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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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what changed. after days of debate, pictures of osama bin laden's body won't be released to prove his death. >> we don't trot out this stuff as trophies. >> reporter: white house press secretary jay carnie read transcripts of president obama's 60-minutes interview explaining the decision. >> it's important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or a propaganda tool. that is not who we are. >> reporter: some in congress are split between those who say the photos would prove bin laden's death and others who say the pictures might spark violence. >> my initial opinion is that it's not necessary to do so. i think there is ample proof that this was osama bin laden. >> certainly, the cia director believes they ought to be released and i tend to agree with the director. >> reporter: but trying to
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counter conspiracy theorists can be a never-ending effort. >> there are some people out there not going to be that osama bin laden is dead. >> there is the concern no matter what we show the world, people won't believe that it was bin laden or that we doctored the photo. >> reporter: while bin laden's photos will remain secret, others say releasing the dna data proving his identity should be released later. >> think the dna evidence being release side an alternative that could be compelling and persuasive to some people. >> reporter: for now, osama bin laden's last image will be left to the world's imagination. senior administration officials say in all there were three sets of photos over osama bin laden's body taken. all of them were take know by u.s. forces, laura? >> there appears to be a growing diplomatic problem between pakistan and the u.s. over bin laden. how big of a risk is this? >> well, publicly, they're trying to downplay this, laura. the white house press secretary jay carnie said the
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relationship between the united states is important and complicated. behind the scenes, though, there are a vast amount of questions. how long did bin laden live in that house? at what point and did pakistani officials know that he was there and how could he exist in a town which, by all means, has been the pakistani equivalent of west point, new york, one of the top military academies in that country. a lot of it is not adding up for senior white house officials tonight. and there are going to be tough questions for their pakistani counterparts in the days ahead. >> congress is going to look at it as well. tom fitzgerald, thank you. former president george w. bush will not visit ground zero tomorrow with president obama. the white house said that president obama invited him to join in but was turned down. the former president is expected to visit ground zero later this fall on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. president obama will meet tomorrow with first responders and victim's family members. with the president's
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announcement, the white house will not release photos of bin laden. we invite you to log on to facebook and tell us if it's the right call, you think, not to release the death photos of osama bin laden. tammy cook writes smart. glad to know someone at the white house is paying attention. a. michelle basil writes of course not. it was not him. please, we're not stupid. remember, you can post your comments as well. there are a lot of them. we might put some of them on the air. now that osama bin laden's dead, there are questions about the u.s.'s continued role in afghanistan. retired u.s. air force colonel cedric layton has 26 years of experience as an intelligence officer. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure, shawn. >> we know bin laud 18 death reignited the debate about how long the 100 u.s. troops should rea 19 -- 100,000 troops should remain in afghanistan. how long do you think they
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should stay there? >> well, i think the big problem is that if you move into a place like this, you own it. and it's what collin powell h when you break it, you own it, when it came to iraq. afghanistan is a complicated place and the big problem with afghanistan is that we need to make sure that we can at least have a viable government that keeps the taliban from re- emerges in that country. if it does, that it emerges in a fashion that is more conducive to u.s. interests. >> and talk about the taliban. there are recent reports that say the taliban is dismantled or not. there are certainly far less there and al qaeda, certainly far less in afghanistan. so, lawmakers are saying we can better spend the money we're using to fund the war at home and bringing troops home for 19 days early, would fund all the programs cut out of the last budget. would there be problems if we pulled the troops out right now? >> yes, because pakistan is unstable and, although we're
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talking about afghanistan, the instability in pakistan that we see with the whole bin laden escapade, what we're dealing with there is an instability that will spread from one country to the other and afghanistan is not quite ready yet to take our people away, so for us to take our people away n. this particular case, we need to stay maybe a year or so and don't tell anyone that that is what we're going to do. >> osama bin laden was found in pakistan and there are now concerns this might spread. we have some factions of al qaeda popping up outside of afghanistan. you look at yemen and other places. should the military be dividing up where the troops are instead of having 100,000 troops there in afghanistan? >> i think that might be a very valid point, shawn. what we're dealing with here, we tend to move people in masses and instead of using precision forces like we did with osama bin laden and with other terrorist leaders, we, perhaps, have to continue to learn the lessons of the new kind of war feand what that means is smaller forces,
