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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and new a recording deal with disney. >> the best way to describe it is like andrea bocelli or josh grogan, a crossover. >> in fairfax county, beth parker, fox 5 news. a beautiful picture of the washington monument this morning. it is rather chilly out there but a lot more clear than it was yesterday. good morning. thank you for being with us early this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's take a look at that beautiful day. here is tony perkins. he is here with the latest on that. >> i think i've been saying all week that today will be the best day of the workweek and i stand by that. it is going to be windy. the winds will pick up later on but other than that, quite nice. let's start by taking a look at
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hd radar. we can show you what is happening out there. what you will see is there is not much happening. there is nothing in the way of precipitation. we have only a few clouds moving through the skies early this morning. so that looks good. and for much of the eastern third of the nation, things are quiet today and you know what? we could use the break. it has been rather stormy in much of the eastern united states. here is a look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national. it is a cool start to the day. 47degrees at reagan national. relative humidity, 66%. your winds are out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. forecast for today, lots of sunshine, rather breezy today but high temperatures right about where they should be maybe a tad below normal. ranging from the upper 60s, 67 in hagerstown to 70 in washington. 72 in fredericksburg. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> things already starting to heat up on the roadways of we have some issue this is morning. julie wright has the latest on that for us. >> good morning to you all. we are talking about the
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closure of the northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway. you guys headed northbound out of d.c. this morning headed out towards the capital beltway will now be diverted off at 410 here in riverdale. that is because police are on the scene investigating what is reported to be a double shooting that occurred back in the 2:00 hour. stacy cohan is live on the scene. we'll have an update shortly. what you need to know traffic- wise is coming out of d.c. this morning, you will be diverted off at 410. right now, volume is working in your favor. there is not a lot of delay to speak of at this point but why wait? other side of town being quick peek northbound i-95 looking good as you leave dale city and continue past the prince william parkway in the main line and the locals as you guys travel northbound up towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more now on what julie was just talking about going on in prince george's county where two people were shot early this morning. it happened along the bw parkway inside the beltway but north of riverdale road.
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several lanes are still shut down as police continue to investigate. as julie mentioned, stacy cohan is there and she joins us now with an update. >> i will get to you and i will get to the traffic problems in just a moment. first, i want to tell you what has been happening. this all started around 2:15 this morning when police got a 911 call for a shooting. they discovered car with two people inside. both had been shot. they were transported to local hospitals with what is believed to be nonlife-threatening injuries. now, subsequently the roadway was shut down as investigators now have to begin the task of piecing together what happened there. it is unclear whether or not gunfire was exchanged between two cars which were moving or if something happened inside a park the car. inside a parked car. that is -- inside a parked car. that is what they're trying to figure out. julie wright mentioned already this morning that the roadway northbound will be shut down
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from riverdale road to 495. the best workarounds earlier this morning were kenilworth avenue and route 50. julie should have more details on that. needless to say, this is an active investigation. they are wait for the sun to come up to give them a better picture of what they're working on out here. this is likely to go on through most if not all of the morning rush hour. >> thank you. lets he get to the latest on the killing of osama bin laden. president obama will not release any photos of osama bin laden. he is waving of critics who say the photos have to be released to put to rest any conspiracy theories about whether a navy seal team actually killed him. in an interview, president obama explains why he decided not to release the pictures. >> you know, we discussed this internally. keep in mind that we are absolutely certain this was him. we've done dna sampling and
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testing and so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. >> president obama also said we don't need to, quote, unquote, spike the football. stories making headlines this morning. washington hospital center has announced an agreement with the union that represents nurses. they will vote on the deal this friday and saturday. both sides agree though not to publicly release any details of the proposed contract until the vote is ratified. the nurses have worked now without a contract for more than a year. the union represents 1700 nurses at that hospital. in sports, it is over now. another great season for the washington capitals ends in another playoff disappointment. this time they were swept by tampa. the caps trying to stay alive last night. the caps are down 1-0 on the
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power play. this ties the game at one. caps just couldn't stop tampa's offense though and they lose this one 5-3. it is the fourth straight season the caps have been bounced in the playoffs. our lund say murphy has been in tampa and brings us the late. >> reporter: disappointment doesn't even begin to describe how the capitals feel right now. they are four and done against the tampa bay lightning. >> playoffs can go one way or another. you got to have luck and bounces go your way. for me, i think this team has a great mix. guys that can win. unfortunately, it won't happen this year. >> disappointment is the first thing. frustration is definitely up there at least for me. it is tough to see a team like this with all the talent we have and this is the results. >> there is not much you can say. they're down in the dumps. i'm down in the dumps. i just told them i was proud of them the way they worked all
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year and that they never quit right until the end and that is all the a coach could ask is if you don't quit and you just keep plugging through and we thought we had a good chance to win and we just didn't get it done. >> reporter: so the capitals suffer their first playoff series sweep since 1998 when they fell to detroit in four games in the stanley cup finals. back to you. coming up in our next half hour, we'll go live with the sports junkies. we'll get their take on the caps season and what happens now. >> there is always next year. you keep thinking that. >> been saying that fay while. >> i know we have. some new developments this morning at the crippled nuclear power plant in japan. the youngest actor to be nominated for an oscar is being remembered. that is coming up next. we are checking more headlines. stay with us.
