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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. find us at i'm jack, and i took the flu down. the rich getting richer. the unemployed staying unemployed and congress not doing much to stop it. >> a group of protesters coming to washington now. what amanda knox had to say when she returned to the u.s. after four years behind bars.
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fox 5 morning news continues right now at 6:00. we'll start you off with a lock at the washington monument this morning. more work to be done there. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. >> speaking of the weather, let's get a check it was now with tony perkins. >> good morning. what do you want to know? >> i would like to know if the warm weather will continue through the weekend and maybe into next week. >> let's not get crazy. yes, it will continue through the weekend into the beginning of next week. >> i like that. good for me. >> starts today. we'll start with your satellite-radar composite. we have mostly clear skies out there. area of low pressure well away from here. we had that sitting here for quite some time and that was bringing us the rain and drizzle and clouds and fog. well, it is gone now. we are left with mostly clear skies and drier conditions. here is a look at the
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temperatures across the region. in the 50s, 56 degrees right now at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 84%. the wind at this hour is calm. your forecast for today, lots of sunshine arab calm quiet did i. temperatures above, yes, he said, above normal. look if a high today in d.c. of 75 degrees. 73 in columbia. fredericksburg, would you like 77 degrees? we think you'll get it. there you go. enjoy the day. >> let's got a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> a lot of folk already behind time if you will. well, let me try that again. in english, i'm trying to say they are not going to make it on time. we've already got problems to report in virginia. but first, we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox checking out the drive along the stop stretch of the beltway along connecticut avenue and georgia. they are busy doing road work eastbound 495. they haven't completed all of the repaving. we do have some rough pavement along the right side of the
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road as you travel the inner loop leaving connecticut avenue around towards georgia. that could cause some problems for you as the volume increases. the outer loop to the right side of your screen, lanes are open, expect delays forming now between university boulevard and colesville road. here what is i know, eastbound 66, had an incident that was tying up the late lane. now, i have at least one car off the road throaft shoulder. big delays from at least fair oaks headed eastbound on 66. 395 a better ride for you. no incidents to report as you work your way northbound leaving duke street to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning's big story, growing outrage as to what many peel is not happening to fix the nation's economic situation. fourteen million americans are unemployed and yet median ceo pay rose 27% last year according to "usa today" analysis. lawmaker are accused of drag their feet when it comes
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to getting people back to work as the rich gets richer. congressional approval at a new low, just 14%. just this past weekend, more than 700 people unhappy with the handling ever economy were arrested in new york city. demonstrators are now descending on the district. stacy cohan has more on the growing movement. >> reporter: here in washington, they are not grown -- not only going to be hitting streets but also there is a conference going on here. some members of congress are participating in that conference. and of this a live video stream of the movement, occupy wall street, that has been going on in new york with hundreds of arrests. there have been similar protests across the country and the crux of matter is defending those who are still struggling in this faltering economy and the frustration that what they see is problems on wall street and congress, a lack of action
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or perhaps inappropriate action to solve the problem. >> we are building and american dream movement, a movement to create an economy that works for most americans again. we have an economy that is only benefiting the very rich and middle class is sinking and poverty is spreading. so it is time to change this debate in washington. >> we are participating in this because right now, there are some very urgent changes and transforming as that -- transformations that need to take place in this country. >> reporter: there will be a rally on capitol hill today and a larger protest tomorrow at freedom plaza. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. four northern virginia men indicted in a massive kickback scheme involving federal cutbacks. they netted some $20 million by filing inflated invoices. two of the men are both
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employees of the army corps of engineers. two other men are charged. federal prosecutors say the money was used to by everything from cartier watches to investment properties all over the world. closing argument are expected today in the trial of a virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from a parking garage walkway at tysons corner. carmela de la rosa has plead the not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of the 2- year-old. prosecutors say a test performed and ignored by the doctor working with her shows she is faking her insanity. police in leesburg working with the loudoun county sheriff's office in the search for two missing teenagers. mike elsie and danielle maize went missing yesterday. authorities are concerned about their welfare based on statements made by michael that he may want to harm himself. they are believed to be driving
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a silver 1999 chrysler minivan with virginia handicapped tags 326135. if have you any information, you are being asked to contact police. amanda knox, a free woman this morning. she was overcome with emotion as she arrived at the airport last night in seattle. she was aquitted on charges she murdered her roommate. >> what is important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. >> an apoles court in italy threw out her murder conviction on monday. knox says she is getting used to a quote, unquote, normal life. the nba season called off? it is looking like a
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possibility for the league. the so-called underwear bomber attempts to defend himself in court. more after this. i'm a curious seeker.
