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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: so it's like negative. tone's phone teasing us today. -- tomorrow's phone teasing us today. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight they are the elite special forces unit that killed the most wanted terrorists in history. tonight those navy seals are stateside at andrews air force base. the feds say they're being drier briefed about their mission in pakistan and as more de-- debriefed about their mission in pakistan and as more information comes to light tonight we're learning more about the secret unit. will thomas sat down with the team's founding father. >> keep this in mind. he trained two years to become one of about 2,500 seals and 75% who tried don't even make it. to become a member of seal team six you have to be a true warrior. >> i have to get the pick of
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the litter and brought the best equipment. >> reporter: the best equipment and the best machine able to do anything and go anywhere. retired commander richard marcenko started seal team six in 1980. >> it's the elite of the elite. >> reporter: when marcenko learned bin laden was dead, it didn't take him long to find out who did it. >> i'm a proud pa. >> reporter: seal team six burst into -- proud papa. >> reporter: seal team sykes burst into lynn bin laden's compound -- six burst into bin laden's compound. >> you may trip over furniture, but they're wearing night vision goggles. >> reporter: although bin laden wasn't armed, he resist ad cording to the white house -- resisted according to the white house and he was shot. >> that definitely stops the person and gets their attention with what's called the double tap and then the normal rise with the recoil of the weapon would bring you that and the over the eye shot you don't
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want him to react or stop. you've got things to do. >> reporter: white house photos from the situation room show the president, vice president and members of the national security team monitoring elements of the mission. >> it's transmitted right back to the situation room where they're watching. so they're hearing more than they're seeing. >> reporter: what they heard over the radio. we've id-ed geronimo, bin laden's codename and then for god and country geronimo, geronimo, geronimo confirming bin laden's death. >> proud to have been able to get it started and they made me proud in what they pulled off. >> they've got to be able to go anywhere, sea, air and land and that's what seal stands for. some of the required training, being exposed to tear gas, swimming more than 300 feet underwater while you're tied, your hands and feet, and being able to shoot with pinpoint precision. >> these men aren't cia. so their cover won't necessarily be blown, but will we ever know their names? >> it's a question a lot of
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people probably wonder. these are true heros. a lot of folks want to honor them, but it's not likely according to the white house am the team members or their families -- white house. the team members or their families could become potential targets for al qaeda, so we'll never know their name, but history will show it was seal team six. >> i think everybody is proud of seal team six in this country. the obama administration made a few changes to the story of how that raid went down. laura evans is here now with that part of the story. >> the raid on bin laden's compound in abbottabad may be the biggest success yet when it comes to persistent surveillance. that's the military's ability to rely tons of digital imagery through spy gear including robotic aircraft. all that imagery gave intelligence officials and the white house the information they needed to make the decision to go ahead with operation geronimo. the white house revealed when u.s. navy seals discovered bin laden in his room, he reis id and according to leon -- resisted and according to leon
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panetta he made threatening moves. that is why the seals fired upon him, but we now know bin laden was not armed. meanwhile as security officials reexamine the raid a task force is being set up to examine what's being called a robust collection of materials from computers, from hard drives all gathered in bin laden's compound, all expected to reveal a lot about al qaeda. >> that considerable materials were found and are going to be examined. >> it's possible that they did not know. i do think pakistan has some tough questions that it needs to ask itself. >> meanwhile pakistani government has several of bin laden's family members in custody. on capitol hill there's a hearing over what the pakistani government knew, when they knew it, pakistan gets nearly $1.3 billion in annual aid from the u.s. so there are rumblings that congress could dock some of those funds if they find out islamabad withheld information about osama bin laden bin.
