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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> fox 5 is following several big stories tonight. a dog jumps from a school bus and starts attacking children. parents are now worried about rabies as police search for the owner. plus, a violent crime caught on camera. tonight, we're going to talk to
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the victim of a drive-by purse snatching. and charlie sheen was not the only celebrity to get a police escort in dc. the city's top cop responds after records reveal who else got that special treatment. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. we're going to begin with a weather alert. we have some amazing video from the strong storms that have ravaged parts of the dc region. look at this. fox 5 viewer steve scamp got these pictures of the hail that pounded his neighborhood. you've seen this on the radio i'm sure, sue, and we're not out of the clear yet. >> i have more hail pictures to show you in just a moment. first off tonight, shawn, it's going to be radar because we have big storms up to the northeast, actually passed through the city just a little bit ago, and like everything else we have seen today, this is all moving from south to north, all part of that same system we've been watching all week long, but unfortunately, we are getting more and more saturated, and this is the last thing we
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need. coming up 270 here, we have very heavy down pours in the frederick or banna area, just north of charles town. these could produce heavy rain, wind gusts to 30 and we've had a lot of lightning with it. we showed you the hail pictures in leesburg a moment ago that steve sent in. check out this funnel cloud seen in leesburg looking to the west. we thank don for that picture and a lot of hail from the fredricksburg area today to the size of pennies and quarters and enough to pile up on the ground around fredricksburg, so a wild night. here's what's active right now. we have a flash-flood watch for the entire area until midnight. i wish i could tell you we are out of this pattern but we've got another day to get this slow low on the move. we believe it is going to be getting a kick, but it's notevie getting a kick, but it's not tomorrow so unfortunately we're looking at another chance for heavy down pours and probably some strong storms, brian. i'll have details and timing when i join you later. >> sue, we'll see you in a bit.
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and some breaking news tonight. a military plane burst into flames just minutes after leaving the runway. the boeing 707 crashed ony thisg evening at point lagoon naval air station in california. these are live pictures and a spokesperson says three people on board made it out with only minor injuries. the tanker is used for fleet operations, support and transporting fuel. no word on where the plane was going. we are also following a developing story in prince georges county. a vicious dog attack on board a school bus. tonight, police don't know who owns the animal but the american bull dog started biting children at a bus stop and even followed the kids on the bus before police shot and killed it. matt ackland is following the story. >> reporter: authorities would like to find the owner of this dog. they want to know if it was up-to-date on its shots, could it have rabies, and why was it roaming the streets?
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tonight, four children are recovering from not only the fright of their lives, but also some serious bites. 11-year-old rashawn ray says he just couldn't get away from the big dog as it chased two boys onto his bus. >> the dog comes right behind him and everybody starts screaming, he starts biting people. >> reporter: he showed us bites all over his body, the worst one here on his inner thigh. >> bit me on my right thigh and wouldn't let go. >> reporter: four children, all heading to fort washington forest elementary were bitten and taken to a nearby hospital. >> i was jumping over the seat and it was chasing me. >> he got boy, this boy named rashawn got bit in his rib cage and i was so scared. >> reporter: hilda warren says she watched the attack in terror. >> i said oh, my god, them boys was running and the dog was attacking one of the boys, clawing and biting at him. >> reporter: the first police officer on the scene shot and killed the dog but even after a
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full day of looking into it, animal management in the county still wants to know who the dog belongs to. >> no tags, no collars on the dog at this time. we are certainly doing a scan on him to see if it has a chip. at this time, we don't know an owner, and we're still in the process of that investigation. >> reporter: chief taylor told me tonight they had one tip on the dog's owner but it did not pan out. they're hoping for the public's help on this one. by the way, the dog will be tested for rabies in the morning. the parents of the kids attacked today are eager to know the result of that test, shawn. >> you can certainly understand that. hopefully the dog did not have rabies. matt ackland, thank you. tonight, dc public schools is throwing out the test results of three classrooms for cheating. the action comes after an investigation into the city's 2010 comprehensive assessment system or cas exams. the dc superintendent of education said there were three proven incidents of cheating and scores of three classrooms are being invalidated. today, mayor gray spoke about one of those incidents.