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smaller footprints and we have to get to a point where we can also do things with individual people and convince the hearts and minds to use an overused phrase, that we're here to help them and not to hurt them. and that is basically what it boils down to. >> and that debate will continue. retired u.s. air force colonel cedric layton, thank you very much for coming in tonight. >> thank you, shawn. president obama is enjoying a sharp rise in popularity from bin laden's death n. a "new york times"-cbs news poll conducted tuesday, 57% approved of the job performance compared to 46% last month and that is despite the fact that more than 60% believed that killing bip laden is likely to -- bin laden is likely to increase the threat of terrorism against the united states. a gas explosion leveled this home in rockville here with a blast so powerful, it threw two people in the house out of it. scattered debris everywhere into the trees, on nearby rooftops. fox 5s sherri ly is live with the latest on this story. >> reporter: shawn, the two people who were in the house
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survived but it's touch and go tonight for one of them. you can get a sense of the magnitude of the explosion when you take a look at this. it was obliterated and the houses on both sides are also damaged. if you look in the tree way back there, you can see pieces of the house up in the treetops. the fire investigators now say that a gas line that was leaking for hours caused the explosion. >> it was gone in an instant. >> reporter: the loud boom shook houses like an earthquake. neighbors ran outside. the house that once stood there was now burning rubble. >> you can hear the hissing of the propane and the fire burning. >> few people knew a couple moved in days ago. >> i was like there's people in there. and then i heard ned saying we found them, you know, they're alive. >> reporter: next door, ned's house also on fire, ran to search for his missing neighbors. the man was wandering the backyard calling for his wife
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and then he saw her next to the azalea bushes on the ground. blown some 20 feet from the house. >> she was just asking for help, you know, and i was with 911 on the phone and she was saying help me, help me. i can't breathe. >> reporter: fire investigators blame a faulty do-it-yourself job. the man was converting from a gas to electric drier but he did not have all the right tools to finish and left the gas line open. >> i went to bed at night. at that point, we believe that that gas was leaking throughout the night and found the ignition source and that home exploded. >> reporter: this is in pieces of the house big and small and landed 50 yards away in all directions. half a football field. a door stuck to a tree, flying pieces of wood pierced neighboring houses and blew out windows. across the street, the blast broke the rafters in her roof. >> most of the roof landed in
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my front yard. the glass was blown out of my front bay window and my front door glass. >> reporter: neighbors barely knew the couple and now they praying that they will pull through. >> i hope they're okay. i hope they're okay. >> the couple remains in the hospital tonight and the man is expected to survive. and the woman, however, has serious life-threatening injuries. based on interviews, fire officials tell us that the couple did smell the odor of gas in the house and some time during the night before the explosion and they did nothing, laura? >> it's a wound no one outside in the neighborhood was injured as well. nobody was? >> nobody, laura. there is just some damage to the houses on the side across the street. several houses also have blown out windows. the fire department estimates the damage at about $750,000, most of it obviously is the house that is right behind me. >> boy, and there is nothing
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left other than pieces. sherri ly, thank you. prince william county fire investigators trying to figure out what happened at this triangle home on monday, which led to an explosion around 8:15 a.m. there. the firefighters say there was a small fire at the house when they arrived. they found an intense odor of natural gas. one person was hurt and that the damage is estimated there at $130,000. new clues for a man wanted for sexual assault. this is a sketch of the man and the tattoo on his wrist. back on march 18th, the woman asked the man to use a cell phone at the ashton village shopping center. she got into his late 1990s model black jeep and drove her to another location sexually assaulting her before letting her g. if you recognize him or have information, call loudoun county police. we're following breaking news out of organization or. take a live look now. the crews on the scene of a
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massive fire after a train collision. this is all happening near the city of skapoose. a highway in this area is shut down because fire crews are staging to have water here. there is no word what caused the crash and early reports coming in indicate that two trains hauling wood and tanker cars collided. it appears to number an area that is not populated. at this point, there are no reports of injuries. we will stay on top of the story and bring you more information as we get it. a school bus crash sends almost a dozen children to the hospital. is the road itself to blame for this accident? we're taking a closer look. also, farmer's in the midwest fuming over rising flood waters. their contributes ruined after a forced levee break. what is being done to get them back on track. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> 10 elementary school students from montgomery county went to the hospital this morning after two school buses collided in clarksburg. tonight, we're learning there has been a lot of complaints about the roadway where this all happened. john henrehan joins us live with the details and is in the news. whether or not is going? >> reporter: the kids and bus drivers are going to be okay. like most, laura, concerning clarksburg, development and who pays for what are major parts of this story. parts of springtown road and
