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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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controversial district law putting forgetful drivers behind bars. hear from one man arrested for expired tags as fox five morning news continues right now. take a look down wisconsin avenue. it is october 7th. glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. days are rolling on now. tony perkins joins us with a look how glorious this day is going to be. >> it's going to be beautiful. this is probably for today through, hey, monday is a holiday for some people. >> yeah. >> columbus today. four days, today through monday, probably have not had a better four days in a long time. we're going to show you how empty and cloud-free the sky is. there is some -- there are a few clouds popping up, and there is some fog in place. i want to let you know that.
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but things are quiet. no precipitation. nothing going on. light breeze, which has led to a coastal flood advisory, oddly enough, the next hour. other than that, things are quiet. temperatures getting off to a cool start, as you would expect. 53 in the district. 42 in ocean city. 45 in winchester. dulles, 44. baltimore, 47. those temperatures will warm up nicely. high today in the low to mid- 70s under mostly sunny skies and more of the same for the weekend, except even warmer. i'll tell you about that coming up in a little bit. now let's get a check on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. good morning, tony. big delays now forming on route 50, and we have the accident activity involving the motorcyclist. that's closing 424 and david sonville south at 50 at governor bridge road. skyfox live at the scene. involves a motorcyclist. the 424 area has been closed off each way south of 50. state police on the scene.
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we're told a helicopter has been called to the scene. we know the ambulance has already left this area. 424 remains closed south of 50 in each direction at governor bridge road. we had the accident activity on the outer loop. lanes are open once again. southbound on 270, big delays southbound leaving 270 from democracy boulevard headed south to what was the accident scene. virginia, northbound 495 on the brakes. traffic slow again approaching seminary road. thank you. new unemployment numbers come out this morning, and the news not expected to be good. the nation's sluggish jobs market is in need of a turn around and the white house is under pressure to make that happen. doug luzader is live with our
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top story. >> reporter: today's numbers are widely expected to be better than they were last month, but that's not saying much. new unemployment numbers may add more fuel to the fire for wall street protestors. already angry over the nation's job shortage among other things. president obama delivered what may have been a preemptive strike yesterday at a lengthy white house press conference, pushing his new jobs package. >> our economy really needs a jolt right now. this is not a game. this is not the time for the usual political gridlock. >> reporter: the president meets today with democratic leaders in congress to figure out how to pass the almost half trillion dollar plan. an economic stimulus package that republicans are not sold on to say the least. >> there's no education. the second kick of a mule. the president is recommending we do once again what we did in 2009, almost in that case almost a trillion dollars stimulus bill, after which we
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lost 1.7 million jobs and we have 9.1% unemployment. >> reporter: that number isn't expected to change much soon. without jobs growth, consumer sentiment remains weak, which makes companies more skittish to hire. a continuous cycle the president is desperate to break. just as wall street protests have spread across the country. one of them, just blocks away from the white house. while many economists think we did add jobs last month, the number is expected to be relatively small and the unemployment rate now at 9.1% is not expected to change. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. thank you. let's get more on the protests in d.c. doug just mentioned. sherri ly is live at freedom plaza this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in day two of the protests here in washington. what we have really are two large groups that have come together. here on freedom plaza they have
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been rallying in a group called the october 2011 movement. there is another group called occupy d.c. and they want washington to fix this financial mess. thousands took to the streets yesterday. the movement which started on wall street against corporate greed has reached d.c. people have come from all over the country and they're here for a variety of reasons, the war, taxes, economy. what they agree on is washington isn't getting the job done to put people back to work and get the economy on track. >> i think they are getting the message. whether or not they choose to, you know, hear and take this message somewhere is a different story. but they certainly get the message. i think a lot of people have gotten the message from other protestors that there's unrest. there's a reason for people expressing themselves in this manner. >> reporter: now, they plan to protest today at the federal reserve starting at 10:00 this
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morning. they will continue their demonstrations here through sunday. even president obama acknowledged the unrest throughout the city yesterday. the protestors are hard to ignore, two blocks here from the white house. back to you. the nobel committee announced three women sharing this year's peace prize. let's go over who they were. they got for their nonviolent struggles for more rights for women.
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outside of steve jobs' home in california, the suvs were removed, allowing the sidewalk to become a makeshift memorial. mourners continued to leave flowers, and a pile of apples with a bite taken out. the walls of apple stores around the world from taiwan to new york full of hand drawn cards. now to a developing story in prince george's county. police investigating a shooting in temple hills. one person was shot this morning, and two others cut. all are expected to survivor. two people have been arrested. now to the emotional end to a disturbing court case. a virginia jury convicted a woman of first degree murder for tossing her 2-year-old granddaughter to her death off a pedestrian bridge at tyson's
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corner mall. roz prater has more. >> reporter: after a grueling day in court, a family is left trying to pick up the pieces. >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, it took the jury five hours to find carmela dela rosa guilty of first degree murder. guilty of throwing her 2-year- old daughter off a pedestrian walk way last november at the tysons corner mall. her defense argued she was mentally ill, but the jury didn't buy it. prosecution experts said she was seeking revenge, angry her son-in-law had gotten her daughter pregnant before they were married. >> she was really a mean and angry person. depression certainly played a role, but it wasn't an execution for killing a -- excuse for killing a child. >> reporter: the girl's father went on the stand, saying no parent should have to lose a child. the mother, spoke through tears saying, every parent has a right to see their child grow
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up. after half an hour, the jury recommended a sentence of 35 years. it was not what her lawyers hoped to hear. >> i'm a criminal defense lawyer. i respect the jury process, though i disagree with their verdict. >> reporter: prosecutors asked for a life sentence, but say they will accept the jury's recommendation. >> it's the kind of case where, as a human being, you almost want the defendant to be insane and not understand the consequences of her actions. the ugly truth is that she did understand what she was doing. >> reporter: roz prater, fox five news. >> sentencing is set for january 6th. the judge could reduce the jury's recommendation, but not increase it. the public defender said she would consult with her client, but probably would file an appeal. 9 minutes past the hour. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords' remarkable recovery continues. >> more on her appearance in the district yesterday. plus another check of our
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beautiful week forecast and on time traffic, that's all coming up. stay with us. it's nine minutes after the hour. :ç:9:9
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arizona congresswoman gabby giffords returned to washington yesterday. giffords and her husband met with vice president joe biden. the trip was a short one. giffords is headed back to houston to continue rehabilitation. great to see that, and great to see warmer temperatures. >> considering what our suspect was, kind of a -- september was, kind of a wash out, with the rain and cold temperatures. now we're getting a nice break. i said yesterday i think we
