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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in november of 2008, with the intention of robbing the two brothers who live there of a large amount of drugs and money. on november 17th, 2008, outside of this house, police believe that cook, slay and others conducted surveillance in hopes of learning the best way to rob the people who live there. the indictment said that the thieves knew brothers ryan and terrence strope were trafficking in marijuana and they were hoping to rip them off. >> i don't condone, certainly the marijuana dealing that may have caused this residence to be targeted. these three men did not deserve to die. no one deserves to be a victim of a violent crime. that is why we never forget the victims of the serious crime. >> reporter: police wouldn't say how they came to close the case. the indictment suggests someone came forward with information. cook was arrested this week and slay, whose name was mentioned
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in the indictment, is dead. >> jelani slay allegedly attempted to rob an offduty melt pol tan police officer in march of 2009, and between march 8th and march 9th, i believe. there was a exchange of gun fire and mr. slay was shot and killed by the offduty police officer in d.c. >> reporter: investigators say that the man killed along with the strope brothers that night was visiting and not an intended target. >> the third victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was visiting there that night and was one of the victims, sadly. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney wouldn't explain why cook was facing federal robbery charges and not murder charges in fairfax county court, other than to say that they're taking the case step-by-step andna further charges would -- and that further charges would be filed. there are mysteries in this case and one that hasn't been explained and one is there was
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a man who plead guilty to a murder in michigan in in 2008. after the murders on moultrie road. that man was in possession of one of the brothers control phones. it's unclear what ties he may have had to the murder if any at this point and this is going to be played out in court. there is more evidence to come. >> paul wagner, thank you. developing right now at 6, the fight for autonomy and voting rights continues in the nation's capitol and activists are taking the fight to the streets. the mayor and city council members were arrested outside of the heart senate office building and again, they are focused on capitol hill. fox 5s karen gray houston is live at the upper park and you can hear the activity behind her. karen, looks like they're trying to send, once again, a clear message to congress. >> reporter: they say they want to shut the city down but i want to tell you right now, there haven't been arrests yet, there haven't been acts of
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civil disobedience yet. the capitol police are ready and there are a lot of police cruisers on the scene here and in constitution avenue. and what is going on, though, is this protest by women leaders and one is joining me here right now. this is -- the lady with a lot of names. reverend doctor e. gayle anderson. >> yes. >> she used to be the president of the interfaith council of washington, d.c., and i want to know why you are here? >> we came today in the backdrop of the capitol and our sister. and we're stick and -- sick and tired of being d.c. residents being desenfranchised, particularly women with some health issues. we're sick and tired of being sick and tired of a congress who comes to washington, d.c., for a couple of months and leaves us here to fend for ourselves on a budget that we
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pay 60% of and they trying to make it as if we do nothing. usually when you talk loud and say nothing, no one hears you. we're loud enough and if they can't hear us, they need to put on some hearing -- hearing aids. they should be able to hear us. we're big enough for them to see what is happening in washington. we do everything all over the other parts of the world and make democracy work here and we're hypocritical and to free the atlanta and the braves and we're not allowing democracy to take place. this is a park in 2011 and it used to exist and we should overcome. we still have yet to overcome. >> we're going to see what happens and there is a rally, at 7:45 in the morning. 15 of the d.c. 41 and that is the 41 people who are arrested when the mayor and council members were arrested april length, i believe it was and 15
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people are going to be in court. they didn't pay the $50 fine they were supposed to pay that day. there is an arraignment for them and one of the people arrested in the second round. the d.c. 3 is going to plead not guilty and his case will go to trial. so, more to come. >> back to you. >> all right, certainly fired up out there and thank you, karen gray houston. d.c. police have busted up a major cocaine operation in our area. investigators served four search warrants in d.c. and prince georges county in recent days. what they found? get ready for this. 30 kilos of cocaine and a half a million in cash. a huge bust. plus, four guns including assault rifles. in fact, the d.c. police chief cathy lanier said it's the largest seizure of cocaine in 12 years. >> and it was a major pipeline of cocaine and we put a significant stint in that
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pipeline. >> and the d.c. narcotics officers have been working with the fbi since 2008 on the case. six people have been arrested and more could come. the news edge on maryland tonight and where that medical examiner rule on the death of 16-year-old felicia barnes. he said it's a homicide. the north carolina teen disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. investigators are not releasing the cause of death and so far, no arrests were made. a gas explosion leveled a rockville home today and that early morning blast was so strong, it blew two people out of the house. you can see that that scattered there. fire investigators tell us the new tenants who were installing a drier and left a gas line open. the man and woman are in serious condition and her injuries are said to be potentially life-threatening. bin laden's final pictures
