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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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lines of the devastation. a little girl, the victim of a fire, how her death is saving lives tonight.
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>> chris: nascar on fox, live from richmond, virginia. kyle busch less than 48 hours from his 26 birthday pulls in victory lane. krista voda is down there for the celebration. >> krista: there is something about this racetrack in the springtime. for third year in a row, kyle busch made victory lane his richmond address. we knew you had to battle your teammate an that you were close on fuel. you were late getting here because you needed a push. >> late for the celebration but the boys are never late to any celebration. this is awesome. they're pumped up about it. i can't thank m&m pretzels enough, the guys at m&ms here with us tonight. he's so fun to win the sprint cup races. thanks to sprint for their support. can't do it without interstate batteries. toyota camry was awesome tonight. we've got friends from
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gillette. and marquee jet and the energy drink. the fans. but the marsh associates and employees. fun to work with and handle with. this race was a good one. we had a really good car. we knew if we played through traffic better than the 11 we'd have a shot at the win. we did that. >> krista: the battle with your teammate, was it the difference, the battling through the traffic? >> i learned from denny hamlin last year. i have won't say what i learned but he might know. we did a good job of doing what we needed to do early in the run. once we got out and had to go through traffic. the traffic fell our way. we were able to pick our way through there. we didn't get held up through there. but i can't say enough. dave rogers and the m&m team did a phenomenal team.
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we just, we were the best of it here this weekend. proud of the guys for digging in deep and pulling it out today. hopefully we'll keep the momentum rolling. you know, go through darlington and get to charlotte. one of my favorite. >> krista: short track, long at success. wins at richmond. steve byrnes is where his teammate. >> steve: denny hamlin needed a good finish. a tough start for the season but how important was it tonight? >> very important to have a smooth race, nothing go wrong or anything like that. a good pit stop late in the race. got beat by the teammate. we're so equal and he was better on the restart and table to get out there -- and he was able to get out there and set the pace. he drove a great race. i thought he'd burn up so we sat back there riding but if he wanted to go, he could pick it up. the cars were dead equal for the most part, we just got beat. >> steve: can you build on this for darlington next week?
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>> i think so. this is what we need with the fedex race team to get back on track. can't say enough for gibbs to stick with it. >> chris: thank you. for the fourth time, first and second place finish between denny hamlin and kyle busch. they split those so far. denny won the previous two. kyle gets him this time. last fall, kyle said i learned from him. not going to reveal what he did but it was the other way around. look at the unofficial results from a wild night in richmond. >> jeff: look at how the teammates are running. all toyotas at the top of the list. kasey kahne with a great run. this is what mike ford needed. and denny hamlin. shut everybody up as far as how they're working together. >> chris: hamlin led 48 laps but of the 400, kyle busch to lead 235 laps. really, the last 84. not much in doubt. >> jeff: catch me if you can. >> chris: his favorite movie kyle says is "days of thunder."
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felt like that tonight, nights of thunder in richmond. get final thoughts from larry, darrell, mike, from the booth. guys? >> mike: how about personal best? best finish of the season. second for hamlin, third for kasey kahne, fourth for david ragan. seventh for allmendinger. 13 for blaney. that is important. >> larry: that is huge heading to darlington. dave blaney and the team will be locked in the top 35. think about david ragan, he has not had a top five finish in over 2-1/2 years. we talked about what the doctor ordered for joe gibbs and what the doctor ordered for tony stewart. the first top ten finish in a while. >> darrell: we worry about the crew chief change. change on 11 and 20. what are they going to do? they answered it tonight. the 11 is happy. i saw mike ford give denny hamlin a nice pat on the back. good for them. i thought tonight was interesting. we talked about it in the opening. comers and goers. guys that needed good run. personal best. they got them. >> chris: tenth, one-two finish for joe gibbs racing who thoroughly dominated here
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tonight. on to darlington, next saturday night. >> chris: that will showtime, southern 500. you will see it saturday on fox. another baseball nascar double header. nine races, the quarter pole of the season, jeff. we had 17 races until the chase. third straight race here now that carl edwards has maintained the top spot. kyle busch jumps up three to the third spot. >> jeff: you have to watch kyle busch. he is sneaking up there closer and closer. jimmie rebounded after starting off slow. top ten finish. with the points are becoming more and more valuable each week as we go deeper in the season. >> chris: saw a.j. allmendinger up to 11. greg biffle, 14. denny hamlin talking about the night he needed. coming in second and heading to a place he had success before. in darlington. jamie mcmurray, great success last year. looking for the first win this year. check in with steve byrnes who is with kasey kahne who led 29 laps tonight.
