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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  May 8, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the world gets a new look at osama bin laden footage seized in the raid on his compound. the latest on the sees and who is holding some of his wives and chirp. and the drop in gas prices. what's behind the pleasant surprise? dave? it's the fight of the year manny pacquiao and shane mosley go at it in sin city. that's later in sports. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick.
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sarah is off today. happy mother's day. the big question, what will mom's day look like. let's take a live look outside. 8:00 in the morning. looks like it's going to be a nice day from what i can see. we're going to go down to gwen tolbart in the weather center. >> happy mother's day to you as well. we also are going to end up with a bit more clouds than sun. take a look at true view. we have a bit of rainfall to areas of our south primarily. this is an upper level disturbance that's producing some showers and some rain, heavy rain to the south. but as far as the d.c. metro area is concerned, we're really talking just some light showers that could pass through. most of this is moving off to the southeast throughout the course of the day. so we're not talking a rainy washout day. just keep the umbrella handy in case there's a pop-up shower to. our weather maps, yesterday's highs were right on in terms of our almanac, right at seasonal where they should be.
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right now temperatures in the 50s, mid to upper 50s not bad at all. for today we are talk more clouds than sun unfortunately, but maybe a passing shower, as i said. can't rule it out. but more or less we're not talking a fairly dry day. 72 your high. >> thanks, gwen. an update now on the more than two dozen tornadoes that hit virginia late last month. 10 people were killed and more than is000 homes were -- more than 1,000 homes were damage heed or destroyed. the governor is considering whether to appeal the fed's decision to deny aid. a pedestrian was hit and killed while crossing a street in southeast. this happened just after 5:00 a.m. on 295. traffic is being diverted to east capitol. the driver did stay on the scene. all lanes are back open
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following another accident involving a pedestrian in maryland. this one happened after 2:00 in the morning on the inter loop of 495 just north of route 4. the man was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition. the driver also stayed on the scene of this accident. new this morning, the hunt for the person who shot a woman in the district. this happened around 1:00 a.m. in the 1800 block of central place in northeast. police do not have any suspects. the woman was transported to a local hospital. she is on life support. we are also following a house fire in prince george's county. flames were reported just after midnight at a one-story home in the 3000 block of ellicott road. the family of a missing college student is making a plea to the public for his safe return. he disappeared from his prince george's home 11 days ago. audrey barnes is following the
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investigation. >> we're all here, family, grieving and praying that you will come back to us. >> reporter: if 27-year-old ali had any doubt that he was loved, it was most certainly washed away in the tears of relatives and friends who gathered to pray for his safe return. >> mommy loves you mommy misses you so much. my heart aches for you at night because i wonder where you are are you being taken care of. please, come home with me. >> reporter: he hasn't been seen since april 26th. he got a phone call at about 10:30 that night and left the house he shares with his father and stepmom and vanished. >> we're completely in the dark. >> reporter: do you suspect foul play? >> yes, 100%. at this point, 100%. >> reporter: the family says the maroon ford escort that he drove to classes is missing. what makes this case more
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mysterious is what he left behind. his laptop, school books, and the insulin. with this much family, he had plenty of people to turn to for help, but not one word to any of them in 11 days. >> he's my first cousin, my best friend, and i know that he wouldn't just disappear like that. our family here is begging and pleading anybody, please. >> reporter: his sister, what came in from pennsylvania and spent three days on her own looking for him is hoping she won't have to go back home without some good news about her big brother. >> so i just want you home. you're my other half. i can't live long without you so please come home soon. i miss awe lot. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. a young father didn't go
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down without a fight along a popular bike trail. roz plater has that story. >> reporter: you can see the scrape there, then the bruise around the elbow. the wrist is swollen. i originally thought there was a broken bone but the x-ray came back negative. >> reporter: it was a terrifying attack as this biker rode home along a popular trail next to the rhode island avenue metro. suddenly he spotted something strange. small rocks spread out across the trail, and two teens on either side. suddenly they jumped him. >> the young man on the right- hand side reached across and really got me rate across the chest, hit me, pulled me off the bike. they began to assault me for maybe three punches or kicks. >> reporter: somehow, he fought back. >> i grabbed the one guy, i -- fortunately, i hit him tin groin area. he buckled he over, then they
