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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  May 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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off the top tonight, new images of osama bin laden, once the world's most wanted the terrorist now dead at the lands e th. officials released new bin laden footage seized in the raid on his pakistani compound six days ago. thanks for joining us at 6. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. we're getting a much more candid glimpse into what life was like for bin laden, tucked away in the compound in pakistan. here's more. >> reporter: the u.s. government releases new video
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shows osama bin laden inside his compound in pakistan. one of them shows bin laden wrapped in a brown blanket and holding a remote control, watching news coverage of himself on tv. this shows him reading a script in front of a blue back ground with the beard dyed black. >> there was another part of this which is important, the strategic relationship that bin laden had with many people. i am eagerly waiting to see what kind of information we're going to have between bin laden and those who protected him. >> reporter: intelligence officials say the clips are a small part of the materials picked up by u.s. navy seals and examining the handwritten notes and computer data hoping for intelligence to track down other leaders of al qaeda. leon pineta said, quote, the material found in the compound further confirms how important it was to go after bin laden. >> certainly, there is some information on the inside of that bunker about who is protecting him. it was not the taliban. there were no visible taliban
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around him. it must have been some type of authority. >> the content of the al qaeda leader was located in the town about 35 miles from islamabad. three of the five wives were taken into custody by the country's authority. senior u.s. intelligence officials say bin laden, quote, remained an active leader in al qaeda providing strategical&instructions to the group. the mass casualties in the u.s. and mass transit and infrastructure as targets. catherine herage, fox news. >> we may never know the identity of the navy seal that fired the shot that killed bin laden, but he's received personal praise from president obama himself. in fact, the president with the vice president biden travelled to fort campbell, kentucky, yesterday where they met privately with service members who took part in last sunday's operation. after the meeting, the president spoke with hundreds of soldiers. >> i came here for a simple reason, to say thank you and on
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behalf of america. this has been a historic week for our nation. thanks to the incredible skill, courage of countless individuals, intelligence, military over many years, the terrorist leader who truck our -- struck our nation on 9/11 will never threaten america again. >> first lady michelle obama is appraising the u.s. specialists who killed bin laden. today during a commencement address at the university of northern iowa in cedar rapids, she said they didn't hesitate risking everything for us, for our freedom and security. her quote goes on to say, "and they did it, just not as navy seals but husbands, fathers, as sons. their families were back here with no idea of their mission or whether their loved one would ever come home. the documents and computer files taken from the home where osama bin laden reportedly spent years hiding out reveal al qaeda's plans to attack trains in the u.s. on or near
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the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. many fear retaliation will be sooner than that. right after the news of osama bin laden's death spread, the number of airline passengers requesting ticket refunds rose by 2.6%, more than 33,000 refunds were sold on monday and tuesday alone. many passengers are afraid to fly out of fear of terrorist retaliation. what about the nation's rail system? some of the evidence confiscated from the pakistani compound indicates that al qaeda could target the rails, too, but that doesn't seem to be affecting people's travel plans. >> and we can't change our way of living check is only, i mean it's a threat and is there their is their have been many of them. i trusted some of the things were well-taken care of. >> it's literally impossible to prevent the possibility of attack. you have to live with a level of insecurity.
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you can't prevent, you can't create 100% security. >> authorities haven't said what or if or when an attack is expected. monitoring metro with the investigation into a shooting at a station, metro confirms that its police force is working with d.c. police on the shooting. it happened inside the petworth, georgia, avenue station thursday night before 10:00. the victim was shot in the leg. if you just judge by the number of people who attended a community meeting today about crime on metro, you would think not too many people are actually worried about it, even though crime is on the rise and fox 5s john henrehan has more tonight. >> reporter: it's the assault videos post on the internet that catch most people's attention about crime on metro rail. but according to the transit agency's own statistics, robberies, rapes, and assaults were up last year compared with the year before. snatch-and-run thefts were up. community activist cathy
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henderson was concerned about an armed robbery near the brookland station recently, she convened a community meeting about crime and metro. only five adults attended. cory keller voiced concerns about teenagers on metro. >> some of the riders that i encountered can be hostile and to me, it's not worth it to ride the train. >> reporter: the assistant d.c. police chief diane grooms told the small crowd that city police and transit police do concentrate their forces near metro rail as schools let out and the volunteer group guardian angels focuses its patrails -- patrols at spots where they gather. >> we see some crime in progress. we will physically get involved and grab a person, detain them and hold them for the police. >> reporter: metro transit police chief michael taburn repeatedly told the board that the rail and bus systems are generally safer than the streets around them and most passengers we spoke with agree.
