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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  June 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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off the top tonight, three people killed in a drunk driving crash in prince george's county. hello, i'm laura evans in tonight for maureen and will. it happened this morning on indian head highway in oxon hill. the driver of a gray mazda was traveling northbound on the highway south of wilson bridge drive. it was sometime after 3:00 a.m. when he was rear-ended by a black gmc yukon. the impact caused the mazda to go off the road and hit a tree. >> two female passengers in that gray mazda were ejected from the vehicle.
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the black gmc yukon stopped as a result of the damages on the vehicle. the driver of the gray mazda dieds a result of his injuries. the two female passengers who were ejected from the vehicle also died from their injuries. >> two of the victims, 53-year- old eugene johnson and 52-year- old gwendolyn denbiof manassas. the driver of the yukon has been arrest the and police say speed and alcohol were factors in the crash. and new developments in the search for a man who disappeared on friday and may have wound up in the triphiladelphia river. he and two others were swimming in the reservoir near route 97 when one went under the water. investigators believe he drowned but have no idea where his body may be. it was a warm and pleasant
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day today. what can we expect heading into the new week? gwen is in the weather center with details. >> there was the odd little pop up shower here and there earlier in the morning hours but then it turns out fairly nice. people to the far southwest got a little bit of activity. 85 at national airport, 82 at baltimore and 82 at baltimore. temperatures now not bad. still on the warm side. 82 at national. 75 at annapolis. 82 at baltimore. 81 at martinsberg. and look at frederick -- 86 degrees. well the sky is not too bad. we still have some clouds. once all of the activity gets through. a pop up storm over the mountains and that could be the order of the night there. but as we head into a new week, the heat is on. brace yourself, we're going to be into another heat wave. temperatures are going to be on the rise. it will be hazy, hot and humid. i'll let you know how that will develop and how long that will stick around. your full forecast just ahead.
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back to you. >> summer is here too early. we'll see you soon. new tonight, the man at the center of an alleged hiring impropriety in the gray administration said he can prove there is a money trail from vincent gray to his own mayoral campaign. washington post reports that sulaiman brown gave them copies of the money orders and now brown tells fox 5 he has other revelations he'll make when he testifies tomorrow before a d.c. council committee. karen gray houston is taking a closer look tonight. >> reporter: sulaiman brown has been the subject of an intense search for weeks. finally a superior court judge compelling him to testify before mary cheh's committee on government operations. >> i'm surprised because i had a conversation with mr. brown before the investigation began and he said he was very happy to do that, didn't need a subpoena or anything. >> reporter: brown told fox 5 by phone when he testifies on monday, he'll produce money orders on top of the five he's
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already shown the washington post. he said he will also testify that the fbi was able to get fingerprint dna from envelopes that contained the cash he said gray campaign people gave him. and that those envelopes have been linked to people in the gray campaign. brown also said the congressional oversite committee investigating this case has pictures of those envelopes. >> he's welcome to bring forward any relevant evidence that he wants. >> reporter: campaign records show brown accepted more than $600 in contributions which brown said came from gray campaign consultant howard brooks. some of the names were misspelled. but brown said the donations came from brown's son payton, also called michael. la tanya livingston who brown said is payton's girlfriend and andrea naylor, said to be a relative of brooks. >> i wanted him to come forward because he said one of his claims was that if he stayed if
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the race and bashed mayor fenty, that he was promised a job. >> reporter: cheh said she's no prosecutor, she just wanted to change procedures where shun can get on the fast track of a government paying job for suspicious reasons. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 did try to reach brooks and the friends and relatives who donated to sulaiman brown's campaign but with no success. cheh's committee hering is at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow in the wilson building. the washington examiner saying that the fire chief and police chief makes more than governors. police chief kanni lanier makes the most. and tomas hanker comes in next and chief bowers 3,000 than
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d.c. fire chief ellerbe takes home. and ronald mastin earns $175,000. alley makes $150,000 a year. less than all but one major public safety official. bob mcdonnell makes $175,000. and new jobs numbers are out tonight and financial markets are not responding well. republicans and democrats are at odds over whether it's a victory or a failure for president obama. here is fox's peter ducey. >> reporter: the economy is about a million miles from where it was when president obama took office. that's according to one of president obama's top economic advisors who said he thinks they're doing okay because his boss has created some jobs and kept us out of a second depression. >> we have shifted in the economy from a rescue phase which is government directed to a phase in which government policies have gotten -- we have to rely on government policies
