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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hours after the raid ended. and we'll get reaction live from the middle east. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts now. start out with a look from tower cam this morning. it is tuesday, may 3, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we're certainly -- certainly are happy you are riding along with us. tony perkins has a look at the weather. good morning, everybody. we have a mild to warm start depending on where you are. temperatures in the 50s and 60s but setting up for a warm day across the area. it will be a summer-like day today. we have dry conditions. and by that i mean we're not getting rain. but we do have humidity out there and fog here and there. but for the most part dry conditions. out to the west you see the frontal boundary producing rainfall, including areas of heavy rain and perhaps some embedded thunderstorms across ohio, kentucky and tennessee.
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that gradually makes it's way eastward and gets through here by tonight and it will bring with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms. current temperatures around the region, it is 63 now in the district. 58 in baltimore. 62 at dulles airport, winchester, virginia, 59. ocean city, maryland, is at 63 degrees. forecast today, partly sunny skies, a warm day. breezes out of the south. up to 5-10 miles per hour or so. highs in the 80s. low 80s to the north, 82 in hagerstown. 84 in washington. 86 in fredericksberg. now let's get an update on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> you could say it with enthusiasm. like -- 86 in fredericksberg! >> 86 in fredericksberg! >> sound like you're back on the radio. outer loop of the beltway below speed leaving college
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park past new hampshire. all lanes are open. 95 slow to the beltway. bw parkway expect delays approaching 197. bowie slow to the beltway. saint mary's county checking for a crash. 210 toward fort cushy hill, usually slow. and slow from edsell and crossing over the 14th street bridge and an accident cleared over to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the killing of osama bin laden is more evident his death may be on the way. >> the white house is considering releasing photos of the dead al-qaeda leader and there is also serious questions about pakistan. audrey barnes is live outside of the white house with the latest. audrey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. the dna match was positive, but the white house may go a step further to prove that bin laden
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is really dead. as celebrations continued around the country, president obama was reveling in the news as well, hosting a bipartisan dinner at the white house that had already been on the schedule. he road a wave of applause. >> i think we experienced the same sense of unit that prevailed on 9/11. >> reporter: we now know more about the operation that led to bin laden's death at his compound. helicopters dropping from the sky and images of a blood stained bedroom. pictures from the white house of the president's team watching the operation in real- time. but what about osama bin laden's body buried at sea. they are thinking about releasing evidence of his death. >> we want the world to understand exactly what happened and the comments that we have that it was conducted in accordance with the mission design. >> reporter: and beyond bin
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laden there are questions about pakistan where officials there allowed bin laden to live in this compound for years. some in congress are talking about that and the money the u.s. sends to pakistan each year. >> how could i facility like that be so notorious in the central part of the city and not have somebody asking questions? >> reporter: osama bin laden may be gone, but those questions will linger. and the president of pakistan continues to deny that his government helped hide bin laden. allison? >> audrey, thank you. now although the focus of the war on terror have been iraq and afghanistan and osama bin laden was found in pakistan and that's where our next guest said he would be found. matt hoe was a u.s. foreign service officer when he resigned publicly in 2009 in protest over the handling of
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the war there. he joins us with his perspective on osama bin laden death and how this may change the mission in the u.s. and i read your letter in the post of the reason why you resigned. you said our strategy of securitying osama bin laden would require us to invade pakistan, somali, and yemen. do you have a i-told-you-so now? >> no. these men are fighting afghan taliban and they are part of this civil war going on in afghanistan for 30 years and they are not interested in international jihad like al- qaeda and other terror groups are. so there is a key difference and that's something that the public and our policy makers need to understand as we move
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forward. >> yet even the wording of how we address pakistan during this time and this news in light of this news is very sort of -- we're doing this very gingerly. how should we approach our relationship with pakistan? friend or foe? how do we move forward. >> it needs to be more nuance than that. it can't be friend or foe. but we have a serious problem here. we have given pakistan since 2002 upwards of $18 billion and where do we find key leaders of al-qaeda, not just bin laden but sheikh mohammed who planned the 9/11 attacks and we found him in the location of the pakistani military headquarters. we found bin laden a half a mile from the pakistan version of west point. and we have to decide what --
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what our future is with pakistan. we have a much more complex nuance and not be so free with our aid we've given them. >> the question has been raised time and time again what happens now? how big of a figure was osama bin laden here now in this year and how do we move and how strong is al-qaeda still? >> i don't think osama bin laden's death will have much of an operational impact for al- qaeda. for years now he's been just a figure head, just sort of spiritual guidance. not even in a month to month capacity. but for the united states very important. osama bin laden's death brings closure to 9/11 and his death signifies the end of an era. so his death is good news. and there is reason to celebrate. but we should also have very serious somber reflection on the last ten years because
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osama bin laden is a man, who, because of what he inspired, has brought us through two wars. we have had upwards of 40,000 americans hurt or wounded and we've gone through issues of torture and wire tapping and things ten years ago we wouldn't have thought we would be discussing or contemplate. so this is a time for a very serious reflection on our part. and we should have a real national dialogue of where we want to go forward with regard to our security and foreign policy. >> do you consider al-qaeda to still be the greatest threat? that's a name of a terrorist group we learned after 9/11. is that the name we are still watching? >> it is. and theravee real -- and they are a real threat. and now we have to understand what the threat is. you are talking several hundred or maybe a couple thousand
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individuals in small cells dispursed through a worldwide muslim population of a billion and a half people. so it's a very small threat. however it's a very real threat and something we need to take significantly with the idea if they are successful again and replicate 9/11 it would have a tremendous consequence on the world economy. >> matt hoe is from the afghanistan study group. thank you for being here today. >> thank you, allison. it was navy seals [ cheering and applause ] >> wild celebration in annapolis after hearing it was navy seals. a lot of pride as they sang and chanted. and then they got a pegga cheers and led more cheers from the front porch. people have been filing out
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of the pentagon memorial since the death of osama bin laden. the crash killed 184 people. the pentagon memorial is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. some families of the people on board united flight 93 are returning to the crash site in shanksville, pennsylvania. many say osama bin laden's death gives them closure but now there is still more work to be done in the fight against terror. and people are still filing into lower manhattan to celebrate the death of osama bin laden and remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. president barack obama will visit ground zero thursday and meet with the families of the victims there. we have seen the reaction here at home but what is the reaction been to the news of bin laden's death overseas? vining us now via skype former professor rob horn.
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rob, good morning where you are. >> good morning. >> and let's talk about the reaction globally here and internationally. what has been the response where you are. >> this has been a u.s. alley. and these troops are fighting alongside americans in afghanistan -- in iraq, i should say and the east west corner of the town is the supply route through which america sends supplies to our troops in afghanistan. so this is a country side by side in a war against terror and as a result osama bin laden and his supporters had, on numerous occasions, tried to sabotage this government here and harm american interests here. >> would you consider it to be a celebration or a celebratory spirit or is it more reserved than that? >> i think it's reserved. it's also reserved in saudi arabia, the home country of osama bin laden.
