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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  November 21, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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feeling was gone. like i said we will go through it tomorrow and see and find out exactly what's really going on. and hopefully i will be back out here. >> reporter: does it make the victory that much better knowing the backup could come in and do this? >> it do. i mean, it makes it that much better for the simple fact that it was a team win. you know, it was everybody's contributions to this. so you can't really say, well, this person you know dominated the game. you look across the boy and joey with some great catches. chris coolly played great as usual. i think 5 kept it hard and led us up and down the field time after time. and graham having the confidence to come out and kick in the game winner. i mean, you tip your hat to everybody. >> when we return, a homecoming for albert hainsworth. how did his return to nashville go? [ music ] 
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. >> welcome back. i'm dave feldman. everybody nice a homecoming. today albert hainsworth had his. the big fella played for the titans from 2002 to 2008. the first seven seasons of its nfl career. hainsworth had only one registered tackle today but he was disruptive. and i mean that in a good way. after the game he shared some bond titan memories with our lindsay murphy. >> reporter: what was it like for you to be on the opposite side line today? >> i could say it was very, very strange to be looking over, you know, at the guys i've played ball with. you know, just because everybody, the people that own the chain. you know, the ball boys and whatever. it was weird to be on the
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opposite sidelines. >> reporter: i know at least pre-game you seemed to be enjoying it. hugging a lot of the fans. you knew just about everybody here. did you enjoy some of it? >> it was a good homecoming to see people i still consider my family. >> ever been part of a game with as many injuries and like ten players basically opposite of you? >> no. i've never seen anything like that. i was on the sidelines and i was maybe second or third quarter when derek dockery went down. and the coach was like, are you ready to play offense, ron? yes, no, not exactly. but i had a problem with that 3- 4 we would have a real big problem with that launch pad. >> sense of humor from the big fellow. i like it. not buy -- lying about the injuries. they hit the line pretty hard. but the replacements. montgomery starting for hicks. but had to move forester. derek dockery took over for
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montgomery but ended up getting hurt as well. they played all over the line and the result the win for the redskins. >> they did a good job. you are well aware we had gays coming in and it guys getting hurt. they put good pressure on the quarterback. if you give them them a passing game completely they will get the turnovers and get some sacks. you know, we were able to survive. >> for the offense to be able to sustain a drive and get down especially with the situation we were in with guys going down and stepping in. the offensive line played well and gave us the opportunity to win. elsewhere around the nfc, the cowboys are looking for back-to-back wins for the first time, well, since they have inning thatted coaches. how about that. would the second game of the jason era give them a "w" ?  . >> the biggest news break ares and topics starting first on
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. welcome back to nissan area sports extra. you know, the passed two seasons the lions have defeated the redskins at ford field to end home losing streaks for the lions. today the lions were in dallas tonight looking to put an end to a 25-game road losing streak. head coach jason garrett leading the cowboys to the first home game. second quarter lions lead 12-7. punting to the cowboys. john tries to down the ball inside the five.
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the cowboys brian mccan picks it up for just three and takes off running, the other way. a group of cowboys clearly a path. 97 yards for a touchdown. cowboys defeat the lions 35-19. ending the -- handing the lions their 26th straight home loss. the vikings hosting the packers. second quarter tied at three. aaron rogers escapes and scrambles to his left. greg jennings 11 yards for the score. packers led 10-3 the route was on. third quarter 17-3. rogers, jennings again, 48 yards for the score. the packers hammer bred favor and the vikings 31-3. minnesota is now 3-7. rogers was great. brett favre had one pick and no touchdowns. ravens on the road against the panthers. joe flacko with time throws deep to tj bushman.
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behind two panthers. tj carries charles godfry into the ends zone 66 yards into the score. ravens up 10-6. brian st. pierre intercepted by he had reid. the 65th pick of ed reid's career. reid on the return the brother of ron landry who dives into the end-zone. he is credited with a 23-yard return. the ravens pound the panthers 37-13 to improve to 7-3. when we come back, let's go back to the skins. the head coach's message could be sinking in with the starting quarterback. some final words from donovan mcnabb when we return. ♪
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. graham missed from 47 with a chance to win in regulation. no mistake in ot from 48 yards. the redskins escape nashville with a 19-16 victory. so donovan mcnabb gets his first win with the new contract. this week he was asked about it. a lot. the different reports about the bonus money, how many years were guaranteed. he didn't want to talk about it. don't really blame him. but today after the win he did talk about his future with the burgundy and gold. >> i feel i am in the right place.
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you know, it's a growing process in which i think we are all growing together. you know, i think good things are going to happen quickly around here. you know, the team feels that way. obviously i feel and i think the coaching staff feels that way. we have to win games like this. and i think if we continue to put ourselves in a position to do that good things will happen. >> donovan mcnabb victorious. the redskins with today's fifth victory surpassed their win total from 2009. next week the skins host the circus known as brett favre and the 3-7 vikings. they lost today 31-3. and the eagles lead the giants in the fourth quarter. what is that score? 24-17. i'm dave feldman. hope you enjoy your sunday. i will see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. [ music ] >> thank you for watching sports extra brought to you by your washington area nissan