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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  May 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a pair of explosions rocked the pakistani town where osama bin laden was found hiding and killed one week ago. good to have you. >> there has been some speculation that his compound is being demolished. but it's likely he went under the u.s. radar for years with help of a support network in pakistan. they want access to the three widows being held in pakistan of the they want to know how
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much pakistan really knew about bin laden's whereabouts. >> the pakistani army said they had no idea he was hiding in abbottabad and some locals are having a hard time believing he was killed. many are questioning the authenticity and some are saying the u.s. faked his death as an excuse to draw u.s. troops to afghanistan and iraq. >> u.s. officials continue to try to work with pakistan to get answers to crucial questions. >> did pakistan harbor bin laden? what was his daily life like hiding out? how much do his wives know? we're getting answers tonight. >> reporter: reports of explosion in osama bin laden's compound come amid persistent rumors that the pakistani authorities intend to blow up the compound at some point. it will be an extraordinary move because it is still a forensic site and still a crime
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scene. they are still interrogating the three wives of osama bin laden. the youngest of whom seems to be giving away the most information. any details she gives them needs to corroborate with a visit to the site. they have already destroyed much of the personal furniture and things of bin laden at the house. i've seen video footage of broken beds and wardrobes and other furniture at the site. an extraordinary move and one which will complicate any additional information, especially if the c.i.a. gets involved such as they're willing to do. but the c.i.a. is being denied access to both the bin laden wives and children and also the scene itself. and more details of the pakistani side of the story are due on monday. the pakistani prime minister is expected to give a briefing to parliament on what happened during the raid. he's continued to deny the pakistani authorities, whether civilian or military, knew osama bin laden was in the country.
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they could have been here for up to 7 and a half years according to information gleamed from his youngest wife. she has apparently told her interrogators that she never left the upper floors of the building. bin laden spent most of his time up there and only come down stairs to exercise in the yard up to two times a day. in islamabad, fox news. two congressmen are pushing more more justice for 9/11 victims and first responders in the wake of osama bin laden's death. they say up to $50 million of his bounty money should go to first responders, families and survivors affected by at tack. the rewards for justice program established the award for information leading to his capture. it is unclear at this point who is eligible to get that money. our complete coverage of bin laden's death continues on the web. go to for the latest news, newly-released videos of the al-qaeda leader
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and comments on twitter. it's all there on our home page. another big story we're following tonight, a home invasion on the campus of georgetown university. students, as you can imagine, on high alert. the victims were tied up, property stolen, the thieves were armed. and as karen gray houston explains, the university's public safety department is now looking for three suspects. >> reporter: the 3500 block of s. street in the neighborhood above georgetown, they call it the visittage in the city it used to be quiet until recently. >> the past few months there has been quite a bit of action around here. not armed robberies or burglaries, usually on the street. >> like muggings? >> muggings, at knife-point or gunpoint. and then the assailants are getting away on foot. >> reporter: and then the home invasion at this house on late friday night and saturday morning. police say there are three suspects.
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one of them had a handgun and they came here looking for one person in particular. the e-mail that went out to and shocked the georgetown university community said a georgetown student and a former student live at the house. that the suspects were looking for a nonstudent resident who was not there at the time. >> because it was just like one of those things that you think will never happen to you. and once you hear about it you just think of it as an unfortunate event and feel sorry for whoever it happened to. >> the hus secretaries ransacked the house and got way with cell phones. neighborhoods accustomed to loud parties at homes rented to students are trying to keep the prime in perspective. >> i feel quite safe. that is a completely irregular situation. it had nothing to do with anyone in the neighborhood other that to do with the people in the house.
