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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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assess the reaction to bin laden's killings. they don't want to rush to new arrests by releasing the photos. >> clearly that was tornado damage that we were look at there and let's recap where we're at right now. white house secretary jay carnie was questioned about this and there were three sets of photos. two sets were take own the ground and another set take don't uss carl vin since, the aircraft carrier where bin laden's body was prepared in tradition and then put to rest at sea. the question tonight is these photos, should they or should they not release these to the
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public? >> with this report. all right, we're going continue on here and what we're basically dealing with tonight is the situation that the u.s. doesn't want to enflame tensions. the big concern are two. number one, the photos we know of are -- gruesome and number two, already in the arab world, there is that resistence to the united states going into pakistan. we're getting new details on exactly the final moments that were of involved in in this operation. it's being told by senior administration officials that osama bin laden didn't have a weapon at the time he was
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killed and, furthermore, the woman first reported killed in this operation was, in fact, survived the operation. the woman who was in bin laden's third story bedroom was shot in the leg and survived the assault by u.s. forces. there is a growing question about pakistan's role in all of this and whether or not officials new of the hideout or whether they were turning a blind eye to him being in the neighborhood, not far from where a important pakistani government military academy was located. shawn, we'll drag all of this together and get more to you as the evening goes. >> we want to apologize. we had technical difficulties there. let me ask you about the information. we know when officials, those navy seals went in and they found a large amount of information there in the compound. have we learned anymore information about that? >> it's a key point tonight, shawn. because of all the rifle attention that is being focused
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in on the death of osama bin laden. what those navy seal teams took away could turn into a treasure trove of intelligence against al qaeda and we were told the hard drive was takent and material. dianne feinstein said that they going to be going over all of that and this could certainly be the two of the one-two punch that will be delivered to al qaeda over the last 48 hours. >> and back to the photos of osama bin laden, whether it be osama bin laden on the ground or up in the airplane, or pictures of video of his burial at sea. did the white house give a timeline for when they might make a decision to release this to the public? >> reporter: they did try to really frame what is going on in the white house right now. they clearly do not like the stories that have been saying -- that they have been saying. the press secretary was careful to turn this into a phrase of a
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discussion that is going on in the white house. ultimately, he said, no matter what goes on in that discussion, it's president obama himself much like he made the call on whether or not to go into pakistan to launch the assault, it will be president obama who ultimately makes the final decision on whether or not any of these photos or videos are released. >> tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom thank you, tom. new video is giving us a better look at the compound where the navy seals found osama bin laden. this is amateur video of the area. you can see the wreck is there of the u.s. helicopter destroyed during the raid. neighbors there are worried about reprisal attacks. >> the vote is everyone in had of 0. -- is 97-0. >> reporter: a unanimous vote in the senate today. an hour ago, honoring the navy seals who killed osama bin laden. the resolution praised the military and intelligence officials who led the operation. you can depend on fox 5 for complete coverage of the death of osama bin laden. go to our website for the latest developments. of course, we want to know what you think about this.
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post your comments. it's all there on a beltsville woman accused of running over two women on rigs road more than a year ago were on trial. jenny mate is facing drug charges in the their deaths. she was drunk, say prosecutors. paul wagner is live outside of the courthouse in upper marlboro. paul? >> reporter: laura, there was emotional testimony here at the courthouse in upper marlboro. the father of one of the victims, the brother of another victim, took the stand and testified as well as one lady who came up on the scene and as they described the demeanor jenny made that night, they said she was disoriented, she smelled of alcohol, she kept saying she wanted to go home. some of these witnesses broke down in tears as they described the aftermath of the accident. just after 10:00, the night of
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february 1st, 2010, roy lakyle and husto were standing outside of their cars near the intersection of rigs road when a cadillac suv hit them. the man had been in a minor fender bender and were exchanging information. the police took the 30-year-old driver into custody at the scene but took months before any charges were filed. at the time, state's attorney glen ivy gave this explanation. >> well, the reason the police don't bring charges immediately is because we have to get the accident reconstruction report first. before we can bring charges. and in addition, if we move too quickly, and charge too quickly, you can run into speedy trial problems or double jeopardy problems. the key is to make sure we give police enough time to do it right. >> reporter: roy was the father of five children. he worked at a jiffy lube and was returning from a pool hall when he had a fender bender with husto rosario. >> he wanted his son so bad and
