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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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meantime we've got tucker barnes standing by with an update on the forecast. absolutely gorgeous weekend more in store for monday today should be a bright and sunny afternoon, good looking forecast, temperatures regan national, 60 degrees after a cool overnight should start to warm up here rather rapidly, 55 currently winchester, 59 fredericks burg and 64 for you if you are lucky enough to start your morning at ocean city let's look at satellite radar together, that is a cold front sliding through the area overnight no shower activity a few clouds associated with it they will push south and east after waking up with partly sunny conditions mostly sunny this afternoon and dry not expecting rain shower activity later today good looking forecast, highs expected to be back into the 70s a look at your forecast, 73 washington, warmer than yesterday, 70 german town and fredericks
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burg, 74 your afternoon temperature rain on the five day coming up for you in just a few minutes back to you. >> thank you. our top story, nasty accident behind a traffic alert in maryland truck crashed in suit land look at that, sending its load of lumber all over the street, some lanes on alan town road were closed for the last few hours but some are now open. all right let's get an update on the situation, stacy cohen is live on the scene good morning what is the latest. >> well, good morning what is incredible the driver of this vehicle was able to survive the cab of that tractor trailer was just completely compressed apparently he was heading northbound branch avenue and literally just didn't turn and plowed straight into a semen wall holding up -- cement wall holding up this ramp. so what you have behind me is a clean up under way that is what is left of the load of lumber this tractor trailer was
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carrying, the actual cab of the truck was hauled out some time ago, that made some room all the lanes eastbound, alan town road now reopened, westbound, however, shut down due to clean up as you can see behind me it is quite a lengthy job earlier, we had a hazmat crew out here they are just wrapping up what they were doing fuel spilled out of that truck into the storm drain and running through a containment pond hazmat crews went down and put mesh over the feeder tubes that could have possibly carried that out to the greater water shed. the hazmat situation is contained, still a work around as you try to head through on your late morning commute. back to you. thank you. new this morning, violence in the district as investigators -- has investigators working two homicides latest happened
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two hours ago 1100 block stevens road southeast a man shot in the head no word whether there are suspects in that case. >> northeast dc a man was stabbed to death this happened last night in an apartment building 1900 block i street investigators say a woman is the suspect though she is not in custody, at this time. police still have hope of finding a missing 11-year-old german town boy alive william mcqueen hasn't been seen in two weeks officers and volunteers searched a park yesterday. williams mother was found dead in their german town home last wednesday police arrested her estranged husband for the murder he is due in court in north carolina today. he will declare whether he wants to waive extradition to maryland. a manassas woman is under arrest that left people homeless. the 28-year-old is behind bars, no bond for her the fire
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destroyed 6 apartments, 7:00 a.m. sunday morning she is charged with felony arson police did not reveal the possible motive in this case. another big story we are following this morning tragedy on the race track twotime time indianapolis 500 winner, dan wheldon died following a fiery crash at the las vegas motor speedway. >> indy car is sad to announce dan wheldon has passed away. >> reporter: the race just minutes old, wheldon couldn't steer clear of a wreck. >> we saw a little tweak from one of the cars and that pretty much started everything. >> reporter: wheldon a two time indianapolis 500 winner hitting a fence along the track going airborne and 14 other cars crashing at las vegas motor speedway within seconds, several cars burst into flames,
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piles of debris covering the track. wheldon air lifted to university medical center where he later died family and fans some of those reacting to his death. >> raw. >> very very sad you never want to see that happen. the sports world lost a major star in the world of indy auto racing. >> he was a great human being. three other drivers including will power hurt in the pile up but expected to recover in honor of wheldon his colleagues driving a five lap tribute. >> heaven got a very very good race car driver now. 33-year-old don wheldon one of the most -- dan wheldon one of the most well known to die in racing since dale earnhardt. >> he leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> devastating news.
