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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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center. tucker barnes, a bird tells me it may be snowing in the mountains. >> yes. slight snow shower activity. i want to thank bonnie who is reporting light snow showers. winchester and front royal getting snow activity. this is a weak clipper system. you may see a few light snow showers. not expecting anything around here in the morning hours along with slightly warmer temperatures. our highs are in the 40s. we are not worried about any serious accumulating snow here. let's show you the activity. there you go. most of the energy is up to cleveland and pittsburgh. they had light snow this morning. this will quickly move off to the north and east. gradual clearing trend. it will be partly sunny by this afternoon. as mentioned, a little warmer than yesterday. 30 degrees. still cold at reagan.
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25 in dulles. fredericksburg at 27. our highs with increasing sunshine is 41 degrees. winds south at 5-10. i will have all the details on the weekend's storm coming up in just a couple minutes. allison, back to you. thank you. let's head out to brentwood now and check in with tony perkins. >> reporter: good morning. let me run down some of the numbers for you for stuff-a- truck 2010. last year, we raised $117,000. 64,000 pounds of food. we are looking to doing those numbers or better this year. some 641,000 people in the area are at risk of hunger. 200,000 of those people are children. some think the majority of people served by the food bank are homeless people. that is not so. that is 12% of the people. many are families and the
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numbers have gone up particularly in the suburbs. we are looking for donations. we are looking for a good turnout after a slow period this morning. we have a good turn yet. people are donating non per itch -- turnout. people are donating non- perishable food items. diapers and all of the canned goods. you may be looking at the baskets and saying wow. they are empty. they have been taking the baskets which were filled up and loading them into the boxes. the boxes are going to stuff the truck. that is what we are doing here. we have wpgc and cbs radio show here. we also have all of the area mascots. air slap shot has been here. he has been entertaining everybody all morning long. members of the dc fire department are here as well. we will be here all day long. come on out. i'm not sure what is going on
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with air slapshot. come on out. we want to see you here. i'll be here through the morning. we want to get you out here anytime today. we are in four locations. at the giant food stores, they are doing something special. 10 items for $10. 10 items for $10. $10. go in the store and buy them. bring it out here and put it in the basket. coming up in a bit, we will hear music from wonderful group. saul 2 paul is here. we will hear from them in a bit. stick with us for that. we have much more ahead. allison, back to you. >> something to look forward to. thank you, tony. our top story this morning, the white house tax cut deal is anything but a done deal. >> the back and forth continued yesterday, but with break throughs. sherry ly is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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the senate and house are divided over tax cuts. the senate appears ready to cut a deal, but the house will not budge. the white house is bringing in former president bill clinton in hopes of getting house democrats to agree to a deal. the compromise plan would include energy initial plans for homes and cars and appliances. it also includes a two-year extension of the bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy americans. there is no timetable for passage in the senate, but the compromise has a few added sweeteners. president barack obama hashed out the deal with republican lawmakers, but house democrats in a clear rebuke of the president blocked the deal from coming up for a vote. one angry democrat referred to the president with an explete i the measure even if the house
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won't. >> i suspect it would pass in the senate. i'm not sure about the house. >> we were told by the vice president yesterday this was a take it or leave it deal. we are saying leave it. >> reporter: the compromise includes an extension of unemployment benefits and 2% cut in payroll taxes for the next year. the white house has said this deal will get done and former president bill clinton is headed to the white house today to talk strategy. allison, back to you. >> thank you, sherri li. also on capitol hill, president barack obama is urging the senate to appeal the openly gay ban on the service members. the senate voted to block an effort to end don't ask, don't tell. the president expressed disappointment with the vote, but he thanked senator susan collins with maine who voted to advance the legislation.
