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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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understand that there is growing pressure to release a photo. at the same time, they don't want to rush into a decision because of the -- until the reaction of the photo is fully weighed. there is said to by there teet three sets of photos of osama bin laden after he was killed, take know by u.s. forces -- taken by u.s. forces. two on the ground, another set taken on board the uss carl vincent. the u.s. navy ship from which his body was buried at sea. when asked about the timetable, the press secretary said that the administration is weighing several factors before they make a final decision. >> there is not, as is reported, there is not some broiling debate here about this. there is simply a discussion about what the appropriate action should be. >> reporter: the final call on this is going to be made on whether or not to release the photos is going to be made by
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president obama himself. and u.s. officials say that they have set up a task force to examine a large amount of treasure trophy, if you will -- treasure trove, if you will, of intelligence gathered at bin laden's compound, and they could be an added blow, brian, to al qaeda after the killing of osama bin laden. >> a lot of questions following the killing of osama bin laden. the head of the center of intelligence committee wants pakistan's government to say why it never found him when he was living in a suburb of the nation's capitol. >> i think we have to know whether they knew, if the pakistani knew. if they didn't know y didn't they know? why didn't they pay more attention to it? and was this just benign indifference or was it indifference with motive? >> pakistan expressed concerns about the raid calling it unauthorized.
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the u.s. officials didn't inform pakistan ahead of time. and also on the hill today, a series of senate hearings about the future of america's role in afghanistan. the ranking republican said the u.s. is spending too much money and sacrificing too many lives in a country where al qaeda's presence is slight. >> nearly a decade later with al qaeda largely displaced from the country, the franchise and other locations, afghanistan does not carry a strategic value that justifies 100,000 american troops and $100 billion-per-year cost, especially given current fiscal restraints in the united states. >> for decades, osama bin laden has been the face of al qaeda and now that he's gone, it's created a leadership vacuum amongst the world's terrorist organization. al qaeda is weakened and is not gone. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: brian, osama bin laden gained colt status as the leader of al qaeda and his
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death created confusion in the ranks of jihaddists and it could take years, perhaps three to five before a true leader rises to the top. osama bin laden gained notoriety as the most wanted terrorist worldwide. for someone else to rise to the same status, they will have to ware out -- carry out a successful attack of the same magnitude. >> i think, you know, we'll be looking right now at jihady leaders who will try to make their mark and with the idea of making the mark with the morn blood. >> reporter: they put one man at the top of the list, al- zawahri. >> the deputy commander and now the detacto -- de facto commander. i think he's the first name people will think about. >> reporter: he lacks the
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charisma of other jihaddist leaders rising up the ranks. one star, al-awlaki, linked to the fort hood shooting, the christmas day bombing attempt and cart ridge bomb attempts on cargo planes. >> al-awlaki is effective recruiter, has a large following and is getting more and more involved in the operations of the terrorist activities. >> reporter: more dangerous, said the center for strategic and international studies, rick nelson, are the terrorists not on the radar. the key operatives like al qaeda military leaders and a few others and they're also mentioned. >> bin laden wanted 1,000 bin ladens and didn't think there would be one. you can can see multiple leaders across the movement rise and to try to fill the void. >> reporter: al qaeda must regroup from the loss of their
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leader and while the u.s. tries to make sure the organization dies with bin laden. what rises could be a different al qaeda. five years from now, we may not be talking about al qaeda but the jihaddist movement with many affiliate leaders. al qaeda has morred several times over the few years and no one knows what the next phase will bring. >> and you can depend on fox 5 for complete coverage. go to our website for the latest and we want to know what you think. post your comments. and we could be closer to learning what caused a jet to crash into the atlantic ocean. the investigators recovered the cockpit recorder today off of the ocean floor of brazil. it was found on sunday and the plane crashed in june of '09 on a flight from rio to paris and caught in an intense thunderstorm. attention montgomery
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shoppers, you better bring extra cash with you and that is when a bag tax goes into effect for people who use disposable plastic bags or paperbags to carry home the merchandise. john, sounds familiar. >> reporter: d.c. established a 5-cent-a-bag tax last year and officials in montgomery county today followed suit. and this is that problem. consumers in montgomery county carry away 83 million plastic or paper bags a year and some wind up on the ground and blow negligent trees. the plastic bags last a long time and they're not biodegradable and to encourage residents to shop with reusable bags, the county couple took action. >> i believe the city of seattle, washington, at one time, proposed a 2020 fee and that did create a bit of a back lash. the district of columbia and with the tour following said no, let's be reasonable here