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>> i know of one, and that was a situation in which a teacher had used the previous year's exam to ready students for, this is one of our charter schools, to ready the students for the exam, which is improper. >> the schools involved weren't named. dc's inspector general has been investigating higher ratio rates in some public schools. this year's cas exam given in april had tighter security guidelines. the man accused of stabbing a washington redskin is in even more trouble tonight. jason shorter was arrested on gun charges. he was already charged with stabbing another man back in february. the attack left banks with a collapsed lung. shorter is accused of carrying a pistol without a license. caught on tape tonight, a frightening robbery in northern virginia. the target, an unsuspecting woman at a loudoun county gas station. wisdom martin spoke with that woman tonight exclusively and joins us in leesburg with that
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story and this amazing video, wisdom. >> reporter: investigators say this was an apparent crime of opportunity and a quick score for the suspects. as far as the victim is concerned, well, when it was all said and done, she ended up on the ground and unconscious. the victim says it happened a few weeks ago at a gas station in perseville. she told us by phone that she stopped to refuel around 1:00 in the morning. >> when i first pulled up, there wasn't nobody. i was there getting gas with my friend and i went into the store to get some coffee. once i got the coffee, i came out, i saw like a green car to my left. >> reporter: she says that she was ready to get back in her car. the suspects in that green car drove up. the passenger stuck his hand out of the window and grabbed the purse on her shoulder. she fell down to the ground hitting her head. she says everything after that is a blur. when she woke up, she said she
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was surrounded by customers and a gas station attendant. >> i remember coming out this door and waking up and somebody -- i was knocked unconscious and somebody was above me saying that somebody hit me and took my pocket book. i hope they catch them, that's what i hope, and burn them. that's what i hope. because i could have been killed, and i'm having memory loss and can't remember stuff. it's just sad, and all my possessions taken, and now god knows who got my social security number. >> reporter: now, investigators say they don't have any other reports of this happening in the area or anywhere nearby. as far as the suspect's car, they say it's an older model green car with a west virginia tag because this happened near the west virginia/virginia border, brian. >> wisdom martin tonight in leesburg. to a fox 5 news alert. a 13-month old fairfax county boy is in critical condition after a television fell on him.
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police say the tv fell from a table onto the child's upper body. police don't know how the television fell but say it looks like an accident. a teenager killed in oiney over the weekend has been laid to rest. haily mcguyer was laid to rest in durwood, maryland. she and two others died when their car crashed and burst into flames. the other two victims will be buried later this week. charlie sheen isn't the only celebrity to get a police escort in the district. so who else did? and were department policies followed? i'm bob barnard. we're on the case to. plus, as the head of the imf sits in the jail cell on rape charges, detectives return to the hotel where the sexual assault allegedly occurred. we'll have the latest on that. and the mother of arnold schwarzenegger's secret child revealed. we have pictures of the mystery
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woman. >> and new tonight at 11:00, a skate boarder shot by an angry neighbor. now, for the first time, the victim is talking only on the news edge at 11:00. h
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>> staying on top of breaking news right now out of ventura county california where a military plane burst into flames minutes after leaving the run way. this is video just into our news room right there. you can see the flames and the helicopter dropping fire retardant to try to put the flames out. you would think that would be more disastrous than it is because the three people on board made it out and only had minor injuries. the tanker is used for fleet operations support and transporting fuel. no word on where that plane was going. you can add the likes of jaz-z and bill gates of the list of celebrities getting police eskorts in this town. all of this coming to light as police investigate charlie sheen' wild run last month. bob barnard has more on this
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elite treatment. >> reporter: after this made headlines, the associated press requested of dc officials the names of other celebrities granted the same privilege to see if what's being done is on the up. dc's police brass say it's all under investigation. we're used to seeing police eskorts here in the nation's capital, be it the president's motor cade, the vice president or a foreign leader visiting washington. but when charlie sheen last month was running late for his concert appearance at constitution hall he got a high-speed police escort from dulles airport into the city. he even took pictures and tweeted about it, an episode that angered quite a few of you. >> it's quite a convenience to everyone else who actually abide by the rules of the streets. >> reporter: now, we learn other celebrities from hip hop artist jay-z to billionaire bill gates was granted specialty treatment from dc police. >> that's not something worth