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new this morning, a fashion designer from virginia found dead in new york city. sylvie cachay was found dead. fox's john huddy is outside the greenwich village police department where police are questioning the boyfriend now. >> reporter: good morning. that is right. 24-year-old remains inside here. -- the 24-year-old boyfriend remains inside here. she lived down the block here in greenwich village. her body was found in a bathtub at the new york hotel called the soho house just around the corner from where we are in the meat packing district. her body want found yesterday morning. police found marks around her
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neck and collar bone and a bite mark on her hand. both she and her boyfriend were together according to police. he has not been charged with any crime. however, he remains here. he is being questioned by detectives. cachay was a rising star in the fashion industry. she had her own swim suit line. she spent time in peru and new york and visiting family in virginia. she said -- she was a loving and wonderful lady. 33 years old. nicholas brooks has had scandal in his family. his father, joseph brooks. he won an oscar for the 1977 song "you light up my life." he was arrested. the older brooks here in manhattan on 82 charges of sex
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assault and rape according to prosecutors he lured young women into his apartment. now this situation with the death of the younger brooks girlfriend. as the investigation continues here this morning in greenwich village. for now, reporting live, back to you in washington d.c. >> thank you, john. prince george's county is where a police officer opened fire on a robbery suspect. the officer spotted a suspicious person and patted him down and found a gun. the suspect shot at the officer and missed. the suspect fired and missed. we are learning more about the alleged baltimore bomb plotter. antonio martinez changed his name to muhammad hussain. he was born outside the united states. records are not clear on when
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he moved to maryland. he went to laurel high in prince george's county. the fbi recorded a number of conversations with him. >> the world has changed. this is a testament. this investigation is where we have come over the last 10 years. the times of the fbi trying do this alone or closely- controlled environment was modeled to not work the way it was planned. this is a testament to the power of the joint terrorism task force. >> martinez is due back in front of a judge on monday. a home in california filled with bombs is no more. more than 50 agencies burned it to the ground yesterday. the home was packed from floor- to-ceiling with the most explosives found in one location. the man renting the home, 54-
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year-old george jackovic is in jail. haz-mat and bomb experts will be at the home to make sure no toxins are left behind. well, when we come back, we need your help in stuffing a truck for the community. i could have done it by heart. we are now stuffing trucks for capital area food banks. we check in with holly in rockville this morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, hunger is a real problem in our area. it is a problem you can help. we have stuffing a truck. all you have to do is come out and bring your food items or donate money. we make it as special as you can. you can hear the drums in the background. we will show you firsthand what you need to do and how to get in the spirit of giving this holiday season coming up. stuff-a-truck 2010 continues on fox 5 morning news.
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you know what that sound means. it is a busy morning at the stuff-a-truck locations. one of the four locations this morning is the giant foods is montrose crossing in rockville. >> we have holly morris there this morning. >> reporter: i came last night. i stayed all night to be here early. i feel right at home here. this is where i have been for the past nine years. this is a special time for the station and area. it is a day where you can get into the spirit of giving for the holiday season. you know you are making a difference for those in need here in the area. you know, if you donate $1, 93 cents of that $1 goes to food distribution. you know that your money is making a difference. there are a lot of people that
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have volunteering and giving of their time. cue the music. we have the a-plus dropouts playing here. we have tina and tacara. they are redskins cheerleaders. are you warm? >> yes. for now. >> reporter: are you telling me the truth? [ laughter ] >> yes. >> reporter: you are doing good. you do a lot of things like this. why is it so important to give of your time? >> it is especially important to give back to the community. we don't just dance. we are working with the kids. we have the junior programs and we have events like this. it feels good to know what we are doing is meaningful. >> reporter: does it feel good to have people come up and get their picture taken with you? >> it is humbling. it is nice to be around so many fans. >> reporter: give them your superhero stance. i did not know that. she did it. i said you look like a superhero.
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she said sometimes i feel like one. you guys are too cute. we all feel like superheros today. we are out here for a good cause. thank you so much. come out and see them. get your picture taken with them. we have other people here that are giving of their time. look at these santa elves here. >> i'm eric. >> reporter: tell me what is going on. >> we are happy to support this event. today, we are here to support the food bank. we also are reminding people that on the 16th, we have a child safety seat event here in rockville. the child identification event as well. we are happy to support the community. >> reporter: you will have people come out? >> we had a lot of people. there is food all over the place. >> reporter: you are giving away these bags? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what is the wheel?
