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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the president personally thanking the troops there for their service and telling them about the time that he spent with 9/11 families this week and first responders during his visit to ground zero. >> i promise our nation will never forget. those we lost that dark september day. and today here at fort campbell, i had the privilege of meeting the extraordinary special ops folks who honored that promise. it was a chance for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well-done. [ applause ] job well-done. >> reporter: the president also said the u.s. is making progress and in dismantling al qaeda. we still have a tough fight ahead of us and the president is on the way to the district. new video shows what was happening in the white house in the moments after bin laden was killed. this is video here.
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also, information on how the u.s. tracked down osama bin laden and the cia had a safe house in abbottabad where spies kept a close eye on the house where osama bin laden was living. paul wagner has more on today's development. >> reporter: the safe house is shut down now. for several months leading up to the daring raid on his hideout, the cia had spies documenting everything they could about the home surrounded by walls with barbed wire. when u.s. intelligence officials learned osama bin laden could be hiding here last august, they decided to set up surveillance. they got approval from the pakistani government. saying and doing are two different things, especially in a foreign country. there must be a cover story. >> they could have come in as a geo logical survey. they could have come in as agricultural advisers. part of it, if they came in to do something and move around, maybe they were coming in to provide services to the
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military academy. there are a whole variety of things they could have been doing that would have explain why they were there. >> reporter: larry johnson, who once had a cover story of his own, said the description likely went several layers deep in an effort to avoid detection. >> if they were americans, they were probably disguised. there are other ways of using foreign nationals to cooperate with us. other assets can go in and there are ways to set up a monitoring into your operation and you want to do it in a way that you will, you know, explain why you're there. >> reporter: "the washington post" reported the spying operation was so expensive that the cia went to congress and in december to secure author tight reallocate tens of millions of dollars to fund it. bin laden was masterful say officials at avoiding detection. >> he's a disciplined man. we treat him as a thug and gangster, but he was a huga hed
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open and knew his -- mujahedeen. >> reporter: in fact, president obama approved the raid without knowing for sure bin laden was there. in the months leading up to the raid, no u.s. spy agency was able to snap a picture of the terrorists. the spies reportedly used eavesdropping equipment in an effort to record his voice. like the picture, it never materialized. laura? >> incredible details. thank you. the u.s. military wants to get back what is left of a blackhawk helicopter that went down during the raid on osama bin laden's compound. fox news confirmed that underneath the tarp here on this truck are the remains of the chopper. the navy seal pilot was forced to land the blackhawk -- sunday because mechanical problems. the mission did go forward without further problems. and we are here to warn you that this scenario of assassination people, of occupying can end. if you withdraw your forces
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from our country, if you stop bombing us that is the wish of osama bin laden. >> he's a radical muslim activist making his opinion of the united states very clear here. this is in london today, 300 muslims spent the day protesting the killing of osama bin laden marching from a central london mosque to the american embassy, vowing the united states will pay for its actions. also, a judge's verdict disappointed the families of victims of the 2005 london transit system bombings. the judge ruled that it was neither unteligence lapses nor a flawed emergency response that contributed to the deaths of 52 people when suicide bombers attacked there and hashings -- hearings revealed the way the lapses of security bombings and the failures in the response by emergency responders did but the judge said neither contributed to any of the deaths. the news edge on d.c. with
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new developments on suspicious letters support to d.c. public schools. 10 more letters arrived today. that brings the total number of letters to 39 now and fox 5s audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: the 10 new letters that arrived today are similar in style and content to the 29 that were retrieved yesterday and while forensic experts are trying to find the person responsible. the letters that arrived here at ban croft elementary other and schools were quickly isolated, away from students and staff until the fbi could retrieve them. all 39 of the letters received have printed labels and have references to al qaeda with a white powder. they're on the way to the fbi's lab in quantico, virginia, for analysis and in the meantime, school officials and postal workers were warned to look out
