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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fire destroys a famous kiosk on the national mall near the vietnam wall. plus, one of the biggest murder cases to ever hit washington comes it a close. ingmar guandique found guilty in the death of chandra levy. for the first time since the trial started we hear from levy's mother. a developing story overseas. artillery fire, fighter jets, deadly violence break out between north and south korea. fox 5 morning news continues right now. a look outside right now and traffic out on the wilson bridge on this tuesday morning. it is november 23rd, 2010, 53
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degrees already this morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. so mild for this time of the year in november. we won't complain. we'll take it, tony. >> very comfortable start to the day. i think it will be a fairly pretty morning. we'll get some decent sunshine this morning. we'll get some clouds coming in and maybe some rain showers. as far as our temperatures go, above-normal temperatures today. we'll show you hd radar. we can show you where the precipitation is right now. it is well off to the west. it will be hours before this gets here. as you can see, right through the mid-atlantic region, some of those rain showers breaking autopsy as they move east. we expect that to continue. i don't expect us to see thunderstorm activity like they will see in some portions of southern virginia. that is where the heaviest rainfall is right now and actually extends back into kentucky. western portions of north carolina, some thunderstorm activity there. but for us, it will be some
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rain showers during the course of the afternoon. current conditions being reported at reagan national, 53 degrees, relative humidity, 80%. we don't have the fog that we had yesterday. winds are out of the south at seven miles per hour. the forecast for today, increasing cloudiness. chance of some showers this afternoon but a warm he than normal day. high today about 67 degrees. well above normal. and then we'll see our temperatures shift back for tomorrow and the rest of the week, more normal-like temperatures. >> thank you. let's check in with julie with traffic. >> good morning to you all. new hampshire avenue is what we're talking about headed southbound before adelphi road. that is where we had most of the roadway closed. now, we have at least one lane of traffic able to squeeze by the scene of the accident southbound along new hampshire avenue. no problems reported leaving college park headed over towards 270. on the inner loop. beltway at the rob unson terminal, we've received word
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of an accident tying up the center lane of the roadway. that is coming from 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're tracking a developing story off south korea this morning. north korea shot dozens of artillery rounds on it a populated island. it is in a disputed border region between the north and south. at least one south korean soldier was killed. south korea says it scrambled f- 16 fighter jets and returned fire. south korean television is reporting two people were injured and several home were set on fire. that artillery he can change happened after the united states refused to resume talks with north korea on its nuclear program. the white house says talks will not start up while the north is working on a new uranium enrichment program. reports of new nuclear facility surfaced over the weekend. president obama sent his special envoy to that area to talk with japanese and community east officials.
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after four days of deliberations, the jury has reached a verdict in the chandra levy murder case. abu ayab & % c1 --- ingmar guandique was found guilty in the case. he could be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison or a maximum of life behind bars. chandra levy's mother susan says she will never be free of the pain of losing her daughter. >> there will always be a feeling of sadness. i like the worse that you use, peace. i have never heard too many people say that. i planned to be here and have followed up on what happened to my daughter no matter how hard it has been for me personally. crime affects more than one person. when you have a crime, if someone dies of homicide, which there are too many in america,
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it affects probably 100 other people and their surroundings. >> we have complete coverage of the chandra levy murder case on you are on web site, can you log on and let us know what you think about this verdict and can you read the blog that paul wagner was keeping from inside the courtroom. a late fight fire destroyed the pow-mia kiosk that sits between the vietnam wall and the memorial. 15-year-old miguel hernandez was taxed last friday. of his a student at osborne high school in manassas. two teenagers are accused in the deadly stabbing. and 18-year-old from manassas and a 17-year-old from fairfax have been charged with murder and gang participation police
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believe friends of hernandez are responsible for a stabbing on saturday that targeted someone connected to the suspects. that victim survived. a search is on for a man accused of raping a 52-year-old woman. having ours say the woman was walking on georgia avenue near huist avenue when he forced her into a wood area and sexually assaulted her. the feds have turned up the heat on wall street raiding three hedge funds with allegations of massive insider trading. bank shares slumped when news of the fbi action spread spread. the "wall street journal" is reporting the three companies earned tens of millions in illegal profits using inside information on profits and mergers. coming up after the break, 29 men trapped inside a new zealand mine. we'll get the latest from
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making headlines, the world awaits word of 9 trapped miners in new steel and. dramatic footage of last weekend's urine ground blast -- underground blast was released to media. toxic gas has prevented rescuers from entering that mine. qantas says it will return the super jumbo jet fleet to the skies. officials believe a fire caused by leaking oil was the cause of an engine problem earlier. qantas says it is comfortable with using the aircraft following safety checks of the engines. a school bus in illinois flipped onto its side but a tornado.