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>> reporter: in northwest d.c., karen gray houston, fork 5 news. an ferry morning accident killed a person -- an early morning accident killed a person around 6:30 this morning. accident and investigation forced police to shut the road down. it's not clear why the victim was on the highway. his name and information on the driver of the car that hit him have not yet been released. a very similar accident in prince george's county just after 2:00 this morning. maryland state police say a man walking on the inner loop near pennsylvania avenue was hit by a car. the vint imsurvived but his name -- the victim survived but not said anything about his name. firefighters say conditions were intense when they arrived in the house of 2,000 block of ellicott road. investigators are still determining what started the fire. damage is estimated at $150,000. now to the developing story
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in tennessee where it's not fire but water that is causing so much trouble. more than 1300 people have been evacuated from their homes as the mississippi river continues to threaten memphis. it's already gotten this bad. take a look at it. the river expected to crest at record levels any day now. low-lying towns in other parts of tennessee have also been damaged. parts of arkansas have seen record flooding as the white river takes over towns and those who live along the mississippi are still waiting to see what happens. hundreds of people have poured into shelters. in louisiana it is hard to know what will happen because the mississippi is taking it's time getting to the highest level. town officials are considering opening a spillway in morgan city to avoid flooding. residents have been told in their property flooded in 1973, they can expect to have trull this time around. the national weather service expects the mississippi river to reach the highest level in more than 70 years on tuesday.
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and there are problems in illinois, indiana and missouri as well. and a delta airlines flight diverted for a potential security threat. the plane was en route from detroit to san diego when it was sent to land in albuquerque around 10:00 a.m. airport officials won't say what the potential threat was and neither will the fbi but an airport official did say the plane was sent to a remote location at the airport and passengers were being interviewed. a train crash in new jersey. the path train was coming into town from new york at around 9:00 this morning when it hit an abutment at the platform. passengers were tossed around, 33 of them, including some crew members, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the train service was suspended. police believe there was a technical failure but the cause is still under investigation. hundreds of arrests in syria. plus more violent clashes in
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egypt. we are wrapping up the chaos across the middle east and northern africa after the break. and a story sure to touch your heart. she is the miracle baby for two sisters. we'll tell you why today is even more special for the family. we're back right after this. ohre.c rgri o.
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well national revolts continue all over the middle east and north africa. religious violence is reaching a boiling point.
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>> in egypt violent attacks on holy ground have triggered charged protests. we are a report from jerusalem. >> reporter: one of the big fears of the egyptian relation has now come true. massive violence breaking out in the country's capital where 10% of the population is christians. today they marched on the state tv building with rocks in one hand and crosses in the other to protest attacks against their holy site. overnight flames roared there one of carrow's christian churches as muslims storm the facility, 9 people died in the clashes and hundreds were wounded in street battles which brought in the army to try and bring back a fragile peace which existed between the two groups. since mubarak left office, the west has become fearful that egypt will radicalize under the muslim brotherhood which is now the most organized group. they promised to hold elections by september to choose a new
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government. experts think the muslim brotherhood will take firm control of the country which is only two in the arab world that has diplomatic ties to israel. to the israel north, the serian army continues it's attack on anti-government demonstrators. video today shows a sniper round killing one man as he walked unarmed through the street. serian's president has faced much protest for similar uprising in egypt and tunisia. three women activists were shot and killed as they stood in a highway to demand the government release fellow demonstrators. it is still nearly impossible to get verifiable video or reliable information out of syria because the country refused to give journalists entry visas and have expelled even friendly media organizations. fox news. now to the lingering
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disaster in japan, it is not clear whether it is smoke or steam billowing from the fukushima plant tonight. officials say it is steam coming from a spent fuel pool. they have decided to open the door to reactor number one to allow workers to get inside and stabilize it. they intend to build a new cooling system. former vice president dick cheney said he has not yet decided if he'll ask for a heart transplant. mr. cheney tells fox news sunday that he is in better health than last year when he was diagnosed with end stage heart failure. he had surgery last summer to installed a battery powered device that helps his heart pump blood. he's had five heart attacks since his 30s and is now 70 years old. today the salvation army of washington provided meals and much-deserved pampering to local moms in need. about hundred women attended the second annual mother's day luncheon in northeast. volunteers served lunch and
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dessert and treated the moms to manicures and pedicures. it is part of the harbor light program. >> and you know theyern their mani, pedi. on this mother's day, tisha thompson introduces us to two sisters who beat cancer and brought a new life into the world. >> there is something about sisters that is hard to explain. >> there aren't any words to put together. >> but for reama cordoba and her sister arpie, words aren't necessary. because they have isabella. 9-month-old isabella is babbling, starting to walk and never seems to cry. >> i tell her every day, she's a miracle. >> reporter: a miracle because if cancer had had its way, isabella wouldn't have been here at all. >> when they told me it was
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cervical cancer and then you have to have surgery, the first thing was i'm not going to be able to have a baby. >> reporter: just 25 years old, reama was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to undergo a surgery. >> i had three years old already and so i was so upset by my sister's condition and being diagnosed with cancer. >> reporter: so at 42 she helped her sister through surgery and then helped her have a baby. >> they harvested eggs from her and i have the opportunity to carry her baby for her. >> reporter: after undergoing one treatment, arpie was 8 months pregnant by the time she was healthy enough to get married. >> i feel like i missed out on feeling her, but i have her now and that is important. >> reporter: reama is now two
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years cancer-free and celebrating her very first mother's day. >> it's an amazing mother's day. >> reporter: all because of that certain something sisters can't seem to explain. >> say bye-bye. >> reporter: in mclean, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> now that is a bond. >> i love that story. good luck to both of them. >> unbelievable, at 42 years old and one ivf treatment, i like the way you think. it's been a great day today, you would agree. you can go out and and have lunch with your moms and loved ones. >> cloudy at this point. but when we come back, gwen will tell us what it in store for the forecast for this week. we're back after this. [ voice on phone ] hey, wiggly. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, along with that juicy mcdouble. so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie?
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a group of people took to the trees on capitol hill today marching to curb climate change. >> it's part of the movement across the u.s. to call on the federal government to reduce global warming by using less fossil fuels. today the demonstrations marched from capitol hill to the white house. and changing subjects, happy mother's day. >> gorgeous day today to celebrate that. >> did you all have some kind of outdoor activity today before work?
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>> indoor brunch. >> oh, indoor? >> i have allergies. >> i called my mother in canada. she's out having a great old time. >> you will eventually get her. hopefully she is having a good time. >> and as i said yesterday that today we have a chance of having just a passing shower here and there throughout the day and it could come any time and we are getting a few sprinkles out there right now and that's what the clouds are from. but we salvaged most of the day. we didn't have any issues at all. earlier this morning you might have seen a little bit of a sprinkle but it was generally very nice and pleasant so we're getting that passing shower right now but it's not going to last. it's going to be out of here before you know it. our week is starting down right pleasant with plenty of sunshine for you. it is going to be great as we move through into the week. a few pleasant days ahead for you, i'm happy to say. temperatures near seasonal and then when we move to the latest part of the week, we have a nice warm-up for you on my five- day forecast. in the meantime, we were really mild today. take a look at temperatures. above seasonal for the average today. we hit 74 degrees at national
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airport. the same at dulles. 75 at baltimore. and right now it is comfortable outside. 70 at national airport, a light northerly wind flow at about 10 miles per hour. and the winds remain light into the next 24-48 hours. it's currently 70 degrees at dulles, the same at manassas. warm in fredericksberg at 72. cooler in hagerstown at 68. 70 degrees for baltimore. and as we head up the mid- atlantic boston this mother's day right now at 52 degrees. 69 in new york. and we have 70 to the south as far as richmond is concerned. national temperatures showing all of that heat is well down to the south. look at the 80s. look at this, 100 degrees right now in del rio. we're not getting the benefit of the warm air in the early part of the week but into the later part of the week we'll start to see a little bit of a warm-up, all before a cool front comes in. and that will push our temperatures into the upper 70s or so just for about a day and then we'll get back to reality as things start to cool down.
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so right now a few clouds, earlier today we had precipitation that raced through and now we have a little bit of it lingering through as you can see. just a passing shower and nothing that will be a wash- out. we'll see the clouds even clear out into the course of the evening hours and back to some partly cloudy skies versus cloudy conditions into the overnight hours. a little bit of a short wave hitting here, most of this is heading well to the southeast. as far as our forecast is concerned, then clouds tonight that will start to clear out and we'll end up with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow a ridge of high pressure starting to build in and that will dominate our weather pattern right through into the later part of the week. and leave us with plenty of sunshine. so we're starting off very nice and wait until you see my five- day forecast to see how long the sun will stick around. it's going to be pretty pleasant for you. for this evening then, cloudy skies. by 9:00 around 62 degrees. and the clouds will start to clear out later on as i said. for tomorrow, no shortage of sunshine in your forecast. look at this, rockville is 74.
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culpeper is 75. it will be very pleasant as we start the workweek, my workweek already started, but it will be nice. so for tonight, mostly cloudy and then becoming partly cloudy at 53 for the overnight low. tomorrow we have 74 degrees, mostly sunny and mild and pleasant. look at the five-day forecast. sunshine straight across the board there until we hit friday. that's when we have the next frontal system coming in. that will cool us down as well, relatively speaking, with a chance of some storms. but other than that, very nice. the terps are if the market for a new coach after gary williams announced his retirement. >> so have the terps already found their guy? lindsey murphy is up next with sports. so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy because we give you choices. you can pick where to get your car fixed.
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happy mother's day to all of the moms out there. specially my mother joan. there were rumors that they were pursuing shawn miller as a replacement for williams. they couldn't lure him away from the wild cats. they announce after midnight that miller had agreed to a contract extension. his wild cats won the pac-10 regular season title and made an appearance in the elite 8. so the maryland search continued today. notre dame head coach turned down an interview. and also according to espn butler's brad stevens also denied the terps. sources say the school will shift focus to texas a&m's mark trojan. and looking for a three
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game sweep of the marlins and return to the .500 mark, they were able to win the first two games despite striking out 25 times. and some players wearing pink shoes and pink wristbands and using the pink bats. now unfortunately the marlins swung the pink bats better. and hernandez deep to left and that's a three-run jack giving the fish a 6-0 leaf. and leafa gives up 6 earned runs. and sanchez has a no-hitter going but then lance nicks. he lines one to right and stanton can't make the catch of the they finished with four. the marlins shut the nats out 8- 0 behind a 7-in, 11 strikeout performance by sanchez. >> when we've seen him he's had too many starts where we haven't done much and we have to do a better job because he's
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in the division and it's like facing any of the tough pitchers in the division, you'll face them over and over. you can't have a situation where one of them just dominates you. and the birds trail, weiters sends one to the opposite field and a dive and can't make the catch. it goes to the wall. luke scott scores, adam jones scores and the o's cut the deficit to 3-2. top of the 5th and this is upton with two on, two out and this base hit bring home two. upton had four rbis on the day. the rays defeat the o's 5-3 to complete a three-game sweep. nba playoffs, mavericks hosting the lakers. perry ties a playoff record hitting nine 3's. mavericks up 27 points. fourth quarter, jj berea drive news bynum, in tensionally knocking him to the floor. bynum was ejected for that
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dirty play. the mavericks pond the lakers 122-86 completing a four-game sweep of the two-time defending nba champs. and last night rondo tangled with wade. rondo dislocates his elbow. he had to leave the game but later makes a return. fourth quarter he uses that dislocated arm to make the steel and goes all the way for the dunk. rond on contributes 6 points. miami leads that series two games to one. a crowd gathered this afternoon in bethesda for the grand opening of l.a. boxing and the attraction was former heavy weight champion iron mike tyson. in town for the graduation of his daughter from american. he's all smiles and interacting with fans, signing autographs. well his scheduled 90 minute meet and greet lasted 15 minutes. a major, major disappointment to all of the boxing fans that
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lined up. and tonight dave ross' interview with vinny cerrato and his opinion on the redskins. >> and tyson looks great and smiling and then there is some negative twist. >> it was kind of like he switched a flip -- slipped a switch. and this was all smiles and then he had to go. >> that's iron mike. and that does it for us. we're back for the news at 10:00 and news edge at 11:00. >> and happy mother's day to our mother's too. >> yes, and to joan too.
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