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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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game losing streak. rodriguez hit a two run home run, to seal the win against the giants. alex cord had a single, double, and rbi, he was three for four. we still have plenty ahead. coming up weather, traffic and all of your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues right now. absolutely stunning announcement from the white house, the most wanted man in the world, osama bin laden is dead. president obama delivering the news last night, he says a small team of americans carried out the attack in pakistan and took custody of bin laden's remains. good morning, thank you for being with us, this morning. i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. osama bin laden's body has been buried at sea, upholding islamic tradition which calls for the body to be buried within 24
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hours. we'll have plenty more including live reports from the white house. for now we check in with weather and tony perkins, good morning. >> good morning. there may be a few showers popping up in the last 30, 40 minutes or so to the west. hd radar we can show you that some of this moisture is now showing up on our radar. again, it would be light shower activity for the most part that we're looking at out to the west. we'll continue to monitor this through the course of the morning, but it's nothing to worry about, just shower activity. the graphics show you a view, the big picture satellite, radar, plenty of clouds. indeed today will be a mostly cloudy day, a lot of cloud cover hanging around. however, our temperatures will still warm up rather nicely for today. it will be warmer than it was yesterday with the passage of a warm front that came through last night of the currently our temperatures are in the 50s, 55 in washington, 55 in baltimore, 53 at dulles,
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hagerstown is at 54 degrees. forecast today, mostly cloudy skies, a few showers possible here and there. look for a high in the low to mid-70s, 74 downtown. more details coming up in a little bit. stay with us for that. >> all right. that sounds good. we can handle that one, today. julie? >> off to a good start with no incidents reported as you work across the wilson bridge and over at the american legion bridge, light traffic volume there. all lanes are open if you're traveling 395 northbound, across the 14th street bridge, nice and easy to the southeast, southwest freeway. northbound 95 looking good. and no problems on the beltway. constitution avenue on the westbound side scheduled work between 20th and 23rd street tying up two light rains. that's your fox 5 on time traffic. in breaking news, a major victory for the u.s. in the war
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on terror. the man wanted for the deadlyist attack on american soil is dead. he was killed yesterday in pakistan during a u.s. military mission. audrey barnes is live outside the white house with more on people who were out there all night long. what is it like out there? >> reporter: sarah the crowds are much smaller, but no less enthusiastic than they have been all night. since getting word that osama bin laden was head, the crowds poured into the streets. they started chanting, and singing and hugging and waving american flags before president obama made the official announcement. they chanted usa, usa over and over again. it continues at this hour. now president obama gave the order to go after osama bin laden after getting some key details about a luxury compound in pakistan. they confirmed that that complex, with 18-foot high walls, topped with barbed wire was indeed the hide out for
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al-qaeda's leader. u.s. special forces carried out the raid and killed al-qaeda's leader and seven others. despite the death of a terrorist target number one, president obama says the fighting of terrorism will continue. >> the death of osama bin laden laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our effort to defeat al-qaeda. his death does not mark the end of our effort. there is no doubt that al-qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. we must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad. >> reporter: and u.s. officials say osama bin laden's body has already been buried at sea. back to you in the studio. >> all right, audrey , thank you. the news spread like wild fire before the president made his announcement. >> a spontaneous crowd formed outside of the white house. >> reporter: thousands of people gathered here outside the white house even before the president made his remarks to the nation tonight.
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they cheered usa, they sang god bless america, overjoyed that osama bin laden is dead. >> usa, usa,usa. >> reporter: they came to the white house full of american pride, waving flags, climbing trees, shouting into the night. wanting the president to hear them. many gathered here call the death of bin laden a major victory in the war against terrorism. >> i think he is definitely hearing us inside. >> reporter: sarah willis was in the fourth grade when the 9/11 attacks took place. she remembers it well. it was the day her far lost a good friend. >> i actually teched him, and he says you know, it doesn't bring the pain back for the family, but it is really making strides in america, and bringing hope to people. >> reporter: many couldn't sit at home after hearing the news, even well known actor david arquette who was in town for the white house correspondents' dinner joined in
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the celebration. >> amazing. as soon as i heard, we were right down in d.c., we came to the white house. it's a moment in history. i'd like to thank all of the soldiers and all of their families for all of their sacrifice. >> reporter: the death of osama bin laden not only represents a devastating blow to al-qaeda, but it also delivers justice to those who thought bin laden would never be found. >> i think what it means to the country is closure for the people from 9/11, i think that's the most important. it also means hopefully an end to terrorism. the celebration continued through the morning hours in front of the white house. many hearsay this celebration is something that won't soon forget. >> god bless america. >> at the white house, fox 5 news. former president george w. bush calls the killing of osama bin laden a momentous
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achievement. he says president obama called him last night shortly before the president addressed the nation. in a statement president bush said bin laden's death marks a victory for america, for people who seek peace around the world and for all those who lost loved ones on september 11th, 2001. the former president said the u.s. has sent an unmistakeable message, no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. all right. coming up next, home, local and national headlines, first another look at the scene at the white house, an all night rally as people celebrate the news that osama bin laden is dead. we'll be right back. - ( music playing )  - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor
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breaking news this morning, the most wanted man in the world, osama bin laden is dead. he was killed yesterday when a u.s. military team raided a mansion in pakistan. seven other people were killed in that attack. no americans were hurt. bin laden the mastermind behind the september 11th terror attacks. u.s. officials say osama bin laden laden's body has been buried in accordance with islamic tradition to be buried within 24 hours.