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stopping traffic for. they have to wait like everyone else. >> i think i have an issue with that. do they need it is the question and can they provide their own. >> reporter: police chief kathy li near says long standing policy staets escorts can only be granted if granted by an assistant chief, using off duty officers for which the department is reimbursed. visiting sports teams often request escorts to the verizon center on game days, all arranged and paid for. and now we learn charlie sheen wasn't the only news-making celebrity with bragging rights to this kind of thing. now, earlier tonight i had the chance to speak with dc police chief kathy lanear about these so-called reimbursable details. he's running late and got this escort from dulles to constitution hall. does that sound legit? >> if that's exactly what happened and the investigation is not done yet, so i have to
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say this in general terms, if that's what happened, absolutely not. that's not approved. one, they're not approved to go outside the district of columbia to pick up an escort. we don't have police authority out there. two, they shouldn't be doing 80 miles an hour and running lights and sirens and stop signs, if that's the case and three we don't give escorts to people if they're running late, no matter who they are. if you ask me some police officers in the police department said they were going to give this escort to charlie sheen or anybody else without following policy, sure it's possible. people sometimes don't follow the policy during the big concerts, and the inauguration, you had all these entertainers coming in, open seating, free concert, you had hundreds of thousands of people walking from the metro crossing constitution avenue as the entertainers are trying to get in so the only way to get the entertainers in would be an escort so that is an example of what would be an approved escort. now, i don't know the allegation with gates and the jay-z, so i don't know yet until that investigation is done whether
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those are ones that went up through the chain of command and got approved or not, but, i mean, it's part of what this whole investigation is about, is who's approving these escortes and did they follow policy? >> again, chief lanear says the use of reimbursable details is under investigation. she says if some people did not follow department policy they will be disciplined, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. the identity of the woman who gave birth to arnold schwarzenegger's secret child is revealed tonight. according to tmz, she is 50-year-old mildred baene, a housekeeper for the family for 20 years. fox 5's laura evans is working today's developments and joins us with the story. >> reporter: shawn, the bomb shells keep dropping in the scandal, and tonight, we have new pictures of baena, pictures of when she was pregnant, even a christmas picture in which she and schwarzenegger posed with the former governor's youngest son. mildred baene was reportedly pregnant with arnold schwarzenegger's child at the same time maria shriver was
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carrying the couple's youngest of form. neighbors say the former governor's son who's now 13 is a mature young man. >> this young man is just at the top end of being polite and being very cordial and just somebody you want to be around. he's really a very highly intelligent young man. >> reporter: baena's neighbors also have some advice for her now that her alleged affair is under the magnifying glass. >> just protect your child, , you know. what you have allegedly done and everything else, that's an adult issue, and try it protect your child. >> reporter: california's first couple announced their split after 25 years of marriage, and now breaking her silence, shriver tapes an episode on oprah and thanks the popular tv host for showing her, quote, love, support, wisdom, and most of all, the truth. californians, meanwhile, are reacting to the scandal.
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>> they always seemed like they had a solid foundation for a relationship. >> very disappointing to hear somebody in that capacity, in the government, to have have a relationship like that. >>, i mean, to be a leader of a state and have his household all messed up like that, it doesn't feel right. >> considering who we decide to elect for our office sometimes, i'm not completely surprised unfortunately. >> baena, according to tmz actually delivered her son within a week of when maria shriver delivered christopher, her youngest child, with arnold schwarzenegger. tmz has also reported that schwarzenegger didn't know baena's child was his until the child became a toddler. shriver today asked for compassion, privacy and respect as she and her children try to rebuild their lives and hill. >> such a disappointing, laura, thank you. the investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid by the imf chief has turned to dna.
