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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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occasionally or constantly. a new zeeld icon is dead tonight. shrek, the famously shaggy sheep was put down after a three-week illness. shrek gained international fame in 2004 when he was found in a cave after evading the sheerer for six years. officials believe he survived the winters by moving from cave to cave and munching on small shrubs. once shrek was shorn, an impressive 60 pounds of wool went to charity. he died monday at the age of 17. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. we begin tonight with a news edge exclusive. questions surrounding this chaotic scene at a metro station. this amateur video appears to show a metro police officer hitting a man during an arrest. tonight, the transit agency is taking a close look at what happened at the branch avenue huntington stop and the man who filmed the video is talking to
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fox 5. will thomas is monitoring metro tonight. >> reporter: this happened about two weeks ago and the man who captured this video said he wasn't sure if he should release it. he called fox 5 and talked with several people before deciding to show this video and let the public draw their own conclusion. metro rider william boykins was on his way home last saturday when he saw metro police with two suspects. >> they were already, you know, handcuffed and it's probably -- and i don't know why they were handcuffed. >> reporter: he pulled out his iphone and started recording. by then, a third person had entered the picture and started talking to police. >> he had his hands up. so it wasn't like they came got him and told him to get their hands up. >> reporter: something happens between the man and the officers and by the time he turns back. >> he was defenseless, because he was on the ground, and it took both of them to just keep hitting them and kept hitting them and that's why you hear a lot of spectators and myself in the background because you couldn't believe it. >> reporter: he said the crowd informed to watch the fight.
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after the police subdued the third man, they pepper sprayed the crowd to clear the area. >> the crowd wasn't coming toward the officers. >> reporter: a spokesperson for metro says as part of their routine procedure, when someone complains about a police situation, mrs. a review process. the chief and deputy chief review it, and do a follow-up investigation. tommy wells is a member of the metro board. >> there's never an excuse for excessive force, and that's what we need to review to see if excessive force was used. even though while we definitely want to be sure that we're in control of the situation, i know officers may have felt more threatened that what we can tell from this video so that's why we need to get their side of the story but, you know, rest assured that the board, no one believes that excessive force should ever be used by our police officer. >> what you can't see is how he reacted. once he got down, i mean, everybody the whole crowd
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started going oh, that's abuse. >> a couple of years ago, boykins says he was robbed at a metro stop and someone took his ipod and ran away. he says he's fully aware there are issues with young people on metro but says this video is excessive. >> why did he wait so long to release the video? >> reporter: he said a recent situation where a man was dumped out of a wheelchair, and he said he thought about that and several people told him after they watched the video that it was definitely excessive. >> all right. will thomas tonight. new this evening, fall-out from the charlie sheen dc police escort controversy. the department's internal investigation has apparently concluded that two of its officers made a bad call that night in april. fox 5's bob barnard live in our newsroom with the details. bob. >> brian, we're told the two officers and npd captain and a lieutenant have been demoted from the department's special operations division to a school security detail in the third
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district. charlie sheen brought his whacky one-man show to constitution hall in april, the same day he was in divorce court for a child custody hearing in los angeles. as a result, sheen was running late, and when his flight from la landed at dulles, a dc police escort was there waiting for him. on the ride into the district, sheen posted this picture on his twitter account bragging that he and his police escort were speeding at 80 miles an hour with lights blaering and sirens screaming to get him to the show not on time, but late. when reported, kathy lanier announced there would be an investigation, saying police escorts are sometimes granted to celebrities if higher ups approve. the costs are reimbursed and only if public safety is an issue and officers are never supposed to leave the city without the other jurisdiction's assistance. we're told airport police were
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not notified or asked for help in the sheen matter, a case still under review by the department. >> a dc police union official tonight is criticizing the department's decision to demote the two officers, calling chief lanier's handling of the entire incident inconsistent, brian. >> another big story tonight. could the clock being winding down on congressman anthony weiner's career. even fellow democrats are calling for him to resign. he admitted to sending half naked photos of himself to six women. one of them, a 26-year-old living in texas. >> i just thought at the time there's got to be something. there's way more girls out there. this is not just me. this is something that's regular, he's done all the time. he's comfortable. >> house minority leader nancy
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pelosi has called for an ethics investigation. the question for weiner is whether or not he used any resources or government property to engage in online communication. some neighborhoods could see temperatures close to the century mark tomorrow. sue is in the weather sue. >> here we go again. round 2, brian, and it looks like it will last a few days as well. let me show you temperatures across the nation. we can look around and see what's coming in our direction. we head for a high of 90 degrees with a little bit of cloud cover. detroit got up to 95, st. louis to 96, and 103 degrees in minneapolis and 102 in wichita, kansas. so some real super heated air is on the map and some of that will be drifting in our direction tomorrow. we think it will be a hazy, hot, humid day. fredricksburg, you could be up to 97 degrees, even into german town and frederick, maryland, mid-90s. and the plate of columbia, you may come in at about 94 degrees.
