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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  September 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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[ laughing ] >> reporter: he still gets the adrenaline rush when a call comes in. back at the scene of that previous call, the 87-year-old is okay for now. >> she needs to go to the hospital and get more extended long-term care. but she's not in imment danger now. that's a good thing. >> reporter: in fact, it's the whole idea. in arlington, beth parker, fox five news. the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts now. right off the top, we head to maryland, unruly teens running off customers throughout frederick. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. it's happening in carol creek
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park. fox five's audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: skate boarding isn't allowed in frederick's historic carol creek park. people who work in the area say teenagers do it all the time. that's just part of the problem. a server at this restaurant says some customers have walked away and left their meals on the outdoor patio, scared off by crowds of 20 to 30 teenagers at times. >> name calling, it's them, 15- year-olds smoking cigarettes and drinking, and bicyclers doing tricks and skate boarding. and a variety of everything you can think of. >> reporter: the manager of five guys restaurant says it's been a problem for months. >> when summer started we'd have to call the cops every day, because the kids, they come into the store in groups, they trash the place. they try and steal stuff. i don't blame people for not wanting to come down here on the creek, because they don't
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want to deal with that. >> reporter: phyllis, who has lived here 45 years, says the behavior is destroying the ambiance of what should be the city's crown jewel. >> and i think the ordinances need to be enforced. no bicycles, whether they're adults or children, and certainly no skate boarding. >> reporter: the police chief says they have increased patrols and are encouraging business owners and condo residents to install security cameras. but tackling crime here isn't something police can do alone. >> partly what you have to do is give kids other options. we're trying to have an intelligent approach. we're not going to tolerate foolishness. >> reporter: he says they're doing some prevention and outreach, even handing out free passes to a skate park to try to get kids to go there. with a new restaurant opening
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soon, the business owners hope this effort helps soon. an important vote in the 2012 republican presidential candidate. herman cain taking the race by storm. >> reporter: the race for the gop nomination just took on a different dimension with herman cain winning a florida straw poll. the question for cain, a tea party favorite and former pizza executive, is whether he can capitalize on that. >> message is more important than money. i don't have a war chest of a perry or romney, they underplay the fact my message is resonating. my message of solutions, not just talking about the problem. >> reporter: his win could
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shake up a race so far focused on two front runner, texas governor perry and former massachusetts governor romney. >> i think people are hungry in this country, not necessarily for all republican answers or all democratic answers, they're hungry for real, authentic people to lead this country. >> reporter: when asked about the field of gop candidates, the chairwoman of the democratic party had this opinion. >> it doesn't much matter which one of the republicans get nominated, because they're all the same. this will be a very stark contrast. they are all embracing and bear hugging the tea party. moving to the right. they can't move to the right far enough. >> reporter: cain is campaigning on a 9% flat tax, and a 9% sales tax. is new jersey governor chris christie having second thoughts on a run for the white house? according to a new report, he is seriously considering throwing his hat into the race.
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the governor's press secretary called it speculation and said the governor has repeatedly said he will not run. the governor will be in the national spotlight this week when he gives a speech at the reagan presidential library. two american hikers free after being held more than two years. tonight they are speaking out. josh fattal and shane bauer say they were detained because of their nationality, not because they may have crossed the border. they say they had to go on repeated hunger strikes to receive letters from their families. they were released on a half million dollar bail each. they arrived in new york today, where they were reunited with their families and sarah shourd. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is getting a hero's welcome after his speech to the united nations. he told the crowd a palestinian
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spring has been born. his popularity has skyrocketed since the speech friday to the u.n. a shakeup involving women in saudi arabia. they'll be allowed to vote and run for public office. so far, the oil rich nation has largely shaken the protests being held in the middle east. women can't vote or campaign until 2015. pumpkin growers were in utah this weekend. farmers from across the state lugged tons and tons of massive gourds to the contest. the size to beat, more than 1100 pounds. some growers say the best part of the contest is coming up with ways to get rid of the pumpkins once everything is over. gwen, i would say it's just
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eating them. make them into pies. >> absolutely. talking pumpkin weather. plenty of clouds today and some of you saw wet weather. today's high, 78 at national airport. 76dulles. 79degrees at bwi. here's a look where we stand now. 68degrees at gaithersburg. 71 washington. fairly mild. 70 at fredericksburg and 70 at hagerstown. we have a stationary frontal system off the coast. that's produced a few showers for us today. and a lot of moisture streaming up from the south, from the gulf coast. we have this system to really watch. going to be our next weather maker, as it moves closer towards us and we get the stage set for a chance of seeing storms. back to our weather maps, through the next 24 hours, expect to see fog tomorrow. start overnight tonight, lingering in the early morning showers. some showers. by tomorrow afternoon, a chance of seeing thunderstorms. the southerly flow will make it
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very muggy through into the week. that's not going to change much. in the tropics, tropical storm philippe that in this last update said it may not intensify to hurricane status on monday as anticipated. but it will gain some strength. no watches or warnings now in the meantime. temperatures into the week, upper 70s. we cool down a little bit by thursday behind a cold front. a chance of storms each day, until we hit the sunshine friday. it will be a dry day. don't expect too many downpours. tuesday the day of the heaviest rainfall. thanks, gwen. got to wait till friday. >> we do. you know my song? >> no. >> the sun will come up. i'm here all week. that does it for us. the news is always on at >> keep it here. the nissan sports xtra is coming up. you know she sings during the commercials. >> i try, just for you.   
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good evening and welcome to nissan sports xtra. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, how will does steven bowen know his former team the cowboys? and the nationals give their fans tons of hope. first, let's go to the action in the nfl. while the redskins and cowboys await their monday night matchup, the eagles and giants kept fans busy this afternoon.
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the eagles were going for their seventh straight win in the series, but also wondering if vick is healthy after suffering a concussion last week. it's nfl week three already. giants and manning looking to put an end to the 6 game losing streak. short pass, watch this, two eagle defenders collide. 74yards for the score. g men took a 14-nothing lead. we go to the second quarter. 14-3. mccoy is rushing here, makes a good move to an 11-yard touchdown. eagles score 16 straight points and take a 16-14 lead. third quarter, michael vick gets rid of the ball, and gets crushed. vick thought he was hit late. he broke his nonthrowing hand on that play and had to leave the game. fourth quarter, g men down. eli has time.
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fires. 28yards for the t.d. giants on the road to beat the eagles. afterwards, vick kind of vented. >> i felt like i got hit late. there was no flag. broke my hand. i think more precautions should be taken when i'm inside the pocket. i mean, if you look at the replays, i'm on the ground every time. and it's unfortunate for myself and my team. i'll be lying if i said i wasn't frustrated right now. let's move on. flacco and the ravens in st. louis against the rams. skins' opponent next sunday. second play, flacco deep, making his first nfl start and first catch is a 74-yard touchdown. later, flacco play action, he has all kinds of time. he kinds smith, this time 41 yards for the touchdown.
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still in the first, flacco to smith, 18-yard touchdown. thirty-first quarter t.d.s, five catches for 152 yards. ravens route the rams, 37-7. tom brady and the patriots looking for a 16th consecutive win against the bills. second quarter, 26 yards for the score. brady had 4 t.d. passes. fourth quarter, tied at 24. brady's pass intercepted. returns it 27 yards for the score, giving the bills their first lead of the game. 31-24. we go to the final seconds after a forced brady interception, boots the field goal as time expires. bills win, 24-31 to improve to 3-0. time for a quick break. when we come back, dave feldman
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ventures to the big d, where surprisingly, he saw a lot of burgandy and gold. stay with us.


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