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it's reserved throughout the region, except for pockets where osama bin laden was a hero for al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula which is based in yemen. but overall i think the key is this -- osama bin laden died during the spring uprising that we saw in egypt, tunisia and elsewhere. in other words, the people of the arab world have turned their back to osama bin laden. what they want is jobs, a good government, they want economic prosperity and that's, i think, the message that we're getting from the death of osama bin laden. bin laden died in the streets of the arab world and today it's a different farrahtive. >> fair -- nairative. >> and does that weaken the organization? >> it is no doubt it does. the head of the snake has been slit thanks to the navy seals. however individual acts of terrorism inspired by osama bin
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laden will not die and it will continue. but it is also a message for united states foreign policy. we do not need to invade afghanistan, iraq or any country. what we can do, and we do very good, is what the navy seals have proved, covert action. if there are countries harming us, we turn to covert action. we do not need to spend $110 billion annually and be in afghanistan. instead we need to focus on covert operations. and i think we need to move from the mindset of 9/11 and go back and celebrate who we are. we are 4th of july. we are the country of hope, freedom and opportunity. that's the new narrative for us. >> rob, when you talk about things like what happened in egypt and saying that essentially killed osama bin laden, let's focus on that and what has happened in some of the countries. are we going to continue to see more of that now in other nations? >> there is no doubt, steve, that the issue of good governance is now spreading
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like wildfire. the people of the arab world want to have decent jobs, want accountability from their government and i think this is something that we could do a good job at. our constitution, our system of government, was based on good governance and i think this is message that our secretary of state can take them to the arab world and hold her head up high as well as obama. and i said we should move away from the 9/11 and the war on terror and start celebrating who we are and start talking about the 4th of july. >> rob, we appreciate your time. skyping live this morning. thanks very much. good luck with your meeting with the president. mime magazine publishing a special issue to mark the death of osama bin laden. it will hit the newsstands on thursday. it shows his face with a red x across it.
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osama bin laden the fourth person in time magazine's history to receive this treatment. previous recipients include adolf hitler in may of 1945. hussein in april of 2003. al zachary in june of 2006. to find the full coverage and the future developments on click on the link on the hot topics bar. a levee along its mississippi river in missouri is blasted by the army corp of engineers. it is their plan to save several towns to be inundated with water. and not everyone is happy with the move. lawmakers tried to stop it because it will harm farm land but they were unsuccessful. according to a government estimate, there were more tornadoes in one single day
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last week than any other day in history. noaa said there were 312 in one day. agency officials say 350 people were killed during a 24-hour period. some of the tornadoes touched down in virginia and maryland, although not as destructive as the ones farther south. it's 7: about 7:16, our area looking nice and calm today. going to be a nice warm day. hard to talk about that when the folks down in the south are just trying to pick up the pieces of their lives but here in our area, looking all right. >> it is. in fact i just stepped outside and always a good thing to do because our humidity level is up there but it feels good. there is a little bit of a breeze. skies are fairly bright as you see in the live shot and it's not bad outside. just a little bit of humidity. and a pleasant start to the day. but you're right, it will be warm and like summertime for today. let's take a look and show you what is going on as far as our
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satellite radar conditions go. it is a mix of clouds and sun. a good amount of sunshine right now and i think we'll have that during the morning. as the day progresses i think we'll see more clouds filter in particularly into the evening and you see the cold front out to west makes it way through. it will drag with it the rain showers and some thunderstorms. i think the worst chance for -- or the best chance for bad weather will be out to our west, west of 95, out towards leesberg, places like that. that will be during the late afternoon or evening hours. and for the rest of us, tonight is when we'll see showers and thunderstorms pop up. current temperatures in the area, 63 degrees now here. 58 in wilmington. 42 up in buffalo. and you can see how much cooler that air is behind that frontal boundary. 39 in wichita. 24 degrees in international falls, right now. 40 in chicago. so that's cooler, drier air. tomorrow some of our viewers
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will likely not get out of the 50s. here is your five-day forecast. high today about 84 degrees. showers and thunderstorms move in late in the day and then tonight cooler overnight, 52. tomorrow 63 with lingering showers in the morning. thursday not a bad day, 68 with sunshine. friday a few clouds and maybe a few showers. saturday looks to be good again. partly sunny and 71 degrees. that's the latest on the weather. more coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, tony. not bad at all. let's check in with julie and look at traffic. >> well we have some slow going, especially coming from the west into the sunshine. we're talking about 66. and for you traveling inbound this morning, working in from 234 south, you'll find it's about a 15 minute triv leaving 234 toward 7100 and all lanes are open. the toll road is not a bad trip. it is slow at hunter mill and close in at the beltway. 395 congested, pentagon to the 14th street bridge. and over all it is a slow trip from the beltway toward the 14th street bridge.
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early morning crash before the bridge span has cleared. outer loop still below speed, 95 toward georgia avenue. check out the cameras on 270, not bad from 109. traffic congested in gaithersburg headed for the split. and at 5 an accident in st. mary's county. inbound 50 slow in manassas but slow in riverdale headed into northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and fox 5 continues to monitor metro. the transit agency is reporting 120 of its 588 escalators are undergoing repairs that translates to about 24%, 13 of the 237 elevators are out of service which is about 5%. and you can help us monitor metro. if you spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks or problems with metro bus email us your stories, picture or
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video at and the second of two block boxes was discovered more than 12,000 feet below the ocean surface in brazil. flight 447 was heading to paris from rio and it crashed killing all 228 people on board. mourners are vowing to avenge the killing of gadhafi's son. thousands turned out for the burial of his 29-year-old son who died on the compound over the weekend. three of his grandchildren were also killed. coalition forces claim the come bound was actually a command and control center. turning to the nuclear crisis in japan now, workers are getting ready to restart the cooling systems at fukushima plant. a crucial move to bring the reactors under control. today they started repairing the system and soldiers moved within six miles of the plant to search for more victims. it is the closest they have come since the march 11th
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earthquake and tsunami. prince charles visiting washington today. he has several appearances today. this afternoon the prince of wales will visit an urban farm in northwest that grows food for low income residents. tomorrow he will give a speech at georgetown university. and he plans to attend a reception that gives american students a chance to do graduate work in the uk. a trip to florida is up for the capitals and how they are trying to build momentum. and in the next hour we'll hear the mission on the killing of the most wanted terrorist. and holly is at the alexandria arts market this morning and we'll check in with her coming up. [ singing ] fort worth blal
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look at what happened in dumfries yesterday. an explosion destroyed a house sending one person to the hospital. the blast blew out the second floor walls on the house on wayne drive. there are reports of a gas smell before the explosion. the house was unoccupied but undergoing renovations. the fire department is investigating. police have arrested an escapee from a juvenile facility. tavon cordez was arrested after escaping the new beginnings center in laurel back on april 18th after being accused of stealing a counselor's car to use as a getaway vehicle. d.c. police found the vehicle as well. he is accused of assaulting one of the correctional officers before he escaped. cameras inside the facility
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captured the assault and the escape. 7:25 now on this tuesday morning. now what happens with al-qaeda? does the organization get weaker or does it re-energize the group? we'll talk to an expert left. and we'll look at the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie next as well. 