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the burial was done at sea, in part because finding a country to accept the remains would have been difficult. turning to the crisis in libya now, there is rage in the strts of tripoli after a nato air strike killed the youngest son of colonel moammar gadhafi and three grandchildren. gadhafi was not hurt in the nato bombing. after it angry mobs attacked the embassies of britain and italy. britain expelled the libyan ambassador serving in london. also making headlines a disturbing story out of jessup maryland a five-year-old stuck inside a class et cetera for days along with his father's body. the two were found in the basement of an empty home. the man who was keeping an eye on the property found them days after a break in at the house. howard county police did not find anything then, they didn't go into the closet.
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the boy went days without food or water sitting next to his father's body. the boy said his father had a fight with the grandfather and broke into the house to hide. next, osama bin laden is dead, killed by american forces. we will have the stunning breaking news that we have been following coming up. we'll see what news organizations around the world are saying about this. stay with us, we'll be right back. 
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[ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. breaking news this morning, 9/11 mastermind osama bin laden has been killed by american forces. president obama says justice has been done. bin laden was killed yesterday during a u.s. military raid in abbottabad, pakistan. seven other people were also killed in that attack, but no americans were hurt. u.s. officials say bin laden's body has already been buried at sea in accordance with islamic tradition to bury the body within 24 hours. it's 5:15. much more on that throughout the morning. right now let's find out what's happening in the weather department, tony, good morning. >> cloudy skies across the
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region, maybe a couple showers out to the west. we're not sure what we are seeing on radar is hitting the ground. don't be shocked if you see sprinkles early this morning, particularly at this hour west of the district. let's show you how the temperatures are shaping up across the region this morning. we are seeing our temperatures in the 50s, primarily. 56 now, 56 here in washington in annapolis it's 59 degrees, quantico is also 59. a cool 52 in gaithersburg, manassas 52 and out to the west in winchester a temperature of 56 degrees. we'll pull this out now and show you across the region what we are looking at is mild air across the mid-atlantic up into the northeast, new york city 52. pittsburgh 59, columbus, ohio 52. we have a frontal boundary that will making it's way eastward. that could bring us more precipitation tomorrow in all likelihood showers and thunderstorms. but today we have clouds across
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us, here's the shower activity, i suspect not all of this is hitting the ground. this popped up in the last 45 minutes or so. probably not all of it hitting the ground. some may be getting light showers. it is tracking eastward. don't be afraid if you get a shower or sprinkle during the morning hours. as we pull it out, we can show you the frontal boundary well off to the west. that has a pretty good line of showers, some embedded thunderstorms as well. that makes its way gradually eastward and brings us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. >> sunshine to the south and east of the district later on today. i'd say a 30 to 40% chance of scattered showers today. 74 degrees for your high temperature. then tonight cloudy skies, a few showers linger into the evening hours, overnight low 60 degrees, some of you will drop into the 50s. five-day forecast, tomorrow a warmer day, high around 80 with a better chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening tomorrow.
