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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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decision. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. we are also keeping an eye on the skins. chris cooley suffered a crushed index finger in yesterday's game. he will have to have surgery on that but that is not keeping chris from opening up his home this morning after the game. fox 5 will be live inside cooley's house with the sports junkies from 106. 106.7 the fan coming up at 7:00 this morning. our own dave ross will be here in less than an hour for his take on the game with philly. fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's take a look down on wisconsin avenue this morning. it is mop morning. we are starting another workweek off. today is october 17th, 2011, a very pleasant start to this workweek. good morning. thank you for being with us early this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins. it was a gorgeous weekend this
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week. >> couldn't ask for much better. >> it was fantastic. >> it will be nice again today. >> another good day on tap. not a bad day as far as our weather conditions. we'll see our temperatures in the 70s again today. that is where we were yesterday. the low 70s. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are currently for the most part in the 60s. right now here in washington, we've got a temperature of 64 degrees. baltimore is at 61. dulles airport, 63. winchester, 61. patuxent naval air station, 68. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for this morning. some clouds out there, also some rain so, wade frontal boundary that will be sinking southward moving through our area. we don't think many of those showers hang together for us. maybe a shower or two off to the north. for the most part, we should be dry as the front comes through and we'll get very quiet and nice conditions working their way in here. forecast becoming mostly sunny. mild this afternoon, high, about 73 degrees. that will be about five degrees above normal. we'll have more details on the
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forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with -- before we get to julie wright -- >> i'll talk about another traffic update. a traffic alert we've been following this morning at south capital street under a 295 overpass. stacy cohan live on the scene with the story. >> reporter: good morning. i have good news to report. isn't that nice for a change? the scene of this construction issue is cleared now. police had told me they planned on getting out of here and indeed they d they have inspected the bridge and they believe that debris falling from the bridge onto south capital will not be an issue. i will tell that you, if you are heading on southbound 295 over south capital street, there is one lane closed. that is for that sinkhole that was in the bridge. they are trying to work on that. it was the pothole repair effort that caused the shutdown. so one lane does remain blocked but if you are trying to get through on south capital street, you will be able to do so. that is good news for the
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morning rush hour. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> all right. let's check in with julie wright for the latest on traffic and how people can deal with that situation. >> we just heard say that south capital street has been reopened so that is good news for commuters. still working on the large pothole that she just mentioned but south capital street now open in each direction. along 295, that is where outbound we only had one lane to the left getting by. but northbound coming from malcolm x coming into southeast, we have all lanes open. 66 in good shape, no incidents to report as you work your way eastbound from fair oaks headed in towards 123. the beltway cleared of construction traveling between arlington boulevard and tyson's and then north of town, outer loop of the beltway, lanes are open leaving 95 trying to get past colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, a tragedy yesterday unfolding on the racetrack. two-time indianapolis 500
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champion dan wheldon died after this fiery crash at the las vegas motor speed watch the crash involved 15 cars in all. wheldon's car went airborne, climbed over another car and then burst into flames. officials called off the race. drivers honored wheldon with a tribute. he leaves behind a wife and two children. other headlines, the man charged with murdering a germantown mother is due in court in north carolina today. he will declare whether he wants to waive extradition to maryland. curtis lopez is accused in the killing of his estranged wife jane mcquain. dozens of local officers spent sunday searching for 11-year- old william mcquain. there is a special session of the maryland general assembly this morning to take a look at redistricting for the
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state's eight congress members. maryland state leaders will discuss the new map at a news conference later this morning. author, activist dr. cornell west waking up in a des jail this morning arrested on the steps of the u.s. supreme court while protesting with the group october 2011. he will be rained this afternoon. fourteen others also arrested. it was beautiful weather identify very special day in the district. the dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. stevie wonder and president obama headlined the event on the national mall yesterday. fox 5's maureen umeh has more. >> reporter: it was a defining moment in 1963. >> i have a dream today. >> reporter: from the steps of the lip cup monument, the reverend martin luther king, jr. famously calling for
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andened to racial discrimination in america. >> the greatest demonstrations for freedom in the history of our nation. >> reporter: that speech rang out nearly 50 years ago. sunday, another large crowd gathered in a star-studded celebration on the national mall to dedicate the martin luther king, jr. memorial, a permanent tribute to dr. king's lake asy. america's first black president, barack obama, praises king for his willingness to lead during turbulent times. >> he kept on pushing, kept on marching until change finally came. >> reporter: dr. king was the first person of color memorialized with a statue on the national mall, a prime spot among presidents. his family is proud. >> let us embrace dad's legacy. let us celebrate dad's life. today represents another milestone in the life of america. this is a day that all americans can be proud of. >> reporter: the three-story high sculpture shows king
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wearing a stern look, crossing his arms, clasping papers in his hand, a towering figure in stone and in history. >> martin luther king, jr. must be looked upon as one of the founding fathers of the new america. this man, this one man, not only freed a people but he liberated a nation. >> there is heavy lifting to be done again and in the spirit of dr. king's lasting legacy, we need to start now. >> president obama with a big sales pitch touting his $450 billion jobs plan. he is about to embark on another bus tour right here in our region. we'll tell you where he is headed today. stay with us. 
