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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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in aids and hiv education and prevention. he'll join us live to talk about the honor and why you'll be seeing a lot of him next week right here on fox 5. good for him. that's a great -- a great honor. and tucker barnes is in the weather center with a look at what will be a nice day today. good morning. >> going to be a gorgeous day. nice and dry out there this afternoon and temperatures 10 degrees warmer than normal and high today around 70 degrees. 50 at reagan national. 50 in baltimore. fredericksberg is 51 at this hour. in the mountains where it was in the low to mid-40s earlier, 51 in winchester. want to mention winds. there will be blowing at times today out of the north and west, gusting to about 25-30 miles per hour. so it won't be a perfectly still day. we'll have breezes to deal with. but otherwise a nice-looking afternoon as we should have plenty of sunshine and quiet weather patterns setting up for the next day and a half. satellite radar showing you the clear skiesch a few clouds
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moving through overnight but you can see a lot of clear skies into ohio and indiana and that's moving overhead for the next day and a half. so nice looking forecast for the remainder of today. and then tomorrow we'll see clouds move in and the possibility of a few showers by late in the day tomorrow. more details on that coming up. a lot of sunshine, windy at times. 70 is the daytime high. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 30 miles per hour. we'll have more details on the forecast and look at the weekend in just a minute. tony and allison, back up stairs. to today's top story. the fight for autonomy lands council members in jail. mary cheh was arrested yesterday. >> last month several council members were arrested. some of the people taken into custody during that rally are in court today to fight their
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arrest. >> fox 5's stacy cohan is live now with an update. stacy? >> reporter: good morning. these were called the d.c. 41, the people arrested during this protest. and 15 of those, i'm told, are in court today and that hearing is supposed to start in just a few moments. of course what are they protesting? continuing federal interference with d.c. home rule. they did hold ismael rally before -- they did hold a rally before the court hearing. the activist decided not to pay the fine they were given and several plan to plead not guilty. and that would pave the way for atrial which would bring additional attention to the goal, the d.c. democracy movement. >> it comes down to whether we have home rule or not. and we have phony home rule right now. and what we need is real home rule. home rule where everything that our city council decides is
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final. we don't have representatives from wyoming or nebraska deciding what we can do in the district of columbia. >> the people who did not payout are here to plead to the charge of blocking the passageway and also unlawful assembly. so i'm here to go before the judge. >> reporter: and d.c. home rule was dealt a major blow when president obama signed a spending bill that included a provision that striped d.c. of the right to have federal funding for low income abortions. that is part of the point and the message here that they believe the d.c. residents should have the right to make that decision and not those on capitol hill. and although mayor gray isn't here, sharon prat kelly was here to show support for the group. i'm told court is expected to begin sometime within the n. hour and we'll bring you more later today on fox 5 morning news. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stacy, thank you very much. a police investigation made the morning commute a tough
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one. two men shot while on the bw parkway early this morning, just inside the beltway. they are now in the hospital. investigators say it's possible the gun shots were fired from one vehicle to another. now the search is on for a suspect. the northbound lanes of the bw parkway were shut down for several hours this morning. the road has since reopened. tony. the medical examiner in baltimore has ruled the death of 16-year-old felicia barnes a homicide. the north carolina teen disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. investigators are not releasing the cause of death because of the ongoing investigation. so far no arrests have been made. a funeral service for barnes is scheduled for georgia this weekend. a man from prince george's county has been indicted if in connection with stabbings in virginia. dewlapty cook is accused of taking part in a home robbery. three men were stabbed to death
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in the robbery. police say cook faced federal robbery charges. authorities also say more charges are expected to be filed. the man convicted of using a chat line to rob and kill a man will be sentence today. antwan holcomb shot and killed anthony perkins in southeast d.c. back in december of 2009. prosecutors say he made calls to a chat line to lure a gay man to meet him to rob him. he faces up to 30 years in prison. we are now learning what caused a gas explosion? rockville yesterday. a couple who moved in days before were critically injured. fire investigators say a faulty do-it your-self-job was to place. a man was converted from a gas to electric drier and left the gas line open. at some time during the night they did smell the odor of gas but did not call 911, nor did they leave the house. president barack obama will arrive at ground zero in new york city in just over an hour.