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deserve it and it will continue into the holiday weekend. that's great. current temperatures, we remain at 53 degrees at this hour. temperatures are cool to be sure in the mid-atlantic and northeast. 47 in boston. 42 in rochester, new york. 48 in raleigh. mild to our west. wichita, 71. dallas at 75 degrees. cool spots again where the weather is more active to our west, 43 degrees in salt lake city. 43 in denver. let's check out the national satellite radar. nothing to see in our area. most of the eastern u.s. remains quiet because of that big dome of high pressure. the southwestern states have cleared out a little bit as far as precipitation goes. still clouds there. most of the rain or snow this morning across the northern mountain states and the northern plains seeing rain showers. forecast for today and the next five days, today a great
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afternoon. sunny, 73 degrees. tomorrow, saturday sunny and 79 degrees. sunday, 81 degrees and sunshine. a great weekend. dave ross, he's walking in and swinging that fake golf club, which is the best one he swings. monday, the holiday, 82, with a few clouds. >> i swing the real clubs with the fake scores. >> even better. >> thanks, tony. let's get a look at traffic now. >> hey, you guys. on the roads you'll find your lanes are open, traveling the beltway outer loop. no incidents to report. volume definitely slowing here over towards university boulevard. also you'll find if you are traveling southbound along 270 earlier incident cleared towards river road. but there is a backup leading shady grove road, with the accident activity now gone. no incidents to report now if
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you are traveling inbound along 66. the pace slowing traveling from certaintyville to the beltway, about 20 minutes. 395 slowing leaving duke street heading out towards cemetery road. that's a check of your fox five ontime traffic. after 20 years, hank williams, jr. won't be asking if you're ready for football anymore. espn officially said no thanks. williams started the controversy by saying john boehner playing golf with president obama is like hitler playing with netanyahu. 7:16 now. dave ross back with us to talk a little sports. we'll mix it up, get a little hockey, boxing. this is the buy week. >> it is. >> you were breaking down the
7:17 am
first quarter season grades. >> i think people find it somewhat controversial. always enjoyable. a fourth of the way in. only played four games. they've had two quarterbacks already this year, steve. >> both by the same name. >> good rex and bad rex. we'll start off with good rex. >> you are like my worst college professor when it tries to figure out how they're grading. >> it's on a curve. we've talked about this before and i know tony perkins as well. when rex is good and on, he's really good. i don't know he's an a quality quarterback. but a solid b-plus. terrain got his first action last week. >> he got an a for that game. >> but overall the running game, spotty. c plus. >> i'll agree. >> this is bad rex. when bad rex shows up, it can be ugly rex. the bad rex will get a d for decision making. >> not the worst? >> exactly. people like to bury the guy. just bad rex is not very good.
7:18 am
>> what about a combined good and bad? >> a solid c so far. defense, an a. in one year, they played 3-4 last year and were terrible. now this year it's a top flight defense and it's something you can hang your hat on. >> i'm going to use a big word here. >> bring it. >> what i'm going to extrapolate from this, dave, moving forward the next three- quarters of the season, you'll want to see a little bit of quarterback play, runningback play, defense keep it where it is. >> that's exactly what this team needs to do. >> fantastic. well done, professor. >> got a little hockey. at 9:15 i'm going to talk to the coach live. coach is great.
7:19 am
>> especially the beginning of the season. >> they're toss the puck tomorrow night, 7:00 against carolina, verizon center. here's the thing that's ironic, this is the winningest team. i don't know if winningest is a term like extrapolate. >> but they're pretty good. >> over four years -- >> without a doubt. >> haven't won the stanley cup, but this year again, hope springs eternal, and i think they have as good a chance as any. we'll talk to bruce about that. >> his nickname is gabby. he likes to talk. we learned a lot about him in the last year through the beauty of hbo. what are you going to ask him today? >> he'll be prepared for the interview. >> he'll be prepared because he's a professional and he knows what you're going to be bringing. what are we going to learn? >> we're going to learn about some of their new guys. they brought back a couple guys who were here years ago. the feeling i'm getting by
7:20 am
looking at the roster, he's bringing in veterans. will that be the key, those veterans, down the stretch to hopefully get them to where they want to go, the stanley cup. >> i love hearing my greens say, this group of guys, when they come up as young guys, they were a little green. >> sure. >> starting to cohesive playing. >> yes, they're growing together and i think this could be that special year we're all hoping for. we can't play the games in the playoffs now. it's only october. got a long way to go. it's a marathon not a sprint. we'll see how it starts tomorrow night. >> be careful of the coach. we'll have our finger on the sensor button. >> you know they have pomp and circumstance. >> this fight coming up in december, biggest fight in d.c. in how long? >> 18 years. we had the old mike tyson, that
7:21 am
wasn't the real tyson at verizon center i think in 2003. this is two guys in their prime. 24 years old and 27 years. d.c. guy. these are two of the best in the world at 140 pounds. when you hear khan say if it goes well, he wants to have more fights back at d.c. this is a guy -- >> and invited the president, right? >> the president and members of congress. >> fantastic. >> he basically said, look, if things go well, i want to come back to d.c. >> when you look at them and realize they're 140 pounds, is that a shock to the dave ross ego? >> i think i'll get in there, and i see them, and i think no amount of money will get me in the rings. >> i tried to get khan to give ross a shot yesterday, and he said, no, he's a nice guy. sounds good. allison, back to you. all right, guys. thank you very much.
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it's 7:21 now on this friday morning. mitt romney set to make his first major foreign policy address today. redskins aren't playing this weekend and the weather expected to be gorgeous. looking for outdoor fun with friends and family, check out the annual temple hall farm fest and corn maze. we are in live with a look at the fun. 7:22now. stay with us. i am a face unclogger.
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presidential candidate mitt romney will give his first foreign policy speech today in north carolina. he'll call for a century of american dominance, out line plans to strengthen the u.s. military, and reject multilateralist institutions like the united nations when necessary. surprising statement from the vice president, who says the republican party could be strong enough to beat president obama in 2012. he admits the shaky economy has a lot of americans dissatisfied. >> many of them are in real trouble, and even larger percentage have stagnant wages, and a significant majority of the american people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. that is never a good place to be going into re-election. >> the vice president says he's counting on voters to recognize how deep the recession was, and
7:27 am
how much it has improved under the obama administration. 7:26 now on this friday morning. if you're just waking up, you'll want to stay tuned. we'll get another check on today's top stories when we come back. an attorney joins us instudio with more on the case of that grandmother convicted of killing her granddaughter. why he says he thinks the jury got it wrong. stay with us. it's 7:27.     
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it's 7:30. guilty of first degree murder. that's the verdict in a case of a grandmother who tossed her granddaughter from a walk way at tysons corner. jurors deliberated five hours before returning with that decision. defense attorneys argued carmela dela rosa was mentally ill. prosecutors say she was villageful and angry at her son- in-law. prosecutors asked for a life sentence. the jury recommended 35 years. the judge could still lower that sentence during a hearing in january. protestors will again be out in force in the district today. yesterday the demonstrators started at freedom plaza, then marched to the white house and chamber of commerce. the crowd is a mixture of people with a variety of grievances, but all agree the government has failed to fix the country's financial problems. three women sharing this
7:31 am
year's nobel peace prize. liberian president, ellen johnson sirleaf. african peace activist, leymah gbowee, and human rights activist tawakul karman from yemen. all three got the prize for their nonviolent struggle to get more rights for women. >> congratulations. >> announcement came out a couple of hours ago. >> that's big. >> big time. >> very good. let's see, we'll talk about temperatures. >> anything you talk about is fine. >> it really is. things are good today and will be good through the weekend. here is the temperature trend. going in the right direction, finally. things looking good. low 70s today. how about around 80 tomorrow? how about maybe even a tad warmer than 80 on sunday and on monday? yep, that's your temperature trend the next several days. temperatures well above average over the weekend and into the start of next week. our current temperatures now, 53 degrees here in washington.