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rgri o.
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new this morning, workers at the fukushima nuclear plant have entered the reactor building for the first time since the march 11th earthquake. they are unstalling ventilation
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machines that will help to absorb radiation. radiation levels mutt be lowered inside the reactor before they can install the cooling systems. as the mississippi river continues to rise, president obama has declared an emergency for parts of tennessee, mississippi and kentucky because of flooding. the declaration means fema and other departments can help coordinate all disaster relief efforts. from illinois to miss is, thousand of his of people have already been forced from their homes and anxiety is rising there. >> people moving their trucks, their cars, their automobiles. they are losing it. >> i'm not losing it. if the official come and say we're going to evacuate, i'll be gone. >> the mighty mississippi river is more than 2000 miles long and trains watt ferreira all or parts of 31 states. -- water from all or parts of # 1 states. hollywood mourning the loss of jackie cooper.
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many may remember him for his role in the little rascals. over his career, he directed more than 250 shows, 16 movies and numerous commercials. he died last night at a nursing home in santa monica. another push for voting rights in the district. up next. >> who will join me now in stepping out into the street and showing what we stand for? will you come now? come now. >> this city leader came extra prepared. details of what she brought along with her to her protest. >> coming up in just a few minutes, we'll let you know what we've got in store for today. it will be a beautiful day. and julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the area roadways. there are some big problems out there this morning. stick with us for that. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look at the washington capitol dome. we know it is a nice day out there. it is a little bit chilly as you wake up this morning but shaping up to be a teasent day. >> not bad at all. >> grab a jacket or something this morning. >> it is definitely cool this morning. it will be windy today. so that is the main weather feature that we'll be dealing with aside from sunshine and pleasant temperatures, yes. let's take a look at what is going on out there. i'll start with your weather headlines for the day and they're not bad really. sunny skies today. we've already got a very few clouds out there so that sets the stage. temperatures will be warmer. yesterday, 62 was the high. but that was during the overnight hours. temperatures during the day primarily in the 50s. it is going to be windy today. the weekend looks pretty good. we've had to add a couple of showers in for the weekend. i'll show that to you in just a
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moment. let's take a look at the temperatures around the area. cool start to the day. any 30s out there? not nearby by way out to the west. 47degrees right now in washington. 45 in gaithersburg. baltimore is at 44. quantico, 44. culpeper, 41 n stevensville, it is 48 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. we have nothing going on here in the way of rain or anything like that. there are a few clouds streaming through the skies this morning p up to the north that is where we have weather going on. there is a low pressure system, a high pressure system. you bring the two together, it produces winds. our winds will be out of the north-northwest and they will blow around quite a bit, maybe up to 20, 25 miles per hour or so in some locations. as you can see out to the west, things are quiet. there is a frontal boundary way out west. that doesn't impact our weather until late tomorrow. so for today, here is what we're looking at. it is a relatively simple forecast. lots of sunshine. windy at times. like i said, those wind out of the northwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour. they could gust up to 25 or 30
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miles per hour. your high 70. that is near normal. normal for today who be 72 degrees. then for tonight, another cool night, partly cloudy. overnight lows in the 40s once again and still rather breezy. five-day forecast, tomorrow, not a bad day but towards the end of the day, we could see a few showers move through. there is a 30% chance of that right now so today is the best day. tomorrow, not bad but maybe some showers. saturday, not bad but we've had to add in the chance of some showers late in the day. right now, we are thinking evening for saturday so your daytime event should be fine. sunday, a shower or two possible 73. monday looks pretty good. that is what is happen with the weather. we'll go to julie wright now because we have problems on the roads this morning. >> again,ments the northbound side of the baltimore- washington parkway which is closed off right now in riverdale just north of 410. stacy cohan reporting live fltd scene of a double shooting with which occurred back in the 2:00 hour. that ongoing investigation closes the northbound side of the parkway. better bet is to stick with 50