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his trip is to mark the death of osama bin laden. the president is giving new york city it's moment of justice four days after the killing of the terror mastermind. the president has decided against releasing photo of the corpse. sarah joins us now with more. >> reporter: the photos are very gory and we have decided not to air them. now the white house is holding tight on to the postmortem photos of bin laden, deciding not to release those. president is trying to move forward very carefully on that issue and his visit to ground zero today. this is where the saga may come to an end today. ground zero in new york. the president will lay a wreath at the site still under construction nearly ten years after the 9/11 attacks. but it will be a subdued response. the president has no prepared remarks and in an appearance taped for cbs's 60 minutes, he
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said he decided against releasing a photograph to prove that bin laden is dead. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> reporter: that ends a long debate within the administration and elsewhere. some, including c.i.a. director leon panetta, said the photo would have to be released to discount skeptics. >> and the president engaged in that discussion and made a decision. >> reporter: one thing the white house won't say much about is the operation to get bin laden. after initial talk of a prolonged fire fight, the new york times is reporting that there was only one person who fired on the navy seal team and he was quickly killed. and some mystery about the wreckage of the u.s. helicopter that was left behind. aviation experts think it has signs of being a top secret
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stealth version of a blackhawk helicopter designed for missions like this. now another interesting note about the mission. the navy seals have a four- legged companion they take along on jumps and into combat. a dog was reportedly involved in the raid on bin laden. dog would have sniffed the compound to find explosives or sniffed out anyone who may have been hiding and chase them down if they tried to get away. tony? >> sarah, thank you very much. fascinating, the information that has come out. now did the white house make the right call by not releasing the photo of the corpse of osama bin laden? we asked you, the viewer, and a poll on our website, 60% of those responded said yes, it's the right call. 39% said no. we continue to watch a developing story out of the country's mid section where the mississippi river continues to rise. president obama has declared an
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emergency for parts of tennessee, mississippi and kentucky because of flooding. the declaration mean that's fema and other departments can help to coordinate all disaster relief efforts from illinois to mississippi. thousands of people have already been forced from their homes and anxiety is rising. >> they were moving their trucks, their cars, their automobiles. they're losing it and i'm not losing it. if the officials say we're going to evacuate, i'll be gone. >> the mississippi river is more than 2,000 miles long and drains water from all or parts of 31 states. the mighty mississippi. major layoffs coming to a northern virginia company. we'll tell you how many people will soon be looking for a new job in the woodbridge area. and speaking of looking for jobs, broadcaster taf is smiley will join us to talk about his book. it's all about building success from failure. how to achieve your goals.
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we'll be back in a moment with that. it's 9 minutes after 9:00 now. 
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major layoffs at a northern virginia company. defense contractor general dynamics is letting one-third about 2 ways to overcome them. travis smiley talks about 20 lessons of getting success from failure. and let's turn the book around so we see it. and before we talk about the book, this is your 20th year in the business. >> it's embarrassing to acknowledge that to you given the long distance runner that you are. >> congratulations. >> when i started out, i had no idea i'd be in it this long. it's difficult being a person of color to navigate a journey that we're navigating, trying to empower people and enlighten people and encourage people with the work we do. but i love it and i didn't know that i would enjoy it this
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much. but 20 years later i'm still enjoying it. >> which is great for all of us. and you touch on what this book really is about. because there are -- for anybody, there are struggles and for most people things don't come easily and for most folks there are setbacks and failures and the like that go along the way. your message is, you can use that? >> the problem is that once you get to a level of success and the game is to act like you've been fabulous or had errors or failings through the way. but the truth is that every one of us to the extent we succeed, we fail. and i love that, try again, fail again, fail better. failure doesn't have to be final, it doesn't have to be fatal. you learn the lessons from these mistakes and on the occasion of my 20th anniversary, this book lays out the 20 biggest mistakes and the
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worst failures i've had and tries to point out to people that because of those failures i'm doing what i'm doing today. >> and you want to use one of the examples. >> there are three or four my parents didn't know about. sometimes you can be frozen by failure. you can be frozen by the fear of failing. there were three or four stories i couldn't tell my parents. i got arrested when i was in college for bad money management, check coding. i got credit cards and checking accounts thrown at me like most college students. i'm from a family of 13 people with a bun one -- a one bedroom, one bathroom trailer. and my mother didn't know about that until this book came out. it took me 16 years to get my college degree. a long story behind that. but i didn't get it in four years. i was on national tv and radio before i officially completed my college degree. my parents didn't know about that for all of those years.