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>> i use it every day. bus and the train every day. >> do you feel safe? >> i do. i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: the assistant chief grooms stressed when passengers see crime, they should always be reported so police can be concentrated on hotspots. john ren he han, fox 5 news. honoring fallen correctional police officers in prince georges county. this is the 20th annual ceremony for those who gave their lives in the line of duty. the ceremony was held at the national law enforcement memorial and at judiciary square. i think you will like this one. we could soon see a lower bill. pepco's maryland customers will pay 15% less over the course of the year because new rates are going into affect june 1st. d.c. pepco customers will pay 10% less. bg&e customers will see a 14%
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drop. today is national train day. it marked amtrak's 40th anniversary and gladdys knight helped kick off the event, considering her huge hit "midnight train to georgia." >> we loved the song, there was something not right about it. it was midnight plane to houston. and let me see if i can sing that. no, that didn't work. we made the song and changed the name and the rest is history. >> indeed, the rest is history and national train day is a celebration of all things trains and seeks to educate&the public about the plane. >> midnight plane to houston? >> i know. >> her life would have taken a -- . >> totally. >> completely different turn. she looks fabulous. >> she does. >> and all righty. republican bobby gindal hasn't decided if he's going to run for president next year but
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he's falling -- follow negligent footsteps of president obama and may have something to do with a shock at the white house. seems everyone'so on facebook. is it taking over our lives? one man put it to the test. find out what happened when fox 5 news at 6 continues. 
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>> moa mar ghadafi's forces have bombed the main fuel depot in the town of mizurata. the attacks support tanks in flames and concerns about fuel and hospital generators. this comes as funerals were being held for three rebels in the fire fight w loyalists, rather -- rather n benghazi. they will keep fighting for control of benghazi and misurata. to afghanistan, the major assault from insurgents appears to be over in kandahar. it was once a stronghold for the taliban, which wants to reclaim control. the taliban fighters attacked at least eight locations and couldn't get into any of the government buildings. nato -- three of five suicide car bombers were stopped before the bombs could detonate. back here at home, five more names were added to the vietnam memorial ball wall and they will be engraved the next few days.
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army specialist savatere was shot and paralyzed. his death in 2009 was ruled -- ruled to be a result of the injury. after, he worked to get access for the disabled. the rough rider honor flight brought the fifth and final group of world war, i veterans to washington. rough rider is one of the organizations that brings members of the greatest generation to visit the world war ii memorial and other d.c. sites. 125 vets were here this weekend with the group and they're heading back home tonight. the governor of louisiana released the birth certificate from that state. governor gin dahl made no -- jindal made no announcements but his parents remember jim grants from india. the birth certificate was released so that there were no questions in that aftermath of a bill introduced by senator ritter. that would -- whose parents were not citizens and legal
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residents -- residents of the united states. what is facebook doing to your life? a guy in philadelphia did a study sort of to find out. >> for a month, he went to every event he was invited to and not turned on one single -- turned down one single request. he went from 200 friends to 1,000 had been to 84 events. he told the story in his art exhibit. what is the point? he was trying to determine whether facebook was destroying the meaning of friendship. he decided the answer was not really. >> just a new hammer, like before hammers, people were still building structures and people were still getting things done. it's just the hammer has to do it more efficiently and elegantly. facebook is a new container, a new delivery system for us to kind of interact in the new ways. >> kim said the one thing that prevented the study from being superficial, he made it a point to meet the host of every event he went to and to follow up afterwards. >> popular guy. >> uh.