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for key clues that others were related. >> we tried to make sure it's coming from anything that looks suspicious. >> nervous at all? >> no. like i said, i have done it before and been through it when we had the anthrax thing, no, i'm fine. >> so far, no one has been hurt. the toxic substance supposedly in the letters turns out to be something more similar to torn starch and no suspect has been identified. >> and the latest letters we received, they're sending the toxins as yesterday to quantico for analysis? further analysis? >> and all the letters i received so far, all 39 of them are on the way to quantico and they have more sophisticated testing equipment there and they can get into the contents of the letter, go over every inch of the 23468 and to find
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the suspect. and they tell me the pace of the investigation is moving swiftly. back to you. >> thank you, audrey barnes. another good sign in the recovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she went to dinner last sunday with her husband and a couple of friends. she was shot in the head during a shooting rampage in january and last week, she flew to florida to watch her husband blast off in a space shuttle mission, of course as we know, that launch was scrubbed due to mechanical problems. up next on the news edge at 6, the cleanup just beginning in virginia and other states hit by last month's deadly tornados. we talked to local volunteers about their efforts to help out. and thanks, laura at. a beautiful day turning into a so-so evening. showers and thunderstorms out there. we'll show and you talk about this weekend's forecast. that is coming up. stay with us, the edge continues. bloop 
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>> the mining company behind a deadly explosion is shutting down because of violations at another mine. the federal government cited massy energy after discovering more than a dozen serious safety violations. the company is stopping production for three days at the west virginia mine where inspectors found the recent problems. in april of 2010, you will remember an explosion at massy's upper big branch mine, killed 29 miners there. disaster at the fukushima nuclear plant prompted a shut down along japan's central coast. the prime minister wants to prevent a scenario like the one caused by the march earthquake and tsunami and this isvo released from inside the plant. the prime minister said he made the decision to close another plant because of experts forecast for a magnitude 8 or higher quake and striking central japan within 30 years. and in of in-- and
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incredible devastation. teens were shocked to see the damage caused by the tornados in parts of southwestern virginia and in north carolina. they left on monday to go off with their help and brought needed supplies to the area and offered advice to residents, many of whom losing. >> one of the things world vision the to look at with going down there is to assess damage and where we might be able to help those folks who don't have insurance or partial insurance. >> one of the hottest hit areas was in washington county and 75 homes were destroyed. the damage is $40 million estimated. tired of spending hours behind the wheel five days a week? up next on the news edge at 6. the deal that d.c. is offering to some commuters and all you have to do is change your zip code. tell but that coming up. mother's day is on sunday and if you haven't mailed your gifts yet, there are a few
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options for you. how this hold day is keeping one local distribution center on the run. first, check out the amazing video out of australia, horse racing fans got too close to the action here. watch as a horse jumps. you see that? there into the crowd? spectators scramble -- scrambling to get out of the way after the horse came barreling over the 9-foot fence and seven people were hurt in this. horse racing officials are having what led to it. 
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spring home sales are popping up. if you were in -- you work in d.c. and live in the burbs, the district may have an offer for you. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: traffic and time
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stress. two of the things commuters in d.c. have to deal with. a new program hopes to convert maryland and drivers into city residents. the deputy director of the d.c. office of planning said there is many benefits. >> of course less congestion, reducing community time and reducing benefits to employers los angeles and having employees arriving to work on time. >> reporter: call the live- where-you-work program. it would give employees 6,000 to $10,000 to buy a home near well work place. have from the city, half from the employer. >> we're tire markel -- targeting larger institutions, hospitals and those type of employers that are employing lots of people. >> reporter: the office of planning is looking up to three employers to start the pilot program and hopes to get them to neighborhoods the city is looking to revitalize like brooklyn. >> i find a lot of people want to move. the reasons are great and close to metro. people want to be here.