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>> steve: a good night for kasey kahne. coming off another knee surgery. how do you feel? >> i feel great. it never thought about it throughout the race. it was more about the car. the team did a nice job. red bull team. everybody ran great. a good night. we have had three bad ones in a row. so to come back and have a solid top five tonight and lead laps. i have fent like we were one of the better cars. it was good. >> steve: see you at darlington. >> thanks. >> chris: if you tuned in and thought you'd see episode of "cops" instead the richmond race. but juan pablo montoya did not want to comment. we'll see what justice is handed out by nascar. you heard comments from ryan newman heading to the nascar hauler after the race when he said he would settle things. the coach, hall-of-famer, joe gibbs. celebrating with kyle busch. check in with steve byrnes who is running around and caught up with the points leader. >> a physical race out there. it went through ebbs and
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flows. a strange night. >> it was wild. worked hard. the scotts fusion was fast. i have thought man we're going to get a win here. we got the fuel mileage. got fuel. i thought they'd run out of gas and david ragan got by me and i came to grips that he would win the race and they made it to the end. >> another good point tonight. >> leading the points. that is good to wake up tomorrow and have the feeling. that will be nice. >> good run. >> thank you. >> chris: thanks, steve, carl. we'll hear from more drivers, look at where the season stands at the moment as we head to next saturday night. darlington. you are watching nascar on fox. kyle busch is your winner tonight. curtis: welcome back to geico it's savings, on the radio. gecko: and the next caller is doug from chico. doug: oh...hey there hey...! gecko: you sound like a happy man. doug: yeah yeah! i saved so much by insuring my motorcycle and rv with geico, i wrote a song about it. gecko: alright, let's hear it! curtis: yeah jam session! doug: one, two... ♪ (singing) i got my motorcycle ♪
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22 pulling his weight. be careful with it. >> keep doing that. he will give it up. >> i don't know what he is doing. >> he tried to crash us. that's not cool. >> crash behind you.
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not clear. >> back in front of you. back it down. aural over the place there. >> i think we're done, dude. >> i know. >> live in richmond, aerial coverage provided by direct tz. call 1-800-direct tz. helping us with the radio remix. we heard people called idiots tonight. we saw ryan newman when malt matt caught up with him afterwards. 105 tonight, newman comes up behind montoya. >> jeff: he stuck his nose there. because of that, he feels like he owes ryan one. he definitely escalated. i think from there. both of the drivers were upset. >> chris: montoya didn't want to talk. hands off, whatever you call it here.
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do you think they will punish them? >> jeff: maybe one could have backed off. ryan could have given him more room. that is the argument for juan. he says have at it, boys. i got back what he gave to me. that is the problem. >> chris: this is where you settle these things. >> jeff: you go to darlington next week and it could continue on. i'm curious to see what nascar tells ryan. ryan in his mind feels like when i get to darlington i have to settle this thing. >> chris: be careful what you say. >> jeff: i didn't say anything. >> chris: ryan newman has to be careful. i want to know if montoya will get punished. >> jeff: no, he won't. >> chris: we have more in a moment. [ male announcer ] you gotta love sunday. it's like everyone came together and said, "if it's good, let's save it for sunday." the best games. the best papers. the best times. ♪ we're kfc, and we're offering you the ten buck sunday bucket.
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>> chris: so kyle busch who started 20th ends up driving to victory lane in a race he dominated. and at one point, looked like he'd pull away from the pack. but his teammate denny hamlin finishing second. kasey kahne, third. coming up, the late local news. "fringe." 30 seconds -- we're working on that as well. next saturday night, it's night before mother's day. don't forget mom. we have a double-header with baseball. 1:00 eastern. 12:30 eastern. we moved it up a half hour early because at 7:00 eastern, pre-race show delivered by pizza hut will come to you from darlington, south carolina. that is the track with the great nicknames. >> jeff: too tough to tame, the lady in black. one of them places that you don't look forward going to. glad to see in the rear-view mirror. >> chris: you heard denny hamlin won it last year and said we're in good shape. see if me and kyle busch will
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battle again. or if ryan newman and juan pablo montoya part two takes place. for jeff hammond, i'm chris myers. thank you for being part of nascar on fox. nascar on fox. see you next week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ yor l
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: this is fox 5 news at 10:00. there's a new plan for lowering gas prices, but do lawmakers think it will actually work? the update that could ease the pain at the pump. but first, tornado cleanup in the south. this weekend, victims and relief workers are trying to figure out where to begin with miles and miles of devastation.