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and kenilworth avenue as alternate routes. southbound 270 on the brake early this morning out of hyattstown headed out towards the truck scales with no other incidents reported along this stretch. close in, 66 leaving fair oaks towards vienna, the lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. once again, the fight for autonomy and voting rights in the district lands city leaders in handcuffs. ward three council woman mary cheh and several others were arrested last night after walking into constitution avenue and blocking traffic. cheh rallied the crowd before hand asking people to join her. she even told them she brought $100 for bail. cheh says tease needs to keep up the fight. >> this is the essence of democracy. >> you missed last time you feel like you lead for do this this time. >> absolutely. you have to keep up the impression that we care. >> you may remember last month, d.c. mayor vincent gray and council members were northward
5:20 am
front. hart senate office building. some of them who decided not to pay the fine will actually appear in court today. a marvel comics superhero going to the big screen. it is this time thor. up next, anthony hopkins plays thor's vengeful father. >> we'll have the movie review with kevin m 1 c 0 carthy. mccargt -- mccarthy. add a touch of sophistication to your home, with the white collection from air wick. looking for fragrance that lasts ? try new air wick double fresh.
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it warms two refills simultaneously filling any room with long-lasting fragrance. eava
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. the latest marvel comic superhero to get the big screen treatment is thor. >> in the new movie that hopes tomorrow, anthony hopkins plays thor's vengeful father. he talked with kevin mccarthy but the role. first, kenneth brown told kevin how he motivates actors to give their all. >> you see actors and they are are very sensitive in the right way. i wanted to see if he was up for that. he really ran with that. then, when chris yelled you're an old man and a fool with real viciousness that only a son could say to his father, you could see the leader of the universe, strong man, magnificent word euro who could have a go at thor have a layer of skin stripped away. hopkins appears to do nothing and everybody went like that. you do in the cinema. and you really hurt him so deeply plus he is so angry.
5:24 am
and it took off in that way but it was on the page and then they went for it and then you just try to do what can you and it was a great moment. >> you are known for your serious roles and you played so many great roles throughout the years. do you feel like that serious vibe, do you wish you could get more roles like thor or do you feel it keeps you from getting offered more roles like thor. >> i don't live with those expectations. it always leads to resentment. it is something of a practiced over the last few years is to not expect anything and suddenly, something turns up. that is how this part turned up. i came back from europe. got a new agent. and they said would you like to
5:25 am
play this and i said yeah. i met ken and i'd known him before over the years but not well. i wasn't sure how -- we weren't close friends or anything and i met him in santa monica at the hotel and he was affable and generous and nice and i thought this guy is really great. he said would you like to have a go at it? i said yeah. he said we're trying to put the deal together. i read the script and i said yeah, i would love to do t i wasn't on the film that long j no acting required when they dress new that armor and a huge set. you don't have to do much. >> you're in so many roles now can you just sleep. >> that is what is great about ken is that he pushes you to the point where you give your best. i don't mean it does it in a
5:26 am
brutal way. he does it in a pain staking way. just pick that energy up there or maybe -- and he will give you several choices. you know that he is so smart, he is such a smart guy, so intelligent that you know he going to take the best takes and maybe combine them altogether so there is no headache. there is no -- except carrying the armor. when you have some directors -- but with him, he doesn't micromanage but you know that he is getting best from you. he is always encouraging, always giving you the best information. >> there is a great seen where urban issuing your son. as a young actor, he had to have felt intimidated. >> yes? >> he had to have. i was reading the quote that he walked up to you sanded a let
5:27 am
it affect you be upset, i dare you. >> no, we always have a joke. >> what is the joke. >> sometimes a young actor i was working with recently and i could see he was nervous. i said is that the way you're going to play it? he said what? no, i joke with people. i make them laugh. >> that would intimidate me even more for he was joking with me in that way. come on, step up your game, youngster. >> kevin will have an interview with kate hudson who is the scar of this week's other big release, something borrowed. >> that will be interesting. >> that will be tomorrow morning. right now, president obama heading to ground zero. this is coming up later today. up next, we'll hear from the president on why the white house is deciding not to release photos of a deceased osama bin laden. plus, stacy is following our breaking news story this
5:28 am
morning. a double shooting along the bw parkway and what it will mean for your commute. i'll have that story coming up on fox morning news. ou