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both just ran. >> reporter: he says the teens never said a word, never tried to steal his bag or his bike. >> i think it was just a bunch of cowardly thugs, you know, just for whatever reason. >> reporter: the metropolitan branch trail stretches eight miles from silver spring to downtown d.c. and is often busy. two days after being assaulted, todd is back here trying to warn others. >> yeah, that's the wrist, then that. >> reporter: he's discovered there have been other attacks here. >> i seen them push a lady off a bike. she was riding her bake, and they pushed her off. i was way down the trail. they ran off. you have to be careful out here. >> i know there had been some assaults before, and my understanding was that it had kind of tapered off. the avid cyclist says something has to be done. >> i refuse to be a victim. that's why i fought back. as a cyclist, as a commuter, i think that all of us who use
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this trail need to take ownership of the trail and to say, i'm not going to accept this. >> reporter: he is getting the word out also on community list serves and bike websites and appealing to both d.c. police and the guardian angels for some kind of bike patrol. i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> new videos of osama bin laden released showing a much different side to the former al- qaeda leader. here's a frozen image from one of the videos showing the terrorist mastermind watching himself on tv, then other videos show hum in front of a blue background. these images are part of testified navy seals discovered after the raid on the compound where he lived. documents reveal al-qaeda's plan to attack trains in the u.s. on or near the 10th the september 11th attack. but many americans fear
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retaliation may come sooner than. that rate after news of osama bin laden's death spread, data shows that the number of airline passengers requesting ticket refunds rose by 2.6%. more than 33000 refunds were sold on monday and tuesday alone. many passengers afraid to fly out of fear of a terrorist retaliation. but what about the nation's rail system? some of the evidence confiscated indicated that al- qaeda could target the rails, too. but that doesn't seem to affect people's travel plans. >> we can't, you know, change our way of living to appease this. it is only a threat, and there have been many. i trust that we're well taken care of. >> it's literally impossible to prevent the possibility of attack. i mean, you have to live with a level of insecurity. you just cannot prevent it. you cannot create 100%
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security. >> authorities haven't said if or when an attack is expected. coming up, where some of osama bin laden's wives and children are being held, and it's another mega fate in sin city. manny pacquiao, arguably the best pound for pound, and the legendary sugar shane mosley. the highlights in the sunday sports trifecta next.
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rgri o.
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making headlines this morning, the pakistani government is still holding the wives and children of osama bin laden for questioning. and so far no country has fought their extradition. pakistan got custody of bin laden's he three wives and eight children monday including the wife that had been living at the compound when bin laden was killed. at guantanamo bay some al- qaeda terrorists tried to make a prison break.
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the detainees did manage to open fire. the ordeal lasted about four hours. fox 5 continues to monitor metro's investigation into a shooting that happened thursday night just before 10:00. the victim was shot in the leg but is expected to survive. time now for the sunday sports trifecta. the three big stories making waves in the world of sports. the manny pacquiao-shane mosley fight goes the distance. a legendary coach calls it quits, plus a local twist to a baseball story. >> i'm already out of breath thinking of all the things we have to get to plus, we have vinny cerratto who is going to join us. a lot to get to including the story that does hit close to our fox 5 family. but we begin with who placed
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this week. it comes frows the kentucky derby as another long shot came through in the clutch. >> on the outside, animal kingdom roaring down the track! here comes animal kingdom, and it's shackleford, but it's animal kingdom to win the derby! >> i love the late stretch call. animal kingdom, a 20:1 long shot comes through. a horse which had never raced on dirt before wins by two and three-quarter lengths. how about friday night? this was brandon guyer. who is brandon guyer? that is the husband of our own lindsay murphy. there's all the family and friends in baltimore in his first-ever major league at-bat.
