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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 5, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning, two people shot on the bw parkway overnight and it has had an impact on the morning commute. we'll go live to the scene. and president obama will head to ground zero. president expected to meet with the families of the victims of the september 11th attacks. the trip comes one day after president obama decided against releasing photos of bin laden's body. we'll have coverage just ahead. and the caps and fans saying not again this morning after the number one seed is swept out of the playoffs by the tampa bay lightning. we'll go to tampa to get the team's reaction after another disappointing finish coming up. fox 5 morning news starts right now. thursday morning, may 5th, 2011. and what a beautiful start to the day. if you can deal with chilliness out there, it's 47 degrees but should warm up nicely today. glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey.
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>> i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us in the 7:00 hour. and you're right, steve, if i know it will warm up, i'm okay with 47 degrees to start off. >> and tony telling us this might be the pick of the week. >> nicest day of the workweek. we'll see temperatures up around 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine. but yes, breezy conditions and we're getting off to the cool start. good morning, everybody. let's look at bus stop forecast. sunny skies but cold temperatures. they need the jackets. they need the jackets, allison. temperatures in the 40s. sunrise was at 6:06. a look at the satellite radar for the region. a couple of clouds but for the most part skies look great and they will through the day today. most of the eastern united states, as a matter of fact, is quiet. not much happening, folks. a frontal boundary way out to the west and that doesn't get in here until tomorrow night. current conditions being
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reported at reagan national, 46 degrees. dulles 45. bwi marshall 44 degrees. your forecast for today, a lot of sunshine, breezy, winds could gust up to 25-30 miles per hour. we're looking for a high of about 70 degrees. more details coming up in just a little bit. right now let's go to julie wright for an update on traffic. the big story is the closure of the bw parkway northbound between 410. it remains closed. crew in sky fox live over the scene right now with this closure point. and all traffic coming northbound from prince george's hospital can go no further than 410 and at that point you'll be diverted off of the highway and to riverdale road. delays beginning near 450 as you travel northbound. to the right side of the shot, we had some delays headed in toward d.c. approaching 410 and then traffic will slow again at the kenilworth-new york avenue split. back inside, if you want to avoid this mess on the bw, you
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want to stick with 50 and kenilworth traveling out of northeast washington and back toward the capital beltway. inbound 50 slowing from riverdale toward cheverly. outer loop still tied up, lanes open south on 270, traffic slow in germantown to 370 and again in rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. let's get more on the situation that julie was talking about. two people were shot overnight. >> it has been impacting the morning commute and stacy cohan is live on the scene with more now. stacy, good morning. apparently we've lost stacy but we'll get her back with the latest on that incident on the bw parkway. two people shot overnight. stacy, good morning? >> reporter: hold on. we're back. >> we're back, stacy. you can hear us? we're going to check in with
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her later. firefighters in the meantime say a faulty do-it- yourself job is to blame for the explosion that leveled a home in rockville. two people in the home were critically injured. investigators say the man renting the house was converting from a gas to electric drier but didn't have the right tools to finish and left the gas line open. the death of a north carolina teenager found dead in a maryland river has been ruled a homicide. 16-year-old felicia barns disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found -- her body was found in the river weeks ago. so far no arrests have been made. president barack obama will be in new york city later this morning to visit ground zero to mark the death of osama bin laden. >> this visit comes one day after the president decided against releasing photos that would help to prove bin laden's death. doug luzader has the latest information from capitol hill
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this morning. >> reporter: the white house is treading carefully here. both with this visit to new york today by the president and with the idea of releasing a photo of a dead osama bin laden. in the president's words, there's no need to spike the football. this is where the bin laden saga may come to an end today, ground zero in new york. the president will lay a wreath at the site still under construction nearly 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. but it will be a subdued response. the president has no prepared remarks and in an appearance taped for 60 minutes he said he decided against releasing a photograph to prove that bin laden is dead. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are.
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>> reporter: that ends a long debate within the administration and elsewhere. some, including leon panetta, said the photo would have to be released to discount skeptics. >> the president engaged in that discussion and made a decision. >> reporter: one thing the white house won't say much more about is the operation to get bin laden. after initial talk of a prolonged fire fight, the new york times is reporting that there was only one person who fired on the navy seal team and he was quickly killed. and some mystery about the wreckage of the u.s. helicopter left behind. aviation experts thinks it has signs of being a top secret stealth version of a blackhawk designed for missions like this. and this is really kind of a two-part tour for the president. tomorrow he heads to ft. campbell, kentucky to meet with service members who recently returned from afghanistan. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> you will find live coverage of the trip to ground zero on our website. we'll stream live pictures on as soon as we get
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them. also on the website, complete coverage of the death of osama bin laden and all developments as they happen. just click on the link on the our "hot topics" bar. another big story now. the fight for autonomy and voting rights in the district, some of the so-called d.c. 41 expected to be in court today after refusing to pay fines. mayor vincent gray and council members were arrested in front of the hart senate office building last month. and then yesterday ward 3 councilwoman mary cheh was part of a handful of members arrested. >> reporter: as mary cheh walked up to the d.c. vote rally we asked her if she's willing to be locked up. >> i don't know. >> nothing has been planned? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: but she told the
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crowd she brought $100 for bail and asked them to join her as she walked into the middle of constitution avenue. >> who will join me now in stepping out into the street and showing what we stand for. will you come now? >> reporter: several people joined her blocking constitution. there was a response from police officers on hand. each protestor was cuffed, photographed and then loaded into a police van. >> this is the essence of democracy. >> and you feel like you needed to do it this time? >> absolutely. we have to keep up the impression that we care. >> reporter: this rally came not long after the house of representatives voted to approve a bill that would do away with funding for abortions for low-income women in d.c. although that is one issue the protestors are upset about, councilwoman yvette alexander said it's more than this.
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>> why are these people getting arrested for abortion rights, but we are fighting for all rights in the district of columbia. our tax dollars pay for it. >> councilwoman alexander said she planned to be arrested again. but she showed up minutes after mary cheh left in the van and said she missed the protest because she had to use the lady's room. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, we are monitoring metro. a woman claims she was sexually assaulting on a metro bus. >> but wait until you hear what happened when she reported the incident to the bus driver. that's coming up next. plus the capitals out of the playoffs now, bounced for the second round and for the fourth year in a row. the team sharing its pain coming up. and as we take you to break, a live look outside, we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie. it looks like a nice start.
