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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: last year's costume could be a younger child's new costume. and it can do something good, too. >> what a great idea. >> broadland is having a swap day sunday october 16th. there is another one scheduled in germantown on october 21st. you can get more information on our website at the news keeps coming. will thomas now with the news edge at 11:00. >> you heard about the wave of copper theft. we reported them here. now thieves are stealing used cooking oil and are getting you a way with thousands of dollars. ross slater kicks off the news edge. >> reporter: police say thinks a growing new crime and the companies getting ripped off say it's like the wild, wild west out there for the first time in our region, two men have been arrested. >> it was here in the valley of the ballston commons mall that these two men jang of ox onshil
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and a man from new york city were caught handed trying to syphon used cooking oil. police are trying to determine if these suspects might be involved in a rash of similar theft. >> they can't just do this once. they have the equipment and they are going around to many different containment units and stealing more oil. >> reporter: the used oil is something of a liquid gold these day, fetching anywhere from 2 to $4 a gallon on the open market. steve blank enship is the manager of a fuel company. they have been hit by thieves repeatedly. >> we don't know for sure but we believe we are losing anywhere from 10 to 20,000 gallons a month in theft. that's happening all over the region. >> reporter: indeed, experts say it's happening all over the nation. the growing focus on renewable fuel, more restaurantings are selling their used oil to collection companies storing in
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pickup and containers behind their businesses. that's when and where the thieves step in to cash in: they could sell it themselves to another company and make money off of it or they can try to convert the cooking oil into bio diesel for their own use. >> over the past couple of months, green light bio fuel says it has filed hundreds of police reports but learn this is new territory, even for police. >> recently, you know, we spent a lot of time meeting with law enforcement and trying to bring awareness and education because, you know, they really don't know about this. that's a relatively new problem. >> reporter: that company is cooperateingwith multiple ongoing police investigations in our region. the two men arrested in this case are charged with multiple felonies. if convicted, they could face years behind bars. >> thank you, ross. still no sign of an 11-year- old germantown boy. william mcquain was last seen
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11 days ago. his mother was found killed in her home. maureen joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: will, the focus right now is on finding 121- year-old william mcquain -- 11-year-old william mcquain. no one knows and everybody is concerned. they want him home quickly. >> it's very difficult. they don't understand like we don't understand but they don't grasp how something like this can happen. >> reporter: tonight, william's teammates and members of his church held several vigils for him. the first were by his football teammates. they wore the number 62 on his helmet. their coaches say it's been difficult trying to respond to a question they don't have an
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answer for. at william's school, martin luther king middle school, members of his church and others came together for a vigil. they sang and prayed for his safe return. it's been emotional for many of them. i hope he comes. i feel sad. >> why are you so sad? >> because he is my best buddy. >> now, william's brother, james mcquain was found dead in his germantown home. her estranged husband has been arrested for that crime. he has not said whether he knows what happens to william at this point, police continue their investigation. live in germantown, maureen umeh >> thank you, maureen. new tonight at 11:00, a manhunt for a man accused of robbing a bank and shooting at police. officers in winchester, virginia, are hunting for the mafnlt if arrested and convicted, he could be facing
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charges of attempted murder of a police officer as well as armed robbery. new tonight, herndon police have just released this sketch of the suspect in two sexual assaults. the attacks happened october 11th, only hours apart. the first attack happened about 3:45 in the afternoon. the suspect told the victim he was a law enforcement official before assaulting her. then at 7:00, the same night, the suspect approached the second victim, once again identified himself as a law enforcement official and assaulted her. police are asking you to call if you have any information. the man accused in that shooting rampage in southern california made his first court appearance today. laura evans has the story. >> reporter: his attorney says that he needs antipsychotic medication which he is not getting in jail. the judge order add medical review. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty
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a $100,000 reward being offered for the return of a missing kansas city missouri baby or information leading to the conviction of anyone involved in her disappearance. the parents of lisa irwin reported her missing october 4th. they say she disappeared from her crib overnight as her mother and two brothers slept conditions are worse earning for a cargo ship stuck on a reef and leaking oil off the the coast of new zealand. hundreds of gallons of fuel oil leaking. it is the country's biggest maritime disaster. there i moab less so cane on virginia street. prosecutors indicted 12 more suspected members of a ring that police say moved drugs from mexico into the commonwealth. one of they is a 27-year-old man from alexandria. he is the suspected regional leader as he pled not gety today right now, american combat troops are on the ground in africa. president obama sent about 100
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military personnel to uganda. they are there to help fight a notorious army blamed for a 20- year rein of terror. >> young kids from 11 to 13, 14 years old, team them how to use a d 47, how to fight. then they send them back to their villages. then they have to murder all of their siblings, their parents. if they don't do that, they come back, they have not passed the test and they'll mutilate them. >> the administration stress that the u.s. troops will be advisors and they'll only be in uganda for months. president obama is taking a bus tour through virginia next week but it's where he won't stop that has some of you talk. after a delay from hurricane irene, the martin luther king, jr. memorial will finally be dedicated this weekend. we take a look at the preparations for the event and the weather. check out some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at lfn at 11:00
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is coming right back. 