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headlines this morning, the so high pressure called underwear bomber declares that anwar al-awlaki is still alive. after abdulmutallab's attempt to blow up a plane in 2009, body scalpers were add at airport security across the united states. the united nations showing disunity unity over sanctioning iri can't. the word sanction was taken out to get russia and china to agree to it. president obama's ambassador said the u.s. is outranged at the failure of the security council and the u.s. delegation
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stormed out of the session. day 97 of the nba lockout. talk broke down yesterday. the locate has canceled all of the pro-season and will wipe out the first two weeks of regular season if they can't get a deal done by monday. no new talks are scheduled in the meantime. coming up income, one big question in the gop race for the white house is answered. who is officially now not running. also ahead, repair work continues at the national cathedral after the august earthquake. we now know when it will reopen to the public. but fixing all the damage will take a multimillion-dollar effort. first, let's take a look outside at the washington monument once again. we'll check in with tony perkins for a full forecast. we're back after this as fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:12. drinkin'?u i'm drinkin' dunkikin'.
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the national cathedral is set to reopen to the public november 12th. it has been closed since late august after the earthquake. church leaders are launching a massive fundraising effort to cover the cost of repairs. they say they need to raise more than $25 million. it could be more than a decade before all the repairs are finished. wow! >> i didn't realize the damage was that extensive. i knew it was bad but $25 million worth over a decade. >> can i just say something? i'll repair it for $5 million. >> think a lot of people would say that. >> a cool $5 million. >> i'll cut some stone. here is the thing. most people don't get a close look at it, it's with a up there. it doesn't have to be that great. >> hopefully, they're not taking the same approach, the people that they really hire. >> let's take a look at what is
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going on out there. just trying to save everybody some money. let's take a look at some weather headlines for today. they are good ones, folks. finally a sunny day. now, yesterday, we did get some sun. that was wonderful. but today, sunshine all day. warm days, cool nights ahead. a lot of people like that. weekend looks great and want to remind you that the tropics are still active. phillipe could become a hurricane but it will move out to the east. temperatures across the region, we are now at 55 degrees. we've dropped off another couple of degrees. baltimore is at 52 degrees. dulles airport, you are at 56 degrees. and in fredericksburg, it is 50 degrees right now. satellite-radar composite for the eastern united states, i'll move over this way. we've got nothing going on here.
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we'll see a very nice sunrise this morning. we do have some clouds up in new england. that is about it. we will see -- we'll be, i think, practically cloud-free today. so a lot of clear sky and we'll be dry and things will be quiet as high pressure settles in and keeps things quiet for the next several days. here is your forecast for today, mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon with above normal temperatures. 75 for your high downtown. winds out of the northwest five to 10 miles per hour. then for tonight, clear skies, cool temperatures, 50 degrees for your overnight low in town. some you will be in the 40s outside of town. five-day forecast, look at this. beautiful, beautiful! lots of sunshine. quiet, dry, highs in the 70s. not bad at all. that is a forecast that i think even julie wright can like. it is not the 80s but it is the 70s and sunny in october. julie wright has a look at traffic. what do you think? >> i like it. i do. i like it. >> very good. >> you are serving up something
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nice and hot today and i like it. >> thank you. >> you like the forecast too, don't you? >> he's here all week. >> the crew in sky fox checking out your ride along 66. here you go as you work your way eastbound after 13 but before nutley street. earlier incident has been moved out of roadway. so left side of the screen are the folk headed eastbound. we have backups in centreville. traffic flowing again at 50 fair oaks. that delay pretty much carries you all the way in towards the done lowering metro with an earlier incident at the 123 now cleared. we'll update your ride elsewhere. checking for the crash reported on the southbound stretch of the beltway as you work your way down towards 32. heads up here working your way down towards the beltway. the outer loop of the beltway already slow as you work your way around towards colesville road, about a 20-minute
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commute. a big announcement impacting the gop field of presidential candidates. new jersey governor chris crist i -- christie says he is not seeking the nomination. he says he stands by his original refusal to run even after men prominent republicans urged him to get into the race. >> i've listened to so many people and considered whether this was something that i needed to take on. but in the end, what i've always fell was the right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. >> the 49-year-old crist i don't is a first-term governor who has quickly developed a national following because of his blunt style. incumbent democrat earl ray to him palestinian won the election for governor in west virginia. he has been the asking governor. to him palestinian will finish the rest of the term.