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sad. >> they know the risks before they get behind those cars obviously they do know the risks. >> all right. dave ross. just obviously, frankly not what i expected, i expected a different game. i thought they were going to win that game i said friday i thought they were going to out work the eagles, second half they did defense out played the eagles shut them out second half and gave them a chance to overcome four turn overs if this is was a year ago, the skins would have lost by 30 plus points, they are only down 7 and still had a chance to win this thing which is pretty impressive given how badly they played especially i hate to say it, rex gross man clearly, easily, stating the obvious his worse performance by far and away it is measured in wins and losses and you can
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get a look and say how did this happen that second one was a bad under throw the other three are troubling because it is decision making, you can live with physical errors. john beck we don't know yet he hadn't had a full game yet in the regular season game to see what he did fourth quarter, two drives one touchdown here there is the quarterback draw and gets it in there. you got the feeling they could have gotten one more stop maybe they tied this thing up i would be surprised if he is not the starting quarterback some sunday but i don't think it is a given we all say as fans well, they got to go to beck. mike shanahan doesn't look at it the same way he may say we are going to look at the tape. it is not pretty, i would thing
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they would go to beck here is what the coaching staff and quarterback had to say after the game >> i believe in myself no matter if the whole stadium doesn't, coaching staff doesn't, you know, whatever the situation i believe in myself every single play i am going to get it done i fall back on that. >> we needed a spark john has been practicing very well last couple weeks with four turn overs there we thought it was time to make a change and give john the opportunity to show us what he could do. >> it was good to play but to be honest i have that sick feeling after a loss. when i went in my initial mind set was a couple scores for me i feel like i played the whole game and in the end we didn't win. i thought rex gross man earned the job out of camp i think they gave rex the opportunity to be the starting quarterback for long term they well have the right to say now
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let's make a change that is what we will find out this week. >> alison i am curious to hear your critique of john beck's post game attire. >> john beck? >> even rex. >> i have been hard on him. >> yes. >> rexy you got your sexy back. >> not with the game but the shirt >> i liked it very much. >> did you like the trucker hat >> i didn't understand the look but he is making a definite statement not sure what he is saying but i like the fact he is making the statement. >> i think he did look good. >> here is what i think i thought we would run the ball more,. >> oh, tony your serious sports talk. >> we ran the ball 14 times that was troubling but kyle shanahan has an offence he believes in he is going to say if you can't do and run this offence i am not going the dumb it down for you i will give some body else the chance i think that is is what he is doing i am not saying it is
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right. >> you want to win the square p hole but he is saying this is my offence i am going to get some body that can do the job. >> very good. >> going out to the park wish me luck. >> great atmosphere out there got to get past it and move on. >> world series set, st. louis cardinals beat the brewers last night 12-6 they move on to take on the texas rangers they won the american league crown saturday world series gets under way wednesday night watch every game right here on fox 5. work resumes to fix earthquake damage at national cathedral, the dat or difficult access team will be at the cathedral today they are the same crew that worked on quake damage at washington monument they removed a massive two tonne pinnacle that happened last week today they will check for more damage. >> president hit it is road he
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is taking off on a bus tour today we will tell you where he is going and what he plans to push along the way. and this guy well, he was arrested for driving under the influence but it is how policeman imagined to find him that you are going to want to -- managed to find him that you are going to want to hear about. 9:10 a.m. q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories,
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it was beautiful weather for a special day in the district, dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial. president obama and steevie wonder headlined. it was only sunshine for the thousands who came out some lining up before dawn near the spot where dr. king delivered his i have a dream speech. one woman who made the trip from atlanta, came to honor the
