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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're going to run down the list a little later. >> might be a couple of surprises on that. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> okay. >> stay tuned for that. >> i bet i know one. >> tell me when tupper is dog his forecast. chef boyardee will not be on the list? >> no. >> taking a look across the area. this is the actual cold front getting through. you will know it when its to make it through. we'll get some cooler and drier air in here. prepare here for the showers, maybe a thunderstorm, too. here is a live look at the rare. no showers in the immediate washington inside the beltway. showers will be developing here in manassas and dale city. look like you will get a pretty good soaking here shortly. we are not quite don't wit yet. going to be several more hours before we get snipe back in the
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forecast. temperature on the mild side. right now, reagan national, 66 degrees. that's the winning number in baltimore. gusts to 25 to 30 miles per hour. we're going to -- mix of cloud and some afternoon late day sun, showers, thunderstorms likely and i manual the wind for you out of the west at 25 miles per hour. >> good looking weekend. we'll have the forecast for you in just a couple of minutes. back to you upstairs, allison. tornado. that is a tornado. look at that: take a look at that. >> dramatic picture of the tornado in louisa county. yes, that is the same area that
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was hit hard by the erred quake. this house date back to 1736. now to this hour's top stories. if apple makes it, they will buy it. that's the case as the new iphone 4 has gone on sale in stores. >> lined formed all over including the apple store in bethesda. lauren dimarco is there for us. >> you guys are not kidding. if apple makes it, they will buy it. there are still about 40 people in line right now. the doors have been open for some time. the folks are still coming up, still waiting for the iphone 4s. people are trying things out inside the store. we're going to try it talk to the first guy in line. he is still in this. he is working out the kinks about the plan, insurance. there are several options here. choosing your carrier or apple
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plus insurance. guys in line, i saw them yesterday. they were here at noon yesterday. they ended up leaving. they were just trying to make some money by selling their spot. that didn't work out for them. they were not too happy. you can see that everybody who did stuck amend here and are getting their phones are very excited. our photographer jason preordered one. i saw him do a little dance. i have a gentleman named taylor who just purchased this phone. good morning to you. >> good morning >> how excited are you? have you been waiting for this for some time. >> i am thrilled. i just exchanged my 4 for a 4s. >> how many iphones have you had? i have had 3: i have an ipad and mac book. >> you have the white. >> i have the 4s white, 16 gigs.
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i love it. that's probably the number 1 reason i'm here today. >> i have to mention, i was able to go into the store and play with the phone a hl pit. i said, send an e-mail to my dad. it said, i don't know who your dad is. i think it is a little sassy. yes. >> do you have a mail voice? >> yes. >> i threed the voice. i inform have to open my outlook ever again. >> there are a lot of excited people here. thank you so much, taylor. good luck with your new phone. you guys, very exciting. we need to watch to see how apple does with their sales here today. back to you in the studio. tony and allison? >> lauren, thank you. a planned cleanup at the occupy wall street protest in new york city was put off at the last minute this morning. police were planning to clear the private park in lower manhattan at 7:00 am. the owner wanted to power wash
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aorta after protesters have camped out for more than a month but hundreds more filed through. with the huge police presence, authorities were afraid of a violent confrontation more of the same in denver. more than a dozen right outpolice moved to a park near the capitol after saying it would be closed indefinitely. they gave protesters until 11. protesters continued to occupy it. a few were arrested but no violence. and dozens of protesters are going to continue to occupy a park here. they have extenned their permit until october 31st but they have to evacuate. now a story out of prince george's county county the
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where is william mcquain? that's what police want to know. his mother was found dead inside their townhome. the stepfather has been arrested. sherrie has more. >> reporter: goon. that amber alert for william mcquain remains in effect. he is still missing and police here in montgomery county are doing all they can to try to found him and find him alive. is mother jane mcquain was found dead inside her condo. somebody who knew mcquain reported her missing and her son william was not with her. police say he has not been seen in school in two weeks. yesterday, police arrested mcquain's husband, curtis. police say that the couple had been estranged and were not living together. witnesses put him at the scene
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of the crime. >> according to wins, mr. lopez was recently seen in the air afterm mcquain's residence and was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle. >> i talked to him for about 20 minutes, just as cool as a cucumber like nothing was wrong. >> reporter: and montgomery county police are not saying what efforts are made to try and locate william. he has not been in school at all all month. police can't explain why it took so long for the mother and son to be reported missing. it was not until just wednesday when that happened. by then, they say that she had been dead for probably 10 to 12 days. tony? >> sherrie, are police saying whether or not lopez is being cooperative in providing information? do they think he might know where the 11-year-old may be in. >> given the connection and charge of murder with the mother, police are looking into