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he beat republican drilling executive bill maloney. we'll go live to fox business network some new york next. we'll find out about the much hyped new and improved five open 4 s. a record number of visitors at buckingham palace this summer. more than 600,000 people came to see the wedding dress worn by the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton. now, the dress heads to storage. oh... ( sigh ) you... you haven't got a longer straw, have you ? it's not funny, i'm gettin'... gettin' straw stress. is that drink ready, huh ?
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which offers 8-passenger seating and received a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety. get to your chevy dealer today and get that list done. time to talk a little business. not everybody is happy with what the latest version of the iphone has to offer. we'll get more on that in a minute. first, let's take a look at the business beat with robert gray from new york. >> it was worse for man folks
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than driving through the mixing bowl in d.c. we saw the market dropping but we didn't stay there. we got headlines coming out. we had ben bernanke on the hill talking about how the consistently high unemployment is undermining consumer confidence. the last 45 minutes of trading is where all the action happened. we got media reports out saying that those european finance ministers were getting together, they were going to recap taal lies the banks in new york and prevent something that could take down our financial institutions and even hurt in of our 401(k)s in the form of not only stocks but also money market mutuals. this morning, europe is higher again following through from what we saw in the last hour here yesterday. at least at the moment, we are looking for a little bit more stable -- stability if you will for the markets. >> hopefully, we won't test those lows too much. >> with the announcement of the
6:26 am
newest version of the iphone, apple stock was down and it looks like people were trying to take a little profit out of that maybe perhaps. >> and a little bit of disappointment from investors anyway in the new iphone. it wasn't a new if op 5 with the complete redesign. it was an upgraded iphone 4. it did not come with the bigger screen or perhaps the more sleek design. if you have verizon, you go abroad, can you use it like at&t users already do. better camera, content in the cloud. apple stock closed lower today. could not participate in that rebound rally. >> we'll see what happens there with the rest of the market as well. thank you, robert. if you've got all the right skills, it doesn't matter if your resume doesn't sell it.
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be extra careful out there on the roads this morning. international walk to school day is today. kids will be walking and biking to class. this annual event promotes health an environmental benefit and draws attention to the need to safer routes to school. >> some good weather for the folk out there walking today at least. a little chilly still right now but it will warm up. >> it will absolutely warm up. jackets and the kids will come home carrying the jackets. >> or as my son likes to do, stuffing it his backpack. >> it comes out it's all wrinkled. >> why carry it when you can throw everything together. >> if will be a nice day. speaking of -- it will be a nice day. here is your bus stop forecast
6:31 am
although it sounds like a lot of you will be walking if you can. a few clouds out there, not many. cool temperatures in the 50s. 50 to about 55 degrees. sunrise in morning will be at 7:07. here is a look at the temperatures across the region. and there is proof. 52degrees in baltimore. 56 at dulles airport. 55 in washington. let's say ocean city, 53 degrees right now. here is how thins are looking for today. sunshine, mild, highs in the 70s. not bad at all. look for a high today or this afternoon in the mid-70s. that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes today's edition of ask the weather guys. it is a good question that i have to admit even i have wondered about. so much of the area is under construction and you ever the zones where you have to watch your speed and all that kind of stuff for the safety of the
6:32 am
construction workers. they have speed cameras set up at that location. can you be ticketed even when there are no construction workers there? we'll answer that question for you. >> let's got a check of the on- time traffic with julie wright. >> i believe you can. >> we'll find out. >> or maybe it was just me. >> well, then julie may have to weigh in on this one. >> i'm just saying. the crew in sky fox with us right now traveling the beltway inner loop approaching route 7. that is where we've got some problems or had some problems i should say. we had a stalled truck up towards the american legion bridge. we've got the brake lights there. the inner loop on the slow side in separate stretches again between braddock road and 236, again at 66 an as traffic mother-in-laws on up to the dulles toll road and continuing up towards montgomery county. it appears lanes are open on the inare loop traveling the
6:33 am
west side of town. eastbound 66, that is where we had earlier problems because of an incident here. all lanes are open but eastbound 66 here at 123, you will find yourself in a backup leaving fair oaks headed east. 395 traffic now slowing at duke street headed up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. amanda knox back home now after serving four years in an i taal can prison. monday, she was acquitted on charges that she murdered her roommate. the 24-year-old landed in washington state yesterday and cried when she saw her supporters for the first time. >> what is important to say is just thank you to everyone whobelieved in me, who defended me, who supported my family. my family is the most important thing right now and i want to go be with them. >> this has been a very long four years but we couldn't have made it through it without all
6:34 am
of you people out here that have supported us and especially amanda. >> the 24-year-old university of washington student had been studying abroad in italy. the defense has rest and closing arguments are expected today in at trifle virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from a parking garage walkway at tyson corner center. then it will be up to the jury to decide if carmela de la rosas was insane at the time of the murder. the defense thinks she couldn't distinguish between right and wrong. prosecutors say a test performed and ignored by the doctor working with de la rosa shows she is faking her insanity. police in leesburg working with the loudoun county sheriff's office in the search for two missing teenagers. michael or mike elsie and danielle maize, both 16, went missing yesterday. authorities are concerned about their welfare based on statements made by michael that he may want to harm himself.