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so there are all kinds of stories. i had an open mic incident that i regret to this day saying something on camera, off camera and i shouldn't have got caught saying and i apologized to the person. but along the way i failed to get to this particular place. and if you're going to succeed, you have to walk this journey of making mistakes but you can learn from them and you fail your way up. president obama is the poster child for failing on the way up. >> and in my own personal life who i use as an example and sometimes when i'm talking to other people and when people get caught up in failure or not succeeding or what have you, i look at mayor marion barry. whether you like him or don't like him, for that man to have gone through everything that he went through 20 years ago, whatever it was now, and do be able to come back and work for the community, run for re- election and win.
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>> and again and again. >> and whatever your politics, is the message is you can come back from virtually anything. >> the same is true of president obama. he ran for congress the first time against bobby rush as you recall who is still in congress now. bobby rush beat the licks off of him. and a few years later he's in the white house and if that isn't failing your way up, there is nothing in life that happens to us from which we cannot recover. there is nothing you endure, nothing you go through from which you cannot recover if you remember that formulation. try again, fail again, fail better. >> when i heard the premise for the book, i loved it because like you, i've been very fortunate. i've done a lot of wonderful things. >> local and national. you've been everywhere. you're too modest. >> and i've failed quite a bit. and most of the things i've tried to do over the length of my career, and things i went
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for and i wanted that audition. most of it i haven't gotten. but you do other things, you do the best work you can do and hopefully other opportunities come to you and that's how things happen but you can't let that set you back. >> i've been hired and fired more times than i can count. is there wood around here i can knock on. that's the whole part of the book, we can all fail on the way to the top. >> and at these times there are a lot of opportunities that help you fail up. mr. smiley will be at the barnes and noble today at noon signing. >> tony perkins, thank you very much. >> thank you. well the argument between an above and underground metro station at dulles airport is sparked by a price tag. it is likely that those who drive the dulles toll road will pick up that hefty tab but just how much of a hike in tolls
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could drivers see in we'll tell you about one estimate that puts it over $19 and that's just one way. and holly is with some very special athletes this morning. holly, good morning. >> reporter: i am. good morning to you, allison. we're with the special olympics of prince george's county where they are gearing up for the annual robert janice springs game. we're in landover and you can see staff and volunteers finally getting into position. the games are about to begin. and coming up live later we'll talk with one of the athletes about going for the gold later today. first let's take a look at today's trivia question. which daughter of a u.s. president appeared with elvis presley in the 1964 film kissing cousin? the answer is coming up in just a little bit. but you can take a guess right now on our facebook page. we are back in a moment. it's 9:20. while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes
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>> workers at the japan power plant have entered the react for the first time since after the march 11th earthquake. they are installing ventilation machines to absorb radiation. the levels must be lowers before workers can install new cooling systems. current cooling systems were knocked out by the earthquake and tsunami. vincent gray will speak to members of the board at the city's two major airports about their vote to go forward with an underground metro ale station at dulles airport. bob mcdonnell is asking them to reconsider since it would cost about $300 million more than an above-ground station. mayor gray said the board has made a very strong case for the project. virginia is absorbing some of
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the costs of the project but mayor gray said he hasn't considered helping pay for it. financial consultants to the board that oversee the d.c.'s region's two major airport said the dull toll road could raise the money needed by the year 2040. that rise in costs for the toll would pay for the extension to dulles but the rates could be lower if the project can get a special federal loan that has a lower interest rate. officials have always planned to raise tolls to pay for the project. >> a $20 toll? >> yes. 20 years ago today d.c. saw unrest that lasted for three days that erupted after police officers shot a man. the riots led to reform in the district. last night at 10:00 we spoke with sharon pot who was mayor