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clarksburg, maryland, are new and improved. the widening here is part of the development deal that led to the construction of thousands of new homes. but amid all the density, a part of springtown road narrows to two lanes and dips and curves to extreme -- the dips and curves occurring in both directions. at 8:45 a.m., two school buses travelling opposite ways, apparently clipped each other in this narrow, curvy part of the roadway, driving one of the buses off the road and into a tree. the clarksburg resident came running when he heard multiple sirens and saw first responders swarming the scene. >> they were taking kids from the bus into rescue squads and off to the local hospital. >> approximately two dozen children on the smash bus were headed to nearby little bennett elementary school. there were no children on the other bus. the school finishes say none of the injuries but the 10 children and two drivers transported appear to be serious. >> and it sounds like the bus drivers in this case, you know,
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got the students taken care of, got them off the bus and made sure they were safe. that is what is important to us now. the students being safe. >> reporter: as part of the development of clarksburg, almost all of springtown road is designated for widening. the builders say a tax district was supposed to pay. residents have fought the tax district successfully and want the developers to pay more most of the improvement. much of the issue is in litigation. >> we get fingers pointed in every direction but the direction that solves the problem. it's not our problem but their problem. it's their problem, our problem. it's your problem, it's his problem and her problem. we have been getting that for a long time. >> the county council's transportation committee approved $900,000 to design improvements for springtown road. >> now, raising string town road in that area and smoothing the curves building expensive. it would cost montgomery county about $9 million over a six-
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year period. >> and have police figured out what caused the buses to collide? >> the police cited the driver of the unoccupied school bus for failure to drive on the right of the center line. >> okay. thank you, john henrehan. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence is out with this year's state school board and that ranks the 50 state, the california scored 80 out of 100. new jersey, massachusetts, new york, connecticut, and hawaii ranked high on that list and about 30 other states only scored in the single digits. >> these are not things that should be controversial or hard to pass. basically, we looked at a number of areas. one, we want to curb trafficking and firearms. guns start out as part of the legal market, and some states take steps to help prevent those from going to from the legal market to the illegal market and they do things like strongly regulate the gun dealers, limiting the numbers of guns you can buy at one
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time, keeping records of who has the guns. those are steps that states can take to help stop the illegal trafficking of guns. >> the brady campaign said that strengthening background checks would make it tougher for dangerous people to get guns. the west virginia coal company involved in an explosion that killed dozens of minors is struggling -- miners is struggling with safety problems. the federal mine safety agency cited massey energy for almost two dozen violations on friday. they could have let to -- led to another explosion or fire. 29 miners died after an explosion in april of 2010 at the massey upper big branch mine. the army corps of engineers is planning more levee explosions today, hoping to save towns threatened by high water on the mississippi river. one consequence of the demolition? thousands of acres of missouri farmland now underwater. towns like cairo, illinoisile, have seen water -- cairo,
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illinois. they have seen water and there is lost crops. >> it's a home, too. and you have to -- all of it rolled up. >> a group of 25 farmers is suing the government saying their land was taken from them without fair compensation. the demolition of the illinois levee is not helping them downstream where the miss sipy river is expected to rise to the highest levels since the 1920s. and back here at home, we had our share of strange weather. >> yeah. >> the rain this morning and the sun came out. >> kind of cold earlier. >> definitely. >> and even still, when the sun came out. what is on store for tonight? in store? >> and kind of cold. >> okay. >> temperatures in the lower 80s, today, the temperatures in the lower 60s, 60 degrees for us right now and there are a couple of showers, too. we call them the instability showers, pop-up showers, if you will and there is one inside
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the beltway right now and then up in northern sections of montgomery county there and on long the river and from the northwest. shouldn't be a big deal. once the sunsets, they will all go away and let me show you something else, too, as we pull the view out. the particular blue, those are frost advisories into west virginia. the light blue freeze warnings overnight tonight and coldest temperatures to the west and that is going to be chill oat burbs. the spotty shower at sudden:00, most out of here by 9:00 and chilly, the temperatures dropping into the lower 50s and winds remaining gusty the next few hours, between 10 and 20 miles an hour and some changes for the weekend. the full forecast is coming up, laura. >> i had to turn my heat on. >> did you really? yes. we're following a developing story off of the coast of california.