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that are trying to leverage the private sector and give incentives to the private sector to be doing the growth. >> reporter: well republicans couldn't disagree more with him. speaker boehner said on friday the president is crushing small business owners with taxes that are too high and regulations that are too tough and politicians spending too much and that it's time for the president to work things out with the gop now. >> this week house republicans met with the president, urged him to change course and to work with us on our plan for new jobs and economic growth in our country. and we hope he'll take us up on our invitation. we're serious about creating jobs in america but we can't raise taxes on the very people who create jobs and keep spending money that we don't have. >> reporter: and speaking of money we don't have, gools by touched on the debt limit and said it's not an alarm clock. we can't let it hit the ceiling. we have to raise it first which speaker boehner said would not
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happen without big-time spending cuts. peter ducey, fox news. the most popular grocery chain in the region has a new store in frederick. wegman opened doors there at 7:00 this morning as has become custom, and police were out there too directing traffic. wegman said 1800 people were in line to get in before the doors were even unlocked. chain, based out of new york, has been opening stores in our region in the last few years. u.s. troops will begin leaving afghanistan in a matter of weeks but not before getting a so-long and job well done from secretary gates. what he said about a troop drawdown during his final trip to afghanistan. you realize that you messed up by paul rivere don't you? >> you know what, i didn't mess up about paul rivere. >> sarah palin defending what some are calling a u.s. history
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flub. where the rumored presidential candidate history was on her side.
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the president of yemen has been injured in a rocket attack at a mosque in the nation's capitol. ali abdullah saleh lives on the compound. he and four other government officials were reported injured after friday's attack and 11 bodyguards were killed. he blames the attack on rival tribes. he's currently in a saudi
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hospital. the president has cracked down with violent suppression. >> we heard the cries of protestors in jerusalem just before the warning shots were fire by the israeli military. serian television reporting that 20 people have died fighting with the israeli army. the protest commemorates 44 years since the six-day war and that pushed arabs out of the region and allowed control. secretary of defense robert gates is paying one last visit to afghanistan before retiring at the end of this month. in addition to a heart-felt goodbye. gates is assessing the situation ahead of a presidential decision to start u.s. troop withdrawals this summer. >> secretary of defense robert gates is wrapping up his 12th and final trip to afghanistan as pentagon commander. at a news conference with president hamid karzai, gates warned afghans must do more to
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protect their country. >> the afghan government and security forces must be willing to step up and take more and more responsibility for governing and defending their own territory. >> reporter: but gates said much depends on whether the recent death of osama bin laden creates a pathway to leaders of the taliban. >> our hope is because of his personal relationship with omar, that his death will lead to a weakening of that relationship and perhaps the taliban's willingness to walk away from the -- from al-qaeda and disavowal them. >> reporter: a top al-qaeda commander and possible replacement for bin laden has been killed in a u.s. drone missile strike near the afghan border. kazmiry, part of a group recently agreed to target. he's said to mastermind the mumbai attacks in 2008 that killed more than 160 people. if confirmed his death would be
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the first major kill or capture since bin laden. meanwhile twin bomb explosions racked kandahar university during gate's visit. the first blast struck the engineering facility. after police arrived another booby-trapped bike was found and it went off and injured three policeman. >> two students were killed and one other wounded. all of the casualties were university students. >> reporter: casualties are at a record level despite the presence of around 150 u.s. and international troops in afghanistan. >> when asked about the reality of the upcoming troop drawdown, secretary gates told soldiers general petraeus will make his recommendations before officials decide how many will leave and that will likely depend on the conditions on the ground there. the president obama sent an additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan in 2010. sarah palin is defending the u.s. history flub when her east coast bus tour stopped in
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boston and when asked about paul rivere, palin claimed that his famous massachusetts ride was intended to warn the british along with americans and ahead of key revolutionary battles. but according to history, revere alerted americans to impending british attacks. and here is what palin had to say this morning on fox morning news. >> he warned the americans that the british were coming, the british were coming and they were going to try to take our arms and make sure we were protecting ourselves and shoring up our ammunitions and our firearms. but remember that the british had already been there, many soldiers, for seven years in that area and part of paul rivere's ride, he was a currier, he was a messenger, part of his ride was to warn the british that were already there, that you will not succeed and not take american arms you will not beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia. did he warn the british.
