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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 19, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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again, rick i was speaking. i was speaking i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds, this is the way the rules work here i get 60 seconds and then you get 30 seconds to respond, right. i think the gloves are off. mitt romney, rick perry, sparring over and over but they were not the only ones under attack. herman cain up against the ropes over his 999 task plan. we are shooting. >> those words from an ohio sheriff, whose deputies are on the hunt for wild animals on the prowl. lions, tigers, bears that escaped from this preserve. just open within the last year, cracks on the icc shows up on overpasses, newly built $2.5 billion toll road and a fix may not be easy or cheap
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fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. a messy start to this wednesday morning a lot of moisture, rain still falling, we got some traffic problems too especially coming up from the south wednesday morning october 19th, glad you are with us, welcome to fox 5 morning news i am steve chenevey. a wet start on this wednesday morning tony perkens joining us with the latest. >> good morning everybody. rain showers across most of the region this morning, we've had some spots of heavy will continue see heavy rain through the course of the day most of you are seeing rain not a lot in the way of heavy rain this little band from alexandria, south ward to dale city, east to the cambridge area. we have some areas where there is not much in the way of
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rainfall annapolis, not raining there. and baltimore not raining at the moment. current temperatures around the region, in the 60s. regan national airport we have a temperature, 61 degrees, relative humidity 97% winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. here is your day planner, periods of rain, maybe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, we will -- let's get this moving here. we will see showers and maybe thunderstorms later on, temperatures in the 60s. that is a look at what is happen being weather now julie. very much a busy commute on the roads, wet pavement not helping out at all. eastbound on the freeway after the exit for 295, accident involving a dump truck left of the highway there.
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montrose road, 40 minute commute check out the cameras and rides, german town 17 miles per hour as you travel southbound down towards the belt way, 395, northbound at king street. they have lifted hov restrictions on 5 and 395 but now the hov lanes are blocked here at king street no one is getting by in hovs and fire and rescue are blocking this. now big delays on 395 from the belt way headed northbound to king street in what started us off on the wrong side of the bed accident activity northbound i-95 or ongoing construction we had construction problems that went away overnight crews are still here only one lane to the left, northbound between dumb fridays and prince william parkway.
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all right julie also new maryland state police investigating a deadly accident a man on a motorcycle struck a car left unattended last night before 10:30 p.m. that motorcyclist died from his injuries the driver left that vehicle in one of the travel lanes to get help with a flat tire. two young lives lost two heart breaking cases involving montgomery county children. both murdered and both step fathers suspected. >> police believe they have found the body of 11-year-old william mcclean. first, stacy cohen is live with the news in arrest of the murder of another young child, jessica. >> reporter: good morning you may remember this happened back in may tragic and frightening for an entire gaithersburg
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community when the 12-year-old girl was found stabbed to death in the basement of her home. 42-year-old david hang he was estranged from jessica's mother at the time of the killing apparently there is quite a bit of evidence montgomery county police have to work on including alleged dna evidence found on the sheathe of a sword and a boot that may connect him to the crime he apparently also lived in the same gaithersburg neighbourhood where jessica was found murdered with a woman who claims she is his wife. >> you had any interactions with them. >> they don't talk they don't come outside. see them only at night time when they are coming in the house. >> reporter: now if he is remarried that would be quite a problem because he is legally married to jessica's mother although they have been going through a divorce. he worked as a ride on bus
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driver according to montgomery county police, searched for a boot issued to a ride on bus driver, a similar boot print was found at the crime scene. more from montgomery county police. i am stacy cohen back to you. >> thank you and a tragic end on the search for missing 11- year-old maryland boy police believe remains found in a wooded area in clarks burg yesterday are of william. there are signs of trauma to his body the discovery comes less than a week after his mother was found murdered in their german town home those who knew william are devastated. >> this is breaking my heart, breaking my kids -- they have done nothing but cry i took them out of school early they are broken they can't deal right now neither can i. >> i don't know who could do this to some kid. whoever could do this to someone just has to be -- who could do this to some body. >> the boy's step father curtis lopez is the prime suspect in