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>> disturbing new details in the search for a missing cruise ship passenger. the latest on the search up next. >> i received a phone call and sounded suspicious. there were noises in the background. >> and that phone call saved a life. meet the customer service rep who stayed on the line during one woman's brutal attack. a story you have to hear coming up next. 
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>> a celebrity cruise ship passenger disappeared. the cruise line has video of her jumping overboard as the ship headed for san diego. the u.s. coast guard stopped searching for the missing 63- year-old woman. celebrity cruises announced it closed circuit video of the woman climbing over the railing and letting g. she was missing when she failed to leave the ship tuesday morning. an arizona water employee expecting a typical day on the job got a call that changed everything. >> the other end of the line, she could hear the chilling sounds of a woman fighting off
5:25 pm
an attacker. here's more. >> this is margie, how i can help you? >> reporter: in the six years margie's answered phones here. >> can i get the primary phone number? the address? >> reporter: she's helped customers with all sorts of issues. >> we get several calls a day about everything. you would be surprised. >> reporter: none compared to the call she took yesterday. >> i received a phone call, we were really busy and the phone call, listening to it sounded suspicious and there were noises in the background. >> the noises beyond disturbing, according to sheriff's deputies, a woman who called peyton had picked up the phone to check her water bill and as she dialed, the man burst into the home and attacked her. investigators say he told the victim, quote, you better hang up the phone or i'm going to strangle you. the victim repeated three times she couldn't breathe. peyton tried to remain calm, though she admits. >> nervous. you don't get a call like that every day. >> reporter: she checked the caller i.d. and was able to match it up
5:26 pm
with the address in the records and dialed 911 and a dispatcher sent deputies over immediately. in the meantime, the investigators say the suspect, later identified as cliffton wilkinson, bound the victim with duct tape brutally assaulting her. things could have escalated further. >> i am glad i was here to help and i know any of the girls in the office would do the same thing. >> an incredible story. the suspect is behind bars, charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. the fight for rights in the district hits the streets again. >> live with the latest calls for autonomy in d.c. lindsay. it's do or die for the capitals. can they turn the series around? what are lightning players saying about the team from washington, d.c. that story is coming up. c
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>> there is no margin for for -- for error for the washington capitals tonight. they must win or the season is over. dave feldman is here with more on what they doing to get ready for tonight. feldy? >> thanks very much. >> reporter: the lightning is very good and they're unbelievable when they have the lead. now, the caps are pressing a bit, which is understandable when you're down 0-2 and when you're 0-3, courtesy of last night's trouble in tampa. the third period, the caps lead 3-2 and things fall a part and fails to clear the scene and with that, a wicked wrister beating him to tie it up at 3. and then just 24 seconds later and nate thompson off of the right side, throws it in front and deflects off of the skate and into the net for what is the game-winning goal and that span of 24 seconds, the caps go from up one to down one and find themselves down 3-1 and on the brink of e limbination. lindsay murphy joins us live with more. what is the latest from the
5:31 pm
lightning capitals? >> reporter: this morning, the team held aing onal skate. the team held a team meeting this morning. they have a huge hole may must dig out of and this is what they responded when asked if they could do it. >> absolutely. the other teams have done it, you know, and in previous, i was down 3-1 in philly and we ended up winning the stanley cup. that is possible and we have to stay positive and focus in here and the good thing, we have goals off of rollson. >> we want to take it back to washington. anything can happen, but, you know, i don't know. >> take everything we have. we can come back. i know we can. we have the personnel to do it and we have to put it together and we're putting bits and pieces together, the 40-minute games, 45-minute games.