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at the time. >> we took advantage of the situation to encourage the entire city to recognize the concerns. we quickly began to have bilingual messages in the community and established community-based organization that were sensitive to the latina community and also began to expand the representation of latinos within the government. >> the former mayor said that while a good deal has changed in the past 20 years there is still some distance to go. well the journey is over for the capitals. ahead, a look at last night's game. what went wrong and that's coming up next. meanwhile, it's a special day in d.c. it's raheem devaughn day. and rahim himself joins us live next to talk about the honor. we'll tell you why you're going to see more of him here on fox 5 soon. we'll be back in a moment. it's 9:26. a
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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another great season for the caps goes out the window. with another playoff disappointment. >> this time they were swept. so any way goalie michael neuberg was back in goal for a shot from ovechkin is knocked down if front and they tie it up. i'm trying to look and see where i am. but the caps couldn't stop the tampa offense. the lightning goes on to win 5- 3. this is the fourth straight season the caps have been bounced in the playoff round, only this time they were swept. >> i have lived in this area my entire life and they've been around since 64 and no stanley
9:30 am
cup. the wizards bullets, i remember alvin hayes and so we're talking 30 plus years ago. redskins -- '92, that's 20 years ago. >> it's ridiculous. >> we didn't even have a baseball team until a couple of years ago. >> the caps had a great season and we know they feel bad, but -- >> the nats are still in it. >> they are still in it. >> they are still having a season. >> i wish that we could have a winning team. >> d.c. united last year and the year before. but this year not a great year. >> no, last year they were the worst team in mls. >> sometime before that. >> the capitals are going to do it one year. >> they are getting close. >> another superbowl. >> let's talk about superbowl. let's take a look at temperature. 52 at reagan national. 54 in annapolis. to the south we go,
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fredericksberg is 58 degrees. 57 in culpeper. you know what, going to be just beautiful. yesterday our daytime highs were in the upper 50s and low 60s and today 10 degrees warmer. there will be a persistent breeze or wind. wind gusts out of the north and west at 25 in frederick, 22 in martinsberg and 18 in washington. so look out because the winds are gusting 25-30 during the course of the day. still not a bad day. should be beautiful, a lot of sunshine expected, no rain, should be face and dry as you can see here on the satellite radar, there is not a lot to talk about. out to west, a few clouds. a lot of clear skies. high pressure keeping us high and dry for the next day and a half. the next chance for a little rain and light shower activity will be late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. there you can see the frontal system, a cold front now west of chicago but it doesn't have a lot of energy with it, it doesn't have a lot of rain associated so just a few showers late in the day tomorrow. otherwise a good looking forecast. and just a few clouds out there at the moment but it should be
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a mostly sunny afternoon and dry around here for the time being. breezy conditions expected rights through the evening hours and then here we are tomorrow night by 6:00, 7:00, we have scattered showers around and they'll linger into early saturday morning and then it will all be out of here. and the weekend right now doesn't look bad. might be a few showers late in the day on saturday and a few more on sunday but most of the weekend should be dry. here is the forecast. a lot of sunshine. mentioned the winds. high temperature of 70 degrees. winds out of the north and west at 15 to 20 and gusting to about 30 miles per hour. partly cloudy and cold overnight. 48 your overnight low with winds out of the north and test at 10-15. and here is your five-day forecast. a few showers in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. we look at that with future cast. saturday and sunday a few more showers. i think most of saturday dry, maybe late in the day on saturday a few showers. and then again on sunday. but temperatures right where they should be, low to mid-70s. that's a look at the forecast.
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back to you at the desk. [ music ] his soulful sounds have earned him three grammy nominations. his dedication to the d.c. community is getting him a key to the city. i'm talking about rahim devon. mayor vince gray has proclaimed today raheem devaughn day and he joins us live from outside a local landmark, ben's chili bowl. good morning. >> thank you very much. >> key to city and rahim day. and you certainly deserve it. but how does it feel to get this honor? >> it's very humbling knowing that the hour is approaching. i just can't say any more. it's very humbling to accept this on the behalf of the city. >> do you get to make remarks at 2:00 p.m. when you are given the key to city? >> i have a lot -- well actually i have a lot of stuff on stand-by and i plan to make copies for everyone.