7:32 am
dulles airport at 44. winchester at 43. annapolis, 53. i'll show you the satellite radar. nothing really to show you here. we show it for a couple of reasons, mom one, to show -- number one, to show how quiet it is. we have fog out there, particularly to the west, but it's starting to break up. this is the dome of high pressure keeping things quiet, not just in our area, but across most of the eastern united states. for us, that means the forecast for today looks like this, similar to the last couple of days. mostly sunny skies, a little bit warmer. 73degrees, warmer than yesterday, 73 degrees. yesterday we topped out at 69. tonight, a cool, clear night. 53 overnight low in town. many of you will drop off to the 40s again tonight. five-day forecast, we showed you the temperatures, let me show you the sky conditions.
7:33 am
lots of sunshine tomorrow, sunday, few more clouds monday, and more clouds still i think on tuesday. temperatures begin to drop off a little bit. but still, things look great for the next five days. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. let's see if things look great on the roadways. here's julie wright with that. not looking so bad now. we have lanes open and a little bit of a slowdown between van dor an and telegraph road. had problems earlier this morning, the crash is on the beltway near river road. it's cleared to the shoulder. this is a live shot of traffic on the outer loop, heading around towards georgia avenue. again, no incidents to report traveling west of 95 college park headed through silver spring. lanes open, 95 slowing on the ramps. southbound 29 in good shape. no incidents to report traveling southbound. coming in from the right, that is the commute off 95 headed south to merge to the beltway.
7:34 am
southbound along 270, delays out of rockville towards the lane divide. earlier there was an accident river road and all that activity is cleared. 3# 95 at king street, stalled car moved out of the roadway. expect delays. that's a check of your fox five ontime traffic. more on one of our top stories. a virginia grandmother convicted of first degree murder in the death of her own 2-year-old granddaughter. carmela dela rosa will be sentenced. joining us, a look at the case is defense attorney ted williams. sentencing comes in january, correct? >> that's correct. >> okay. we'll wait to hear and that we'll talk about that. good morning, thank you for being with us today. >> my pleasure. >> you say there's no doubt in your mind carmela dela rosa is mentally ill, not well. is this the right finding for you? >> well, yes. it is no doubt in my mind that there is some mental illness there. but i think that the jury got it right. the question is, at the time that she threw this young child
7:35 am
over that cross way, did she know the difference between right and wrong? clearly there was evidence put on by ray morrow, the fairfax county attorney, that she did, in fact, know the difference between right and wrong at that time. >> there was a statement she gave to the experts and basically saw this as a way to get back at her son-in-law, whom she was angry for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. >> you know, that, i think, is what the jury -- weighed heavily on the jury coming to a decision. clearly, when you're dealing with the insanity defense, you're dealing with a battle of experts. mental health care providers for the defendant and against the defendant. a jury had her video testimony saying that she had actually calculated and planned to kill this young child. >> right.
7:36 am
they came back with the conviction of first degree murder. had they found that she had a mental incapacity, if you will, would that have been different, a different verdict? >> certainly they could have found her not guilty by reason of insanity, or if you remember and the viewers remember in the 20th century the most horrific case we can think about was united states versus john hinckley, where he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. here the jury just did not buy it. she hated the son-in-law, had been out earlier at tysons corner. she had planned, according to the prosecution, thought this through, grabbed that child and threw that child over that crosswalk. >> as you said, both sides had experts, one saying she knew what she was doing, the other
7:37 am
saying, no, she's mentally ill. what does a jury discern from that? they are clearly smart enough to know each side will have an expert that will fall in line -- >> sure. as i said, when you have the battle of the experts, it's more convincing to a jury, in most instances. in this instance, we had the video testimony of her, how she hated her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock, and that certainly seemed to have weighed in the jury's deliberation. >> certainly an emotional case. >> oh, very emotional. i mean, the night this happened, i was home, i heard about it, and the first thing came to my mind is, no sane person is going to take a young child and throw them over a crosswalk. i have to agree with ray morrow, who did an excellent job, that you would want to just believe perhaps, to
7:38 am
rationize this, that the person was insane. unfortunately that was not the case as per the jury's verdict. >> sentencing set for january. what are the different scenarios she could face? >> well, for january, from what i understand, the judge cannot elevate the jury's verdict or recommendation of the 35 years. but the judge could depart from that, or he could very well adopt that jury's verdict. >> we'll wait and see. ted williams, defense attorney, we appreciate you coming in on this difficult case. >> my pleasure. >> steve, over to you. thank you. it's 7:38 now. controversial law in the district is putting forgetful drivers behind bars. hear from one man who was arrested for expired tags, next. plus, another check on a beautiful weekend forecast that might extend into the beginning of next week, holiday weekend for many. we'll have a traffic report coming up as well. stay with us. traight .
