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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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away. >> he called 911. it may have saved his life and the boy's name is not being released because of his age. will thomas in for brian now on the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge at 11:00 working several story lines stemming from the death of osama bin laden. we're talking about the controversial decision on gruesome pictures of his body. pakistan trying to save face after the al-qaida leader's discovery and bin laden's code name has angered some native americans, but we start with what some analysts are calling a treasure troph of information. right now, investigators are pouring through intelligence found in sunday's raid. what does it mean for the future of the war on terror? fox 5's bob barnard starts us off tonight. >> reporter: will, it could lead the cia and pentagon to the door steps of other senior al-qaida leaders. tonight, we asked a university of maryland researcher who investigates terrorist networks what investigators might learn from all that evidence.
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>> i'm thinking forensic bingo. >> reporter: us officials say in the commando raid on osama bin laden's secret pakistani head-out, a mountain of evidence was seized, several computers, numerous harddrives, mobile phones and computer disks. those and other materials that were at bin laden's fingertips, now in northern virginia getting a close look by analysts at the fbi and cia. >> the world of cyber forensics is impressive. >> reporter: perhaps shining a light on all the terrorist's men. >> the dream find would be where is al zahari. because that puts the momentum on our side. >> reporter: he's the university researcher and the author of "profiles in terror". >> like everybody i'm really interested in pakistan, what are we going to find out. >> reporter: about the pakistani government's possible
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role in aiding and abetting the terrorist network. >> maybe we'll find out something about their contacts and pakistani intelligence. we'll find out about how this works, nuts and bolts. how they maintained continuity despite enormous international pressure. >> reporter: they told congress a number of agencies are reviewing the evidence. >> as we glean information from that material we will make appropriate decisions with regard to who might be added to the terrorist watch list, the no-fly list. >> reporter: the question is what are you looking for? >> we're getting a better sense of where to point our capabilities and i think that will take a toll with pretty devastating effect for al-qaida. >> reporter: we learned today osama bin laden had two phone numbers sewn into his clothing when he was killed, people to call perhaps in case he needed to make a get away. counter-terrorism investigators no doubt are hoping those phone numbers will lead them to his
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closest allies. >> thank you. meantime, president obama has made his decision. the public will not see the gruesome pictures of his corpse. this is pakistani officials trying to convince you and the world that it had no idea where bin laden was hiding. fox 5's laura evans is here now with more, laura. >> reporter: will, let's start with the decision on the photos. the pictures are said to show a portion of bin laden's skull blown away from a gun shot wound near his left eye. there was also a picture of his burial in the that's not going public either. after consulting with his closest advisors, president obama said in a 60 minutes interview today he believes it's unnecessary to trot out a trophy picture saying it's not who we are. he also says it could inspire retaliation here and abroad putting americans in danger, and the president says, we have the dna, and anyone who doubts that would likely doubt any pictures thinking it might be doctored, so what's the point.
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of course there's mixed reaction to this on the hill among 911 families. meanwhile, there's a delicate situation right now that's brewing between pakistan and the united states. many us lawmakers questioning the pakistani's stated commitment to the search for bin laden. >> if it turns out that he didn't know that osama bin laden was there, it does represent an intelligence failure and i think that's something that needs to be investigated. i know master alkani, said we're going to launch a full inquiry into this and get to the bottom and say why has our intelligence failed to discover that. >> the country's prime minister use of raza galani defended his agency's intelligence over their role saying other countries shouldn't be so quick to point the finger of blame here. we're learning according to a us official after the chief congratulated the us joint chiefs of staff. >> we understand president obama will be at ground zero tomorrow.
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are you hearing that as well? >> yes, he will meet with family victims of 911 at ground zero and wants to meet quietly so hes not planning on making any public comments. by the way, he did invite president george w. bush to join him but he declined. the code name given to bin laden has native americans upset. he was known in the intel community known as geranimo, an apache warrior who walked through without leaving footprints and avoiding capture. the problem is, he was a hero to native americans. he's sent a letter to president obama asking for an apology. the defense department says it meant no disrespect and code names are typically chosen at random. the news edge on maryland. the medical examiner has ruled the deaths of 16-year-old phylicia barnes was a homicide. the north carolina teen disappeared in december while
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visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. investigators aren't releasing the cause of death and so far, no arrests have been made. a maryland teen is among those charged with first-degree murder tonight. charlie eeling graduated from high school and she and five other suspects are kszed of luring a 15-year-old to a house, beating him several times and burning the body and scattering the ashes. investigators think a romantic fued led to the violence. she faced life in prison if convicted and other suspects could face the death penalty. >> i was asking for help, she was saying help me, help me, you know, i can't breathe, i can't breathe. >> neighbors rushed to help when a house exploded in a rockville community overnight. the woman inside the house has life-threatening injuries after being thrown out about 20 feet.