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that twister touched down yesterday. the powerful wind blue the bus right over. the bus trifer and five students were on board. they suffered meunchor injuries. that tornado also downed power lines and trees forcing thousands of people into the dark. there is a new restaurant opening in d.c. and this morning, it is serving up a free breakfast for the first 1, 1500 customers. 
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a local ihop giving away free short stacks of pancake to the first 1,500 customers this morning. the offer starts early this morning in the new ihop in the 3100 block of 14th street northwest. another free giveaway in
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the nation's capital. two ladies from peta happening out free tofu thank turkey roasts today. >> free pancakes, free tofu turkey. >> when i started laughing, i wondered if that was politically incorrect. i'm sorry. we applaud what you all do but give me a real turkey for thanksgiving. >> i'll take the pancakes this morning though. >> to have a good start today. >> not a bad start. we've got mild temperatures across the region. we do not have the fog that we had yesterday. and today, as far as our temperatures go, it will be a real treat t will be well into the 60s. some folk may get near 70 degrees. who hit 70 yesterday? >> fredericksburg. >> fredericksburg got occupy to 70 today. we'll start with your
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thanksgiving forecast, your all- important thanksgiving forecast. here we go. happy thanksgiving, first of all. we'll be seeing a fair amount of cloud cover on thanksgiving so we'll call it mostly cloudy with a few showers during the course of the day. i think particularly in the afternoon -- sorry, particularly in the morning and then in the latter part of the afternoon. not a picture perfect day but not a bad day either. it is not going to rain steadily all day long. i know that much. but we'll have showers intermittent through the day. current temperatures, 52 degrees right now here in the district. we've dropped off a little bit. in manassas, it is 41 degrees so a cool spot there. off it our east, 55 degrees in stevensville. let's take a look at that satellite-radar. we'll watch it all morning long. we do have some clouds out there. i think we'll see a decent sunrise not too long from now. then things start to change as we get more clouds moving in as the frontal boundary gets
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closer. in advance of the front, temperature warm up. you will notice our winds are out of the south helping to bring that mild air in here. it will take us into the 60s. then the front comes through, triggers some showers across the region. cooler air behind that front work its way in here tonight into tomorrow. here is a look at the futurecast. we are talk the rainfall. this is a model projection of what we expect to see. as you can see, by 11:00 this morning, some of you are getting some showers off to the west of the district and the rest of us get it during the course of the afternoon hours. ill aput this in motion for you. for tonight, i think we dry out tomorrow. we had, we're dry but thursday, we get some rain showers in here i think thursday morning and then even into the day. some of you are seeing some shower activity and then as this progresses, thursday night, that is when we really get some rainfall working its way in here into the first part of friday. so yes, i mentioned earlier rains overnight thursday into friday. i mention that and highlight that because i know a lot of you are going out to the
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midnight sales, 3:00 a.m. sales. you will probably need an umbrella. a chance for afternoon showers. warm temperatures, 67 degrees. five-day forecast, a cool are -- a cooler day tomorrow. by the weekend being our highs are only in the 40s. here is julie wright with an update on the roads. >> we'll take it upstairs to the crew in sky fox. they are checking out the ride along southbound new hampshire avenue and for those trying to work their way past adelphi road. we had the accident activity that had the road completely shut down. you will find traffic is able to squeeze by at the accident scene. southbound new hampshire avenue, police are still on the scene here. some traffic is able to get by and they are all detouring traffic around here at adelphi road. a change in our traffic pattern all of the few moments ago,
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some traffic was able to squeeze by along new hampshire avenue. that is no longer the case. you need to make the little loop around the gas station area here. coming north, your lanes are open. southbound new hampshire avenue starting to get gridlocked early. we'll take it back inside and update the ride southbound along 270. for those working their way out of hyattstown, heavy slow and steady. crash here on the inner loop of the beltway at the robinson terminal just after that tying up the second lane from the left. delays beginning at the springfield interchange. >> thank you. v-d.o.t. is working to make thanksgiving travel a little bit easier through the state of virginia. temporary lane closures will be lifted across virginia trying to cut down on the backups. you can look for 24-hour traffic information on v-d.o.t. appear web site to help you avoid traffic congestion. speaking of thanksgiving day travels, be prepared to dig
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a little deeper into your wallet to fill the gas tank. the average price is $2.89. price are expected to go down by the end of the year. hundreds of thousands of metro commuter could soon lose a benefit that saves them hundreds of dollars a year. wash post reports a federal subsidy that boosted a monthly rider benefit from $120 to $230 is set to expire. it had been paid for with stimulus funds. metro officials are now lobbying congress to extend the subsidy and some day make it permanent. montgomery county has already slashed nearly a billion dollars in spending this year but officials say next year could be worse. the 2012 budget has a projected $212 million shortfall. county council members are consideration handful of ideas. the fbi is turning up the heat on wall street.