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>> and looking on what is on your computer. >> it is. >> you get stories that way. >> and people do communicate with us. i got your back. i know you have mine. >> i do. some residents in virginia angry at fema. it's about federal disaster assistance in the wake of last week's devastating tornados. what the governor is doing now to get help to area its in need. and if the, did twitter predict this year's kentucky derbien wither? some believe the horse with the most mentions on twitter will win the race, according to an analysis of thousands of tweets. uncle mo had the most tweets before being scratched from the lineup. pants on fire with the second most and dialed in. love these names. who was the odds-on favorite before the race. we'll have to wait to see if twitter was right.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people.
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i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> fema denied virginia's request for federal disaster aid after april's tornados. governor mcdonald wanted help for five counties who were hit by the storms in the span of three weeks. 29 twisters hit the common wealth in april and destroying 212 homes damaging more than 1 howe. the governor is disappointed that fema denied the request.
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gwen is on deck now to talk about weather. >> uh-huh. >> and first, we want to talk about a subject near and dear to your help. >> absolutely, i'm going to talk about an organization dear to my heart, called our house. takes in abused, abandoned, homeless and young boys and they lied there for a year and up ited their life around. it's located in brookville, maryland. there the students run an organic garden, learn carpentry and construction skills and they get a sense of being a part of the family with the executive director there to make sure that they attend academic classes at night as well and get their ged and now they want to expand. they have 16 students and want to build a brand-new 100% green dorm because they have a waiting list and they're turning kids away. we're having a huge fund raise or friday, may 20th at the strassmore and we hope everyone will come out. go to and click on web links. all the information is there live in solid auction.
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free food, parking, and great entertainment, including darrell davis and the talented residents from strassmore and i'll be there as emcee and will is our honorary host. >> oh, good. >> a lot of our fox 5 anchors and sue palka is an honorary chair and coalin powell. >> -- collin point of view. >> may 20th. >> on friday. >> and open beer and wine bar. >> may 20th, i hope you will be there and support this great cause. >> uh. a great day outside and plenty of nice weather. a few rain showers to our far west and see we have a bit of an unsettleed night ahead and be prepared for that. we have temperatures near seasonal and that is not bad at all and let's look at where we hit in terms of the temperatures today. we're one or two degrees off and right where we should be. 72 at national; 70, dulles and 72 at baltimore and not bad.
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pretty much seasonal and that is comfortable outside. 58 at d.c.; 68, monasses; 70, baltimore and in frederick. 58 in boston and new york. 75 degrees and speaking of 75 degrees, all that warm weather to the south and we're going to benefit from it later on in the week and look at the 90s in texas. this warmer air will flow up the eastern seaboard. the beginning of the week, we're going to be close to seasonal. the calm wins across the region and a few areas where there are gusty winds, however. take a look. 17 at gaithersburg; 20, martinsburg and not bad. let's take a look at true view. showers associated with an upper level disturbance and tonight, we have a chance of light showers and this is weighing down a bit. a look at radar and you will see the system we're referring
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to and there is that frontal system to the west. will you call radar up for me, please? radar? here we go. there is a frontal system to the west and here you see the storms imbedded and that is what we're watching into tomorrow. could see a slight chance of a passing shower or so and mother's day is not bad at all n. terms of future cast, you can see as we move tomorrow, a slight chance of the lighter rain showers moving through. keep the umbrella handy, not heavy or a washout and could be a passing shower. isolated showers, a chance of a thunderstorm. 53 degrees and isolated in nature and for our mothers, wishing them all a very happy mother's day and that plight is chance of a passing -- slight chance of a passing shower. and this is a look at the five- day forecast, pretty pleasant week ahead and can't complain. the temperatures close to seasonal and we warm up into
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thursday with more cloud cover. overall, not bad and again, happy mother's day and we're going to see a passing shower and today is enjoyable. coming up next, a crazy 48 hours at college park. the terrapins found a replacement for the head coach gary williams. lindsay murphy has more next. c