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thanks for joining us, i'm will thomas. >> death toll now stands at 249 people in alabama alone. and more than 500 people are still missing across the state. fox's casey segal is in alabama with the stor >> now i personally will visit all of the places that have been affected and places where we've had loss of life. >> reporter: robert bentley saying he will visit. >> it's not just birmingham or tuscaloosa. it's all over the state of alabama where these tornadoes have caused a tremendous amount of damage. tremendous loss of life. >> reporter: that loss of life stretching across seven states in the south. as it stands, more than 300 are reported dead. a rescue and recovery effort remains underway. search teams and their cadaver dogs are sifting through massive piles of debris for possible victims. for the survivors, the
11:24 pm
devastation is overwelming. in tuscaloosa, newlyweds are starting their new lives together from scratch. just four weeks after tieing the knot, they lost everything, but still did manage to find something to be thankful for. >> it has been good. we only had this injury on my leg and my daughter, she got an injury on her leg. >> their story is like so many coming out of this area. relief agencies, government, and volunteer organizations are racing to hard hit areas hoping to lighten the load for the thousands without shelter, food, and basic necessities. >> whatever they need us to do, picking up tree limbs, whatever we need to do. >> all throughout this region, tales of survivor met with tales of tragedy. the man who owned this used car dealership made it out alive. however, a woman and her two young children were found dead
11:25 pm
across the street. there is one common thread. the people of the south are pulling together and helping each other in this dramatic time of need. in concord, alabama, casey segal, fox news. tornado victims got a helping hand from the university of alabama head football coach, nick sabin. the coach along with his wife and members of the au athletic department visited an activity center in tuscaloosa. one of the hardest hit places. they handed out clothing to victims staying at this red cross shelter. at least 200 people, many of them university of alabama alumni gathered at a dc bar where the cover charge went entirely to relief efforts in the southern states after that series of deadly storms. fox 5's john hanrahan was there to see who was opening their wallets to help out. >> scores of people helped out. >> this group was put together by the university of alabama alumni society, a couple other
11:26 pm
southern university alumni groups and seven southern states groups. they are trying to raise money for the people who lost their homes and some family members because of the terrible tornadoes that happened this week earlier down south. they have a silent auction going here. there are dozens of items, but the ones that i think are garnering the most attention, crimson tide sweatshirt here and i think that was a good year. that's getting some bids, too. some of the -- the president of the crimson tide alumni group. why are you doing this? >> we're doing it because we all have connections back to the south. people that were affected by the tornadoes, whether it is friends, family, or anything else. >> any idea, are you going to be doing this again? >> we are definitely look to have more fundraisers around the area. there has been talk of possibly
11:27 pm
getting people to go down there and help in person. >> they are asking for money at the door and the money at the door is going directly to the people who need it down south and the red cross. claire, can i talk to you? >> absolutely. >> this is claire shamblin. you have a story about family down there. what happened? >> i'm from tuscaloosa. my grandmother still lives there on lake avenue. her house was mostly destroyed. she was very lucky, got into the basement just in time. her house is actually the only house that is even partially still standing in that neighborhood. so we feel very, very lucky. but please, please donate to the red cross or whomever you feel appropriate. they need the help down there. >> if you want -- this was put together very quickly, this fundraiser. if you want to join the next one, we have a website for you. because the alabama alumni are working hard on this. it's if they put together another fundraiser in the next few
11:28 pm
days, you can find it there. ♪ [ music ] >> at the gin and tonic in northwest washington, john hanrahan. the red cross is looking for donations to help the tornado victims as well. you can call this number or log on to its website, you can make a $10 donation to the organization by texting red cross to 90999. again, red cross is what you text to 90999. you can find all that information on our website. need a horrific story unfolding in howard county. tuesday night a man called police to report a break in at his grandparent's unoccupied home. police found nothing, but the mantels fox 5 when he went back to the house today, he found a five-year-old boy in a basement room. the boy told him, help, my
