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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tell you that you're amazing and you're great, you blew them a way, words like that. it touched men as an artist because i've been -- me as an artist because i've been singing for a while. >> marcus is still on the show, so he wasn't able to spill any details. the entire interview is on the news keeps coming, shawn yancy in tonight for the news edge at 11:00. right off the top for the third time in a month a teenager under arrest for april violent sexual assault. -- a violent sexual assault. this time the 15-year-old accuse of an attack in fairfax caught with the help of neighbors. matt ackland here to get us started. >> fairfax county police say this is a perfect example of residents helping to solve a crime. them got the word out, passed out a sketch -- them got the word out, passed out a sketch and phoned in tips. the victim was also able to pass on april good description to police. >> reporter: -- a good description to police. >> reporter: the women in this
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greenbrier area apartment complex are feeling much more at ease knowing police arrested a sexual assault suspect. >> definitely sleep better. >> reporter: police say immediately after the attack the victim helped come up with a composite sketch and neighbors stepped up to make sure everyone saw it. >> the apartment complex handed out our flyer. people in the neighborhood were coming forward giving us information. the shopping centers were supportive. this was a community that was very energized and very supportive of the police department. >> reporter: authorities say the burglary and assault happened over a week ago. it was around 9:30 in the morning. the woman was approached from behind, forced into her home and sexually assaulted by a man with a weapon. >> she looked at it and was like i've seen this killed. >> reporter: christopher euille said his wife called authorities after spooting someone who resembled the sketch. the victim did april good job of describing -- a good job of
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describing her attacker. >> we had a victim in close proximity with the suspect to give us a very good description. >> reporter: the suspect is locked up in the juvenile detention center and police say in large part because neighbors were looking out for each other. >> definitely feel a lot safer knowing there's april lot of people out there winning -- a lot of people out there willing to come forward and saying they've seen something and get this gape caught. >> authorities believe this was an ice -- guy caught. >> authorities believe this was an isolateddiness dent. they don't think the suspect is connect -- isolated incident. they don't think the suspect is connected to any other crimes but are looking to make sure. they don't think he'll be charged as an adult. he's 15 years old. an 8-year-old virginia girl rushed to the hospital after drinking a bottle of hand sanitizer at school may be switching to a museum her father is looking to transfer his daughter -- a new school. her father is looking to transfer his daughter to a new
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prince william school. the school system is not commenting. not news edge on maryland, a salisbury man in serious condition tonight after an alleged drunk driver veered off the road onto the porch of the victim. er if unanimous dope pablo was driving -- police say fernando pablo was driving ouched the influence. a -- under the influence. a landslide in virginia is getting worse. two houses has already been condemned sin the land starting giving a -- since the lan starting giving away. the deck collapsed up. the owners of the condemned homes are reach being out to their community for help. >> -- reaching out to their community for help. >> wind chill need your support just to get us some -- we need your support just to get us some help because we haven't got any and nobody knows what to do or how to solve our problems. >> a retaining wall built in the location five years ago also collapsed up. in woodbridge 10 families have been out of their homes
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for 10 weeks after a retaining wall behind their homes began crumbling after days of heavy rain. experts say the wall was not built to stand the amount of water it was subjected to. residents met with local officials tonight. them want to know who is responsible and who will -- they want to know who is responsible and who will foot the reap pair bills? >> i don't think that -- reap pair bills. >> i don't think that we -- repair bills. >> i don't think that we should be spoonsible for repairing the wall when it seems like the builder or the contractor is responsible for the issue we have now. >> engineers outlined a plan to remove enough of the landslide to get the families back in, but it has to be approved by the county. meanwhile the county hopes to get a fema declaration. families tonight in baltimore dealing with a scary crime trend. police say someone started nine fires using molotov cocktails. in most cases the firebombs went through the first floor
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windows of homes and apartments usually at night. no one has been hurt, but police ask everyone to be vigilant and be on the lookout for a person carrying gasoline in small bottles. tonight we get a better idea of the damage that a terror plot targeting buildings in our area could have caused. rezwan ferdaus of massachusetts is now charged with plotting to bomb the u.s. cap tool and the pentagon -- capitol and the pentagon using toy planes. >> they probably could have kimed five or 10 people apt not most, but the fact is -- at the most, but the fact is he'd have to be at a very good vantage point and it was a lot more comp indicated than epithet and in the affidavit i -- complicated than he thought and in the indicative i've seen nowhere that he'd flown these. >> open fishes say the public was never in danger because -- officials say the pun was never in danger because they were -- public was never in danger because they were watching not
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suspect the entire times. you laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the french writer that claimed strauss-kahn tried to rape her during an interview eight years ago confronted him in paris today. police held a meeting with them to decide if the case is worth pursuing. last month prosecutors dropped a case brought win a hotel maid saying she lacked credibility. -- with a hotel maid saying she lacked credibility. a group. u.s. senators in libya meeting with the new lynnian leaders. john mccain is among the four on the trip. the lynnians expressed gratitude for the u.s. lawmakers -- the lynnians expensed gratitude for the u.s. lawmaker -- the libyans expressed gratitude for the u.s. lawmakers. april judge in san francisco -- a judge in san francisco refused to decide the constitutionality of the don't ask don't tell saying the issue has been resolved and sexual orientation does not matter