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making headlines in northeast d.c., a man was stabbed to death. this happened last night in an apartment building in the 1900 block of i street. investigators say a woman is the suspect though she is not in custody at this time. also new this morning, violence in the district has investigators working another homicide. this latest one happened early this morning in the 1100 block
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of stevens road southeast. a map was shot in the head. so far, no ward on suspects in that case -- a man was shot in the cede. a fbi is investigating the death of a newborn found aboard a cruise ship. investigators say the mother was a 21-year-old person would didn't return after the ship docked. classified intelligence could prove iran is testing nuclear weapons technology. the "new york times" reports that president obama wants the united nations to release classified information proving that iran is experimenting with nuclear weapons. the administering has made clear they want to apply pressure to iran in the wake of the terror plot allegedly planned by the iranian government. president obama using his jobs bill bringing that and his re-election campaign to virginia and north carolina today. he will speak at the airport in asheville, north carolina just
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before noon today. tonight, he addresses a high school in north carolina. both virginia and north carolina are swing states for the 2012 election. the president's jobs bill was shot down in the don't but tempts ever now trying to get parts of the proposal past. coming up, they are fed up with crime so they are taking to facebook. coming up next, how one community is using the social networking site to fight crime. also coming up in just a few moments, the latest on today's forecast. it will be a fine day for you. and julie wright takes a look at the morning traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  hey guys, what can i get for you?
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five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. taking a live look out over washington, d.c. this morning. it will be a nice morning actually to get out and take a walk. maybe a short walk. not quite the walk that this man took. it was 11 years that it took him to walk around the world
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and now he is back home. a canadian man strolled into his hometown of montreal yesterday after walking over 46,000 miles through 64 countries. >> crowds looked on as he reunited with his wife who first learned about his plan to circle the globe less than a month before he left. >> we are living a great moment, a unique moment. i feel i was thinking before i could be much more nervous but quite calm but with the expectation to see my family. the day before yesterday i met for the first time my first granddaughter. she is five years old. >> okay. the canadian man crossed six deserts, passed through war zones and ate bugs and snakes among other things to survive. interesting story. >> so many questions there. >> surprised that his wife is still there to greet him after that. >> got that messageness, i don't know how long i'll be
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gone. >> i'm going to walk around the world, see you. >> she is there by his side. >> eleven years later, she is still there. >> maybe just for the press tour. who knows what is going to happen when the press goes. >> that's right. interesting story. we've fine day on tap after just a splendid weekend. yesterday, a very, very nice day with lots of sunshineen temperatures in the 70s and we've got more clouds around today but we'll see plenty of sunshine and nice temperatures once again. yesterday, our high temperatures at all the area airports, 71 degrees at reagan, dulles and bwi marshall. all of them topped out at 71. i think we'll do better than that today. 62 damage is the current temperature here in washington -- 62 degrees is the current temperature here in washington. in leonardtown, it is 66 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. there is a cold front that is going to be sinking through our
5:18 am
area as the day progresses. what we are seeing is some clouds associated with that front. also, some precipitation and there may be a shower or two particularly up to the north and west as the front comes through. but for the most part, we think it is dry when it comes through our area. it will be a the breezy. as it moves through, it will take the clouds with it and we'll see more sunshine for the latter part of the day. so the forecast for today essentially looks like this. some morning clouds but becoming mostly sunny and mild this afternoon. highs in the upper -- i'm sorry, in the lower to mid-70s. some of you might get a shower up to the north and west. winds will be out of the west and five to 10 miles per hour. for tonight, a cool night. we're going to see partly cloudy skies as that front kind of sinks to our south and hangs there. 55degrees for your overnight low so cool temperatures across the region tonight. five-day forecast, not i abad one, 74 degrees under partly sunny skies. more clouds build in in the
5:19 am
latter part of the day. 56 for your high. very cool temperatures to close out the week. highs only in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. that is the latest on what is happen with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> we hit the ground running this morning. already some major tie-ups to report. stacy cohan reporting live from the scene, south capital street at 295. that is where we had the large pothole that crews are continuing to deal w you will find that south capital street has been reopened in each direction. it is the portion of 295, the bridge overpass here at south capital street that you will find the large pothole in the overpass. you will find only one left lane is able to get by. that is on the southbound side of 295 coming northbound from the beltway headed in towards d.c., your lanes are open and south capital street has been reopened in each direction. troubles now, accident activity involving a tractor-trailer as