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that connection but they are very tight lipped at this point about the investigation. right now, he is in custody down in north carolina awaiting extradition and it's unclear at this point if he is going to fight that extradition before coming barak here to montgomery county. >> sherry ly reporting, thank you very much police are investigating a crime spree near the suitland metro. the suspect is described as being 5'2" in his early 20s with black dread locks. police are sending extra officers to patrol the garage. police arrested another map accused of assaulting two other women near the same metro station the family of a man killed outside the d.c. nightclub will file a multi-lawsuit. ali muhammad died almost a year
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ago after an accident an incident where he threw a brick through a window of the u street club. employees chased him and they are accused of beating him. but an all charms were dropped. a local church is trying to figure out who dumped a box full of documents. >> just before wednesday night's bible study at the lord church of transformation, pastor sylvia peoples and their daughter did a routine patrol of the parking lot. >> we saw this. >> i got here, it was oh, my god, all these boxes that somebody dumbed again. >> this was not just any trash but box and boxes of documents, contracts, social scoorty
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numbers, record books, personal photos, checkbooks. people's social security numbers, dates of birth, names, addresses, military information, base information. all kind of information, security clearance information. >> i went in and i saw the information, i was even more upset that someone came and dumped all this private information back here and i wondered why. i mean, the miles were wide open out here. >> the letterhead on some of the documents listed the company name as total service solution many they had two addresses. we went to the corporate drive suite 700 address and found an empty office. at the second location on forbes boulevard, suite 320, we found another empty office. total service solutions also had offices listed all over the country in maryland, atlanta, chicago and portland. we called all those office numbers and they are no longer in service. >> if it was my information, i
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would be extremely upset to know my date of birth, social security number, security clearance, military history, all is disclosed openly. with no idea who dumped the documents and no way to turn to the company, leaders find itself in a difficult position. >> it's people information. i don't want to throw it there. >> what do we do with this information? normally, we would move it but i don't want to perpetuate a crime. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. wisdom tried to contact the owner of the documents with no luck. this weekend will be the martin luther king memorial. >> we'll talk to people about that. save them.
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amtrak is providing free transportation so that 10 students can attend the martin luther king, jr. memorial in washington, d.c. many from around the country will gather at the new martin luther king, jr. memorial. joining us is our good friend, roland martin. glad to have you here. >> glad to be here. >> this is a momentous
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occasion. give me some your perspective here. you have opinion involved with your fraternity. >> absolutely. >> tell me what this means to you and how you look at it. clearly, just imagine when people come to the nation's capital, especially of a can americans, the opportunity to see the first millimeterall on the mall on washington for an african american and clearly, you talk about the impact of reverend martin luther king, jr. it's situated between the jeff son memorial and lincoln memorial where jefferson wrote about the ield yeels and lincoln tried to keep those together and king made the country honor those ideals. it is amazing, extremely emotion gnaw. i look at this memorial beyond just dr. king. when he won the nobel peace
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prize, he did the same thing for other people. i think it's for all of those folks, people that we know about and the postal workers and the domestiques and people who want out there and literally died. for all the freedom fighters and freedom riders. >> and not just african americans many people forget about the white mother from michigan whose head was blown off in a selma, sal bama highway or think about the folks who also -- freedom riders who were white and black as well. again, people -- i don't think that people really understand the impact of civil right. title ix is the result of the movement. >> you say it is the first black memorial but that's a millimeterall to a great american. >> absolutely. >> when you point out where it
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sits between lincoln and jefferson, this is about the whole country and trying to bring this country to live up to its ideas? we talk about the declaration of independence, the bill of right and the constitution. america always talked about everybody being free, wanting to be equal. that's what this is all about. if you are disabled right now, you should be thankful for dr. king because that civil rights act is how you got the american disability acts. when you talk about hispanics, all the fox disenfranchised, they were liberated as a result of this civil rights movement which many consider tonight true third revolution. the american revolution, civil war and civil rights movement. >> very instrument in getting this, alpha and alpha. >> started around the kitchen table where people sat around the tail and said we should