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a little chilly, but nice and bright. and right now the faa reporting arrivals and departures at all area airports are on type. you can find links to local airports on just click on air travel under the traffic tab. u
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7:13 now. we want to go back to our top story. a police investigation along the baltimore-washington parkway after two people were shot overnight. >> it's been impacting the morning commute and stacy cohan is live on the scene for us. >> reporter: good morning. we do still have the scene here. although the cars involved have been removed or the one vehicle where victims were found was removed. there is still an active investigation and that's why this section of the bw parkway
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remains closed. now i turn to sergeant david she iser of the u.s. park police. we've been here all morning. ferst give us a rundown of what happened this morning. >> at about 2:15 this morning u.s. park police officers responding to a shotting and we found a vehicle with two occupants and both had received gunshot wounds. they have gone to local hospitals and they have nonlife- threatening injuries. >> reporter: the scene this morning, i know investigators were combing the area. the car involved was removed and why does this part of the parkway remain shut down? >> we have a crime scene investigation. the section behind us is where the final resting position for that car was. he believe the shooting took place a few hundred yards further south on the parkway and so that's around the bend so our crime scene investigators and detectives are down there processing that part of the crime scene right now. >> reporter: do we have any estimates as to when the roadway will be reopened.
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>> it should be pretty soon. right now the lanes are closed between riverdale road and 495. so commuters that need to go in that area. the workarn is route 1 or route 50 toward the beltway. >> reporter: and so far no word on suspects? >> right now our detectives are working that part of it and hopefully we'll have more information on it. >> reporter: the parkway is shut down but hopefully that will resolve in the next hour or so. the investigation begins as to what the suspects in se may be. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stay -- stacy, thank you very much. and what a beautiful look across the city. down into the 40s, even low 40s in some places. >> some places it was. we saw a temperature of 39 degrees in manassas and in culpeper this morning. so indeed some folks dropped off to the 30s. now we're in the mid-40s and it
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will take a while but the temperatures will spike later on this morning, getting into the 50s and from then on, to the races. and let's look at the temperature around the region. right now 47 degrees -- you know what, tucker, make a note, we're not using this map again. >> what's wrong with it? >> it won't update. [ laughter ] >> how did that happen? 47 degrees right now. >> let's keep it. >> that's pretty amazing. we'll keep it. dallas airport is 46. winds are blowing at 10 miles per hour here in d.c. 10 mile- per-hour at dulles airport. here is the forecast for today. i don't know how that happened. first i want to show you the sad rad. see now from this point. >> i'm starting to question everything now. that's the problem. >> we're going to do it again in 14 minutes and it will be
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really good. a lot of sunshine out there. nothing in the way of precipitation and it's breezy. there is a front out to the west and that will bring rain tomorrow. high today about 70 degrees. enjoy the day. >> excellent. so let's get to julie wright with a look at traffic. we still have a lot going on at the roads at this time. in montgomery county, receiving word of an accident at veirs mill and randolph road and connecticut. 29 at green castle for another crash but stacy cohan reporting live from the bw parkway which remains closed north of 410 riverdale road, the bw parkway closed between 410 and the capital beltway until further notice. delays forming back near 450 headed northbound past the capital plaza. traveling out of d.c. this morning, 50 is a good alternate, kenilworth looking good as well. coming into d.c., that's a different story. 50 is jammed up badly from 410 out of riverdale toward the
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split. and we'll take you over to the cameras. the outer loop to the beltway into the sunshine, slowing from van dorn toward telegraph road. you're also going to find delays on 95 from newington up to king street on 395 and again at the 14th street bridge. no incidents to report right now. if you are traveling along the southbound stretch of 270, we've pulled up this camera, democracy boulevard, checking for an incident reported on the right side of the road. from this camera angle it is devil to see but they are checking in this area for a crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. fox 5 continues to monitor metro. the transit agency is reporting 19%, 8 of 123 elevators are out of service and that translates to under 4%. you can check metro's progress on its website into police are investigating an alleged
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instance on a metro bus. a woman alleged a man stuck his hand down her pants and when she reported it to the driver, they said the driver did nothing. we have more on the investigation. >> i was shocked because nothing like this has ever happened to me before. >> reporter: this woman who doesn't want her face shown said she got on a bus heading only to silver spring. there were only a handful of passengers on the bus so she started reading to pass the time. i put the book in my purse. >> reporter: as she was standing she said a strange man grabbed her from behind and tried to stick his hands down her pants. and i said call the police. my phone is dead. call the police. i told the bus driver call the police and he wasn't responding. >> reporter: she said the suspect that groped her walked off the bus yelling at her.
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>> he got off the bus and didn't say are you okay and what happened, he just said have a good evening. >> reporter: she said she went across the street to at dunkin donuts to call police. the police did take a report and they are investigating the allegation. >> this is disgusting and i'm disgusted. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. a spokesperson from metro said there is standard procedure to call the operations center. the center calls the transit press and -- police and sends them to the bus. she was told the bus does have a camera so they will look at the video as part of the investigation. and if you experience a problem with metro, e-mail us at fox 5 metro at or send us your photo or video to the e- mail address as well. and check out submission on 7:20 now. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton is in rome talking with other world
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officials about the ongoing crisis in libya. the latest on a plan to help rebel forces there next. and also ahead this morning, we're getting our first look inside the nuclear power plant that was heavily damaged during the earthquake and tsunami in japan. and holly is at the prince george's learning complex where they are reporting for the robert janice special olympics. that's coming up. 
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now to the developing conflict in libya. hillary clinton arriving in italy overnight for a meeting of the libian contact group. 22 countries deciding how to give over $1 billion to the rebels and the prosecutor for the international criminal court wants arrest warrants for libian leaders could include gadhafi in that. in the meantime gadhafi forces are still shelling misrata.
7:25 am
she showers the port with rockets killing four more people this morning. in japan we're looking inside the nuclear power plant. this is the first time since march 11th when the earthquake happened. they are installing ventilation machines to try to help absorb the radiation. the man believed to be the last world war 11 combat veteran is died. >> claude schultz passed away in his sleep. he was 110 years old. this photo is from 2009. he was born in 1901 and signed up with the british navy when he was just 15 years old. he moved to perth, australia after the war. he published a book about his life. the last of the last was published two years ago. along with the death of osama bin laden, another major development from the raid on the al-qaeda leaders compound was a so-called treasure trove
7:26 am
of intelligence that was recovered. we'll take a closer look at how this ill ten general will help the -- this will help the on going war on terror. and we'll look at the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie. it sounds like it's going to be a good day. just a reminder. if you have something you want fox 5 to investigate, send an e- mail to fox 5 tips at or call us at 202-895-3140. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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7:30 now. getting close to it as we take a look at the sunshine outside this morning. temperatures still cold but we're going to jump up 20 degrees i guess from where we are right now and then some. >> that's right. yesterday -- it's going to feel great because yesterday our daytime temperatures were only in the 50s. average high for today is 72 degrees. i think some folks will get to that. i don't think we'll get this at reagan national. >> yesterday was so nice and bright. at one point i went outside and i had to make sure to go outside and make sure it wasn't
7:30 am
as nice as it looked. >> no. it was cool. i was out yesterday evening, down right chilly. it was. and we have your weather headlines for today and for the next few days. here is the main headline. sunny skies today. nice day. temperatures will be warmer as we've just established. it's going to be windy. gonna is the casual version of the headlines. not bad this weekend. it will be pretty good but some periods of rain here and there but not a wash-out weekend by my means. temperatures across the region. check them out. right now at washington it is 47. 45 in gaithersburg. manassas is at 45. baltimore is 46. annapolis 48. leonardtown, you're at 45 degrees there. satellite radar composite will show you this. first we'll see temperatures across the eastern united states. pittsburgh is 39, i'm so smooth, 38 at binghamton.