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he gets mobbed by his teammates. there's lindsay at the game watching hubby, who sat out on saturday. probably still warn out from that home run on friday night. but very cool to see lindsay and brandon in the national spotlight. the newlyweds both doing very well, and i can report lindsay still cheering from that friday night home run from her husband brandon. congratulations. but this week's winner, we look no further than college park maryland where a coaching giant finally decided to hang up his whistle. and whoever gets the jobs he's going to have huge shoes to fill. of course we're talking about gary williams. for the last time as the head coach friday gary walked onto the court that will soon be named for him. in front of fans, family, and friends, he held his final press conference, an emotional farewell. he walked away from a 33-year coaching career which included
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a national title and coach of the year honor. the question remains who will replace him. you can take one name out. earlier this morning the projected front runner for the job, arizona's sean miller, he decided to stay intucson, signing an extension early this morning. reports had miller flying to las vegas last night to meet with maryland officials, but he's decided to stay with the wildcats, a team he led to the elite in a this year's ncaa tournament. late last night boxing took center stage at sugar shane mosley tried to bateman knee backpack who most fate fans regard as the best in all the world, but this was not much of a contest from the opening bell. pacquiao who was involved in a minor car accident on fight day said after the fight his legs were giving him trouble, but not necessarily to wleetly white wash mosley. backpack retained his title with the win and won his 54th
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professional bout in the process including 14 straight wins. the 39-year-old mosley has now lost his last three outings. we've decided to have a little fun and rate the best pound for pound fight wears our producer who is also an astute boxing enthusiast. look at this, he's got the exact same thing i do. the only thing, he has six gaze on the list but again, pound per pound, we both agree manny pacquiao number one. sergio martinez number two, and fly may wet -- floyd mayweather junior. but finally, last night's fight got me thinking. there's one fight, one fight in boxing that needs to happen, and if it doesn't we may continue to get lackluster
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events like last night's showcase event. everyone wants to see manny pacquiao fight floyd mayweather. no excuses, make it happen. finally a program reminder, vinny cerratto, the former redskins vice president, will join me to talk about his time calling the shots, plus the latest on the nfl labor situation. melanie, we've got a lot to get to. >> you need to take a breath. >> that's a lot to reid. >> absolutely. brace yourself, gas prices are about to change again, only this time they're going in the opposite direction. so what's behind the drop as we head into the heavy driving season? we'll let you know. and here's a way to save big bucks on gas. how about moving near where you work? the details when we return.
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good news for what we are paying at the pump. the national average went down a penny this weekend to $3.97. it took an even bigger drop of 3 cents in d.c. it's $3.88 in virginia. we're told this is only the beginning. aaa says drivers can expect an even bigger price drop in the coming weeks. >> one of the most interesting things that happened this week is that crude prices dropped about 25% in value, and that's great news for consumers and motorists. and the other thing that went unnoticed is the fact that gasoline futures also dropped 25 cents. so that should translate into about a 25 cent drop in the price of gas in the next two or three weeks. >> spring home sales are popping up. and if you work in d.c. but live in the burbs, the district
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may have an offer for you. the city wants to pay people to get out of their cars and move into the city. it's called the live near your work program. traffic and time stress, two of the things commute inteers d.c. to have deal with. a new program hopes to convert maryland and virginia drivers into city residents. rosslyn huey of the d.c. office of planning says there's many benefits. >> less congestion on the roads, reducing commuting time, and benefits to employers as well in terms of having employees arriving to work on time. >> reporter: called the "live near your work" program it would give employees $6,000 to $12,000 to buy a home near their workplace. half would come from the city, half from the employer. >> we are targeting larger institutions, hospitals, those types of employers that are employing lots of people. >> reporter: the office of planning is looking for up to three employers to start the pilot program. it's hoping they will come from neighborhoods the city is
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working to revital ices, like brooklyn. >> i find a lot of people want to move to brooklyn. the prices are great, the houses are good, it's close to metro, so people want to be here. it's one of those areas where it's getting better every day. >> reporter: top dollar would go to people who buy within two miles of their jobs and they'll to have commit for five years. so is the money enough to get someone to make the move? realtor angela jones thinks so. >> if they can find the money for the down payment, and they have another incentive from the city, for closing costs, it seals the deal. >> reporter: those former commuters could also save another $7,000 a year by walking or biking to work. it will start with just 60 households but could grow if it's a success. the office of planning says did it research similar programs in baltimore and which i cage go. there are no income limitations. the city is accepting applications from interested employers until june 17th.