5:20 am
you approach the beltway here allentown road at route 5. there is word that the tractor- trailer has spilled its load in the highway. it remains blocked off each way at branch avenue. southbound along 270, no incidents to report leaving germantown headed out towards the lane divide. an easy right here. outer loop, checking for a stalled car possibly blocking the right lane. wrapping it up as you come in from the west. no problems to report out on 66, lanes are open leaving fair oaks headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. hundred of people have been arrested in occupy protests across the country this weekend. 175 people were sufficiented in chicago for refusing to leave a public place when ordered. there haven't been many reports of people resisting arrest as people demonstrate against corporate greed and influence over the government. >> even if people can agree, there is american solidarity for demonstrating and
5:21 am
activating and using our constitutional rights. >> politician are starting to talk about what effect these demonstrations may have. and sued -- an advisor to the president says they are pushing congress to do something. we've all heard about the power of social media but it has become especially powerful for one minnesota neighborhood. fox's paul bloom reports on a knew sneak part of this that has turned facebook into a modern day crime fighting tool. >> right here, you can see the outline of his hand. >> reporter: sick and tired of being violated and victimized over and over again, residents up and down this st. paul neighborhood finally had enough. >> it has been in the 20s or 30s. within the last month and a half, i think there has been 15 or 16. >> reporter: break-in? >> break-ins. >> with burglaries and other quality of life crimes exploding on their block, these young professional families turn to facebook to fight back.
5:22 am
>> i don't want us to get to the point where we're putting up locks and bars but just this awareness with the neighbors teaming together and banding together to keep an eye out on the neighbor, i think that is helping. >> reporter: here is how it works. reston created a closed facebook passenger where they can post things that may be worrysome or out of ordinary. like hey, suspicious vehicle parked out in front ever judy's house. everyone following the page sees it right away including the senior commander of the st. paul pd. >> we are using social media to connect with the community to get real time information both from the police department to the community and very importantly from the community to the police department. >> reporter: one example of just how effective this facebook crime fighting neighborhood has become, the group recently led police to a serial burglar. he is now charged with five different break-ins.
5:23 am
police had issue awed detailed description of their suspect and asked residents to be on the lookout. >> it is like the modern day telephone, the game you used to play as a kid. you sid in a circle and it goes around. this is kind of that same thing. >> reporter: so it is a sit- down for an old school neighborhood bonfire. these families have some peace of mind thanks to an information age tool. drama in the nfl. coming up next, a tense scene between two coaches over a handshake. >> a disappointing sunday for the redskins. the big talk this morning, the poor play of rex grossman and some others. it is all coming up in sports. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness.
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sports now. the world series match-up is set. it will be the st. louis cardinals versus the texas rangers. the cards captured their 1th national league pennant last night with a 12-6 win over the milwaukee brewers. rangers won the american league crown saturday. the world series gets under way wednesday night and can you watch every game right here on fox 5. certainly not a happy monday for redskins fans. the burgundy and gold fell to the eagles 20-13 yesterday. michael vick threw for 237 yards and a touchdown. rex grossman threw for not as many yards, no touchdowns and four more interceptions. he was benched in favor of john beck.
5:27 am
the loss drops the skins to 3-2 on the season. coming up in just about 30 minutes, dave ross will join to us help break down the game. we'll head out to find out some unique insight at 7:00. we'll be out at chris cooley's house and he will join us along with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan to talk about the game and chris' injury to his finger that got him taken out of the game yesterday. and we'll play monday morning quarterback with dave ross. a whole bunch of redskins talk coming up later this hour. talk of the nfl surrounded this guy and his nemesis across the field. jim harbaugh on the road against the lions. niners win it 21-15. this is harbaugh. there is the coach's handshake. a little rough. coach schwartz from the lions said maybe there was an object september involved. took exception to it. ran him down on the sidelines. players and coaches kind of had
5:28 am
a little standoff there. end result is niners and lions both 5-1. some sad news from the sports world this morning. coleing up in our top stories at 5:30, the violent crash that claimed the life of an and ay car champion. what will the weather be like on this monday morning as you head back to work. julie will check our commute. that might not be as nice. 5:28. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast?