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he's five months old. and -- to watch that. that is what he wanted to do. teach him how to play baseball and the father-son bond and. >> reporter: husto often took the siblings with him when he went on jobs to fix computers. they were returning from one of those job when is he was killed. >> a tight family and we miss him very, very much. and -- every day. >> a check of online court records show that jenny has had numerous run-ins with the law the last 10 years and she's twice before been arrested for dwi and in one case, she plead get. the other, she she dismissed and is maintaining her innocence. her defense attorney tolds jury he wanted them to keep an open
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mind. she said they were not driving wreckless but never mentioned the part about the alcohol and that is still to come. the prosecutor said that she was drunk at the time and was saying please. >> thank you. the fox 5 storm force is staying on top of the developing weather situation out there. the skies might be clear across most of the region and that is likely going change and you can look in the radar right there. gary mcgrady has more on what you need to know. gary? >> i think one of the differences is we're in the lower 80s today and tomorrow, high temperatures and talking maybe lower 60s. a pretty good temperature drop once the front moves through and ahead of the front this evening, you motioned showers and the threat of severe weather and this is what the radar looks like out there right now. no storms in the immediate area and to the northwest of us,
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between cumberland and hagerstown, pretty strong storms there and nothing severe yet and that is moving to the east and to the northeast and this is going to take awhile to get here. this is in place until 10:00. washington county, this includes you and right down towards front royal and on i-81 and that is nothing for the immediate area. we'll talk about that, what i think is going to happen later on when we look at the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, gary. themont groomer county council decided to follow d.c.'s lead and to impose a bag tax on disposable plastics or paper bags. john henrehan was at the council meeting when the vote was taken and joins us live with more. >> reporter: the vote was nearly unanimous unless consumers bring a reusable bag
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with them when they go shopping. they will pay a 5-cent-a-bag tax in the future beginning on january 1st. nearly a million people live in montgomery county, maryland. each time they go to the grocery store or another retail establishment, they mostly carry away merchandise in paper andplastic bags and the county estimates 83 million bags a year are carried away. some wind up polighting the environment. the plastic bags don't degrade and that polluting trash becomes semi permanent. the county council has followed d.c.'s lead and established a 5- cent-a-bag tax. nancy floreen was the only no vote. >> i do think this tax is over the top and solves no problems as far as i'm concerned. it's just another regressive tax that creates its own set of administrative costs. >> reporter: some constituents agree, the bag tax is a bad idea. >> the cost-of-living is
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getting higher and higher and higher and now you have to pay extra money for a bag. come on, this is u.s. >> reporter: most residents won't mind a bag tax. >> a great way to save the environment and build revenue. i'm for the tax. >> for bag tax, very good idea. landfills are overflowing. >> reporter: those views were well-represented as eight of the 9 members voted for a bag tax. >> once people realize that it costs them extra to not be mindful of the environment is when we will see that change. >> and some bags are exempt from the tax, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, paper bags from a restaurant when you take leftover food home. the experience in d.c. is a tremendous decline in the number of requested plastic bags and montgomery county anticipates the same, the gross revenues estimated to be $1
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million by year five, about $400,000. again, the bag tax in montgomery county goes into effect january 1st. >> and do merchants get anything out. >> yes, like d.c. and they get to keep it for administrative costs. merchants in d.c. are saving a ton of money on plastic and paper tags -- bags and that is a win for merchants here. >> thank you. and british royalty descends on the district. we're talking about prince charles, why he's spending time in ladroit park next. see that sign? that is a sign of things to come at reagan international airport. what it will mean now that swept airlines has purchased airtran. perhap keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> competition coming to reagan national airport and that is now that southwest airlines sealed the deal on the purchase of airtran. melanie alnwick is here with what thebaout will mean for local travelers, melanie? >> and that will take a year for southwest to fully integrate the operations. customers are buzzing about the buyout already. southwest posted the video showing the celebrations with airtran execs and employees after the buyout was official.