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have a monument for dr. king. it was a long battle. they wanted to initially build this memorial near rfk stadium and they said absolutely not. we had more members of congress who are members of the alpha from a terms and we used that. they fought through that to get it done. it was just a long process of the even the whole point about raising the money, people say, there is no way in the word you can raise $120 million. so far, we have raised $115 million. just $5 million left. but absolutely, individuals, all countries participating. we thought all the orleans- lindsay nahlal members, the members who worked on this passed away. one is still living who was there at the beginning when they actually started this project. and literally, there have been people who have been tithing
9:20 am
for this memorial. they have been tithing here for the last 20 years. >> i'll be on stage and then get off and quickly anchor coverage on tv 1 from a 9:00 a.m. to noon. we cover all the pre-dedication events back in august. you see all the interviews, women of the civil rights movement. it is going to be certainly an historic time, a phenomenal day and i think more. they're going to broadcast the i have a dream speech. >> in its entirety. i did hear that. >> at the end of it. this is very rare that the king family has allow that had speech to be shown on television. >> that's right >> last time was before inauguration on cnn. but it is very rare. we'll also carry that entire speech. >> they own the rights to that. >> people understand it was more about the i have a dream portion that was in the original speech. when they hear the actual speech, they will hear it was a
9:21 am
radical economic rights speech. it was interesting. that was the march on washington for march on washington. when you hear that speech, can you close your eyes and say, man, i think dr. king could be talking about 2011 and not 1963. >> tre interesting. roland, thank you for coming. >> you're going to run into allison seymour down there, because we are going to be covering there. on sunday, we'll broadcast the official ceremony at 11:00 a.m. on our sister station, wdca my 20. we'll also stream our coverage on my fox d.c. tomorrow. >> all right. holly is getting ready for a spook-tacular halloween. where are you now? >> i'm still running around halloween adventures in silver spring in search for the perfect outfit. as i'm doing that, amy smith, founder of mom teeny lounge has been setting up with us. she is trying to make sure to
9:22 am
make halloween safe for us. it's all coming up live later. ♪ [ female announcer ] who'd have thought that how hard you'd try -- and how far you'd go -- was shaped before you could even write your name? the first five years are forever. that's why pnc is devoting $250 million and ten more years to helping teachers give kids the skills they need for a lifetime of achievement. pnc. grow up great. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question.
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we want to alert you on some big delays we have been hearing on metro's red line. there have been some arcing in the line at union station. now the red line is not servicing union station at all. there is now a big line for taxi. we'll bring you an update as we get them. it is a day off in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. no testimony today. when the trial resumes next week, prosecutors are expected to rest their case with their last witness hoist expected to
9:26 am
be an expert on propofol. the prosecution witness said that the procedures was a cocktail for a recipe for disaster. other witnesses said that dr. murray lacked the expertise and equipment for him to administer the propofol. we are hearing more about the shooting in orange county. it's being reported that the two were involved in a custody battle over their seven-year- old son. the 9th shooting victim remains in critical condition this morning. the redskins hit the field after a week off and it's against the eagles. dave joins us next to talk about what we may see on the field this weekend. >> hope we'll see a victory. >> and we'll show you one the
9:27 am
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fake a look at the latest video to go viral. this one was transportation officials worried. this guy is subway surfing, that's when someone is hanging outside. the guy is holding on, trying to keep the crowd inside the car from calling the epg near but eventually, someone did. the guy took off through an opening along the tunnel. transportation authorities say that subway surfing is a problem for them and they are cracking down. >> in is like a thrill-seeking i'm crazy. >> i have not seen many things more stupid than that. >> i either. >> he has his ear buzz in, thinking he is in the fast and
9:31 am
furious movie. >> how do you possibly think this is cool? >> because you think you are indestructible. >> yeah, that's right. there you go. >> anyway, let's not do that. >> no, i won't. >> i won't tell you what my feel is. >> why not? >> no. >> i'll tell you later. you know, if he falls off, he should just be left there. don't spend any money getting out there to help him. >> all right. i've been told to cool off. >> i didn't think you were going to do that. >> he is stupid. >> that's true. >> that is stupid. >> you are on your own. >> still has to get a fare to get in there, it's not like he is skipping on the fare. >> he thinks he is cool. he is not. >> we have cool on the way, speaking of cool. >> an en intentional segue. you notice the clever workings with the words there, allison.