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7:29 right now on this tuesday morning. as we take a look at tower cam. also a pretty good start today. it's a nice start to the day. yesterday was beautiful. in the mid-70s. a little warmer today, right? >> a little bit warmer. we'll add 5, 6, 7 degrees on top of what we had yesterday. we do get into the mid to upper 70s yesterday and we get into the low to mid-80s today.
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and not a bad start to the day. let's show you the weather headlines. here is what we expect today and the next few days. as steve said, a good amount of sunshine. some sun today. we have a good amount out there right now. i think during the course of the day it will be a mix of sun and clouds and then later on clouds start to win out. temperatures heading for the 80s today, well above normal. our normal high would be 71 degrees. there is a chance of some storms developing late and then much cooler, some morning showers tomorrow, much cooler night tonight and a much cooler day tomorrow as well. temperatures across the region, we remain at 70 -- i'm sorry, 63 degrees right now in washington. can we get this to move or is it stuck? 63 degrees right now in washington. it looks like our computer is stuck. there we go. 63 here. 63 in gaithersburg. 57 in frederick, 66 in quantico. baltimore 58 degrees. culpeper coming in at 63 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar composite, we'll show you we do have clouds mixing with
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sunshine this morning but not a bad start to the day. out to the west is where the precipitation is. we have cloud cover -- i'm sorry cloud cover and rain out to the west, eventually that rain works it's way in here as part of a frontal boundary. so chance for some thunderstorms, maybe some strong ones. best chance is west of the district, later this afternoon and during the evening hours. but all of us could see some thunderstorm activity during the nighttime hours as the system moves eastward. forecast for washington for today looks like this: partly sunny skies, warm and breezy, high of about 84 degrees, winds out of the south at 10-15 miles per hour. for tonight we'll see more clouds build in, showers and thunderstorms will develop and it will be cooler with an overnight low of 52 degrees, winds shift out of the north and west at 15-20 miles per hour. five-day forecast, for tomorrow, as i said, a cooler day. we'll see a high of about 63 degrees. some early morning shower. thursday is a nice day, good amount of sunshine and 68.
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friday 69 with a few showers possible and right now saturday looks good at partly sunny and 71. that's a look at the weather. now let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. well let's take it out to the west where we have reports of problems. if you are traveling inbound on the dulles toll road, we're now receiving word of a crash eastbound before you reach the capital beltway so heads up as you work inbound on the toll road before you reach the free way. still lingering delays for those traveling eastbound along 66. heavy and slow out of manassas but leaving fair oaks eastbound toward 123 and then nutley street to the beltway. the inner loop spotty delays between annandale and merrifield. and 270 clear in hyattstown and germantown but slow leaving rockville toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the latest now on the killing of osama bin laden. president obama now traveling to ground zero in new york city on thursday. the white house said he will
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meet with some families of those killed nearly 10 years ago during the september 11th terror attacks. in the meantime u.s. homeland security said there is no plan to raise the terror alert level as of right now. in our area metro police have beefed up security and that could include more random bag searches on metro. so will the death of osama bin laden cause his followers to scatter? , make scatter -- scatter, or lead to a new faction. and with firsthand knowledge of those that became top al-qaeda leader, good to talk with you this morning.
7:34 am
rodriguez spawn. >> they wanted me to do something that that -- they asked me to practice this, it was so difficult to go further with them. >> so you had been attracted to it but physically -- >> absolutely. >> and now you have made it a behavior and what causes people to have beliefs like this. you know al-zeroy. and with the future of al- qaeda, what should we expect? >> they will be very determined
7:35 am
to avenge in the short-term. so we should be carrying about this issue. because they felt they lost their image of power and now regained it's image again so it's a moment when they have to revenge. that's number one. and number two we expect they will be rushing toward doing anything as fast as they could to revenge. and this is a time when you can infiltrate them because they will do mistakes. when you work emotionally and you are emotional and just want something speedy to revenge, then you can do mistakes and we can utilize these mistakes against them. >> and the plans might not be as good as if they had more time to put things together. and might that be here in the u.s. or somewhere internationally. >> they will dream about doing it in the states but they know it's not easy to do this so they may try internationally some of the innocent targets.
7:36 am
>> osama bin laden is looked at as the person who still held the power or was he a celebratory figure head and its with others in the organization doing things? >> just a figure. and as you see, al-qaeda and this group started like cancer and it metastasized and now we have cells here and there working relatively autonomously. they are independent now. they don't need bin laden as the leader but he was a figure. >> so what happens now, if he is gone and dead and out of the picture? is it a struggle for someone else to get noticed and rise to power or are there renegade leader there's? >> it's usually a simple process in this situation and these things are usually organized ahead if he died, who will be next and this was the
7:37 am
way when prophet mohammed it was known that the second man was supposed to be second. so these things are pretty organized. >> depending on who we talk to and which expert we talk to, there are varying degrees of discussion and description of how organized al-qaeda is at this point, as you said with pockets all over the world now. how organizes is al-qaeda? >> together these groups, i don't think they are very well organized because it's not easy to do this sort of organization internationally. but i do believe we do have some level of contact and communication that can help one other occasionally but -- it's an organization that is united at theoid -- idealogical idea.