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>> and how do we make this official? >> reporter: airtran will cease to exist once the integration is complete. the $1.4 billion deal gives southwest airlines all of airtran's routes, including atlanta and that is a major hole in the system right now. >> hello, atlanta! >> reporter: southwest will have a presence at reagan national airport. something that travelers are looking forward to. >> this is the first time i have flown to airtran and in a bit. >> i checked in, one bag was one pound over and i had to pay $49 for the extra five pounds and $20 for the other bag. >> reporter: southwest balloons drop bag fees and be class on airtran flights and perhaps before the planes are branded. >> bringing two airlines together and one love. >> it could mean fewer
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cancellations and more ways for air travelers to go somewhere. >> there are no plans for now to expand at reagan national, although a southwest representative told me they will try to spruce up the new area in terminal a and it could use some southwest love. >> yeah. >> and that could use a lot of love. >> you would think that will drive prices down and. >> you have to remember that airtran was a competitor of southwest airlines in the low- fare category. that could mean that there is a little increase in price, not huge but don't expect to see the super low air fares. >> i'm excited about the fact -- . >> given an alternative. >> right. >> exactly. >> out of regman national.
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>> and that will be a year or perhaps more before the full transition takes place. >> okay. >> and that sounds good. thanks, mel. in case haven't heard, a d.c. neighborhood is playing host to royaltiy this afternoon. the prince of wales, a fan of organic food, is visiting a special urban farm in ladroit park and karen, are people excited about prince charles and the farm? >> we're having a garden party here when the word got out that prince charles was going to be here, you can see half of the neighbor showing up and. >> you can see him from here? he had a pin-striped suit and went over to talk to the mayor and be greeted and welcomed to the city by d.c.'s new mayor vincent gray. the reason that the prince of wails is coming here, it's a special garden. itate at the forefront of the
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an international movement known as sustainable architect agriculture. they don't use chemical pesticides, they put into the earth what they take out. common good city fire and that is non-profit. the gardeners, everyone stopped gardening when he got here. they're volunteers and some are low-increase kids and adults, growing flowers, herbs, vegetables and trees. and i didn't get your name. you're psyched? >> did you get a good picture? >> yeah, he shook high mand and we had a great conversation. >> what did he talk about? >> a lady asked him for his autograph. he said he doesn't do autographs on tuesdays. it was a joke, you know, he was saying high and being welcoming. >> did you get a picture?
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>> no, i didn't get a picture. i live down the street and everything. >> did you see the royal wed something. >> we d. i didn't get up at 5:00 a.m., but we saw it. yeah. >> and if you had a question to ask the prince, what would you ask him? >> i have no idea. >> we're howard students. >> okay. back live here and this is an exciting time and next to the gage eckinton school and the mayor and michelle rhee decided they didn't need the school and see they toe it down and next to the school, they made this park. there is a city community park, if you look here and this is
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what used to be the old gage eckington school and next door, you have this garden that people are using. i talked to some young kids and they used the food to eat and one young girl said they made salsa, she grew jalapeno peppers and tomatoes and onions and she was thrilled about that and people are thrilled the prince is here, and i'm kind of glad. i want you ton, shape and. >> did you get a picture? a chance to talk to him? i look forward to seeing the picture on facebook. >> okay. >> karen gray houston reporting live. thank you, karen. >> that looks fun. >> i want to know what she asked him about the royal wedding. >> me, too. >> he probably has a lot of insider scoop. >> a rush to save the flood waters ended in a supreme court battle and a levee in missouri being blown up. >> is it enough to keep
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families and homes protected. we'll stay on top of the still- developing story. and wet weather could make a mess of the evening. how much rain can we expect? we'll check in with gary for a look at the forecast next. lindsay. and i'm lindsay murphy in tampa. they say lightning never strikes the same place twice and it happened at the verizon center. can the caps do the same thing in florida? more on tonight's game coming up. 
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>> you could call it organized disaster. the army corps of engineers destroyed a dam in missouri, sending flood waters out for the farmland. they did this to save the town of cairo, illinois, from disaster. cairo is up river from the dam and the mississippi is threatenning to flood the town. the the water levels have dropped by two feet but 200 square miles of corn, soy bean and wheat fields have been ruined for the year in missouri.