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>> so the leader of al qaeda is dead. that does not mean al qaeda will fadeaway necessarily. in fact, there are several people who could step forward to take bin laden's place. among them ayman al-zawahiri considered deputy commander. terrorism experts say he could be the new no. 1. american born anwar al alaki has proven to have a large studying and unknown terrorists pose a significant danger. >> bin laden is one of 1,000 bin ladens. this will never be only one bin laden. so again you can see multiple leaders across this movement rise in the coming weeks or months and try to fill a void. >> our coverage of bin laden's death continues on our website. we're constantly posting the latest developments, plus we want to know what you think. breaking news right now out of maryland, a manhole explosion in the heart of bethesda, fox 5's bob barnard
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arriving at the scene. what do you know? >> reporter: pepco is on the scene and montgomery county fire. apparently there was a transformer explosion underground. two adjacent manhole covers were sent skyward. fortunately no cars or people crossing the street or on the road at the time. right now northbound wisconsin avenue is closed at east/west highway. so northbound traffic is detoured around this right in the heart of downtown bethesda across the street from the hyatt hotel. nobody hurt but pepco on the scene trying to figure out exactly what they have going on underground. some power was knocked out briefly here in this area, but right now all power seems to be on. nobody hurt, but this apparently we're told has happened sometime before, about a year or so ago. so pepco has got certain awes here. they're looking at it and right now -- issues here. they're looking at it and right now northbound wisconsin avenue is closed, a small portion of it heading north in the heart of bethesda.
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up next the gruesome discovery in the home of a former playmate. plus another back tax in our area, this different than the one -- bag tax in our area, this one different than the one in d.c. we'll have that in our top five. feldy, what is going on with the taps? >> if i knew, i'd fly down to tampa right away and tell bruce. they're in a hole. they're down three games to nothing and history is not on their side. a quick check of our rundown. the new edge at 11:00 will be right back. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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we could be closer to learning exactly what caused an air france jet to crash into the atlantic ocean two years ago. investigators recovered the cockpit voice recorder today from the ocean floor off brazil. it was found -- the voice
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recorder was found sunday. the plane crashed in june, 2009 on a flight from rio to paris. it was caught in an intense thunderstorm. all 220 people on board were killed. in california a gruesome discovery in the beverly hills home of the former playboy playmate and b movie actress yvette vickers. a neighbor found a badly decomposed mummified body. it could have been there up months or even a year. the 82-year-old vickers was a playboy playmate in 1959 and later starred in colt movies like attack of the 50-foot woman. more hacking problems for sony, plus the osama bin laden bin scam on facebook. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. up first tonight, brian, another possibility security breach for sony gamers. no. 5, last month sony playstation gamers got hit yesterday. the company shut down soapy online entertainment after it was hack -- sony online entertainment after it was hacked.
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personal information of more than 24 million users could have been compromised, but sony does not think hackers got ahold of u.s. chiropractor card information. no. 4, beware of the osama bin laden bin -- credit card information. no. 4, beware of the osama bin laden bin facebook scam. experts suggest looking closely before clicking on any link. hackers are waiting to steal your personal information. no. 3, you already know being obese is bad for your health. a new study shows it may also be bad for your sex life. duke university researches are found obese women had lower levels of sexual satisfaction than men, but the overall sexual quality of life was low for both men and women who were obese. no. 2, use recyclable bags or you will pay more for disposable paper and plastic bags when you shop at montgomery county maryland stores. the council approved a five cent bag fast starting in january and will apply to nearly all-stars, not just stores selling food. no. 1 tonight, heads up, dominion virginia power customers, the
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utility company is asking state regulators for permission to raise your rates. if approved, your power bill could go up 9 to $13 a month. the rate hike is blamed on the rising cost of fuel. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. coming up next we've got your first look at some of the incredible new phone accessories hitting the market from signal boosters to phone cases that monitor how much you drink. but first the nhl cracking down on the green men. for the last few seasons these vancouver canucks fans have sat near the visiting team's penalty box dancing and doing hand standeds to distract -- hand stands to distract the players. the crowds love it, but the league told them to knock it off. it sparked protest on a facebook page for a rally this weekend. 