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>> we are giving away prizes. oil changes and other things. >> reporter: they are giving away to you and of their time here to help the capital area food bank. let's check in with tony in brentwood. >> reporter: we have great stuff. we have live gospel music. we will hear that in a bit. many volunteers with the d c fire department is here. things were slow earlier. they picked up, which is good. >> the community is coming together for the greater good. a very uplifting day. >> reporter: we stress that we want the non-perishable food items and canned foods. there is a complete list on our web site at we need more than that as well. >> yes. we need funds and food. for every $1 that is contributed, we are able to put three meals out in the community. >> reporter: that is huge.
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>> in terms of what we are able to do. >> reporter: we are talking about the need that has grown over the last several years. many people, when you think about this, it may not be off the top of your head, but that growth is in the suburban areas. >> our agencies are telling us they are seeing between 30% and 200% increase in need. that is poverty and hunger within the city and outside the belt. 50% of the poverty is within the district. it is growing in the suburbs. >> reporter: we have something for you here. i want to bring in matt. matt is -- i dropped my notes. he is with jbg companies. tell us about the company. >> we are a local real estate development firm. this year marks the 50th anniversary. i'm excited to be here today. >> reporter: tell us why. you brought a big check with
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you. i mean big in a number of ways. >> we have a long tradition of community environment. we partnered with the food bank. we had launched 50 days of giving program. we put all 450 of our employees out on the street and cleaning up communities and working with food banks. i would like to present a $50,000 donation to the food bank. >> reporter: how about that. $50,000. that is absolutely wonderful. that deserves a round of applause. lynn, this morning is something that is needed. >> it is. we will put it to the fresh produce program. we want to distribute over 15 million pounds of fresh produce. we want 15 million of it to be fresh. this will help us tremendously. thank you so much. >> we are pleased to make this contribution. we look forward to all of the good work this will do. >> reporter: this is great. this is what it is all about.
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you have a successful company with 50 years in the area giving back to the community in a number of ways. the money helps. thank you, matt. good to meet you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. please come on out. we have a lot of cameras here. come on out and make a donation. we have people driving past and dropping off bags. we want to see you continue to do. that we filled up boxes that will go into the truck in a bit. we have more. come over here. julie wright is here, ladies and gentlemen. live and in person. i thought it was just some court jester. >> i'm not a court jester. i'm a santa helper. come out and help us stuff a truck. $10 can be 30 meals for somebody. $10. that is helping people. come on out. brentwood road. i took route 1. piece of cake. >> reporter: nice traffic report.
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thank you, julie. we are back with more in a bit. allison, back to you. >> that is fantastic. $50,000. >> i cannot believe that. >> jbg companies. wow. and julie. if you cannot make it out for a donation today, you can call our phone bank and make a donation. our volunteers are waiting for your phone call. the number is 202-895-3307. you can text your donation. text "feedcafb" to 85944. you can make a $10 donation. you will get a text back and respond "yes" to make the donation. >> we have other opportunities along with the brentwood and montrose crossing. drop by hyattsville or greenbriar as well. they are known for the protests at the soldiers
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funerals. now they have a new target. why they say they are protesting elizabeth edwards funeral. and there is a report out about the virginia tech shooting. the department of education is pointing the finger. we are back in a minute. c?p
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the kansas-based church that made headlines of pickets military funerals is now going protest elizabeth edwards funeral. it is due to her support of universal health care. a robbery at a maryland store is under investigation this morning. this happened wednesday night at a radio shack in downtown silver spring. this man seen in pictures walked into the store and asked for a playstation 3 and took off with it.