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when enlisted. former defense secretary donald rumsfeld talks about military life and promoting his brand-new book. he spoke to the reserve officers association at george wash university tonight about his transition from the military to -- george washington university tonight about his transition from the military to pun life. the military's -- public high. the military's brac movement leaving some scrambling to stay a float. here's april look at some of the other stories in our rundown. -- a look at some of the other stories in our rundown. not news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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more headaches from the military's base realignment plan. fox 5 money reporter melanie
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alnwick has more. >> reporter: lunchtime apt toledo pizza on georgia -- at toledo pizza on georgia avenue still busy but lighter. kelly shy is one of about two dozen business owners just outside the gates of the former walter reed army medical center. when she opened in 2005, more than 5,000 people worked at the campus and the facility served about 150,000 patients. >> we saw georgia avenue as an opportunity. >> reporter: since the closure decision local stores have made adjustments. >> we knew it was going to slope down. we knew on september 15th -- slow down. we knew on september 15th that was definitely going to impact business. >> reporter: the last of the inpatients moved out in august, but the campus is not complete lip desolate. >> security guards, maintenance workers and as we -- completely desolate. >> security guards, maintenance workers and as we transition to something new we were planning on city planners, construction workers, a host of people. >> reporter: those will come
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when a massive redevelopment plan gets underway. this may be what's keeping any remaining customers from the shops and restaurants jupes a block up on georgia avenue. -- just a block up on georgia gaffe. the main gate at walter reed medical center has been shut down and local businesses say that was a surprise to them. >> for some reason i assumed that that gate would stay open. >> reporter: more than seven blocks away the 16th street gate remains open, too far says doug meyers for his vintage furniture shop to get more impulse traffic. >> i always had some hey, how did you come in? did you hear about the store? and they were like no, we were driving by and i saw that chair and told my husband to turn around. >> reporter: community leaders are trying to learn why the army closed this gate, if the division can be reversed and what the future will look like. >> i just wouldn't final plan. >> reporter: them say it's an important lifeline that -- they say it's an important lifeline that can keep them going until renewal comes to this part.
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georgia avenue. did you hear, more cracks spotted in the washington monument? we'll show you where the team of experts is finding the latest damage. it could cost even more to see a 3d now victim, why the 3d -- movie, why the 3d glasses are behind a possible price hike. this canadian bear has a serious case of the munchies, a black bear on the hunt for pizza apt april restaurant. someone in the crowd shot the -- at a restaurant. someone in the crowd shot the video of. the group was asked to leave, apparently, though, not the bear. he's still looking for some good old pizza.
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those daring acrobatics on the washington monument continue today as a team. specially trained engineers and architects checked the landmark four damage caused by last month's earthquake. new exterior damage like loose mortar and modern cracks were found. on the bright side, the building is structurally sound. it is known as the crossroads of the world and times square is about to get a makeover. the pedestrian plazas are being redesigned. the red chairs currently in place for tourists are being replaced with trendy benches and the blue asphalt sidewalk
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will be replaced with concrete or stone. the new design does away with the curbs. >> the curb was for the road and the street, so it's going to be one continuous line across the plaza which a, looks a lot better, makes it easier to manage and there should be a lot fewer lawsuits because they won't be tripping over curbs. want. >> redesign began in 2009 to make the area more pedestrian friendly. the makeover will cost about 27 million is expected to be complete in 2014. you know how they say cats have nine lives? look that cat there. it has two faces. frank and lieu win, the cat with two faces -- louie, the cat with two faces, three eyes and two mouths. he's become the longest surviving member of the group cats born with two faces. >> i used to work at tufts university school of veterinary
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medicine and he was brought in to be euthanized apt a day ole and i just offered to -- at a day old and i just offered to take him home to try to save him. they toll me not to get my hopes up -- told me not to get my hopes up because never survive and he's 12 years old september 8th. >> the owner says the cat's favorite pastime is riding in the car. not price of your next 3d movie ticket could go up more. you may also steep a new charge on your bank statement. ever -- see a new charge on your bank statement. laura evans with your fox 5 top five. >> 1st why you may have to pay more to watch 3d movies. you already pay $3 extra and now sony theaters wants -- sony pictures wants theaters to charge you to use 3d glasses. they say it would offseptember the doss make the now victims. -- offset the costs to make the movies. known 4, the bank will charge you -- no.
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4, the bank will charge you a $5 fee to use your cards. you will only be charged for purchases, not at atms. no. 3, new traffic laws in arizona going into effect midnight saturday, one -- in maryland going into effect midnight saturday. one law making it illegal to e- mail or text while driving. the previous laws set little or no punishment. no. 2, will help alexandria recover from hurricane irene. the county is among 48 counties in virginia eligible to receive federal aid. only local governments and some nonprofit groups are eligible to use the federal funds to pape for emergency services and repairs. -- pay for emergency services and reap pairs. known 1, d.c.'s cherry blossom fest -- no. 1, d.c.'s chirp blossom festival always a hit. next -- cherry blossom festival always a hit and will expand to five weeks next we're.