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cooler on wednesday, scattered precipitation and then thursday and friday sunshine, temperatures right around 70 degrees. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. let's update traffic with julie wright. tony good morning to you. we're checking out the roads. not looking too bad southbound 270 lanes are open south of 109 leaving hyattstown and continuing toward the scales, light traffic volume there. the top stretch of the beltway doing nicely college park to bethesda. and northbound i-95 in virginia an easy drive on the main line and express lanes as you travel northbound toward springfield. no incidents to report on new york avenue. long-term construction project remains in place the next couple years. the road is narrowed from four lanes to two. that's your fox 5 on time traffic. the death of osama bin laden making the front page of newspapers all around the world this morning. let's take a look at some of the headlines on the internet right
5:19 am
now. we start in washington with the washington post. the headline reads osama bin laden killed, justice has been done. >> the new york times has a photo of a bunch of firefighters sitting under the giant electronic headline in times square. >> this is the photo that's all over twitter getting a lot of attention in new york. now the wall street journal this morning showing a group of college students celebrating the news at the university of georgia. you get the feeling we will see a bunch of pictures from what we saw over the white house showing up on newspapers around the world today. >> certainly people i'm sure will continue to file down there even today. maybe not the crowds overnight. but people who want to be part of it all in celebration. we continue to follow this major breaking news story. this is a live look now at ground zero in new york, where people celebrated all night. coming up next, we'll have a couple who lost a son in the september 11th attacks, they will join us live in the studio to share their thoughts with
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us. that's next. 
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this is the scene overnight in the nation's capital outside of the white house as word of osama bin laden's death set off a stunning scene in washington. thousands gathered for an all night celebration. at last check some people are still there this morning. and a similar scene in new york where hundreds gathered
5:23 am
chanting usa at ground zero. crowds came out to times square where firefighters are taking part in the celebrations there, with their lights flashing. people were being pulled on top of the fire truck as well. a lot of people have mixed feelings about osama bin laden's death. some lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks when terrorists crashed planes in pennsylvania, new york and at the pentagon. >> joining us once again jessie and carol ruben, whose son todd died in 2001. he was on the flight that crashed into the pentagon. we were talking about that and showing the pictures, people at the white house and new york, we refer to them as celebration. do you consider this a moment of celebration? >> we're happy about t i wouldn't be jumping up and down. we're bittersweet over that thing. >> at first i did. >> at first did you? >> when i first heard it i did. you know his life, we celebrate his life more than jumping up and down in front of the white
5:24 am
house. >> we celebrate todd's life. >> he's become a symbol of what happened and what was lost that day. he had two sons, still does have two sons, but they were 11 years old and now they're graduating college next year. and so their lives have changed forever. so yeah, it was a celebratory kind of a thing, but it's bittersweet for us. we lost a son and they lost a father. and so he had a very successful career building, in washington. and he was on that plane because he was going out to california on some business legal thing. so yeah, we're happy about it. and but at the same time it's sad for us to know what was lost that day for us and the people jumping up and down in front of the white house are happy and i
5:25 am
respect that, but the families have a lot of memories and. >> once you get over the excitement of bin laden's death then you think about your loss. so it's a double edged sword. i mean, i'm happy that he was caught, but it brings back all the memories that we still have. >> talk to us a little bit about todd. you know, obviously many, many years have passed, almost ten years now. what has it been like having to tell his children about him? what do you tell them to keep their father's memory alive? >> they were pretty close with them. he was a big sports fan. i mean, i went to games with him. in fact, not soon before 9/11 we went out to the redskins'
5:26 am
football practice, they miss that. i miss that. you know, we're sports addicts. he wouldn't be happy about the caps losing last night. we used to go to the u.s. arena and watch them play. i miss that camaraderie with him. and he was just a good guy. i mean, he was a very smart guy, good attorney. he was well liked by his firm. and so that's one of his two boys, twin sons, and now they'll be graduating a year from june at syracuse university. >> they're doing very well actually. i asked them because i wasn't doing so well. they said they've learned to move on. >> they've tried to put this thing behind them, you know. >> some of the people we talked to outside the white house said that their hope was that this would provide some type of closure in some way for family
5:27 am
members. does it? >> i guess to some degree it does, but you never get closure when you lose a son or a daughter or a mother or a father. closure is a very general term, particularly when you lose a child. i mean, to us he was a child. he was 40, but hea child. and closure is sort of a general term, but yeah, it is helpful. it's helpful to know that they finally got the guy that did this thing, but we'll just live with this forever. we never thought we'd be on television or doing these kind of things. >> it does change your life, it makes your life hard. it makes it hard to be together sometimes. >> he has memorials all over the place. benches at the pentagon and memorials in montgomery county and stuff. so here he was living this normal life and all of a sudden he's become this person that everybody wants to talk about.