11:29 pm
daddy is dead in here. 26-year-old abdullahu was pronounced dead. the medical examiner will rule on the cause. the little boy is at the hospital for observation. the two were last seen leaving a relative's house after an argument. montgomery county police are investigating an attempted murder suicide. police say late this morning, they arrived in an apartment building in gaithersburg and found a woman shot in the stairwell. she was conscious and able to tell police what happened. >> found out that the suspect inside one of the apartments had shot her and then turned the weapon on himself and killed himself. >> the man who she says shot her was found dead in the apartment. the woman is badly hurt, but expected to survive. >> a local fire took a little girl's life. today a program that put smoke detectors in homes has been named after her. she was killed in a house fire back in december of 2007. there was no working smoke detector in her family's home,
11:30 pm
but since that time, the dc fire department along with mayor gray have been focused on getting a smoke detector in every house. fox 5's matt aklin has a closer look tonight. >> this is not long before she died in a house fire. she was the pride and joy of her grandmother. >> she was friendly, sweet, she loved people. >> after that fire in 2007, then chairman vincent gray made a promise to francine. he would make sure more homes had working smoke detectors. >> what do you say to a family who lost a loved one like this? i vowed i was going to do to make sure this wouldn't happen again. >> saturday, the mayor renewed his vow as firefighters stand out across this dc neighborhood. checking in with folks, making sure residents have smoke
11:31 pm
detectors and if they do, making sure they work properly. firefighters are being very careful. they are going to every single house and they are bringing a list and checking folks off. some people say no, they would rather not have the firefighters come inside. but others are saying please do come inside. in fact, at this house here, firefighters went in and found no working smoke detectors. >> the fire chief says thousands of free smoke detectors and batteries have been installed and changed in dc. 250 saturday alone. >> we want to make sure we cover the entire city. so when we go back and review our files, we can see where we need to go. >> every home needs a working smoke detector is called the acia sutton program. he plans to continue to fulfill that promise made four years ago. >> he loved people and if she
11:32 pm
was here today, she would be a wonderful person. >> in southeast, fox 5 news. we continue to monitor metro. some rail riders can expect a slow trip this weekend because of repair work. between the takoma and forest glenn stations. on the yellow line, trains will share one track between the braddock road stations. riders should expect delays up to 20 minutes. coming up, are you fired up about the rising gas prices? the president has a plan that could lower what you are paying at the pump. >> and we are lighting a plan. this late edition of fox 5 news continues. stay with us. 
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 mayor gray arrested. >> soaring. >> continuing to watch storms rotating. >> fox 5 news at 11:00. number one again and again and again. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality, the best channel lineup, more hd, plus the fastest internet in the u.s. and there's no term contract required.
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new tonight, washington is looking a little more like hollywood tonight. the white house correspondents dinner was held a short time ago.
11:36 pm
journalists that covered the white house and the president joined president obama and the first lady. glee star right there, matthew morrison was there along with other pretty famous fox faces. saturday night live, seth myers hosted and took jabs at a famous face at the dinner who is thinking about a presidential run. listen in. >> donald trump has been saying he is going to run as president as a republican, because i assumed he was going to run as a joke. [ applause ] >> now it's really all about the afterparties. we're going to get into that tomorrow night at 10:00. we should tell you the dinner was held at the washington hilton in northwest. now to a developing story concerns an outside effort to help president obama and congressional democrats in the 2012 elections. a group including former white house officials union leaders and one of hollywood's biggest producers is forming democrats with unanimous money.