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both cases he is being extradited from north carolina in the next 10 days. the two cases have taken a toll on the victim's classmates. we will get advice on talking to kids about tragedies that hit close to home. administrators are handing out whistles to female students to use if they are accosted in the street after an abduction attempt on a 16-year-old girl last tuesday and other suspicious activity in the area the suspect has a pierced eyebrow and two piercings in his left ear the car in tuesday's incident was a white subcome tact with a baby onboard plaque card on the drivers side. republican presidential hopeful herman cain got a lot of attacks in last night's cnn debate he is the front runner in a lot of polls his 999 tax plan was criticized for imposing a national sales tax he tried to explain his plan is
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separate from state sales taxes. >> herman, are you saying state sales tax will also go away? >> no, that is an apple. we are replacing a bunch of oranges. >> so then governor perry was right. >> no, he was mixing apples and oranges. >> will people in nevada not have to pay the 9% tax. you are mixing apples and oranges, you are going to pay state taxes no matter what whether you throw out the existing code and put in a new plan, that is apples and oranges. >> i am going to get a bushel basket because i am paying both taxes. who gets the skinny on last night's debate the president's bus tour continues today he will make a stop at a military
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base in hampton virginia, where he will be joined by bob mcdonald yesterday the president made this stop, he promoted his jobs bill at emporia a city near the north carolina border where it is 60% black and unemployment more than 11%. today's vote comes a day after senate passed a measure for the new redistricting map. it is being redrawn in response to the 2010 census. all of the state's population gain result is from increases in minorities. >> a winner from last night's special election in prince georges county. davis the republican beat gardener with 9%. the county is heavily democratic and davis was favoured since he won the democratic primary last month. what a crazy story out of
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ohio where exotic animals continue to be on the loose. >> the owner of the wild animals reserve where dozens escaped has been found now dead. sarah simmons is back in studio with more. sarah really bizarre story. >> it is alison and steve. close to 30 of the 48 animals were shot and killed yesterday, right now officers armed with assault rifles are looking for the rest, forcing four school district to cancel classes. county sheriff told residents to stay indoors, updates will be sent via twitter no reports of injuries to the public police say it all started at 5:30 p.m. last night when people called in reports of wolves, bears, lions along a nearby highway. police later found the animals caretaker, dead at the farm in east central ohio police said the fences had been left unsecured and the animals cages were open. now they are not saying how
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thompson died but several aggressive animals were near his body when deputies arrived the main concern the type of animals roaming around still. >> mainly there were grizzly bears and black bears there, there were cheetahs, there were lions and there were tigers, those are the primary things we would be concerned about. >> these are wild animals. wild animals you would see on tv, in africa. one of the deputies told me they felt they had shot approximately 25 on the way up to the house to check on mr. thompson, so you know, that number could be high or low depending when they are shooting animals in all directions it is hard to keep track. we are shooting to kill. >> the sheriff said that was the command overnight as it would have been too difficult and dangerous to tranquilize animals in the dark. ohio has some of the nations
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weakest restrictions on exotic pets and highst numbers of deaths caused by them. ahead why you might see a bunch of helicopters around the dc region starting in an hour. it is a basele tradition older than the world series, chewing tobacco on the diamond. >> lawmakers want it banned from the game. >> it is in the minors already. rex or mr. beck that is the question. we will also get an answer, we will get it later today meantime how you can weigh in on the topic next. >> at 7:12 a.m. as we head to the break, live lookout side, latest weather a wet one out there in traffic slow one from tony and julie coming up next  when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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heads up if you see a whole lot of helicopters and activity around area hospitals today it is part of capitol heals, 2012 to simulate a terror attack with mock victims as well it starts 8:15 a.m., more than 0 federal, state -- 80 federal, state and local agencies will be involved. >> we will see if weather will impact that at all. is it still raining now? >> yep. >> or just aftermath. >> still raining not getting much heavy rain right now we were seeing that earlier mainly just light to moderate rainfall across the region and much of the area is seeing rain at this moment. let's take a look at our sentinel satellite radar, clouds everywhere, rain showers through most of the region, there you go, this particular radar image over plays heavy rain a bit, right around the washington area not so much in the way of heavy rain there is heavy rain down across the coast of the carolinas,