6:35 am
they are believed to be driving a silver chrysler minivan with virginia handicapped tags. growing outrage against what many feel is not happening to fix the nation's economic situation. lawmakers are accused of dragging their feet when it comes to getting americans back to work as the rich get richer. the anger reflexed in a wash post abc news poll showing congressional approval at a new low of just 14%. some people taking that anger to the streets now. >> protestss >> protests -- protests have been popping up across several areas in the last week. stacy cohan has the details. >> reporter: we are going to have our turn at those protests. there is a conference going on
6:36 am
here at the washington hilton by the take back the american dream group. here are some numbers for you to think about. approval ratings of congress, democrats only give an 1% approval rating for congress. only 13% of republicans approve and 13% of independents. those are registered voters. meanwhile, the streets of new york have been filledded with these protestors in the occupy wall street movement and that is not the only place. it has been happening in chicago and los angeles as there is a huge amount of frustration and anger at what is happening not only on wall street with big business in general and what many see as a lack of action or inappropriate action on the part not only of business people but of folks here in washington. >> a range of organizations coming together to build a very powerful movement and demand for action on jobs and action
6:37 am
on defending the american social contract. >> i can tell right off the bat that there is going to be a lot of energy and a lot of inspiration that comes out of this. i myself have probably acquired a good sick or seven new partnerships. -- six or seven new partnerships. >> reporter: we are expecting a small rally today on capitol hill and the large protest happens tomorrow at freedom plaza. back to you. >> thank you. it is one of the biggest frustration when you are looking for a job. you have all the right skills for the position but you can't get your foot in the door. >> if you've run into that problem, you may want to take another look at your resume and take a cue from hollywood. we have a report. >> what do you know about me? >> everything. >> reporter: you're watching a movie trailer. it is the film's hottest, sexiest, most impressive scenes that grab your interest. that is what a perfect resume should do according to this expert. >> they don't want to see the
6:38 am
whole movie. they want to see the movie trailer. >> reporter: ripe says you are out there competing against hundreds of other job seekers. a perfect resume can get you the edge. >> that will be the most important thing. it does get your foot in the door. >> i feel like if i did get 199foot in the door, i would be able to sell myself well in the interview. >> reporter: college senior tariq pierce figured he hay pretty good resume. he gave it to ryan. he got it back covered in corrections. >> there is a lot of red ink on here. >> reporter: appearance, macyour resume eye candy, just one page with matching font, a balanced design and type that is big enough to read. emphasize your name. put your contact info up at the top. >> they won't want you to work
6:39 am
for them if your resume isn't flawless. >> reporter: describe how you solved a specific problem at your current job and give numbers like -- >> reduced customer complaints by 20% by implementing a training program. >> reporter: boast about your grades, academic awards or scholarships. don't just say you were an assistant. explain how you contributed. >> reporter: you want to make sure you take ownership over the projects you've worked on. >> reporter: the kiss of death on any resume, mistakes. >> any sort of smaller. >> reporter: everything is key when it comes to your resume. >> reporter: check your spelling, your grammar, your format, your consistency. give your resume to an objective critic, not your mom. find somebody like ryan would can point out your mistakes. he went through tariq with a magnifying glass, literally. >> i can't read that because the font is too small. >> reporter: ripe suggested
6:40 am
tariq describe how his experience makes him a perfect match for the job. end result, a perfect resume. >> i got a lot of changes to make. >> we are here to help you out if you are looking for work. be sure to check out the job shop on it has job listings for just about all field and all levels of experience. we talked with fox business network earlier about how investors are reactioning to the new iphone without all the bells and whistles. >> from a new way to store your stuff to improvements on the current model features, we'll tell you what the hype is all about in this morning's smart phone zone. ♪