9:32 am
>> that's right. >> that's what a sellingway is [ laughter ]. >> yes. thanks. we are bid-of-getting thunderstorms here -- we are getting thunderstorms in here. we have a good batch of rain more rain out to the west. the rain showers will continue, i think, for much of the morning and then later this afternoon, we're going to kick it out of here. the rain will pick up. it's going to be a cool day here there you see pinwheeling around. not expecting the severe outbreak of weather that we had but possibility of a severe thunderstorm, least one or two of them. and then there is a back end of it. as that goes through here a little bit later, we may
9:33 am
actually see a little mid, late afternoon sunshine and the winds will pick up here as the cooler and drier air will come in from the west. all among here in washington, 68 in annapolis. nice mild start for the day. think of the high temperatures, they are going to be back into the low 70s. here is future cast. still some showers activity. but there you are at 1:00. clearing here over night tonight and cool, overnight lows in the oohs and 50s. mix of sun and clouds. look out for the wind out of the west. 73 the daytime high and then clear, cool tonight, 51 the overnight low. here is the deal with the weekend forecast. sunshine. we have a lot of wind around here tomorrow as that cooler air continues to move in from the north and west. sunshine sunday. we have the martin luther king celebration. temperatures in the 70s. >> thank you: very good.
9:34 am
can i ask a question real quick? >> when you were talking about the subway, does that -- when you get your salary docked does that come out -- when you get the time talking about the subway guy, does that come out of tucker's time or mine? [ laughter ]. >> that's ask the weather guy. >> as sat so goes on, you get more and more excited with each win. i'm more excited. >> andy reid and the philadelphia eagles have not started 1-4 since 1999. that was the first year as coach. if this continues, this might be his last year. there is a lot of rumbling in philadelphia. they say that he has all the talent. and here is deshawn jackson. he is a speed burner.
9:35 am
we saw that last year. but this is what happens more on than not. michael vick has been a turnover machine. 10 turn joes in four games. last year, the whole season, he had 9. so that's the key to this success for the redskins is getting pressure on vick and forcing turnovers which he has been giving up it drove this is year. so if the skins can pressure michael vick, that's another victory come sunday. i think you are right. >> if they pressure him, if we run the ball because they are not good against the run -- >> allison was sticking up her nose. >> we are not making predictions? >> no. >> i think we can. >> they are going to beat somebody big eventually, and i'm just concerned that -- >> i think you are right. >> you and i talked about it a couple of hours ago.