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it was a absolutely beautiful day. got warm today out there. >> yeah. >> and i was enjoying myself. >> felt like a nice summer day. >> what about tonight? >> reporter: tonight, a continuation of a warm summer day and means thunderstorms and showers around here. that is going to happen. not for everyone. the thunderstorms and just about everyone is making rain before it's said and done and i wanted to show what you is going on. we showed you the line of thunderstorms and that is trying to sneakpo towestern pa and it's just holding together now on top of 68 for extreme sections and you probably hear thunder in the distance and some rain about that and we have to watch, this isn't until 10:00 and washington county county, you're in that and in terms of the forecast, northwest storms at 7:00 and showers and thunderstorms around that and we'll have some
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showers overnight and some temperatures into the 60s overnight tonight and that is a look at the forecast. the full forecast comes back and more changes coming up. more weather and news after the break. stay with us. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from
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>> we're learning more tonight about the raid that killed osama bin laden. the white house new said that bin laden was unarmed when he was confronted by u.s. commandos at his pakistani hideout and they say he do did try to resist the assault. officials believe high temperatures caused the helicopter carrying the navy seals to make a hard landing. officials are deciding whether the photos taken of bin laden after he was killed are too gruesome to release. will president obama get a political boost from this mission? joining me now from both sides of the aisle, jack burkman and brendan daily. thank you both, gentlemen, for
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being with us today. >> thank you. >> laura, thank you. >> there has been a lot of praise for president obama, following ben laden's death. how long will this last? brendan, let me start with you? >> that is the question, laura and i think he's up 8, 9 points and that will last for awhile and that won't last that long and is going to be long gone by then. >> and what is your reaction? kudos to the president for what he did and i thank will be a short-term bunk and there is a danger. if he allows it to shift the national security, that is the toreen. you don't want the 2012 election to be about national security and just ask our friend john kerry. while they're staging the nice rallies in front of the white house and bringing in people for this and that and the
5:32 pm
other, if you make the election about national security, i can guarantee you that republicans are going win. >> but, jack, going in to -- . >> ky interrupt there? i don't think they staged the rally. that was spoon tapeeous. >> i don't think -- spontaneous. >> you think the rally in front of the white house was planned? >> yes. >> nobody knew, how did i they know? >> and that is why it took -- . >> i watched you. >> i think they were mobilizing and had a lot of kids coming. >> and. >> based on what you were saying before, president obama can claim that he's not afraid to take military action. i mean he's got lybia, he's got now this situation in pakistan with osama bin laden. the situation with the pirate ships. what is your reaction to that? he can claim that. >> and that will appeal all
5:33 pm
over the spectrum. the main benefit this gives him is shores him up and staves off a primary from the left. brama's been weak for a -- brama has been weak for a long time. the short-term bump will keep away a leftist primary, someone like russ feingold and he won't be hit from the the left because of it. >> and the president is talking about low approval ratings. there is a sense of national unity. >> right. >> following the raid in abbottabad. what does the president need to keep doing? >> he had the meeting last night with a bipartisan group of leaders in congress, and they're going to have to settle some of the big issues facing our country and that is -- the debt limit is one and there is no danger of a primary from the left and what this is helping
5:34 pm
him is with? independence. it's not projectedby -- . >> and this is that difficult decision he had to make. >> one of the reasons he suffers from the left is because he's overly involved in world affairs. the left doesn't support the afghan war or the libyan expedition. the left wanted public choice with healthcare. the far left is disenchanted with brama and i think the threat -- with barack obama. the threat was real. i think he faced a real threat. this helps him with that enormously. >> thank you very much both of you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll continue this conversation again. >> thank you. and we're down in the web center right now. if you want to know more on the death of osama bin laden, go to right now. the team is working hard to keeping the information updated. to know the latest headlines, go to our home page and you will see a big headline that talks about him. you click on the headline that&that will give you everything i wanted to know
5:35 pm
about this. you can find everything from a detailed account of the raid to pictures of the president and his cabinet as they watch from -- and wait from the situation room. there is more from this debate over whether the white house should release photos of a dead osama bin laden. we invite to you follow us on twitter and on facebook. we want to know what you think about this and we put the question out on facebook, we asked if you want to see a picture of a dead osama bin laden on our website, and if so, how should we display it? should we put it front and center or a click-through to see it? we put this question up and some of you responded. tish awhiles don't care to see it, make it a click-through. >> jenny would like to see it and a grandchild. i explain to them that death is a part of life and another person writes collect through and disclaimers, please and we're getting many disclaimmers on when and how this ppen from once it happens, we'll keep you