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you are looking at the lincoln memorial. a little chilly outside this morning which i realized as
5:31 am
soon as i walked outside. ifs like, oh yeah. it felt colder when i went to bed. >> you don't expect this -- to this time of year -- i was like oh, yeah. it felt colder when i went to bed. >> you don't and it -- expect it this time of year. >> right now, here in the the district, we are at 47 degrees. it is cool. 44 at baltimore. dulles airport at 45 degrees. frederick, maryland, 45. in fredericksburg, it is 44. check it out, harrisonburg, 35 degrees. a couple of clouds out there. not much more to show you, folks, which is fine. we need a quiet day, a pretty day and that is what we're going to get with plenty of sunshine. there is rain off the coast up to the north but that won't be
5:32 am
impacting us. well, yeah, it won't be impacting us. plenty of sunshine. windy at times. 70degrees for your high today. winds will be out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30 miles per hour. enjoy the day. >> how can you not? >> i know. >> it is going to be great. this is the way it should be. >> sounds like a good one. let's check in with julie wright to see if it gets her stamp of approval. >> if you are traveling around town, i got to be honest with you, it is a little chilly out there and we've got some major tie-ups to report early. if you are traveling northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway due to a double shooting which occurred back in the 2:00 hour, there is an ongoing investigation which closes the northbound stretch of the bw parkway right here in riverdale so again, traveling north of 410, not going to happen for you this morning. plan on using route 50 as well as kenilworth avenue as your
5:33 am
alternate routes to avoid this closure. stacy cohan is reporting live from the scene and she will have live updates shortly. if you are traveling eastbound along 66, the lanes are open. no problems to report leaving fair oaks headed towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. you heard the update on the traffic situation out there. now, let's get the details about that shooting early this morning along the bw parkway. this happened inside the beltway but north of riverdale road. two people were shot and several lanes remain shut down right now as police continue to investigation. fox 5's stacy cohan is out there live with an update for us. >> reporter: it did happen several hours ago but you have to remember it is dark out here and the police need the lights to come up the sun to rise so they can get a good grip on what is happen ago long this crime scene along the bw parkway. we did speak with u.s. park police this morning. they are still unclear on all the details. here is what they had to say about how it all unfolded.
5:34 am
>> around 2:15 this morning, u.s. park police officers responded northbound baltimore- washington parkway in the area of the beltway and they found a vehicle that had two people in this. both had received gunshot wounds. >> reporter: investigators are still on the scene. the parkway remains shut down from riverdale road to 495 as julie wright mentioned and they do need to continued their investigation. it is unclear at this point exactly how the gunfire was exchanged, whether it was between two moving cars or unfolded in a different way. we are told the two individuals that were shot do have nonlife- threatening injuries and have been transported to a local hospital and the roadway here should remain shut down for the majority of morning rush hour. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. let's get the latest on osama bin laden. president obama says releasing photos showing a dead osama bin laden could foes -- pose a risk to the united states so he has decided not to make the
5:35 am
pictures public. pakistan is under fire for not knowing -- either not knowing that bin laden was hiding in plain sight or knew about it and did nothing about t later today, president will visit ground zero in new york to meet with 9-11 victims' families and the leader of at apache tribe asking the president for an apology for using the code them geronimo for the navy seal operation. the release of the photos now, the president tells 60 minutes we don't need quote, unquote, war trove dwriz. >> it - - trophies. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence, as a propaganda tool. that is not who we are. >> the president also says we quote, unquote, will not see bin laden walking this earth again. in maryland, the medical
5:36 am
examiner has ruled the death of 16-year-old felicia barnes a homicide. the north carolina teen disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. investigators are not releasing the cause of death and so far no arrests have been made. d.c. police busted a major cocaine operation. court documents show nearly 30- kilos of coke worth $1 million received last week from a storage locker in hyattsville, maryland. authorities also setsed an assault rifle and a handgun. four men have been indicted on a drug conspiracy charge. that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says it is the largest seizure of cocaine in at least a dozen years. we are now learning what caused the gas explosion that leveled a home in rockville yesterday. two people inside the home. a couple who had moved in just days before, were critically injured. a faulty do it yourself job is to blame for.
