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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 23, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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we get a live look over in the distance and you see the capitol dome. we are off to a mild start today. let's talk to tucker about that this morning. >> we have mild temperatures and we lost the fog. not much fog across the area,
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just a few spots. it will be a beautiful day temperature-wise. 54 at reagan national. 54 in baltimore. lots of 50s on the map. 55 in fredericksburg. 55 in winchester. 56 in ocean cities. change to talk about and look what is out to the west. a cold front will bring us cooler and drier air for the day tomorrow. as it arrives, we'll have some showers in the forecast this afternoon. i think the timing will be this afternoon. you want dry weather guaranteed. morning hours should be fine but we'll see the clouds quickly increase and the possibility of some scattered showers. mild temperatures, look at that. 67degrees your daytime high. a few of us came close to 70
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yesterday. we'll do that again today with temperatures well above average. more details on the forecast and a look at thanksgiving in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. we are for -- following a developing story in north korea this morning. north free afired shells at south korea and south korea fired back. -- north korea fired shells at south korea and south korea fired back. there has been a verdict in the chandra levy murder case. ingmar guandique was found guilty on two murder counts. prosecutors won a conviction even though they lacked the physical evidence to link guandique for chandra levy's murder. the transportation security administration is trying to reassure passengers who are
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outraged about the so-called intrusive security screenings at airports. an estimated 24 million people will fly this week for the thanksgiving holiday. those would refuse to go through the full body scanner can expect a patdown. administration officials say travelers headed out of town this week won't be mistreated by tsa agents. president obama is also defending the policy. and police in cambodia are searching for bodies in a river where almost 350 people died in a stampede. panic broke out on a narrow bridge as thousands of people rushed to get off of that bridge. the bridge was the only way to get to the capital, phnom penh. the holiday shopping stampede is just around the corner. sticking to a solid budget always helps. >> reporter: retailer are slow throeing open the doors to holiday shoppers this year trying to draw more in with the
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opportunity of hitting the aisles before black friday. wal-mart, toys r us and others will open up on thanksgiving day. >> with the store being open, it gives them more profit but also gives us a benefit. >> economists say they are unsure of how much green consumers plan to part with this season. there is a steady drop in credit card use. one expert says the slow job market means slower spending. >> people are already nervous. they are already hurting. effect has lost something in the recession. probably 90 to 95% of households feel and are less wealthy than they were. >> reporter: last year, consumers say they bought things like clothing, coffee makers and diapers. >> you are going out this friday to spend, you should have your list, what you are
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going to buy and a price right next to it, how much you are willing to spend on each item. >> reporter: exists say they are looking for signs in consumer confidence by peeking inside what is in your cart. they are looking at whether you are splurging on big ticket items like tvs and whether you are willing to put that on your credit card. stay with us. we have much more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your weather, your traffic and all your top stories at fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. there you go. it is tuesday morning, november 23rd, 2010 as we get a live look at the washington monument. we had a lovely day yesterday and we're off to a pleasant start this morning. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker hears to tell us about the forecast.
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the showers will be scatter when had they arrive later this afternoon. not a bad-looking forecast. a lost people need to get around town and -- a lot of people need to get around town and get to the markets, that kind of thing. the fog that was around yesterday, not the case today. there is your satellite-radar. cold front marching in from the west. that will get in here this afternoon. look for a quick increase in clouds. this frontal system not expected to hang together as it crosses the mountains here. the showers will become more scattered in nature during the course of the affect. temperatures are very comfortable. generally upper 40s and low 50s across the area. right now in town, we are 54 degrees. 54 is a nice start. humidity, 77%. winds out of the south at nine miles per hour. looking at the forecast for today, our high temperatures will be well above average, about 10 to 15 degrees above where they should be with highs in the mid- to upper 60s.