9:36 am
and st. louis, we know that st. louis is terrible. they have beaten the giants who have been up and down. this, at the beginning of the year looked like it was going to be a monster game, fill wrap 3 s-1 or 4-0 or something but they are 1-4. the wheels have come off. the redskins have been playing absolutely superior. >> we can't overlook the eagles. >> and they are not. >> you know, as long as they have deshawn jackson. >> no, hard work beats talent when talent decides not to work. oh, my goodness. >> do you like that? >> great. i love it. >> let's talk about the capitals because we have to give them their just due. they have been absolutely electrifying so far this year. 3-0 and three overtime wins. the cardiac caps. if you want excitement, don't tune away. it's going to be down to the last minute and the caps will
9:37 am
win. alex ovechkin there with the big score. in the overtime, if you want heart stopping hockey, thinks it. watch the pass. dennis wideman, there it is. you win in pittsburgh, your nemesis, 3-0. you could not have scripted better. >> three wins, three overtime wicks, look like they played an extra game. >> caps 3-0, redskins 3-1. >> don't say anything. >> and add to it the wizards are not playing. >> the wizards are undefeated. [ laughter ]. >> so they are not losing. >> that's right. we still have to get basketball. >> that's unfair. >> thanks, dave. >> you can watch the red conditions take on the eagles right here on fox 5 at 1:00 p.m. this game was moved. >> 4:00 double header. >> cowboys face the patriots at 4:00 and then get the full recap at 121:10 p.m.
9:38 am
with nissan sports extra. >> got to get the sponsor in it. >> what are you guys doing? >> i'm not in that show because i have to be back here with you guys on monday morning. and the cooking shows. they look good. >> maxim magazine has ranked the top 5 top female chefs. number 1 may surprise you. really? i'm been stick around for that.  ♪ we were skipping ststones and letting go ♪
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>> time to answer this week's ask allison question. this one has to do with our kids and how to approach difficult conversations. a little background for this one. the question comes from an after cap american mom of three and she says her nine-year-old came home and asked who the men were that wear white with cone hats. she told them they were the ku
9:42 am
klux klan and gave them a lull pit of the unfortunate history. then she asked, if they still exist. viewer said she wanted to say no but didn't want to lie. she says yes but no longer do things they used to do. if you wanted an opinion from the psychiatrist because she saw fear and anger in her son's face. i got in touch with dr. lisa van susteren who you saw here on the show. the good pine here is that there are good people who exist tell your son there there are people who are not good, too. bullies have been around all throughout history and the past, present, recently and there will be bullies in the future. when people who are good with
9:43 am
power have knowledge of those bad people, they will swoop down and work to get them away. the kkk does not exist the way it was. sadly, the clan does still exist. just search their names. you will find videos of their rallies that they still have therew pointy hats and ridiculous costumes. the southern poverty law center estimates there are between 5 and 2000 kkk members today. mostly in southern states. back in 1925, by comparison, there were about 4 million members. tell your son. this there is comfort in these numbers. what else would i say to my own nine-year-old if she came home with this? i would tell her that although they still do exist, their message of hate and vial en has been greatly quieted because of the changes in views on equality. there are more good people out there than squarey bad ones. i am deeply disturbed and saddened that there are still people that hate my children
9:44 am
just because of their skin color or who think they are inferior because of their race. ridiculous. on the eve of the official dedication the martin luther king memorial, tell your children how far we have come and have no fear because hate mongers like the klan can no longer run rough shot over people without fear of consequences. >> i believe in telling the truth. >> you have to tell truth. depending upon the age, you go into as much details as you feel comfortable with. >> don't frighten but inform. they will them a new day is here. >> if you want a question that you would like me to answer, a little less, perhaps, head to >> costume ideas coming up next. next, you don't want to miss that. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question.
9:45 am
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well, maybe you can stay home and eat while watching one of maxim's magazine as hot celebrity chef. the magazine ranks the top 5 female chefs. this is a hook from 5 to 1. number 5 is eve grin much pen. i believe. >> i don't know. >> forgive us. >> number 4, aida mellencamp who hosts -- ask aida on the food network. >> number 3, food network start tia dilaurentis. they are all beautiful. >> this is the one i know. padma. >> lachimi. i know mostly -- >> i know you.