5:28 am
and sometimes you don't want to talk about it. it's hurtful. >> carol and jessie ruben, we appreciate you coming in and sharing this with us. we'll talk with you again in our next hour. we appreciate it. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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i can report to the american people and to the world, that the united states has conducted
5:31 am
an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al-qaeda and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. a stunning announcement from the white house. the most wanted man in the world osama bin laden is dead. word of his death set off wild scenes outside of the white house all captured by fox 5 cameras. (cheers) this is part of the scene overnight by the white house as thousands crewed outside for an all night celebration. some roads in that area had to be blocked off there were so many people there. a similar scene taking place in new york city, where hundreds packed times square in the area around ground zero, celebrating the end of a manhunt that spanned nearly a decade. much more coming up including live reports from the white house. first let's check on the forecast. tony. good morning to both of
5:32 am
you, good morning everybody. there are a couple rain showers. we've been showing you on the radar, we have confirmation some of that is hitting the ground. hd radar, we'll show you the area where the rain is heavy out to the west really along 66 as you head out in either direction you're heading in, but between the beltway and front royal, that's where we are seeing heavy shower activity. also down around fredericksburg area, generally showers moving through, no severe weather, just showers moving through with a couple areas where the rain is a bit heavier. okay. let's go to the graphics, right now reagan national reporting 56 degrees. relative humidity 75%. your winds are out of the south at 7 miles per hour. your day planner for today, plenty of clouds around today. we'll see our high temperature warmer than yesterday when we topped out in the 60s. today we should climb into the 70s. there will be a little sunshine here and there, i think in the
5:33 am
latter part of the day particularly south and east and a 30 to 40% chance of scattered showers later today. more is coming up in a little bit. >> tony, thank you. julie wright, how are the roads? >> pretty good, no accidents to report. inbound on route 50 from annapolis to the capital beltway, southbound 270 nice and clear of incidents. volume increasing out of hyattstown around the curve at the truck scales. no incidents on 355 leaving i-70, northbound i-95 traffic behaving well out of woodbridge. that's a check of your on time traffic. breaking news this morning, a major victory for the united states in the war on terror. the man wanted for the deadliest attack on american soil osama bin laden is dead. he was killed yesterday in pakistan during a u.s. military mission. audrey barnes is live outside the white house with more on this. good morning, audrey. >> reporter: good morning,
5:34 am
sarah. earlier this evening, thousands of americans poured into the streets to celebrate news that osama bin laden was dead. they waved american flags, they cheered, they sang songs, repeated cries of usa, usa could be heard throughout the streets of washington, d.c. in fact several streets were closed off when those crowds became so large. the rallying cry for the street celebration justice has been served. president obama gave the order last friday to carry out this mission after receiving some detailed intelligence about a luxury compound in pakistan. experts determined that it was indeed the hide out for al-qaeda's leader osama bin laden. and within two hours after that operation began, white house officials received word that osama bin laden had been killed. justice has been done. >> in a stunning announcement, president obama says terrorist mastermind osama bin laden is dead. it came at the hands of u.s.
5:35 am
military personnel. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al-qaeda and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> a small team of u.s. special forces launched a targeted assault on sunday in pakistan. president obama authorized the attack on a compound in abbottabad. >> after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> bin laden's identity confirmed by a dna test. bin laden's most recent terror recording came in january. the 54-year-old terrorist has topped the fbi's most wanted list for more than a decade. his capture has been the country's highest order. >> his death does not mark the end of our effort, there is no doubt that al-qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. we must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad. >> reporter: and in keeping with
5:36 am
islamic tradition, osama bin laden's body has been buried within 24 hours of his death. he was we're told by u.s. officials buried at sea. back to you. >> thank you very much. the news of bin laden's killing a surprise to many. >> as soon as word of his death spread, crowds spontaneously appeared at ground zero in new york and outside the white house. >> i saw the tv, we stopped what we were doing, and we just wanted to come out and, you know, celebrate. it feels good after all the people that he killed. it feels good. >> i'm 21, i spent almost half my life they've been chasing this guy. they finally got him. it feels good, momentous. >> what's going through my head and i am extremely excited i visited israel and the middle east and saw the situation. the situation with the united states, it's been with us a long period of time. i feel safer. i feel like usa baby.