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tonight at 10:00 we showed you the future of smartphones, seems like 3d displays and dual screens. now we're checking out some of the incredible hi-tech phone accessories. we'll hear about some of the show stoppers at a recent cell phone convention in orlando. >> reporter: new cell phones will pack double screens, game controllers, even 3d pictures and video. >> the ability to do your with own 3d movies. i mean 3d movies before were something you'd go to the movie theater to watch. you can make your own now. >> reporter: handset advances aside, there's also a new crop of accessories on the way, gear
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of all kinds, signal boosting cradles that promise to end dropped calls after you drop 100 plus dollars. next intriguing mounts like the clingo whose secret ingredient is a green gel pad that sticks without leaving goo. plus countless styles of wild new cases. >> it's built to last. >> reporter: orlando's dean monaco patented the first iphone case with its own app, a holster that doubles as a bottle opener. >> it triggers the app. 1,033. it shows a picture, any picture you want. >> fundamentally, though, it's counting how many beers you've opened, keeping you honest. >> and it's a protective case. >> reporter: he's charging $20 for it, but dean has another invention in the works, one that really perked my ears. >> keep it in there. wait a minute. >> come on. >> reporter: that's a pair of earbuds attached to the case.
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with a retractible cord. with this case is it possible to lose those ever? >> no. they're attached to the case. >> reporter: 3rd dollars for that upgrade. the add-on market is a juggle, blitzy skins, cases hard and soft. julian perry wins the soft category with his fun friends. >> the kids want to grab the phone all the time. they can drop the phone, won't break it, easy to find, cute, cuddly, warp and fuzzy. >> reporter: my aging -- warm and fuzzy. >> reporter: my aging flip phone stood out. your phone is 3d. what does that make my phone? >> ancient. >> that's very retro. >> reporter: that's where julian came to my rescue camoflauging my shame in faux fur, problem solved. >> the guys at the bar want to know where you have a little stuffed animal next to you. that's a different story.
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>> blame it on your child. i know what he's talking about with phone shame. >> we've got line of showers moving through. >> the good news is we aren't seeing much in the way of thunderstorms. we don't have the severe threat. atmosphere stayed too stable for that and we're very delighted about that, but that's not to say we won't get our showers overnight first thing tomorrow morning and don't be surprised that there might be some heavy downpours, in fact, in a few spots am we'll take you to radar so you -- spots. we'll take you to radar so you can see what i'm talking about. a lot of you east of the district have not seen showers. we're seeing more ground clutter. here comes the rain. watch this batch coming ahead of the frontal system down from charlottesville. you could get a little soaking out of that and a few moderate downpours around frederick. over to true view, you can see this is actually fairly eke tenesis. it goes all the way down to the -- extensive. it goes all the way down to the gulf of mexico. for the most part we are just go thing the showers and again maybe one or two heavy downpours, can't rule out an
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isolated thunderstorm, but it won't be widespread. over to our weather headlines, we will turn cooler tomorrow by some 20 degrees. overnight we'll have the few lingering isolated storms and mostly just showers after midnight. we're eventually going to drop to 52 degrees. we dropped to 68 degrees in the last little while and only 61 tomorrow with showers primarily in the morning. i think they'll wrap up well before the noon hour for most of you, might linger along the bay and east of that for a little bit longer. thursday about 68 degrees. we should have a good amount of sunshine and a bit of a breezy day. friday an increase in clouds in the afternoon and a couple showers around in the afternoon as well. so our temperature today as we mentioned was on the summer- like side. we've got to shave about 20 degrees off that for tomorrow. we're seeing those temperatures dropping already thanks to this frontal system. that will swing through. it's really right on top of us now. when you wake up tomorrow, it will be noticeably cooler. we'll only be in the low 60s feeling kind of chilly because