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postpone their week trip to the department of motor vehicles. the agency can't issue driver's licenses or renewals tomorrow because social security administration is planning annual maintenance at its national computer center. the computer center will be powered down tonight. state officials are closed monday for columbus day, so business will resume at all dmv offices tuesday. just imagine being locked up by d.c. police because the tags on your car are expired. it's happened several times to otherwise innocent people just driving their cars. now one u.s. senator is getting involved. fox five's sarah simmons has more. >> this is the craziest thing i've heard for expired tags. >> reporter: it happened a year ago, but this man, who doesn't want to be identified, remembers a drive with his dog in d.c. like it happened yesterday. he says an officer pulled him over for expired plates. they were about 22 days past due. >> i asked him to cut me a break. we were headed home. it fixed t
7:43 am
would be top of my priority list. he said we're going to take you in to process you about three hour, standard procedure. >> reporter: but the next three hours didn't feel like standard procedure for a traffic violation. he was hauled downtown, shackled and chained to 12 other men. >> you can imagine something like from the o.j. simpson trial, something like that, where you're walking down a hallway, shackled for an expired license plate. >> reporter: not once was he allowed to make a single phone call. he spent the night in a cell with several other men and it wasn't pretty. >> unbelievable. cockroaches, smelled of feces and urine. >> reporter: it's happened multiple times. >> there is unbelievable. it is outrageous. >> reporter: aaa .s out maryland and virginia do not arrest drivers for the same offense and it's a waste of
7:44 am
taxpayer money. >> we have homeland security threats, we have the chief saying she needs to have all hands on deck to deal with it. and they've got time to arrest mothers with their babies in the back seat for having expired tags? excuse me. >> reporter: someone certainly did take the issue to capitol hill. senator webb sent a letter to mayor gray and wrote in part "there is absolutely no justification for jailing citizens whose only offense is an expired tag." this man from rockville was released after his frustrating 20-hour experience in lockup. but he won't soon forget any of it. sarah simmons, fox five news. >> fox five asked d.c. police why they're taking drastic measures over traffic violations. a spoken sent us this statement --
7:45 am
7:44 now. let's talk about something we can understand, which is the weather. >> it's a simple forecast. sunny, temperatures in the 70s, even some 80s. things look good. cool start today. but that's fine as well. you'll need the jacket this morning, but not later on today. current temperatures look like this, 53 degrees now in the nation's capitol. 50 in quantico. frederick maryland, 44 degrees. winchester it's 45. across the eastern and northeastern united states, temperatures about where you would expect them to be. here's a look at the surface map for today. this tells you what's going on. high pressure. when you see high pressure like that, essentially it means things will be calm, quiet and any weather that happens, kind
7:46 am
of the jet stream to the north, has to go around that dome of high pressure. protects the area it's covering and will allow things to stay warm and dry the next several days. here's proof. today's temperatures, 73 for a high with sunshine. tomorrow, upper 70s to around 80. sunday, low 80s. lots of sunshine both days. few more clouds building in monday and a few more on top of that tuesday. even still, the temperatures are well above normal as we head into the next work week. there you go. >> i'm going to be singing sunny a lot next week. >> yes, you will. a lot of people will. i love it. i know julie wright does, too. >> absolutely. on the roads, you can say the sunshine is smacking you right in the face. we have the sunshine delays traveling in from the west off the toll road and 66 and even the inner loop around connecticut avenue towards georgia avenue. problems downtown. headsup traveling heading westbound on the freeway. accident activity tying up the
7:47 am
left side of that ramp. traveling along southbound 270, no incidents to report. traveling out of german town towards the lane divide, lanes are open now, continuing your trip over towards river road exit. earlier incident there has cleared. inbound new york avenue at florida, reports of an accident. slow going coming in from the brentwood parkway. outer loop tied up, 95 getting past georgia avenue. that's a check of your ontime traffic. thanks. if you plan on riding metro this weekend, keep this in mind, three stations on the green and yellow lines closed from 10:00 p.m. tonight through tuesday for safety improvements. those are shaw, u street and columbia heights. shuttle buses will stop outside the stations. orange line, buses will replace trains between east and west falls church. we would like to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it's tamm chambless and
7:48 am
today is her birthday. happy birthday, tamm. >> happy birthday. >> she says it's a big birthday. she won't tell and we won't ask. but it's a big one. happy birthday. if you'd like to be monday's fan of the day, search for fox five on facebook. no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under tamm's photo. redskins not playing this weekend. it's a bye week. weather expected to be gorgeous. that means you have a free sunday. >> if you're looking for outdoor fun with family and friends, annie yu has a suggestion. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. the redskins aren't playing this weekend, and will be a gorgeous weekend. come out to the temple hall farm regional park and enjoy their annual fall fest and corn maze. guess what, we have some pigs to come out and play. we are going to have a pig race coming up to talk about the fall fest and feature the other animals as well. definitely stick around to fox five morning news.
7:49 am
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7:52 now. check this out. you know what this is? >> i'm trying to figure it out. >> think about it. think about it. it's corn maze, believe it or not. >> i know it's a corn maze. >> i didn't know if you could tell it was a corn maze. we kept the traffic in there so you can see how big and detailed it is. >> fantastic. i'm seeing it now. >> you can see there. >> statue of liberty. eagle. >> exactly. because of the brave. 13-acre corn maze, taking on the patriotic theme. all active duty service members and all first responders get free admission to weekend, and their family members can come along and will get a discount for half price. great corn maze and great offer
7:53 am
this weekend. thanks to the troops and all those doing great things out there. if you are in virginia, there is a corn maze worth checking out in leesburg. >> it's at temple hall farm and they have a fall festival going on. fox5's annie lu joins us with a look at the fun, and the pig. annie, good morning. i'm used to saying holly. >> reporter: that's okay, steve. guys, i grew up in this area, and i've never been out here to this farm. it's really a shame, because it's so beautiful. the sun is rising now, and it's a little cold. it's a beautiful farm. their fall fest gets bigger and better each year. here to tell us more about it is paul gilbert. good morning, paul. executive director with park authority, right? >> that's right. >> reporter: before we get into the fall fest, tell us about the list of this farm, because there's a lot there. >> there is an incredible place. this is a farm established in 1810 by the nephew of george
7:54 am
mason, william temple mason. we were fortunate in that the farm was actually given to the regional park authority in the 1980s by mrs. simogton. since then we've been making this a wonderful place for the public to come and learn about farming and have a great time with an actual working farm with real animals and to be able to see what it was like. >> reporter: throughout the year people can still come and visit, right? >> absolutely. >> reporter: then september 23rd is the kickoff to the fall fest? >> right. and our maze, the fall festival, goes through november 8th. it's open friday, saturdays and sundays. it's open this week on columbus day as well. >> reporter: that is great. for those of you who have the day off, come on down. also, there are a lot of fall festivals in this area. what makes yours so unique? >> this is a fabulous place, and it's unique in that we have the corn maze. we have a corn maze of over 20
7:55 am
acres here. we have heritage breed animals. we have hay rides. pumpkin canons. we have the largest bouncing pillows in the region, which are like giant trampolines. so you get to mix sort of really fun family activities and farm related things that tie in with the fall season. if it's not a family tradition, it should be. thousands of people have found it and realized this is the best fall festival there is. >> reporter: people from all around the area come. one of the main attractions is the animals, right? that's where my friend farmer john comes into play. farmer john with the overalls on. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: good. nice to see you. we have the pigs ready to go. i have named the pigs. i have tony, the biggest on the
7:56 am
end there. then allison, and then tucker, and who do we have? steve. what are they going after? >> we run them around the track and they get rewarded. >> reporter: what's the reward? >> food. sometimes we giver them animal crackers. that's what i'm giving them morning. oreo cookies, they love them. ready pigs? here we go! go, go, go. >> reporter: allison, what are you doing? sniffing the ground. my gosh. there goes tucker in the front. come on, tucker, let's go. oh, tony. look at tucker go.