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the center of the august quick. fema already rejected the state's request assistance for earthquake victims. govern mcdonnell wants to appeal that decision. job creation may become the number 12 issue in the presidential campaign. today, rick perry tried to win over voters by saying he has a way to create more than one million new jobs. the new plan stresses domestic energy production. he would roll back what he describes as activist environmental regulation. >> i do not accept the choice that we must pick between
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energy and the environment. it is time for a balanced pro american, pro jobs energy policy. >> not surprisingly, rival campaigns don't agree. the obama campaign says that perry's energy policy is straight out of the past. mitt romney says that's just not substantial after a delay surt si of hurricane irene, the m l k memorial will take place. and ladies, listen. your birth control may have an impact on the love of your life. that's ahead on the news edge at 11:00. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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double wow. up to 60% off. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. no mistaking the voice of the legendary stevie wonder. he is here in washington to help dedicate the dream. johnny gill, that's the voice a loot of you may remember. he joined him on stage at the striathmore in bethesda. wonder also received an award for morehouse college for helping making dr. king's holiday. stevie wonder remains one of my faith interview. and a lot of people are
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drawn to the dr. king memorial dedication. >> reporter: preparations for the dedication have kicked into high gear. chairs are being lined up on the polo field in west potomac park. that's where the public can watch for free on sunday. no ticket required. security will be tight and driving here nearly impossible. >> the president is coming to. this this will be a lockdown situation. traffic will not move in this area. do not expect to drive your car down here and find a parking space because that will not happen. >> metro is opening up at 5:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 to accommodate the crowd. >> the closest subway stops are arlington national cemetery. yes, that means walking across arlington memorial bridge to the lincoln memorial and then on to the polo grounds right here next to the mlk memorial or you could take the smithsonian station. >> this group from west palm
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beach florida came straight here so they can get close. >> thinks something that we no never, never forget >> reporter: that's also why lorraine sheriff from tucson stopped by. >> it made my heartbeat really strong. i have a lot of love for that. the structure is absolutely beautiful and it does look like him. >> reporter: on his 14th birthday, gerald maddox got the perfect birthday gift. i think that's right. we would be nowhere if he didn't stand up for our rights. >> reporter: this dedication is a long overdue cream come true. >> i just hope that the young people here realize what a great sacrifice this was. this is hallowed ground here today. besides the arlington cemetery
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stop and the schmidt zonian, foggy bottom is also a good stop. but keep in mind it is a is six- block walk. a reminder about our coverage plan for the mlk memorial dedication. we will broadcast the official ceremony at len a.m. sunday on our -- 11:00 a.m. on our sister station. we'll stream coverage. your birth control may play a role in your relationships and the lettuce recall you should know about. >> reporter: taking the pill may affect your love life. number 5 tonight, using birth control can affect your choice in a mate. researchers found women on the pill were electric sexually satisfied but happier overall in their relationships than people who were on the pill when they met their partner. researchers believe that the way the pill evens out a woman's hormone could affect how women judge potential mates. number 4, gaining back
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weight you lost is not inevitable. the national weight control recommend industry tracked people who successfully kept off the pounds and they found that those people tracked their food intake, eat breakfast regularly and weigh themselves once a week. number 3. pittsburgh's giant eagle incorporated is recalling prepackaged lettuce because of possible listeria contamination. the lettuce was produced by river ranch with a use date of today. so far, no illness has opinion reported number 2, long lines at apple stores all across the country for the company's law of the new apple 4s. the first launch since the passing of apple cofounder steve jobs much most experts believe that weekend sales will range from 2 to 3 million units number 1, it could soon cost more for a cab ride in arlington county. lawmakers are considerinraigz raising the basic fair r fare by 20 cents. cabs would have to accept