7:31 am
and cold air in place behind the frontal boundary that came through. your satellite radar composite, a mix of clouds and sun but mostly sunny. and we'll see a lot of sunshine through the day today. check it out, there is simply not much happening in the eastern united states. and you know what, that's fine after the storminess that we've seen during the last week or so, we could use at least a day where things are calm. there is a frontal boundary out to west that makes it's way here tomorrow night. forecast for today looks like this: a good amount of sunshine today, windy at times, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. high of about 70 degrees. then for tonight, partly cloudy, cold again overnight with our lows in the 40s. your five-day forecast, tomorrow not a bad day, a few showers late in the day. 71 degrees for the high. saturday i think the first part of the day is fine, maybe a late shower on saturday. sunday showers possible. monday looks good at 72 and partly sunny. that's a look at the weather. now let's go to julie wright
7:32 am
and find out what is happening with traffic. >> i have to tell allison -- allison about ben's chili bowl. they're doing the show there today and tyson bedford is there. it puts the spice in the chili at ben's right now. >> tony, come on down too. >> and stand next to him? >> i wouldn't if i were you. >> thanks, julie. on the roads right now, we're talking sunshine delays. outer loop of the beltway at van dorn, heavy toward telegraph road with the lanes open at this time. traveling southbound along 270, it's busy out of rockville toward the lane divide but again all of the lanes here are open. big story this morning, unfortunately, is the double shooting that remains under investigation closing its northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway in
7:33 am
riverdalech it's blocked between 410 and the capital beltway. so traveling out of d.c. this morning, use 50 or kenilworth avenue as the alternate route. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. in the latest on the killing of osama bin laden, president barack obama is heading to ground zero in new york this morning. he'll be meeting with 9/11 families and will lay a wreath at the 9/11 memorial. the president said the photos of bin laden are a security risk and has decided not to release them. finally the leader of the apache tribe asking the president for an apology for using the name geronimo for the navy seal invnd everything from computer hard drives to hard copies on paper were recovered. for more on the importance of this find, dr. thomas lynch from the national defense university and dr. lynch spent 28 years as an officer in the
7:34 am
u.s. army. glad to have you with us. you have firsthand experience of what it's like to go through this kind of information. first of all, with what they found in afghanistan, and we've been able to -- have we been able to learn what may have been in the treasure trove. >> it's great to be here this morning. i'm speaking here in my capacity as a researcher not with the u.s. government or for the defense you've where i work. my background includes almost five years ago when we had a similar experience in killing an important leader of al-qaeda in iraq. and i think when we learned then can help us understand what is going on now and what will be happening in afghanistan and also here i think in northern virginia where experts are combing through the types of things where mr. brenan explained we found. and those include computer disk, pocket litter and other things and we'll find leads and clues to things both at the
7:35 am
local level, that is in pakistan and afghanistan that can help us there, but also at a wider regional and national level because we don't know how much bin laden has been doing the last few years in terms of actually operational running. but we do know he still has very strong contacts and ties to financing, other spiritual leader that's run other movements in places like somalia, yemen, in the continent of europe and those are the type of things that your viewers should be thinking we're looking for right now and things that can allow us to take action to perhaps go after other important senior al-qaeda leaders like number two new most wanted man in the world should be high on the things we are looking for and things we can find it talk about other governments about, perhaps financiers or others from yemen, inside pakistan or
7:36 am
afghanistan and elsewhere. these are the things that i think we have found to include that of iraq about five years ago. >> what do you think are the most valuable findings? would it be a list of phone numbers or bank or routing information financially or perhaps more of an understanding of a hierarchy of al-qaeda. >> i think yes to all of the above. i think initially we are looking for things that are watch lists and alerts for different parts of america, but second to understand what al- qaeda has become with bin laden and the types of things we found here, disks and hard drives, are probably things that we suspect have been curried back and forth. they were using things that did not leave electronic footprints and that will help us understand who he is communicating with and how this
7:37 am
network is diversified and how the spiritual and financial relationships have evolved in the last five to seven years and that's very important because that gives us leads and incite into other terror events. >> do you think there are people nervous this morning knowing that information is in the u.s. hands and could that benefit us in some way. >> i think we should and can hope that there are those types of nervous folks out there and in deed nervous people often take steps or do things rationally or perhaps indiscretely. and i think that's another benefit of where we tand right now and that should be something our intelligence community and our operatives can exploit. >> and you've had experience with this in the past. when you went through that information and categorized it and realized what was there, how valuable was it there? is it as valuable as eliminating the person? >> well i think if you go back
7:38 am
to the experience with czar cowy in iraq there were seven other raids that captured other affiliates but then in the following days there were 29 raids in iraq and jordan and kuwait that were tie-backs to the support network supporting what he did in iraq and that's what we can hope for here but perhaps on a much grander scale. in other countries where a courier network was operating to show those folks that there is no future in the terror business. >> fascinating information. dr. thomas lynch with national defense university, glad you're here this morning. >> thanks, steve. >> you can find full coverage in one place on our website at click on the link on the hot topics bar which you'll find right on the home page. it is 7:38 rights now on this thursday morning. and coming up on fox 5 morning news, we'll be joined live by
7:39 am
travis smiley. he'll join us in the 9:00 hour to talk about his latest book called fail-up. which offers 20 lessons on building success from failure. and the caps and fans, speaking of failure, waking up this morning saying not again. the team gets swept in tampa and makes another early exit. listen to the sad music bob is playing. it's a tear-jerker. we'll hear the heart ache. it's coming up next. [ music ]
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felt like i had to wipe a tear. >> bob is emotional. it want not supposed to happen that way. caps were supposed to extend into june. once again the caps out of the playoffs in the second round. let's go back to last night. ovechkin had a great series. unfortunately there was some breakdowns with the rest of the team. they are hoping to bring the series back here to d.c. there you see the shot from ovechkin
7:43 am
knocked down in front. al tied up at 1. second period, the puck goes to tampa's brett clark and throws it in. that gave the lightning a 2-1 lead. same score later in the period, moore fires a shot and there is bergen heim again. his second of the game, second of the post season. tampa up 3-1. caps add two goals and so would tampa. tampa wins 5-3. there is the ceremonial handshake which means one team moves on and another goes home. what were they thinking after the game? here is lindsey murphy in tampa. >> disappointment doesn't begin to describe how the capitals feel right now. many of them chosen as the favorite to win the stanley cup. instead they are four and done against the tampa lightning. >> games can go one way or the
7:44 am
other and you have to have luck and things bounce your way and for me i think this team has a great mix of guys that can win. unfortunately it won't happen this year. >> disappointment and frustration is up there, at least for me. it's tough to see a team like this with all of the talent that we have and this is our result. >> there's not much you can say. they're down in the dumps. i'm down in the dumps. and i just told them i was proud of them, the way they worked all year. and that they never quit right until the end. and that's all a coach could ask, is if you don't quit and you just keep plugging through and we thought we had a good chance to win and we just didn't get it done. >> reporter: so the capitals suffer their first playoff series sweep since 1998 when they fell to detroit in four games in the stanley cup finals. that's all from here in tampa, florida, back to you. >> at least lindsey got a trip to florida because that's the only good news coming out of tampa. >> i don't know what it is.