5:32 pm
not a 60-minute game yet and that has to be a 60-minute game and four games in a row. >> reporter: that really is the key right there, feldy, putting together three strong periods, i think, tonight is the night that they need to get that done. >> murph, the lightning are red- hot and won six straight, three straight and the first round against pittsburgh and the caps. what are the lightning saying about facing a desperate washington team? >> you think they would be more confident but they're not taking anything for granted, at least that is what they're say negligent locker room and they know the caps are a number one team for a reason. >> they're probably going to get the best team, you know, and we have been in that position where your backs are against the wall and we are like that against three games and you see what happened. by no means is the series over yet. if we put ourselves in a good position, and they have nothing to lose right now and they're
5:33 pm
going to come on out firing also and we have to be prepared are match. >> reporter: now, bruce boudreau was asked if he was going to make a goalie change and he said no. the followup question, would michael noibert start? maybe, we're not sure if we're going to see him in goal tonight and the other big news, mike green was seen limping pretty bad on his left leg out of the arena this morning and that seems he's questionable for this game and that is a killer, feldy? >> and that would. we'll check with you at 6:00. lindsay murphy live in tampa. we're staying on top of a nationwide consumer alert tonight. apple and google, under fire. >> and the justice department took action against the giants for tracking your every move. the details are next. and the sony system security breach is all about damage control tonight. what can the company do to make millions of customers happy? the answer is still ahead.
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>> the fight for autonomy and voting rights is active in the district and they hoping to send a clear message to congress. it's loud out there. >> reporter: it's getting started. this is a group of women activists who are asking congress to stop meddling in the district's affairs. the executive director of d.c. votes is speaking right now, and this is a group of women, d.c. councilwomen, and i wanted to talk right now with ward councilwoman shea. she's getting involved new
5:38 pm
initially. that first protest was very impressive on constitution avenue. with the mayor and some council people being arrested. you were not there that day. >> no, i couldn't be there. >> you are here now. >> i was in solidarity. >> and what do you hope to accomplish? >> we have -- where we left without a voice in a legislature that controls us and our efforts to achieve statehood, to achieve voting rights in congress, all of that is seeming unlikely and that is not the worst of it. the worst, congress decided that it's going to control our own local money and local choices, this particular house of -- house of representatives when it came into town, the agenda was focused on the district and with all the problems in the country and they immediately removed the vote that delegate norton had. >> and after that the delegate
5:39 pm
and vince gray who was arrested that day. >> right. >> anded we don't want that. >> right. >> we need a movement. >> right. >> and that protest over demonstration. >> right. >> if we get that going, it can. i remember, you know, the protests outside of the south african embassy and they involved a arrest and constant movement and i think that has had an influence and that the consciousness of the people of the united states about the issue. we want our brothers and sisters around the united states to see our place and to help us out. >> do you have to have acts of civil disobedience? >> you don't have to have them but i think sometimes you need to take steps to get tag. >> okay, thank you, we may see some civil disobedience and there is a rally planned for
5:40 pm
tomorrow morning, and we'll be here, shawn, keep us posted. after the revelations that apple and google cell phones track their owners' likes, the justice department is deciding whether to investigate. the attorney general eric holder told the senate judiciary committee that he takes this issue seriously. apple ceo steve jobs said that his company has never knowingly violated customer privacy by using the tracking data it collect on the phones. and we have a warning for gamers. the hackers have access to personal information like names, addresses, and billing history. sony may offer users downloads to protect people from phishing scams and other attacks. more than 100 million accounts were affected. a foggy start across the board. that gave way to sunshine. >> and this is the question, how is the rest of the workweek shaping up? the full forecast is just ahead. 