9:34 am
>> and we want to tell the folks, we all know your music, but you've gone a long way to make sure the music lives for the youth in our community and getting involved in the awareness effort for hiv in d.c. why you have chosen to take on these two platforms. >> it's no secret that hiv and aids is affecting our community. and having partnership with the cdc to act against the aids movement, they are working on, it's an honor and it's something that is needed in the community. as far as the youth, they need us. they need me. and hopefully this will be an example for other artists and athletes and leaders in the community that stand up and come out and get ever -- and give back to the youth. >> and we talk to a lot of people saying i saw this and i visualized my success. when you were a student there in beltsville, maryland, back in the day, did you think you would be getting nominated for
9:35 am
grammies and making hit records? >> i didn't. i can say that i've always had a dream and i've worked toward touching the dream. not necessarily chasing the dream but touching it and continuing to set goals for myself and it's something that i try to encourage the youth to do as well when he go out to the schools in d.c., maryland and va and worldwide. i'm on a big campaign called the love life campaign and that's what it's about. >> loving life. you do us so proud. and we are so happy and proud of you. we'll be seeing a lot of you here at fox 5 because speaking to you sort of trying to open the eyes of the youth to music, you'll be one of our x factor judges next week. and i know you're going looking forward to that. >> i'm looking forward to that. being an entrepreneur, i just started my own company and pushing artists and branding artists from this air -- area
9:36 am
it's going to be very interesting on giving my input next week. >> who is this person standing next to you? i think we recognize her? >> since it is his birthday, from you and me. [ kissing ] >> happy birthday. >> and that person passing by too. julie, nice to see you. rahim devon we'll see you soon in studio and tigger. >> tigger doesn't have a mic. so good morning to you, big tigger. you have quite the crowd. good morning to you. and congratulations, the key to the city at 2:00 p.m. julie, we'll see you tomorrow. and the x factor audition contest. you send in videos and we're down to the top 8 who will sing next week in our 9:00 hour. they will be judged and voted on by this esteemed panel. and plus well-known hip-hop and r&b report producer chucky
9:37 am
thompson and sarah and sampson from the cain show. don't miss a minute of that. and the winner gets to go in front of the judges in dulles and sing for the x factor judges. >> that's great. very good. film crews are heading to virginia. details about a new movie about abraham lincoln. we'll tell you who will play the 16th president and his wife mary todd. plus maria and nick welcome twins into the world and now the names have been released. the big reveal next. 
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maria carey and nick cannon keeping up the usual names. she gave birth to twins.
9:41 am
the daughter is named monroe after marilyn monroe. marilyn is an idol of maria's. and now it all starts to make sense with maria. and here is the son's name, moroccan after the decor of the room where nick proposed. not morocco, but the room they were in. like if you proposed to me our child's name might be news set. do you see what i'm saying. >> yeah, that doesn't really -- okay. this is what celebrities do. we mentioned this a few moments agoch a new movie about the life of abraham lincoln will soon begin film in virginia. >> i love this stuff. steven speelsberg chose the location of petersberg and richmond. and daniel day lewis will play abe and sally field who will play mary todd lincoln. how about that? the movie is based on the doris kearns goodwin book which looks
9:42 am
at the civil war. the movie is set to release next year. and i saw that other movie that kevin really liked on the assassination of the -- >> the conspiracy. disappointing. >> i read a couple of reviews that weren't thrilling. >> it was the first movie that i fell asleep in. >> and you love history so that's too bad. hopefully this one will be good. and a special event giving special athletes a chance to compete. holly is at the robert janice spring games for the special olympics next. and we are celebrating cinco de mayo with good old food. food network chef marcela via will join us with recipes that will give your celebration a kick. t a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park.
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the special olympians of prince george's county will be competing in the 44th annual robert janice spring games today. >> holly is at the sports and learning complex this morning with more. holly, it's a great day for it. >> reporter: it is a beautiful day out here. sun is shining so brightly, there is a little bit of breeze in the air and there is a whole lot of excitement as we're less than 15 minutes away from the start of the 44th annual robert janice gamesp i have roger brow with me and he not only has dedicated himself to being a part of this event, but he is a special olympian dad. and so give me a little bit about your thoughts on a day like today? >> well my thoughts are i am a parent, i'm a volunteer and i'm also -- need kids are the greatest kids in the world. they inspire me. i would be nothing without them it seems because what they are here representing is the heart and soul of what it means to be a real competitor and a real athlete and i'm just here
9:47 am
cheering them on and loving every minute of it. >> and when you support the special olympics he make a difference in the family's lives. and this is just one event. and you have the inspiration walk coming up. >> on may 14th we're doing an inspiration walk. it's our number one fundraiser for the year. similar to the plunge that happens back in january where they raise a lot of money. the money we raise is all for our group right here in prince george's county. and every year we try to raise as much as we can and every year we try our hardest. so this year i think we're doing well, we're above what we need, but we need every dollar because these kids are worth it. >> reporter: absolutely. you've got your pamphlet in your hand and i've got the program for the games today. and i'm looking at that picture and i'm going, hum. does that look -- does that look like the same guys that on the cover?