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detectives cut a piece of carpet from the penthouse today. it will be tested from dna from strauss-khan. his future as the head of the imf is in question. officials want him to resign if he's denied bail tomorrow. mcdonald's is facing scrutiny. why some groups say the fast food chain needs to cut ties with ronald mcdonald. this is what happens when you slam a diet coke bottle filled with mentos. we'll show you more of this new viral video up next. look at the stories hot on our website, 
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>> well, he has been the face of fast food for more than 40 years but ronald mcdonald could soon be out of a job. health workers are calling on the clown mascot to retire
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saying he's a bad influence on children. more than 550 health care professionals in organizations signed an open letter asking mcdonald's corp to stop marketing junk food to kids, everything from the use of ronald mcdonald to the happy meal toys. we asked our facebook fans if they think ronald mcdonald should retire and everyone is citing ron, almost. >> kelly wrote, no way. you don't have to get a happy meal when you go. >> another wrote, ronald is mcdonald, if he should retire, then you should retire wendy and the king. video gone -- viral, when an old-school experiment goes bad. as the old mentos in a coke bottle trick. these two guys thought it would be funny to try it, and the bottle took a path at the camera guy's head. no word on what damage it may have done or who the guys were. >> wow, have you ever tried that before? i want to try it for my kids but
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far away. >> that is not incentive there. >> you're not supposed to throw it on the ground though. >> and you're learning this on the internet. that's the lesson you're going to teach your kids? >> no, i think it's cool to watch it when it spews out. >> gotcha. >> on a more serious note, president obama's campaign could make money surrounding the controversy around his birth certificate. who will become osama bin laden's successor. tonight, the man on the fbi's most wanted list who could become al-qaida's new leader. and jack johnson's guilty plea may just be the beginning, why a corruption investigation in prince georges county is far from over.
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>> in the news presidency room getting the nitty-gritty details in the jack johnson scandal.
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sherri ly is joining me and there are a lot of hidden details that hasn't been made public. >> i'm looking at the plea agreements from jack johnson and the other people guilty in this probe, and the details are quite juicy, talking about the exchange of sex and money for influence and it also reveals there are a number of people who are still unnamed that may be involved in this corruption scandal. former county executive jack johnson may be the biggest catch in the prince georges county corruption probe but two developers and a high-ranking housing official also pled guilty providing a picture of widespread greed and deceit. the plea agreement for developer patrick ricker describes money, trip expenses, meals, drinks, hotel rooms, airline tickets, rounds of golf, sexual services, given to state and local officials to curry influence. >> it is not the end of our investigation. the fbi is actively pursuing other criminal activity related to jack johnson's administration. >> reporter: the favors were
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doled out at all levels of government. the county's executive branch, legislative branch and the school board. >> myself and my colleagues --. >> reporter: johnson's wife, councilmember leslie johnson, is also charged in the probe. as recently as november 2010 on a wire-tapped call, the fbi recorded jack johnson speaking with mersa beg, discussing the council members expecting to win election saying we have that five, referring to the number of council members that would be favorable to the developer. >> and you hope that it's nobody currently in the county government. >> reporter: will campos, now in his seventh year on the council finds it hard to consider others may be corrupt. >> you don't want to think or assume who it could possibly be. i mean, it's definitely very tough. >> reporter: yet the plea agreement suggests there may be many more. candidate a, lobbyist a and b, a former county official, illegal contributions funneled to the campaigns of two candidates for the us senate, a candidate for congress and the campaigns of several local candidates.
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none of them named. >> the reason for that is is that we're prohibited from naming them as being involved in criminal activity unless we're prepared to charge them and we haven't done so at this time. >> reporter: it's the uncertainty of more arrests that hangs over the c. >> do we have an idea of the unnamed people in these court documents, their level of involvement in all of this? >> reporter: in some cases it's very specific, brian. for instance there is a candidate a named in here in which there is a specific conversation that was wire-tapped by the fbi and in that he is discussing money with jack johnson. in other cases for instance, the campaign contribution, it's unclear if those illegal contributions were known to the candidates who that money was being funneled to. all of this is still part of the ongoing investigation and the us attorney does say that there could be more people charged in this. >> all right. sherri ly tonight. now that osama bin laden is dead, there's been a lot of talk
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over who will replace him as head of al-qaida. the terrorist organization has reportedly chosen sab al abdull as the interim leader. the chairman of washington university frank joins us tonight. although they haven't officially confirmed him as the leader now, there's a lot of speculation. who is he? where does he come from? >> sure, there are a number of unanswered questions at this point but adel is a well known terrorist, been around quite some time. he's an egyptian, had some military training, was a member of the egyptian islamic gihad, which is where most of the al-qaida's roots come from and was wanted in the connection of the 1998 bombings in africa, kenya and tanzania. so he's a known commodity and supposedly behind a number of attacks in 2003 in saudi arabia. >> we also know he has ties to iran, was supposed to be there on house arrest.