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we'll go way high temperature in washington, 67 degrees. increasing clouds and a few showers around for the evening commute. >> thank you. let's check the roads and time to say good morning to julie wright. >> good morning to you both. we are looking great. no accidents to report around the capital beltway. overnight construction on the beltway between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard, that is in the process of being cleared from your path. no problems reported on this inner loop as you continue back around towards college park. lanes are open as you continue west of university boulevard headed over towards 270. no trouble spots to report 395 headed across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story this morning off the coast of south korea where north korea fired artillery barrages on it a
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south korean island. it happened early this morning near the disputed see border between the two countries. one south korean soldier died, 13 were wounded and several buildings were set on fire. in return, south korea returned artillery fire and scrambled fighter jets. the other big local story, a verdict in the chandra levy murder case after nearly four days of deliberations. guandique was found guilty on two counts of murder. there was no dna toafd ect guandique today murder but prosecutors told jurors that levy's death fit a pattern of other crimes. guandique will be sentenced on february 11th. he could be sentenced to a minimum of 0 years and a maximum of life in prison. lefty's mother talked about the verdict. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family
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tree. it is painful. i live with it every day and so do my son, my mother and other family members. >> several jury members also talked publicly following that verdict. while they wouldn't specifically discuss their deliberations, the jurors say they carefully weighed the evidence before coming to a unanimous conclusion. >> we did the best we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> i'm a confident with the decision that we made but it doesn't mean that i don't, you know, wish that we didn't have to be here today. >> prosecutors won that conviction even though they lacked the physical evidence to link guandique to chandra levy. jurors say they that did not affect their decision. they say there was plenty of evidence for the conviction. we have everything you need to
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know about the murder case of chandra levy on the tsa continues to respond to all the backlash over the so-called intrusive security screenings at airports. the agency is trying to assure passengers that they won't be mistreated at the airport this busy holiday travel week. sarah simmons is joining us live in the newsroom with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. about 24 million people will fly during this thanksgiving week and many are a little 9-11 us about going through airport security this time around. the administration is trying to reassure passengers, telling them they will not be mistreated by the tsa but the policy still stands. if you are directed to go through the full body scanner and opt out, you will still have to undergo that embarrassing patdown. the president still backs the policy set by the security agency saying the experts tell him these are the only techniques considered effective right now. the head of the transportation security administration says they will continue to look at wiz to improve on the screening.
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>> what i agreed to do is to look at how we can do this type of screening f we can do it less invasively, then i am open to doing that. >> reporter: passengers are losing more trust in the system when they hear the horror stories. awe survivor of bladder cancer was patted down so forcefully in detroit this month that the bag he uses to capture urine spilled all over him. the tsa chief apologized personally calling the man yesterday. in the meantime, white house spokesperson robert gibbs says they will listen to public input as passengers go through security. in the meantime, there is a grassroots protest called national opt out day that is being organized over the internet encouraging passengers to opt out of the full body scanners. instead, that would trigger the time-intensive patdowns. at this point, the security secretary napolitano is saying that is counter productive. so it will be interesting to
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see what happens this coming wednesday. back to you. >> thank you. parts of the white house grounds had to be evacuated because of a security breach i'm student pilot and n. a small cessna crossed into restricted air pace near d.c. and was quickly met by two f-16 fighter jets. they forced the small plane to land at the manassas airport. air traffic controllers say they weren't able to contact the pilot before he crossed into restricted air space. >> aqat promising death by a thousand cuts. the terror group based in yemen says the goal is not mass casualties but to bleed u.s. resources with inexpensive small scale attacks similar to the cargo bombs. one expert says that they are also thinking of other ways to disrupt daily life here in the united states. >> a month ago or so, they had
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another issue that said someone should just go out and get a gun and start shooting up restaurants in washington diewrkt noon hour or go aren't a pickup truck and drive into a crowd of people. those are the kind of small attacks that would spread absolute hysteria throughout the united states. >> admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff called the al-qaeda group in yemen a serious threat to the united states. we have much more straight ahead this morning including a horrific scene at a crowd a deadly stampede on a bridge over a river. we'll have more details when we come back. an unthinkable tragedy at an nba game. a young man falls to his death. 