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the 20-year-old employee ran after him and that is when it the man punched her. police tell us she is okay. authorities are still looking for the robber. he has braces on his lower teeth. a new report on the virginia tech shootings could force the school to lose money. the department of education released a report of the 2007 shootings. it says virginia tech broke the law about waiting too long to tell the students about the shooting. virginia tech to lose federal money and face fines. well, we are stuffing a truck this morning to help the capital area food bank. we have four locations around the area this morning. look at that shot we are giving you this morning. >> that is nice to see the people out. there is a lot going on. we will check in with tony coming up after the break. he is in brentwood. [ mamot mayosm i
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welcome back. we want to say hello to the volunteers in studio b this morning. hi, gang. they are manning the stuff-a- truck phone bank. we don't want them to answer us. we want them on the phones. if you cannot make it out to the locations, how about donating money over the phone. the number to call is 202-895- 3307. it a little bit warmer in the studio than it is outside this morning. definitely. >> that is why we are giving you options. >> everybody is bundled up. check this out. we have pictures from a viewer in virginia. look at that. >> a dusting. >> a dusting of snow. the clipper system here and you see a lot of clouds.
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light snow showers to western viewers. it will not amount to much here. as we get into the afternoon hours, we will see sunshine and temperatures in the low 40s. there you go. a little snow out there. a light dusting for a few viewers out to the west. >> thank you, bonnie. >> yes. thank you for the pictures. >> i want to show you the snow showers in leesburg and west you and east of winchester and front royal. some light snow shower activity. it will not amount to much. a light dusting for a few of us out to the west. as it pushes through in the next hour, we may see a few flurries across the 95 corridor and washington. it will not amount to a lot. the clipper system is moving through. it will be out of here in the next couple of hours.
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cloud cover across the area. most of the energy is off to the north and west. you see clearing now to the north and west. that will come in during the afternoon. a cloudy morning and partly sunny afternoon. then we will be cold again tonight. talk about cold. still cold. temperatures are better than yesterday. freezing in downtown washington. quantico at 33 degrees. 27 in frederick. winchester with snow and 28 in the past hour for you. temperatures are cooling. winds are shifting from the south. that will help the temperatures reach upper 30s and possibly 40 as we get into the afternoon hours. the weekend storm is a rain event for us. this races north and east. it is possible we will see it changeover to snow sunday and sunday night. here is the bitter cold arctic
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blast. temperatures by tuesday are only in the 20s. a lot of wind on monday and tuesday. 41 and lots of clouds this afternoon. winds south 5-10. clouding up tomorrow. freezing rain saturday night into sunday. there you go. late in the day on sunday and sunday night. colder on monday and tuesday. brrr. let's look at the forecast. back to you at the desk. thank you, tucker. at this time of year, we say good morning to julie in the earlier hour after weather. we might see her again now as we turn our attention back to stuff-a-truck with tony perkins. >> tony is out in brentwood this morning. tony, you had wonderful donations today. now julie is out there to help you out. >> reporter: let me tell you something. i just told julie this. she comes out here and a crowd gathers and they are taking pictures. i said this was not happening
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before. >> reporter: everybody is bringing food. they want to make a difference to those who need it. that is what it is all about. we hope more people come out. >> reporter: we had entertainment all morning during the last hour. we have been hearing the sweet sounds of saul 2 paul. local gospel group with us this morning. we have andrea and chris. thank you for joining us. tell us about the group. >> the group was formed in 2006. we are all dc/maryland/virginia natives. >> reporter: can you tell me about the name? >> we got it from the bible story about saul who was one of the characters in the bible out to crucify christ and go after the lord. he met the lord on the
9:35 am
demascus road and he was converted paul. >> reporter: tell us what brought you out here today? >> we see stuff-a-truck every year. we knew the need would be greater this year because of the economy. we will do what we can do to support the community and encourage the community to come out and just give. there are a lot of families in need this year. we want to spread love. we want to spread the love of jesus christ. god loves them. he will provide their need. >> reporter: it is a powerful message. we are glad you are here. we hope you inspire others. thank you for coming out. you sound wonderful. what will you play? >> we will play a song called "justified." we want to give a shoutout to our sound man ed herrerra. we love tracey morgan. an area dj who supports us. we love you guys as well. >> reporter: thank you very much. let's hear it for the music.