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we take a look out over the skyline. northwest d.c. looking towards downtown this morning. still nice out there. comfortable around 06 degrees or so. should be another nice day. >> fantastic, great weather. except for the redskins game, other than that was fantastic we'll have another good day today. -- comfortable around 60 degrees or so. >> there are a couple of showers to the north and west. a couple of those might make their way to the district but not much at this time we don't think. there is your frontal boundary sinking thrusm it is a cold front that will come through today. it should be dry for the most part as it comes through here. there are some clouds orcad with t current temperatures around the region, right now, we are at 62 degrees at reagan national. 06 at both dulles and bwi
5:32 am
marshall. -- 60 at both dulles and bwi marshall. some clouds this morning. becoming mostly sunny. a mild day, highs in the low 70s. not bad at all. some of you north of the district might have a brief shower. that should be about it. enjoy the day. let's check in with julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> we've had some problems downtown and that is where stacy cohan was reporting live from the scene. south capital street according to stacy and the crew, has been reopened in each direction. south capital street reopened but it is that bridge overpass that carries 295 at south capital street where we had the large pothole. that had traffic squeezing by single file to the left, the outbound side lanes. coming northbound, your lanes are open. we have some problems now, an accident involving a tractor- trailer closing a portion of allentown road at branch avenue. we've heard that the tractor- trailer has struck the bridge abutment there and now we have
5:33 am
a fuel spill involved as well. so it is allentown roadblocked off in each direct at branch avenue. the top stretch of the beltway, your lanes are open eastbound along 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story this morning, the indy race circuit has lost one of its most popular drivers. dan wheldon died following a fiery crash during a race in las vegas. fox's harris faulkner has the latest. >> indy car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. >> reporter: the race just minutes old when wheldon couldn't steer clear of the wreck that started when two cars touched tires sending him into a catch fence wheldon hitting a fence along the track going airborne and then 14
5:34 am
other cars crashing at las vegas motor speedway sunday. within seconds, several cars burst into flames with piles of debris covering the track. wheldon airlifted from the crack to university medical center where he later died. family and fans just some of the many reactioning to his death. >> to be here and see it, you know, we're all -- >> very, very sad. you never want to see that happen. >> the sports world lost a major star in the world of indy auto racing. >> he wasn't just a great driver but he was a great human being. >> reporter: three other drivers including will power hurt in the pile-up but expected to recover. his colleagues driving a five- lap tribute. 33-year-old dan wheldon, one of the most well known drivers to die in the u.s. since dale earnhardt. wheldon leaves behind a wife
5:35 am
and two young children. in new york, i'm harris faulkner, fox 5 news. police are working a new lead in the hunt for a missing germantown boy. 11-year-old william mcquain has not been seen in some two weeks. his mother, jane mcquain, was found dead in their germantown home last wednesday. officers searched little bennett regional park and damascus regional park. police did arrest mcquain's husband curtis lopez. d.c. mayor vince gray still under investigation by the fbi. he spoke at the mlk dedication yesterday and marched on saturday but can't seem to shake the scandal. investigators are moving forward with the probe into allegations made by suleiman brown that he was paid off by gray's people. >> reporter: it is still a mustery. many months after suleiman brown dipped bombshell, we still don't know if the allegations against mayor gray and his campaign are true.