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won't be released to the world and that was the president's decision after days of whether the photo should be released to prove to everyone bin laden's death. tom fitzgerald is following this for us and the director of the cia said the photo would be released. what changed? >> reporter: in the end, this was going to be a decision made by president obama himself and the debate centered on those who would say the photo would once and for all prove bin laden's death and others who said the pictures might spark violence. the pictures themselves are reported to be bleed gruesome, showing bin laden having been shot in the head. today, jay carnie read a trent that explained the decision. >> there is no doubt we killed osama bin laden. it's important for us to make
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sure that very graphic photos of someone shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or a propaganda tool. that is not who we are. we don't trot out this stuff as trophies. >> reporter: some in congress urged the president to release the photos to prove bin laden's death. after the announcement, many deferred to his decision not to release them and the president, meanwhile, heads to new york to go to where he will meet with the families of those who died in the 9/11 attacks. tom fitzgerald in the newsroom. thank you. also at the white house, president obama welcomed u.s. service members who gave so much in the fight against terrorism. they're part of the wounded warrior project that adapted bicycles to allow disabled veterans to participate. the president said this weekend's raid reminds all americans and the world of our
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military's bravery. >> you airplaned your place among the greatest generations of americans. we saw that again this past weekend, when thanks to the courage and precision of the forces, the terrorists who started this war and took many lives learned that the president does not forget. >> he started the horn for the race and that included two laps. harry reid is recovering from a nasty fall this morning. the senator dislocated his shoulder and has a bump over his left eye. look at him from yesterday and just fine. he fell this morning exercising in the rain and was treated in the hospital and returned later to work. a new way to lose pounds is raising some eyebrows. would you let a doctor sew a patch on your tongue? >> some would do that. >> who told that? [ laughter ] >> and we have more showers
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hang around and wow, what a difference. and 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. and we'll let you know how chilly it's going to get tonight. 
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>> smokers have a patch and dieters have one, too and that is not without controversy. he designed the patch to help them lose weight. the patch which, is made of material approved for other medical uses, is sewn on to the tongue and making it uncomfortable to eat solid food. >> we put four to six stitches right into the patch and the portion of the tug. it stays there for a month or six weeks. >> and patients follow a liquid- only diet and that it provides
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adequate restriction and restrictsicalries to 800 a day. some say the procedure is not without possible side effects. >> any time you're stitching into the tongue, you have risk of infection and swelling and nerve damage or even tissue necrosis. >> and he has his patients take an antibiotic in case of infection. costs $1,800 for a procedure and diet drinks. 10 doctors are currently performing the procedure. up next on the news edge at 6, the price of powea is going down for pepco customers. at the same time, doninnion is look -- dominion is looking to raise rates. we're breaking it down for you. o
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>> energy prices are going up. the company announced the 15%
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rate decrease in maryland and in d.c. at the same time, dominion virginia power is asking permission to raise the rates. melanie alnwick is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: let's talk pepco. it goes out and buys power on the open market and transfers it. the rules are set up differently. in d.c. power, purchased once a year. maryland power, purchased twice a year and they were made when the prices were cheaper. this is what bob hain he to say. >> about 15% it for maryland and 10% for residents in the district of columbia and that is a win-win situation. we were able to take advantage of the lower energy costs. >> you have to imagine that going to the electricity store and stocking up when there is a sale. pepco bought the boxes of power and can pass discounts to customers. it works for $10 a month for
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d.c. customers. the decrease takes affect in june. >> and savings is a good thing. how long will the prices last? >> the rates are adjusted once a year and i'm told that it should last until next june. you have to remember, though, we're talking about a portion of the bill, the cost of power makes up 71% of the bill and as we know, there are many other add-on fees and taxes and it's possible they could go up and that would if site the savings. >> we motioned this at the introduction that dominion virginia wants to increase the rates. what is going on there? >> reporter: dominion virginia operates differently and generates, creates most of the power it supplies to customers. dominion virginia has a flexible mix of sources, coal, natural gas, nuclear and to moderate the prices when one goes high. it can pull from the lower-cost source. the generation is part of the reason that it's asking for a rate increase. the company said that fuel
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costs 8 up $483 million it's asking for a fuel increase of $4.86 and 75 cents a month to build a new power plant to meet increased demand and $3.84 a month for maintenance and upgrades on the transmission lines and that comes to $9.40 a month and that sow like a lot of money but the rates are lower and d.c. rates are the lowest because there are more apartments and condos. >> and good news and bad news. and thank you for, that melanie alnwick. and it looked like the day was going for the better.