7:38 am
>> and with osama bin laden dead, will defeat be possible? >> you can look at bin laden like many others and if you don't defeat thoidology, which i believe is undervaluing human life, if this idiology continues, it will never end. >> it's very interesting and fascinating. the initial result of how -- the radicals at this point would have viewed the death of him would have been what? the death of bin laden, how would the radicals have viewed that? >> this is a huge psychological blow and shock for them and it's painful for them, but they will take it in a way that we have to revenge. they have many verses in the religious text that can describe the situation when the leader dies and someone else will come over to continue the
7:39 am
struggle of jihad. so this is how they will say it. >> interesting to hear the perspective from both sides. glad you're here with us this morning. >> my honor. >> and we have more information at one spot on the website at just click on the hot topics bar. 7:38. we'll be right back. e
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the high in tampa today supposed to be in the low 90s but that is nothing compared to the heat that capitals are feeling in their series against the lightning. >> the thermometer doesn't go up that high. the caps down 2 games to none. the next two games in florida. here is something to keep in mind tonight though. if you flip the page a little bit here, back in 2003 the caps won the first two games against tampa in tampa, and then lost after the lightning took four straight to win and we just need to do the opposite of that and come back in back to back wins. and let's get a win tonight in tampa. >> it doesn't seem like they should be able to play just as well as they do down in hot
7:43 am
florida psychologically. >> let's hope for better play than the last couple of years. and a live look outside. we'll get the latest traffic and weather from tony and julie coming up next. it's 7:42 now. ea
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7:45 now on a tuesday morning. >> and we say good morning once again to our friend tony. when you have good news we're your friend. >> say that again. >> when you have good news we're your friend. >> we'll be your friend for most of the day today. >> fair weather friends. >> that's probably where that saying came from, a weather man. >> it's going to be a decent day today and warm. if you don't like it too warm, you may want to get out of town. but take a look. here is what is going on. >> hurry and get to tampa. >> temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. 63 degrees in the nation's capital. 64 in annapolis. and salisbury, maryland at 62. baltimore at 58.
7:47 am
virginia, 58. and richmond is at 61 degrees. and pittsburgh 48, columbus 45. detroit 42. that's the cool air working its way in our direction. we'll have a warm one today in advance of a cold front but that cold front comes through and drops our temperatures down. this morning we have clouds mixed with sun. later today some rain begins to move into the region out to the west first. it looks like it happens this evening. could be some thunderstorms as well. some of the storms could be strong to severe. late tonight and overnight rain continues across the area and the rain lingers into tomorrow morning and even for part of the day tomorrow from washington to points east, there will still be rain that will gradually clear out and we'll have a much cooler day today. high of about 84 degrees. thunderstorms develop this evening. and tonight and tomorrow starts with rain, 63 for the high. thursday i think a pretty day and 68 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. friday more clouds, 30% chance
7:48 am
of showers. and saturday partly sunny skies and 71 degrees for your high. saturday right now looks pretty good. there you go. that's the latest on the weather. so, julie, are you there? >> i'm here. >> i was in late tomorrow to hope we could go to the food court tomorrow and have a bite and i ran into nashera's mom and she wants to wish a happy birthday. >> why didn't you call me? >> i know. >> i run around there and walk the dog out there. >> i was just trying to run into you. and it's a belated birthday. so next time i'll call you. >> i'm not hard to miss, honey. >> oh, please. >> i'm right there. i can't believe you didn't call. did you buy her something to eat? >> well, no, it was one of those in passing conversations. >> well happy birthday. lanes are open inbound along 66 with no incidents to report leaving fair oaks and
7:49 am
again at the capital beltway. trouble traveling the beltway. inner loop of the beltway at 123 and tysons, left side of the roadway is what is blocked. no incidents to report on 295 headed northbound toward the 11th street bridge. delays at suitland parkway, silver hill road has a crash and follow police direction to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is 7:49 now. a multi-cultural experience, talking about things like art performances, throw some food in there as well. >> three of my favorites and make it four because holly is at the alexandria arts market this morning. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, allison. and we're getting a great preview. nothing like a live concert on a tuesday morning in a beautiful park on a beautiful morning. and this is just a small sampling of what the alexandria art market is all about. it's an experience you'll only find in del ray. it is where we are live and where we'll tell how you can come and be a part of this wonderful creative event coming this weekend. it's all live next. stay with us.
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if something works the first time around you do it again. >> sure you do. >> and this is the second season of the alexandria art market that kicks off on saturday. >> holly is out in alexandria this morning. it holly, is looks like a nice day for it. it looks like it feels good out there. >> reporter: i was just talking with someone and i said i think we might have the best morning of the week. it is gorgeous out here. and when you are talking about art, music and food, i can't think of a better way to spend any day, especially a saturday. and when it works the first time they do it a second time and they are doing it bigger and better. the alexandria art market was started by kimberly bush and she's here with me and one of the artists. and i was just saying what a gorgeous morning we have. >> i'm very happy. it's so nice today. >> and just a beautiful atmosphere with what you are
7:54 am
trying to accomplish with the art market. tell us what it is. >> i wanted to give an opportunity to the artists to display and sell work to the community. in the beginning of the year i started the process in which i solicited various artists and groups over the area just to submit applications and pictures of work and from there we made decisions about artists being involved in the art market and here we are. >> reporter: so it's different every month? >> every month we do have different artists. every month we have at least 25 artists and some in june, july, august and september and the first saturday of the month. >> reporter: and you extendd it to six months because it was so successful last year. so tell me about your art? >> well what i do, i'm a organic soap maker. i make seven different kinds of soap. they are all natural, all organic. some of the herbs come from my
7:55 am
garden: i use essential oils and no animal fat. and i made them because i do make soap dishes and i make matching bud vases to go with them. >> reporter: and i only have a couple of minutes and i want to get them all in. i wish you could smell how heavenly this soap smells. and kimberly, thank you. let me head on over here to tracy wilkerson. tell me what you are offering on saturday? >> i have hand-made greeting cards with unusual designs. these are little pieces of paper lined up and glues on to cards. >> reporter: and i love this, because you won't find it at cv s or hallmark. >> i don't like to repeat myself so everything is different. every single card is unique and different. so these are fun, a lot of different ideas and colors and fun things. >> reporter: i love that one.
7:56 am
i might have to take that one. no, i promise i'll pay. i have one more artist that i want to get in this morning and that's carolyn reach. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: okay. so what kind of fun things do you have? >> i make [ inaudible ]. and they are all different. they are all hand made. and they are just a lot of fun. i love to make them. >> reporter: and for you to get to be a part of a festival like this, how much does this help what you do? >> it helps me a lot. especially because i am -- i live in arlington and i have a dating party business so when i come to shows and i do a lot of local shows, i also tell people about birthday parties for kids that i come and help the kids make necklaces and make the day. >> reporter: thank you so much. here is what you need to know in terms of the alexandria art market. it is starting this saturday, the first one. but it's the first saturday of
7:57 am
every month from now through november. it's 10:00 until 4:00 and it's at the park, next to the artistan's gallery. and we have a link to them. and this is a live music and fun and festival atmosphere. and coming up next hour we'll talk to more artists to find out what kind of things you can find this weekend. stay with us. we'll have more fox news after the break.