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here are some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. nasa's window of opportunity for the final endeavour launch opens tuesday and closes may 29th. shuttle program managers are still holding may 10th as a place holder for the launch. wednesday we'll put top executives for at&t and t- mobile on capitol hill for a congressional hearing for their proposed merger. another telecom giant, sprint is against it. on thursday president obama will be the keynote speaker at the hispanic national prayer breakfast. then newt gingrich is expected to speak at the georgia republican party's annual convention. it has been a week since news that osama bin laden was killed surfaced. president obama's national security advisor gives an inside account of how the mission played out and what did pakistan know? that's all on "fox news sunday." we'll get a pre are view. plus, gwen will be back with a look at your mother's day
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weather. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. your favorites, in pieces.
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they are either incompetent or complacent about the location of osama bin laden. >> if they didn't know, why didn't they though? why didn't they pay more attention to the? >> it's very hard to believe that some elements of the pakistani government, whether it's the military or intelligence, were not aware of this. >> lawmakers weighing in on whether pakistan knew where osama bin laden was hiding. some in congress are calling for a review of the $1.1 billion in aid we give to pakistan every year. the killing of bin laden and national security are one of the topics on "fox news sunday" later this morning. host chris wallace joins us with a preview. good morning again, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> chris, u.s. intelligence officials now say bin laden's compound was indeed a command and control center. what are they learning from
8:31 am
those materials they're going through that they seized in the raid? >> we do know there was a briefing yesterday at the pentagon. a top intelligence official set's the biggest collection of intelligence from a senior terrorist official in history, and i think, one, they probably don't want us to know what they've got, and they particularly don't want the other terrorists, the other members of al-qaeda to have because they want them running scared, they want them going outside of their established channels. they want to continue to get information. that's how they caught the courier. the videos show bin laden like an aging actor. as he's sitting there with his clicker on a satellite, flipping around the channels to find coverage of himself, it all looks kind of pathetic and certainly takes away some of
8:32 am
the mythology of this super villain. >> i know chris will be speaking with tom donnelan. some people are suggesting that he may have been in the country for seven years. >> absolutely. we are supposedly, and it's always been a somewhat complicated relationship, but we are supposedly allies with pakistan. as you say, we give them billions of dollars in aid, over $20 billion in the last 10 years, and remember, the particular place, abottabad is like, in effect, west point. it wrest a lot of the military retire. the pakistani military academy was less than a mail away from the compound. it seems hard to believe, and this wasn't like a little hut. this was a big and very conspicuous compound that nobody would have been asking
8:33 am
questions, hey, who's living in the big house over there? so there's a lot of questions. we're going to talk to the president's national security advisor. we're also going to talk to vice president cheney who has been one of the biggest and sharpest critics of president obama's policies in the war on terror. we'll ask him does he give obama any credit for pulling off this raid. but also, some of the issues that i suspect that he still has concerns about, for instance, enhanced interrogation, the way forward in afghanistan and libya, so i think it's going to be a very special "fox news sunday" with one of the president's toughest critics, former vice president cheney. >> chris, i wanted to ask you about the south carolina republican presidential debate, the first of the season, and the surprise of herman cane. >> according to the focus group, he came in the best.
8:34 am
i think he had some strong points and weak points. he was very plain spoken, he wasn't sitting there waiting to get to the bell and fill out his time. he would say what he wanted to say and he would stop. and as a radio talk show host, he's pretty good at talking. that was his strength, and that clearly appealed to people. the negative was when it came to foreign policy, he really had no plan for what to do in afghanistan. he said, well, i don't really know what the details are. i'd wait to talk to my advisers and generals. while that's certainly true you would think that after 10 years he would have his own ideas about what we should be doing or not doing in afghanistan. i think a very promising start for herman cane former head of god fathers pizza, now a radio talk show. >> nonetheless it was fun to watch. you can catch "fox news sunday" rate after our show.
