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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> reporter: and knows it could be worse. >> that i could not have a place to live, could not have food. >> reporter: she is grateful for those who donated, people like jack wang and his company, ridex sgi. young and old everyone should have that chance. >> i'm thankful. >> have a very happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. you, too. >> reporter: in montgomery county beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and the news keeps coming tonight. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. we hear you, that's the message from the tsa tonight following days of backlash and outrage over the new airport body scanners. more importantly, those patdowns. the agency's head says he may rethink now how airport security screening is done altogether. just don't expect it to happen before you fly out this thanksgiving week. meantime more stories about bad screening experiences continue to make national headlines. fox 5's wisdom martin starts us
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off tonight. >> well, some passengers say it comes down to picking your poison in some cases, either go through a scanner that sees through your clothes or opt out and get a patdown. now even though it's all in the name of security, the question tonight is how much is too much? at dulles airport where the thanksgiving crowd is still small we caught up with passengers arriving from california who had already gone through security. >> i've had patdowns. if it ensures that we're secure when we're flying, i welcome in and because i want to have travel be easy and safe. >> it's pretty normal. we just went through the normal things. we didn't get any patdowns or anything and it went pretty smoothly. >> reporter: at national airport whether it's a patdown or a full body scan travelers we spoke with were not worried. >> i don't mind it at all. i think they need to do it for security purposes, i don't have anything to hide down there. so no, doesn't bother me in the least.
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>> i think they're just doing their job and i personally don't think that it's as big of a deal as people are making. it. >> reporter: but not everybody is on board with the patdown. >> invasive searching, i don't think that needs to be done perhaps to the level that we're doing it at. >> reporter: now the head of the transportation security administration says they are reevaluating the policy. >> if we can do it less invasively has been the request, then i'm open to doing that. >> reporter: but critics say the government could have avoided the passenger outcry if it had done a better job explaining the policy. peter wench works for the union representing 13,000tsa officers who now face resistance and ridicule from public. >> they just seem to be the ones catching all this flack from all different directions and they're just trying to make our holiday travel safe. >> reporter: that's a point some travelers say is often lost in the debate over how to screen passengers. >> i would say we just need to take a deep breath, calm down and let the process take place.
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>> now the government accountability office known for its undercover stings of federal agencies will work with the tsa to make sure that any new search procedures are effective at finding banned substances. >> this kind of stuff doesn't help, videos like this one adding fuel to the fire. shows a tsa agent patting down a shirtless 9-year-old boy at salt lake city's airport. passengers shot the video as the boy appeared to be so shy he couldn't keep his arms raised for a patdown and the father ripped the boy's shirt off out of frustration to speed up the shirt. the tsa said the boy was patted down because he set off the metal detector. a bladder cancer survivor says he was humiliated during one of those enhanced patdowns after the seal broke on his urostomy bag and urine spilled all over him. 61-year-old tom sawyer said tsa agents asked him to step to the down. he asked for it to be done in a more discreet place they went to a separate room, but he said
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the agent was so rough it caused the bag to break. >> i was so embarrassed and so petrified at going out into the airport thinking people would see me and "mel" me. i was just mort -- and "smell" me. i was just mortified. >> he didn't have time to change his clothes or he'd miss his flight. so he had to board in his urine soaked shirt and pants. a verdict in the chandra levy murder case. inning march guandique guilty on two -- ingmar gobbed guilty on two murder -- guandique guilty on two murder counts. the high murder policy case has lasted nearly a decade. fox 5 roby chavez working this one tonight. >> a big major victory for the prosecution and another cold case solved. so how did they do it? well, with circumstantial evidence and not a single strand of dna. prosecutors struck a chord it seems with jurors saying levy's death hit a pattern -- fit a pattern of other crimes for
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ingmar guandique. tonight he faces life in prison. >> very emotional here. >> reporter: a nervous susan levy reacting moments after ingmar guandique was found guilty of the murder of her daughter, chandra levy. she used the moment to send a message. >> what difference does it make? you, all of us in america need to wake up and stop the violence and make a difference. >> reporter: it's a big win for prosecutors and police who never gave up on the cold case. levy was killed nine years ago, her remains found in rock creek park. >> our hearts go out to the levy family which has shown remarkable strength and courage throughout this ordeal and while today's verdict will never give them back their daughter, we are hopeful that it gives them some level of comfort and aids them in moving forward. >> reporter: one of the detectives who closed the case, tony brigadini was in the courtroom for the verdict, he along with detective todd