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considering this news, what role might iran play in al-qaida's future? >> that's a very good question. the number of al-qaida affiliates in the past have been under house arrest in iran, including osama bin laden's family members themselves. whether or not they're playing a harboring role or an interim kind of role, but clearly they'll have some good intelligence and information on al-qaida, on adel and others. >> even though he's been reportedly named the number 1 man following osama bin laden's death, we've heard the names of his top deputy, alqiri and arawaki. will there be a power struggle? if so, who's likely to come out on top of this? >> i think you're seeing potential remnants or dissension in the ranks. the fact that alaheri wasn't immediately announced as bin laden's successor, questions whether or not you're seeing dissension in the ranks of
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al-qaida. normally what you do and in the past what you've seen with al-qaida is they have an assura council where all the al-qaida affiliates and leaders ultimately vote on the successor and who their leader is and actually they swear allegiance to that individual, not just to the organization. >> and that didn't happen with adel, correct? >> no. >> that's why he's an interim leader. >> think of him as an acting or interim capacity, yes. >> typically, based on your experience and knowledge, how long do you think before al-qaida names a permanent lead sner. >> i think a lot of it is the pressure we're applying on al-qaida and its affiliates that literally getting together as a group might be difficult for them and i hope it remains difficult for them. >> thank you for giving us your expert on this. the associate vice president at george washington university, thank you for coming in tonight. president obama heading to cia headquarters friday to personally thank members of the intelligence community for their work. the president wants to meet
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those and thank them for tracking osama bin laden down. he's met with the members of the co team 6 who executed the raid on the pakistani compound. 25 bucks, all you need to wear president obama's birth certificate. the president obama campaign is selling t-shirts on their website, with his face on the front and the words made in the usa. on the back is the president's long form birth certificate, the one that hawaii and the white house produced in april. there's also mugs for $15. >> do you think they sent one to donald trump? >> they should have, right. her doctors say she's making remarkable progress. the surgery that could play a key role on gabrielle giffords' surgery. how a state of the art playground is helping children with disabilities soar to new heights. first, business with dennis neal. >> oil prices rising, washington saying no to more drilling. and that could have you paying
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even more. the senate voting down a house bill, fast-tracking an increase of off-shore drilling, despite the fact that oil prices are surging back over $100 a barrel. america's oil supply falling. that may be a sign that demand is rising, which could send prices up yet again. but for now, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded falling for the sixth straight day, now at $3.92 a gallon. meantime, another big-time retailer feeling the pinch from your pain at the pump. target saying sales at its retail stores dropping as shoppers spend more filling their tanks. target still turning a profit getting a boost from their credit card business. linkedin looking to cash in. they're scheduling an initial public offering of stocks tomorrow morning. it's set to be the biggest internet stock offering since google went public seven years ago. that's business, i'm dennis neal.
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>> astronauts on the international space station will take a walk tomorrow. two of the crew members will touch a $2 billion alphamagnetic spectrometer. scientists say the seven-ton device will unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. endeavor will spend two weeks at the iss on its final mission to outer space. tonight, gabrielle giffords is recovering from surgery that should improve her quality of life. doctors in houston enclosed a hole in her skull using an implant. it replaced the portion of the skull doctors removed after the shot to relieve pressure on the brain. doctors call the surgery a significant mile stone. here's what we're working on for the news edge at 11:00. police say a maryland man got so
10:41 pm
angry at skateboards he fired a shot gun at him. tonight, we're hearing the teenager, from him, who was hit by the gun fire. plus, science fiction is reality. jet packs are actually on sale now. you might want one for the belt way commute tomorrow, we're taking one for a spin at 11:00. fior tem lea
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>> day 64 in the nfl lockout, no end in sight. teams wanting to sign and release players can't. one redskin is playing the waiting game. dave feldman is here with that story. >> reporter: he's donovan mcnab, and if you see him in the redskins uniform in september he'll be about $10 million richer. he was benched last year for rex grossman and can't be traded until the lockout is lifted. if that happens, a rumor has him heading to minnesota to play for the vikes. he was on hand for the grand opening of the first community health center. it's part of mary's center, an
10:45 pm