5:37 am
this the man representing the house was converting from gas to an electric dryer but investigators say he didn't have the right tools to finish and left the gas line open. in sports, another great season for the washington capitals ends in another playoff disappointment. this time be they were swept by tampa. the caps trying to stay alive last night. late first period, caps down 1- 0 on the power play. the shot from alex ovechkin knocked down in front. the caps could not stop tampa's offense. tampa goes on to win 5-3. coming up in about a couple of minutes, we'll go live with the sports junkies. >> twill be interesting to see what they have to say. days after the killing of osama bin laden, another suspected al-qaeda attack. that is next in our headlines. dow and nasdaq both down yesterday. the nikkei with pretty big
5:38 am
gains in japan.
5:39 am
5:40 am
. d.c. mayor vincent gray will peek for members of the board at the city's two moisture ire airports about the decision to go with an
5:41 am
underground metro station at dulles airport. he is -- mayor gray says the board has made a strong case for the project. mayor gray says he has not considered paying for it. a rocket-propelled grenade attack killed five soldiers. this comes one day after al- qaeda promised to get revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. it happened in the south where al-qaeda is active. and we are just getting word that two mid-level al-qaeda leaders in yemen were killed this morning by a drone strike. the last known combat veteran of world war i has died. claude schulz passed way at the age of 110 in an australian nursing home. he was nicknamed chuckles by his comrades. he joined the british navy at the age of 15. after the war he join the the
5:42 am
australian navy. he all served during world war ii as a demolition officer. are changes coming to the washington caps? up next, what to do after a disappointing playoff loss. we'll check weather and traffic coming up on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. this is the sleep number store a place that changes lives every day. welcome to the sleep number store. a visit here can improve your whole life. as the sleep number setting goes down, the mattress gets softer. that's nice. as the sleep number setting goes up, the bed gets firmer.
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. we take a live look outside. of a kind of got that song beautiful day just continuously playing in my head this morning. so if i break out in song, you'll know why. >> we can pull it up at any moment and play it. it will be a beautiful day. i think the nice of the day of the workweek with nice temperatures closer to where they should be and a good deal of sunshine too. as the temperature have dropped off a little bit, light rite now, this particular map is showing washington at 46 degrees. ments a cool -- it is a cool start to the day. you will need a jacket. 39 in manassas. culpeper, 39 degrees there.
5:46 am
quantico, 44. baltimore at 44 degrees as well. let's talk about the winds. take a look at the current wind speeds through the region. these are not gusts. these are your sustained winds. 10miles per hour in washington. eight in baltimore. seven at dulles. 14 at patuxent naval air station. these will pick up i think during the course of the day. winds could gust up to 0, 5 30 miles per hour later on. futurecast, now, this morning, we are quiet. no precipitation. i don't expect precipitation today. going to be a quiet day. we've got a few clouds out there but lots of sun. check it out. just clear skies, bright sunshine today. again, still breezy but a very, very pretty day. as the we get into tomorrow, we'll see some clouds begin to stream through. by tomorrow afternoon, skies are clouding up and some of our viewers will start to see some shower activity t gets under way during the evening rush hour tomorrow and then during the nighttime hours as well we'll see some continuing showers friday night. all right. for today, plenty of sunshine, windy at times. 70degrees for your high, just a couple of degrees below normal.
5:47 am
but eight degrees above our high yesterday. all right, then, for tonight, partly cloudy. cold again. overnight lows again in the 40s for most of you and still breezy. five-day forecast, tomorrow, not a bad day but those clouds do build in and then we get some showers in the latter part of the day. saturday maybe a late shower. i think in the morning, you will be fine for morning events. sunday, 73 degrees. showers possible and then monday looks quiet and 7 #. now, let's fete more on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. the inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue, authorities are out with an incident that is tying up the right side of the road. our big story this morning is that police investigation which is closed. the northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway right here in riverdale. so travel coming northbound can go no further than 410. the bw parkway should down between 410 and 495. stacy cohan on the scene reporting live with updates of that ongoing investigation. what you need to do traveling out of northeast is plan to
5:48 am
using 50 or kenilworth avenue as your alternate route to head back up towards the capital beltway. now, we are starting to see more people on the road and there is a mild backup on the scene. other side of town live shot of southbound 270 slowing this morning out of hyattstown working your way around the curve headed out through the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic.. >> scores! seals the deal. >> that will do it. another season in the books. the tampa bay lightning finish the four-game sweep and close it out at home. loss has many people wondering if this could set off some house clean for the caps and if show, who would be on the chopping block. let's check in with the sports junkies for 106.7 the fan. good morning. >> hello. >> it is over.