7:57 am
there goes tony catching up. [ laughing ] all right, guys. you can come out and meet all the pigs and the rest of the animals this weekend. here they come. at the annual fall fest and corn maze. come out. it's open this monday, so that's great for all you who have the day off. back to you in the studio. >> as usual, i got tucker confused with myself. i thought it was me. >> that is so much fun. annie, thank you. >> reporter: thanks, guys. >> still finished ahead of you and tony. thank you. 7:57on this friday morning. coming up, former redskins ken harvey is going to join us live in the studio. at 9:00, talking to coach bruce. we have more here on fox 5 morning news. it's 7:57 now. i will a awaken you with a son.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
one day after president obama spoke out about his jobs bill, september's unemployment numbers are set to be
8:01 am
announced. what can we expect? we're going to take a closer look. then the economy, the wars in afghanistan and iraq, some of the things protestors want to bring attentday in d.c. tense day in court during the michael jackson death trial. ahead at 8:00, we'll show you how the defense grilled one of the investigators and wait until you hear who might have to take the stand. that's all coming up shortly. good morning. thanks for being with us this friday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. we have great news to pass along to you. let tony perkins do it. you take the credit today, sir. >> i can't take the credit -- >> why not? >> well, i don't control it. >> pass along the good message. >> i will. here is the good news of the day. fine weather conditions today, and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. we will continue this string of warmer days and chilly nights, not a bad combination, if you ask me. you need a jacket during the night time, but during the day, jacket is off, loosen the
8:02 am
collar, and enjoy the warm temperatures. now it's 53. so we're not there yet. humidity at 89%. winds are calm. here is your day planner for today. lots of sunshine. another mild day. i think our temperature will be slightly above normal. average high for this day, 71. we're looking for 73 as a high in town, with lots of sunshine. i'll tell you about the weekend, but i'll give you a clue, even warmer this weekend. stay with us. good deal. let's check in with julie wright, get a look at traffic now. >> good morning. we have problems to report, southbound 29, before you reach 198. we had the accident activity. it's tying up the right side of the highway. heads up traveling southbound into white oak. traveling 95 around the georgia avenue, inner loop into that sunshine past connecticut avenue headed towards the mormon temple.
8:03 am
outer loop, south of 270 bradley boulevard overpass, authorities checking for another crash. whatever was here along new york and florida has cleared except the delays. still bumper-to-bumper leaving northeast to northwest, all lanes open out of the third street tunnel to the freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. thank you very much. all eyes on the job market this morning as the government is expected to release job numbers for september. question is, will things turn around for this fall, and if so, where are the jobs? mike, good morning. >> good morning. >> what are we expecting here? >> you know, it's hard to say. many economists saw a lot of layoffs in september, but increase in jobs, so hopefully good news. >> some say we can expect to stay at this 9.1%. a lot of people hoping that number would get better. do you see in the long-term we're going to start to catch
8:04 am
up a little bit? >> absolutely. what's interesting is the unemployment number is obviously high. however, there's still plenty of companies that are hiring. there's a lot of sectors where companies are finding a hard time finding talent. despite the high unemployment number, companies are hiring and encouraging news going on. >> it's interesting, because you have millions of people looking for work and companies saying there are millions of jobs available, but don't seem to match up. why is that? >> you know, i think it really depends on the skill set. certain professions, accounting, finance, information technology, legal, there's still a hard time finding good talent. so despite, again, the high unemployment number, companies are having a hard time finding the really good talent. >> what's out there now? what availabilities are there for people looking? >> from an industry standpoint, a big uptick in government contractors, nonprofit, health care, professional services, and really the college degreed positions are the ones that
8:05 am
where unemployment is still very low. >> those are the places where you have a better chance to find a job? >> absolutely. >> the other question, for folks still looking now, maybe if they find they're in competition, as many do for some of the jobs out there, find a way to tailor their skills or beef up their resume a little bit, what's advice you have? >> number one, can't rely strictly on sending out your resume to a bunch of places and hoping someone responds. you have to be a good networker, be involved, let everyone know you're looking. in addition, i think you have to figure out how you can stick out from the crowd, what accomplishments that you made in your past experiences. how you saved the company money, how you helped revenue. >> you talked about the college level jobs, college educated jobs that are available. for folks that don't have those degrees and looking, and have been looking for a long time, is help going to come back around in those areas, are employers going to look for
8:06 am
entry level jobs or lower skill set perhaps? >> certainly we see that. in fact, there's a lot of cyclal things going on now. tax season is coming around, budget season. for that reason, there are a lot of administration positions, to get your foot in the door. >> maybe make contacts as well. >> exactly. >> we're into october now. seasonal jobs a big thing, holidays and moving on from there. right time to look into that, too early, too late? >> i would say now. because it is so competitive, the sooner you start your networking, the better you'll do. there are a lot of seasonal things coming up. there's opportunities out there. >> we talked about the rate itself and unemployment, around that 9.1%. is that kind of, is it accurate portrayal of what's happening out there when we go by the numbers or not put so much
8:07 am
stake in the number? >> i think we shouldn't, only because again, it really, when you look at unemployment, it's segmented into different parts. the for the college educated, certain professional sort of positions, accounting, finance, information, technology, unemployment is under 4% in a lot of those areas. sort of a different story. >> at least not get too discouraged when we see that number? >> exactly. >> appreciate you being with us this morning. hopefully good news ahead. >> i hope so as well. the white house is taking note of the rallies and the sit ins that began in new york and have popped up across cities in america. protestors are unhappy with everything from the handling of the economy to corporate welfare, and america's wars. more protests are happening in the district today. our sherri ly is live at the freedom plaza in northwest. what's going on now? >> reporter: good morning. this is day two of the protests and hundreds of them slept overnight here at freedom plaza. they're just getting up this
8:08 am
morning and getting organized. they're taking that message from wall street to washington now that they are fed up with the corporate greed and with the government and they plan to hit the streets again today. from freedom plaza to the white house to the chamber of commerce, protestors from all over the country march through the streets of washington, d.c. a mixture of people with a variety of reasons for the march. >> i'm here to protest the war in afghanistan among other things, but that is our main objective. my son joined the army in january, and investigated the reasons why we're there and bombing six different countries. started looking into it, going down that rabbit hole and it scared me. >> reporter: from war to taxes to the economy, they agree the government has failed to fix the financial problem that continues to exist. >> majority of americans are struggling now, and that's who the government should be supporting and helping to get out of this situation and we
8:09 am
shouldn't keep supporting these corporations that refuse to hire. >> reporter: this woman is from chicago, but going to grad school in d.c. she has three different jobs. >> all part-time jobs, it's the only thing i could find. and i have been supporting myself working at a restaurant that pays the best, and i have two research assistant jobs, i'm a grad student. i still only make about $15,000 a year or less. >> reporter: another man from seattle, he protested in new york city and was one of the people locked up for blocking traffic. >> 1% and 99%. 1% are having the money and keep increasing the money they get. the 99% get less and less and less. those people there support those people. politicians that are supposed to represent everybody, represent the money people. >> reporter: as protestors blocked off a street, they chanted, where are the jobs? there were speeches.
8:10 am
>> i'm hoping to kick them out of office. we don't need people that don't represent you. >> reporter: just about two hours from now, the protestors will head over to the federal reserve, clearly a natural target for them, given that the financial melt down is a big part of what they are protesting. that's the latest here in freedom plaza. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. congratulations go out to the winners of this year's nobel peace prize. it will be divided among these three women. the committee announced the president of liberia, ellen johnson sirleaf, and leymah gbowee, and tawakul karman of yemen will receive the honor. the committee chose the three for their nonviolent struggle for the safety of women and women's rights. 8:10 now on this friday morning. coming up, we're going to check out the other stories making
8:11 am
headlines this morning, including more on the conviction of a virginia woman in the death of her 2-year-old granddaughter. also another check of our beautiful weekend forecast, and ontime traffic report is ahead. stay with us.        