7:58 am
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almost a day and a half after news broke that osama bin laden has been killed, we are still learning new information about the raid and what was found inside the home. more on that. plus reaction from virginia congressman rob whitman and chris van hollen. and then military members honor the last night at nats park. more on their take that the world's most wanted man has been killed. and also taking a look at flooding fears along the mighty mississippi. more tough times in the
8:01 am
midwest. one levee intentionally blown up in an attempt to save some towns. good morning, thanks for being with us this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i am allison seymour. and we want to say good morning to our friend tony perkins, keeping an eye to the sky on what should be a very nice day, right? >> it's not going to be a bad day. it will be a warm day. that's what we're focused on and talking about. warm conditions today. and then later on today we're talking about in the evening or at nighttime, some showers and thunderstorms will develop across the area. but the bulk of the day not too bad. let's look at temperatures across the region this morning. we are in the 60s, some of you in the 50s. in fact it's 57 now in frederick, 58 in baltimore. but here in d.c., 63 degrees. 65 down in fredericksberg. patuxent naval air station is at 65 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar for the region. we do have some clouds out there, but the skies are pretty bright. not a bad start to the day. it's a little bit humid so a little bit of a breeze. there is a mix of clouds and sun today. there is your frontal boundary
8:02 am
well out to the west. the front is going to bring us -- some rain showers and some thunderstorms later on today. and then it will bring us cooler air for tomorrow. forecast for today, partly sunny, warm, breezy, high about 84 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us. >> sounds good. thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> once again we're talking accidents and we're checking for one reported at 7100 near rugle is by road. inner loop very slow at braddock toward the exit at 66. the outer loop below speed leaving van dorn headed toward telegraph. there all lanes are open. authorities now checking for the crash westbound 50 at 197. outer loop still tied up at 95
8:03 am
past university boulevard around to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we begin with the latest in the killing of osama bin laden. he was shot and killed during a predawn raid on monday at a house in pakistan. a member of the u.s. navy elite seal team 6, the seal team 6 fired the precision shot above his left eye, blowing away part of his skull. u.s. officials say they have photographic proof of this but the white house has not released the photos. inside the secret home of the past six years, 23 children and nine women, they've been turned over to pakistani authorities. one of bin laden's son's and an unidentified women were killed during the raid. and the navy seals were able to
8:04 am
pour over inside information and any clues that might lead to his presumed successor. and joining us now live from the capitol is virginia representative, rob whitman. first of all, your reaction to this and the reaction on the hill to the news. >> it's a very good day in the united states. eliminating osama bin laden is a significant milestone in what we need to accomplish to defeat extremism. this is one in many steps that we have to take in order to be successful. i want to caution folks that while we are joyful about this particular event, the fight still continues. we need to be battling extremism in other areas around the world and we know that there will be replacements in leadership with the passing of osama bin laden. so the fight continues. this is a great milestone. and another thing we have to remember is the families of
8:05 am
9/11, it doesn't bring back their loved ones and those that have lost their lives. but it is a significant milestone. it does show, i believe, the persistence and resolve the united states has in battling extremism. we hear about al-qaeda and their persistence and resolve and this is a clear demonstration of the united states battling extremism anywhere it occurs around the world and we'll stay on this until we are successful in stamping out extremism everywhere. >> and part of your statement did read that while justice had been done here, you also believe that this death does not end the war on terror. how do we remain vigilant now? >> well we must continue in those areas where we know extremists are active and we want to make sure we pursue that everywhere we know it occurs. we know our battle in afghanistan continues we want to be successful there and other areas of the world such as yemen we know extremism continues. we have to be vigilant and
8:06 am
battle extremism where it occurs and that will determine our long-term success in how we stamp out what we know is an act against human rights and humanity around the world. >> let me ask you now, the focus of our armed servicemen and women on the ground there still in iraq and afghanistan, does this change the focus of our men and women there, what is next for them in these conflicts? >> i think the mission remains the salve. i just got back from afghanistan and pakistan and in my visit there i saw the resolve, the commitment of our men and women to the uniform to the mission there and they understand what they are doing and they are successful in being asked what -- in what they are being asked to do. and efforts continue to be successful, although they are fragile. so those efforts will continue. in iraq we're in a phase down mode there to pull out of iraq. that's a good thing and
8:07 am
demonstrates we've been successful there in pursuing the al-qaeda, minimizing the effect of al-qaeda in those particular regions. but the fight continues. i'm happy about the success there but we cannot lessen our resolve or commitment to fighting extremism around the world. >> virginia representative rob witman joining us from the capital. thank you so much. and joining us in studio, maryland representative chris van hollen. let me start with the last question i asked congressman wit man, what happened now in afghanistan and iraq? we thought bin laden was in afghanistan, and he was in pakistan. >> and with respect to iraq that was a separate effort and osama bin laden had nothing to do with that. so i think we're on track to make sure american forces are out of iraq by the end of the year. with respect to afghanistan, the purpose of going to afghanistan to begin with was
8:08 am
to prevent the taliban taking control and bringing al-qaeda back. so to the extent that we can continue to weaken and destroy al-qaeda, it does further our objectives in afghanistan. and the president will be considering this summer what kind of troop reductions we'll see in afghanistan. and to the extent that we conclude that al-qaeda has been significantly damaged, that should be a factor. now that doesn't mean you'll have u.s. forces out of there immediately. but it does mean this is an important factor in the decision-making. >> and want to back up now and ask your reaction and those of your colleagues on hill hearing this news? >> well this was a good day. it was a good day for america, it was a good day for people around the world who believe in justice and freedom and the rule of law. and we said, as my colleague rob said, we are going to go out and make sure that we got the perpetrator of 9/11. the founder of al-qaeda, the leader of al-qaeda, someone who
8:09 am
is clearly still involved in the operational aspects of al- qaeda. and we did it. and so that sends a very strong message. so i think members of congress felt just like many of those who gathered at the sites -- 9/11 sites in new york city and outside of the gates of the white house the other night. people are very pleased, understanding that we have to remain vigilant. very important step and a huge milestone but certainly almost remains alive in many other parts of the world as well like yemen. >> there has been harsh criticism of the intelligence communities working together and streamlines to work to a positive ending like we saw on sunday. does that mean we are moving in the right direction? this was a huge victory for the intelligence community? >> it was and clearly you had good communication between the c.i.a., and special forces on the military side. and it went off, obviously,
8:10 am
