly, we have their band and their cheerleaders and dance team to get us started. ♪7 ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this is some of the fun we have planned this evening. coming up, we'll talk with most head coaches. the news at 5 will return after the break.
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>> incoming members of congress competed for new offices, tom fitzgerald was there with more. i imagine it was hectic out there? >> reporter: very hectic. seniority is a powerful thing in congress and when you're brand-new, it's the great equalizer and the newly-elected republicans get the first shot of winning and losing in washington today, coming in the form of the congressional officer lottery. inside this room, there are 85 new members of congress. inside this box, there are 85 numbers. and while the incoming house lawmakers may have different political views, in here, they have their sights set on one thing. >> this is going to be a mad dash for offices the next few hours. >> reporter: congressman-elect end harris from maryland's eastern shores taking part in the congressional office
5:33 pm
lottery. >> selected number 31. >> reporter: each number picks a number and that determines the order in which they will pick their new offices and the likes and like and thes have. and the have nots. >> mr. clark, your number -- you're number 60. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> reporter: with his lottery number secure, congressman- elect harris was off to do some office shopping. >> where did you go? how far up? >> it's part scavenger hunt and part house hunting. >> okay, great. thank you very much. >> and as they size up the space, the outgoing staff packs up their place. once they start peeking offices, you need a strategy and not only do you need to know what offices were taken, you have to have a backup for when you're turn is called and after five hours, it was time for him to make his pick. >> mr. harris selected room 506, canon. >> an office in the canon
5:34 pm
building, and not great with a visible view of the capitol. >> i think it's going to be great and family comes here and they come and -- washington out of my window. >> reporter: this is a rite of passage for anyone entering congress and that is a big lesson for priority. the same one is being vacated by the old people electd two years ago and now, they get to move on to nicer digs and that turns over every few years. >> what was it like? what was the dynamic like between the, you know, the senior members and the freshmen members they were passing by? >> exchanging office. >> it was interesting and weird. at one point, this is a conservative republican for maryland, a doctor who ran against the obama healthcare law and we walk into the offices of allen graceman, he's the one who said the republican healthcare plan is for you to
5:35 pm
die. congressman graceman voted out of office in florida and you have these two ships crossing in the night and there is some packing and tape and desks being on and that is crazy. >> we remember when that is going out. they took the ws off? >> and may be ours will go away and -- >> we'll have to keep an eye on them. >> is there any truth to the rumor the last office chosen is worse and it's high up and there is a bathroom in the middle of it? >> nobody who is new gets a great office. >> okay. >> and if you are the last out of 85 and in this case, virginia's incoming congressman from down in danville was number 85 and he gets to go after everyone else and after all the prime spots taken. you finally go at the end of the day and get what is left. >> that is just the way it works. the luck of the draw.
5:36 pm
thank you. and senate majority leader harry reid said the senate must act quickly to create jobs, deal with tax cuts and other pressing legislations. this comes in the midst of the senate's lame-duck session and took senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to task for his stance on the bush-era tax cuts. >> and as you know, he offered legislation to extend the mall, costing $4 trillion. he wants a vote on that, i will be happy to help arrange that and he should arrange a vote on 250 period. >> that number read motioned there refers to his idea of extending the tax cuts only for those making $250,000 or less. earlier this week, reid vowed to call for a vote on the military's don't-ask, don't- tell law when the senate returns. helping people find a job. the d.c. hires job fair kicked off today. companies like sears, home improvement products, car max and others gathered to accept
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applications. a local career expert was on hand and giving out free professional resume reviews. if you were looking for work, remember to check out the fox 5 job shop. our job is in gathers -- gaithersburg and for more on this job and many others, go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of the home page. a fox 5 consumer alert tonight concerning what your child could be eating and drinking. a new study shows 85% of kids juice boxes and packaged fruit could contain high levels of lead. a california group, the environmental law foundation, along with the help of the government, tested 400 samples from 150 branded products marketed two children and the alarming results are these. 125 out of 146 products contained enough lead in the single serving to warrant a warning label. pressure from the fda is taking the pain killer darvan off the shelves. the maker is pulling that drug
5:38 pm
and darvoset over claims it causes dangerous heart rhythms. the fda asked generic drug makers to stop selling the low- cost version of the drug. consumer watchdog groups, watchdog groups, that is, had asked the fda to ban darvan, claiming the drug carried the risks of several hundred deaths a year. the iradar app costs 170. is it too expensive? depends on where you ask. >> i would get it. >> why? >> it would save me some sum opposite, some tickets. >> anyone who has been here knows where they're going to see a problem. these things don't move.