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parts of tennessee are dealing with record river levels. the mississippi is expected to crest in the coming days. the mayor of memphis is warning people they are facing what could be a large-scale disaster. people are being evacuated. parts of arkansas, louisiana, and kentucky are also facing severe flooding. and i hear that texas is having this severe drought. crazy. >> just the opposite. crazy weather. >> it really. it's just unfortunately the way that spring goes sti.s here at home we're seeing more clouds than sun. also, a chance of a little bit of a passing shower that could pop up. it is a very special day, mothers day. here we've got this system that has been kicking up so this path of precipitation is moving its way to the southeast. lower southern maryland getting impact. i can't rule out that we might not see a passing shower but nothing that's going to spoil it for mothers.
8:36 am
just keep the umbrella happed. our highs yesterday right where we should be 72 at national, 70 at dulles, 72 at baltimore. right now across the area, 55 at manassas, 53 at baltimore, 53 at martinsburg. so for all our mothers out there, we're not giving you much sunshine but giving you a few clouds. could see a passing shower. not a washout at all. enjoy. >> i have an outdoor painting project i have to finish today. >> i hope it's not you doing work. >> it is, but that's how my mother's day is going to go. but my kids will help. >> that's good. >> thanks gwen. so what's on the menu for your mother's day meal? a brand-new smartphone app can help find the best restaurants in town as well as quick access to find any deals out there.
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some of the top stories we are following, the u.s.
8:40 am
government released a handful of videos of osama bin laden to show the terror mastermind in a more unflattering light. they are part of the evidence navy seals discovered last week. the pakistani government is still holding bin laden's three wives and eight children for questioning. so far no country has fought their extradition. a traffic alert in d.c. a pedestrian was hit and killed while crossing 295 in southeast just after 5:00 a.m. all traffic is being diverted to east capital. the driver did stay on the scene. melanie, coming up, the man who called all the shots with the washington redskins will join me live in studio. we've got plenty to discuss. we'll take a look at the redskins' recent draft and also talk about his time working along dan snyder, but first,
8:41 am
more on gary williams stepping down and who his successor will be. >> we'll be right back after the break. ea0 agnd bco
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and welcome back to fox 5 morning news sunday. sunrise here. 8:43 in the morning. you can see the jefferson memorial and the washington monument there. and gwen tells us it's going to be not bad of a day. we'll be watching the skies just a bit. >> yes, we have to watch the skies a bit for our mothers as they celebrate mother's day. happy mother's day to all of our mothers, including melanie. >> thank you. >> let's get right to the. our top headline, of course, would have to be a mother's day greeting to all our mothers out there. we are also talking that we do have more clouds than sun as i said unfortunately. we are going to keep our eyes to the sky because we have the chance for a pop-up shower, but we've got some pleasant days ahead in our five-day forecast. our temperatures are going to be above seasonal.