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it's one of the areas where it's getting better every day. >> reporter: top dollar will go to people who buy within two hours of the job and have to commit for five years. is the money enough to get someone to make the move? angela jones thinks so. >> if they can find the money for the downpayment and they have another incentive from the city, for closing costs, it helps to steel seal the deal. >> reporter: the former commuters could save another $7,000 a year by walking or biking to work. why i it will start with 60 households that could grow if it's a success. melaniealp wick, fox 5 news. good news at the pump. there might be some relief. the oil prices dropped a bit this week and the chairman of the council of economic advisor said the country needs to champ the way we think about getting fuel from the middle east. >> and we have on get a
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coherent policy and so that every time there is a problem in the middle east, every summer and every time there is an earthquake or natural disaster, the price doesn't shoot up and we have the same conversation. >> and some perspective here, too. the 44-day run and the increases in gas prices came to an end. it remains under $4 a gallon and that is the national average. sunday is mother's day and workers at this fed ex center say they will be plenty busy the next 48 hours. mother's day is the second sunday in may and that is earlier this year. so, some folks who may have thought they had some time are now scrambling to get mom a gift. the most popular present? flowers. >> and we're expecting to see about 10% increase and deliver about 1.5 million flowers. >> a recent survey found half
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falls after sunday and about 10% are not sure. not to worry, it will deliver gifts on sunday and that clock is ticking. and i'm good about this. >> and she won't be there to receive it. >> and you can see that on thursday? >> exactly. >> and i am safe. >> and you doing anything for mother's day? >> i am sure we will. >> and that is depending on the weather. we have showers popping up this afternoon into the evening and with true view, you can see them and here, i-95 to the south of richmond; i-95 to the
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north and to baltimore. showers coming across the south and have weakened a bit. to the north and west on 270 and i-70 corridor and the northern secs of loudoun county, that is where these showers are thunderstorms and are strong now. nothing severe and we kind of zoomd into that quadrant to show you what is going o. the strongest now into southern secs of frederick county and this crossed over the river and through point of rocks there along 15, which basically connects leesburg to the frederick area and that is fairly heavy rain. the rain rates were two to three inches an our and -- hour and that is moving along, though and to the north and east. clarksburg is probably hearing
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funder and in the communities and nowhere secs of montgomery county, and going to the north into carol county and they're west of westminster now and that is going to come on across and watching the heavy rain and gusty wind and dangerous lightning with the thunderstorms and some small hail as well. doesn't look look severe weather and we'll keep an eye on it. this weekend, looking better and showers in the forecast and that is not going to be a washout. specifically, temperatures in the 70s and showers possible tomorrow evening and night and a few showers lingering and some sunshine. a few showers and that is looks like most of the day will be dry. a high temperature is up in the lower 70s or so and could be
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warmer with more sunshine and evening showers, thunderstorms and we'll track them for you and dry after midnight and 73 degrees. we'll have showers by late afternoon and evening and material night. here's future cast and this is mother's day morning and mother's day afternoon and that is trying out very good and temperatures through the weekends in the 70s and on monday. time to get back to work and your mother is happy, though and you have gotten mothers and candy. 75 on tuesday and a few thunderstorms come back into the middle part of next week and again, thunderstorms this evening, carrie, your umbrella will track them and not expecting severe and some nonetheless. >> good stuff, thank you, gary. the end of an era from
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college park. gary williams says farewell to coaching. lindsay murphy has more on. that. and she's one of the big of the music stars in the world. next week, lady gaga will be lending her expertise on "american idol." folk announced today she will serve as a mentor to the findal four contestants. the -- final four contestants. she will take on songs from elvis presley songwriters, lieber and solar.
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>> good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. even though gary williams began thinking of retiring in march of 2010, it didn't become his reality until after the season. yesterday, he shocked the terrapin community and the entire college basketball world when he announced after 22 seasons at maryland, he was retiring. and gary williams walked on to the court that will be named after him and threw his fists
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in the air and in front of chanting fans, friends and family, he hill the final press conference at comcast center and he walked away from a 33- year coaching career, where he won a national title and was named national coach of the year and it's what he leaves behind that is more. >> we won a national championship and the most important thing, we were able to take a program that was like any program in the country and get it back to the level necessary to win a national championship. >> and in case his popularity was a question, this is a shot of all the support he received this afternoon. hundreds of fans, including current and former players, packed the comcast center routing for a guy that helped put maryland's basketball program on the national stage. >> a lot of people see him on tv and think he's great and this and and that. you never know how he is. i played for him before and i
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know how much he cares as a team and player. >> and makes me feel like every game he went bo and felt like we have war and i tried to live up to that every second on the court. >> and to the fact he was friends and developed over the years from being a former student athlete and. >> that was a current assistant. the capitals sec round exit to the lightning on wednesday marked the fourth consecutive season the team has been ousted and there will be changes in the offseason, considering there are seven unrestricted free agents. this is his thoughts on playing in d.c. >> reporter: think we're lucky with the guys that we have and as a player, i think it's a fantastic place to play and the
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organization treats you great. the nationals begin a three- game set in miami versus the marlins. and speak of the orioles, apparently there was a wonderful new player who is about to go up, and called up from the minors. right? to the major league. >> right. a place for tampa. >> and that happens to be lindsey murphy's husband. >> that's right. >> he'll make his major league debut paying for the -- playing for the tampa bay rays, starting in left field batting 6th. i can't help it, i'm a proud wife. >> we're proud colleagues of yours and so excited for him. good luck and now you have the news edge at 6. the news is always on we'll see you here at 10. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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