9:49 am
>> what? number 1, paula dean, tucker was right. >> the coon of butter, paula dean. here is what the magazine says. paula makes us hungry for bacon wrap, beer battered fries, sticks of butter proving that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. i love that. i love that maxim did that >> out of all of them, i want to sit down with a scones or sausage aren't that would be biscuit with paula. >> halloween is two weeks away. holly morris is getting into the spirit early. >> you know, we are here to celebrate the holiday and keep our kids safe. >> i've been looking all among long for the better affect costume. i know they have scary options. i know that people like scary. i am not a scary girl and i'm
9:50 am
dealing with a current condition. i'm a green m & m. >> you know what i didn't know about being an m & m, only four fingers. and thinks the top thee holidays that result in injuries and emergency room visit for your kid, especially if your kids are between the age range of 10 to 14. we thought that would be a good idea to call our mom expert. >> thank you. >> why are you not dressed up? >> i didn't want to upstaple you. oh, good. quick answer. i love her. >> you have done a lot of research and there are a lot of company things in terms of keeping kids safe at halloween. first thing is advanced planning. advanced safety? >> you have two weeks. the american academy of
9:51 am
orthopaedic surgeon suggests that when you do car offing, it's closely sup advised, especially with kitchen tools. >> check points are -- it goes beyond give your kids a cell phone. give yourself a cell phone. obviously when there is little, they are with you the whole 9 but at they get older, the freedom increases. in an age appropriate way, make sure they check in with you even with older kids. >> you need to check it and those older kits mother than the younger ones go behind free. a lot of kids costume have a lot of stuff. have it be as hands free as possible in terps of the way they carry their candy, something with a handling so they are not overloaded with heavyweight and adjusted. >> snookers? >> go for the sneakers, not a good example of the halloween
9:52 am
shoe. thinks like exercise, interval sprinting. you have to sprint teen the houses. and you need to make sure that you have the shoes with traction. back packing? >> thinks a good idea to have the parents carry the back pack, hydrate along the way. kid can dump candy from their smaller container so they are not carrying five tons of candy. >> though they wish they could get 5-tons of calmedy. and trick or treating with your dog. >> make sure that the dog costume does not have too many restrictions. you never know when you put a dog into something new, how they're going to react. why they are not going to like it at first >> exactly. >> and toothbrush. >> maybe the most important night for you. you don't want your kid' faces
9:53 am
could have had with chocolate, collapsing in bed with ghosts and goblins on their teeth. >> and a blood brat and a smashing pumpkin. these are non-alcohol wreck, safe. which one do you want is it. >> i'll take the blood bath. >> this is not a big fruit pop person. >> that's my midwest drawl coming out. i wanted to make sure that we also give people an idea. >> you have the pig in the blanket here which is cute. this is my favorite one. raining cats and dogs. >> a little stuffed animal on a hat. look at that. >> these are from real simple magazines. >> the other one was fork in the road where you get a black t-shirt with a teap down the middle and a fork aren't you were talking about saturn. put some kids into some colorful clothing. you couldn't have to spend a ton. >> bring her in.
9:54 am
she is so creative. >> happy halloween to you. >> happy halloween. you have two weeks to get your costume together. halloween adventure, thanks to them for letting us here all morning. >> thank you very much. coming up, we have some food. >> yes. >> we are joining the folks at montgomery county fire and ems talking about a big event they have coming up. the barbecue battle. stay with us.  [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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9:58 am
with the muscular dystrophy association. scott, let me start with you. first time you guys have done. this tell me about the event >> the fires earth have a longstanding tradition with muscular dystrophy. firefighters have rayed over a million dollars in our three day fill the boot. this year, we were tossed some obstacles and were only able to raise $90,000 compared to our part first in fairfax who raised 500,000 in their four days. we put together the high point barbecue battle. we talked to holly morris who said, immediately, yep, let me in. let's see how we can help raise fund for muscular dystrophy. >> you guys have been so insure
9:59 am
troopal in -- instrumental in doing that. i've been hosting the gala. the obstacles you were talking about, is you can't no longer be out in the street with boots: people will be tooking for the competition that will end tomorrow. the brisket that we did, we started last night. all done over wood or coal fire. people do different things. that's a chance for you to learn. every time i go and learn. >> why do you need people to come out there and how the fund will be used much the great thing about mda is that all the fund that are raised locally stay locally to help the 300 families that live in d.c., maryland and virginia. help fix medical equipment, group they arey sellings, ground breaking research and help send local


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