5:49 am
let's break it down and get your take on the 2010-2011. >> it is another waste of a season. the last two seasons, they've had the best record in the eastern conference and they flamed out in the playoffs. to me, a call it a waste. >> a massive disappointment. first time since the new conference playoff format that a one seed has been swept out in either the first or second round. >> the caps made terrible history last night by getting swept out by the lightning and i don't know if you saw coach boudreau or you tweak the roster. i'm he flummoxed as to what to do. i raise my hands here. >> that is the thing. nobody knows the fix. is to the bruce boudreau would has the best winning percentage among active coaches or the guy that has a losing playoff record. is it the system? is to the players? nobody knows the fix. a bunch of people will say fire the coach. nobody knows.
5:50 am
>> in my opinion, this might be more disappointing than last year even though they advanced to the conference semis this year. any time you are swept in the playoffs by a team that you were pretty successful against in the regular season and you weren't that competitive in the series, it is not like the one seven games and won three games in the series. this is an embarrassment. any time you are swept, that is an embarrassment. >> not only swept, swept by a division opponent. that makes it sipping doubly in my opinion. >> a lot of people are just saying get rid of coach boudreau. i think that is an emotional decision. i know tucker barnes has been saying it about a thousand times this morning to the point where i'm get ago noid with him. is it really an emotional decision f you play the role of a general manager or ted leonsis, is to the right decision at this point? >> you insofar know not next coach comes in. but i would actually take
5:51 am
tucker's side. boudreau is a great coach and there is no denying he knows the game and he may be successful elsewhere. you've seen this in other sports. phil jackson started winning championships when he took over in chicago. maybe somebody else pushing the buttons will help. >> whatever the reasons are and i'm he sure there are many, it is probably not one. whether it is the coach, whether it is personnel, whether it is the front office or scouting, who knows? this team is not built to win a stanley cup and something has to be done. >> they are built to rack up big points during the regular season as they've won the east two years in a row. but there is something missing when they try to make that transition from regular season hockey to playoff hockey. >> at some point the doubt will creep in the players' minds too if it already hasn't. >> there are people that follow the team closely that say the players aren't on the same page. you tax about the difference, there are times here when the caps are kind of sleepwalking
5:52 am
through the regular season and in the beltwayoffs, guys try to do their -- in the playoffs, guys try to do their own thing. i think the blame goes all the way around. >> i think you're right. it did seem in the playoffs that there was a defeatism that you could see. >> can you call out certain players because ovechkin i think played well. we didn't see anything from break strom. we saw nothing from semin in this series. you need to point fingers at some of the players specifically too. you would think in the playoffs, everybody will put it all on the ice and leave it there. but not having lease lorraine chased up the skates myself, i don't no what that is like. the big question, cakes, when are you losing all the stuff on your face? >> probably tomorrow. i felt so apathetic after the loss, i didn't feel like lathering up and shaving. props to steve chenevey for getting a late donation in i believe $100 from steve
5:53 am
chenevey. you are a fine man. >> i didn't give one nickel. i feel horrible. >> i only did it to make you look bad, lurch. >> well, you did. >> thanks, guys. sorry it was a lousy end to the season. >> you know what? as caps fans, this is typical. this is normal. >> let's hope we can reverse that trend next year. thanks guys. >> you got tucker over there like i can't believe you threw me under the bus. >> he is not going to shut up. you know he is not. up next, do you really no what this day actually honors for cinco de mayo. we'll tell you coming up. our facebook fan of the day is shannon martin. our viewers watches us in martinsburg west virginia.
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we thank you for watching us. we appreciate it.
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cinco de mayo. do you know what this day honors? many people think it is for mention an independence. it celebrates the mix can victory over french forces in 18626789 the picture on your screen is a painting depicting that battle.
5:57 am
the french had occupied parts of mexico after mexico said it was suspending payments on its foreign debt. now, if you are wondering about mexican independence day, that is actually in september. there you go. you still celebrate today. there is a call to build a museum devoted to american latino history on the national mall and it is getting big back being. >> ken sal door is backing a report to the museum. salazar, one of the highest ranking is hispanics in the federal government says he will urge congress to approve the latino museum as part of the known smithsonian. straight ahead at 6:00, extreme measures to deal with the rising gas prices. people riding government carts? we'll explain that one. we'll be right back.
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