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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 19, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone, on this wednesday. take a look at the beltway right now at route 29. you can see the sheen out there from all the rain we have had overnight. we'll see if this is going to keep on coming down. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's say hello now to tucker barnes who has the latest on our weather. >> you got it. the rain will keep falling here
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for the next several hours, certainly for the morning commute and then it will taper off to showers later today. definitely need the umbrella and a little extra time on the roadway as things will be on the wet side. let's get started with hd radar and show you the rain falling. from baltimore down through columbia, and washington, inside the beltway, getting some pretty good rain and out to the west, reston, manassas. when you get if get if fur-- further east and south, not getting as much rain. we are on the cool side. 61degrees. the winds will be out of the east all day. our highs late are this afternoon will only be in the 60s -- hour eyes later this
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afternoon will only be in the 60s -- our highs later this afternoon will only be in the 60s. i'll more details coming up in a couple of minutes. an arrest in the murder of a 12-year-old in montgomery county. the girl's 42-year-old stepfather, david rich hang was taken into custody. police say jessica nguyen was found stabbed in the basement of her gaithersburg home on may 31st. detectives found unusual boot prints at the crime scene that matched a pair of boots issued to the county's ride-on employees. police in maryland found the body of a young boy in the woods in gaithersburg. they think it is 11-year-old william mcquain. will item's stepfather is a
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suspect in the death of jane mcquain and william mcquain. some schools are closed because some exotic animals are on the loose. dozens escaped from a farm where the owner was found dead. police have already shot some of them and are trying to figure out how the fences were left open. another republican debate last night. the gop presidential candidates were in las vegas for cnn's debate focusing on security, foreign and economic. form are massachusetts governor mitt romney and herman cain were the targets. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates battling the gop debate in nevada. it is their eighth debate but the first since herman cain takes the number one spot in some polls. his 999 plan which calls identify 9% corporate tax rate,
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9% personal income tax rate and a 9% national sales tax has been under attack a new study says cain's plan would raise taxes on about 85% of american households. >> go to new hampshire where they don't have a sales tax and you fixing to give them one. >> whether you throw out the existing code and you put in our plan, you see who is going to pay that. that is apples and oranges. >> fine i'm going to be getting a bushel basket because i'm going to pay both taxes. >> reporter: mitt romney still remains the candidate to beat as he turns into consistently strong performances. >> i tell you what you are allowed to change -- >> you had your chance, let me speak. >> you are out of time. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry who has fallen to i disat any time third place in many polls trying to gain momentum. >> the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that
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you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life so i'm looking forward to finding your fabts on that -- your facts on that. >> i'm speaking. >> former utah governor john huntsman is boycotting the debate to pressure nevada to hold its caucuses later next year. it is 4:30 on this wednesday, october 19th. we are halfway through the workweek, folks but we got to get through this today. awful rainy out there this morning. you can see it out there on the roadways. checking in with tucker in just a second here. good morning, i'm sarah
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simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes who has the latest for us. >> a slow commute for many of us as i can tell you, i had a slow commute. >> oh, did you? >> well, it's very rainy. >> you get the leaves on the roadway. >> we'll let julie talk about the roads. you can see the showers coming in. pockets of red here along the 95 corridor. stretching up through washington and up towards columbia and ellicott city and baltimore, all picking up heavy rain at the moment. it won't rain this hard all day but that being said, we will be cloudy all day and we'll have periods of showers around here even during the course of the afternoon. i think the showers will linger right through the evening commute. an umbrella, pack a little extra patience as julie likes to say as we head out on the roadways. it looks like a with the
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commute. 61 the winning number. our highs will only be in the upper 60s. maybe 67, 68 for the afternoon high. generally speaking, showers, cloudy skies. could be a thunderstorm. there are your high temperatures in the upper 60s. >> well, you told us it was coming. >> cool weather on the way. i'll have the details in just a minute. >> we'll buckle in and get ready for what could be a very messy commute out there. let's check in with julie wright. >> i just got that mental image, you're buckled there in the news desk. >> for five and a half hours, we'll be here along with everyone else. >> it will feel like five and a half hours for a lot of folks on the roads. but not just yet. traffic volume very light right now. traveling the beltway, the 66 corridor headed towards the beltway, the ramp to go northbound on the inner loop and the ramp that would take you up side the beltway on 66