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federal investigators raided three hedge funds. we'll have more on the insider trading probe coming up next. will we soon be saying good- bye to the familiar red envelopes? our business beat is straight ahead. hey, you made your own lunch.
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an insider trading probe getting bigger as the fbi raids three hedge funds. what does that mean for the industry. lauren simonetti has our business beat this morning. let's start there with the insider trading. was the late ?eft. >> good morning. yesterday, three hedge funds were raided. this is part of a widening insider trading probe into the nearly $2 trillion hedge fund industry. the flee firms are based out of connecticut and boston. they are accused of stealing
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tens of millions of dollars in illegal profits based on secret merger information that they obtain ped and traded on that information. that is illegal. this is all stemming from the big case that broke last year. it was the the largest insider trading case brought to date. experts from that case are cooperating with this case and that is how we are getting all the news on the story that we are getting. it shouldn't really affect the individual investor too much because hedge funds deal with constitutional clients but we did see the banking stocks decline yesterday. j.p.morgan chase, bank of america, goldman sachs, all down between 2 and 3%. >> let's switch gears and talk about netflix. it was the one that everybody said was putting blockbuster out of business and now it look like net next plight have to make some changes themselves. >> the famous red envelope. that is the company that brought blockbuster down. they see the future in online
6:26 am
streaming. dvd sales are down 7%. netflix says don't get rid of your dvd player just yet. you might want to make sure your tv connect to the internet because online streaming is the wave of the future. that is what netflix means. so movie watching online. netflix shares reached an all- time high questioned by the way. they were up 9%. the company has 17 million subscribers and they are raising the cost of the monthly plans for the dvd service between $1 and $3 a month depending on the plan. >> trying to push everybody online. what else is coming up today? >> if you stay tuned to fox news, you will sea the pay pal cofounder on freedom launch. back to you. >> thank you so much. after nearly 10 years, the case of chandra levy finally closed now. some members of the jury now speaking out about their decision yesterday and we'll share some more emotional words from chandra levy's mother. plus, sarah simmons is
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following our big story this morning. >> reporter: new from overnight, a deadly tax on south korea by the north. the details on that story plus what the white house is saying about it when we return. m
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tony, what do you want to talk about? >> i want to talk about the temperatures because it is so nice out. our average high is 55 degrees. we were close to that just and hour ago at 54 degrees. we have dropped off a couple of degree but the point is it is mild. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region right now. 52degrees here in the district. 50 at dulles. baltimore is at 54. ocean city is at 55. check out patuxent naval air station, 58 degrees there and fredericksburg, where it got to 70 yesterday, 57 right now. we will see a decent sunrise i
6:31 am
think this morning. we do have some clouds out there but you will get some sunshine too. there is a frontal boundary off to the west. it is producing rain and lightning in pennsylvania. it will be a while before the precipitation gets here. not all of it will get here. but we'll have a chance some of showers, 40 to 50% chance of showers. i will say actually 40 to 60% depending on where you are during the course of the day today. here is your forecast for washington for today. increasing clouds and warm. chance for afternoon showers. high, 67 degrees. that is going to be nice. that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's ask the weather guys. tucker picked out the question and it is a great one. we are both very excited about it. i think you will enjoy it. we'll look back to the past. >> all right. that is fine. >> i hay viewer tell me hey,
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glad you give those technical questions to tucker. >> to tucker? really? >> i don't think he meant it as an insult. >> i admit that i don't handle them well. you got to know your limitations. >> he also said to say hey to tony. >> hey. >> there you go. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. hey, julie. >> when it is the cool fact ir, i think of tony and tucker. hey. >> you know we're cool. >> no comment. all right. on the roads this morning, it has been busy out there. southbound # -- 95 northbound
6:33 am
in lorton, a crash is crowding the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. north korea firing artillery on south korea and threatening more strikes. the north bombarded a south korean island near the disputed western border early this morning. >> the tax comes as u.s. officials react to word of the north's new nuclear facility. let's get more from sarah simmons in our newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. south korea is calling this a premeditated attack. north korea fired artillery on it a south korean island near the disputed western border early this morning. the white house is condemning the tax telling north korea to halt its belligerent action. south korea saying it scrambled fighter jets and returned fire. a tv station reporting there that two people were injured and several houses were on