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and light try to plant a seed in people's consciousness, a nickle discretionary fee. i assure you it works. >> and not all bags will be taxed. there will be no bags on -- taxes on plastic drying error error cleaning bags or if you take a doggy bag home, no tax if that is made of paper. the bag tax goes into affect in montgomery county, brian, on january 1st. >> and this seems punitive as in behavioral modification. where is the money going to go? >> it is. unlike d.c., they say that all the money is going to clean up the environment but in general, it will be used to clean up the environment and without specifying. many, many people are no longer using plastic takeaway bags and expect it to drop. people will bring reusable
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bags. up next, going live to northwest where prince charles made a stop at that community garden to meet with community leaders and residents. sue. and i'm glad -- the showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast and have been holding off long enough for the royal visitor. they're still coming. we have a severe thunderstorm watch posted until 10:00 to the north and west. details in the forecast is coming up on fox 5 news edge at 6. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses,
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techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> congressional leaders dedicated that bronze statue. it will be a part of the national statutory hall check in the u.s. capitol. ford was the only president in america's history not elected either president or vice president and he was a michigan congressman before richard
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nixon had him replace agnew. from the royal wedding to the nation's capitol, britain's prince charles is in our area tonight. karen gray houston is live in northwest with the -- where the prince is visiting an urban farm in la droit park. >> reporter: it's all over but for thego go-go band packing up and a fewing centerellers over there. what the prince came here for was -- a few is few stragglers over there and what the prince came for was what they call a concept of something called sustainable agriculture, and he wanted to see it up close and personal. that is what he did here. the neighbors came out to gawk and take pictures of him and he talked with some of the volunteer gardeners who used no pesticides but in exchange for their labor -- labors in the dirt, they get to change the food -- take the food home and learn about healthy eating. the big kick was to meet
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royalty. >> what that is that about? >> i said that we won in the lottery a city plot at common good farm and we wanted to plant something in had honor. he said what was his favorite vegetables? >> leeks, i love leeks and brussel sprouts. i love those vegetables. >> this is my family. >> i'm king family. >> and you're the king of the family? >> oh, yeah. >> what did you say? >> y didn't say anything. i let her do the talking as usual. >> reporter: mayor gray and jim graham came here to meet prince charles. he stopped earlier in the day for a reception at the supreme court and is meeting at the british embassy with wounded soldiers. seems like every time you
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turn around, the computer is taking the job of another person. could waiters and waitresses be the next to g. a look at how tablets can push them out.
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>> the number of homes with the sets is expected to drop for the first time in 20 years. neilsen said 96% of american households are expected to have tvs in 2012, compared to 98.9% this year. there are two reasons for the decline, poverty and younger americans are watching tv and movies online and have chosen not to buy tv sets. young people are not the only ones. and restaurants are, too. a silicon-valley based startup called e lacart launched a new device that let's diners order foods, play games or pay the
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bill. fox 5s melanie alnwick has a closer look. >> the next time you reserve a table for two, it may come with a tablet. >> you can order your food whenever you want. you can see the delicious pictures of all the items. >> reporter: the founder said that he got the idea for the new food-ordering device when is he and some fellow students were trying to split a check. >> the credit card and some people ordered the appetizer and -- >> and it was complicated and we did it for an hour and can do that again. it was a bad joke, you know, how many does it take? >> reporter: the tablets not only help you accurately split check but allow diners to pay you using the device when you want and have the receipt e- mailed and while waiting, you can play trivia or other games. >> and waiting to come in and take your order. >> reporter: some worry the tablets could replace waiters
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and waitresses and workers say the tablets make service run more efficiently. >> and they're going to be helpful to us and get busy. they won't have to wait for the server to get to them. >> there are going to be people serving you and making sure the experience is good. >> reporter: the restaurants pay a monthly fee for the devices which, e lacart said more than pays for themselves. >> 10 to 12% of higher sales. it's easier to do it, right? >> and if you see the picture of the dessert, you can do it when you want. >> they don't require a tip. melanieal inwick, fox 5 news. >> and they're used in the san francisco bay area and boston. there are plans to expand nationwide. some restaurants in our area are already using other tablets in place of menus. we're not going to need