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are closed because of that overnight construction. they hope to have everything out by 5:00 a.m. right now, very light traffic volume headed in towards the capital beltway. coming eastbound on 66, you can only go southbound towards arlington boulevard. ride the ramp that will take you back to the inner loop of the beltway. here we are live coming southbound towards the beltway and leaving the beltway, no incidents to report between powder milan 650. all lanes open traveling between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now to today's top stories. two heart-breaking cases involving children in montgomery county. both of them murdered. their stepfathers are suspected in their deaths. on the right, after an intense search, police believe they have found the body of 11-year- old william mcquain. more on that story coming up? just a moment. first, fox 5's stacy cohan is live with the news in the
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arrest of a suspect in the murder of another young child. >> reporter: there was a boot print that led to the arrest of david hang in the murder of his 12-year-old stepdaughter. hang is an employee of the ride- on bus service. his stepdaughter was found stabbed to death in the family of the home. the murder saddened and frightened the housing development near gaithersburg city hall and they were relieved by the news of this arrest. >> have you had any interactions with them? >> they actually don't talk. they don't come outside. you see them only at nighttime when they were coming in the house. >> reporter: they are talking about david hang who lives in that same nabbed with a woman he calls his wife although he is still legally married to
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jessica nguyen's mother. she was stabbed to death. there was some dna evidence that linked david hang to the crime. we are told a search and seizure warrant had listed a pair of boots that belonged to ride-on employees, size eight. a similar size eight boot print was found nearby. we'll have more in a news conference this morning. police believe the remains found in ad withed area in clarkburg yesterday are william mcquain. there are signs of trauma to his body. the discovery comes less than a week after his mother was found murdered in their germantown home and those who knew william are obviously devastated. >> this is breaking my heart, breaking -- my kids have done nothing but cry. i took them out of school early today. they're broken. they can't deal right now and >> i don't know who could do this to some kid. whoever could do this has --
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who could do this to somebody? >> the boy's stepfather, curtis lopez, is the prime suspect in both cases. he is being extradited from north carolina in the next 10 days. the results are in from last night's special election in prince george's county and democrat derek lee op davis handily beat day gardner with more than 90% of the vote. it was expected as bridge is heavily democratic. the special election was to replace leslie johnson who resigned after pleading guilty to corruption charms in june. herman cain got a lot of attacks in last night's cnn debate. he is the frontrunner in most polls and his 999 tax man was criticized for imposing a national sales tax. >> are you saying that the
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state sales tax will go away. >> no, that's an apple. >> so governor perry was right. >> no, he wasn't. he was mixing apples an oranges. >> will the people in of in neve have to pay the sales tax. >> you are mixing apples and oranges. you are going to payette state sales tax no matter what. whether you throw out the existing code and pay ours, you will be paying sales tax. you are mixing apples and oranges. president obama made an unexpected stop on his bus tour across north carolina and virginia. excited supporters got hugs and a picture in broadneck virginia. the president makes a final stop at a firehouse in chesterfield before returning to d.c. fox 5 monitoring metro for you this morning and a bizarre
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crash between a metrobus and a bulldozer. half a dozen people were sent to the hospital. fox 5's wisdom martin explains how the dramatic event unfolded. >> reporter: the accident happened just after 3:00 p.m. a metrobus was traveling northbound on the access road to north capital when it was broadsided by a backhoe working at a construction site. six passengers on board the bus were taken to the hospital. >> five nonlife-threatening. the sixth is probably in pretty good shape as well but we wanted to make sure. >> reporter: the right side of the metrobus had a broken glass window and giant hole created when the front loader smashed into it. the remaining passengers were put onto another bus. access road was closed between m and patterson for several hours. then just before 6:00 p.m. the backhoe was moved to the construction site parking lot and the banged-up bus was taken back to headquarters.
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wisdom martin, fox 5 news. a frightening scene unfolding in one town. dozens of exotic animals on the loose. lions, cheetah, even bears involved in this. the situation has already proved deadly and people are being told to stay indoors this morning. up next, we are checking more headlines. stay with us. 