8:12 am
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8:13 now on this friday morning. guilty of first degree murder, that was the verdict in a case of a grandmother who tossed her granddaughter from a walkway at tysons corner. jurors deliberated more than five hours. defense attorneys argued carmela dela rosa was mentally ill, but prosecutors say she was angry at her son-in-law. prosecutors had asked for a life sentence, but the jury recommended 35 years. the judge could lower that sentence during a hearing in january. d.c. police need help in finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a man. happened wednesday afternoon at the corner of 14th and webster northwest. police say the driver intentionally hit the man.
8:15 am
the case is being investigated by the homicide division. there's good traffic news to report in the district. the new southbound flyover bridge between 295 and pennsylvania avenue southeast will open this weekend. the opening will mean some realignments of lanes in the area and intermittent closures starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight. so be alert if you're traveling that way. construction on the bridge project started 2009 and scheduled to be done by july 2013. it's 8:15 now. let's get a little pick me up for the weekend. >> all right. tony perkins, give it to us, give it to us. >> only way to improve this weather cast, and that's by starting it off with a picture of a cute baby. >> i agree. >> let's take a look. it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> mission accomplished. >> you did it. >> abigail. do you know what's great about what abigail is doing now? when they first get out there and they want to do these
8:16 am
things. usually they're still a little too small, but trying their best. she's up there. that's great. we have not been told how old abigail is. but we know, obviously, she has no fear. she is a cutie. looks like she's having a good time, too. thank you for sending that in. go to and click on mornings to send your picture in. >> you're going to give her son for that play ground, right? >> going to have a better day than in that photo. 49 in boston. 56 in cincinnati. raleigh, north carolina at 48. st. louis 63. we'll expand the picture and show you across the country, well, take a look at the difference in the eastern u.s., 50s, 60s, 70s, 80 in miami. in the west, 36, 42, 48. not quite as nice. little bit colder there. here's a look at the national
8:17 am
satellite radar. much of the country is quiet. particularly the eastern half of the nation. northern plains seeing rain showers there and across the mountain states of the west also some showers and indeed even a little snow here and there out there. here's your five-day forecast, high today about 73 degrees under sunny skies. the weekend is beautiful. highs generally around 80 degrees with lots of sun both saturday and sunday. some of you are off monday for columbus day. looks like it's going to be good. few more clouds, but 82 degrees. tuesday, some clouds roll in, and i will mention there is a chance of rain by wednesday. there you go. enjoy the weekend, folks. here is one person i'm sure will enjoy the weekend is julie wright. hey, julie. did you forget? >> no, no. i was going to be funny and decided not to. >> really? what stopped you? >> i was being nice. >> oh. [ laughing ] no free lunch for you today.
8:18 am
>> i just blew it. >> on the roads this morning, southbound along 29, accident activity before 198. tying up the right side of the road. university boulevard west, another crash. 395 leaving the beltway headed towards the 14th street bridge. not a bad ride. only 20 minutes and all your lanes are open. delays traveling into the sunshine. check out this ride, this is the outer loop leaving van dorn street towards telegraph road in the direction of the wilson bridge. all lanes open. no incidents reported. slowdown on the inner loop at the beltway connecticut avenue headed towards the mormon temple. thanks. it's been a big week in the republican presidential race, both chris christie and sarah palin announcing that they won't run. chris wallace this sunday will talk to another candidate who hopes to take advantage of this news. chris, good morning. >> good morning, allison. we are going to be talking to rick sanatorium, former senator
8:19 am
from pennsylvania. as i see the race now, and it can change at any moment, appears to be two tickets in this race next year. one is romney, who is the front runner, and although people have occassionally gone past him, has generally been the front runner, and the other is the more conservative alternative. at one point it was donald trump, at one time michele bachmann. recently, perry and cain. i think perry, bachmann, sanatorium and cain are vying to be that republican conservative alternative to mitt romney. we'll talk to him about how he's going to try to do that. then we're going to talk about two big investigations on capitol hill. the guns that were allowed to go over the border to mexico, and solyndra, the company that got a half billion dollars in federal loan guarantees. the head of the government oversight committee is overseeing both of those and
8:20 am
we'll talk to him on sunday as well. >> interesting power player, a football player, but he's not there to talk about the fight on the field. >> that's right. reed dowdy of the redskins. first of all, what an impressive guy. former academic all american at northern colorado. been with the team, trying to make the team in 2006, and just as he was trying to make the team that summer, his wife was giving birth to their little baby, micah, who was born, and this is an awful thing to say, with end stage renal failure, which is basically chronic kidney disease. massive kidney failure. he ended up, his wife donated a kidney to him when he was 18 months old, and reed has become a spokesman for the national kidney foundation, spreading awareness. also turns out, which i didn't realize, because so much kidney disease strikes african- american, washingtons has the highest incidence of renal
8:21 am
failure of any city in the country. he's doing very good work on and off the field. >> we look forward to hearing his story and how he is helping fight that cause. chris, see you sunday. >> thank you, allison. a decade now after the u.s. led invasion which toppled the taliban, the impact on afghanistan and u.s. remains. more than 13,000 americans have injuries they'll live with. nearly 1700 americans lost their lives in the war. american soldiers say they have established a routine during the war. >> on a personal level, i think the fight in afghanistan is still relevant. there's not so much disagreement about, we went to iraq for this reason or whatever. everyone understands what afghanistan was and why we came here. >> a bright note on afghanistan's war torn landscape, the lives of women have improved. released from the taliban's iron grip, they are free to go to work and free to go to school.
8:22 am
8:21 now on this friday morning. intense day in court during the michael jackson death trial. up next, we'll show you how the defense grilled one of the investigators, and wait until you hear who might have to take the stand. redskins aren't playing this weekend. the weather is expected to be fantastic. if you're looking for outdoor fun with friends and family, why not check out the annual temple hall farm fall fest and corn maze. it's exactly what annie yu is doing. getting a little target practice in. we'll check in with annie later. it's now 8:22. >> reporter: did i hit it? >> i think you did. ,
8:23 am
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8:26 am
neighbors and fans placed signs, momentos, some left old ipods and apples with churches bitten out of them to pay respect to jobs. a tense day in court for the l.a. coroner who investigated michael jackson's death. >> the prosecution used her to set the scene with photos while the defense poked holes in her decisions during the investigation. adam housley with the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: investigator with the coroner's office took the stand in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. murray's defense lawyers got their chance to cross-examine her about her methods. >> i destroy all my notes from scenes once i write the form 3 a. >> except for june 29th?