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offshore two systems impacting us moisture from the south which is what we are dealing with now and later on a cold front comes through and that will bring with it more rain showerin fact could trigger thunderstorms later on today when it moves through. temperatures around the region, mild currently, 61 degrees, we've been stuck this for quite some time, 62 baltimore, 63 fredericks burg, hagerstown at 54 degrees. your five day forecast, periods of rain thunderstorms, cloudy all day high of 68 degrees tomorrow, quite breezy, winds could blow 20 to 30 miles an hour tomorrow mix of sun and clouds friday high only 60 degrees, low high and on saturday 62 for your high law schooler as you look at this and the -- cooler as you look
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at this and the trend is cooler cooler cooler. this you go. >> cooler not necessarily uncomfortable. >> that's right. >> thank you. julie. >> when tony says cooler i think of adult beverages, cooler adult beverages. >> wow. after this morning i might understand that. >> do they still serve coolers? that is so 80s. all right here we go to answer steve's question it is still very much a busy commute a lot going on eastbound on the freeway accident involving the dump truck left side of the highway remains blocked off there. here is your deal inbound 50 through new york avenue, 25 maybe nut commute, average speed ken -- minute commute average speed, kennel worth avenue, crawling along. between 16 to 11 miles per hour
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not an easy commute. southbound 95 having its shares of troubles and delays, 19 to 212 -- 198 to 212. wrapping it up outer loop of the belt way, towards georgia avenue, 25 minute commute there out on 66, big delays, you guys travel eastbound centerville to the belt way, 30 maybe nut ride as you continue -- minute ride as you continue to work. travelling 395, northbound at king street accident has cleared mainline and express lanes grid locked travelling northbound from the belt way up towards what was the accident scene and of course northbound i-95 road work continues at the prince william parkway, hov restrictions lifted, i-95 and 395 to alleviate tie ups that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. nba players and owners set to meet again this morning they wrapped up a marathon 16 hour
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negotiation session early this morning the longest meeting since they locked out owners back in june. today is 111th day of the lock out there is finally optimism about the sides coming to a collective bargaining agreement. lawmaker are taking a stance on a baseball tradition. chewing tobacco on the diamond. one group of senators is asking the players union to agree to a ban on chewing tobacco on games and television. the major league commissioner endorsed the ban earlier this year. it comes as the world series is about to get under way. speaking of, watch tonight's game, here on fox 5 st. louis cardinals hosting the rangers, first pitch 8:05 p.m. some red skins news this morning, tight end chris coolly will under go surgery today he fractured his left index finger during sunday's game against
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the eagles. qv controversy put to rest coach shanahan will announce this sunday's starter will it be rex or john beck. we want to hear who you think should get the job and why. washington capitols did it again last night 5 and 0 on the new season 3-0 win over the florida panthers last night. marcus johan son got what proved to be the game winning goal a few minutes into the first period, washington's first 5 and 0 start in franchise history they will try to make it 6 and 0 against the flyers the game is in philadelphia, tomorrow night. >> time now 7:21 a.m. relief for those having trouble paying utility bills. >> what construction crews found on overpasses, on newly built toll roads. >> holly has her dancing shoes on and she is watching some
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pretty impressive dancers ands as well. velocity dc dance festival, live performance from local dancers ands coming up 
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7:25 a.m. if you are in virginia and need help paying for heating fuel you have until november 14th to apply. you can apply to qualify for assistance the maximum monthly income for one person households cannot top $1,180 for a household of four that would be a limit of $2,422 the fuel assistance helps people who use electric, gas, kerosene, coal or wood in their homes. dc council put a halt to controversial law effecting drivers in the district police officers will no longer be able
7:26 am