7:45 am
i don't know what it is. it was such a good series. and they were scoring. many of these games would come back and send it to overtime. >> there are close games. gave the effort but didn't come up with the results. >> it's mystifying. >> it's unfortunate and disappointing. >> a little. now let's turn to the weather. because this can lift us up today. it's going to be a nice day today. sunshine this afternoon, windy conditions. it's not that nice but we're trying. let's take a look at what is happening with these temperatures. i want even listening to myself. >> just talking. >> just words come out. i'm listening now. 47 degrees right now, steve. 46 at dulles airport. 46 at bwi marshall. here is a look at the future- cast. now we're fine today. a couple of clouds out there right now. look at how clear it's going to
7:46 am
be later. a lot of sunshine. a bright, pretty day but breezy. next chance for rain is not until tomorrow. we'll see by tomorrow there is a frontal boundary beginning to makes it's way in here. first clouds and then rain beginning tomorrow. five-day forecast, high today about 70 degrees. not bad at all. tomorrow 71, a few showers late in the day. on saturday we think the showers will be late in the day. sunday there will be some showers and monday looks good, partly sunny and 72. that's not a bad weekend. >> that's a very comfortable forecast. >> it is. >> thank you. >> thanks for listening. >> you're welcome. let's check with julie write. 85 today, is that what you said? [ laughter ] >> on the roads you'll find lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge but the big story is the baltimore washington parkway and the closure north of 410 and the capital beltway. it remains blocked off for a police investigation ongoing at this time. traffic being diverted off at 410, so stick with 50 and
7:47 am
kenilworth as your alternate routes. 395 headed north of duke street, stalled car moved out of the roadway contributing to a delay beginning back at the prince william parkway. slow up to this pentagon and again at pentagon to the inbound 14th street bridge. outer loop below speed leaving 95 toward georgia avenue. southbound 270 still have some spotty delays from gaithersburg to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our facebook fan of the day is shannon martin and our viewers aren't just in d.c., maryland and virginia. oh, no, shannon watches us from her home in martinsberg, west virginia. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under the very strong looking shannon's photo. her t-shirt said is that all you got? those guns look good. >> i think someone was
7:48 am
intimidating into making her fan of the day. special olympians are competing today in prince george's county. >> good morning, holly. >> reporter: we are live in landover where they are gearing up to host the 44th annual robert janis spring games. coming up we'll find out what it takes to pull this track and field event day off and we'll talk about the difference this day makes in the special limb peens -- olympians' lives. stay with us. a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
7:49 am
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7:51 am
the 44th annual robert janice special olympics game are going on today in landover. >> holly morris is at the sports and learning complex to learn more about this really great event. holly, good morning. >> reporter: really great is exactly ri you know the special
7:52 am
olympians athletes oath? i just learned it myself today. it's let me win, but if i can not win, let me be brave in the attempt. there are going to be a lot of brave attempts today. and i think we can all learn a little something from that oath. i have two very special with me here at the sports and learning complex. this is tom wade, the vice president of special olympics and joan rothland is from prince george's county public school. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: i can sense the excitement and what a special day this is and i foe -- i know you can too. >> this is exciting. around the state we have problems in baltimore and montgomery county and this weekend we'll have athletes in allegany gainy, and just thousands of individuals with intellectual disabilities showing the world what they can do and prince george's is one of our greatest programs. they've been running special programs for over 40 years. the movement was founded not far from here and it's exciting
7:53 am
for me to be here to see everything happening today and it's just great people. >> reporter: joan, this is such a beautiful venue, first and foremost. and you see the special education that goes on in your public schools day in and day out. how special is this event in particular? >> well this event is extremely special and is one of our most exciting days of the school year. we look forward to this because it's seldom that we get to recognize the achievement of our student athletes. we have been doing special olympics for the last 44 years in prince george's county, since 1967 when the first games were held at the university of maryland. and the founder in prince george's county was bob janice and he was one of our special educators and met with eunice kennedy schriever to consult on how to run a program. and i give credit to bob for the inspiration he's given us to continue this program. >> reporter: and so what is going to happen today. >> this is a track and field event for over 650 students and
7:54 am
adults in the community and they will be competing against their peers. we'll be -- typical track and field events from 60 meters, 100 meters to field events, shot-put and they will all leave with smiles on their face after leaving with awards. >> reporter: it takes a lot to pull this off. >> we have 650 student athletes that will be participating today. 55 schools. and in addition to the athletes, we have our best buddies, our buddies are the general education, nondisabled peers who come and make sure the athletes get to their events and have somebody cheering for them and somebody to great them at the finish line regardless of where they've been. >> reporter: i would love to keep talking to you but i'm blinded by the hardware behind me. the sun is shining on the bright medals being put out on the table. i want to check in with doug
7:55 am
lynch who is our honorary coach. >> well we have a lot of coaches and we work with the different disabilities and children and we coach them and this is the big event at the end of the year. this is the olympics. >> reporter: and there is not only the physical side, but the mental side as well that you help work them through. talk a little bit about that. >> well you have to get them prepared for what they do, like during the softball throw, they have to know which direction to throw the ball and stand up and get in the position to throw it the best they can do that day. >> reporter: and they have to understand about winning and coming in first and coming in first. >> well they don't care about coming in first so much. and some of them understand that winning is neat but they just like to participate and they all just like to do the best they can and whatever happens, happens. >> reporter: and everybody gets a little something. >> they like medals and
7:56 am
ribbons. >> reporter: who doesn't like medals and ribons. >> everybody likes that. >> reporter: we have a link to special olympics of maryland at to find more about the different things they have going on. and we have a lot of people here already working to pull this day off and in the next hour we'll talk about all of the volunteers, why they do it and how you can become one too. back to you in the studio. >> i'm interesting in hearing that, holly. thank you very much. and also this thursday morn we're going to be joined live by raheem devaughn who has a special day today. we'll talk about how he's helping us find the next big musical star coming up at 9:00. idol produced emotional moments last night. our idol -- our idol chatter panel will talk with us about who played it big and who missed the mark. we'll be right back. a
7:57 am
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7:59 am
it is just a messy commute this morning after a double shooting on the baltimore- washington parkway. we'll have the latest on the traffic conditions and the shooting investigation. and some of the so-called
8:00 am
d.c. 41 will be in court today. they were arrested fighting for autonomy and voting rights in the district but before they step inside the courtroom they are rallying. we are there live. we are all urged to eat healthy. well some people take that advice too far and put their life in danger. the fox medical team taking a look at this trend at this hour. glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and it's going to be a nice day out there today of the we say good morning to tony perkins for the early look at the weather. and don't look at the temperature right now, necessarily for the rest of the day. >> right, yeah, yeah, because this is not an indication of what we'll have later. it is cool this morning, cold in parts of the area. and earlier today pleasant. you can look at them. right now in the 40s in the district. we are currently at 47 degrees. baltimore is at 46. dulles 46. 47 at patuxent naval air station. winchester is at 46 degrees as well.