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first lady michelle obama will serve -- next year. first lady michelle obama will serve as the chair. >> it's spring-like, but falllike. >> it's been all over the place but not as fall-like as we would like it to be, but it's about to begin. it's a typical september night with temperatures in the 50s. here's what's a typical, we're not chasing showers on doppler radar. tonight is clear and really very refreshing and comfortable and it was so wonderful to see that sunshine today, but i think most of us will agree it's terrific to chase the humid tip out of town a bit. we've been stuck with -- humidity out of town a bit. we've been stuck with humid tip and tropical rain all september -- humidity and tropical rain all september. almost 8 inches at dulles this month, 13.2 at bwi, 9 inches above normal at bwi and 5 1/2 inches above normal for us in d.c. some of that was tropical
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rain from irene and tropical storm lee. two systems to take note of, tropical storm felipe, kind of a ragged minimum, not too worried about that, but this one -- raggedy mess, not too worried about that, but this is hurricane that we can see an eye with tonight. what you'll see is a bit of a double track which is a computer goof. it's got winds of 85 miles per hour and will pass a bit east of bermuda during the day saturday. the good news for bermuda is it will be on the weaker side of this hurricane, but it may be a category 2 going by. so etch that's the las thing they need -- so that's the last thing they neaped. the coldest air of the season will roll into -- need. the coldest air of the season will roll into town. we'll seem our temperatures drop to the 40 -- we'll see our temperatures drop to the 40s. our futurecast tomorrow, a few clouds around, probably not nip
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showers. there might be some for the eastern -- any showers. there might be some for the eastern shore overnight and start you may have to dodge a few showers, saturday morning at 9 p.m. they tend to get out of town by 5:00 or 6:00. check out the snow that may be seen in the mountains. your five-day forecast, 75 tomorrow, still like september, but then a november preview for the weekend with showers saturday, sunday about 59 degrees, a mix of clouds and sun. we warm up for monday and tuesday next week. it will feel more like october, should be a really beautiful week and not a bad weekend either despite the showers on saturday. dave feldy has your sports report when we return. aur fgo
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look, as depression as the dallas game was, it's over and if the skins don't get their mind right for st. louis, history might repeat itself point mean monday night history. i mean a year ago history. -- itself and i don't mean monday night history. i mean a year ago history. nfl offensive rookie of the year sam bradford threw for 235 yards and defensive coordinator jim haslett knows his defense cannot take the rams lightly. >> we didn't play well up there. we didn't play well in any facet, had guys hurt before the game started. we had blocked punts, missed
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tackles. it was the whole gamut. it was a totally different offense. they do a lot of things. they got great scheme. they do april lot of things different. them change it week -- a lot of things different. they change it week to week. you got to be up on it to adjust to whatever they give you and i think this game is excellent. >> one of the keyes against the rams will be a strong redskins running -- keys again the rams will be a strong rid skins running game. st. louis is last in the rush defense giving up 174 yards on the ground. skins are averaging 3.7 yards per rush. that's down 1/2-yard from last year. mike shanahan knows that stat needs to improve. >> got to be modern effective is not bottom line. eastern going to be in the top 10 normally -- we're going to be in the top 10 normally. if we're not, we're not as effective as we need to be. i think now we're eighth in rushing attempts and we'll probably continue to be close
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to the top 10. we just like more plays and execute a bit better. >> ryan kerrigan has been executing well named today the rookie player of the month. the rookie becomes the fourth redskins player and the first to win the award since 2008. the outside linebacker out of perdue registered 1.5 sacks, 13 tackles and a critical interception against the giants in the season opening win for the skins. ryan, have you exceeded your own expectations? >> not by any means. i would love to be 3-0 and i'd trade the rookie of the month award, which i'm very honored to receive, but i'd delayed for a 3-0 record any day. one of the front office people told me this morning, i walked in the building, they showed me the paper. i was like that's nice, pretty excited to see that. a programming note, acc
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football on my 20 this saturday wake s boston college. kickoff is 12:30. dc awe 90ed -- wake forest boston college. kickoff is 12:30. dc united rallies from a two goal deficit to tie it at 2. in the 57th minute the game winner scored for philly. d.c. united falls 3-2. the caps resigned left winger jason chime ra to a new contract. chime ra had 10 goals and 16 assists with the caps and had two goals in the playoffs again the rangers. that will do it for sports. i'm dave feldman. shawn is back with more right after this. have april good 90. have a good night.
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we're taking the edge off with some of the new stars making their debut on the x- factor. take a listen. ♪ i had this to myself. ♪ i don't want you around. ♪ your face has always led me to be in the cloud ♪ ♪ now we make it we make it. ♪ we don't need love to survive. ♪ >> the x-factor airs here on fox 5 wednesdays and thursdays at 8 p.m. >> let's get a quick check of the forecast. >> some good voices. we've got some good weather. tomorrow is not bad at all,


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