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civil rights pioneer she met years ago. >> this moment to me just know the man i did shake hands with on the march with that i had the occasion to be at the dedication it meant so much to me. most inspiring moment of my life i celebrated a birthday three weeks ago 75 years of age and i never thought, i never dreamed i would see the things i am seeing to day. >> speaker after speaker envoked king's i have a dream speech from 1963 to challenge others to carry on his fight. a popular author, activist, princeton professor, spent the night in dc jail, dr. cornell west was protesting with the group october 2011. he will be arraigned in superior court this afternoon. their protest shut down the air and space mu seal yum earlier this month -- museum earlier in
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the district. occupy wall street protest is one month old today there were rallies all over the world including new york. to date they have received $300,000 now has storage space loaded with supplies in lower manhattan. president barack obama is bringing his jobs bill and re- election campaign to virginia and north carolina he will speak at the airport in ashville north carolina in a couple hours, they are traditionally republican states the president carried in 2008. man arrested for d u i in frederick county gave police a trail of clues to find him. >> edward was picked up yesterday morning police say he had been in an accident and ran from the scene he took a case of beer out of his car when he ran and the cans kept falling out leaving a trail from his vehicle to the place where he
9:17 am
was found. he failed field sobriety tests and a check of his record show his license has already been suspended. okay. >> he just didn't stop the pick them up. >> i am sure he you know -- i suspect he was in an awkward state we know he was. >> we know he was. well, not the end results red skins fans were hoping for yesterday they lost to the eagles, 20-13. >> annie is hang being the sports -- hanging with the sports junkies and chris coolly. >> reporter: good morning tony and alison thank you very much they have been very gracious and allowed us into their home we are just hanging out the morning after the big game guess who i am hanging out with the coollies we are getting to know their friends and family. right here is tanner, chris' brother. tanner you want to tell us
9:18 am
anything about your brother. >> um, good job spitting that out. chris is having a great time today with a broken little finger so i know he is over there talking to the junkies nice he lets us all come over and invade his house and eat the food that the palm is making for us but no, it is exciting i don't have any news that i can break. >> that's fine we are just going sit around and watch fox 5 morning news and get an update on his finger up next back to you in studio >> i didn't know kevin mccarthy was a member of the family. >> honorary. >> holly helped us learn exercises to keep our bodies in shape this morning she is learning about an exercise for our minds. good morning. >> reporter: good morning this is a really cool treat we are live at the anacostia community museum there is a new exhibit called exercise your mind by bk smith not only have we been spending the morning with the artist and him telling us all about his exhibit inside now we
9:19 am
have come outside, and he is actually going to help us learn how to create the landscape of his imagination is what he says we are going to delve into we will tell you all about it live later. that is my girl tina. >> sure is. >> first a look at today's trivia question, how many elevators are in the empire state building? answer coming up in a little bit keep it here back right after the break, 9:19 a.m.  [ mom ] hey guys.
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detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. red skins lost to eagles, 20-13 it is a little of a bummer this morning. >> yeah, but it doesn't seem to be dampening the spirits out there at the coolly household
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as we know chris was injured yesterday in the game had to come out very early in the game but the sports junkies are out there doing their show this was already lined up they are doing their show from out there this morning, annie yu was invited to come out. she out there with them we will check back in a couple minutes we lost the shot just now but we will check back with them so stick around for that. >> last week's iphone release is proof americans love technology. >> there is a big event taking place in california, we will check with liz for a look at whattic knowledge we can expect in the very near future we will be back after the break chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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they are doing their show there. 106.7 the fan chris is there, his wife is there annie here is my question. >> yes. >> how is the finger earlier chris said he was going to get screws put in or pins. >> reporter: yeah, he is right here next to me chris they want to know how your finger is buddy. >> it is okay, i think it is broken. >> reporter: really? >> it does not hurt. >> reporter: what is the prognosis on it? >> well, i will find out more of the prognosis today i will meet with a couple doctors and send it out the fortunate thing about the nfl you can get a lot of different experts to look at you in a one day basis we will find out more today. >> reporter: okay. >> but probably something will be done and some time. >> reporter: okay well, we will find out this week whether you will be in the game on sunday >> i will let mike answer that