8:27 am
>> correct. because that was a lot more information than i usually have. returning to a scene the second time is not something typical, and there was a lot of medical evidence so i kept those notes. >> would you agree with me that you made substantial number of mistakes in your investigation of this case? >> no. >> you wouldn't? would you agree with me that if you don't take notes, you don't keep your notes, that's bad investigation, that's bad investigative work? would you agree? >> no. >> reporter: defense lawyers also questioned her about how she found out about the bags of drugs and medical paraphernalia. >> you didn't say, detective smith, where did you get that information? >> i did not at that time. >> reporter: prosecutors used the same witness to lay out the scene of jackson's death with pictures. her testimony got them off to a shaky start. >> did you characterize those
8:28 am
as a broken syringe? >> i -- >> reporter: this is the tedious part of the case for the prosecution, who still have investigators left to call, with the two hour tape of dr. murray taken after the death of michael jackson, and still the possibility for the prosecution, they could call michael jackson eldest child. >> that was the surprise, his oldest child. tucker? weather is cooperating. very nice. all fridays are good, but temperatures in the 70s and sunshine, even better. >> even better. >> wait until you see the weekend forecast. because of this warming trend, as we get into saturday, sunday, holiday for many monday. >> we'll be here, won't we? >> you and i and steve, yes, we'll all be here. we love it here, right. >> that's right. >> temperatures in the 80s around here by sunday and monday. can't wait for the holiday. check out next couple of days,
8:29 am
going to be perfect. enjoy the afternoon sunshine. tomorrow, bright and sunny, no rain expected until the middle of next week. late tuesday, probably wednesday before we see measurable rain. cool temperatures start the day. 54 in washington. believe it or not, we had 30s overnight. frederick was 39 overnight. frederick currently 43. 46 in fredericksburg. warmer closer to annapolis. 55degrees. yesterday our high in washington was 69 degrees. maybe 73, 74 for today. i don't have anything to show you here on radar. clear skies across the mid- atlantic. towards chicago, quiet skies. high pressure responsible for the nice weather and will continue to do so over the next couple of days as that moves overhead. steady as she goes as we continue to enjoy the nice weather pattern for october. 73 this afternoon. overnight low, 53.
8:30 am
will be cool tonight. near 80 saturday and sunday. by tuesday, clouds around and could be late showers tuesday and perhaps wednesday as we watch a system develop across southern tier of florida. that's your weather forecast. steve, over to you. are you ready? i'm taking it first. hank williams, jr. won't be asking you if you're ready for football. espn said no thanks. williams started the controversy by claiming president obama playing golf with john boehner is like hitler golfing with netanyahu. williams' response to the change, i have made my decision. me, my song, and all my rowdy friends are out of here. steve? thank you very much. next week a friendly football game between congressional members and police officers for a great cause. they do this every couple of years. joining us with more details, our friend and former redskin great ken harvey. good to see you.
8:31 am
>> thank you. >> you played in this game two years ago? >> i did. >> are you playing again? >> i will play. a little bit slow. >> come on. you say this every time. i'm slowing down. you look like you're ready to go. >> because they're watching. mind game continues. >> talk about the game. this is actual members of congress. >> we have about 30 members of congress that will play this game. the information is about 30 members of congress. we allow two former players to play on the sides of the congress. democrats and republicans play together against the police. >> they get along, politics aside? >> sports is a great teacher of how they get along and focus on that ultimate goal. bowling and the nfl are sponsors, cosponsors of the game. rfc stadium, 6:00. will be great. two charities raising money for. not playing just because you want to play.
8:32 am
our military kids, you think about all the military soldiers overseas, their kids have to go through a lot, and the capitol hill police memorial fund. >> i hope a lot of people come out and know your money is going to charity, but you get to watch good football, too. and see guys that haven't been on the field in a while. >> herschel walker will be there. myself. we have former players. it's at rfk. it's great either way. >> handicap the teams for us. can some of these guys actually play? >> you guys, john runnian will play. [everyone talking at once] >> actually some of them are surprisingly good. we have one congresswoman playing. one lady from d.c. divas
8:33 am
playing on our side as a player. the congress members can play. i'm surprised. they're practicing at 7:00 in the morning, every other few mornings. should be exciting. >> coming up on wednesday night. i love to see that. great opportunity to see these people crafting laws for our country get out. >> you get so much negative, rightfully so or wrongfully so. they're backing it up and trying to raise money. it's a fun event. you get to boo them and you won't get in trouble. >> you're playing mind games a little bit in a half joking manner. but is the pressure on you, when you get out there, are you feeling pressure on you? >> you know, the pressure is every once in a while they'll hit me because they say, okay, he's a former player, i got to knock him out. these are big old capitol hill police guards. >> i'm sure. >> they hit me, you click a
8:34 am
little bit, okay, i got to show you a little something. there was a reason i was in the nfl. >> when you play, it was a tight game, overtime, right? >> went into overtime. >> you won? >> we won. former player who in overtime, beautiful pass, jumps about 30 inches, caught it in overtime and we won. it was great. we're rubbing it into the capitol hill police. >> of course you are. >> they're going to try to play. >> what do you think the members were doing? you know they were rubbing it in. >> you have to see some of these guys. i bet they rubbing it in under their breath. we beat you, but -- >> we know what your job is. listen, let me ask you about the redskins quick, since you're here. before the season started we were talking about last year, and this time last year things not going well. this time around, 3-1, chance to go 4-1. what do you think? >> i think they're doing what they said they were going to do. you rebuild, revamp everything, make your defense strong.
8:35 am
the offense, you know, you got three backs that are good runningbacks. the quarterback, could be, he's a good quarterback. not the greatest, but not the worst. i think they're a good team now. are they an exceptionally great team? no. but they're a good team. >> when dave ross was in earlier we were giving our grades. quarter way through the season. he was giving the offense maybe a b or a c. he gave the defense grade of an a so far. this is your expertise area, how would you grade the defense four games in? >> i would say the defense has done well, extremely well. probably a minus. you don't want to be overly -- there are holes here and there. if they try to overdo something, right now i'm surprised, they're disciplined and playing well. getting to the quarterback, making good plays. i think the defense is doing well. >> dave isn't too far off? >> not too far off.
8:36 am
i'm a defensive player. >> i know. good luck on wednesday night. details for the game, wednesday night. starts at 6:00. should wrap up around 9:00 at rfk stadium. great cause, the charities, involved, capitol hill police and military kids. we hope you support them and see ken. >> 6:00, we play with a bunch of kids and do the exercises. it's a big event. come out. >> always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> see you on the field wednesday. allison, over to you. thank you very much. it is 8:36 now. 54degrees on this friday morning. september's unemployment rate is coming into the newsroom. we'll have that for you when we custom back. plus, now is your chance to own a piece of capitol hill history. we'll explain how. stay with us. i'm a curious seeker.