5:36 am
brown claims he was offered a job and cash to verbally attack former mayor adrian fenty. mayor gray has said from the start the allegations are not true. it all began in march when brown was fired from his brand- new city job. that is when he approached the media and federal authorities. >> they left me no choice but to come and set the record straight. >> reporter: brown claims he was handed envelopes stuffed with cash by mayor gray's campaign worker howard brooks. brown says he turned those envelopes over to federal officials. according to "washington post" sources, federal investigators have secured finger prints from brown and brooks. >> someone said let me so your coat for a second. the next thing you know, i got a envelope stuck in it. >> reporter: mark plotkin believes that howard brooks is at the center of this investigation. >> it seems to me that howard brooks is the key and what is interesting in the post article is that they said that katon
5:37 am
brooks, who is the son of howard brooks and had a $110,000 job in the city government and later left has been granted immunity. we don't know whether that is true but the brook family is central, it seems to me, to this whole investigation. >> that was matt ask land reporting. the maryland general assembly is meeting for a special session today to approve a new map for the eight seats in congress. george washington has one. be a lincoln has one. now dr. martin luther king has officially a memorial on the national mall. stevie wonder there to sing. president obama speaking to the estimated 10,000 people would came out. to many, the towering granite monument a stark reminder that
5:38 am
the civil rights leader's dream of social justice has not been realized. to have the the nation's first black president dedicate the monument was not lost on some students from the core eight scott king leadership academy in atlanta. >> it's life lesson. >> there is not even a word to describe being here. like okay, lincoln memorial, excellent. but dr. martin luther king memorial, no one ever saw this coming. >> it is a big deal. >> he is a global frame of reference for justice and peace and that is a gratifying feeling to me to know he is appreciated in that way. >> those who stayed around long are got a special treat, a few extra songs from stevie wonder and they got to see the entire i have a dream speech in its entirety. before a very busy morning here. several new stories coming into the newsroom. >> including a dangerous scene on the road. we'll check more headlines coming up. stay with us. ♪
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so you a car crash in lark owe september two people to the hospital. this car appointly hit a pole last night in the 1000 block of largo center drive. one person with serious injuries, another expected to be okay. the possible break in the case of a missing missouri
5:42 am
baby. police arrested a handy man over the weekend. he is being questioned in the case. he was arrested on an unrelated felony charge and police say he is not a suspect in baby lisa's disappearance at this time. lisa's parents reported her missing october 4th afternoon she disappeared from her crib. detectives are trying to find whomever shot a man to death in southeast on saturday night. investigators found 21-year-old devon gray on high street. no arrests or lookout information. as always in d.c., a $25,000 reward is being offered. many of us maybe thought about this. i could fin arab a marathon, all 26.2 miles, right? >> no, not me. the answer is likely no for most of us. don't tell that to this guy who has just broken a world record. here is a clue t has something to do with his age that. story is coming up next. after a great sunday yesterday, what can we expect weather-wise today on this monday to start the workweek. we'll check back in with tony
5:43 am
for at forecast and julie has a traffic update next as well. [ speaking french ]
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were you crying? yeah. welcome back. texting a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. if you are trying to pull
5:46 am
yourself out of bed for that morning republican, maybe here is something that will inspire you. the man in the orange turban there finished a marathon at the age of 100. this is video from when he broke records for 100-year-old sprinters. >> he ran the toronto waterfront marathon. he is the first 100-year-old ever to finish a full marathon, 26.2 miles. it took him a little while. took him about eight hours to get it done but he finished and he is not a rookie either. this is his eighth marathon. >> wow! you know at some point, he said i'm going to run one wham 100. >> that is fantastic. >> look at him move. -- i'm going to run one at 100. >> all right. no excuses. >> no. you can have a guy like him who is 100 running a marathon and there are other people who are 60 who are barely able to keep it together. >> i look at it like this.
5:47 am
a got a few decades to start training. maybe we'll ease into it later. >> i'll start training when i'm about 08. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> air just saving yourself all this time. >> that's right. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the weather conditions around the region. we start with our current temperatures. we are mostly in the 60s. 62degrees right now here in d.c. quantico, virginia is at 65. fredericksburg, virginia is at 64. let's see. baltimore, 60. dulles, 60. in annapolis, it is a pleasant 63 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. here is what is going on today. now, that line that you can see there associated with the showers, that is a cold front that is sinking through today. here is the interesting thing. see all the showers and see how they're breaking up. this is why we think this front will come through here as a dry front, not a lot going to happen here. there might be a shower or two up to the north and west. we are see something showers in
5:48 am
western maryland. but not a big rainmaker for us. it does have some clouds associated with it but it will sink southward. now, here is a look at the futurecast, what we expect to see as far as any precipitation goes. not much of anything. this front sinks southward. then it will come back through tomorrow as a warm front back through the south but for today, we'll see clearing skies. we do have some clouds out there this morning. clearing skies during the course of the day today. that will allow fay lot of sunshine and temperatures to build into the low 70s. so for today becoming mostly sunny. mild this afternoon, 73-degree for your high. that is actually about five degrees above normal. for tonight, we'll get more cloud as that front begins to get closer again as the warm front. partly cloud you skies, cool overnight of course lows in the -- partly cloudy skies, cool overnight, lows in the 50s. tomorrow we'll see a high of 74 degrees. then we get the cool air in here. showers on wednesday. 65 for your high.