9:28 am
but probably not. >> reporter: we are having a lot of fun here chris and christy his wife waiting for us over here is going to show us part of their home because we have been here all morning and all of you at home have not seen what has been going on we have the junkies here with us all morning long they have been so awesome, we had his ther tanner a lot of friends, you saw kevin, christy. >> hi. >> how beautiful is christy coolly everybody. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: why don't you guys show us around what is in your fridge. hello. >> we have the palm here. >> reporter: yes. >> what is your name. >> tim. >> tim show us the kitchen do you like it? >> reporter: what are you cooking up. >> is it okay? >> kitchen is perfect. >> what are you cooking up? >> french toast, bananas, walnuts, whipped cream we've got new york strips over here,
9:29 am
usda graded prime, lobster omelet, and what else chef? steaks. >> how does the stove work. >> so far so good. >> reporter: i want to see the fridge i don't know if you can show the fridge here but we want to see what's in your fridge and what you are eating every day. >> i just cleaned it out so not too much. >> no, it always looks like this. >> normally it is stuffed in there. >> reporter: what do you eat every day for breakfast. >> well, i eat oat meal and blueberries and in terms of cooking and food we go to the grocery store almost every day we decide what we are going to have for that night and go to the grocery store every day. >> cooking. >> oh,. >> reporter: what is your favorite dish to make? >> um, there are a lot of things i think anything new is exciting. >> reporter: okay.
9:30 am
is there something traditional you guys do once a week? >> pasta night. >> pasta night. >> makes it easy, i don't know. >> pasta night, taco night. >> do you guys eat at home most nights or eat out? >> um, during football season we eat at home pretty often. >> during the week like a regular workweek, we eat at home and we make dinner. >> usually around 5 i get home we get home and eat dinner together and like anyone else on the weekends we will eat out or with friends. >> excellent. chris and christy i want to thank you so much for letting us into your home it has been just this warm ambience your family and friends are great you guys are down to earth people i love you guys thank you very much back to you tony and alison. >> thank you.
9:31 am
>> thanks to the coollies. well, stocks coming off a good week, wall street rallies friday stronger retail sales, google and release of apple's latest iphone. liz from fox business network spending three days in the valley, as in silicon valley, the hub of our nations technology and liz joins us now to tell us what she is finding about the latest trends and developments in new technology good morning. >> good morning i want a lobster omelet. >> please we do too we are stuck in studio. at least you are in a cool location tell us about what is going on what is happening in silicon valley. >> right now, we are at electronic arts they of course are one of the top video game makers on the planet you want to talk rivalries think about the teams, dc always faces off against -- it is a team that is facing off against big competitors and all day long what we do, is we spend three
9:32 am
days in silicon valley this is the generator of business and job creation in the united states think about the companies that have been founded here that employ thousands of people everything from electronic arts to intel to google to yahoo! all these companies started as an idea a lot of them started in garages we come here for three days first day is electronic arts second day live in the tech museum, third day intel and ceos descend on fox business. everything from adobe's ceo the intel ceo, john of electronic arts, jeffrey of dream works animation they have become a silicon valley company because of all the technology that is here we hear what they are planning to do and how they are going to hire people a lot of these companies are hiring they can't find qualified people but these are the people in america you want to hear from and maybe want to buy their stock maybe you don't but what we try and do is give you this window into
9:33 am