to arrest drivers who have expired license plate tags but you can get a ticket, can be towed, play your grey is expected to sign off within 10 days the city will have 225 days to review the old law then the council can bring forward a permanent law or allow it to return to the way it was before. >> heads up for people in maryland's new intercounty connector, crews will be working to fix three bridges, lane closures near emory lane, meadwood road and georgia avenue the first segment just opened in february the next segment georgia avenue to i-95 will open before the end of the year. 7:26 a.m. coming up one local contestant on the x factor right here on fox makes it into the top 17. >> very exciting for that young man. las vegas did not dispoint turned out to be the perfect place for a gloves off
7:27 am
republican presidential debate first herman cain then focus shifted to mitt romney and rick perry. we will break it down for you coming up next. >> look at what is happening on the roads this morning this was the belt way at 29 you can see heavy traffic one side of the screen big problems 95 north we will talk about that with julie wright coming up next. 7:27 a.m. this wednesday morning ♪
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7:30 a.m. on wednesday morning tony perkens back with us today. i was driving in and just thinking it looks like it will be one of those days. >> yep it is. >> kind of messy. >> messy, rainy conditions could see thunderstorms later on today, gradually as the day progresses, winds start to pick up we really feel the wind overnight tonight and tomorrow. >> catch up on indoor work if you can. >> sleeping. >> that is an even better plan. >> indoor work equals napping. >> can i start now? >> every not now we need the know details -- rain showers across the region now, and good news, it is all light to moderate rain at this hour, we have been seeing areas of heavy rain during the early morning hours that dissipated just a couple blips down to the south,
7:31 am
between dale city and wall door of, one narrow line there, -- wall door chester town you are not getting rain either. >> take a look at the sentinel satellite radar, here we go, across the eastern united states, a couple different systems we are dealing with first of all the one we are getting now is a tropical system or tropical -- it is a tropical system from the south not a tropical storm but it is bringing heavy rain to portions of the mid-atlantic then a cold front out to the west that will track east ward as the day progresses as it does, it will bring with it more rain showers, and it could trigger some thunderstorm activity as the other thing it will do is lower temperatures, colder air back behind that. >> temperatures around the region, 63 degrees, that is an
7:32 am
update, 63 washington 62 baltimore, quantico, 67 degrees out to the west temperatures 50s. broaden this out, you can see how cool it is to the west, behind that cold front, columbus 48 degrees detroit 50 degrees, at this hour. here is the forecast today, we will leave it at this, more clouds, more rain showers through the day today maybe afternoon thunderstorms can't rule those out, looking for a high today of about 68 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with weather more on this mornings rush hour traffic here is julie wright with that. all right tony very busy out here on the roads this morning for those travelling southbound along the bw parkway 198 headed down towards the exit for the outer loop, 25 minute commute and all lanes are open, southbound on 95, 216 to the belt way again, 25 minute drive in there all lanes are open. 29, using that for your south and north commute, ongoing stop and go slow from randall of,
7:33 am
headed down toward the belt way, that is what we had problems with that large construction project still in place only the left lane gets by, hov on 95 and 395 as a result that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. mitt romney, and rick perry taking shots at each other's records over job creation, 2 of 7 gop presidential candidates who garthed last night ins will i have -- gathered last night in las vegas. >> if you want to know how someone is going to act in the future look how they act in the past, so mitt while you were governor of massachusetts in that period of time you were 47th in the nation in job creation, during that same period of time we created 20 times more jobs. with regards to the record in texas you probably also ought to tell people if you look over the last several years, 40% almost half the jobs
7:34 am
created in texas were created for illegal aliens, illegal -- >> that is incorrect sir. take a look at the study. >> there has been a third party take a look at that it is absolutely incorrect. almost all rivals attacked herman cain as a tax increase for more we welcome back democratic political strategist, david brown joining us while peter is away. welcome back and filling in for jim, we are very pleased to welcome back, dave nice to see you. let's start with all the sparring last night, what were your impressions overall david, i will start with you, with this republican debate. >> well, i still don't think there is a candidate that really excites. what i thought was interesting, i thought the fighting going on back and forth is going to have almost nothing to do with who
7:35 am
is finally elected. again, no body excites me if you want the candidate i believe establishment republican party, k street candidate it is mitt romney they trust him to do what he is supposed to do not change anything but as far as a candidate out there in the hearts and minds of the republican base i don't see who that is. if mike huckabee were here maybe we would see but no body excites me. >> no body has caught on some people have gone up some gone down michelle bachmann did well in that straw poll in iowa then governor perry went up i can see herman cain coming up whether he will stay up there i am not sure i don't think they are united around anybody having said that clearly the establishment candidate is governor romney. in some ways the for mat leads to more sparring a minute is not a long time, 30 seconds is not a long time the fact that