5:39 pm
and -- >> 872, really. >> the app uses the blue tooth, gps and internetes iss to get the information and updates every 12 hours. and he's not a rottweiler or german shepherd. >> the newest police dog weighs in at a whopping -- whopping six pounds. next. and maybe he has a big spart. >> maybe.
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fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ ♪ >> if you believe all police dogs are strong, big and intimidating, think again. yahoo!.com said this is japan's newest canine officer. a chihuahua's six-pound chihuahua named momo or peach. and japan allows any breed and admits a chihuahua is unusual. momo will be used in rescue operations like earthquakes
5:43 pm
where she can squeeze into tiny spaces too far for bigger service animals. >>. there is a need for her. >> and that is a good idea. nothing to complain about in the weather department today. and some sun shining, cooler temperatures. >> will it last throughout the weekend? the forecast is next. [ale announcer ] to thank you for making pizza hut your favorite pizza we're offering two mediums with up to three toppings for just six bucks each! this offer only lasts ten days ending november 20th so don't miss out! two medium pizzas. only six bucks each, ending november 20th and only at your pizza hut.
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it's friday. time for the fox 5 high school football game-of-the-week. a maryland 3-a quarter final between the hurricanes and the patriots. lindsey murphy is standing by live at friendly high school with the head coach. lindsey? >> reporter: it feels like a play-off game. it's nice and crisp and cool out here and i have both head coaches standing by and we'll start with peter quayway. thank you, first of all, for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you were able to knock off the number two seed last week and used four different receivers. is that your game and how much
5:47 pm
do you rely on that? >> passing, the passing attack is what we do and we're comfortable doing that, and we have been doing that all year. >> huntingtown is a duel threat and ran a lot last week. how dangerous are they? >> very dangerous and good team. we washed them on film and hoping they didn't show up and that is going to be a good game. >> reporter: what do you expect from the matchup when they play? what is that like? >> going to be a 3-a quarter finals game. and kids will be up for the challenge, and i think that is going to be fun to watch. >> reporter: i appreciate your time. >> yeah. >> and we appreciate you making it out here on time and you beat top-seated westlake last week. how much of a boost was that? >> i think that was a big moral booster and something we hope and believe that will give us added momentum for the play- offs. >> and you're known to be a
5:48 pm
duel-threat team. saw something with lest rake -- westlake. do you have a different game plan? >> we try to attackef team to what we feel our weaknesses will be able to be successful against them, and friendly has a very, very good team,m and pressed with the athletes and with the big play abilities that they have. we're going to come out and try to find some weakens out there and we'll try to a -- weaknesses out there. >> good luck tonight. this game doesn't kick off until 7:00 and our game-of-the- week highlights are at 10:00. back to you in the studio. >> we'll look forward to those highlights tonight. britains who want to feel like a princess bride or at least dress like one can get a bargain copy of kate middleton -- excuse me, that would be catherine middleton's dress. the retailer said that it's
5:49 pm
selling a replica of the dress for $25. and dresses made by the original developer go over $8,000. >> $25, not a bad deal. >> upalley-oop -- yup. >> suffering through how many stories? >> oh. >> and buck it up. >> a huge fan of the royals. enough is enough and you know by when are they getting married? >> yeah. >> and a couple more months. >> and let's talk about the weather. >> okay. >> going into the weekend. everyone wants to know? >> and that is nice. >> and a little like last week n the sense that sunday was iffy and we'll have cooler conditions on sunday and a few more clouds. it looks good and if you're a lucky one that gets out of here, you should have smooth sailing or getting out and most of the country right and
5:50 pm
temperatures in the upper 30s, dulles 43 and almost the upper 30 asthere. 39 degrees in monasses. in town, 50 degrees and not bad in terms of temperatures and we have been look at this cold air the last few days in great falls, montana, and that is zero, okay? the middle part of next week, wednesday and lots of folks travelling and that cold air settling in the jet stream running through the central plains and we're go -- plains.