perfectly. and you got to give these men and women great credit. and the presence for focusing our efforts on this. he came into office and said his number one priority in the region was to get osama bin laden. because he was the inspirational leader of this movement. so this is very important. in terms of intelligence, one very serious question that has been raised through this is what the pakistani military or intelligence people may have known about al-qaeda and the presence of osama bin laden. there will be a lot of hard questions. important to distinguish between the pakistani intelligence folks and the civilian government. we want to strengthen the civilian government in pakistan but given the proximity of osama bin laden's compound to the garrison city in afghanistan, i think a lot of questions will be asked. >> and the figure head of al-
8:11 am
qaeda has now been eliminated. >> thatright. a major milestone and accomplishment. >> representative chris van hollen from maryland. thank you so much for coming in. and the president obama and his national security team monitored the raid in pakistan and you can see their anxious expressions in a photo as they gathered in the white house situation room to see the play- by-play of how it would go down. president and his advisors able to hear and watch the fire fight as it happened. in the wake of the al-qaeda leader's death, local law enforcement now stepping up security around the nation's capital. officers have been ordered to patrol the grounds of the capital, the mall and downtown area. the naval observatory where the vice president lives and the embassy of pakistan as well. and metro has promised to conduct additional random bag searches. >> that is always a possibility once we get the approval to
8:12 am
move those forward. so those are to be expected throughout the life of metro. >> law enforcement officials say there are no specific threats to worry about at the moment but officials are keeping in touch with intelligence officials. it's now 12 minutes past 8:00 on this tuesday morning and coming up on fox 5 morning news, a look at the role pakistan did play in killing osama bin laden and the future for that company and neighboring afghanistan. and also taking a look at flooding fears along the mississippi. one levee destroyed in an attempt to save some towns. we'll take a closer look when we come back. h
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a deadly tornado this time in new zealand. the biggest city there. the video of the swirling dark twister sending debris through the air causing damage. it killed one person, turned over cars. you can see the debris in the
8:16 am
air. roofs were ripped right off. pretty rare for tornadoes to hit this part of new zealand. they usually only get one or two twisters every year. and the search for eight boy scouts missing in an arkansas forest that have not been seen since last thursday. police think they got stranded by rising floodwaters. pastors think they found the group. they spotted a campfire overnight with two adults. haven't gotten to them yet and search crews are resuming the search this morning after daybreak. the u.s. army corp of engineers has blown up a large section of a mississippi river levee to protect towns that are threatened with high water. but destroying the levee could cause a bigger problem. and ainsley earhart has that side of the story. >> reporter: and with that, the army corp of engineers blast a hole along the mississippi river. it's their plan to save several
8:17 am
towns from being inundated by floodwaters. >> as this crest goes down river we'll continue to putee normous pressure on to this system. and destroying the leave see is expected to flood more than 100,000 acres of missouri farm land. the state launched an unsuccessful legal bid to the supreme court to block the move. pat quinn wants the army corp to blow up the levee to relieve the southern part of the state. more rain is forecast for the midwest region today. volunteers have been filling sandbags and the mayor said there was no question the levee needed to be blasted. >> once you start comparing lives with land, i think it's a darn shame and i'm terribly upset about it and i don't care who knows it. >> reporter: officials downstream are concerned the river could bring a surge unseen since the great flood of 1927. the army corp of engineers have said that more than 200 miles
8:18 am
of levees along the mississippi river along missouri and the gulf of mexico need to be taller or strengthened. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. it is 17 minutes past the hour and let's check in with tucker barnes and the cool factor. >> it's got to be the cool factor. good morning, everybody. it's time for the my first 5 photo of the day. let's get down to business. this is -- everybody, this is 3 year brooklyn. >> love it. love the name and the smile, love the face. >> what a great smile. she loves going to the playground, playing with her brother, and eating oatmeal. >> that's so healthy. >> good for her. >> that's sweet. she's adorable. i love her hair. >> it's nice to relax. and you can see she's comfortable, allison. >> 3 is a good age.
8:19 am
what is your concern? >> that's a good point. what are your concerns when you're 3? she get as long with her brother. >> it's a good life and she's adorable. >> and i say go for the playground today. but you might want to sport the shots because high temperatures expected to be in the 80s. to send us your picture go to and click on mornings. let's do temperatures. and we're starting off mild. right now 64 at reagan national. 67 in richmond. look at cape hatteras, 70 degrees. but much cooler and drier air off to the north and west. 45 in columbus and 41 in chicago. that cooler and drier air is on the way and the transition zone is a cold front which will get in here later tonight and during the overnight hours bring us showers and thunderstorms. there is a live look at your satellite radar and kind of a mix of sun and clouds to start your morning. and you know what, with a nice southerly flow i think we'll scour out the clouds for the part of the day. you'll see plenty of sunshine
8:20 am
and warm with temperatures in the 80s, eventually that rain you see, the yellow and red out to the west will get if here. late this afternoon or tonight, some of the storms could be on the strong side. i think the timing here in the immediate washington area is through the midnight hour and rain showers linger into tomorrow morning and the cooler air gets in here tomorrow afternoon. but today summery. 84 the daytime high. much of the day should be dry. and cooler air filters in and tomorrow's daytime high only 63 and a nice rebound on thursday and friday near 70 close to where we should be this time of year. let's look at the weather forecast and do on-time traffic and julie wright has your latest. good morning. good morning to you tucker. right now we're busy out there. the crash on the inner loop of the beltway at 123. that has cleared so our lanes are open once again. now if you notice southbound 95 here in woodbridge, we have the construction in place blocking the left lane. northbound traffic tied up leaving road bridge toward the exit there in lorton and more
8:21 am
slow traffic from springfield on to the beltway. accident activity we got it for you, traveling inbound on the dulles toll road at hunter mill, the left lane blocks. delays beginning near the reston parkway. and wrapping it up with 395 leaving the pentagon, heavy, slow and steady across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. this morning, pakistan's president is denying suggestions that his country's security forces helped to hide osama bin laden. the world's most wanted terrorist shot and killed inside a million dollar mansion 35 miles outside of the country's capital. joining us with the role of this and the future of the, dr. vanda brown from the brookings institute. good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with that. there has been some question whether or not at least pakistan's intelligence agency may have been harboring osama bin laden. do you believe that to be the
8:22 am
case? >> we don't know. but we highly suspect since he was found in the area that he was found. it is quite extraordinary that this close to the capitol no one would be at least interested in knowing who is living in such a very visible compound. if pakistani intelligence and the military are not complicit, we need to investigate such a suspicious object. >> the pakistani intelligence and military is supposedly separate from the pakistani government. was there help from either in this operation? >> again that's something we don't know. the president suggested that pakistan helped but the operation was going on for many months and the search for osama bin laden was going on for years. it is possible that pakistan held some intelligence on someone, one man in the link that led to bin laden.