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grands! dinner ideas made easy. making headlines this morning, schools in ohio closed because of lions, tigers and bears. the sheriff is also telling people not to leave their homes. the animals escaped from an exotic animal farm and then investigators found the owner dead. they say the cages were left open but won't say which animals got loose. the sheriff says the animal are very aggressive but all 48 were fed monday so they should not be too hungry. things heating up at the occupy wall street protest. demonstrators marched to the manhattan district attorney's office last night. they want an investigation into what they call an unprovoked
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assault by police. last week, an officer punched an activist in the face. it was caught on video though the video does not show what led up to the punch. the protester's lawyer says particulars have told him they are investigating the incident. hundreds of tons of oil has leaked from i aship off coast of knew zeal and. the ship could break apart even. it ran aground on a reef two weeks ago. the spill has already killed more than 1 how sea birds. storm have stopped the work to pump 1500 tons of oil that is still on the ship. a giant of radio's golden age has died. norman corwin died at 100 years old. he was nominated no an academy
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award for his 1956 movie lust for life. could it be the beginning of the end for red light cameras. coming up next, details of a judge's ruling. plus, governor martin o'malley's redistricting plan is one big step closer to reality. the battle is not quite over yet. two unlikely sides joining forces over this. we'll have the details coming up. we have showers across the area that i think will slow your commute. i'll have the details. could have some thunderstorms around here this afternoon. julie wright will have a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
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taking a live look right now. we have to wipe off the lens because it is rainy out there this morning. it is pretty dense out there as well. we'll see if some scheduled emergency drill will be able to happen today inform you hear helicopters flying around montgomery county, it is just a drill. homeland security and emergency officials are testing the response of 13 hospitals to a terror attack. the defense demeanor is also participating and today's drill runs from # 30 this morning to 2:00 this affect. we'll have to see. on i don't know how the weather will play with that.
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-- runs from 8:30 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon. >> it is very rainy. >> we say we're stormy today. >> is that the head line? we don't have that yet. i can't wait. it's like the biggest part of my day. >> i know you up every day and say what's the headline today. >> right down inside the beltway, we are getting some pretty good rains. you see the embedded yellow here. that is indicating some heavier rain rates pushing down 95 towards tale city, manassas and frederick where you're getting some rain. off to the east here, east of the bay, not a whole lot either but it doesn't mean you won't get rain during the course of the day here as we'll see showers pushing in from the south during the course of our wednesday. let me show you what is going o we have a one-two combination across the area and it is an area of low pressure here down
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towards atlanta and then a big upper level low. you see the spin out there just south of chicago. they will tbang up on the region later today. we'll have periods of showers in during the day. you can see some breaks here down to the carolinas where we are likely to see some cloud cover for periods during the course of the day. later this afternoon, as a warm front approaches that, could kick off another round of thunderstorms. we'll kick this out of here late tonight and i think tomorrow will just be kind after windy day with temperatures in the 60s and then the real cool stuff gets in here thursday night and friday. day of transition. rain in the forecast here on and offer throughout the day for our wednesday. 61 the winning number in wash, -- in washington, baltimore and out at dulles. here is your forecast for today. cooler than yesterday, high temperatures, 68. cloudy skies, rain, showers likely throughout the day. i think the showers will be less numerous this afternoon.
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we introduce the possible of some thunderstorms later. some of those could be on the strong side. wind out of the east here at five to 10 miles per hour. a few showers early tonight and then just cloudy overnight. 54 your overnight low. we'll clear out starting early tomorrow morning and there should be some sunshine during the day tomorrow although breezy with highs in the low to mid-60s. right now, the weekend looks nice, sunny but cool, october cool, with highs in the low 60s. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> julie, a lot of rain out there. >> and where they've been busy working on the work dwoan zone between -- on the work zone between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue, you will feel that because it has not been milled. southbound along 270, lanes are
4:50 am
open here, no incidents reported. a lot of road spray kicking up in your face. grab a cup of joe to go. northbound i-95, lanes are open as you work your way in from woodbridge headed up to the capital beltway. looks hike we have one stop here on the shoulder. lanes are open on 395, beltway for the 14th street bridge. coming inbound new york avenue, no incidents to report leaving northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. another traffic alert for you. crews are fixing cracks in three brims on maryland's new intercounty connector so expect lane closures near emery lane, needwood road and georgia avenue over the next two weeks. all three bridges will remain open during construction. first segment of the icc opened in february. the next segment from georgia avenue to i-95 will open by the end of the year. this could signal the end of the road for red light cameras actually florida judge has ruled in favor of nine drivers who challenged their tickets saying the camera
4:51 am
images are not admissible as evidence in court. the tickets came from a camera, not a police officer. so police were not there to verify the situation. but this is just one community where this is happening. other jumps have ruled against the drivers -- other judges have ruled against the drivers. attorneys say they will keep fighting against the cameras. maryland's state senate approved the chains to the congressional districts but the battle may not be over. it is uniting opposing sides. the tea party and a top maryland democrat appear to be on the same side. tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: inside maryland's state senate, governor martin o'malley's new map of congressional districts passed 33-13. >> reporter: but outside, tea party members protested with conservative activist grover norquist.