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people. >> and -- >> call it, the put your phone away. >> and if you can play trivia. >> yeah. >> and a beautiful day to go outside. >> it is. >> and still expecting showers and storms and they're conveniently holding off until after dark and some skies are leave cast and plenty of sunshine and to pump the temperature to 81 degrees. and the showers and storms are off to the north and west and with that frontal system. and most of the activity is to the north and west and there is nothing severe and that is why it's going for awhile. and and we put everything in motion here and can see the cloud deck getting thicker to frederick and hagerstown. had a good storm go by and cumberland and that is a slow
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process and that is going to work through our region and we're going have the line of showers around. later tonight and the morning commute and that is possible to be strong. toward washington county, allegheny county and in west virginia. you have the severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 and we're going watch the area closely for the possibility of some storms that could have gusts to 60 miles per hour and damaging wind gusts and some hail and everyone west of 95 and quantico and to the west, the possibility of the strong to severe storms and that is maybe getting expanded to the south and east andha is to the north and west and we'll keep you posted on and our later news tonight and going to see a chance of an evening thunderstorm and to the north and west and get ready
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for morning showers tomorrow, the wet commute potentially for wednesday morning drive time and not for the evening. it's going to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow than today and thinking 60, 61 degrees is going to do it and today, we were 81; dulles, 82. , bwi marshal to 82 and you will be able to see with the temperatures, that is still comfortable and to cumberland, that is down to 64 degrees and to pittsburgh, that is 48 degrees and to detroit, 49 and they're running parallel and into that future now, what is happening around here at 11:00 and that looks look a scatters of showers with some snowstorms this is no big wide outbreak like last wednesday and thursday and that spinnings on through and at seven in the morning, we have a number of
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showers on the eastern shore and in d.c. we're just to a scattering of showers and everything is cleared on out. a cooler day, drier afternoon as we watch the system get on out of the way and thursday looks great, into friday and some clouds and a spotty shower here and there and that looks like this. up and down with the temperature and tomorrow, it's one of the days, you might be thinking about the furnace for awhile and we have some freeze watches tonight. i love that and with the temperatures near 80 and dropping into the 30s. no big downpours expected. did you see it? a peruvian surfer leaving the swells behind for the chopper waters of the river riddled with sharp rocks and strong currents. they surfed the rough waters as part of a red bull challenge. the first attempt left him with slight injuries and the second attempt was successful. and could have resulted in injury. the capitols head to florida and in game 3 against
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the lightning to start. dave feldman is next. eanc
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. fans are concerned. two years ago, they trailed the new york rangers 2 games to nothing. after dropping the first two at verizon center and didn't come back to win there. there is a precedent and no panic yet. lindsay murphy with more from tampa. >> reporter: feldy, tonight it's really important for the capitals before the first goal of the game and in eight meetings this season with tampa, they scored first once. it's important not only for their confidence into the game down 0-2 but bruce boudreau said it allows to you control the tempo of the game. the caps hit the ice at the same time at 11:00 a.m. this morning and down 0-2 in the series, they need to get the power play working.
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the caps arrived in tampa and not in a panic but knowing work needs to be done. >> and both games are tight and close and a tweak here and there, it would be a different series and they're ready to play. >> you have to play angry and on edge and this is play-off hockey. you can't think too far ahead. >> you are desperate to score the first goal and get the first hit and there is dispraise. >> reporter: there is chatter that bruce boudreau could make a change and he will get the start, the 8th for him. the game begins in 5
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minutes and that is with that early start. this is no ordinary game for the $126 million man and former philly jayson werth and had the double in the second inning. hopefully things go well tonight when he faces the phils the first time in the old park. he might be a national now, but his world series championship with philadelphia will always be special. >> it will never be taken away from me. my days in philly are over and we'll start something new in washington and hopefully it's a mutual respect. ryan zimmerman underwent successful surgery in philadelphia for his torn
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abdominal muscle and is expected to be out of the lineup for six weeks and caps and lightning again. lindsey murphy will be live from tampa. back to you. >> and with that victory report. sue palka, let's look at the five-day and get the storms out of here first. >> we're watching for that. if we see anything, that is after 9 into the metro area and they're going to linker into wednesday morning and in the form of showers and cooler tomorrow and that by thursday, breezy and a few more showers on friday. >> the news is always on working a lot of news stories for you. i have two in my hand right now. we'll tell but them at 10. 
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