11:37 pm
joining us is wtop political analyst, mark. thanks for joining us, mark. >> thanks for having me. >> this new group founded by bill burton can raise unlimited donations. it's not supposed to have ties to the white house. is there a conflict here in. >> there's no legal conflict, because they will not coordinate their activities with the white house. they are imitating a group during the 2010 congressional election and the president himself has been very consistent and very strong language deploring anonymous undisclosed contributions and here you have all these people who are close to him and his campaign. bill burton, who i would call the deputy press secretary for not returning phone calls and was passed over for the press secretary job. i guess has found work, but this really hurts, to seems to
11:38 pm
me, the obama campaign, because they could take the higher moral ground and say look, we don't have anybody doing this stuff. and the republicans do. >> mark, does the signal that there might be problems within the obama camp may be concerns about raising enough money to fund his presidential bid? >> they can't have any coordination and i'm sure they aren't having coordination. you can wink and nod and as long as it is not official and it is hard to discern. what i'm more worried about and the public should be more worried about is that after water gate, the move was look, let's have limitations and more importantly let's have disclosure. we want to know where the money is coming from. and now you are talking about hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are going into both campaigns where we don't know who gave that money and the money is unlimited. so the whole water gate
11:39 pm
campaign, finance reform just literally goes out the window. >> so republicans are doing it and democrats are doing it, what happens now? are citizens supposed to say okay? >> you know, if you talk to a democrat or republican, they'll say look, this is politics. no one wants to disarm, but you are never going to have really reform of the campaign process if people find giant loopholes to go through and the major part of the whole reform besides limitation was disclosure. we will know where the money is coming from and since he know where the money is coming from in the nux son campaign in '72, one chicago insurance mag nerkts my mom is cluttered with this. clemen stove gave there are 3 million and they thought that's terrible. we should know, there should be limits and we should know who
11:40 pm
is giving it. now they will plan the regular disclosure and the regular limitation and we will go back to the bad old days. that goes for both parties. >> with these unlimited donations and the unanimous donations, do you think that the next election cycle is going to be uglier with these attack ads because that's what a will the of people accuse the republicans of doing with these unanimous donations during the last midterm elections. are we going to see uglier attacks? >> it's going to be brutal. maurine, you should be the political analyst. you're absolutely right. that's going to happen. you thought it was bad last time? now without accountability, without you knowing, they'll make up phoney names like committee for good government or committee for effective presidency. i mean they'll just be bff's and what they will be allowed to do legally by their own exercise is make things more
11:41 pm
lethal and venomous in the whole police discourt is going to be, i think, violated and actually, tremendously harm because as i said, i can't repeat it enough. the whole components that were limitations, they know how to get away from limitations, but more than everything, disclosure. we don't know who gets it. and we'll terest can give, never know. >> so much for politics taking a better turn as some politicians said they hoped would happen. it appears it is getting uglier unfortunately. >> the stakes are so high. the presidency and 1/3 of the senate and all the house is that any rules or boundaries are now gone. >> okay. political analyst, governor. thank you for your insight tonight. >> thank you. american drivers are full
11:42 pm
of frustration at the pump as gas companies are full on prost. president obama agreed to a plan in lowering gas prices. but do doctor i say it's going to work? >> the private sector added nearly $2 million in the last 13 months and that oil company saw their profits pop up. that's great and he has no problems with companies being are rewarded, but president thinks big oil is doing enough. they don't need subsidies. >> your struggling at the pump and coring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without. these tax give aways aren't right. think aren't smart and we need to end them. >> huge profits are huge. exxon mobile reported earnings of $10.6 billion in the first
11:43 pm
quarter. that's up 69% from the fort qurter. republican congressman, james says there mean we should hurt them by jacking up their taxes and if we do, our problems will get worse. >> the president may think he is punishing ceo's of big companies, but his plan will hurt the consumer of energy. house budget committee chairman, paul ryan, another republican said at a town hall meet this week that like the president, he thinks the federal subsidies should go away. and now the dop democrat in the house, nancy pelosi is speaking with boehner. it needs to come to the first floor to a joke. >> they are waiting to have their birthday. plus details on post wedding days that we know what's going
11:44 pm
to happen, but do they? as all about capturing the bridal bouquet.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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after the royal wedding, you can imagine the streets of london were a royal mess. the morning after, workers were busy cleaning up after the millions of spectators who lined the streets. tonight wedding onlookers are weighing in on the royal affair. >> it was amazing. it was a once in a lifetime experience. i would have loved to have seen them. really seen them, but just to be with the people that we were was just incredible. >> crews also cleaned up westminster abbey where the royal bride and groom said their i do's in front of 2,000 guests. well the duke and duchess of cambridge will have to wait a bit longer for their honeymoon. duty calls, prince william will
11:48 pm
have to go back to work on active military duty as a search and rescue pilot next week. no information on where he will be released for safety issues and no word on where they will go for their honeymoon. kate middleton's bouquet has been placed on the tomb of the unknown warrior at westminster abbey. queen elizabeth ii started it in 1923. the tomb contains the remains of a world war i soldier. the english aren't the only ones that can throw a royal party. there was a huge celebration in holland for queens day. the dutch were decked out in orange for the holiday which marked the birthday. everyone was big on the party, not all were keen on still having a monarchy. >> well, there are a lot of
11:49 pm
political reasons why we shouldn't have queen and why we shouldn't have princes. >> for example, because it is really expensive. i think it really forms the. >> a few of the big highlights, a giant carnival and gigantic street sale. all that orange, i'm thinking of south beach. >> that's a good idea right about now. >> we are heading back to alabama surveying the tornado damage. >> that was a hard right turn, right? more on the economic impact, the cleanup could have to rain and the country. and significant steps toward sainthood for the late john paul ii. >> we had a nice day today. take a look at the temperatures. guess what? some of it is headed our way. we'll let you know what to expect when we come back after the break.