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>> good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. the same life goes on spinning for this story. yesterday, gary williams held
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the final press conference in maryland as he announced his retirement after 22 years with the terps. and just 24 hours after that announcement, the ferns may have found the new -- the terps may have found the new man. all point to sean miller as the likely successor. he completed his second season in tucson. before that, he was the head man at xavier. greg burns post on the twitter account at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon this message, quote, wildcat faithful, please note we have been and continue to work to keep sean miller as our coach. meanwhile, yesterday at comcast center the last time, gary williams walked on to a court that will be named after him and with the air as he has done for so many years. he held the final press conference at comcast center and that is an emotional farewell for him. he walks away with a coaching career including back-to-back
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appearances at maryland and the 2002 national title and national coats of the -- coach- of-the-year honor. i asked him what he will miss the most. >> and i miss the practice t. that is the best time for any coach. you get tangible results. that next game you play, you see how well you did in practice and watch players improve and you watch players change into dependable people. not just basketball but become mature adults. all of the things are special in coaching and they're the parts that i will miss. and some sad news, the golfing community is mourning the loss of five-time major winner valesteros. he lost his life with the battle of brain cancer at the age of 54. he's known for transferring european gulf and the ryder cup. the victory came in 1995 and he has been an inspiration to countless golfers, european and american. today baseball at camden
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error -- camden yards and facing longoria who returned from the disabled list and looks healthy to me. his first homer of the season, a three-run shot, 4-0, rays. how about defense. in the as, misses the home run but for the fact that he said no, i'm going to rob you of that and pulls it back. the race hammer the os, 8-2 is your final this afternoon. >> and we're not letting you. not off this easy. speaking of the range, i didn't know. >> i know you heard the newsroom. >> we did. >> and he hit a home run. >> yeah. >> the first at-bat in the big league. >> right? >> yeah, it is, the first to hit it at camden yards. the first as a ray and the 108th player in baseball to homer the first at-bat. >> i know a get a lot of press interviews. what is the real deal. i can't believe -- .
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>> he's actually, he hasn't sunk in yet. >> yeah. >> and i think this whole experience is birth than him. >> yeah. >> and at this moment. it happened so fast. >> yeah. >> and get on the plane, be here. >> we're proud of him and you and -- so excited. >> congratulations. >> and we're can't wait for him. >> and we have something to show you. lindsay was in baltimore. >> oh, yeah. >> and let's roll it, guys. >> last night off of zach britain and what makes it better, brandon guyer group an hour south of baltimore and first in virginia and then the university of virginia. on the left, his wife lindsay murphy, a sports anchor at the folk affiliate, fox 5 in washington, d.c., and she did the 6:00 sports last night, got in the car and drove to baltimore and was listening on the radio in the parking lot when her husband went deep.
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>> oh, no. just missed it, huh? by minutes. >> she got caught in that beltway traffic on friday, i will imagine. >> oh. look at that. >> who were you text something. >> was e-mailing dave fillman, i'm kidding you not. he e-mailed me from florida. i found the newspaper with you guys in it. here i am, i was cheering that entire game. >> we know you were. >> i was. >> and only time on the phone. >> and some serious driving from here to baltimore. >> and he was -- . >> there are perks to being a loved one to one of the players and you get amazing. >> and that is rain something. >> sweet. >> and for tickets soon. >> any time. >> congratulations to you and brandon. >> thank you. >> and someone's going to go shopping soon. major league baseball. >> okay. >> do we have time for a quick five-day? mother's day tomorrow. what do we have? sunshine and clouds and a passing shower. get out and enjoy it. make sure you carry the
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umbrella for mother in the event the shower pops up where you are and just a passing one. nothing is going to dampen the day at all. 72 degrees is and going to be very, very comfortable. >> sounds good. >> okay. >> that is it for us at 6. we're back after nascar tonight. so we'll see you -- . >> a little later. >> and as we leave you, let's look at brandon's big home run again. >> oh,. >> and see you tonight. >> way to go. >> what do you think  
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