6:34 am
fire. the artillery exchange happened after the u.s. refused to resume talks with north korea on its nuclear program. the white house says talks will not start up again while the north is working on a new uranium enrichment program. this comes after reports of new nuclear facilities in north korea surfaced just over the weekend. an american scientist who used to head los alamos was shown the state of the art facility which scientists say is more sophisticated than iran's. president obama sent his special envoy to the region to discuss the issue with japanese and chinese officials. some are warning about a connection between north korea and iran. >> this is obviously a disappointing announcement. that being said, this is not a crisis. >> we have to deal with it because north korea has been selling this technology. it has been selling it to iran, syria, burma and north korea is a regime that does have links to the world's terrorists. >> reporter: the white house
6:35 am
spokesman says the u.s. is in close and continuing contact with the south korean government. we'll keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you. in iran, country's nuclear chief says a malicious computer worm has not harmed iran's nuclear program. the computer virus infected several personal computers of workers at iran's nuclear center. but the vice president says it has nothing to do with recent setbacks in iran's nuclear program. his remarks come today after reports that iran's nuclear program that major technical problems forcing the shutdown of thousands of nuclear centrifuges. the death toll in cambodia is up to 378 after a stampede. panic broke out on a narrow bridge as thousands of people rushed to get off of it. the crowd was celebrating a water festival on an island. the bridge was the only way to get to the capital. about 500 were injured in the
6:36 am
stampede. the tsa now needing with holiday travelers not to participate in the national opt out day tomorrow. internet campaign urging people to protest those full body scanners and patdowns that they could face while going through airport security. officials worry all this concern about privacy could cause delays at dozens of major airports. tsa is assuring travelers they won't be mistreated by tsa agents. president obama is also defending the policy. meantime, more stories about bad screenings. this youtube video shows a father ripping off his 9-year- old son's shirt out of frustration at the salt lake city city airport. the tsa said the boy was being searched because he triggered a metal detector alarm and his father removed the clothing to speed up the screening. the tsa says nobody has to disrope other than coats and jackets. the ac lu. has received more than 600
6:37 am
complaints from passengers who feel that their privacy has been violated. we talked about the incident involve ailing cancer survivor in detroit. that is spawning even more public outrage. he was asked by tsa agents to drop his under wear and the bag that he uses to capture urine spilled. the head of the tsa called the man personally. according to tsa, 34 million travelers have gone through checkpoints since the new procedures were rolled out on the first of the month and less than 3% have been patted down. we now have a verdict in the chandra levy murder case. ingmar guandique was found guilty on two murder counts. the jury's decision comes after nearly four days of deliberations. roby chavez takes a closer look. >> sorry. i'm emotional here. >> reporter: a nervous susan levy reacted moments after
6:38 am
ingmar guandique was found guilty of the murder of her daughter, chandra levy. she used the moment to send a message. >> what difference does it make? you, all of us, in america need to wake up and stop the violence and make a difference. >> reporter: it is a big win for prosecutors and police who never gave up on the cold case. levy was killed nine years ago. >> our hearts go out to the levy family. while today's verdict will never give them back their daughter, we are hopeful it gives them some level of comfort and aids them in moving forward. >> reporter: one of the detectives who closed the case was in the courtroom for the verdict. he along with other detectives made the arrest. >> today's verdict does send the message it is never too
6:39 am
late for a murderer to be held accountable for his crimes. >> ingmar guandique got a spanish translation through headsets and then threw them down and stormed out of the courtroom. defense lawyers have maintained all along he was a scapegoat for a abotched investigation. despite the problematic investigation, prosecutors say it was important to never give up and gave special praise to the cold case unit who helped crack the case. >> there is to better team. there are no better detectives, no more caring a prosecutor and no more dynamic a team that has put tremendous amount of effort into this case and so i really just want to again offer my sincerest condolences to the family and let them know that our hearts are all still broken with them. >> that was fox 5's roby chavez reporting. the verdict is a vindication for former congressman gary condit who became an early person of interest in this case and saw his career quickly unravel. his lawyer says the vindication
6:40 am