8:37 am
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september's unemployment numbers are just in. 300,000 jobs were added. however, the unemployment rate is 9.1% for the third straight month. our job of the day is with the u.s. marine corps, looking for civilian application support specialist. for more on this job and many others, go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. you can own a piece of capitol hill history now that the hawk and dove bar has closed. just about everything in the bar now up for auction. the legendary club opened in 1955. rival bar owner took over, and they'll rennovate and will reopen in about five months. if you want to get some of the stuff, you can bid online. for the link, go to
8:41 am
and look under web links. 8:40 now on this friday morning. you can find just about anything online these days. >> we found great photos of very scared people going through a haunted house. their expressions, hilarious. we like to laugh at their pain. we're going to show them to you when we come back. >> pretty much say with certainty our expressions would be about the same. >> of course. looking for fall fun, annie has an idea for you. hi. >> reporter: hi, steve and allison. we will have tons of activities for you, including this ginormous pillow! whee! ♪ jump around, jump around ♪    
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
halloween is in the air for today's fox 5 half off deal. ticket to the terror after dark haunted attraction. it's a $19 price tag, that's scary. not for you. you get it for nine bucks. go to our web site and click on the my fox half off icon. would you be scared at the
8:45 am
haunted house? >> i would, but i love it. >> a haunted house in canada prides itself on scaring customers and they have the photos to prove it. check it out. oh! it's probably dark in there. they had no idea. no idea what was going to happen. oh, hello, friend! >> [ laughing ] >> what could it be there? >> if you're scared, you go all the way through. they didn't want any part of each other there. you can ask a guide to escort you out. if you ask for the guide to escort you out -- some people laugh in the face of fear. >> not them. >> some are down right scared. if you ask for the guide to escort you out, they'll do so, but will put your name on a chicken list. >> what could it possibly be there that is so frightening? >> that's the best one there.
8:46 am
is that dad? >> when dad is scared, there's no hope. >> good stuff. >> good fright house. >> okay. now to fall fun that's a little calmer. >> we think. >> and not as funny. >> hay rides, pumpkins and more. >> last time we didn't see calm from annie, now she's calm. hi, annie. >> reporter: my heart is still pumping from those ginormous pillows. that's a lot of fun. people from all over come to this farm, the temple hall farm park for good reason, because they keep adding knew activities each year and they're thinking of ways to impress people. joining us is paul gilbert again, executive director. tell us about the new things you have added this year. >> thank you. the corn maze always changes every year. if you were here a year ago or two years ago, it's new.
8:47 am
we have rubber ducky races over there. we have two sizes of pillows, one for small, one for larger. >> reporter: i was on the small one, by the way. just kidding. >> hay rides that go throughout the 300-acre farm. paint ball. a giant spider web play feature. >> reporter: that's new, right? >> it's brand-new this year. we have a play ground here. there is a lot of activity. the other thing that's really fun is we have giant pumpkin canons. these are canons you can put a pumpkin in, shoots it way out into the field. we have corn canons as well. lots of animals. there's so much activity here, and it's really a great deal. you come in and for one price you get almost everything that's offered here, with few exceptions. you can have an entire day of fun, and it's wonderful. it's open friday, saturdays,
8:48 am
and sundays. it's open on columbus day, this coming monday. and it's open until november 8th. >> reporter: perfect. kids 2 and under are free? >> yes. >> reporter: how does the pricing and ticketing work? >> well, there's a number of different prices. basically for adults, it's $12. then there's a night maze that's a little different pricing, and senior citizens discounts and other things you can look on our web to find out. it's really, when you think about the value that this is for an entire day of fun, plus, you know, the 20 plus acre corn maze, it's a remarkable deal. it's a family tradition for many families and if you haven't been out here, you need to do it. >> reporter: why don't we walk over here, because our friend george is waiting for us. this is george, the park manager. good morning, george. >> good morning. >> reporter: thank you for joining us out here. you're going to help us learn
8:49 am
paint ball, right? >> absolutely, i am. >> reporter: i've never done this. but i have to admit i took a couple of shots, you saw that during the tease. safety first. >> safety first always. >> reporter: glasses aren't attractive, but i'll do it. you mentioned there's a safety latch, right? >> safety button there. push that all the way in. then you're armed and ready to go. >> reporter: i'm going to aim for the cow, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: sorry, mr. cow. did i get it? >> you did. >> reporter: i did! i'm going for something a little harder. the bunny. where's the bunny? oh. oh, no! oh no. did i get it? >> you got it. >> reporter: i did? >> yep. >> reporter: man! what's the hardest target on this thing? >> see the skull in the middle? >> reporter: let me go for the skull. there's a lot of holes there. >> yeah. >> reporter: oh! oh, no. maybe someone else will get it.
8:50 am
it wasn't me, guys. definitely come on out here. you heard our friend paul mention it's open on monday. you're not doing anything monday. redskins aren't playing this weekend. it's going to be beautiful. definitely come down and visit the temple hall farm regional park. back to you. >> annie, thank you so much. >> good shooting, annie. today is a special adoption event being held in fairfax county at the animal shelter. it's looking for homes for 15 rabbits. they came to the shelter after recent rains flooded their cages and their owner could no longer care for them. each rabbit will come with its own cage and water bottle and a voucher for a free spay or neuter. you can go to for more information, click on web links. it is 10 minutes before 9:00 on this friday morning. arizona congresswoman giffords' remarkable recovery continues. at 9:00, we are talking to coach bruce boudreau. stay with us. we have much more ahead on fox 5 morning news. it's 8:50 now.   
8:51 am
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8:54 am
d.c. council will take up the city's grass cutting contracts today, after two editorials questioned why the mayor appears to be pushing for a company that appears to have a more expensive bid. the gray administration maintains it's trying to promote local businesses. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to washington. she was here to celebrate her husband's retirement from the navy. giffords and her husband, mark kelly, also met with vice president joe biden. it was a short trip. giffords is headed back to houston to continue her rehabilitation. take the opportunity to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. two reasons, today's fan of the day is tamm chambless. congratulations on being our
8:55 am
facebook fan of the day, and happy birthday. we don't know how old she is, but she says it's one of the big ones. happy extra special birthday. want to be monday's fan of the day, search for fox 5 morning news observe facebook and post a comment under her photo. at 9:00 this morning, we're talking hockey. dave ross is talking with head coach bruce boudreau. we'll have the coach live coming up. and he's a red hot new hip- hop artist with a famous last name. he just happens to be the son again of a hip-hop icon. dicky simmons will join us in studio to talk about his career. >> that's coming up next as fox 5 morning news continues. ♪    
8:56 am
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we are coming up on the 9:00 hour this morning. here's a look at the stories we're following now. it's the day of protests here in the district. two hitting our area at the same time, bringing thousands to our city. what they're protesting and the areas you might want to avoid coming up. plus, it doesn't seem possible, but believe it or not, it's time for hockey season. the washington caps begin the season this weekend. what can we expect this year? dave ross will catch up with coach bruce boudreau for a live interview, that is coming up later. he's only 16, but he's making his mark on rap and hip- hop and he's also the son of a hip-hop icon. talking about digy simmons. he's joining us later this hour.


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