8:45 am
that's where they were yesterday. we hit 72 at national, 70 at dulles, and 72 at baltimore. so not bad at all. our temperatures this morning as we start out, fairly comfortable four. 58 at d.c. we've got 57 at manassas martinsburg at 53, 53 at baltimore. as we take a ride up the atlantic, 52 at boston, raleigh is 58, but take a look to the south. a little bit warmer airflow here. we're not going to benefit from that until we get into the later part of the week. we're finally going to get to see our temperatures rise a little bit more interest the upper 70s. let's take a look at true view, because what i want to show you is what's affecting our skies. we've got this upper level disturbance that's heading across. this is primarily moving to the southeast so lower southern maryland getting hit a little more as well as across the potomac highlands, the shenandoah valley. we are looking at seeing at least a light passing pop-up
8:46 am
shower. i can't rule it out throughout the course of the day. there is a chance as this progresses and moves out that we could see something. so just keep an umbrella handy if you're taking mom out in the afternoon. not a washout at all, just an odd pop-up shower. back to our weather maps. as we keep our eyes to the sky, and as i said, more clouds than sun, we'll see this frontal system pass through, and, once again there is a chance we could see that shower pop up but as this front moves across the area into the course of tomorrow we're back to some really pleasant conditions. wait until you see my five-day forecast. future cast showing you as we move into the course of the afternoon there's a little bit of a chance of a pop-up, but other than that we do very w. a ridge of high pressure dominates from monday right through until the end of the week, and that's going to set us up for some really, really nice conditions and plenty of sunshine. so here's my mother's day card. got the showers on here, but
8:47 am
it's just a pop did you know passing shower, nothing major. 72 for all our mothers out there. and as far as tonight is concerned, we're talking partly cloudy skies, very comfortable at 49, a light northerly wind at 5. here's a look at that five-day forecast. talk about golf days, look at this. dave ross will love this. conditions really nice. and next weekend we've got another upper level disturbance, but other than that mothers should enjoy today. >> i have a feeling that dave ross won't be the only one trying to play hooky midweek. >> i think so too. speaking of events, an organization called our house that takes in abused and abandoned boys is having their first annual banquet that i'm spearheading. entertainment, complimentary food, wine and beer bar complimentary, free parking,
8:48 am
which is always good, darrell davis performing, as well as the artist in residence from strathmore who will be performing, and our honorary chairs include sheila johnson. colin powell has also lent his name to it. and our hosts include many of our fox five anchors. you will enjoy it. >> great job. the redskins traded down and ended up picking 12 players during last week's draft and went for defense. dave ross is tackling skins football in today's sunday sit- down. >> what better to talk about football in the nation's capital than the man what helped mold the washington redskins for the better part of a decade. former executive vice president of football operations, vinny cerrato is live in studio. thank you very much. you owe your wife now big time for showing up this morning. >> there is no question about
8:49 am
it. i will be hurrying home after this to make up for this lost time, since i didn't make breakfast this morning. >> exactly right. but we do appreciate you coming in. we've talked about the draft for years. you and i go back to the training camp days. it's not an exact science, the nfl draft. redskins just had theirs about a weak and a half ago with the rest of the league, trading down from 16 to 10. they could have had a quarterback at 10. did you like the move to switch down to 16? >> yeah, because they didn't want to take a quarterback. they liked john beck so trading beck to get more picks, because they had given away picks for donovan mcnabb, so what it does, it just increases the odds on the number of gaze that can make the team. so now with 12 picks instead of six, if six guys make the team, seven guys make the team, then that's a good draft. where you only have six picks, if only three make the team or two make the team, then it's not as -- you don't fill as many holes. when you have the 31st-ranked
8:50 am
defense, you have a lot of holes to fill. offensively, mike is a phenomenal coach. i've seen him do his stuff. the offense will be feign. it's just getting the defense up to par is going to be the key thing. >> we just saw video of ryan care i will gan there. what -- ryan care i carrigan. >> they saw him at the compound, because people work him out as a three-four linebacker, so i think they're comfortable with the athletic ability. he's relentless. he's got a phenomenal motor. so opposite of roscoe, and with jenkins at a nose tackle, their second round pick, i think he will probably be a starting nose. so i think they've got some guys that can bring some pressure, and that's what haslett wants to do, is bring pressure. they'll fit in. it will be a good chemistry
8:51 am