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checking headlines this morning, there was panic and chaos as a crowd in cambodia tried to get off a bridge
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following a festival in the capital. that stampede resulted in the deathed -- in the death of 349 people. in new zealand, hope is fading for 29 miners trapped underground for four days. crews drilling awe tunnel hit hard rock which slowed down their progress. it is being called a horrific accident. a two-year-old boy died after he fell from the third level of the staples center in los angeles. it happened sunday night just after the lakers game ended. police say lucas tang managed to scale a glass safety barrier and fell 25 feet. vectors say his family paz posing for pictures and apparently lost track of the
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boy. qantas will return some of its a-380 super jumbo jets to the skies this weekend. the company grounded the fleet earlier this month after an engine disintegrated on takeoff. officials believe a fire caused by leaking oil may be to blame. still ahead, a consume are alert if you use netflix. it is about to cost you a little bit more to watch your favorite movies. we'll get details of the price hike. if you are worried about packing on too many pounds during the thanksgiving dinner, we'll show you some simple and healthy substitutes that also taste good. i'll be back with the forecast and julie wright has your on-time traffic too coming up right after the break [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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there is a live look at the capitol. pretty shot this morning but take a look at. this this is washington state which was hit with its first sis cant snowfall of the season, several inches coated the roads and apparently more is on the way. the snow and ice made for slick roads causing several accidents around the state. some students had their first snow day. forecasters predict parts of the state will stay below freezing the rest of the afternoon. >> seattle was only about 0 degrees yesterday afternoon
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which is very unusual. >> i know we're warm today but is some of that cold weather headed our way. >> our trend will be to cool things down during the middle and end of the week. today, if you like the mild weather, it is heading in the right direction. we'll see highs later today in the mid- to upper 60s. let's get down to business. we'll start with the all- important thanksgiving day forecast. is your turkey going to look like that? >> i hope not. >> here is your forecast. lots of clouds around. there will be some showers in the forecast. with temperatures in the 50s, that is good eating weather. i am an expert on this and you don't want it to be too warm for your thanksgiving. if conditions aren't just right, you can't get maximum eating potential in there. generally speaking, it won't be a bad looking thanksgiving.
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mild right now. 54degrees at reagan national. manassas, 41. out at dulles, we are 49. a little cooler off to the north and west. still, these temperatures well above where they should be for this time of day, this time of year. later today, up ahead of this frontal system that will be moving in from the west, our temperatures will get a chance to really jump out there. mid- to upper 60s. yesterday, fredericksburg hit 70. wouldn't be surprised if a few spots don't hit 70 again today. can you find the cold front snail sure you can. just off to the west here, a little morning sunshine in our forecast today. the clouds will quickly increase and with it will increase the chance for scattered showers in the afternoon forecast. -- you can find the cold front. i'm sure you can.
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as people get out the door on wednesday, conditions should be just fine. increasing clouds out there. chance for some showers particularly this afternoon. warm temperatures, 67 your daytime high. later tonight, we clear out. we get much cooler with overnight lows, 40 degrees in town. we'll have to pull out the wind chill map tomorrow. there is your five-day forecast. we cloud back up thursday. a few scattered showers thursday afternoon. cool this weekend with sunshine. highs on saturday only in the upper 40s so much cooler towards the end of the week. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do on-time traffic with julie wright. got the latest. >> no turkey on your map? i'm surprise giant food that takes extra effort and i started with the turkey. >> there was supposed to be pumpkin pie on mine but i ate it. >> there you go. >> on the roads, the overnight
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construction now cleared outer loop of the beltway as you work your way from college park over towards 270. lanes are open and traffic flowing freely in each direction. inbound 66, overnight roadwork cleared. they are in the process of picking up the cones on the beltway on each loop as you approach and pass 123 there in tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. r-d.o.t. is trying to make thanksgiving travel a little bit easier. temporary lane closures will be lifted across virginia trying to cut down on backups. also look for 24-hour traffic information on v-d.o.t.'s web site to help awe void any traffic congestion. metro says it is ready to help people traveling to and from our three airports this thanksgiving. travelers can take metrorail to reagan national but metro says it will have extra buses on stand-by for those going to dulles or bwi. the agency says it will be