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here they are. saul 2 paul. ♪[ music ] . ♪ justify ♪ now i sing ♪ a new song ♪ justify ♪ no more guilting ♪ no more shame
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♪ jesus christ ♪ justify ♪ all my sin ♪ go away ♪ justify ♪ jesus christ ♪ day by day ♪ justify ♪ he died for me ♪ now i'm free >> absolutely beautiful. if you cannot make it out to make a food donation, you can call our phone bank and make a donation. our volunteers are waiting for the call. 202-895-3307. you can text a donation. text "feedcafb" to 85944. we want to thank all of you who have sent in ornaments for our fox 5 christmas tree. >> we have another one to show you. this is special to us here.
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the details are priceless and precious. this is a viewer that sent in this christmas ornament that says 2010 fox 5 morning team. it has all of our names and santa hats. that is you in the upper left and me in the upper right. thank you so much. we love all of our viewers. we love that one who sent that one in for us. once our tree is decorated, it will be donated. that ornament and all. you will never forget. it will be donated to a worthy charity. >> i love that. thank you for sending that in. a big debut at the national zoo. when you can see this little guy. he is big now. and we will have details on the name as well. +@z@
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three, two, one. [ applause ] >> i love that look of wonderment on the president's face when it first lit up. it is special. the national christmas tree is shining brightly. the first family flipped the switch last night. it is lit with the energy efficient color bulbs. i think they are all green. there was musically bb king and maroon 5. >> sue was out there. we turned the tv on. i said it is neat for the girls to be part of it. cool. the star-studded debut for lions at the national zoo. the cast members from the "cronicles of narnia" appeared
9:43 am
for the naming ceremony for the cubs. >> the guy in the picture is named aslan. he was born in september. he will make the public debut at the zoo on december 17th. how precious. the burgandy and gold are back on the field after a tough couple weeks. what can they expect for sunday? dave ross has a sample coming up. we will head live to rockville for the latest on what is going on in that location for the stuff-a-truck event. stay with us. we'll be right back. ben usually has red curly hair, just like me.
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[ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. the donation to the annual stuff-a-truck food drive is coming in this morning. >> we have holly with the latest from montrose crossing.
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>> reporter: we have so much going on right now. i have a lot to get in. i'll get started. i want to check in with the lead singer of the a-plus dropouts. >> we are a band of four right now. our bassis. it is not here right now -- our bassist is not here right now. can you play a little something for us? >> sure. >> reporter: let me get out of the way for the a-plus dropouts. ♪[ music ] . ♪ do you remember ♪ when i used to ♪ call you ♪ by name >> reporter: nothing like donating and head banging at
9:48 am
the same time. we have them playing and setting the scene. yes, to answer your question, we have donations galore. the first one is courtesy of paul mitchell. hello. tell me about you guys. >> we are coming here to drop off some food. >> reporter: what made you decide to do this? >> the spirit of the holidays and we are trying to do nice things for other people. you know, if you want to come and get a discount on a haircut, we have great professionals waiting to take everyone. >> reporter: did i hear that correctly? discount? make your donation. look at that. they are coming together as a group and they are giving. we have seen that happen a lot here. as if that is not impressive enough, we expect adults to give. let me tell you another group. hello little pint-sized cutie. >> we are from montgomery child
9:49 am
care beverly farms. this is our 7th year donating to stuff-a-truck. >> reporter: tell me the story about the donations. >> we have one special story about a family that is celebrating hanukkah. on the 8th day of hanukkah, they pick a charity to donate and this child chose stuff-a- truck. they went to the grocery store and they bought a bunch to donate for stuff-a-truck. >> reporter: that is the most heartwarming story. this proves that you are never too young to start giving and learning how to give. >> exactly. >> reporter: do you find the kids enjoy it? >> yes. we have been looking forward to it all week long. >> reporter: i want to bring in one other guest as the kids continue to give. >> i'm stephan bing. >> reporter: thank you for
9:50 am