5:37 am
very, very, very excited about this happening. i think it will head off terrorism in the right direction. i think we are headed in a positive direction in the first time in many years. >> america! usa, usa! >> a very jubilant crowd as it was out in front of the white house overnight and this morning, spilling over then into lafayette park. many celebrated throughout the night. similar scene in new york city where crowds were flooding the streets, reacting to the news that the world's most wanted fugitive is dead. hundreds gathered at ground zero chanting usa. firefighters have been taking part in celebrations throughout new york city. we're following an update in the lululemon murder case. coming up next, we'll have new details about the suspect brittany norwood. why her former boyfriend once
5:38 am
got a restraining order against her. that story coming up as we check headlines. it's 5:37. chinin
5:39 am
5:40 am
checking other headlines this morning, we have reports of previous acts of violence in the suspect at the lululemon store in bethesda, maryland. the washington post reports court
5:41 am
records from 2007 show brittany norwood punched and threw things at a former boyfriend. he obtained a judge's order to keep her away from him, but she violated is that order following him and his girlfriend in a car. norwood is accused of killing her co-worker jana murray in march and covering it up. six years after pope john paul ii was beatified, the pope benedict xvi praise the pope john paul ii. the late pontiff performed a miracle when he cured a french none of park in son's disease. one more miracle has to come forward for pope john paul ii to become a saint. not the greatest news for endeavour, nasa official versus no idea when they'll be able to launch. engineers and technicians are
5:42 am
repairing the shuttle's power line heaters. mission managers say that first possible date is may 8th, but they don't know if the repairs will be finished by then. damage assessments and clean up efforts continue in tornado ravaged areas of the deep south. homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured areas in alabama and mississippi over the weekend. secretary napolitano is pledging federal support and offered her condolences. >> there used to be houses and just nothing but slabs, and now just to me, i've seen a lot of things in my life, but makes me want to break down and cry. >> disaster centers have opened in alabama and feds are on the ground in kentucky, tennessee, mississippi and georgia.
5:43 am
in virginia the department of emergency management said 15 tornadoes touched down hitting washington and halifax counties the hardest. ten years since the september 11th attacks, and stunning news this morning that the mastermind, osama bin laden is dead. >> news of his death set off wild scenes in new york and here in washington. up next our dave ross was one of the thousands at the white house last night. he is here live to share his thoughts. it is now 5:43. we'll be right back. .
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5:46 am
all right. welcome back. 5:46 on this monday on what has been a day of celebration and night of celebration at the white house, news that osama bin laden has been killed by american forces. >> quite a different scene than it was a few hours ago, more on that in a minute. first let's check in with tony perkins with what's happening outside this morning. a few rain showers. >> a couple showers out to the west. a little rain right now particularly along interstate 66. let's take a look at hd radar, we'll start with that and show you where the showers are. mainly light showers, but a couple spots with heavier rain. you can see that right now as
5:47 am
you're looking at 66. again, this is west of the district. a couple areas that we're looking at right here, a little bit of heavy rain right there then around the fredericksburg region, areas of heavy rain. these are rain showers that are moving through. they are tracking eastward, they'll come through washington, d.c. in a little while, eventually through prince george's county and across the chesapeake bay. so morning showers for you. let's take a look at future cast. we'll show you what we expect to see in the next 36 hours. this morning mainly light precipitation. again, a few spots of heavier precipitation. that comes through, with a lot of clouds hanging around. we could see break up in those clouds from the district to points south and east later on. again, if we do, you'll get into the 70s elsewhere, maybe low 70s for highs today. mostly cloudy skies generally speaking today. there is a front at that boundary out to the west. as that makes its way eastward,
5:48 am
by tomorrow evening we get showers through here, with spots of heavy rain. i would say during the evening rush hour tomorrow into the nighttime hours. current temperatures 56 in the district, 55 in baltimore, 55 at dulles, fredericksburg 56 with rain, frederick, maryland 48 degrees. your forecast for today, as i said a lot of clouds hanging around. maybe son here and there. chance of showers not just this morning, but again later this afternoon about a 30% chance, 30 to 40% chance. 74 for your high. then for tonight, overnight lows around 60 degrees, cloudy skies and more showers are a possibility during the course of the evening hours. five-day forecast, tomorrow a warmer day, high around 80 with again that chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms coming in during the afternoon. thursday and friday we believe will be dry with highs around 70 degrees. that's the latest on the weather, now here's a look at the rush hour traffic with
5:49 am