8:23 am
i would be surprised if they actually helped in the actual operation, but of course there is no way to know. >> there are some already on capitol hill, some lawmakers here in the u.s., who are questioning whether or not everyone in pakistan was on the same page as the u.s. when it comes to dealing with and helping to find osama bin laden. how might that affect our future relations now with pakistan? >> i think the question is appropriate to ask but the reality is that the united states still has limited leverage to pakistan. this is not the first time pakistan assistance has not been as robust as we would like them to see. even to america's number one enemy. they did not know anything about the investigation with pakistani counterparts. but nonetheless we cannot
8:24 am
receiver the relationship with pakistan. despite the fact that our interest and their interests are not always aligned. >> do you see things continuing as they have been then with pakistan or do we need to change the approach of our involvement with them and their government and their military? >> well i do not believe we have much possibility of changing the relationship very strongly. u.s. and foreign policy toward pakistan keeps oscillating between perhaps sanctions and then extending economic raid and extending military aid and build a strategic relationship. i think that the latest is showing the great distance that remains between our interest and the pakistani interest. but nonetheless, knowing that is not the case we cannot receiver the relationship. we have to continue trying to align the interest and explain to the pakistanis it is in
8:25 am
their own best interest to combat militants in the country and around the world. and let's talk briefly about neighboring afghanistan because we have a strong military presence there. some say that is a civil war being fought in afghanistan. some say it is -- an attempt to find osama bin laden for so long, who so many thought was hiding in afghanistan. what should the approach be now in afghanistan and does that change now that bin laden has been found? >> we need to persevere into the next year and see how the policy is being affected. critical element is the afghan security forces that need to hold and expand the security gains that have been achieved during its surge and whether afghan politicians, including the afghan government will be willing to reform governance and in the absence of security forces or far better governance than we have seen, we might not be able to achieve the outcomes that we seek to achieve.
8:26 am
but the outcomes are very important. whether or not there is civil war, collapse of the regime and intense militan in any form will provide safe haven for militant groups that will endanger pakistan and hurt u.s. vital interests. >> thank you for your time this morning. vanda brown from the bookings institute. thank you for being here. and it is 8:26 on a tuesday morning. and every high school has them, clicks that include the jobs, the band nerds. and now a book out calling the greeks -- the geeks shall inherit the earth and the author joins us later. and then we're at the alexandria art market with more than 25 artists. everything from paintings to photography to jewelry. we'll be right back. 
8:27 am
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bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. it is 8:29 now. let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. tomorrow's court date for prince george's county council member leslie johnson has been canceled. she was expected to plead
8:30 am
guilty in connection to a widespread corruption case. she is accused of destroying evidence on the day she and her husband were both arrested. a breach on playstation users may be worst than first thought. they may have taken personal information from 25 million accounts. it happened days before hackers got the information of 77 million playstation users during the recent cyber attack. honda recalling more than 800,000 cars to check airbags. honda is adding some 2001 and 2002 accords and civics because some may have faulty airbags installed when they are fixed after a crash. and honda is adding 2002 odyssey models and 2002 and-03 acura models too. and let's check in with tucker to see our forecast.
8:31 am
>> this is julie wright weather. summer weather on. >> sleeveless. >> temperatures in the 80s. the humidity you'll notice later this afternoon. a nice breeze out of the south so today is a day of transition because later tonight thunderstorms arrive. don't panic, i think we have the possibility of some pretty good thunderstorms later tonight. but it won't be what we had around here last week. >> not a whole situation. >> won't be a whole situation: let's get to the numbers. mild start to the day. falling back into the low to mid-60s. 64 right now at reagan national. quantico, good morning, you are 67 degrees. leonardtown 66. annapolis 66 degrees. off to the north and west, frederick, a few hours ago, back in the 50s. now 63 degrees. and 64 in martinsberg. clouds moving through, but that's about it at this point. we'll see the showers and thunderstorms late today. really he think this evening and during the overnight hours. just clouds to start your morning. and again it is that kind of filtered sunshine we had around here yesterday. high, thin cloudiness associated with our frontal system which is trying to
8:32 am
charge in here from the north and west but getting temporarily hung up. it will eventually get in here late today and tonight as it does so it will encounter pretty warm and humid air and that will likely spark off showers and thunderstorms around here. so again the frontal system starts moving through late this afternoon and tonight. best chance of thunderstorm activity will be out to the west and then during the overnight hours it's possible that even here in the district points east and south we could hear a rumble of thunder by morning. here is your forecast, 84 this afternoon. partly sunny skies. warm and breezy, winds out of the south at 10-15. and later tonight the showers and thunderstorms develop along the frontal system. notice how cooler it is overnight, 52. once the winds get in here out of the northwest at 15-20, it will feel like winter. much cooler tomorrow and then a nice rebound on thursday, friday and saturday. upper 60s and near 70. just a chance of a shower there during the day on friday. okay, that's a look at the
8:33 am
weather forecast. enjoy. allison, over to you. well bullying has been in the news a whole lot recently and now a new book called the geeks shall inherit the earth out following seven high school students across the country and tries to explain the psychology and science between popularity and outcasts. alexander robbins joins us in studio with more. thanks for being here. >> thank you, allison. >> how hard is it to be a teenager in high school now. >> it was so much more exhausting than in the past. i know everybody said that every generation said that. there are more social labels than before and with the upsurgence in facebook use, people have to update their status, tagging and untagging notes. they have to be their own publicist. >> and we said in the intro, but you can explain what you did and the research and science? >> sure. i did interview hundreds of
8:34 am
students and administrators across the country, for the story of the book to make it a fun read i followed 7 high school students, six outsiders and one popular cheerleader to find out what going on in high school and in the middle of the year i surprised each one with an experiment. i asked each of them to take i different chal attorney makeover the -- a challenge to makeover what they thought others saw them. >> was there one in the group that reached out? >> the popular cheerleader was the one that took the challenge. >> and the mean girls usually happen to be the popular ones. >> you bring up an important point. i almost titled this book the popularity myth. there was a lot of research i did, a review of psychological literally and social science and research shows that to be popular does not mean to be
8:35 am
liked. that's something that a lot of people need to understand. parents, you don't want your kids to be popular. it means they are mean, they are more likely to be involved in aggression as a victim and they are less likely to do well in school. >> what happens in the end, once they get out of high school, you can easily change? can you easily take off your coat and go into college. >> i came up with this concept that is called quirk theory, which is many of the differences that causes you to be excluded in school are the same characteristics that ameyer about you in adulthood. so it does change. so i'm saying, a, popularity doesn't make you happy, and b, if you are excluded in school, that could turn out to mean you're going to be an extraordinary adult. >> and how many people do we know that peaked in high school. >> they were the mean kids.
8:36 am
>> and you are like, that's what happened. >> at the 15-20 year reunion you look back and say why was i friends with you. >> and can we say the social categories don't stick or do they stick, the labels we put on people? >> what is nice is that when you get out of the a school environment, suddenly you don't have that -- psych collists call it the reputation bias or the label on your back because you have a chance to start anew with people who haven't known you since you were 5 years old. you can be who you want to be. >> and who is the cafeteria fringe? >> those not part of the popular crowd. outsiders or people not in the mean in crowd. and those are the people this book praises. >> so at the end of the day if you are watching and the kid comes home and said i wish more kids liked me. what is your advice to tell kids especially in the teenage years that this will end?