the most creative and optimistic point. here at electronic arts all day long we are going to talk about the guys in charge to the guys in charge of battlefield 3 i don't play this stuff okay, first person shooter game but battlefield 3 they are facing off against acuti vision blizzard, call of duty, they are releasing, that before, they have star wars coming up, sims, plants versus zombies electronic arts is making millions and millions doing it but it is all the change back to the mobile phones, people are not playing on consoles, sims is getting 9 million views on facebook. we are talking to adventure
9:34 am
capitalists, it is one of the most optimistic places on the planet,. that is a pretty nice place to be then liz with fox business network we look forward to your report. >> thank you. there you go. nice to be optimistic. >> yeah, when i was a kid they were like atari. >> pong. >> i play the you know i play the madden game. >> come over here. >> just keep talking. >> we have a new system here and the cameras do what they want to do when they want to do it. >> hey, i am back. >> tell us ability the madden game >> -- tell us about the madden game. >> we are out of time now. >> on to you with the weather. >> i am not very good at it. forecast perfect next couple days i know we've got clouds out there at the moment once that clears out bright sunshine and a pleasant start we will be right back into the 70s later
9:35 am
today hoe humidity, nice breeze out of -- low humidity, nice breeze out of the 70s. upper daytime high, 60s. low to mid-70s few degrees above normal, afternoon high a lot of sunshine should feel good rain back in the forecast by late tomorrow night particularly during the day wednesday a lot of clouds around with on again off again showers coolest air of the season that time of year, feel like it too as we get into thursday and friday high temperatures only upper 50s to about 60 degrees sox definitely much cooler here towards the end of the week. >> cool now pleasant, cloud cover holding temperatures back a little bit. 59 baltimore, 57 frederick, 56 martins burg and 61 cull pepper mention afternoon highs it will feel cooler than that breezes here out of the west and north, cold front coming through during early morning hours see the cloud cover one or two sprinkles overnight shower activity falling apart across
9:36 am
the washington area. this will fade south and east for us as it does so we will get more and more sunshine building in, expect a nice one later today a few more clouds, later tomorrow set ourselves up for the rain event wednesday this front will ride back on top of us warm front late in the day tomorrow and area of low pressure will give us rain around here for the day wednesday. sunshine mild this afternoon get out and enjoy a beautiful afternoon winds out of the west, 5 to 10 your high temp, 73 cool tonight clouds moving through, 55 your overnight low winds out of the west 5 miles per hour your workweek forecast 74 tomorrow, could be late showers tuesday night early wednesday, wednesday looks like it is not going to rain all day but periods of rain cooler temperatures thursday and friday, highs only in 50s on thursday. okay that is a look at your weather, no, we are going to do tony and alison back to the desk. >> thank you. >> lady gaga channeled marilyn
9:37 am
monroe we will show you some of her special performance for president bill clinton >> i got caught up in a little bill romance. >> not sure that is the best route to take. >> another look at today's trivia question, how many elevators are in the empire state building? the answer coming up in a little bit keep it here back right after the break. 9:37 a.m.  hey guys, what can i get for you?
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9:41 am
of pancreatic cancer. his birthday was back in august buzz hi party was -- but his party was held in hollywood. >> on the list of stars, bono, steevie nix and lady gaga inspired by marilyn monroe. >> we all get caught up in a little bill romance. she then went on -- did she sing happy birthday like marilyn monroe. >> it is not on this tape. >> all right. >> but see the hair. >> doing the marilyn monroe thing. okay usher also took the stage and had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, is that appropriate for a former president? not usher but lady gaga. usher ripped his pants half way through his song but the trooper he is he kept going and
9:42 am
finished the song. >> kind of a bad rip there. >> quite the rip. >> cheap pants. >> on usher? no way >> you wouldn't think so. >> so lady gaga. >> yeah. >> so that is what you -- lady gaga is an outrageous sort of -- you know, new fresh type of artist you got to expect she will mix it up. >> i would expect but i don't know if that is is appropriate for a former president's birthday. we don't do this often enough we don't use our imagination as often as we should holly is live at an exhibit anacostia that challenges us to exercise our minds coming up next local singer lisa renee has had a bing month she won amateur night at the apollo --
9:43 am