8:01 am
ocean city is at 50. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. oh, it's wind speeds, we'll show you wind speeds. winds are part of the story today. it's going to be a breezy day and it could be gusty at times. winds gusting up to 25-30 miles per hour. now here is a look at the satellite radar composite. we've got mostly clear skies across the area this morning and we will see a lot of sunshine through the day today. your forecast for today looks like this: a lot of sun. windy at times, high about 70 degrees. more details on the forecast coming up. stick with us for that. >> tony, thank you so much. new this morning, a police investigation making the morning commute a top one. two people shot on the bw parkway just inside the beltway. they are now hospitalized. it is possible they were shot from one vehicle into another. >> julie joins us with moreau hon this is impacting the
8:02 am
morning commute. good morning to you. it has slowed down our roll out of d.c. this morning headed up toward the capital beltway because the northbound stretch of the baltimore washington parkway remains closed north of 410. so traveling between 410 and the capital belt, you are denied access this morning. this ongoing investigation continues to close the road. and we're strongly encouraging folks to stick with 50 as an alternate route toward 495. inbound 50 will slow from 410 out of riverdale toward cheverly. other side of town, across the potomac, 395 here at the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. overall traffic slows from the prince william parkway to king street. boundary channel drive crossing -- over the 14th street bridge and then the tr bridge is heavy and steady toward constitution avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. to the latest now in the killing of osama bin laden. pakistan continues to come under fire for not realizing the world's most wanted
8:03 am
terrorist was living in a mansion just 35 miles outside of the country's capital or if the officials knew and did nothing about it. the pakistani army chief is meeting with top commanders to discuss the raid that killed bin laden on monday morning. pakistani officials haven't said when and how they learned about the u.s. operation or explained why it didn't take action against the helicopters carrying u.s. navy seals that flew in from afghanistan. they both say islamabad was not involved in the raid. barack obama has decided not to release photos of osama bin laden's corpse. while many are proving that he is dead, the president believes the gruesome pictures could endanger americans at home and overseas. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating
8:04 am
around as an incitement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> now there are some fake photos being posted online. they are very graphic, showing a bloody bin laden with a missing left eye. gram asking as ifhe -- grimacing as if he died in pen. several senators thought they e real and an interview talked about how gruesome they are but the white house not _ releasing any photos of in laden's body. steve. president obama heading to new york yor city just over hour. we have a live picture of ground zero in new york. the president is going to give new york city the moment of justice. he will lay a wreath at the 9/11 memorial and also meet with the families of those who died on september 11th and visit with firefighters and police. yesterday the president sat with the prince of wales. he wrapped up his visit at the
8:05 am
white house. he praised the first laid about his work on childhood obesity and he was congratulated on the wedding of his son prince william. there will be a ceremonial banquet this month at the palace. several leader as rested last month are heading to -- leader as rested last month were heading to court today. >> reporter: you hear the d.c. vote folks him me. this morning is a court date with a numbers game. 15 members of the d.c. 41 are here and members of the d.c. 3, all of those folks arrested in protest against congress for meddling in d.c. affairs. and with me now here, a former mayor, you also remember sharon prat. thank you for joining us this morning. >> happy to do so. >> reporter: and why are you
8:06 am
here? >> i was invited here by these great citizens to participate in this rally to again assert why it is that our mayor and council members and many folks here were arrested. >> reporter: you've been arrested before. >> i've been arrested as well, that's correct. and we want to keep just asserting our rights, challenging what we think is an unfair system and kicking up the dust until people take notice of what is happening here in the district of columbia. >> reporter: legislation that people are concerned about now is funding for local abortions for low-income women that congress said the funds are banned. can we change it? >> i think we've got to assert our prerogatives to control our own budget. and there are a great many who thinks there is enough foundation within the law as it exists today that we have a
8:07 am
right to do so. so we're going to continue to be vigilant both on the legal front as well as the civil disobedience front. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray is saying you need a movement, a series of these incidents. there was a rally yesterday led by women. there was a rally led by young people and then the rally led by d.c. vote and then i understand some folks here are going to plead not guilty like eugene kin low with d.c. vote. you are pleading not guilty? >> i'm pleading not guilty. >> to force a trial? >> we're going to test the system and see what democracy looks like here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's the scene from here in front of d.c. superior court. back into you. >> karen gray houston, thank you. 7 minutes past the hour on this thursday morning. an emergency has been declared in three states in the midwest because of flooding. >> a look at the damage and
8:08 am
danger when we come back. and only five are left on american idol. tonight one of them will go home. our idol chatter panel is back with their predictions when we come back. 7 minutes after 8:00. stay with us. c
8:09 am
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8:11 am
8:11 now as we look at stories making headlines this morning. in iraq overnight another suicide car bomber slammed his vehicle into a police building. this happened south of bagdad. the second ledly attack in -- deadly attack since the death of osama bin laden. and the japan knew clear an did you near plant will install cooling systems that were knocked out by the quake. volunteers from all over the country helping tornado victims in the south donating everything from baby diapers to
8:12 am
prom dresses. last week's storms killed 320 people. alabama hit the hardest. officials are not sure the number of people missing still one week after the storm? the midwest has flooding fears in the mississippi river as the river continues to rise. >> now several states are ordering people to grab what they can and get out. ainsley earhart has the story. >> reporter: the mighty mississippi is more than 2,000 miles long and drains water from all or parts of 31 states. from illinois to mississippi, thousands of people have already been forced from their homes and anxiety is rising. >> he was moving their trucks, their cars, their possibles. they are losing it and i'm not losing it. if the officials say to, i'll evacuate and be gone. >> reporter: tributaries are backing up because the river is so high. louisiana is also anxiously watching the river rise. governor bobby jindal said he might open up a spillway that hasn't been unlocked since 1973. hundreds in mississippi turned
8:13 am
out at a meeting on tuesday to talk about the flood plan with the army corp of engineers. state officials there called the scenario they are facing beyond, quote, a 100 year flood. down in ten tee, thousands of homes and byes are at risk. this is a bird's eye view of shelby county. in diresberg they are sandbagging and trying to get out and hold on to whatever is possible. >> if it wasn't for our faith, i'll tell you, we'd be up a creek. >> reporter: president obama signed declarations declaring a disaster in mississippi, tennessee and kentucky. emergency officials in all of those states have ordered people in the danger zone to head to higher ground. ainsley earhart, fox news. it is 8:13 right now on this thursday morning and time to turn to mr. perkins for a couple of reasons. >> we know it will be warmer today but we're going to heat it up right now. >> let's start right now with the warm-up factor of the day. officially it is the my first 5
8:14 am
photo of the day. let's check it out. today -- >> i love it. >> another styling youngster. >> he is styling. and he's got -- this is matthew, everybody. and it looks like he's in charge of things. can't you see him in future as a ceo. >> got it all under control. >> he's in the chair and commanding his whole presence. >> we are told that matthew likes going for walks when the weather is nice. >> good walking day today. >> this is great. i'll bet some of you will be lucky enough to see matthew out and about today. you go, matthew. >> he is cute. >> i like the hat too. if you want to send us your child's photo, go to and click on mornings and you'll find all of the instructions there. here is a look at temperatures across the region and then we'll take it out across the country. right now it's 50 degrees in d.c. 49 up in boston. and cincinnati 39. a cool start to the day.