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>> meanwhile, palin said she's still on the fence about making a run for the white house. health officials in germany believe they are pinpointed the source of a deadly e foley outbreak. what officials say is likely responsible for the death of at least 20 people. and love is in the air as hundreds of calms -- couples are recognized for their long- lasting marriages. some for decades. we'll have that story next. 
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a deadly e-coli outbreak continues to spread across europe. officials in germany believe they have found the cause. they say locally grown bean sprouts may be blamed for the e collie who has killed some and sickened many more. officials are warning people not to eat bean sprouts and are pinpointing one restaurant in particular where 17 people got sick after eating there. several volunteers show up today to clean homes and clear trees from the streets and some residents still can't go home after the storm in missouri. man's best friend hits the waves in california. all in the name of charity. check out the pups hanging 10 here. they are pretty good. dogs showed off surfing exits on a competition on imperial
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beach. it was raising money for donors and going backward. >> i can't do that. how talented. so it seemed like the humidity levels wept down. >> but guess what? coming back up. exactly, yeah. not bad today. and a little bit of weather but overall not a bad day. not a bad shot out there. still a few lingering clouds around the area but pretty good. so as we get into a brand new week it will start off with plenty of sunshine so bright skies for you. but the humidity, as i just mentioned to laura, is back on the rise again to be prepared for that. we have another heat wave headed our way. and those temperatures are going to be on the rise. but late week could be unsettled and we'll talk about that as well. today not too bad. temperature-wise, the same as yesterday. 85 degrees at national, 82 at dulles and 82 degrees at
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baltimore airport. and right now we have 51% humidity at national airport. temperature is at 82. a very light northerly wind flow. we're seeing the winds shift over the next day or so. 79 degrees at gaithersburg this hour. 81 to the south at fredericksberg and to the west 81 at winchester. the same at martinsberg. 82 degrees at baltimore. 75 at annapolis. and 79 degrees at dulles. and as we head up the mid- atlantic, 62 degrees for boston. new york kicking in at 65 degrees this hour. but warmer to the south at raleigh, at 85 degrees. and our national temperatures showing you the heat is on in the deep south and that is what is going to be heading our way. we're influenced by a bermuda high and all of this warm humid is going to move up the mid- atlantic. but let's take a look at radar for a minute and show you what has been going on throughout the course of the day because we've been dealing with a frontal system that moved through yesterday into the course of early today and as i said, had a few pop-up showers and a few pop-up thunderstorms in some of the neighborhoods. not everyone saw it. and right now we have a little
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bit of activity out to the far west here. you see some here to the south. and there is a slight chance that into the course of the evening hours over the shenandoah valley, potomac highlands, we could see a pop- up thunderstorm or two. but orange than -- but other than that, a ridge of high pressure moving in over the next couple of days. so back to the weather maps then. we're going to end up seeing the ridge of high pressure influence our conditions. we'll have plenty of sunshine as we move into the next few days. this ridge of high pressure will move its way off the coast as we head into monday, tuesday. and then into the later part of the week, a bermuda high will influence us and that will leave us with sunshine but we'll get the warm humid air mass that will settle in. a little bit of instability over the west as a result of that. so as we move through into the later part of week we'll see a chance of maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. but sunny and warm as we start your work week. look at monday. by midday around 82 degrees with no shortage of sunshine for you. tomorrow's temperatures will be