4:52 am
>> don't take away our vote. don't gerrymander this state. >> this is out of control. it is just not right. >> reporter: tea partiers say it moves too many montgomery county democrats into the sixth district now held by republican congressman ronald goldman ros cobartlett. >> you tell me what is it that a montgomery county voter has some common with somebody from allegheny county. it is not their political views. it is the needs of their people. >> reporter: it is the old addible that politics makes string bed fellows and that is exact lit case when it comes to maryland's congressional redistricting now seeing conservative tea party members on the same side of the issue as democratic congresswoman donna edwards. >> i would point to two particular concerns that i have about the governor's map. >> reporter: edwards told the legislative hearing that taking montgomery county out of our fourth district and replacing
4:53 am
it with anne arundel county weakens minority voting rights. >> there is no threat whatsoever. >> reporter: ike leggett and prince george's county executive rushern baker are defending the governor's plan. >> for prince george's county, this is a great plan that the governor proposed rotor map is now moving to maryland's house of delegates where it is expected to be approved. however, court challenges to be looming putting maryland's new congressional map on hold. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. checking the economy now. social security recipients will get their first raise in benefits since 2009. in january, payments will jump about 3.5%. it is what is called the cola or cost of living adjustment. the increase is based on inflation and it wasn't paid out the last two years because the inflation rate was so low. the price of a stamp appears to be going up again. the u.s. postal service is upping the price by a penny to
4:54 am
45 comments. the cash-strapped postal service lost $8 billion in 2010 and this year's numbers are expected to be even a micko organization is weighing in on the crib bumper pad controversy. the american academy of pediatrics has issued new guidelines saying bumper pads should not be used. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> reporter: babies are safest, says the american academy of pediatrics when they are put to sleep on their backs in a bassinet or crib with no pillows, blankets, stuffed animals or bumper pads. babies have tiny lungs and can't move air around very well so when they get scrunched up near soft bedding items, they can't get enough oxygen. though the risk is small, it is real so maryland health officials are moving towards
4:55 am
banning the sale of crib bumper pads. dr.diyal is on maryland's rides panel and he is pleased to the vacking of the american academy of pediatrics. >> i think it gives further credence to the decision made by the panel that this is the right thing to do. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission has not yet made an official statement about bumper pads though the agency is conducting its own independent analysis. the american academy of pediatrics released its guide line about safe sleep environments and the recommendation not to use bumper pads tuesday morning. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> thank you. time now for today's my fox half off deal. it will help you get to the airport. it's discount on car service from dulles or bwi to global sedan. dan. to find out more, go to and look for my fox
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half off on the right side of the home page. it is decision day for the redskins. who will be starting quarterback? up next we'll hear from the man who will make the decision, mike shanahan. >> he scores! >> the washington caps are red- hot. a record start to the new season. we'll have highlights coming up next. next. 3q take the finish challenge. my name is ashley and my blog is not without salt. when i take pictures of my food, you don't want to see spots on the dishes. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i was thrilled. as soon as i opened up the dishwasher, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. this little guy right here makes my dishes incredibly shiny. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free.
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philly. and now to football. today is decision day for mike shanahan regarding his starting quarterback. john beck relieved rex grossman in the first nfl rowing season game since 2007. whatever the decision, the coach says he likes both of his options. >> i believe in both of these guys. both of these guys can play. of a been around quarterback in the the into the football league for a long time and i know these guys got what it takes. whatever direction we go, that guy will have an opportunity to show us what he can do on game day. a huge deal at the nfl trade deadline. the bengals sent carson palmer


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