7:36 am
no body got into their plan the only thing they talked about in depth in terms of economic issues was the 999 plan that was pretty superficial that is a format of having 7 people on the stage and trying to get everybody in and working to make sure everybody gets fair time it makes it difficult to have an in depth discussion. >> i want to talk more about the mccain plan but when the viewer watches this you are people who adviced candidates on the road to wherever they are going, do the people like to see this, when you are watching, if you want to cast that republican vote, come election time, and you are watching these two men who have been governor's of the state going at it does that help or hurt in public image? >> i think some people like it some don't overall it doesn't get to the depth of the issues you want to understand so that is why i think some times the for mat is difficult one thing newt gingrich and rick santorum
7:37 am
have been able to do, bring issues back to us and they are not in the top tier of candidates maybe that is one of the reasons they are able to do that having said that i think they have both done over the series of debates very well at saying this is what i believe this is where i am going rick santorum is probably in a little more in fighting with candidates than former speaker gingrich. the problem is he can't smile he can't make eye contact he has no sense of humour. herman cain has a sense of humour but i think the fighting, is not what they are saying what we are looking at but how they handle themselves when they fight do they seem flustered how are they going to be able to handle obama and do they seem mean or angry? those are at the end of the day if you haven't made your mind up you are not watching the cnn debates you are taking care of your kids making breakfast, coming home making dinner it
7:38 am
will be how you people who do you trust? who do you trust. who do you like. if rick perry can get polished and maybe answer questions with a complete thought. >> oh, david. >> i think too many republican voters, reminds me of george w busch. let's move on the herman cain how did he look? let me ask you first how did he come outlooking the apples and oranges, i can't tell you if you are going to pay more. i think he is stretching to try and find a way to define differences and really what he was say being the apples and oranges which i didn't think came over at first but as he talked longer in the debate it got better you've got state taxes and local taxes i am not running forgiver nornot running to be your mayor i am running to be your president this is what i want to do at the federal level that is what he was explaining with apples and oranges and federal tax system is the one he thinks is broken
7:39 am
and wants to replace with a fundamentally different way of going about it. you can agree or disagree that is what he meant. i didn't think, as i said overtime he did a better job explaining it but apples and oranges i didn't think fit it. >> we have to live in both a state and country what are we hearing? how did that message come across and people who liked that flat tax at first are saying wait a minute what am i going to pay. >> yeah, they are the tax code he pointed out has been built by interest in washington that have spent millions to put their own provisions in it and they are going to fight to keep the tax code as it is. herman cain has to fight to keep the 999 if that plan goes away herman cain goes away. if another candidate were to say herman i read it this weekend i see where you are going at his numbers would have
7:40 am
drastically changed. to a great degree he has built his campaign on it it was not a campaign particularly has a lot of money or organization one thing i kept going back to last night as i listened to the debate, the last time we did real performances, clearly the tax code needs help the last time we did real reform was 1986 it was truly bipartisan we had president regan, senator bradly, congressman dick. john kemp you had a bipartisan effort to do it and it went beyond just mentioning those people the first thing they did was agree the tax code was there, to have a better, fairer, system lower rates for everybody and revenue neutral because you weren't there to punish some body you were there to raise money u.s. government needs once you got over that hump you worked using taxes to punish some body then it became easier and possible although a difficult time and took a lot
7:41 am
of hard work on capitol hill it became possible and we have not gotten to that point. right now most discussion on tax code is who am i going to punish that is not a very good way -- >> i know you want to weigh in on that we got to end this, david brown is democrat political strategist we will see you again sir and jay david hovi is political strategist thank you so much steve over to you. 7:41 a.m. this wednesday morning a buoy man celebrating after last night's x factor show. >> another court appearance for lyndsey lohan why prosecutors want a judge to put her back behind bars  hey, what are you drinkin'? dunkinin' iced. the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up.