5:49 am
thursday and friday, we will only see our highs in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> so that guy is 100 years old running a marathon? >> yep. >> it makes my 13.1 look like nothing. >> but see, you're doing the right thing that could be you at 100. >> if that is me at 100, somebody call me back and let me know. here what is we know. it has been very busy and hon of thely, a little confusing downtown or head into downtown. south capital street at 295, we had report of this large pothole which occurred. this is 29 -- this is 295 and south capital street down in the area of bolling air force base. you will fine the outbound lanes of south capital street blocked. there is a partial closure for
5:50 am
those traveling on 295 southbound at south capital street and only the left lane is able to get by. what is important to know is that both northbound routes, northbound 295 and inbound south capital street are open at this time. so it is just the outbound side of the roadways that remains tied up at this point. we've also got problems now along allentown road. accident activity involve a tractor-trailer. it is reportedly -- it has been reported that the tractor- trailer struck the bridge abutment. so again, allentown road at branch avenue. you will find the roadway shut down headed in the direction of 495. no incidents to report right now if you are traveling inbound along 66. lanes are open but the pace is slow in fair oaks headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a disappointing day for the redskins on so many levels as they fall at home to their rivals from philadelphia. >> and dave ross is here in studio to break down exactly what happened out there on the field and where the team and specifically the quarterback situation goes from here. stay tuned, everyone. we're back in a moment. ,
5:51 am
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5:54 am
congratulations. we had to do it. we have to break down the day from yesterday. not pretty at all for the redskins dave ross. it looks like you haven't slept in days because of what happened yesterday. here is the deal. the focus has been on the poor play of rex grossman. he has been your boy all season. address it. >> we talked about this ad nauseam for the last month, two months. he was the better option out of training camp over john beck. clearly won the job over john beck. i don't think anybody really can debate that. the problem now is all that good credit he had for the first four weeks and training camp is gone with one fell swoop. yesterday's game is a real head scratcher from rex grossman's point of view. watch this, getting out there. mike shanahan take a look. you got the bye week,' going to come out looking strong. that is double coverage there. here is the second pick which i can accept because it was single coverage and he had gaffney open. >> he just didn't get it there. >> didn't get it there. the third one, single coverage.
5:55 am
the fourth one on the run. so cue john beck. had you to make this. >> you got the feelings he was trying to make something happening. >> when you are playing scared, that is going to happen. here is a nice throw by beck. got it down inside the five yard line. the very next play, he will call his own number. this what is he likes about john, his ability to run. a touchdown on one out of the two drives. couldn't get the final stop. the glass half full side is the defense played out ever their minds. they stopped the eagles cold, shut them down. >> the first half was a little ugly for the defense. here wheys see as the bigger problem. the focus has been on the quarterbacks. i see a bigger problem in the fact that philadelphia came in at the bottom of nfl against the run. this huge triple headed rushing attack -- >> they didn't use it. they ran the ball 14 times and
5:56 am
two were quarterback draws by john beck. you really ran the ball essentially about 10 times. >> you have a quarterback that can't get the job done, why? >> kyle asian-pacific hand i saying this is my system. i'm going to run the system and i'll find the guy that can do it. here is the injury to chris cooley. he will have surgery today on that index finger. probably going to be out for six weeks t will be the fred davis show at tight end. it is a tough injury. big hit there. that is part of the game and i know, if it wasn't chris, he would say it is a great hit, it just happened to be on him. >> i'm taking less than six weeks. >> hoping he with get back inside of six. >> if this play goes differently, even if it is called differently, this play might have been different. there is a key one early on this the game. this goes over vick's head.
5:57 am
he central bells -- he scrambles to get it. clearly throw the ball away. you could think that was intentional. i think this is a bad call and i think it's game-changing call early. it could be 2-0 redskins and you get the ball back probably at the 50-yard line. what happened there is the eagles got the first down, they get out to the 30 and go down and score. 7-0 phillies. >> dave will be the first person to say you got to play 60 minutes. one call should not affect the game. >> but it does affect the game. a big call like that does affect the game. >> they had three hour quarters to come back and score more points. >> they sure did. that one play doesn't cost you the game. it helps decide the complexion of game early and it chained the whole momentum. >> you think that would have
5:58 am
made rex grossmanly better? >> i think it should have been called differently. >> who plays next week? >> i think john beck.  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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