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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the big buzz yesterday in the tech world was about -- it
6:44 am
was supposed to be the iphone 5. >> instead, apple unveiled the iphone 4 s yesterday. let's head to the smart phone zone. lauren demarco has the details. >> reporter: after months of speculation and all of that hype, the immediate headline came as a bit of a disappointment, no five own 5. apple's stock took at this tumble in affect trading and ended down slightly. it has much of what everybody was hoping for. on appearance, not much is new. this is the iphone 4. we were hoping with the iphone 5, you would see the screen screen extend the entire length of the phone. the 4 s will look pretty much like this. the other big letdown, no 4 g. the 4 g phones on the market had a pretty short battery life. maybe apple is waiting for the
6:45 am
technology to improve because it is not too much use if your battery dies by lunchtime. steve jobs was absent yesterday. interim ceo tim cook made the big announcement calling the 4 s the most amazing phone ever. it has twice the processing power and ios. apple says it will run faster. it will have a eight megapixel family. it is a world phone which means it can be used oversees and the icloud. can you store music, films, tv shows and photos on apple's servers rather than at phone's hard drive. can you wirelessly push that content to other apple devices. then there is siri, a voice controlled feature. users can hit the home button and ask the phone questions. >> do i need a rain coat today? >> it sure looks like rain
6:46 am
today. >> what time it is in paris? >> the time in paris, france is 8:16 p.m. >> siri appears to be pretty incredible. it also writes and send e-mail messages and texts and reads them to you too. it is due in store october 14th. it starts with $200 for the 16 high pressure gig model with the two-year contract and along with at&t and verizon, sprint subscribers will now be able to use the iphone five for the first time. >> now, rumors that the true iphone 5 will be out in the spring. >> i'm waiting for eight. >> that seemed like a pretty cool phone. not pleased i must say that you can ask it the weather and it will tell yew that doesn't mean
6:47 am
it is accurate. >> i bet it is more accurate. >> when we get the weather guises app on the phone, then it better be accurate. >> not going do that. >> too much work for you? >> yeah. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. here, you get the full investigate is weather forecast. we tell you. we explain it to you. we show you maps. is your known going to do that? >> no. >> not until the iphone 8. current temperatures around the region, 55 degrees now in the nation's capital. 57-degree in beautiful annapolis. fredericksburg, 48 degrees there. dulles airport is at 56 degrees. in hagerstown, it is 50 degrees right now. here is what we want to take a look at. we want to take a look at what is going on as far as our weather conditions, high pressure is settling into the eastern united states. out to the west, low pressure, you see how the jet stream is dividing the nation in half so the western u.s. now gets into
6:48 am
this pattern of drizzly weather, periods of rain, unsettled weather and now the eastern u.s. is dry, warmer and mild and quiet conditions here for the next several days the way things are shaping up. so fa the forecast for washington for today -- so the forecast for washington for today looks like this, not bad. mostly sunny skies. we'll see mostly clear skies tonight. your overnight low in town 50 degrees. five-day forecast, think you're going to love it. what is not to like? sunshine for the next several days during the daytime hours and then temperature in the 70s for your highs every day for the next several days. near 80 on sunday. >> nice weekend. >> not bad at all. >> it is now time for ask the weather guys. yes, tucker barnes is back from his well-deserved two-day
6:49 am
vacation. a long one for tucker. >> you need to treat yourself to more vacations. you're missed when you're not here but you need to do that. >> are you my travel agent? >> no, i hate making travel plans for myself. >> maybe the iphone 4 s. >> that's enough. >> let's do some magic eight bull with technology. >> today's question comes from matt g. in alexandria who writes can you still get fined for speeding in a work zone even when work crews aren't present other we are phoning a friend for this one although i think we actually learned the answer a short time ago when julie wright confessed that she had received a ticket in a work zone when there were no workers present. but joining us on the phone this morning is laura rikowski.