organization that provides comprehensive health care, education and social services in one place. the individuals whose families don't often get met. lindsay murphy caught up with mcnab and asked him about his future with the redskins. >> donovan, do you want to be here? >> i love the city of dc. there's great things here. the district of columbia presents so much on the field as well as off the field. the fans really welcome me with open arms and i've enjoyed being here and really, no one else outside can control what happens in redskins park, they are in full control so to speak. they'll make their decision and whatever decision that is we'll keep on moving. >> you love the city, but do you want to be part of the team? >> i play with some great guys and i communicate with some of the guys still, and i think what we started last year can really only get better, but again, that's out of our control so to speak. you know, they make the decision, but you know, there's
10:46 pm
a lot of great guys on this redskins team so i look forward to doing great things and being a part of them. if not, i'll move on. >> he did a good job at ducking murph. he was benched the last three gams last season. he was not critical of shanahan but mcnabb's agent blasted them saying his client was never so disrespected. coming up at 11:00, donovan's reaction to john beck and rex grossman, talking like they will be the starting quarterbacks, brian. >> all this kind of drama, it's almost like there is an nfl season. >> they lead the league in nfl offseason drama. >> thanks. we've had our share of weather drama across the region tonight . it seemed completely fine here but there were storms breaking out in other places across the region. >> not everybody sees the rain but when you get it, it's been a lot of hail and rain. we got these pictures in the
10:47 pm
newsroom, guys. a huge tree that fell in monroe. when the photographer got there tdz it wasn't even wet. it was wet from all the ground saturation so it just gave way. d dot says it's so big it will take all night to get it cleared up. a damage to a fence. there was a couple of live wires that got pulled down with it, but certainly a big mess at 16th and monroe, and we always worry about these trees falling. yesterday, did you hear about this, a tornado last night around 8:00 near moganville, northwest of hagerstown. it did a lot of damage, uprooted trees and turned over cars. there was a tornado warning for washington county but a lot of sidings stripped off homes. so hagerstown got hit with a tornado. they did go to check it out.
10:48 pm
pret andreamatic pictures that we have seen all over the region today. first off now, radar because haugs once again just getting a storm with a lot of lightning and heavy rain and hail inside of this one too. light showers for the rest of us, but the bulk of what we're seeing that's really substantial and heavy is up to the north. and you've seen this all week long, these storms either moving from southeast to northwest or from south to north. tomorrow, they change direction. they're going to start moving from northwest to southeast as the center of our upper level low pressure system is going to be getting much closer but i know what you want to know. when is it going to be out of here? we think it's going to be gone for the weekend. over to max hd satellite radar. we did have a severe thunderstorm watch that expired at 9:00 but a lot of moisture pulling up from the south, and again we are aware that not all of you see these things. everything's spiralling around this huge system in the upper atmosphere and a lot of moisture getting pulled in off the atlantic so an unlimited supply.
10:49 pm
flash flad watch for another hour and 10 minutes or so. might be reissued again tomorrow because we have more showers and storms and any big thunderstorm can easily drop an inch or two of rain and that will begin the process of flash flooding, so if you get that thunder and lightning over your area, know that the water will come up quickly. check out the second part of the headline, should be dryer and warmer for the weekend. here's what's been going on in the atmos sphere. we call it the slow low. a slow cooker for sure and doesn't want to get out of the east coast but eventually the jet stream will give it a kick. it looks like it starts getting a nudge on friday, but we still could have some showers and storms around on friday. what happens is it finally pulls out to the north and east. it's going to be a nice push of warm air behind it that will also keep it moving and it looks like most of saturday right now will be dry. good news for those fans of the preakness and people who like to enjoy the parties, 73 degrees for thursday, we've got the showers and storms back in the
10:50 pm
forecast. friday, not as much coverage of the storms, 75 degrees but there will still be a few out there and saturday a change, we think it will dry out. a temperature of 80, should be a nice weekend. could there be a spotty storm on sunday evening? yes, that could happen. but most of the weekend will be dry. tonight, showers, storms moving up to the north and i think it will be a few showers left overnight. watch for some patchy fog late tonight as well. 61 degrees overnight. tomorrow, more scattered showers and storms. there could be heavy down pours swoeshd the storms. 73 degrees. your planner, showers and thunder for thursday, 63 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, maybe a few showers around. not everyone will see it. by noon, thunderstorms in the mix that continues into the 4:00 hour. quick look into your future cast. and you see it moving on by 8:00 in the morning, mostly dry, we dry out overnight and we have one last round before it's out of here we think for the weekend. here's your five-day forecast.