8:15 am
down right cold start to the day out to the west. dallas 57, wichita 57. denver, allison was just mentioning danver, it's-- it's 32 degrees there. it's cold there. and now here is a look at the sat-rad. tucker, stop shaking your head. i'm doing the best i can. here is a look across the eastern united states. it is pretty quiet. we've got a couple of clouds out there but that's about it. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. here is your five-day forecast. high today about 70 degrees. not bad but rather breezy. in fact, winds could gust up to 25 or 30 miles per hour later. tomorrow, pretty good day. chance of some showers late in the day, 71. saturday not a bad day. i think more clouds and a chance of some late showers. sunday maybe a shower. but maybe, it seems like i'm mentioning showers a lot. but it's not going to be a wash- out. but just periods where we could
8:16 am
see some rain. and now for an update on traffic we go to julie wright. >> so are you going to come to ben's chili bowl? >> i would love to. it's from now until 10:00? oh, you're on the air. >> we do this show every day. >> i was going to buy you a half smoke. >> buy it and send it back. >> you trust me that much? >> no, i'll never see it. >> you got that right, honey. on the road this is morning, the big story is the double shooting that happening around 2:00 this morning, continuing to block the baltimore washington parkway. and all traffic givetive -- diverted on to 410. other side of town, its crash that occurred on the westbound side of 66 headed out bond towards 28 in centreville. the accident on the right side of the road there. if you're traveling eastbound
8:17 am
back in towards the capital beltway, slow going before 7100 toward 495. the beltway slows braddock to 66. by contrast, 270 looking good. we've cleared out doing the double nickel out of rockville to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it's 8:17 now on this thursday morning. we are all urged to eat healthy, but some of us take that advice too far putting their lives in danger. a look at a disturbing trend when we come back. and special olympians at a special event today. holly morris is there. stay with us. more fox 5 morning news after this. e
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
20 minutes past the hour now as we take a look at stories making headlines this morning. we start with the death of a north carolina teenager. felicia barnes death has been ruled a homicide. she disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river. authorities have not released the cause of death. a do it yourself job is to blamed for a explosion in rock dale.
8:21 am
investigators say the man renting the house was trying to do a conversion from a gas to electric drier but did not have all of the right tools to finish the job and left the gas line open. and mourning the loss of jackie cooper. fans have been leaving flowers on his star on the hollywood walk of fame. back in 1931 many may remember his role in the little rascals and played the he haddor in the four superman movies. we'll look at idol chatter. did you get a chance to watch last night? what did you think? and allison will lead the panel coming up when fox 5 morning news continues.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
welcome back. it's time to talk about our favorite show, american idol. but before we do that, there's another show on fox in the fall, it's called of the x
8:25 am
factor. we want to explain what the black curtain is behind the set. this is the auditions from the finalist who entered the concert and the big prize is they get to go in front of the judges when that hits the air. look forward to the 9:00 hour to feature that. but right now it's american idol time and this is our panel. this is jack diamond, morning man. and this is the kitty of the city jeanne jones wkysf. and this is my colleague for fox 5 and this is kenny martin. thanks for being with us. kenny, we like you so much we wanted you to come back. >> and i'm getting a chill vibe. i'm going to take the sport jacket off and do you have a jacket? >> this is short notice. >> it works for you, kenny. and last night it was old songs
8:26 am
and so each five of them got to do two songs. we'll feature one song from each and this is james. he's doing without you. he got very emotional. check it out. [ singing ] >> now jack, they gave him credit for holding it together because he was in full tears at a point. i believe this is a single competition, these kids are amateurs and i didn't agree with them giving him a pass. what did you think? >> that's an interesting point. i agree with you in principal because it was not a great vocal performance but it was emotional. and we're looking for someone that we believe what they sing and they are covering songs here. this is not an original song for him but a brilliantly written and well performed song but vocally it was a very pitching performance but he made it through. >> the vocal performance all over the place, but the
8:27 am
emotional factor, oh, please. he got all of the phone calls last night. so kudos to james. >> emotional performance. i'm sure he'll get a lot of votes and everything will be fine. we'll see him again next year. but again, didn't sound good that. >> kenny, as a performer, you know when you reach a crowd and you reach that emotional moment, he did that. >> he did that. but again a lot of votes. >> he won't go home. we like a man to cry. it's okay. and someone we agree is on the bubble is jacob. of the two he did, one was a duet. he did the jordin sparks-chris brown songch he did both parts. here he is at jordin sparks. [ singing ] >> later he switches up and does the chris brown part. i didn't like it. >> it was too much. and did you see his pelvic thrust? [ laughter ] >> and it was too over the top.
8:28 am
you know we have love for jacob but it's too over the top. i felt like he touched me in my chest for no reason. >> he bunched her right in the -- he punched her right in the chest. >> it wasn't a good performance. it's distracting. i'm not buying that. come on, that's not a great song.relevance at all. >> and that's what randy said. but it seemed like he wasn't listening. >> and maybe i'm the member of the panel that likes jacob but he lost me last night and think it was gimmicky and i don't think he has a chance of staying around this week. and if you think this week's vote is tough, wait until next week. but i think it's time for him to go. >> i do too. and lauren had two solid performances. this is lauren doing flat on the floor. i thought it was a good
8:29 am
performance. >> i thought she looked good. >> carrie underwood song. she looked good and reminded me of carrie underwood. it was cool. but again i wasn't feeling it. i didn't feel any of the performances last night. none of them touched my soul, no goosebumps or nothing. >> it was kind of a boring show last night. >> lauren has a ticket in nashville. she needs self-development but she's working those baby blues. she'll get gigs. >> let me say this, i have not been on the lauren band wagon. interestingly enough she won me over and at 15, i can only imagine what she'll be like in the years to come. she had the look. i love the production value of the number. i think she sings good. >> my personal favorite last night, scotty mccreary, not because he's cool but he was boot-scooting, is that what you said? here he is doing "gone."