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williams and emilio martinez made the arrest. >> today's verdict does send a message that it's never too late for a murderer to be held accountable for his crime. it's never too late for justice to be served. >> reporter: as the verdict was read, ingmar guandique got a spanish translation through headsets and then threw them down and stormed out of the courtroom. the defense lawyers maintained all along he was a scapegoat for a botched investigation. despite the problematic investigation, prosecutors say it was important to never give up and gave special praise to the cold case unit who helped crack the case. >> there's no better teams. there are no better detectives, no more caring of prosecutor and no more dynamic of team that has put tremendous amount of effort into this case and so i really just want to again offer my sincerest condolences to the family and let them know that our hearts are all still broken with them. >> reporter: one other note tonight, the verdict is a vindication for former
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congressman gary condit who became an early person of interest in his quick career rather quickly unraveled. late tonight condit's lawyer says the vindication comes way too late to repair the damage. fields says condit does not plan to speak to reporters. guandique will be sentenced february 11th and he could be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of life in prison. >> as roby just mentioned, chandra levy's mother was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. for the past nine years susan levy has fought tirelessly to bring her daughter's killer to justice. she says while she feels relieved, there's no closure. >> the result of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. it's painful. i live with it every day and so does my son, my mother and other family members. >> several jury members spoke
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publicly following the verdict. while they would not specifically discuss their deliberations, the jurors say they carefully weighed the evidence before coming to a unanimous conclusion. >> we did the best we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> i'm confident with the decision that we made, but it doesn't mean that i don't, you know, wish that we didn't have to be here today. >> prosecutors want a conviction even though they lacked the physical evidence to linking ingmar guandique to chandra levy. jurors say that did not affect their decision. they say there was still plenty of evidence for quick. coming up the scare that sent f-16s scrambling above virginia today. plus from the police and fire departments to the schools, we're going to break down the rough road ahead in one of maryland's richest counties. quick check of the stories on our rundown, just a few. the news edge back in 60 seconds. hang tight.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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with the economy still struggling many jurisdictions like montgomery county are coping with massive budget deficits. the county has slashed nearly a billion dollars many spending this year. it's going to have to close at a $200 million shortfall next year, plus deal with other rising costs. today council leaders warned 's fox 5's sherri ly explains. >> reporter: from the streets of downtown silver spring to rockville and in between, people in montgomery county feel financially squeezed. some county council members say they've gotten the message, rein in spending. >> we're feeling the pinch at home in our own budget and so we expect you to do your job as elected leaders to do the same as the county budget. >> reporter: for the past
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several years the county trimmed the fat looking at every penny even turning off the lights. the meat of the budget is the only thing left, 82% of all tax afforded spending goes to employee salaries and benefits. >> the cost per employee has grown dramatically and that's i think where we will be focusing on how can we pare those costs down? >> reporter: public employee unions such as those representing firefighters, police, teachers and county workers have long wielded great influence with sizable pensions and benefits. >> cut salaries, you know. whatever it has to take to keep it going, keep it a business. >> reporter: a report by the office of legislative oversight shows on top of salary county employees earn an average of 52% more in benefits. >> we're going to take some pretty bold steps forward i think. >> reporter: in irvin's silver spring district people have complained about service cuts. >> our neighborhood has had a
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bit of a crime wave somewhere in 2009/'10, thefts, break-ins and i don't know if that's related to not enough policing. >> reporter: schools make up half the county's budget and by state law must increase spending by $87.4 million leaving less for other services. >> there's a lot at stake and so i don't think anything is going to be easy. >> reporter: and there's no more federal stimulus money to fill the holes. >> fox 5's sherri ly reporting. tomorrow the county council will get a full look at that budget report detailing how it ended up this this budget mess in the first place and then next month part two of that report will lay out the options. everything is on the table including pay and benefits. coming up next the security scare, d.c.'s restricted airspace. plus the good news and bad news if you're hitting the roads before thanksgiving this week. plus a few days ago a woman began camping outside a best buy for black friday. sounded a little crazy, but her stunt already paid off.