8:37 am
>> that's again, the point of quirk theory. it's so easy to say it will be better. quirk theory explains why, this book explains why so parents can say with certainty and support, yes, people are going to like you and it's better after school. >> because when mommy said it it doesn't have the same weight. >> i'm going to pick this book up, my kids are in elementary school but they're growing like weeds. this is the geeks shall inherit the earth and she has a book signing on saturday, this saturday, may 7th, 2:00 to 4:00 at the barnes and noble in bethesda. so you will be there, buy the book and you will sign it. >> i will do that. >> steve, over to you. it's 8:37 on this tuesday morning. military members honored last night at nationals park. more on their take on the news the world's most wanted man has been killed. stay with us. that's coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
8:38 am
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8:41 am
just mere hours after the news broke that -- that osama bin laden had been killed, many were honor the at the ballpark. >> there was news that the most wanted man was taken down by the u.s. special forces. >> reporter: among the sea of fans heading into nationals park -- >> section 136. >> reporter: hundreds of active duty and retired members of the u.s. military and their families. >> have a nice time. >> reporter: they were treated to tree tickets tonight against the san francisco giants. >> getting six tickets to a game can cut the budget back. so we really appreciate the opportunity to come out and enjoy the game. >> reporter: it's military appreciation night. and boy, are people here appreciating our men and women in uniform. >> wonderful and we are extremely proud. you bet. i think all americans are proud today. >> absolutely wonderful. the best thing ever that could
8:42 am
have happened. >> it was incredible. it was fantastic. been trying to do that for ten years. they got it done. >> reporter: the demise of osama bin laden much on the minds of our armed forces. >> it's an awesome win for us and the war against terror definitely. so long-awaited. >> reporter: some of the military men and women were just children at the time of the september 11th attacks and others were inspired by osama bin laden's evil to join the armed forces. >> i'm part of the united states navy and to know that our own boys were able to go over there and get them, it gets to you to know we are doing a good thing and we're making the world safer. >> reporter: the nats say they scheduled this military appreciation night months ago, during the off-season in fact. who knew it would come hours after the killing of osama bin laden. yes, there was a visible police presence at the game but ... >> no one should panic or feel threatened because we're doing our job. and as long as we do our job,
8:43 am
you should fear nobody or nothing. >> reporter: the star of another sport was in the building. >> what do you make of what our military did last night? >> isn't it fantastic. it's an amazing story. it's the feel-good closure, somewhat, in my mind, to september 11th. >> reporter: hats off to our military. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> bob, thanks so much. >> hats off, indeed. it is 8:43 on this tuesday morning. coming up, an update on the missing boy scouts stranded for days in the arkansas forest. >> and we'll check back in with holly who is at the alexandria art market. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am continuing to enjoy this gorgeous morning here in del ray and all of the creativity available when you talk about the second annual alexandria art market. we'll tell you and show you firsthand why you want to make it part of your saturday plans live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. i
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my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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we have an update on a search for six boy scouts missing in an arkansas forest. they we are rescued by helicopter moments ago along with two leader that's haven't been seen since last thursday when they got stranded by rising floodwaters. the scouts are all said to be
8:47 am
okay. >> good news. if you are looking for a one of a kind mother's day gift chances are you can find the perfect gift in alexandria at the alexandria art market in del ray. >> fox 5's holly morris knows where to just pick up the perfect item and she joins us live with a preview yet again. good morning. >> reporter: really i'm not a reporter, i'm a personal shopper. that's what i am. for all of you viewers out there, and you better believe you'll find something unique and different if you come out to the alexandria art marketsta it is the first saturday the next six months. second year they've done it. they've extended it six months because it was popular and added even more artists. each weekend there will be 25 different artists. and karen foglesong is one of the people joining us. and tell me about what you do. >> i create original pastel paintings, land escapes from
8:48 am
around the country. i travel around in my little station wagon to create and sell my work. >> reporter: and how difficult is it to be an artist, a painter, because there is a lot of competition out there? >> absolutely. it's not difficult to be an artist but it's difficult to be a successful artist. >> reporter: very good. and what do you get out of your paintings? >> everything. my work is everything to me. i get a lot of satisfaction in creating it, i get a lot of satisfaction in watching people commune with my work. i get a lot of satisfaction if selling it also. >> reporter: and how do you help people identify the kind of art that they like? because i think it's hard to determine what do i want hanging in my house? >> well i ask them what colors they are drawn to, what colors do they wear often? are they an earth person or do they prefer ocean scenes? a lot of people like barns.
8:49 am
and a lot of people were requesting them. it's a very interesting topic. >> reporter: well all of your art work is gorgeous and i wish you the best of luck this weekend. i hope you get a lot of satisfaction and a lot of selling. thank you. i'm going to come on over to the next booth and here i'm going to find madelin ramsey. so tell me about your art work? >> well we've been working with glass for about 30 years. >> reporter: but not today. >> no. >> reporter: so show me some things. >> well the bowls and things like that and the frames around those. the mirror on the edge there is stained glass put together with sauter and copper foil. >> reporter: on average, how long do you work on any one piece? >> it depends on the piece. the beads on this one were made with a torch and each bead maybe takes a couple of minutes, five minutes, and then you have to do more things with
8:50 am
them. by that's torch work. and then this is fuse flash jewelry. and those are done in a kiln and we do a batch of shells at one time. >> reporter: well it's gorgeous and i love the uniqueness of everything here. and that is indeed the key when you talk about something like this. none of the work is mass produced here when you come out to the art market. it is all one of a kind. we're enjoying the wonderful music of kate moran band. they are playing on saturday. and i'm making my way over to sarah for cosmo sarahtops. >> this is a ornate dinosaur. and what i love about the name was that you take something that is old and you make it into something that is beautiful. so the technique of that, using my photograph y, i use an old camera and new camera and combine the two to make retro
8:51 am
images like a 1950s sort of photo. >> reporter: i love that. that is so fascinating. and what a wonderful piece. thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. and they would love to share with you on saturday. the first 25 artists will be out here. the art market in alexandria is absolutely free. it's from 10:00 until 4:00 and coming up in the next hour we'll continue to enjoy the sounds of the kate moran band and we'll meet even more artists who inspire you to come out and be part of this this weekend. >> thank you very much. you want holly's sweater, don't you? >> i do. >> out of all of that beautiful art. and 8:51 on this tuesday morning. >> a member of the british royal family will be in town days after the big wedding? why? we'll tell you when we come back. stay with us. 0 agnd bco
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