8:30 am
he's working the crowd. [ singing ] >> he knows what he's doing. >> he's a young guy. you have to believe that he would sing like this. >> i think he's great and the panel has agreed from day one this kid already has a career in country music and in nashville. i think he's singing true to himself and i think he's made that point with america. it's going to be very interesting who the top three are. i think haley is in trouble. i think this kid is safe. and i enjoyed his performance last night. >> scotty is going to be around. and he has a huge career. and did he work the women on the second number. and like i always tell artists if you can captivate an artist being still in song, trust that you have power and he did that. >> kenny, what did you think? >> he'll be around. he's the man. he'll have a great career. again, didn't touch me in my way. >> he didn't? how about when you saw his
8:31 am
grandma? >> no, it doesn't. >> it's hard if you're not into the genre. >> but working the crowd, that's great. i needed something more coming out of the vocals. >> what more can he do, kenny? >> nothing. >> kenny wants him to cry. no boot-scooting, but crying. >> this was an interesting choice with haley. she did a number that was unreleased lady gaga piece that they did not like but they did like her second piece, house of the rising sun. here is haley. [ singing ] >> because jeanne loves her so much, we'll start with you. you really like this. >> yes. again, nobody expected healy to be around. and she's here. understand that i see the marketability in this girl and there's a reason why she's here. will she about the next american idol? doubt it, but that second song was incredible. that acapella got a standing ovation.
8:32 am
>> i'm afraid she'll be in the bottom two tonight. and i'll tell you why i think so. when the judges were critical of lady gaga and instead of saying thank you or i understand, she just made a face and looked like a spoiled brat. she brought out that little -- and i don't think america liked that. and i think that she'll be if the bottom two. she's talented. not my favorite but talented. >> any lady gaga song is a bad choice. second song was better. she sounded amazing. and she always sounds good. i don't know if she can win. >> where is she going to be? >> you would have to be a katy perry, a lady gaga. alan is morissette still gets some air place but the think the younger katy perry is where we're going and i don't see that kind of fashion, power and
8:33 am
style in her. >> we'll find her on mix 107.3. >> absolutely. >> well thank you so much. we'll see markus next week. back to you, steve. >> thank you very much. tucker barnes in now with a look at the forecast for today. we warming up yet? >> yeah, temperature now about 50 degrees. a beautiful afternoon and sunshine expected across the region. going to be breezy at times. s that the only fly in the otherwise perfect forecast. >> it's the end result that matters. >> and it should be a nice one. gaithersburg 48 degrees. warming up, we're in the mid- 40s off to the north and west. good morning, martinsberg, you're 51. leonardtown, southern maryland, 50 for you. and 52 in fredericksberg. i mentioned the winds and again it will be breezy at times if not windy at a oint por two gust -- at a point or two gusting to about 30 miles per hour. you might want a jacket until we warm up into the upper 60s and high temperature up to 60s to about 70 later this afternoon. here is your satellite radar.
8:34 am
not a lot happening. we did have a few clouds passing overnight but we've cleared out nicely for your morning and it should be a bright, beautiful day. mostly sunny afternoon expected as we don't have much to talk about. out to west, high pressure will build in and build through the region for the next day and a half. so it will be fantastic today. nice tonight and then seeing clouds by tomorrow afternoon and the possibility of a few scattered showers around here late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. i don't think that will be a wash-out but that will lead us into the weekend which will be pretty good. the weekend will be decent but the possibility of showers in the forecast saturday and sunday. there is your five-day forecast. 70 this afternoon. look out for the winds. a few showers by late in the day tomorrow. again most of the weekend should be dry but a few hours in the forecast again by late saturday and during the day on sunday with temperatures in the 70s. okay, that's a look at the weather forecast. steve, back over to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. a lot of americans make it a priority to try to eat healthy but more people are taking things too far and putting
8:35 am
their life in danger. fox medical teams dr. michael surge joins us now from philadelphia with more on two new eating disorders. let as start first with adult selective disorder. what is that? >> well if you can believe it, steve, these are people who will pick one or two kinds of foods and that's all they eat. like french fries, or pizza. and that's all they eat. it's not healthy and it's really boring on a date. so it's not really cool. not a good thing at all to do. >> people do this and they stick to that? >> yeah, it's probably, steve, due to obsessive compulsive disorder, some kind of a psychiatric issue. maybe they started as a child being focused on things i have a 3-year-old son and he really liked french fries and if we gave him french fries all day long he would eat it.
8:36 am
but the problem is, one, you're not getting proper nutrition, and two, it's not good for your body because they tend to eat a lot of carbohydrates and they get heavy. so it's a big problem becoming more common. >> there is another disorder and this one is call orthorexia. what is that? >> orthorexia is kind of like taking a healthy person and making them unhealthy. these are people so into eating the right foods that they will limit themselves to a head of broccoli, some lettuce and maybe a thing of tofu and they end up losing weight and can get into real trouble. and although they have the right intent, what can happen is they can get into serious nutritional difficulties because they are not getting all of the proper newt represent -- nutrients. and i have a treat for you, steve. here in philly -- here in
8:37 am
philly we like to show peoples thing from the school. can you see this, steve? >> i certainly can and it doesn't look too appetizer. >> that is a real stomach and this part i'm holding up here is the he is offa gus -- the esophagus. and so there are people who are having these disorders i don't want people to walk away and say i can eat whatever i want. and do you see this. isn't that beautiful? >> that's why you're a doctor, i'm not. >> and i want to give a shout out to our friend phil. >> he's our boss for those of you that don't know. of course his greet.
8:38 am
>> he's a great guy. >> mike, we appreciate the show and tell and the advice this morning. >> well eat the right things, live a long life and the capitals will be back next year. >> i appreciate the support coming from philadelphia. thank you very much. >> we're on life support. >> you take care. >> back to you. the new jobless claims just came into the fox 5 news room. unemployment applications jumped by 43,000 last week. it is the third rise in the last four weeks. investors are now waiting for tomorrow's monthly jobs report for april. now adding to that number, defense contractor general dynamics. it is nearly -- it is letting nearly one-third of the work force go. that adds up to about 112 employees at the company's woodbridge facility. the cuts are the result of the cancellation of the marine corp expedition area fighting
8:39 am
vehicle program. federal budget cuts killed the program back in january. and if you are looking for work, don't forget to check out our job shop. our job of the day is with the naval support day care for children age 6 weeks to five years old. it's looking for a child and youth program assistant. pay is between $13.69 and $16.79 an hour. for more on this job and many others go to and click on job shop tab at the top of our home page. [ music ] today is cinco de mayo. and many people think it's for mexicanin dependence. it celebrates the mexican victory over the french forces back o this day if 1862. the french occupied parts of mexico after they said they were suspended payments on the foreign debt. if you're wondering about
8:40 am
mexican independence, well mexican independence day is actually in september. there is a call to build a museum to latino american history on the nation mall and it is getting big backing. ken salazar is enforcing a federal commissions push for the museum. the commission's report is due to be made public today. salazar, one of the highest ranking hispanics in the federal government said he will urge congress to prove the museum as part of the smithsonian. [ music ] grammy nominated soul singer being honored in the district today. it is officially raheem devaughn day in the nation's capital. he will receive the key to the city from the mayor. he's being recognized to the devotion to the community and his contribution to aids and he is serving as a judge for our own x factor audition which you will see on fox 5 morning news next week. we'll talk with him coming up
8:41 am
live from ben's chili bowl in the next hour. >> ben's is very busy play today. >> every day. it is now 8:40. it's 50 degrees on this thursday morning. and the special olympians of prince george's county are getting ready for competition. >> holly is at the sports and learning complex in landover. >> reporter: good morning. an exciting day out here as they are gearing up for the 44th annual robert janis spring games. a special day. coming up we'll talk about what it takes to pull this day off and how they could use your help. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  mary! hey!