julie wright. tony, talking about everything that's happening downtown, you will find there are still closures, 15th street north of 17th street, we have portions of the roadway blocked off right now as we look up north 15th street north of h street. and you'll find elsewhere, the outer loop of the beltway looks good, college park university boulevard around bethesda with no incidents reported. 66 light rain coming into our area, we are live, the volume slowing between 234 interchanges. usa, usa,. usa, the breaking news all morning, the killing of osama bin laden. a big crowd has gathered or had been gathering at the white house since last night. fox 5's dave ross, sports director dave feldman were there. they join us live to talk about the amazing experiences. >> it's one of the most surreal events i've been do, impromptu,
5:50 am
no way you could predict this. we were at the caps game, i see on twitter osama bin laden has been killed. i'm like what's going on. caps are in significant at this point? i think we have to get to the white house. we were literally when we got there, we're listening to the president speak on the radio, looking at the white house, okay, thinking he's speaking right inside of there. as we're trying to park by the white house there are people literally everywhere running to the white house, cheering, obviously you saw, flags flying. people, you know, literally wrapped up in the american flag, climbing on light posts, trying to get a flag up. feldman and i are sitting there, thinking this is absolutely incredible. it was so neat to see people of all creeds, colors and races out there celebrating a historic moment. forget about party politics if you will for a moment and just think it was nice to see the
5:51 am
country come together again. when we left about an hour later, we might have been in the middle of 5000 people. that's how much the crowd grew in that short period of time. again, it didn't matter we're taking pictures, they're taking pictures of us. i thought slap shot the mascot of the caps was down there, streets, all coming from the game. what are you doing here? you're running into people everywhere you look. and everybody, again, just want be to be a part of this. and the white house lights were all on when we left. it was almost like you were at a rock concert, waiting for obama to come out. we had our lighters up for one thing, just to give us a thumb's up. you didn't know when to leave. you didn't know what else was going to happen. it was one of the most incredible experiences i've ever had. as a former marine, i have to tell you i came back from desert storm, we had this reception, that was something i would never forget. this is again something i'll never forget. >> i wanted to ask about that, most people know you as a great
5:52 am
sports reporter and anchor, but you did serve our country as a marine and you fought for our country in desert storm. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot personal. it means our leaders, i don't care republican, democrat that our leaders have our best interest at mind and they're trying to keep us safe. i feel safer today knowing what happened last night. when our leaders are trying to do that for me, as a marine its chain of command. i know the guy that is leading that chain of command is doing everything that he can to protect our citizens. that makes me feel good. >> you feel safer, we had guests that are still worried. >> i'm worried about what can happen next. to me, this is a guy who i hate to say it this way got everything he deserved. when i think about what george w said when he said wanted dead or alive. that's the way i f as well. this is something that that had to be done, whether it was one years or ten years. >> your keen observations you noticed the lights at the white house. you think the president was aware of what was happening?
5:53 am
>> there is no way he didn't hear us. they were doing yes we can can't. feldman and i are singing god bless america with 3000 closest friends. >> you said the lights of the residential part of the white house were on by the time you got out they were off. >> yes. >> as far as the caps that's another story. we'll talk about that coming up. it's 5:53. 
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welcome back. the caps looked to even up with tampa bay last night. this is a big one you don't want to go on the road down by two games. caps down one to nothing, a shot stopped, brooks will hack away, and get the goal to tie it up. well done. later on the caps would pull the goalie for the extra skater, about a minute left. alex ovechkin gets it in, gets the game tying goal in front. that fors over time. there is your shot. that sends us to overtime. in over time about six minutes in, a score. the lightning win and the caps now head to tampa down two games to none. >> a couple years ago we came back and won against the rangers when we lost the first two games at home. so, you know, we really have to be desperate. we were desperate
5:57 am
tonight. i thought we played well, and i don't think we gave them a whole lot. it's two to nothing, big deal, there is still a lot of hockey left. we are by no means out of this and guys are not down. and we're going to come back in game three. >> all right. the diamond, the nationals hosting the giants. bottom of the third, the nats with the bases loaded, two to one, desmond swings and misses but the ball gets by the catcher to score a run. the eighth the nat the in front, rodriguez delivers a base hit, two more runs. the nationals beat the giants five to two. the orioles defeated the white sox six to four. 5:57. coming up at 6:00, much more on our big story, that has the whole world talking. >> osama bin laden is dead killed by american forces. we will get a live update and we are checking your morning commute and weather. we'll have the latest on fox 5 morning news. allison seymour to take you with steve through the rest of the morning. i will be heading out talking
5:58 am
about national security throughout the rest of the morning. stay with us, we'll be right back. do you know what's in your spread ? in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just three natural ingredients. sweet cream, canola oil and salt. discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil.
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