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credit cards by april of 2012. that is tonight's top 5 fox 5. >> people ask, are you going to upgrade to the new iphone? i just got my first one a few months ago. >> i don't even have the first one. >> everybody in high house has one. >> i have eye blackberry. >> i like my old one. >> it was free. i probably will upgrade, though, at some point. >> good. let's move to weather. a lot of folks want to know what it's going to be like for the mlk dedication. >> pressure, pressure. i think it's going to be good. not that we had a bad forecast predicted for sunday at all but you start getting a little nervous. there may be a few clouds but looks like it's going to hold up. i want to start here and show you the beautiful pictures. we had a lot of rain moving through. on and off showers. seems like all week long, very
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little sunshine. this was this morning. rain is moving through and now moving out. you see back out to the west here, a little bit of shower activity trying to come on across the mountain. it does not look like that's going to be able to make it. overnight tonight, decreasing cloudiness. we should wake up tomorrow morning with sunny skies, drier, too, for the weekend. everything is shaping up to be real, real nice. again, we'll talk about sunday here in just a second. a breezy temperature tonight. we'll move through this. this is the wrong graph. come on. there we g redskins forecast. how about that. it should be real nice for the redskins. mlk celebration, too. and then you have the redskins and eagles. comfortable temperatures. sunday, a few cloud, looks like, coming across but should not be any problems at all. temperatures in the middle 60s to the lower 70s, kickoff at about 1:00. by the end of the game, we'll be trending into the lower 70s.
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70 degrees tomorrow. a loud or two. will be breezy tomorrow. comfortable temperatures. winds will be gusting up to around 30 miles per hour at times. on sunday, 71 degrees and just a few clouds passing on through. overnight tonight, clearing, breezy, chilly in the suburbs with temperature down in the 40s. here in town, we are talking lower 50s. again, just a few clouds tomorrow. high temperatures should make it out to about 70 degrees or so and the winds will be cooking a bit out of the west, 15 to 25 but, again, some of those gusts will be approaching 30 miles per hour. so looking through the weekend, monday, just a few clouds but temperatures in the low 70s. showers and thunderstorms coming back in on tuesday. high temperature there of 75 degrees. cold front will go through tuesday night. and on wednesday, a few lingering showers. temperatures cooling back down into the 60s enjoy the weekend, everybody. lindsey coming back with a look
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good evening and thanks for staying up with us. when the redskins take field against the phillies on sunday, they may or may not have the talent of anthony armstrong, hightower, chris cooley and d'angelo hall, all listed as questionable. the redskins will have their hands full against a philly
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team that is off to the worth start since andy reid's first season. they have a chance to pull away in the nfc east. no one expected this start from the eagles. you know, given the talent that they got, when we saw that thing coming together, i thought, oh, yeah. man, that is definitely the dream team, but, you know, hey, this is only the first quarter of the season. they have a long way to go. >> they came in the dream team, made all the acquisitions in the offseason and i mean they are 1-4 right now trying to find themselves. this is time for them to find themselves. this is time for to us try to extend our lead in the nfc east. >> you can watch the skins and eagles sunday right here on fox 5 at 1:00 p.m. following that game, the cowboys face the patriots at 4:00 and we recap everything at 11:10 with nissan sports extra. down a level, the biggest question mark is homecoming weekend in college park is who
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will be maryland's starting quarterback against clemson. brown didn't do much through the air in the loss to georgia tech but he did three for 123 yards and a score. >> we have to get better, you know, in the passing game. and, again, you know, when you talk about improvement, whether it's the run game or the passing game, you know, that's offensive linemen, running backs, quarterbacks, running backs, receivers. and coaches, too. we have to do more to get more productive in that area. >> tomorrow, we have a.c.c. football on my 20. miami faces north carolina. in the a.c.c. game of the week, kickoff at 12:30. the nba season may be hanging in the balance as the nba and it players work toward
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a checkative bargaining adwreement. but college basketball is about to start steve francis was on hand. stevie franchise as well as a.c.c. player of the year vasquez who is now with the memphis grizzlies and former terps head coach gary williams there to watch his former players take to the court. in the game, byron mouton may be rusty. he is not ready for the wind mill. they open against unc wing ton at home. bruins and cards in game 5. series tied at 2. cards up 1-0. jaime garcia's grounder right through the leg of the former nat jerry hairston, jr. two runs would score on that play. st. louis wins 7-1 to take a 3- 2 series lead. cool ying was a 53-12 winner over roosevelt in our game of the week. we'll be right back.
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