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it's going to be another off season for the players and coaches. the lightning finished up the second round of the caps. this is the fourth -- this is the fourth straight season the caps have been bounced. once again there is talk of a house cleaning in the caps organization. some think coach boudreau should be fired and others put the onus on the players. but the coach and players and
8:45 am
manager all talking this morning at 11:30 we'll and find out more after that. and 650 special olympians competing today at the prince george's county sports and learning complex in landover. >> and that's where holly is this morning to meet some of the people helping to put on this great athletic competition. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 650 athletes and 650 volunteers. it takes as many people to pull it off as special olympians that compete and what that means is that everybody on both sides truly believes in the mission that is the special olympics. doris tucker is the volunteer coordinator. and thank you for taking a few minutes out of your get-ready this morning to talk to us. so talk about what you need volunteers for to pull this off? >> we're here because of the athletes but we couldn't exist if we didn't have the volunteers. so we need volunteers for coaching, training, to assist with the athletes, just sometimes we just need volunteers to be there for the athletes. but we have a special training
8:46 am
program where you can sign up, go through an orientation and we do that on a regular basis here in prince george's and we're always looking for volunteers e. is it something where some people will say oh, i can't volunteer because i don't have the time but are there opportunities for like if you have a little bit of time or if you have more time? >> we have one day-event opportunities all of the time. if you come out here and you can only spend a couple of hours here, that's something that we need. or we have seasonal events where we have coaches that coach several different sports so we can accommodate you for a few minutes or for a lifetime. >> reporter: and i have a feeling if you come for a ew minutes you might find yourself staying longer. what do you think volunteers get out of being part of this organization? >> volunteers love being with the athletes and the satisfaction that we see in the happiness that it brings to our athletes. and the athletes in the community, we are a community-
8:47 am
based organization and we see them in the grocery store and you see them waving and that brings you joy. >> reporter: and it's a win- win. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: everybody is walking away with a medal today. thank you for the work you're doing. >> thank you for coming out. >> reporter: and i'm making my way own -- over to ken who is the physical activity teacher. he's working with his staff. you do have a big job because everybody that wants to be a part may not know what they need to do. so what are the kind of things you take them through? >> okay. pay attention up here. we are the orthopedic races, we are the absolute best venue at special olympics. you are lucky to work here. >> reporter: he's not biased as all. >> there is constant drama. and that's our focus. we want to have drama. and the focus of the competition is drama enough but what we want to do is make sure that the sight and visual lines
8:48 am
are focused on our wheelchair athletes. one way we do that is to try and get all of the logistics out of the way. so that when the chairs come up to the line, everybody is focused on what they're going to do on the track. and the way we're going to do that, if we swing around, we'll have cones with heat numbers that are like this, and the big job is finding these guys, getting them staged in their heats so that we run three athletes at a time and so that the three athletes, when their heat time comes up, we're ready to get them to the starting line. >> reporter: when you are talking about drama, you are talking about good drama. excitement of athletic competition at all levels. >> drama is -- well drama here -- i don't know if you've ever been here, the only kind of drama we have is good drama.
8:49 am
so focus on the athlete. there is a third place or first place and there is positive drama with people cheering them on. >> reporter: what do you get out of being with this? >> i think if you do this and not have fun something is wrong. because what you're seeing is people coming together to help each other, but what you're seeing is exceptional effort from the people that are on the track. >> reporter: that's right. if you can't have fun here there is something wrong with you and if you can't be inspired here, there is something wrong with you. are you ready for drama? oh, no, are you ready for drama? [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: is our website. if you would like to be a part of the drama that is the special olympics we have a link so you can come out and volunteer. this is the 44th annual spring games and we'll meet some athletes in the next hour. back to you. >> thanks, holly. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day,
8:50 am
shannon martin. our viewers aren't just in d.c., maryland and virginia. shannon watches in martinsberg, west virginia. we thank you for that. to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, remember no space between fox and the number 5 and then post a comment under shannon's photo. good morning to our friends in west virginia this morning. glad to have you on board. it is 8:50 now on this thursday morning. tens offed toes of vehicles being re -- tens of thousands of vehicles being recalled. joan smiley will join us with his book called failed up, 20 looks at success building from failure. stay with us. c
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8:53 am
gm recalling about 150,000 2011 chevy cruz. the cars were sold in the united states and canada. gm will check to see if the transmission shift linkage was
8:54 am
properly installed in about 120,000 of the recalled vehicles. gm said there haven't been any crashes nor injuries relate the -- related to the recall into and gas prices up again overnight. the national average now sits at $3.98 for a gallon of regular. so you are looking at $4 a gallon nationwide. 30 cents increase in the last month. maryland is right in line with the national average and virginia a little bit cheaper at $3.88. gas has now hit $4 a gallon in 13 states. it turns out people are driving less in the united states. according to mastercard, spending polls, the average gasoline demand has dropped now for six straight weeks as its prices rise. experts say the improving economy as well as supply and demand may drive up the prices. >> when the economy is stronger and the people are much better able to pay higher gasoline prices now than a few years ago. >> but economists worry that the rising price of gas will
8:55 am
hurt other retailers because it leaves less money to spend on other things and people might not be driving to the stores to buy things. and $20 tolls on some local roads -- you can wrap your mind around that -- when and where that might happen. and we'll check back in at d.c. superior court where voting rights are going before a judge. and taf is smiley is talking about his new book and you know about raheem devaughn, very talented and getting a very big honor in the nation's capitol today. tony joins allison in a few minutes to take things up until 10:00. it is now 8:55 and temperatures starting to warm up. headed toward 70. .
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8:58 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news. here is a look at some stories we're following for the 9:00
8:59 am
hour. some of the so-called d.c. 41 are in court today. but before the hearing, a rally outside of the courthouse. [ chanting ] >> they were arrested along with d.c. mayor vince gray fighting for autonomy and voting rights for the district. we have a live update coming up. the economy and job loss may have many feels like there are unsurmountable obstacles standing in the way of your success. but there are ways to overcome it all. broadcaster and author tabot smiley joins us to talk about his new book, fail up, 20 tips on building success from failure. tips you don't want to miss coming up. and a grammy nominated soul singer is being honored in d.c. today. it is officially raheem devaughn day in the district. he is being recognized for his commitment to the local community, including his


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