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into the mid to upper 80s, just about all over the neighborhoods. and once again the humidity will return and winds very light as well. so for tonight, still talking mostly cloudy, an isolated storm possible mainly to the west. 63 degrees with a northerly wind at 5 miles per hour. and tomorrow warm and humid, 85 degrees. and 75 is just the tip of the iceberg. speaking of ice, you want plenty of it. look at the five-day forecast. those temperatures and that heat wave kicking in by mid week we are into the mid-90s. what we'll have to deal with there, laura, is the fact that the heat in d.c. will be 100 plus. >> well enjoy the next few hours. thanks you gwen. almost 600 married couples said i do all over again at the basilica. it was part of the mass celebrated by donald wuerl. all of the couple there's have been married at least 25 years. in fact 387 of the couples have
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been married for 50 years or more. and while everyone has their own sec receipt to success. >> love never fails. we may often fail, love stands firm when everything else is shaky. >> after the mass today the couples received personalized certificates celebrating their long marriages. congratulations to them all. rafael nadal and roger federer continue their heated rivalry in paris. and for one golfer, how low can you go? lindsey murphy is up next in sports. 
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there is a first time for everything, even if you have to wait a while. steve we croft has not would be on the nationwide or pga tour and had never held the lead after any single round. the last four days he's led the prince george's open and dominated. we crossed entering the day eight shots ahead of the pack at 22 under parr. what would he do in the final round? your answer is more of the same. second shot on the par four six is a great one. he had gone bar, birdie par on this hole this week so it only makes sense he makes the birdie to move to 24 under. and last year's winner by the
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way shot 17 under parr. now to 18, a 27 under lead and a chance for his first eagle of the week and it is spot on. he finished the tournament at 29 under parr picking up the first nationwide tour in impressive style with a score of 255 and wins by 12 strokes, both are records on the tour. >> i hadn't won anything in many tours so i wanted to make that next step and do it in a big way and i had a good week this week and that's why i got -- i knew i would be nervous and i said let's keep making birdies and the only thing i can do is get a lead so i can enjoy the last walk. nats fans, more wins may be on the win. zimmerman going 2 for 2 with a triple and double for single a hagerstown, heading ahead of bryce harper and left the game for precautionary reasons. we'll have more on that tonight. jim rigleman's squad
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looking for offense after two straight shutouts by the diamondbacks. top of the 2nd, nats have bases loaded. and marquee is hit by the punch but the umpire ruled that marquee swung so he is out and the inning is over. the arguments to no avail. we remain scoreless. but the nationals end a 20 inning scoreless drought in the 3rd on a sack fly by jason werth. and in the 5th he chased down the hit by juan miranda, making a leaping catch over the fence for the out. right now the nats are down 1-0 in the 8th -- excuse me, they lead 1-0 in the eighth and marquee thrown out of the game in the 6th and rigleman also ejected. and guthrie and the orioles looking to take the rubber match from the blue jays. two on and two out for escobar. and that's a souvenir three-run shot to put toronto up. and for the second day in a
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row. >> reynolds goes far. his 9th of the season, getting the o's within 3 and it's not enough as they fall 7-4. roger federer and nadal know each other all too well and today they met for a record 8th time with a grand slam title at stake. now history is on fad al's side. he is 5-2 in such matches against federer. we'll show you third seated roger federer, and not disappointing in the fourth french open final. fourth set, at 5-5, and natal wins the first two sets. federer rally from a 4-2 third set deficit to win 7-5 and force a fourth set. and nadal dominated that set. match point and federer's return goes long. nadal drops to his knees.
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a sixth french own for him tieing borg's record. and that was on the red clay. and today brad keselowski ending a winless streak so he'll be doing celebrating today. >> i love watching nadal and federer. >> watching them back and forth. that's the best. that does it for us tonight at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 10:00 and for the news edge at 11:00. good night.   
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