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the breeze out of the northwest will continue. speaking of the breeze right along the front where it's coming through now is where we're picking up gusts around 24, 25 miles an hour. they won't be that strong during the day tomorrow, but this will be a bit of a breeze. check out the temperature drop now, 68 in d.c., 63 in gaithersburg. we're down to 52 in cumberland. we've got a powerful front at hand in terms of what it's going to do for the temperature. cincinnati dropped to 46 degrees, buffalo 42 and chicago 41, so definitely cooling off a little bit tomorrow for our may 4th. now want you to see what we are planning with futurecast here. we've got our showers coming through at 11:00 running it through to the morning, still have some showers to deal with, so a wet commute probably for most of us across the 95 corridor, that's for sure, a little snow mixed in in the mountains if you can believe it. by 1:00 you could see most of that over on the eastern shore. we should see breaks of sunshine in the afternoon and certainly plenty of sun for us
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on thursday. here's some clouds sneaking back in on friday afternoon and some showers off to the west. we think those will hold off until 4:00 or 5:00. it's a cool day for us with showers primarily in the morning, 54 at 8:00 in the morning, by noon 58 and the sunshine tries to make a run at it for 4:00 with a temperature of 60. here's your five-day forecast. tomorrow is the coolest of the next several. we'll recover to about 68, 70 degrees toward the end of the week. mother's day is this sunday accident looks like we might have a couple of -- sunday accident looks like we might have a couple of showers -- sunday, looks like we might have a couple of showers to deal with as well. don't go away. we have highlights from the caps game. dave feldman will be right back with his sports report. re.cthsa
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hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. we are now officially in a dicey situation. trailing three games to nothing with the potential season ender tomorrow in attach a. this is not how the caps -- tampa. this is not how the caps postseason was supposed to play out, alex ovechkin with only one point in the first two games, 2nd period tied at one. jason chimera to john carlson who blasts one past dwayne roloson, carlson's first to the playoffs and second career postseason goal. caps up 2-1. now late 2nd caps with a two-man advantage. mike greene fires, rebound is loose and ovie's got another point, his 25th career playoff
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goal gives the caps a 3-2 lead but in the 3rd period the tide would turn. steven stamkos gets possession, second of the series, game tied at three. 24 seconds later the lightning back in it and back at it. nate thomson's centering pass deflects pass michal neuvirth. lightning take a 4-3 lead and that's your final. lindsay murphy with more from tampa. >> reporter: down 0-3 in the series the caps' backs are definitely against the wall. only three teams have ever come back from such a large deficit. so tomorrow game 4 is do or die and it won't be easy against the streaking lightning. >> they're uncanny when they want to get a goal. it's like they just snap their fingers, hit a button. it's like they just dial it up and you can see it's like their flipping a switch. >> we get up and i think we think it's over and guys just relax a bit and they just come
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and in playoffs you got to be focused and ready on every shift. >> we panicked a little pit from behind, but i think that comes when -- bit from behind, but i think ha comes when you're down 2-0 from -- that comes when you're down 2-0 from the series. >> reporter: there is a whole lot of pressure on this team. the capitals have been one of the very best teams in the nhl for years about the haven't made it out of the 2nd round of the playoffs since 1998, the year they made it to the stanley cup finals. back to you, feldy. >> game 4 tomorrow night 7 p.m. hopefully not an elimination game. to baseball and the nats and ryan zimmerman underwent successful surgery today in philadelphia for his torn abdominal muscle. he'll be out six weeks and jayson werth made his first trip to philly tonight as a national. werth greeted to some boos which turned into cheers once he tipped his helmet. went 0-3. picked this one up
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top 7, nats down 2-0, michael norris making it a one-run game, his second homer of the seven. nats trail 2-1 but in the bottom of the 7th the phillies strike back. with a runner on second ryan howard slaps one to the right and shane victorino scores and the nats drop the opener. 4-1 is the final. the twins francisco loriano threw his first career complete game and the twins' 1-0 win over the chicago white sox. he walked six, struck out two, threw 123 pechs, the seventh no hitter for the minnesota twins/washington senators franchise, remember. they remember the senators. a federal appeals court has agreed to a speeded up schedule to hear the nfl's appeal of the order that lifted the lockout a week ago. the 8th u.s. circuit court of appeals in st. louis set a june 3rd hearing where the owners are trying to get a ruling to lift the lift of the
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lockout. follow all that? brian is back with more of the edge. i'm dave feldman. have a good night. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent
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