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prepare for a hot one. a heat advisory is in effect and it will go from noon to 8:00 tomorrow and i will not be surprised if it gets reissued on thursday. more details in the full forecast coming up. >> we'll see you in a bit. a woman attacked and robbed by another woman in a maryland bar. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the attack happened at second chance saloon. it was caught on video. take a look. police say the victim was walking in the bar when the suspect hit her in the face knocking her to the ground. the suspect grabs the victim's purse and appears to punch her in the face before then taking off running. police don't believe the two women know each other. new at 11:00, video from the ground at a major fire in an lanham apartment building. this is in the 5400 block 85th avenue. the fire broke out tonight trapping several people. so far no word on the cause or amount of damage. the jet liner involved on the miracle on the hudson
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passing through maryland to an aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. the wings were shipped separately. you remember the captain landed on the new york river in' 09 after hitting a flock of birds before taking off. the fuselage is stopping for the tonight in west virginia. a woman celebrating her birthday hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. now for the first time we're hearing why the suspect claims she didn't stop. the courtroom surprise dmg up next. let's check out some of the other stories on our run down. we'll be right back. 
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>> the latest on a trial of a woman accused in a deadly hit-and-run. rita davidson struck and killed
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kyla ryan in dupont circle last october. the defense says davidson doesn't remember the collision because she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: davidson, seen on the morning she turned herself in last fall is accused of recklessly driving her suv on connecticut avenue on her way home to friendship heights. police say she was drunk and that's why she didn't stop after hitting kyla ryan just south of dupont circle. in his opening statement to the jury, davidson's attorney says his client has no memory of the collision, a symptom brought on by provost traumatic stress disorder, a condition he says she's being treated for for several years. an albanyan national, he claims she saw several people murdered in her native country. but people aren't buying it.
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>> i want justice. this lady hit my daughter. my daughter was killed. she was clinking. there's enough evidence and she needs to do her penalty. >> reporter: montgomery county police took davidson into custody after founding her passed out in the suv parked inside the garage of her friendship heights condominium. she was initially charged with driving under the influence. [sobbing] >> all these little things to pass on to our children, and i don't even know what to say. >> it's a tough day for the ryan family. kyla's mother, father, brother and sister came to see the beginning of the trial. >> and she went out the door that morning, you know, i mean, i just never thought i would see her again. >> she was my best friend. she started out my little sister and she was my best friend and there's no words to describe the fact that she's not with us. >> reporter: also the prosecution and defense agree
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davidson was behind the wheel of the suv that night, they disagree on why she didn't stop, a question the jury will have to decide. >> paul wagner reporting. police tracked davidson to her home in friendship heights after a witness saw the collision, jumped on his bike and raced after her. she's facing an involuntary manslaughter charge. the future of a glimpse of air security, we're talking eye scanners, security tunnels, and we could see it sooner than you may think. tiger will miss the us open for the first time in 17 years, why he won't be at congressional, coming up on your news edge. first, not often do people live up to their high school superlative. the first girl linked to the weiner scandal definitely did. back in '07, jeannette cordovo was voted most likely to be involved in a scandal. they even posted a picture of her pretending to dodge the papa
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paparazzi. turns out they were right. >> flying can be, in fact often it is, a hastle, but changes may be coming to airport security. future security tunnels that require no stopping, stripping or unpacking. they unveiled this mock-up of a check point of the future. plans include eye scanners and
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scanners that check for liquids and explosives, could become a reality in the next five years. facebook working on a new facial recognition future. here's the fox 5 top 5. >> up first tonight, privacy issues for facebook users. number 5, the social networking site automatically turned on that facial recognition future. once a person's face is detected, they encourage their friends to tag them. you can disable the feature by going to custom privacy settings looking for the option to disable the facial recognition feature. number 4, big news for gamers, sony's new portable gaming machine is out. it sells for $250 or $350. gamers can connect with each other via cell phone networks and wifi hot spots. nintendo released a high def version of the wii. it comes with a six-inch touch screen controller. research shows the longer your baby drinks from a bottle,
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the longer he or she is likely to be obese in kindergarten. they're saying the findings are enough to raise possibility or concern. they suggest wheening between 12 and 14 months or earlier. americans got food poisoning due to salmonella. you can reduce your risk of food borne illness by not allowing raw meats to contaminate counter tops or cutting boards and keeping it away from other foods. smart meters are coming to pepco customers by 2012. the new advanced meters will help build a smart power grid and will help you better manage your energy cost and help service and reliability. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. get ready to crank up the air because we're going to need it the next couple of days. >> i'm not ready for this again. it's going to be a little early.