group. >> you mentioned the first two guys. they're going play right away. these two guys, two top picks, to have play right away. >> to me, when you're 31st on defense, they better play right away. and with the money that you're paying these guys, because i always used to tell our guys, listen, especially the defense, because they're a little bit more stubborn, i'd say, listen we take a gay in the first round. it's not that he's got to make the team. he's the starter, because greg and i, with sean taylor, i said, we'll take him 5th. greg said, he's got to earn it. i he said, he earned it when he got that paycheck. he is starting, period. >> vinny, let me ask you this. you mentioned sean taylor. i've got to think he's one of your top picks. give me a couple that do stand out and a couple you wish you could have back. >> i think chris samuels, seven, eight-time pro bowler, and sean taylor was one of the
8:52 am
best. you just like the way that he was coming, because the guy had a chance to be one of the all- time greats in the nfl, because he had size, speed, he could cover, key do it all. and la ran landry, one of the be. lavar was a couple time pro bowler. carlos rogers has been okay. he could have been a pro bowl- type corner. and catch. >> if you could take two back who would you like to switch out and say, no, i shouldn't have taken that guy? >> well, you know, at the time i guess, you know, it's easy to be monday morning quarterback, instead of, say, carlos rogers, you could have taken demarcus ware, or we could have taken roethlisberger. it's toes do that after the fact because you've seen how gaze have done. but, you know, it is what it is. and i think a lot of the guys that we did take made
8:53 am
contributions, but maybe, like devin thomas maybe, because of the ma daughter tee factor. he wanted to be -- like cam newton wanted to be the entertainer icon, so did did he vicinity. it helps to be successful on the field first. you become a much better entertainer and icon if you have great success on the field. >> let me ask you about another guy that everybody still talks about in this town, and rightfully so because he's still on the roster. albert haynesworth. you were instrumental in helping bring him here for that $100 million contract. >> not quite, but the made why likes to say that. >> was it the right thing to do at the time, vinny? again, we're playing armchair quarterback. did you have any idea that maybe this wasn't going to work out? >> no, the idea that we had was that we were so poor at that time in creating turnovers and sacks, we were like worst in the league so we needed to increase that and we were still a top ten defense. so when we got albert in the
8:54 am
middle and we figured he's going to require double teams, and andre carter, you know, he did what we needed to do, and all of a sudden we've got a bunch of sacks and the defense was in the top ten also. so the thing with albert, the maturity factor, and the love of the game. albert's got, like everything going around him, has got to be towards albert. and when new coaching staff comes in and they change defenses, and he wasn't going to be tint grail part of effing, and i think he got off on the wrong foot with mike, then it became about albert, then he's stubborn, then it's like, aim going to show you, and mike says no you're the employee, you work for me you do what i tell to you do. >> let me ask you about working with dan snyder, because he became the owner in 1999. you had two stints with the skins. what was it like to work with
8:55 am
dan? i though you guys are friends, but what was it like to work with him? >> it was good, because the thing about, dan wanted to win. he was willing to pay whatever for any player, you know and i -- there's a time, like when joe gibbs was there, i had never heard dan say no to anything. whatever joe wanted, yes, because it helps you win, go get it, joe, let's win. and dan wanted to win because he grew up a redskins fan, and he wanted to do what was best for fans because he wanted -- what he wanted to do was bring a super bowl trophy to the redskins fans because that was like his goal to show everybody, here, fans, i've done it for you. >> we've dot to leave in 30 second, vinny, but real quickly, this nfl lockout, can we get this thing resolved? will we have football in september? >> i don't know if we'll have it in 70. maybe a couple wakes. a they're calling it courtroom football now. that's where we're at. way prefer to get back to free agency and all those things, because it will be interesting, it will be fun.
8:56 am
>> vinny cerrato, thank you so much. we've got to go to break. we went a little long but how can you not when you have vinny ser rat tomorrow. we're back to wrap up the show in a moment.
8:57 am
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and afghanistan. the event was thrown by honor the fallen, an organization that wanted to show our country's appreciation to mothers this weekend what sacrifice. >> very nice. >> we've got not a bad day for mothers. more clouds than sun unfortunately and the chance for a pop-up shower, but overall we're not talking any kind of washout. but here's a look at the next couple days. nice weather monday and tuesday, very dry and pleasant. 74 on monday, 73 on tuesday. that's going to hold through until the end of the week, so we're doing very well. >> ideal golfing temperature. >> there you go. i'm always serving it up for dave ross. >> we've got to basically look for baseball and golf right about now. >> we talked enough football for today so until we get the league back, we have to do some baseball and golf. >> definitely. >> we don't have any more hockey, and we don't know what's going to happen in basketball so a nice day for all our mothers. i want to add for


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