6:50 am
she is the public information officer with the maryland office. >> we're talking work zone safety today. >> yes, we are. i know you want to talk about safety issues in maryland. i know you got a new initiative going on there. but the question is a simple one. can you till get fined for speeding in a work zone even when work crews aren't present? >> the simple answer is that is yes. of course, in maryland, we have two means of enforcement. we have traditional enforcement with law enforcement officials and then we have our safe zone program which is automated speed enforcement also known as those speed cameras. yes, you can be fined and cited in speeding in awork zone even when workers aren't present and for a very good reason. most folks think that the work zone fines are in place to protect workers and they are certainly. our workers work adjacent to the thunder of traffic and armored only with vests and plastic helmets so it is to protect them. but it is also to protect drivers. nationally in four out of five
6:51 am
crashes, it is the driver or passenger who is injured in a work zone related crash so it is also to protect the drivers out there. certainly work zones, they have less than ideal conditions. there is little margin for error with narrow lane, equipment, dust, relocationed signs, stopped traffic. so we want folks to be on their most alert driving and to be obeying the posted speed limit in work zones. the good news is is that you don't have to worry bay ticket at all if you are just driving the posted speed limit. >> yes, but who wants to -- i mean yes, you're right. in some places i know that at certain times, fines are doubled and i don't know if that is the case -- i know it is different in different jurisdictions. if for example a fine is doubled when there is work going on. when work is not going on, who that fine still be doubled? >> it would be because again, it is in work zone conditions. so whenever that work zone is
6:52 am
present, the construction equipment is out there, those standard signs would apply to work zones. it is not relying on whether workers are out there or not. >> there is a new movement afoot called drive 25 keep kids alive. can you tell us about that diswhoo i want to thank the tucker and phony forecast for the wonderful weather today because today it is international walk to school day and school children around the world will be walking to school focusing on the physical activity and also the community involvement that comes along with just walking to school which used to be a way of life for us 10, 20 years ago but now most trips are made by car. so again, this is focusing on walking to school and walking to school safely. we have our lieutenant governor andthonnery brown if maryland will be joining elementary school students at glenridge elementary along with the superintendent dr. hite in prince george's county and dr.
6:53 am
mccoy who is the principal at glenridge elementary school today and we will be talking about safe routes to school. that is both infrastructure and safety education about spread safety, bringing that directly into the schools in maryland. so we are excited to do that today. there will be a $1.2 million grant given to prince george's county schools today. >> okay. very good. thank you very much for joining us for that. we appreciate all the information and there you go. there is your answer. . if have you a question, go to and click on the weather tap. >> very informative. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> all right, you guys. busy commute out there. the georgetown pike was shut down if a few moments over at ellsworth. we have the road shut down there due to a crash involving a motorcyclist. traffic is able to get by in each direction as you travel on the west side of town. if you are traveling along the
6:54 am
inner loop of the beltway at route 7, now cleared. northbound i-95 as you work with our yea north of the prince william parkway, heavy volume continues out towards route one. earlier accident moved over to the shoulder. southbound 270, building in volume out of germantown. no incidents to report as you continue down towards the capital beltway. the outer loop checking for the crash near route one as you work your way over towards college park. we definitely have slow traffic along 210 northbound from the southern intersection of old fort headed up towards kirby. next hour,en spiring america's future scientists. >> staying on top of the global economy is all about innovation. holly plains what 4 h national science day is all about.
6:55 am
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good morning i am holly morris. on this wednesday morning we will start with a startling statistic. only 1% of 4th graders, 2% of 8th graders, and a few high schoolers are considered to have advanced knowledge of math and science we are live at thenational 4 h conference in chevy chase they are gearing up for their national youth science day. they are going to be conducting an experiment. wired for wind they will learn how to make their own wind turbines in the process, hopefully, inspire young people to get excited about math and science. i will see how much of a difference a day like this can
6:59 am
make. >> thank you we will see you a bit later. now time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, joe kelly. he says as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning he turns on fox 5 and goes crazy when he can't find the remote control. a lot of people will agree with you. joe kelly looking so suave. post a comment under joe's photo to be our facebook fan of the day. now over to alison and steve. thank you so much coming up fox 5 morning news the wall street protest continues to grow nationwide moving into the nations capitol. what you should know about plans for a peaceful demonstration gain financial corruption. >> i am really overwhelmed right now. >> tearful home


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