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as we head to break, it's understandable if you don't know how to spell an nfl player's name like houshmandzadeh or roethlisberger, but what's the excuse with this? that's vikings defensive tackle kevin williams? took the field yesterday with an obvious mistake on his jersey, no word who's responsible for the blunder. s
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a student pilot got a lesson in what not to do today, his small cessna crossed into restricted airspace near d.c. it was quickly met by two f-16
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fighter jets. they escorted the cessna, forced it to land at the manassas airport. air traffic controllers weren't able to contact the pilot before he crossed into the restricted airspace over virginia. a few travel advisories if you're hitting the road for the holidays. laura evans has those and more in your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5 tonight, brian, those graphic images that may go on cigarette packs could actually help smokers quit. a new study shows smokers who see them are likely to say they want to quit. the fda proposed those graphic warning labels earlier this month in an attempt to curb smoking. researches are found the more gruesome the image, the more smokers say they want to kick the habit. no. 4, do you have any money coming to you? the irs trying to give away $164 million to taxpayers who they couldn't reach. there are more than 110,000 undelivered tax refund checks. make sure the irs has your correct address, update your information about the where's my refund tool on the irs website. we will link you there through
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our website, no. 3, the war is on, wal-mart, amazon making an effort to get your holiday stepping money. wal-mart says they will match rivals' prices on black fridays. says just look at the new price comparison app for the iphone and you will see their holiday deals. and wal-mart are the largest online and offline retailers respectively. no. 2, vdot working to make thanksgiving travel a little easier through the commonwealth. temporary lane closures will be lifted across virginia trying to cut down on backups. also look for 24 hour traffic information on vdot's website to avoid traffic congestion. no. 1 tonight, be prepared to dig deeper in your wallet to fill your tank. gas prices are the highest they have been in more than six months, average price $2.89 a gallon. that's 21 cents higher than it was in august. prices are expected to go down by the end of the year. that's the good news and that
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is tonight's fox 5 top five. brian? looking at snow in seattle. we got rain coming here. i mean big travel week. >> for the east coast it won't be too bad, but we're looking at a live shot in seattle where they may be getting -- you can see the snow and also the fog -- probably a good 2 to 6 inches and also the winds are really going to be whipping. if you are traveling to the pacific northwest or even into the northern plains, you are going to be running into notice and there is a lot of cold -- snow and there is a lot of cold air pouring into that part of the country and it will become a major player for most of the rest of this week. in the east, though, thing are comparatively very settled. our high temperature today was 61 degrees, but look at how warm it was elsewhere. cincinnati was 72. atlanta was 72. raleigh was 73 but this little what's going on in the northern plains. seattle is 32 degrees right now. so it's a very wet slippery snow. they had big travel problems. it's 3 degrees was the high in
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billings, montana, bismarck 9, 14 in pierce, south dakota. so that cold air very heavy is sinking south and ahead of it strong south winds brought dallas' temperature today up to 82 degrees. so big contrast and contrast equals big storms, too and we're getting a tornado outbreak going on. i want to actually take you quickly over to our max hd true view because you can see two things on this. first of all, the seattle snow they are getting, so all of that going on. boise is getting snow. it's working its way across the plains, but then our big tornado outbreak going on across the country. here we've had seven reports of tornadoes in illinois and wisconsin. this is the line that will be affecting our region tomorrow in the form of a cold front. by the time it gets to us it's not going to have much oomph left, but ahead of it we'll get the warmer air. check out this temperature trend. i think you'll like it tomorrow. 68 degrees for us, would not be shocked to find people hitting 70 degrees like today, but