9:48 am
is this you? >> yes, it's me. >> this is darrell jordan, everybody. and this is his wonderful mother tara. and darrell, you are competing today? >> yes, i am. >> you must be pretty fast. you're on the cover? >> yes. >> reporter: what are you doing today. >> the running -- the 100-meter dash. >> reporter: the 100-meter dash. and so now i understand he just competed, right? >> yes, on sunday. >> reporter: and how did he do? >> very well. three gold and one silver. >> reporter: three gold and one silver? you can high five me on that? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you like about being part >> i like to r and i like to have fun. is the biggest challenge? >> the biggest challenge is i guess maybe opening doors for him in the public arena. >> reporter: what do you think the biggest misconception is that people don't understand about kids that have special needs? >> that they can't do and that
9:49 am
they won't do, and they will. they have a better drive than some people without disabilities e. now i see that your mom has her mom hat on. and mother's day is sunday? >> yes. >> reporter: so how about you win a couple more gold medals today for mother's day. >> well i can do that. >> reporter: you would like to do that? i would like you to do that. i wish you the best of luck. and i see the gold medals already hanging. will you sign my program. i think i might need your autograph. >> sure. >> reporter: i'll get you a pen. hold on. is our website. we have a link to the special olympics of maryland to find out more about this wonderful organization and especially if you would like to be a part of it. and just remember this, look at my man, already getting himself -- he's a doer. but just remember this, as you watch darrell sign my program, the oath is let me win, but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. inspiration abounds here today.
9:50 am
back to you all in the studio. >> inspiration for all of us. thank you very much, holly. we appreciate it. we're going to take a live shot now at andrews afb. this is president obama arriving at andrews afb for his trip to new york city which will begin shortly. >> it is said to be a somber ceremony or remembrance there. the white house press secretary calling it a cathartic moment for the american people. and the president will also meet privately with family members of the victims of that day. >> when the president is in new york city at ground zero, we'll carry that live here on fox 5. meanwhile, today is cinco de mayo. a day so celebrate mexico's victory over french forces back in 1862. >> and with a celebration comes a lot of good food. earlier i caught up with the food network's marcela via dell
9:51 am
for easy cinco de mayo dishes. >> we are joined on this cinco de mayo by mexican made easy on the food network, marcela via dell. and before we talk about the show, we can get a demonstration. what are you cooking? >> first up grilled steak quesadilla. all we'll do is season a skirt steak with salt and pepper and add to the pan until you sear and get nice carmellization, about medium or medium rare. and then you take it out and in the same skillet we'll assemble a quesadilla. all of the ingredients you can find across the market. we keep the mexican easy here. we're going to add one tortilla and assemble it like a panini
9:52 am
and put it down in theum -- the yummy cheese. and i need to have one of these quesadillas right now, it's making my mouth water. and then we add the skirt steak and like a panini you top it off with a second tortilla and let it cook, get nice and gooey and melted. for the recipe go to food and you'll get it in full detail. and see this beautiful golden color, you slice it up and there you have the beautiful skirt steak quesadilla and the salsa is easy to make at home and i always have great recipes for that as well. >> is there a secret, the one thing to get the taste so much when we eat mexican food? >> well i think the taste that you're talking about maybe is a little bit of spice and, yes,
9:53 am
absolutely. there is an array of chilis in mexican cooking and on whether you like a lot of spice or not, you have such a variety of chiles to choose from and that makes it special. if you want something nice and flavorful go for pab llano and then the smaller the chile, the higher the heat level. so just kind of go down from there. after that you have a jalapeno, a good quick and great fruity flavor and if you want to add a whole bunch of spice, go for a serano. so i think it's all about measuring how much spice you want to add to your dish and in mexican cooking we have so many chillies to cook from to make it fun. >> and you have a recipe in the food network magazine that is -- now this mexican recipe, the chili rellen os. and that is a spicy dish?
9:54 am
is that more mild, spicy or medium? >> when it comes to pab llanos and this is such a great because, because they can be either really mild or spicy. now the only way you can tell if it is spicy is by tasting it and you can't go around tasting them at the supermarket so then you have to buy them any way. but once you get home with them, they'll never be too spicy. the great way to measure the spiciness is to put it to the tip of your tongue and he'll get an immediate idea of how spicy it is. in terms of the dish, like i said, pab llanos are never too spicy so because it's charred, the spice level comes way down and this chile is charred directly over a gas burner and then peeled and stuff with cheese that has been topped with oregano and that will mellow out the spiciness and then you top it with a tomato with no spice at all and then you are set. and if you like it mild and
9:55 am
mexican, that's the perfect dish for you. >> you make it seem so easy. >> it is. >> and we'll continue to watch you on the next season at the end of the next month. and this is the host of mexican made easy on the food network. thank you very much. >> thank you, allison. have a happy cinco. >> thank you very much. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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