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welcome to my scalp. >> we're going to have to get more dark in, there right? >> and i am going to go like this. >> right. >> and that is true. >> and if you're going out, maybe an umbrella. what we're getting are scattered instability showers and there is some cold air aloft in the heating of the day and that built up a few showers. some of which, the more intense ones are producing hail and some pea-sized hail might be possible and one of our photographers saw that. heads up if you have under one of the more intense downstorms and not everyone is in the rain. we want you to think about this in terms of the showers. moving from the northwest to the southeast and clearly not the coverage that we had earlier this morning when widespread light rain produced a half an inch and this is over arlington with heavier rain and
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the pea-sized hail. going to pulse up and head on down. get that in alexandrea and camp springs. moves along the potomac river to the the southeast. and that is how it's going to go and when that sun goes down, we're going to see the showers detectiving. something else, temperatures not that we're going to see frost and freeze in the metro area, but over to true view. i want to you see what we're going to watch to the west. we have had, of course, yesterday in the lower 80s and today, cooler and some freeze advisories and frost advisories for the shenandoah valley and that is what you're seeing here. some of these, we're watching the temperatures into the 30s and that is that freeze warning expiring at 9 in the morning and that can be cold enough. as the growing season started, that is why we're careful with that and that is where -- 8 to 10 in the morning and that is where some highspots and the valleys. that is until 9 in the morning.
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ing in for our area and that is -- nothing for our area and we can get the cold nights and have some in our forecast. not only can you see the heavy rain moving away and you can see the flow that is producing the showers and hail tonight. we should see skies go partly cloudy tonight and we'll get chilly in a hurry since that was 62 and to 57 degrees. most places heading for the 40s and a few 30s. we're at 55 degrees not degrees in the district, quantico, 59; 57 to the west and some of the lows we're thinking about overnight and probably 36 for winchester and frederick, 38; washington, 46; monasses, 40. we set the breeze and that is going to assist us in not seeing the temperatures get cold and if this was to go light, we would see some colder
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temperatures and decrease clouds, 46 degrees for us for tomorrow and 68 degrees for tomorrow and we'll see some showers around and we think again on friday with a temperature of 90 degrees and right now, we're saying not expecting rain on saturday and that could be in the forecast as of tomorrow and a few showers for mother's day as well and on monday, the temperature of 74 degrees and should be dry, not sunny. don't go away, fox 5 news edge at 6 will be right back. ea
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so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. nicely done, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >> he, everybody. i'm dave feldman. we know that three teams in the nhl history came back from a deficit to win the best-of-7 series. 1942, 1975, 2010 and happens on average, every 34 years. the caps scored three second- period goals to take a 3-2 lead last night in tampa. the third goal coming on a 5-on- 3 power play, courtesy of alex ovechkin. the caps only power play goal in the series in 16 attempts.
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and third period breaks down and with that centering pass in front and off the skate for the game winner and. >> reporter: after two periods, leading 3-2 n. a span of 24 seconds, it fell a part and is not, deal to fall behind. coach budreaux, what is the plan from here on out. >> you don't think of it as four but one, four seems like a daunting task and one doesn't seem as daunting. so, and if you get successful, you look at one more. >> lay it on the line tonight and it's a couple of days off and do the same thing, you know and -- we be a team to put forward together and have nothing else to do. >> we have been with a good team of where we had to and
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coming from adversity and this and that and i can do it and that -- >> the cavs have been down 0-3 and have never won more than one game. tonight, the next biggest challenge yet is from here in tampa, florida and back to you, feldy. >> seven p.m. ands basketball team took a hit. with an agent and will forego the junior and senior seasons and remain in the nba draft. williams is a 6'10" sophomore and had earlier entered his name for the 11 draft and could have retained eligibility by not signing with an agent and withdrawing his name by may 8th and he chose not to. we wish jordan well as he pursues his dream of playing in the nba. last night, the heat hosting the celtics, dwayne wade on the break and you talk
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about faking someone out of their socks. kevin garnet. pretty good. wade with 28 and celebrates with lebron james. the play of the game, the heat on the steal and go ahead to lebron and look. i'm dunk august. the game high 35, 102-91, taking a 2-game-to-none series lead. the clipper name the nba rookie-of-the-year, the first unanimous winner since 1990. the wizards john wall finished second and that is sports, i'm dave feldman, back to you. >> and that is a wrap-up at 6. i'm back with shawn at 10 and we have your news edge at 11. we're always on 
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