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front comes through tomorrow night. we drop to 52. on thanksgiving 56 degrees and by friday 51. wanted to show you holiday travel this is wednesday evening. what they're getting in seattle is round one, round two wednesday evening, travel problems for them. the desert southwest dry. look at the big snow they'll get in the northern plains, maybe not a blizzard, but enough snow to cause problems. for chicago it will be rain, but for st. louis and south it could be stormy. around our region it looks like it's going to be settled. wednesday for traveling, clear skies for washington and up to the northeast heading up to the great lakes should be in good shape. it should be very dry for us. there are showers wednesday out to west virginia. here's your five-day forecast. we'll watch this travel weather closely, especially for wednesday for everyone. for us it will be chilly but dry, 52. late day thanksgiving showers for us. they linger into friday and that's when the colder air starts pouring back into town. sounds like good football weather to me. dave feldman is talking about that and more with our news
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. everyone gets hurt in the nfl. most people play hurt. it's a collision game. vince young is off for the season with a thumb injury. he was going to get benched anyway but what happened in nashville was ridiculous, seven players injured in one game, safety anderson russell placed on injured reserve with an acl injury as was running back chad simpson who hurt himself in
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warm-up. clinton portis reaggravated his groin with an mri tomorrow. linebacker rocky macintosh forced to leave the game with a sore groin. his status will be updated wednesday. this is a major grocery list of injuries. center casey robach out with an mcl. derek dockery hurt his knee, will be evaluated later in the nine. alexander went down with a happeny. landry and rogers didn't -- hammy. landry and rogers didn't make the training. even the trainer got hurt. mike shanahan, what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on? >> first day we actually talked to players. we talked to them about losing people during the season. it's going to happen and sometimes it happens in bunches. other times one a game, two a game and you got to be ready. so these guys are preparing themselves during the week one play away from being the starter, but you got to prepare yourself as if you were starter each and every week. >> i know, but coach, this is
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ridiculous. the caps called semyon varlamov up and tonight he backed up braydon hopi but not until the 2nd period when his skates arrived. michal neuvirth suffered a lower body injury in practice today. he might play wednesday in carolina. that's a lot of drama to take to new jersey. three years ago to the day bruce boudreau became the 14th head coach in caps history when he was named on an interim basis. this wasn't a pleasant anniversary. devils up 1-0. jason arnett wrap-around, devils take it 2-0 lead. still in the 1st a penalty shot after mattias was taken down. 2nd period now 4-0 devils, a three-on-two, former cap zubrus scores on the rebound. caps drop their third in a row to get shut out 5 -0. to hoops now karl hobbs, gw colonials hosting nevada in the
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nit season tip-off. 1st half the big guy sends it back to taylor who drains the baseline jumper, taylor a team high 14. more g.w., this time taylor driving, dishes to david pelham who finishes with the slam. colonials improve to 2-1. they down the wolfpack 58-56. the maryland terrapins return to the comcast center tomorrow to face delaware state. looking to get back in the win column. last week's trip to madison square garden saddled maryland with losses to pitt and illinois, but the close games against two ranked teams provided good experience for the young terps. >> we felt we belonged on the court with them. we felt we could win those games. now the next step is to win a game like that. you know, we didn't get the win. so we have to win those games and hopefully that's coming. >> we came out and played real hard. i think we had a chance to win both those games. we got to see what kind of team we are now. we know we can play with the
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best teams in the country. we got to find a way to get over their heads. john wall expected to return tomorrow after missing the past four games with a sprained left foot, wizards hosting the sixers at the verizon center. i'm dave feldman. have a good night. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this. 
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