letting us take up a corner of your parking lot. >> giant is committed to relieving hunger in the community. we are happy to be a partner with the food bank. we are giving away free reusable bags for the first 200 donations. we want to invite customers down here and donate generously to the worthy cause. >> reporter: you are generous. thank you. can you say happy holidays? >> happy holidays. >> reporter: we have a lot going on. back to you. >> that is fantastic. >> hi to miss cindy and the whole gang. she moved on. that is awesome. >> her class was out there last year. if you cannot make it out to the locations this morning, you have plenty of time. along with brentwood and
9:51 am
montrose, we are at hyattsville and greenbriar locations as well. we are spreading the wealth around. we are talking messy this weekend. tucker is for sunday. >> it may be messy in more ways than one. the redskins are taking the field knowing that albert haynesworth will not be there. >> they can move past the drama. >> let's hope this brings the team together. we don't have to talk about it anymore after today. we hope to not talk about it anymore after today. he has been suspended for the final four games. we know that. one guy that is glad over him not being here is jim haslett. it is problematic knowing when he will play or not play and which defense he will play. this is what jim had to say yesterday about number 92. >> i never had a player tell me
9:52 am
he did not want to play okay defense and then later on say they did not want to play nickel over the run. i never had that before. he wasn't happy with the 3-4 or last year with the 4-3. what does he want to do? run a 2-5? >> he just wasn't happy. a local radio station had an unhappy hour yesterday for albert haynesworth. you could not please him. you don't have to worry about him anymore this year. he will not be playing this year. we will see if they will try to get that money back. i think we have seen the last of 92 here in washington d.c. one guy we want to see back is allison's favorite. number 30. this is landry. he has an situation with his
9:53 am
heel. these are difficult to deal with because it is something that is problematic. he would be out for a full year. he is trying to avoid surgery. >> i'm not putting that in my mind right now. achancee of rupture. i need to get back on the field. i need to getback on the field and finish off strong. >> the redskins are anxious to get him back on the field. he was a leading candidate for defensive player of the game. the buccaneers come to town this sunday. this is a good young team. the redskins are an older team. you see the changing of the guard. allison is calling for a tampa bay win. i agree with allison. >> we don't want to do it. >> we don't want to be right. >> maybe the cold weather will
9:54 am
help us. tampa bay is not used to playing. >> these kids are young. they came from cold-weather colleges anyway. >> thank you, dave. we are back in a minute. 
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we have been talking about it all morning. we will do it all day at fox 5. just because we are wrapping up on the morning show, doesn't mean stuff-a-truck is over. holly and tony are out all morning long getting donations. we want to get a quick update from both of them. holly. >> reporter: everything is great here. we are having a wonderful time. everyone is filled with the spirit of giving. i want to show one last thing to encourage you to come out and help make a difference. nobody loves a good cup of gourmet coffee better than me.
9:58 am
right? it costs me $4 to get one really good cup of coffee. this same $4, though, let message confirming the donation tell -- let me tell you what they can do with it. if i give $1 here, i can get 3 meals. i give $1 here, i can do 3 meals. i give $1 here, i can do 3 more meals. for this one cup of coffee, if i give that up for one day and i use that money, i can feed 12 people with one meal each. who can do that? there are people going without food for various reasons. what can you go without so you can help them and help them have a better life? tony. >> reporter: the update is since julie wright got here, it has been crazy. all kinds of people have stopped by. we have received many donations. we want you to keep coming out. we want to thank the folks from the washington d.c. fire
9:59 am
department for helping out. they have been unloading trucks and the like. the baskets are full. we will stuff the truck in a few moments. i want to thank this gentleman from friendly faces limo. he is a box over there. take it over. take a look at the truck. griffithh energy services has donated. >> reporter: thank you so much for the bobblehead. my other favorite bobblehead, tony perkins, thank you. >> reporter: you hear jingles. >> reporter: that is nothing new. >> reporter: don't forget. there are many ways to donate. you can text in. they will tell you about it in the studio. we want to see you out here today at one of our four stops. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. that is great. >> an update for us? a couple of snow


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