comes too late to repair the damage. fields says condit doesn't plan to speak to reporters. guandique will be sentenced on february 11th. he could spend 30 years in prison or a maximum of life behind bars. chandra levy's mother was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. for the past fine years, she has fought tirelessly to bring her daughter's killer to justice and while she feels relieved, she says there is no closure. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. it is painful. i live with it every day and so do my son and my mother and other family members. >> some of the jurors also spoke publicly following that verdict. while they wouldn't specifically discuss their deliberations, the jurors say they carefully weighed the evidence before coming to a unanimous conclusion. >> we did the best we could
6:41 am
with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> i'm confident with the decision that we made but it doesn't mean that i don't, you know, wish that we didn't have to be here today. >> prosecutors won that conviction even though they lacked the physical evidence to link ingmar guandique to chandra levy. jurors say that didn't affect their decision. they say there was plenty of evidence for a conviction. a recent wild night for charlie sheen inside a new york hotel now prompting legal action. find out who sheen is suing. camping out a week before black friday. wit until you hear the reward they got -- wait until you hear the reward they got. outer loop traffic, route 4 at the beltway is now blocked. we'll get more from julie
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wright in just a moment. oh wow, look at that.
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actor leonardo dicaprio finally made it to russia. he was on board that delta flight forced to make an emergency landing at jfk sunday night when an engine blew. the "new york post" reports he signed autographss for passengers and crew members. sharly sheen is suing the woman who accused him of abuse last month. act sorry says she tried to extort a million dollars from him to be quiet. she went on national television accusing sheen of grabbing her by the throat. it is the ultimate early bird special. last friday, laurie davenport and a friend started camping
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outside of a gloard a florida best buy store. the manager rewarded the women for being the first in the country to line up. and they each received an ipad. the first family has chosen a christmas tree. it will be displayed in the blue room. it is 20 feet tall. >> have you to have the big stall ceilings. >> either that or it would looked on. >> bent over a little bit. >> easy to put the star on the top. >> you are in a mood today. is it the weather in. >> maybe it is. the weather is so nice outside right now. not a bad start to the day. going fob a nice day as far as our temperatures go. -- going to be a nice day as far as our temperatures go.
6:47 am
let's look at your thanksgiving forecast. many people are wondering what is going to be happening on thanksgiving? well, football, turkey and mostly cloudy skies with a few showers. highs in the 50s. we'll say the mid-50s for your highs on thanksgiving but yes, chance of a few showers so you do want to be aware of that. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. i told you it is mild. check it out. 52degrees right now here in the district. 55 in annapolis. baltimore, 54 degrees. 54 in quantico. out in martinsburg, it is 50 degrees, very, very comfortable. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. we have a few clouds out there. we do have a few clouds here and there. we'll see a decent sunrise in
6:48 am
just a couple of minutes. we could see some scattered showers during the afternoon hours primarily. the forecast for washington for today looks like this. increasing clouds. 67degrees for your high. yeah! your five-day forecast, tomorrow, we cool off. remember, i mentioned a cool front coming through. that happens. tomorrow's high, only 52 degrees. today, we are well above normal. tomorrow, we are a couple of degree below normal. there is your thanksgiving. i mentioned a chance of some rain showers, 54. a chance of rain thursday night into friday. i'm emphasizing that because i know some people are going to be heading out during the overnight hours to shop. and i think we'll still have lingering rain friday morning possibly and then cooler temperatures for the weekend. all right. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads
6:49 am
together to answer your most pressing questions weather related or other or otherwise. tommy rollins asked the question what ever happened to almost home cookies. take a look at one of their tv commercials on youtube. >> i taste molasses. i taste brown sugar. >> this is premium chocolate. >> almost home chocolate chip cookies. can you almost taste the recipe. can you definitely taste the chocolate. >> i used to bake chocolate chip cookies like this. >> nabisco. >> very cute. >> their claim to fame was that they were one of the the first
6:50 am
cookies that promoted themselves as tasting like they were homemade. weren't they soft. >> >> they were like the soft ones. >> i remember the commercial very well. here what is happened to them. they were discontinued like many nabisco products over the years and many product by all kind of companies because they didn't sell as well as -- they didn't sell that well. other nabisco products, the butter cookie, i remember that from when i was growing up. melody cookies, swiss cream cookies and the almost home cokies are almost gone. this got tucker and i talking about product that we liked. he says is there anything that you grew up that you miss that they don't make anymore. >> i said yes. he doesn't remember them. fudgetown cookies. >> before my time. >> a black and white picture.