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>> another court date another jail threat for lyndsey lohan as city prosecutor will recommend she be sent back to jail after she was terminated from a community service assignment at a women's shelter she then started serving hours with american red cross on probation from a 2007 drunken
7:45 am
driving case and misdemeanour theft case earlier this year. >> all right lyndsey. >> we continue to see shower activity. >> let's talk about this. >> yes, shower activity across the region, let's go to hd radar. what we are seeing is mainly light to moderate rainfall here and there, mostly -- well, a lot of here and there most folks are seeing rain at this moment we have more breaks in the rain earlier not so much right now this is the way it will go during the course of the day, rain showers some heavier than others and at some point some people won't be getting rain but off and on through the day. let's go the graphics, here is your sentinel satellite radar, you can see the big picture sorry this is a future cast showing you how things will progress. we will move it along. clouds with you all day, a gap where we don't have rain showers more come through this afternoon and evening late tonight and overnight look at that, clears out of here by tomorrow morning, we will be breezy tomorrow here is your 5
7:46 am
day, 68 degrees for your high, thunderstorms later, tomorrow mix of clouds and sun, breezy, 64, cooler temperatures for friday and saturday, sunday into the mid-60s. thanks tony. >> let's check with julie busy morning. yeah, it has been very busy out there, what we have been talking about is construction project didn't quite turn out as nicely as we hoped, northbound i-95, so again they move the camera around northbound i-95 approaching the prince william parkway that is where they have only the left lane getting by mainline coming northbound up towards the occoquan we have construction people out here, inspecting the road, big delays out of fredericks burg, northbound i- 95 they lifted restrictions on i-95 and 395 to help out this morning, southbound 29, grid locked before randall road, all lanes are open delays now if you are travelling into the
7:47 am
district off 295, towards 395, 11th street bridge, eastbound on the freeway where we had the crash after the 11th street bridge tieing up the far right lane. south, 270 out of german town, leaving 118 out towards 194, 16 miles per hour in bumper to bumper commute headed for the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a big old congratulations to that guy right there, marcus from buoy maryland, marcus is oneover the 17 acts on x factor to go through to the live shows which begin next week. marcus was on our show a few weeks ago. really proud of you. >> congratulations so far hope you make it farther. local dance companies coming together for an edge of your seat performance. >> part of velocity dc dance
7:48 am
festival hi holly. >> good morning you could say edge works has the x factor one of the pre mere all male -- premier all male dance companies taking part this weekend here at shakespeare theatre company where we are live, and where we are indeed getting a preview showing you first hand why you just might want to put this on your weekend event. all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us pgh >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, mr. dog smith. mr. dog wants to hear good news like john beck will start in the red skins game sunday. find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news there is no space between fox and number 5 post a comment under mr. dog smith's photo. 