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>> one teenage girl is daring to go bare. with the pressure of makeup getting younger and younger, she's taking a stand, stripping off the makeup and put herself fresh face forward. the movement seems to be catching on. the pressure to be beautiful. it's all around. on magazine covers, on tvs, and in high school. from how you look, dress, and who you're talking to, all pressure of a typical teenage girl. >> now you have like jersey shore on tv, you have like the kardashian sisters, you have these people who are these very influential people to teenagers nowadays. >> reporter: 15-year-old kate savage couldn't stand one thing about herself when she looked in the mirror. >> when i was like 3, my eye was like -- and i was like
5:45 pm
shadow in, whatever. and when i do wear makeup, i still wear that. >> reporter: kate and her friends admit their makeup bags could match a 30-year-olds. >> foundation, blush, eye shadow. >> eye shadow. >> mascara. >> and now i think that people looking good at school is you have to put on a full face of makeup. >> reporter: kate took a complete about face. >> and i took a few pictures of myself with no makeup on and put them on my facebook. >> reporter: almost immediately, 200 friends responded. >> people call me courageous for going out without makeup on, which is like -- that is courage, like to not put on makeup? like whoa. >> reporter: kate took it up another notch and created this facebook page, dare. she posted a picture of herself with no makeup and then dared everyone to do the same. girls, dare to reveal their bare faces and insecurities
5:46 pm
about their flaws. >> is any&what your favorite thing about you is and what makes you beautiful and beautiful. >> reporter: the dare facebook page exploded with fans. miranda flores and airlinine include -- caroline included. >> i think makeup was used to cover up things that i didn't want to show. and with dare, it makes me think about it. it should be used to enhance what you have and not hide it. >> others do it at our school, too and you can better relate to them and the last time i went to school with no makeup on, everyone asked me if i was sick. >> reporter: the kind of unhealthy thinking that dare wants to break. with more than 2200 members now and embracing their beauty, this teen seems to have made a difference. >> i think they realize this is how we were made. that we don't need to cover up what we were born, what, what our parents have given us. like this is who we are. >> reporter: nerissa press, fox
5:47 pm
news. >> and that is great. >> i was going to say what was cool is if that being catch on with other young girls. >> i'm keeping that for when my children are older. >> uh. >> and leave the charge and many are following. love it. >> hope it continues. >> yeah. and i would say i hope the weather trend continues and i don't. i hope it will get warmer. >> it will get warmer. >> okay. >> and tonight it's going to be cold. >> she may have to keep her heat on? >> she probably will. >> and colder out. not much colder in the city than this morning. 46 degrees this morning in town. >> wow. >> and that is -- . >> yeah. >> and it will be that way. in the suburbs, we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. just before i walked in the studio, there was some sunshine out there and i could see through the window and you can see the tower camera. and there is still some showers, too and we start with
5:48 pm
max hd radar and this is instability showers and cold air is running aloft. when we heat up the ground, we force the clouds and they're producing the rain up there. around westminster and that is northern sections of carol up on they -- county and a shower up 15 from frederick and to 7 and 15 and to leesburg, too and some showers around the area and this will continue and this goes away as the temperatures level out from the ground and the atmosphere and this is that pore cast. the winds remaining gusty, 10 to 20 and they will calm down overnight. chilly at 9, chill's at 11:00 and the temperatures falls into the lower 50s and let me show what you is going on. look at pittsburgh this hour, 49 degrees and exactly --
5:49 pm
beckly, west virginia, is 43 degrees and you can see back upscreen and that is cold. this is a significantly cold air pass mass that is in place and all the way down to raleigh and they're sitting at 66 and a rather chilly overnight it looks like we're talking 30s in the suburbs possible overnight tonight and some decreasing clouds. depending on the wind. i think the winds will calm down a bit and with the winds remaining 10 to 15, that keeps the atmosphere mixed up. if we didn't have the winds tonight, we would probably be in the upper 30s in town and maybe even be flirting with freezing, believe it or not, out in the suburbs and that is not going happen as long as the winds stay 10 to 15 miles an hour and the rain moved through this morning, pretty good rain, too and some places to a half an inch and this afternoon, that rain got out and some
5:50 pm