6:51 am
these were in the '60s and early '70s. it was a chocolate cookie with fudge in the middle sticking out of the top. and like other products, they didn't sell that well. >> great idea though. >> they were good cookies. >> were they good? they were fantastic. >> how many could you eat at once? >> we hay limit in our house. we were only allowed to eat four cookies. >> i giew up local any in the area and when i was a kid, roy rogers were everywhere and i used to love this burger called the double r bar burger. burger and then ham on top. the ultimate. i used to eat that like four days a week, man. they used to be everywhere. >> i remember that burger.
6:52 am
that was a good burger. >> i had a have one right now if it available. >> you can still find some of these product. there a web site. we'll put it our web site. it is called hometown favorites. com where you can find all kind of old mostly food products that are still, some of them are still produced in limited quantities and this web site will tell where you to get them. hometown we'll have the link for you. there are places where you can find these things. >> just be careful if you buy off e-bay. you don't want that box of fung cookies that somebody has been holding. >> that is exactly what -- you don't want that box of fudge cookies that somebody has been holding. >> that is exactly what i was thinking. >> we want to hear from you on facebook. what are some of the product that you miss. you can go to the facebook page. >> the first thing i thought
6:53 am
when you brought that up was nutty buddies. >> they don't make them anymore. >> julie says they do. >> we looked into this. first of all, if you have a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab. tommy, thank you for the question. >> i think you and tucker need to start a retro cookie company. you could bring back the old brands. >> let's think about that. >> i don't want to start an argument between you and julie. see, she is so discouraged she is not even going to talk to you. >> she throws her traffic clicker in the stands and walks way. if you are preparing the thanksgiving dinner for your loved one this year, you could put a new twist in it. >> holly learning about thanksgiving with new ways to prepare your turkey. >> that is a tradition that
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this tuesday i hope you are ready to talk turkey, because thanksgiving is just two days away. you might be contemplating best way to fix the turkey. we are helping you out as we are live at zola wine and kitchen, great place to come because they do cooking classes here. but this morning we're hanging out with brian musk at ello and ray are here to help us with your turkey. what do you look for, what side should you get? then we have three different ways for you to cook turkey this year. we're going to tempt you with three different ways. we're going to do the traditional way, the best way to go about basting and baking and how to make sure the turkey
6:58 am
is not dry. so we'll talk traditional turkey. we're also going to talk modern turkey. i think we're going to do a cocoa or some kind of shu-shu turkey. and then good old-fashioned fried turkey. and then we're -- we'll have a taste test. and if you do want to take a cooking class here, you still can. tonight they have a class on pumpkin pies. and then tomorrow traditional turkey, and everything you learn to cook you can take home and we'll tell you how to order up from zola wine and kitchen and make sure you have it just in time for turkey day come
6:59 am
thursday. >> now that is a deal. thanks, holly. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the bay. this is bonnie brown chandel and she said being picked would bright up her day after breast cancer. bonnie, good morning to you and thank you for watching. that's it for the 6:00 hour. and time to say good morning to allison and steve. and coming up, we're following a developing story off the border of north korea. we'll get latest atail -- details in the attack. and ingmar guandique found guilty on two counts of felony murder. we'll hear from the jurors, chandra levy's another and a possible sentence for guandique. and the busiest t