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the man who was also inside was seriously hurt. the blast levelled the home on ashley drive. investigators claim the man renting the house was replacing a dryer and left the gas line open. a possible addition coming to the national mall. up next on the edge, a proposal for a new smithsonian museum and how much it will cost. find out where new speed cameras are about to be installed. first, a quick check of the run-down, the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. 
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>> the american latino museum, that could be the next addition to the smithsonian institution. a federal commission is calling
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for the museum to represent latinos on the national mall. the report will be submitted to congress in the white house tomorrow and recommends half of the $600 million price tag to be federally funded. private donations would cover the rest of it. if approved, it would be built on a grassy site right next to the us capitol. washington hospital center has announced an agreement with the union that represents its nurses. the nurses have worked without a contract for more than a year now. they will vote on the deal this friday and saturday. both sides agree not to publicly release any details of the proposed crack until the vote is ratified. if it is, the union represents 1700 nurses at the hospital. how much money did you spend at the gas pump last month? we all know it was more than normal and where are new speed cameras popping up? shawn yancy is here now with your fox 5 top 5, shawn. >> up first tonight, will, we know why many people's budgets may have come up short last month. blame the gas prices. number 5, according to triple a, the average virginia household
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spent $422 last can month compared to $180 in april 2009. maryland spent $141 compared to 56. number 4, keeping kids safe. eight mobile speed cameras are coming to howard county school zones. starting this fall, if you are driving more than 12 miles per hour over the speed limit in the school zone expect to have a picture snapped and a $40 fine. number 3, great news for gamers, nintendo will drop the price, it will only cost $150 and come in either black or white and it will also come with the mario cart game and the wii wheel accessory. number 2 is a warning for sony play station gamers. hackers have the personal information of more than 100 million accounts, everything from names and addresses to billing history. sony may offer complimentary downloads to protect people from
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fishing scams and other attacks. apple is updating its iphone to cut do cut down on the amount of time to where they know your whereabouts. congress is also investigating and wants to know why the company is having these security issues. and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. will, back over to you. coming up next, an incredible honor for a local man. he described what it's like to perform to royalty. first, hollywood heavyweights coming to the commonwealth. steven spiel burg will film his anticipated barack obama lincoln movie abraham movie in virginia. the movie comes out next year.
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berg will film his anticipated abraham movie in virginia. the movie comes out next year. >> it is day 2 of prince charles' visit to the nation's capital. he started at george town university talking about environmentally friendly farming. during his speech he criticized government subsidies for large-scale agriculture, industrial pollution and global dependence on oil. later, prince charles met with president obama at the white house. it was just a few minutes of prince charles' visit to dc but for a budding musician from our area, it was an honor. he has now performed for royalty and as fox 5's beth parker shows
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us, he is just getting starting. >> reporter: for nathan pacheko, the dream began in his fairfax county parent's home. he has come a long way and tuesday night at the british embassy in dc, he performed for prince ch. >> is it a little nerve-racking when you have royalty in front of you? >> yes, at least i always get a little bit of the butter flies whenever i sing but it's that adrenalin that you just feed off of as a performer so we got up there, started singing, and it was such a neat feeling in the room so we rode that wave of emotion and let it carry us the rest of the way. >> reporter: he's 31 years old now but this began way back when he was just two. >> when we would go to mcgruder's grocery store wauz we were living in vienna then, all
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the cashiers would look up and say, oh, here comes the singing baby. >> reporter: that 2-year-old eventually grew into a student here at oakton high school in fairfax county. he remembers being a performer even then. >> the first one was fiddler on the roof. i was the tailor, and then we did south pacific and the king and i. >> and did that serve you ? >> absolutely judge now . >> reporter: now, a recording deal with disney. >> it's like what some others have done. it's a cross over between opera and pop. it's worth following a dream, and i know that that also sounds cliche but i believe in that because that's kind of what i'm living. >> reporter: in fairfax county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> he sounds great, doesn't he? >> i am going to get thatvd. >> she's like oh, and he's so cute too. >> he's good looking.