5:51 pm
strong to mild here and strong energy out of the central plains and what happens, we're going to develop a storm and yesterday, we talked about the possibility of a big storm developing. not on wednesday but there is a fairly significant storm system that is developing thursday and into friday, north of us, though and we'll stay in the warmer air and there is no need to worry about snow for us and still seeing showers along this front and in this tennessee river valley and pull into this midwest. there is snow and the colder air and that looks like most of wednesday before that big storm develops. again, going to be rain for us and some thunderstorms. not bad now. a few clouds to the west and to that northwest of us. tomorrow, looks like it's going to be perfect, i think, and
5:52 pm
that will start with loads of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will start off in the mid-40s, warming into the lower 60s and tomorrow afternoon, that's right, i said it. lower 60s for highs tomorrow and the future cast shows plenty of sunshine and that is to the northwest and into sunday, there is a front that will come through and that is cooling things down and we'll end up with a few clouds on sunday and that still looks like it's going to be a good weekend and 61 tomorrow, hard to beat. po, cool or sunday and 63 on monday and we warm up into the mid- to upper 60s as we approach thanksgiving and more details on that coming up with that forecast at 10:00. >> sounds good. and a magical night for the harry potter franchise and lined up in northwest for a midnight showing like fans did all over the country and harry potter raked in $24 million, and that is second to
5:53 pm
twilight's new moon and midnight showings. there is one film left in the franchise, started when they were 11 and 12 years old. fox 5s allison seymour has more reaction from the boys of harry potter and what the movies have meant to them. >> these are dark times. >> reporter: the whole world watched them grow up and now millions of harry potter fans will begin their long goodbyes to the boy wizard and his friends as the captures come to a close with the weekend's debut of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1. the production wrapped up on the 7th and final installment of the beloved franchise this past summer, leaving the cast and crew drained. >> and from -- and that is the whole crew from everyone and it was -- yeah, it was a sad day and kind of -- yeah, it was upsetting at times. >> and -- >> you don't know how it feels. >> and that is for that last
5:54 pm
day and that is final. >> with a year of premiers ahead of them, the cast has a lot more potter to look forward to. and although his schedule is packed with other projects, radcliffe admits he will miss the boy wizard. >> and that is not something i want to shake off because i'm proud of it and have love dodding it and that has given me the amazing opportunity and opened many doors for me. >> and check out heir potter -- harry potter this weekend. >> going to be a busy weekend. uh-huh. and check in now with brian bolter and a look at the news edge at 6. coming up in six minutes, a push to go privates. why some say it's time to do away with the tsa and if you
5:55 pm
think traffic is bad, we'll tell where you the beltway is reduced to one lane starting tonight. and a local high school does an about-face after the grading ball and creates a firestorm of controversy. hang tight, we're back at 6.
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>> a national adoption day, two families made it official at a ceremony this morning. during remarks from the health and human services secretary newly adopted cameron stole the show. he's been with his mom since he was two months old and in that other adoption, 7-month-old thomas is joining his mother and remembered her to adopt his friend. young which were are learning about the season of giving and look at these and they're preschoolers from
5:59 pm
chester academy and they donated 75 thanksgiving dinners for the salvation army in fairfax and they donated food cards to make the donation. >> helping kids understand what it's about. >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us for the news at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. i think it needs a complete revisit, and maybe now this personal intrusion with that private person is the straw breaking the camel's back. a u.s. congressman said it's time to give the tsa the boot and that congressman wants to replace tsa agents and comes as the busy holiday travel season is getting underway. and bob barnard is live with more. >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk