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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a somber mother's day for one family. the mother they call mom missing since friday. her daughters are pleading for your help finding her. the 66-year-old was on her way to her daughter's home in arlington but never made it. >> as you can imagine, this is especially hard on her daughters who were planning to celebrate mother's day with her. audrey barnes spoke with family and friends. what do you know? >> adel la barrett is the glue that holds her family together. and tonight they are wondering what has happened to them. their family is torn apart.
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relatives say she was supposed to go to visit some of other kids. she has 20 grandchildren. no one has heard a word from her in three days. >> my mom would never, ever go a day without talking to my children or seeing my kids. ever. >> reporter: maria barrett waited all night for her friday to get to her house in arlington so they could cook food for a family member's funeral. but her more never showed up. >> i'm hoping she's okay. >> reporter: while her daughter clutches her phone, waiting for word -- >> she's going to call and she's going to be okay. >> reporter: -- friends have been stopping by to support the family. a role she played in the lives of so many others. >> she's been a wonderful, wonderful friend and just like a mother to me. >> reporter: barrett has a big
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heart, but her heart isn't healthy. she takes medication and hasn't had it in three days. >> the last time she went more than a day without her blood pressure medicine, prince george's county had to break into her house and found her passed out. >> reporter: police have issued a silver alert for barrett, last seen driving a 2010 nissan, tag number 4 ab 2351. for now, maria is holding off telling her three children about their beloved's grandmother's disappearance, hoping for the best. >> if you see my mom, please call the police, call the news, call somebody. please have a heart. she's somebody's mother and we miss her. we need her. help her. >> prince george's county police are the lead investigators on this case. if you know the whereabouts of
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adela barrett, give them a call. >> you can see how devastated the family is. audrey, you mentioned the police, are they giving you an indication what they think happened? >> no, they say all they can do is issue the silver alert, and are hoping they get tips from the public. a little bit about barrett, she has 20 grandchildren, great grandchildren. she speaks to someone at least every day. no one has heard a word for three days. they're hoping someone who spots her, spots that nissan will giver police a call so they can get the rock of their family back home. >> no doubt she is missed and loved. audrey barnes, thank you. developing tonight, arlington house fire on north ivy street. flames shooting out the window. our crew captured the images. a family living downstairs and
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three women living upstairs are all okay. you'll hear from some of the victims from this fire coming tonight on the news edge at 11:00. united states wants to talk to osama bin laden's three widows. the women stayed in the house after the navy seal team killed bin laden last sunday. they're believed to be in pakistani custody now. american officials believe the women may be able to answer questions about whether pakistan knew their husband was staying in the compound. but there are concerns the tense relationship between pakistani and u.s. intelligence could hobble the american effort to talk to the women. president obama talking on the record tonight about the death of osama bin laden. the president gave the order for the seals to invade the compound where bin laden was believed to have been hiding. the president told "60 minutes" that his administration consulted with islamic experts on the proper handling of bin
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laden's body. he then said, "we took more care of this than obviously bin laden took when he killed 3,000 people. he didn't have much regard for how they were treated, but that again is something that makes us different ." the president went on to say anyone who thinks bin laden did not deserve to decide, "needs to have their head examined." a large section of our country is under water tonight, or waiting for it to happen. flooding from the mississippi river and its tributaries have covered parts of six states. more than a thousand people were evacuated from their homes in memphis today. and down river everyone is waiting to see what happens when the river crests and that is expected tuesday. some areas it will end at its highest level in 70 years. >> we're going to do what we can, you know. i mean, you have money invested in a camp and your heart is there and you want to save it. >> mississippi's governor has
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asked for a major disaster declaration for 15 counties. many of the casinos like this one are located along the river, and they have been damaged. victims tied up, belongings ripped off. georgetown university students on alert after a home invasion off campus. this happened on s street near 35th street. one neighbor says there's been a few muggings, but overnight friday into saturday, three people came barging into the house looking for someone specifically. that person wasn't home at the time. the thieves stole several items and tied the people up inside. an e-mail went out to students as a warning. >> this is like one of those things you think will never happen to you. once you hear about it, you just think of it as unfortunate event and just feel sorry for whoever it happened to. >> i feel quite safe, because
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that is completely irregular. had nothing to do with anyone in the neighborhood, other than people in the house. >> police aren't saying exactly who or what the intruders were looking for, and so far there's no lookout information. former vice president dick cheney says he hasn't he'll ask transplant. he tells fox news sunday he is in better health than last year, when he was diagnosed with end stage heart failure. he had surgery last summer to install a battery powered device that helps his heart pump blood. he has had five heart attacks, and is now 70 years old. could be one of the most closely watched and expensive senate campaigns in the country. told, a new poll suggests the race in virginia might be more of an up hill battle than once thought. roz? >> this is the annual jefferson jackson dinner. both parties are expected to roll out about $30 million in
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this one campaign alone. now this new poll says all bets may be off. >> reporter: former virginia governor tim kaine on friendly terms. a fundraiser in fairfax county. a new poll shows he may face a tough battle in his run for the u.s. senate. he and his likely republican opponent, former governor and senator george allen, are locked in a dead heat. caine says he's not surprised. >> george has been running for this race a couple of years. i was not planning on running and we're happy with the poll, because it shows the race is winnable. it's also going to require an intense amount of work. >> reporter: we asked wtop analyst mark plocton to weigh in. >> i think this is basically a republican state, that allen is a wounded and flawed candidate,
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that kaine doesn't have many negatives. the only is may be a little too far to the left of the electorate and a negative maybe he served as chairman of the democratic national committee and that ties him too closely to obama. >> reporter: allen derailed his senate re-election bid in 2006, after calling his opponents indian american worker a word that is considered a racial slur in some countries. only 20% said that episode would be important to them according to a poll. and the poll showed him lacking behind with independent voters. >> perhaps some of that is residual off 2010. they moved quickly with a bad economy, with a tough economy as you know, they blame people who are in power. >> reporter: i asked kaine if he wanted president obama to campaign for him this time around. >> we have not talked about it,
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but he's going to take virginia seriously. it's a critical battleground, so i know the president will be here a lot when we get into the election cycle and i'm sure we'll be doing stuff together. >> reporter: all this is 18 months out, and of course anything can happen. there could be a crowded republican primary field, but the polls shows a allen leads the pack in that as well. >> thank you for that report. [chanting] group of people took to the streets on capitol hill today, marking to curb climate change. youth are calling on the federal government to reduce our fossil fuel emissions. today demonstrators marched from capitol hill to the white house. talk about the climate of the housing market. it's slowly recovering. you would agree washington doing better than most areas, but still are pitfalls. when we come back, we're going to weigh the pros and cons of
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renting versus buying. we're helping you get the best deal. a little less pain at the pump. we're going to talk to an expert, or we did this weekend, about the falling prices. we have that when fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. >> less pain, yes. >> we like that.    
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the price you're paying at the pump might be cheaper this weekend. a surprise to a lot of us. it's thanks to the price of oil and commodity selloff. and aaa predicts we won't get high with the memorial day season around the corner. john townsend from aa is joining us. >> good to be with you. >> break it down. >> relief if you call one cent or two cents a relief. >> every little bit counts. >> right, every little bit counts. it's a harbinger of things to come. one of the interesting things that happened this week is crude prices dropped about 25%
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in value. and that's great news for consumers and motorists. the other thing i noticed the fact gasoline futures also dropped 25 cents. that should translate into about a 25-cent drop in the price of gas in the next two or three weeks. >> what's behind the drop? >> i think that many speculators and traders are saying the demand simply wasn't there. the reason is people have stopped driving and buying as much gas, and we've seen this drop in demand as a reaction to sky high gas prices. >> the national gas price average just shy of about four bucks a gallon. will that stick around for a while? >> we may hover there the next couple of weeks or so, and after a little while the prices will begin to drop and will reflect reality in the sense it has to reflect what's happening in terms of crude futures and gasoline futures and the fact demand simply isn't there. the other thing we have to keep
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a watch on, or keep a lookout for is the fact we're heading into the summer driving season, and we may see a spike for a little while on the radar screen, a little blip there, because demand would increase when people start driving more. that should settle down, too. >> speaking of the demand for you'll, do you think we as americans need to change the way we get fuel from the middle east? perhaps get more serious about alternative fuel? >> we've seen this before, and people lapse into what erroll flynn once called my wicked, wicked ways. we need a more energy efficient lifestyles and have ways of conserving energy as top of the
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mind issue. hope flywheel fully we'll change our ways. >> how unusual is that, 44 days of consecutive pain at the pump? >> the third largest streak in u.s. history. in april alone, what we paid for gasoline in this country, in this region, costs us almost $200 than it cost us three aprils ago. we were paying about $400 or about 113% higher than we paid two years ago. that drained a lot of budgets that had a devastating impact on household budgets, and our financial wherewithal and our sense of economic well-being. >> any anticipated driving numbers out on the roads as we head into memorial day weekend? >> it's kind of hard to say. we've been here before. we've seen the scenario before, and you have to go back to 2008
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when gasoline prices were this high and people didn't travel as much, throughout all of the five major travel holidays of the year. this may be a repeat. >> john townsend, thanks for coming in tonight. >> thank you, will. consumers are looking to make smart money moves, but are you better off buying a home or rent? >> reporter: small business owner carol currently rents a home in marin county. >> it just makes sense right now with the economy bottoming out, that i continue to rent. >> reporter: but she regularly meets with her agent. >> i think it depends on the deal. >> reporter: customers are often conflicted. >> i'll have a rental on the market and they're convinced they want to rent. we'll drop a hint like, should i buy? >> reporter: mortgage broker adam wise says though renting
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has been cheaper, the housing prices has changed that. >> when you compare rising rents relative to homes become more affordable with that combination, it's becoming a much more even playing field now. >> reporter: example, this $725,000 home. >> the rent would be at least $3,000 a month. >> reporter: if you buy -- >> you'll have a mortgage payment, number one. number two, you are going to have property taxes. that's going to be a new experience for a new homeowner. and you have to have insurance on the house. >> reporter: crunching the numbers and assuming a 20% down payment, the monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance come out to $3,945 a month. but-- >> some of those costs are offset with tax benefits. >> reporter: tax deductions effectively lower the payment to $3,045 a month, essentially the same as renting. >> there are ways in doing less than 20% down. >> reporter: just 3.5% down
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with a federally fha loan, but the final ajusted payment goes up by more than a third. more down payment, renting and buying are becoming comparable. >> i have to confess i am looking for my dream house. >> reporter: whether you decide to rent or buy will depend on two things. one, will your landlord take care of the repairs as you need them? and two, how much will your rent increases be? >> things to think about. >> decisions, decisions. a story that is sure to touch your heart. >> she's the miracle baby for two sisters. we're going to tell you why today is even more special for this family. stay with us.   
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today the salvation army of washington provided meals and pampering to local moms in need. about 100 women attended the
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second annual mother's day luncheon at harbor light center in northeast. volunteers treated the mom to mania and pedis. well deserved pampering there. now to a story that is sure to touch your heart. two sisters found a way to beat cancer. >> and they brought a new life into the world in the process. tisha thompson has their story. >> reporter: there's something about sisters that's hard to explain. >> there aren't any words i could put together. >> reporter: for rita -- >> i would tell her, but she knows. >> reporter: and her sister, words reason really necessary. because they have isabella. 9-month-old isabella is babbling, starting to walk, and never seems to cry. >> i tell her every day, she's a miracle. >> reporter: a miracle, because if cancer had had its way,
10:25 pm
isabella wouldn't have been here. >> when they told me it was cervical cancer and you have to have surgery, the first thing was, i'm not going to be able to have a baby. >> reporter: just 25 years old, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. >> i have three kids of my own and i thought i was finished having kids. my youngest is 13 years old. so i was so upset about my sister's situation, and her condition and her being diagnosed with cancer. >> reporter: so at 42 years helped her sister through surgery, and then helped her have a baby. >> they were able to harvest eggs from her. it's her child, her baby. and i had the opportunity to carry it for her. >> reporter: after undergoing just one treatment, she was 8 months pregnant by the time rima was healthy enough to get married. >> i feel like i missed out on feeling her kick and all that stuff. i don't think about that now, because it's in the past and i have her now.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: she is now two years cancer-free and celebrating her first mother's day. >> amazing mother's day. yes. >> reporter: all because of that certain something sisters just can't seem to explain. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> that is one of the best stories i think i've seen in a while. >> i still can't believe the sister is 42 years old and the first try and it worked. >> just meant to be. >> meant to be. >> indeed. coming up, more insight into this weekend's development, concerns over bin laden's death. >> i had a chance to talk with a retired air force colonel this week getting his thoughts on the new video release. the unrest continues in other parts of the middle east. hundreds of arrests in syria. plus, more violence in egypt. an update tonight as anti- government protests rage on. ea
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there are new images of osama bin laden, once the world's most wanted terrorist, now dead. officials released new footage seized in the raid six days ago. joining us now with military insight is retired u.s. air force colonel cedric laten. thank you for joining us this evening. >> good evening. great to be here. >> thank you. the new video shows bin laden in a way we've never seen him before. what do these images say to you about him outside the spotlight? >> well, i think what was interesting to me was the fact he lived a kind of spartan existence. everybody talked about his million dollar home. i think the home, i wouldn't have paid a million dollars for it, less put it that way. but he was caught in the middle of u.s. efforts to try to get him, and we saw the results of
10:31 pm
that. his existence was kind of rough in the years he was spending in abbottabad. but nonetheless, he was controlling things and i think the idea that he was not in control has proven to be false. >> he's tauted as a mastermind, and built up by his supporters as bigger than life, almost in a shriveled state. looks from my viewpoint weakened. does it help showing him in his true light? >> absolutely. it makes him seem much smaller than life instead of greater than life. it is one of those areas are all of a sudden we have a chance to, if not win the propaganda war outright, to at least score a major victory, and i think we're beginning to
10:32 pm
do that. >> how embarrassing is this video to pakistan? shows him again in pakistan for what seems to be a good amount of time. how would you assess the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan after this video has surfaced? >> the video and every aspect of this particular situation proves tremendously embarrassing for pakistan. and i would assess our relationship with them to be quite frankly, at a low point. it's a shame in many ways, because they could have probably done better police work, which is in essence an intelligence and police matter. if they didn't know, which i find hard to believe, it's a situation where their intelligence services and law enforcement have failed them considerably, and showing how weak that state really is. significantly embarrassing and i think from a u.s. diplomatic perspective, we have a lot of
10:33 pm
questions to ask them, and i think it's time we look how our relationship with pakistan should go forward, given the fact we are not done with the war on terror. >> one thing again this video shows is osama bin laden was still in charge. he was planning and plotting a mission even from his, at least visible weakened state. what do you say that this video shows he was still in charge? >> i think the video shows that and also some of the documents will show that as well. according to all the reports we've heard, they have gotten a treasure trove of documents, which for an intelligence analyst, that is the best thing you could possibly get. given that fact, the idea that he was somehow a figurehead has proven to be completely false. i think the fact we have decapitated the head of al- qaida, that makes a significant difference and really means
10:34 pm
that we are at this point gaining the upper hand in the war on terrorism. >> i certainly hope so. thank you so much for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. the focus has been on bin laden and the future of al- qaida. but there's still unrest in the middle east and north africa. religious violence is reaching a boiling point. in egypt, more protests. leyland vitter is here with a wrap. >> reporter: one of the big fears of the egyptian revolution has come true. violence breaking out in the country's capital with 10% of the population is cop tick christians. they marched to protest attacks against their holy site. overnight, planes roared through one of cairo's many churches, as muslims stormed the facility, nine people died,
10:35 pm
and hundreds were wounded, which brought in the army to try and bring back a fragile peace which existed between the two groups. the west is becoming fearful egypt will radicalize under the muslim brotherhood. they promise to hold elections by september. experts think the muslim brotherhood will take control of the country. to israel's north, syria continues its attack. amateur video shows a sniper round killing one man as he walked unarmed through the streets. syrian's president has faced protests. the syrian government says they'll continue to use tanks.
10:36 pm
three women were shot and killed as they stood in the highway and demanded the government release demonstrators. it is still impossible to get verifiable video or information out of syria. the country has expelled even typically friendly media organizations. maryland terps are in the market for a new coach after gary williams announced his retirement. >> does the team have a new leader tonight? lindsay murphy is in studio coming up with sports. mother's day not ending too badly. a few light showers. frontal system to the south of us. i'll have details later with your full forecast. stay with us.
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[ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. gary williams says see ya to maryland and the search is on for a new man. >> we have posted the question
10:40 pm
to our viewers. a new leader? >> can there be? >> yesterday reports were running wild maryland was pursuing john miller from arizona as a replacement. even reportedly met with him in las vegas, but the terps couldn't lure him away. the ad announced after midnight miller had agreed to a contract extension. he's coming off his second season in tucson, where his cats won the pac 10 regular season title, and made an elite 8 appearance. maryland' certain continued today. it will ramp up tomorrow as the ad and president meet. notre dame coach reportedly turned down an interview. sources say the school may shift focus to texas a&m's coach. billy marlin with his mom on hand. the nats taking a three game sweep. this one is gone.
10:41 pm
a 3 run homer, which would give the marlins a 6-0 lead. top of the 7, still 6-0. sanchez has a no hitter going. once you say that, you jinx it. yep, can't catch the liner. first hit of the day. nats finish with four, the marlins win 8-0 behind a 7 inning 11 strikeout performance by sanchez. former heavy weight champion iron mike tyson was in town for the graduation of his daughter from american university. he was smiles for a brief time, interacting with fans. he did sign autographs, but was scheduled to meet with 90 minutes for fans. he only lasted 15 minutes. talk about a major disappointment for all of these boxing fans. too bad. i saw that line in bethesda and it was crazy long. >> what's going on?
10:42 pm
>> we're out of time, but offcamera lindsey told us the story mike is really not a fun guy to be around all the time. didn't like the camera. >> bad day. rough day. >> iron mike -- >> i don't like that. coming up, this was a strange debate brewing among environmentalists. should mother nature have the same rights as human beings. and gwen has your five-day, and former "american idol" judges reuniting here for the x factor. ♪ there's one perfect fit, and sugar, this one is it ♪ we're both so excited because we're reunited, hey, hey ♪      
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new tonight, should mother
10:46 pm
nature have the same rights as human beings? that is the question being debated by environmentalists who say mother nature has the right to exist and thus be protected by human rights laws. one familiar and controversial public figure is backing the cause. fox's claudia cowen explains the debate. >> reporter: with polls showing global warming taking a back seat to unemployment and economic concerns, some environmentalists are seeking equal protections for mother nature by giving rivers, trees and animals human rights. in particular, the right to exist and not be exploited or controlled. >> does the river have a right to flow? yes. because if it doesn't have a right to flow, then we don't have more water. we don't have fish. we don't have the plants and species we depend on. >> it's in our best interest, really. >> reporter: new groups are promoting a declaration for the rights of nature, that would
10:47 pm
allow lawyers to represent eco plaintiffs in court. >> the idea that trees and rocks and ponds and fish should have resources is really a cover so that lawyers and bureaucrats can extend more control over other people. if you extend rights to nature, you'll diminish human rights. >> reporter: it's getting support from obama's form green czar, who resigned, partly in declaring he was a communist. >> i'm sure van jones hasn't seen a free market he doesn't want to control. >> reporter: jones is part of a group that wants rights for mother nature to be a global reality by 2014. >> people listen to van jones, and he's one of i hope many leaders that will come to the
10:48 pm
same understanding of what it means to be changing our relationship with nature in law, and in culture. >> reporter: a few u.s. towns and even a couple of small countries have bought into the concept. but with trillion dollar deficits and a 9% jobless rate, it remains unclear whether manners are in the mood -- americans are in the mood to giver plants and animals the same legal status as themselves. speaking of mother nature, we had a gorgeous day for the mothers to celebrate. >> not bad for the outdoor brunches a lot of you celebrated. then what, about 6:00, popup rain storms changed things. >> it was actually a passing shower. didn't have storms. that's good news, will. >> well -- >> scaring everybody out there. what storms? yes, and hopefully all those mothers still celebrating as we do continue to wish you a happy mother's day. not a bad look outside. had clouds earlier. things have now cleared up. we are going to see the clouds
10:49 pm
continue to move out in the overnight hours as well. the week is starting with plenty of sunshine. lots of bright skies i'm happy to say. we have pleasant days ahead in my five-day forecast. temperatures are going to be near seasonal, and then we hit the end of the week, a nice gift from mother nature, late week temperatures start to rise again, a nice warmup. today, warmer than yesterday, about 2 to 4 degrees above the seasonal average for the day. 75degrees at national. excuse me. 74 at national. same at dulles. 75 at baltimore today. not bad at all. it's still really comfortable outside. 62degrees now at national airport. humidity is up at about 80%. might feel that a little bit. very light southerly wind flow. temperatures in our neighborhoods are in the range of the low 60s to the upper 50s pretty much everywhere. 60degrees in baltimore this hour. 61 dulles.
10:50 pm
hagerstown 61. 58 fredericksburg. boston, 55 degrees, but new york at 64 degrees this hour. we've got at 59 at richmond. southern portion of the country, really heated up quite a bit today. this evening fairly warm. had 100 degrees earlier day for del rio. this warm air will move up the atlantic seaboard and we'll benefit in the later part of the week. other than that, seasonal conditions and light wind flow. our temperatures will rise. a little bit of precipitation. some of it moved through earlier, late afternoon hours. a light passing shower. we'll see the clouds now clear out overnight, because we have a ridge of high pressure that will dominate our weather pattern. overnight, partly cloudy, and once we get into tomorrow, take a look at this, plenty of sunshine with a few clouds. the week starts with the
10:51 pm
sunshine, ends up pleasant. next few days we end up with the bright skies sticking around. can't beat the next few days for our forecast. by the time we get to about 11:00, around 65 degrees. for tomorrow, really bright skies i'm happy to say. dry conditions as well. temperatures into the 70s. heading into tonight, overnight low around 53 degrees under partly cloudy skies. light northerly wind. tomorrow once again, bright skies. enjoy it. mild and pleasant with a high of 74. here's that five-day forecast, look at this, really nice days into the week. friday chance of a thunderstorm. other than that, temperatures will rise. once again, really good feeling about how nice that warm weather will be and the nice sunshine days at the beginning of the week. speaking of warm feelings, i have a warm place in my heart. there's a special place in maryland where disadvantaged
10:52 pm
boys can call home. it's called our house. i recently spoke with the executive director and one of the board members about their upcoming fundraiser. >> 11 students came from a very rough start. >> they've been abused, abandoned, neglected, homeless and orphaned. ages 16, 17, 18 years old. they've fallen through the cracks. >> you had a very, very great helper along the way. >> we sure did. oprah winfrey found out about us and sent a film crew down. we were on her show and i flew out there. she helped us purchase our 140- acre piece of property. during the day we teach them carpentry and construction trades. then in the evenings we have their high school classes. six nights a week they go to their ged classes. the program is rounded off with every saturday they do community service work. they do life skills,
10:53 pm
counseling, all that stuff. >> what is the reason you want to expand? >> we have a waiting list. we have young men that apply, or workers call us continually, take one more kid, take one more kid, and we can't do that. we only have 16 now. we're going to build a new dormtory and we can go to 24. 100% self-sustaining, a green dormtory. building greens for the future. will be one of the top tiered leads buildings for self- sustaining and the young men will help build it themselves. >> they do organic gardening? >> three or four or 5 acres they grow crops organically and sell the crops. they have 10 bee hives and har jest honey, too. >> darryl, you are involved in the fundraiser. who are some of the v.i.p.s that will be there? >> well, we have county executive ike leggett, montgomery county's police
10:54 pm
chief. the man who brought tae kwon do to the united states will be there. >> and ken harvey. colin powell has been kind enough to lend his name because he thinks this is such a great program. and sue, our own weather anchor, will be an honorary chair. we have a really, really good group here, which is fantastic. what can they expect to see happen? >> chelsea greene, as well as the jolly brothers, matt wiggler, a child prodigy pianist. and i'll play rock and roll blues and the great local jazz
10:55 pm
singer mavis waters will be on hand. >> you have a live and silent auction, and the live auction items and silent auction items, they are fantastic. we've got vacation homes in costa rica. a lot of great things. >> the tickets are $100, but must be purchased in advance or reserved. >> that's important. i know it's after 5:00, cocktail attire. fox 5 is a proud sponsor. graphic issues, office depot, and once again, we want to thank you. >> this event, for more information, go to and click on the our house web link. hopefully people will come out. >> i know a lot of ears perked
10:56 pm
up when they heard oprah winfrey put some of her money behind it. grade a as we know, and they're doing a great job out there. >> definitely. great program. >> good job to you. >> thank you. >> good luck with your fundraiser. >> thank you. coming up here on the 10:00 news, we're going to have a little fun and open up the buzz bin. we can say fun, because he's okay. david beckham in an accident. find out who was at fault. all new at 11:00, we're talking to victims of a horrible mother's day fire. details on how firefighters believe the blaze that gutted this house started.  i
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