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ready to add extra trains on sunday if necessary. checking a consumer alert this morning, wal-mart, amazon making an effort to get your holiday spending money. wal-mart says it will match its rival's prices on black friday and amazon says just look at the new price comparison apps for the iphone and you will see its holiday deals. amazon and wal-mart are the largest online and offline retailers respectively. netflix is moving towards streaming more movies on the internet. streaming movies will cost $7.99 a month. americans are apparently feeling a the bit better about their financial situation according to a new survey. that is what retailers want to hear heading into their most important season. as melanie alnwick shows us,
4:51 am
shoppers are still being very cautious with their cash though. >> reporter: the holidays are an exciting time for kids and retailers and for shoppers it who say they want to avoid the crush of the mall, shopping centers have a great comeback, exclusive deals. tysons corner center negotiates special discounts at its stores. scour shopping cent are web sites to plan ahead. >> we have midnight madness on black friday so we open at 1:00 a.m. and stores have promotions from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. that are unique to this shopping center. >> reporter: bargain hunters can print out paper coupons like this one for $10 off a $35 purchase. or you can go paperless. download mobile coupon apps to your smart phone and you will be sent limited time offers at stores right near where you
4:52 am
are. >> there are a number of went web sites. the visit fairfax, virginia site has a lot of the coupons that are available for the retailers. >> this coupon popped up for 5% of any single item at sports authority. >> if you see $1,000 treadmill, you come in, 25% off. >> reporter: it goes for smaller purchases too like golf balls. just click on the coupon, show it to the cashier and ring up the savings. >> that was melanie alnwick reporting. tysons corner is not the only shopping center offers incentives. it pays to plan ahead to see what is going on to give you the most bang for your buck this season. for thanksgiving dinner, there are some simple things can you do to trim the fat from the turkey dinner. we have tips to keep you healthy this holiday season. >> reporter: lets asay you are
4:53 am
tired ever the same old lumpy mashed potatoes. you take cauliflower instead, steam it, mash it, add a little low-fat milk, butter, salt and pepper and you have a nice substitution. it might be time to kick the can. we are talking about canned cranberries. you can boil them and sweeten them up by adding the juice of a fresh orange or maybe some apple juice con at any rate. if you want to make your own pumpkin pie, cut the amount of sugar the recipe call for in half and make sure you use fat- free evaporated milk. none of your guests will tell the difference. bottom line, the more you move, the more you can eat. do you have any tricks to cut out some of the fat and calories? >> typically, no, but my husband talked me into doing the turkey trot this year so at
4:54 am
least in the morning, i'm going to run the 5 k. >> awesome. still plenty ahead. one man with a musical talent and quite a story to tell. he says he went his entire life with no musical ability. all of that changed in an instant after he suffered an injury. we'll explain. it was a long and frustrating night for the capitals on both end of the ice. we'll have highlights coming up. 
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the caps were looking to end a two-game skid against the devils in sey last night. first period, devils up 1-0. jason arnett with a nice wraparound goal. new jersey would add three more goals. the caps get shut out 5-0. they
4:57 am
have now lost three in a row. to hoops action, tony taylor inbounds and he sends it back to taylor who hit it is jumper. colonials improve to 2-1 with their win over the wolf pack. the terps return to the comcast center looking for get back in the win column against delaware state. last week's trip to maryland state saddled maryland with losses to pitt and illinois. the close games provided good experience for the young terps. >> we felt we belonged on the court with them. we felt we could win those games. the next step is to win a game like that. we didn't get the win. we have to win those games. >> we came out and played real hard. i think we had a chance to win both of those games. we know we can play the best teams in the country. we have to find a way to get over that edge. to the wizards now and
4:58 am
rookie sensation john wall expected to return today. now to a story you might find hard to believe but a man insists that it is true. he suddenly got amazing musical talent after suffering a concussion. fox's kim posey has the story. >> reporter: watching derek amato play the piano, you would think he had been playing his whole life. he says this is a talent he acquired in an instant. >> considered an acquired savant from a brain trauma or brain injury. >> reporter: derek says he gained every bit of his ability after a concussion. >> dove into the swimming pool and dove into the shallow end and hit the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: a few days later, he says, he was at a friend's house, sat down at his piano and out of nowhere he was able to play. >> it was immediate so there wasn't a transition. it was just i could play suddenly. >> reporter: he claims he had
4:59 am
never played the piano before but was suddenly composing on the spot. >> just give me two seconds. >> something he still does. >> i'm not sure where i'm going. my hands just do what my mind is seeing. >> reporter: he gained recognition and says he recently went to the mayo clinic and shot a special with the discovery channel. >> to be able to sit down and have some of the most educated people tell me what is going on with my brain was extremely humbling. >> reporter: he says doctors confirm he is the only documented case in the world of acquired sudden musical savant syndrome. he says he sees the music. >> i see these little squares that move left to right. >> reporter: with some medical insight into his gift, derek is