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there is a unique exhibit at the anacostia center that encourages using your imagination. >> good morning holly. >> good morning to you all it is a treat when there is a new exhibit that opens in one of the smithsonian's museums you get a first look at it we have had that here this morning then it is even more of a treat when we get the artists to come in, and explain to us his work that is hanging on the wall. now we are really over the top because we are actually going to get the artist, bk adams, to create with us, this morning,
9:47 am
it is bk adams earlier i said bk smith we call that pregnancy brain. okay. so bk adams, the artist, his new exhibition is here called exercise your mind i am art is part of bks name and with that, really you are creating but hoping to get others to create. >> exactly inspire others. >> so what are we going to do? >> today we are going to use an untraditional method of paint we will use glasses to apply the paint to the canvas we have these great kids to help. >> kids that may be watching at home do not do this with your mothers glasses unless she says it is okay. please. bk you are going to get a lot of calls. what are we doing? >> here we go let's start. come on,. as you do this you are putting paint in there they get to throw it on to the canvas what do you hope the kids get out of this? >> just exercising their mind
9:48 am
in a different way if they don't have a paint brush don't -- do not refrain from painting find something else you can use and accomplish your goal. >> don't limit yourself we are not limiting ourselves in terms of painting here you take it to a bigger level in terms of lessons in life. >> absolutely. >> this is really just a whole lot of fun. >> yes. >> we both said that at the same time you are going to do a workshop lit later today how to do -- workshop later today how to do this incorporate it into the lesson plan. tell me your name. >> elijah. >> how do you decide to put the paint >> i decide to put it everywhere. >> so your footprint is everywhere? it is everywhere on your pants too. >> no, he did that. >> that is his son how do you think i figured that out the
9:49 am
cool pants. >> tell me your name. >> xavier. >> are you having fun? >> yes. >> what are you creating? >> i don't know. >> it is hard to make something out of that but the more colors the better? >> mm-hmm. >> you need a little more paint there you go. who else wants to tell me how they are going about putting paint on here tell me your name. >> ari. >> so how did you decide where to throw the paint? >> because you just put it everywhere, like you just put it everywhere, because it is a creation you put it everywhere. >> a creation for everything would you hang this in your room. >> yes. >> reporter: you had to stop and thing about that. >> when it dries. >> good point. >> tell me your name. >> caleb. >> you have yellow you put yours there through that blob
9:50 am
what does that add to the painting? >> a lot of bright color. >> makes it vibrant. >> don't walk across the painting that would be bad tell me your name. >> emanuel. >> okay so tell me what you are doing here. >> i am doing -- it is like that with the black and colors. >> is there something you see in that painting at all? >> i see that pink. >> is that what -- you see all the vibrant colors. so bk when someone comes to see your exhibit whether it is a young person or old person or everybody in me between, what do you hope they walk -- in between what do you hope they walk away with. >> no excuses if life a different way of seeing things, you know, every day things, that they normally see, something different, see through the trees see the sky, the clouds, the texture
9:51 am
everything. >> everybody sees an artist maybe in themselves who is an artist here? raise your hand. i think it worked they are all artists, we have a link to the community museum website open daily 10 to 5 this exhibit dk adams adams. >> october 5 action local lisa re-- 5th, local lisa renee won amateur night at the apollo she graces us with her presence how are you? >> doing awesome. i will move this over you are from here correct. >> yes. >> you are from here from listened over. >> mm-hmm. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> were you nervous. >> yeah. >> but you won. >> i did. >> and you went back last week
9:52 am
it was a competition for money how did it go? >> really well i did very well 24 people they picked 3. >> yeah, it is tough. >> yeah. >> tell us about what inspires you, the type of music you do for those unfamiliar. >> man i am inspired by inspiration, people that you know have built from the ground up the people who are doing something positive even though i feel like they have a lot of excuses to be negative in society today just people who can step up in the midst of chaos and turmoil and show something positive and bright. >> is that what you aim to do with your music. >> absolutely. >> what is your single out now. >> wonderland cool i did my first music video two weeks ago now i believe, also itunes as well. >> you will do a sock for us what? >> got me loose. >> -- orange song for us what?
9:53 am
>> got me loose. >> most of the band is family. >> this is my family. >> doing her latest, thank you for coming in. >> i appreciate it. ♪[ music ] q there she is !
9:54 am
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