5:36 pm
updated and posted. everything you want to know about the death of osama bin laden here on >> laura. recovering from the worst tornado outbreak since the great depression. the storms killed 328 people across the south and officials are recounting the victims twice. entire neighbors are destroyed and leaving many families with nothing. and the thousands of storm victims need need all the support they can get and a virginia community has rivals working together. >> reporter: take a look at the license plates over my left and right shoulder. over here, auburn university. over here, the university of alabama. on the football field, they're bitter rivals n. this parking lot in alexandrea, they're working together, teaming up to
5:37 pm
help those in need. request ask what they collecting and they'll tell you it's the things you need to live. >> water, capped goods, lots of baby clothes and baby diapers. >> right. >> formula. wipes. >> reporter: they live in the d.c. area but their right roots are in the state of alabama. they're collecting donations for tornado victims. >> because it's hard being this far away and you can't, you can't just jump into the car and go and help someone clean up. you have to do what you can where you are. >> you want to be down there with your hands in the dirt and helping people out in person. but up here, we kind of have to judge what we canco best and that is raise money and send down donations. >> reporter: they're auburn and alabama alums normally bitter rivals united here by their compassion for others and their good southern manners. >> and thank you so much for that. >> oh, you're welcome. >> nice to meet you. >> very nice to meet you. >> they're thank us for doing this and we're the ones who want to thank them because they're providing all of the donations. so, this is just a lot of
5:38 pm
gratitude and to be able to help someone, you know, that really, really needs it. >> i'm not surprised. i'm from there. we don't stand around waiting for the government to fix something and that is one thing that impressed me about this. >> reporter: the other impressive part? is there their hasn't been much teasing between the rivals. >> everyone is like gangbusters. we're loving, helping our friends back home. >> reporter: in the fall yes. i will keep all the contact information and make sure i get in touch with every alabama fan. >> thank you. >> bye! >> what? >> roll times. >> that was beth parker and just to remind you, they were down to 3900 king street in alexandrea, off of 395 and they'll be there until 8:00 tonight taking donations. i would like to -- if you would like to give, go on down. >> nice to see them getting together for important reasons. >> absolutely. and they're down two games. it's time to turn the play-off push around. >> the caps have taken on the tampa bay lightning on enemy ice. we're live in tampa with what the team is doing to lock this in.
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we'll be right back. what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed?
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giving you choices. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the caps came up empty in the first two home games against the lightning and a change of venue and a must-win. dave feldman is here to set the table for game 3. >> reporter: lightning struck twice in this series. and guaranteeing clear skies in florida and the caps pulled out two years ago against the rangers. they saintd this morning at the saint pete times forum and washington outtrapped tampa bay. they're 0 for 11 on the power play and ovechkin is limited to a single point on a goalie scored in the last minute to send game 2 into overtime. lindsay murphy is live in overtime. what is the scene there in
5:43 pm
tampa? >> reporter: well, nobody's standing in, which is surprising. the capitals do come into this series down 0-2 and i am not sure if it's because they have good leaders or dealt with adversity all season long. bruce boudreau said his troops are coming in angry and that could be a bad thing. i smoke with -- spoke with matt bradley a few moments ago. >> what is the mood and attitude of the team? >> we dug ourselves in this hole and it's a matter of us playing good hockey and getting on you of it. >> does i have venue change help it all? and they had success post season. >> i love so -- i hope so. our fans give us a boost and getting away and clearing our heads may help and to get the win tonight. >> reporter: you were with the team in '09. do you -- in '09. do you reflect on that series and talk with your teammates at all? >> you remember the things and
5:44 pm
boston did it earlier in the year this year and that is not an ensurmoundable holdover. -- insurmountable holdover. it's a matter of going one game at a time. >> and these are tough games. not like either team is blowing each other out. what is it going to take for to you blow out of the hole? >> it's playing and that is seeming like we're tossing ourselves a couple of goals each game. they lock it down and don't give you opportunities. you can't let them have any is freebies. >> is it -- free bis. >> you have momentum going into it tomorrow night? >> and we're worried about tonight's game first. it won't mean anything and we'll have to win tonight and worry about tomorrow night tomorrow. >> reporter: what you are seeing is a white lightning bolt. they have t-shirts here saying go bolts. i got some twitter responses from some of my twitter fans saying hey, they don't do that at the verizon center and i had
5:45 pm