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>> total mile stone in his career. tomorrow, i'm replacing these with sunglasses right? i'm going to need them. >> yes, you will. and those are the chiev changes you need . >> find your sunglasses. it will be nice to have a bright day. although i thought today was nice to be so cool and even a couple showers tonight that had a little hail and maybe, just maybe, a few more showers for some of you living well north of the city. i'm spying something on radar rotating up there even as we speak tonight. meanwhile, let me show you what we are seeing at this time, and as you look at this picture we did built up a few showers. and you can see as this kind of comes down to the south it seems like it wants to dry up but along the mason dixon line you might have one little shower tonight. it will be very light, that's for sure. this will be moving out in a way and clouds will break up overnight and that means we'll
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be getting into chilly air. i want to take you into future cast to show you what's going to be happening. it does try to track across maryland tonight according to future cast but obviously that would not be wide spread. we run this out and here's the sunglasses and breezy conditions you'll need for thursday, and friday morning we roll some clouds back into the picture. thin clouds and i think some sunshine will get through this. as we continue on through friday by 5:00, here come the showers again so it looks like our friday evening will be on the wet side with showers around. if you're going to be out late perhaps you've outrun the shower threat. it will dry up in the overnight hours. into saturday, so far, so good. most of the day will be dry and there are suggestions and a little bit of moisture that we see out here through western virginia, western pennsylvania, eastern ohio, and that may swing through as we head into the overnight hours of saturday into
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sunday. for tonight, rather chilly in the overnight hours. i wanted to show you on true view where we have highlighted some of the frost ry advisories and the freeze warnings. the real estate to the west is covered with either frost advisories or free warnings tonight as the temperature will be cold and the growing season has started. it includes the west virginia pan handle and for us a touch of frost in winchester. decreasing clouds overnight, you might have the quick shower in the northern suburbs, 40s after the clouds decrease and in the district dropping to 46 degrees. tomorrow, the breeze is back with us but it should be a beautiful sunny day. manassas to 70, dc 68 and fredricksburg 62, and frederick, 67 degrees so a nice looking day. a little warmer than today was. the next three days, up to 63
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degrees tomorrow, friday 70, and saturday, 71 degrees, and again keeping saturday dry for now but there could be a shower that pops up in the forecast period. so dry for now for saturday. mother's day, couple of showers around at 73, and monday, mostly cloudy at 74 degrees. so that's it for weather and that's it for the caps too. feldy is coming back with your highlights.
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. it was not supposed to happen this way. the caps were supposed to play into june. we were even checking our passports in case we had to go into vancouver. late first period, caps down 1-0 on a power play, the shot is knocked down in front. marko sterm puts it home. his second goal with the caps accident , tied at 1. it dwz goes to clark. same score, later in the period, moore fires the shot and bergenhym buries the rebound, second of the game, seventh of the postseason. tampa bay up 3-1 and they win 5-3 as the caps fail to make it
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past the second round for the fourth straight year. lindsay murphy has more from tampa. >> reporter: feldy, disappointment doesn't even begin to describe how the capitals feel right now. many had chosen them to be the favorites to win the stanley cup this year. instead, they are four and done against the tampa bay lightning. >> playoffs can go one way or another, you know, and you've got to have bounces go your way. for me i think this team has a great mix of guys that can win. unfortunately it won't happen this year. >> disappointment is the first thing. frustration is definitely up there, at least for me. it's tough to see a team like this with all the talent we have and this is our result. >> it's not really much you can say. they're down in the dumps, i'm down in the dumps and i just told them i was proud of them, the way they worked all year, and that they never quit right until the end and that's all a coach could ask, is that if you don't quit and you just skeep
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plugging through. we thought we had a good chance to win and just didn't get it done. >> reporter: the capitals suffer their first playoff series sweeps since 1998 when they fell to detroit in four games in the stanley cup finals. that's all from here in tampa, florida. back to you,y. >> the caps, 1 seed again swept in the second round by tampa bay. nates and phillies scoreless in the top of the fourth. la roach is looking and doesn't like the call and has words with fontez. rigleman comes out to argue and gets tossed. now, bottom of the sixth, nats down 3-1, gives up the based loaded, and they go up 4-1 and the nats fall 7-4.
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oreioles, a solo home run of the right, his third bomb of the season. oriols a winner 3-2 snapping the royals' four-game winning streak. the maryland basketball team took a hit today. he's hired an agent for going his junior and senior season, not coming back, and will remain in the nba draft. he's 6'10", and that is not going to happen. charlie davis scored his sixth goal as dc united beat seattle sounders 2-1. we'll be back with more of the edge after this. have a great night. ohre.c
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>> a nice, sunny but breezy day tomorrow, below aevrnl, definitely warmer and brighter than today. watch for clouds and maybe a few showers around on friday afternoon. weekend, kind of hit or miss but not terrible. >> find a friend with a pool. all right. did you see this? thousands of arizona college students stripping down to the


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