sunshine poking through and these instability showers popping up in central, pennsylvania, and in to nowhere secs of virginia. gorgeous tomorrow, lots of sunshine. a couple of fair weathered clouds in the afternoon and that will be warmer, mid- to upper 60s and the breeze is with us, the winds will be 10 to 20 and to 25 toward the end of the afternoon and they will die off. this is 5:00, we'll have shower comes on through and that is looking like most of the rain will hold off through the daytime hours on friday and that starts to get wet later on and that is looking like friday night and saturday is wet, saturday, we'll keep the flexibility in the forecast. yesterday, looked like it was going to be real, real nice and that trend now is down and
5:51 pm
we're going keep saturday dry for now. most of the rain is to the north of us. i think the models, the guidance trying to figure something out for saturday and that might be for more clouds and a possible show or saturday. stay tuned for that. not tomorrow, though. breezy, sunny, starting off cold at the bus stop and 50 at 8 a.m: 64 at noon and 68 degrees at 4:00 and again, upper 60s for highs and with the winds, it will feel a little cooler than that and i would say if you k just to be outside tomorrow and try to stay in the sunshine and friday, the pm showers, the temperature is up to 70 degrees and saturday, dry for now and on mother's day, nice around here the last few years and i think we're going to have scattered showers. sorry. >> and bribe that -- maybele that change. day 2 of prince charles'
5:52 pm
visit to the nation's capitol. he started the day at georgetown university, talking about environmentally friendly farming. during his speech, he criticized government subsidies for large-scale agricultural industrial pollution and global dependence on food. from a budding musician for- from-our area, it was an honor. he performed for royalty and as beth parker shows us, he's just getting started. >> for nathan, the dream began in his parent's home. his piano-teacher mom made him practice. >> she's tough, don't mess with her. >> reporter: he's come a long way and tuesday night at the british embassy in d.c., he performed for prince charles. >> was it more nerve racking with royalty in front of you?
5:53 pm
>> yes. you always get, at least i always get a little bit of the butterflies when i swing singh and it's that adrenaline you that feed off of as a performer. we got up there and started singing. there was a neat feeling in the room and we rode that wave of emotion and let it carry us the rest of the way. >> reporter: he's 31 years old and this began when he was just two. >> and when we would go to mcgruder's grocery store, we were living in vienna then, all of the cashiers would look up and say here comes the singing bane. >> reporter: the 2-year-old eventually grew into a student here in oakton high school in fairfax county and remembers being a performer >> and since roof, was modeled a tailor and we did south pacific and the king and i. >> did that serve you well? >> absolutely. >> from the oakton show choir to touring with yanni and a recording deal with disney. >> the best way to describe it
5:54 pm
is like andrea bocelli or josh gob ap, what they have done, a crossover with opera and pot. it's worth following a dream. i know that sounds cliche but i believe in that and that is what i'm living. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. a big hollywood production is coming to some of virginia's most historic cities. director steven spellberg will shoot his film on abraham lincoln on the commonwealth. daniel day loses will play lincoln, sally field is cast as his wife and it's based on team of rivals. now to will thomas and a look at what is coming up on the news edge at 6. fairfax police know what is -- who is responsible for a triple murder that made big headlines in our area in 2008. one man is facing federal charges and another suspect will not be charged. find out why. and a new way to lose pounds, sewing a patch to your
5:55 pm
tongue. no joke. and the price of power is going down and tame for dominion customers, they're looking to raise your rates. starting tonight on fox 5 at 6:00. a
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5:58 pm
take a look at this video here. looks like it's a party. this is a symbol of the struggle to establish for gluten-free food labeling. the this is the prep work. 40million people in the country have trouble digesting gluten, which is a biproduct of wheat and that doesn't include people with seattle backdisease -- celiac disease. the fda has been asked to establish labeling standards. and food allergies, they were one of the things on the
5:59 pm
tablality the rayburn house building and for anyone following under the weather lately. they can can complicate asthmas. they offered evaluations to see if people were suffering. the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> off the top at 6, it was a triple murder in northern virginia that made headlines across the region back in 2008. in the years that follow the case was getting cold. tonight, fox 5s paul wagner is here with news of an arrest and there are some twists you learned about as well. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney in alexandrea announced the indictment of cook from prince georges county. cook and others dressed up as police officers and stormed a


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