11:50 pm
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security is at the vatican where hundreds and thousands of catholic faithful will gather tomorrow. the late john paul ii will be beatified. it takes the pope one significant step closer to sainthood. the next and final step is cannonnization. before that ceremony begins, thousands will fill st. peter's square. pope john paul ii died so recently, his influence is strong on the faithful. jennifer davis is in rome with the journey their taking. >> reporter: up to 1 million people are expected to descend on rome this weekend. they are the faithful who adore john paul ii and want to be here as he becomes one step closer to being a saint. pilgrims from the home country
11:54 pm
of poland arrive in rome, the beloved pontiff. mary johnson made the trip from kansas city, missouri. >> he is a welcoming pope. he always gathers people around him. always. >> it is a key step on the path of saint hood. it requires a miracle to get to this point and the church says that happened when a french none was cured of parkinson's disease. >> look at me now. doctors can't explain it, but i think it was by the grace of god and through john paul ii. >> saturday night, that nun spoke to a crowd gathered for an evening vigil. the big event comes sunday when pope benedict declares the former pope blessed. the exhumes coffin will be placed for the faithful to view in order to be cannonnized, a second miracle has to be verified after this weekend.
11:55 pm
>> there's a common recognition at the holiness of this man's life and that's a fun thing. it's exciting thing to know someone in life. >> this is the fastest in modern history, because pope benedict xvi waived the normal waiting period. fox news. they'll be out of vacation process as a boost for some businesses, too. one sculptor makes a living creating sales. the 60-year-old says he believes his work and is important because he can help the victims. >> red cross set up shelters to help the victims. nearly 2,000 national guardsmen and women have been deployed to assist with search and rescue efforts. president obama has promised federal aid to alabama and georgia and boy they could use
11:56 pm
that. the economy could end up take ago major hit from the tornado outbreak. >> the cost is still trying to update. >> the aftermath of this week's deadly tornadoes is devastating. homes, schools, corporations destroyed. towns practically bypassed off the map. and according to the latest estimate, insurers may have to pay $1 billion. >> president oh ma'am ma visited the region earlier to reassure residents they will not be forgetted. >> i want them to make a commitment to the families here that we are going to do everything we can. >> the financial impact of the starts will put enormous strain on the south. it's likely to one into the lunts and millions of dollars. analysts say it match wide. damage in the region may climb to $1.5 billion to $2 billion.
11:57 pm
alabama golf nor, robert befntly says the number of the state's residents effected is astonishing. >> it makes it more difficult being the deinstruction that we have here, seeing the loss of lives we've had, and just seeing how people's lives have been just turned upside down. >> tens of thousands of insurance claims in alabama have been filed by policyholders statewide. and the number sexfected to grow significantly. while the humanitarian effort getting underway. carlos castillo said the affected regions can learn from the tornadoes and protect devastation like this happening in the future. >> it be where a little while. it's an opportunity to rebuild stronger, more resill i can't want communities. >> it be with, power outages
11:58 pm
may cause further disruption and it is unclue how the effects of the store weakens the economy. change of pace here. the weather certainly beautiful today, but this mama duck and her babies got into trouble today. who of the little weans fell down a pipe at the. >> i was looking forward to lunch tomorrow. >> oh my goodness. normally -- >> i'm glad they got rescued. beautiful day. >> he gets all nervous all of a sudden. >> okay. >> i see you, will. >> okay, here's a beautiful shot outside the national cathedral. we have a few clouds rolling through, so you are just somebody walking or bicking
11:59 pm
with friends and family. and the weekend is going to end on a comfortable note as well. temperatures are going to rise and fall again and see a deference there. we have a few unsettled dais as well and we have sunshine for you. here's a look bat what we hit today. national 68 degrees at baltimore. just a little beblow where we should be. right now things are cooling down, but it's comfortable outside. 55 at national. 48 degrees at gaithersburg. 48 at manassas. we have 49 degrees at martinsburg and 52 degrees at baltion, only 48 degrees. to the south, 60 degrees at raleigh. so we are going to see the warmer air continue to move its way up the eastern sea board and we will benefit from that. winds are calm. not much happening in the wind department at all and as far as our sky condit


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