10:51 pm
we talked about a weak area of high pressure building in, and it looks like saturday with a temperature of 80 will be exceeded by sunday at 84, maybe a couple of evening storms here and there on sunday and some afternoon storms on monday, but this particular pattern looks like it's going to be out of here in about 48 hours , maybe 36. thank goodness for that. >> thank you, sue. this started a debate down in the newsroom. present company excluded, oprah is out and gagan is in. forbes magazine just put out its celebrity 100 power list and the pop star bucked the queen of talk from the top spot. forbes credited her 30 million facebook fans and twitter followers as the ascent. oprah fell to number 2 for the second time in 10 years. he writes the show's season finale song on american idol. here's the preview. ♪ singing a-o, gotta let go
10:52 pm
♪ ♪. >> the singer song writer kyle crews is taking on a challenge by writing a song and performing it on this year's finale. >> i get to write a song with fan's submissions. i get to write a song with various producers and song writers so this is cool to work with the audience and see what suggestions they put forth to the song. >> having worked with some of the industry's biggest stars, this competition offers a much different challenge, and he believes the input from the audience gives a better gauge of what's hot or not in music ♪ i'm going to stand my ground snoets. >> the other ones that go out there and make them a smash hit song, and they buy them online so i think definitely they have a good idea what good music is and what good pop music is. >> continuing his connection to idol, he penned jennifer lopez's
10:53 pm
new single, i'm into you, without working with her. >> we send tracks backwards and forwards and you frequently get to see the artist in person, or i do, because i'm always on a plane somewhere. >> reporter: the 28-year-old british import will get more face time when he performs positive live in front of her and millions. >> i think it's going to be amazing. i have never performed on a television show with an audience as massive as american idol, with judges in front of you, while you're performing. that's going to be interesting but i think it's going to be fun ♪ i'm going to be positive ♪ ♪. >> watch to see if your lyrics made the cut on his new song when he performs positive on the season finale of american idol may 25. claudia cowan, fox news. now to a state of the art playground. next, how it's helping children with disabilities do things that weren't possible until now. and coming up on the news
10:54 pm
edge at 11:00, a skateboarder shot in the leg speaks out exclusively to fox 5. tonight, he recounts the horrifying ordeal that put him in the hospital.
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10:57 pm
>> children with disabilities can't always run around and play like other but a park in fairfax county virginia that's accessible to people with wheelchairs and walkers is making it accessible. fox 5's beth parker takes us . >> reporter: with the turn of a key, comes a chance liam brewin to be like everybody else. just days before his second birthday, liam is doing what many other kids take for granted. he is swinging.
10:58 pm
>> hi, liam. hi, little boy. >> you just want to do anything for yourself to give them that little bit of normalcy. >> reporter: liam has muscular dystrophy and using the new liberty swing at this park. it's a swing for people in wheelchairs. >> tears of joy when you see that smile on his face from just doing things that every other kid does, i mean, i'm going to start crying right now thinking about it, but it's just -- it just everything great. >> reporter: it opened in 2006. the generous donor still lives on the grounds. it is virginia's first fully accessible park. wide flat pathways, swings with high backs and safety straps, a place where all children can climb to new he. >> this is like the happiest place on earth. >> it's amazing. we came about two weeks ago with his cousins and one of the questions was, what's liam going to do? just wait, everything. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: julie clemente
10:59 pm
founded the friends of the park, and as a mother of 9 and 15, she jokes she's an overuser of play grounds. this one she can't get enough of. >> people with special needs face enough challenges on a day-to-day basis. getting on a playground shouldn't be one of them. >> reporter: one of the things you will not see here is a sign that says a particular piece of equipment is reserved only for children who are disabled. they want this place to be the great equalizer, not because it's good for disabled children, but also because it's good for all children. >> other children are learning that it's just fine to interact. in fact, it's encouraged. liam's a person just like everyone else, and it teaches them at a young age to treat people as people. >> reporter: the fairfax county park foundation collected the $117,000 to fund the new swing. the park's already a tourist attraction. >> you see the cars and you'll see michigan, and you'll see illinois, you'll see alaska.


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