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hopefully we can break it by the weekend. >> at least you can wear a sleeveless dress. >> if you think it's hot outside you should be in the weather center. it's very steamy, no doubt about it. wear the light, loose fitting clothing tomorrow. i can't wait to see what you do with your wardrobe tomorrow. at least it's not too unbearable tonight. we have temperatures that will drop into the 60s but i'm afraid they'll climb very quickly during the day tomorrow, so check out the weather map, because we want you to see what the record highs are for tomorrow. the record at dc is 98, for bwi and dulles it's 97. we're going to come close to some of these, if not tie them in a few spots. maybe we're talking some breaking records, and not just tomorrow, but thursday as well. thursday of the two days looks even hotter. a heat advisory has been issued by the national weather service. this will kick in at noon and go to 8:00 in the hottest part of the day. that heat advisory means a combination of humidity and temperature together makes it feel like 100 to 105.
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that's in the shade, don't forget that. with direct sun, you're talking about 120 degrees if you sit and bake in it. here are the next three days. tomorrow, 95 degrees at least. thursday, 97. isolated chance for a few thunderstorms to cool you off in the afternoon. believe me, you'll be jumping for joy if you get one of those. friday, the same deal. this is not widespread coverage. it's a slight chance and a little cooler obviously on friday and the friday temperature will be adjusting all through the week because very much department on where the cool front will be for the weekend ends up setting shop. 79 degrees for dc right now, gaithersburg and frederick is down to 72 degrees. finally spotting a few spots in the 60s, manassas 68 and cull pepper 68. so that's not too terrible but for most of us, it will be pretty mild overnight. we'll drop to 73 in the city, 60s for the intushs. overnight, temperatures, we're talking about 63 degrees for centerville, german town 66 and columbia 68. but we talked about those very
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warm temperatures for tomorrow, midand upper 90s all across the region. and factor in the humidity and it will be a tough day to spend too much time outside. check this out, by noon, we're up to 98 degrees and by 5:00 we're at 94 degrees so definitely a scorcher, and again, maybe some 80s as we head into the weekend, but here's where it's all coming from. the heat pump is sending all that heat and humidity we've been seeing in the middle part of the country in our direction so we do feel that is going to make it uncomfortable for a lot of you. don't forget tomorrow is also a code orange air kwult day, meaning it's unsafe for people who have preexisting conditions. as you can see on the future cast, we don't get a lot of release to hot and humid conditions and the jet stream to the north means a bunch of us will be sizzling. five-day forecast, 97 for thursday. friday, 93. we introduce showers and storms as we head into the weekend, and dave feldman is introducing us to the us open. it's getting started next week. tiger, is he in or out?
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the last time tiger woods missed the us open, he had just graduated from high school. the year was 1994 and sadly it will happen again. woods tweeting today that injuries to his left leg will prevent him from playing in next week's open at the famed blue course at congressional. the last sighting tiger, may 12
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at the players. he cited left knee injuries for withdrawing. the same injuries are forcing him to miss next week's opening at congressional. woods is a three-time winner at our national championship. tiger has 14 majors, second only to jack nicholas's 18. >> i think he could still pass jack. again, because he's 35 years old. he still has lots of time left physically to do it. so if he can get his head together and stop having a 57-part swing given to him by shawn folley, yes, i think he can do it. but two years ago, if you and i had been standing here and said, is tiger going to pass jack, i'd say the question is when, not if. he's only going to be 22, 23, 24. now i can't swear to you he'll get to 15. sunday, the nates played bean ball, the fall out. he was given a five-game suspension. jim riddleman was given one
11:25 pm
game. he had to sit out tonight's contest in san francisco. jordan zimmerman and the rebound from last night's loss to the giants. tores can't handle it, mitch scores and we're tied at 1. right now, the nationals lead 2-1. we're in the fourth inning. orioles hosting the athletics. the first start in the lead-off spot, he makes a good impression. the os are 1-0, more of the long ball from baltimore. luke scott with the towering shot to right. his seventh of the year. orioles take a 2-0 lead and go on to win 4-0. hoops now, the nba draft is just over two weeks away. your washington wizards currently only sixth pick. jordan williams working out for your wizards. he declared early for the nba draft and is focusing on what he
11:26 pm
pounds which herter. hopes to make him more of a perimeter player. he discussed his decision to lead the terps and head to the pros. >> you know, they took me in right away. it was so hard for me to get up and leave. it was a long process to really think about what i wanted to do, and to leave the fans who have graced me so much, it was tough to do but sometimes i feel the tough decision is the best decision. >> his face did look thinner. >> stanley cup finals, last night, watch this, levelled by the canucks rome. he suffered a severe concussion. the bruins announced he'll miss the rest of the series. the nhl announced rome has been suspended four games. the canucks lead the series 2 games to 1 so he's done for the playoffs. right now, nba finals, game 4, dallas leads by two in the
11:27 pm
fourth quarter over the heat. the heat lead the series two games to one. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. brian is back right after this. ♪
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