other people saying we don't need to do that at the verizon center and feldy, with the rangers, it was a shouting match here with the tampa bay lightning and the matchup and war with colors. >> that's right, hopefully red is a dominant color over white. thanks, murph, see you again at 6:00. lindsay murphy. >> sounds good. >> and back to you. >> all right, feldy. thank you very much. the fox 5 storm force tracking around the wet weather heading here right now. >> how much rain can we expect? the full forecast is ahead. o
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>> we are on top of a consumer alert tonight on a recall involving salmonella. the six ls packing company is recalling 20-pound containers of grape tomatoes sold in some east coast states. the good news here, appears they were not sold in maryland, d.c., or virginia. the tomatoes are in prepared
5:49 pm
deli salads sold in the midwest and the west. the company said the tomatoes did test possible for salmonella and there have been no reported illnesses. sony has discovered another of its gaming systems was hacked. the company said that it had to shut down sony online entertainment on monday. the hacking happened in mid- april and sony didn't discover it until hackers accessed the playstation system. the online entertainment system runs multiplayer games for your computer. this time, personal information from 24 million users was up for grabs. the company doesn't believe that credit card information was accessed in the u.s. >> good news here today. >> and that is nice to be up to 80 degrees degrees. >> not nice. >> and not too humid? >> no. >> that is part of the reason why we're not seeing a lot of thunderstorm activities this evening. >> okay. >> and some north and west and that doesn't mean that it's all
5:50 pm
clear. we stand a chance of a thunderstorm to form around the metro area and that is hazy out today and some sunshine, warm temperatures, too and most are able to get into the low 80s and in tems of the radar, there is some thunderstorm activity, north and west of us in the city and the farther west and north you go the next our or two, that is where you stand getting in and there is nothing around d.c. and hagerstown. and we saw the line coming down earlier and nothing severe here and there is that cell to the
5:51 pm
north and west of winchester and that is where everything is now and most of this is confined to the nowhere and western counties the next few hours and about 9:00 or so, there is a chance of it dragging to the areas and there is that outside chance of thunderstorms and that is late this evening after midnight and there is that thunderstorm watch for our -- severe thunderstorm watch for northwestern counties and that is primarily washington county and into i-81 and we're tracking this and haven't seen the weather watches and warnings popping up there and at least for right now, all clear. this is the evening's forecast. show you what we're thinking. northwestern storms at 7:00 and that is partly cloudy here. still mild, 77 degrees and by
5:52 pm
9:00, we'll bring in a chance of showers and a couple of thunderstorms and there is that chance that a thunderstorm might be strong and winds are gusty, 10 to 20 miles an hour. 80 degrees in the city, 81 for gaithersburg and to the northwest and frederick right now, 82 and there is that thunderstorm watchbox and that is to the north here and look at the rain and this is coming across later on this evening and overnight tonight and this is in response to a frontal system. the lower 80s today and lucky if key get into the lower 60s by tomorrow and out future cast at 8:00, the stronger thunderstorms to the north of us and to the south of us and that is coming on across and a few showers tomorrow morning at 8:00 and that is looks like the
5:53 pm
morning commute is wet and thursday, beautiful. breezy and so cool and that is looking beautiful. overnight tonight, the evening showers and thunderstorms mostly just showers after midnight. the low in town is a struggle and that will get into the lower 50s before it's all the and done. once the front comes through, much cooler tomorrow and most showers will be the first part of the day tomorrow. warming up to 60, 61 degrees in up to and that is 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than what we have had today and we still continue this trend and with one nice warm spring summer- like day and temperatures go back down. >> the rain? >> no. >> yeah. >> and thursday looks good. 68 degrees. a few showers on friday. saturday looks good, 71 and a few showers on sunday. >> okay. we can do it. >> there you go. something nice and have it back. >> exactly right and that is the way the spring's been.
5:54 pm
>> it is. >> thank you. >> and be nice to the weather people. >> pull the rug right out from under you. >> we know that is not true. and take a this. a maryland teacher at the top of her profess. president obama -- profession. president obama honored her as at national teacher of the year. she's a chemistry teacher at urbana high school in frederick. she represents all teachers around the country who work to give students a better education. >> our students need innovative teachers and visionary leaders to move public education forward by working together. we thank you, presume a and secretary duncan for your leadership and for your focus on education as a national priority. >> sheer was joined at the white house there by teachers of the year from each state. >> what an honor. let's go to brian bolter for a look at what is next. a call from capitol hill to find out who pakistan knew about osama bin laden.
5:55 pm
he was only 75 miles outside of the capital. and with al qaeda's top man finally gone what, does it mean for the future of the organization? we'll look at who could step in and what they might do to try to earn that rank. the next time you eat out, your waiter might be an electronic tablet. the details on the newest high- tech trend. 
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