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third annual velocity dc dance festival starts its four day run tomorrow. >> that is my only move. >> well, you can't be part of this crew. >> holly is live at shake peer company's -- shakespeare company's sidney harman hall. >> reporter: the point of this festival is for you to come out and engage the first two years it was sold out evidence it is a great idea the idea is result of a partnership with dance metro dv washington performing arts society and shakespeare theatre company where we are live this morning. he is with edge works, founder and artistic director. first hand how special this will be how is this different than other festivals. >> this is modeled off of fall
7:53 am
for dance in new york city. ifs a fast paced event that provide you with many world class artists based in the area, you don't often get to see. >> one thing was they made a point to say this is not a resitele it is cure rated, the acts are chosen, meant to be an experience. >> absolutely. >> explain more what that means. >> you are looking at high quality art over the course of this festival it is not intended to be just an experience in terms of demonstrations of dance but really about crafting the art, really about showing dynamic range and diversity of what is happening in our community. >> and maybe to be like an aha moment for people to say why am i not seeing this more. >> absolutely even bigger than this festival, reminds us that dance is happening all around us. >> it is happening all yearlong here in dc. >> absolutely. >> so many venues including
7:54 am
harman hall. >> let's talk about edge works specifically you all are really known in the arena of modern dance, tell me a little bit about your group and where you perform and what your mission is. >> absolutely edge work dance theatre an all male dance company primarily african american men the first in the dc area we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary last season we are kicking off our 11th anniversary as part of being in the festival. >> how far have you come in 10 years where do you hope to go in the next 10 years. >> wow, we have the fortune of touring nationally and internationally. >> where do you usually perform? >> locally places like here, and dance place kennedy center other venues but then we are commissioned really throughout the nation at universities, and major performing arts venues. >> i want to make sure we make
7:55 am
a point because it is just so amazing and inspiring, that one of your dancers ands is hearing impaired. >> absolutely. it is a very special thing most mainstream companies do not take on this but this is very much about reminding us dance is for everyone. >> how do you go about incorporating him tell me his name. >> mervyn. >> in the green shirt. >> yes. >> i have been so inspired by him there is an interpreter here helping him get through but you don't see it as a limit. >> not at all it helps increase sensitivity and our depth of work. >> you are doing. >> trigger an excerpt from it part of a trilogy of work. does this enable you a festival like this to see the other high class work going on maybe because you are so wrapped up in your own you don't have time to go.
7:56 am
>> this is one of the things about this festival it brings us all together in the community, and has an opportunity to be there and be supportive. >> thank you for coming in early for us and showing us your amazing talent. >> thank you. >> we have enjoyed your work you can enjoy it to if you come out to velocity, our website, it is happening here at shakespeare theatre company, tickets are only on sale here at the box office only $18, think of the talent you are seeing for not a lot of money coming up next hour, we will talk about the format of the festival and a performance by joy in motion. >> thank you 7:56 a.m. tough stories we are covering about local children as the victims of violence at 8:00 a.m. we will try to get advice how to talk with your own kids about what is happening out there. >> also in our next hour if you haven't bought the halloween costumes or candy yet wait our
7:57 am
consumer guru will look how you can save on halloween. >> sounds good. >> we will be right back  [ femalale announcer ] today, your busy schedule
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8:00 am
on the same day montgomery county police make an arrest in the death of a 12-year-old girl they find an 11-year-old boy. a social worker joins us in studio how to talk to your children about these tragedies. >> good morning thanks for being with us, i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. in the middle of the belt way overnight a driver ditches their car with a flat tire and it causes a deadly crash. truly bizarre story out of ohio, four school districts cancelled classes and residents told to stay inside why? dozens of wild animals escaped from their habitats after their owner was found dead. we are talking about lions,
8:01 am
tigers, cheetahs, wolves, giraffes, camels, bears. the latest on trying to wrangle this wild animal crew. bizarre situation there as this continues to grab headlines across the country. >> more information on weather too. it is wet out there. >> yes, it is, max 2, show you what is happening, radar image and show you precipitation moving through the region light to moderate rainfall across the washington area, it is raining you want to be aware of that as the day progresses we will see more rain showers come through, we will have breaks in the rain here and there at various times more rain and thunderstorms in the latter part of the day current temperatures around the region, we are in the 60s for the most part, 63 degrees at regan national airport, 61 dulles international and 62 bwi marshall, cloudy skies, periods of rain maybe a couple
8:02 am
thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening, look for highs mid-and upper 60s. 66 german town, 68 washington, 69 in fredericks burg more details on the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> we want to quickly mention the godard school in hanover maryland is closed due to power outage. >> now on the roads, what a busy start it has been so far how is it looking from 95 up julie. >> it is worse than that, i think it is like richmond up to the capitol belt way steve. very busy on the roads this is what we have been talking about commute northbound i-95, overnight there was construction concrete work done, 95 between dumphries and the prince william parkway, there was a problem within the work zone crew is still on the scene. left lane only able to get by. as a result they lifted the hov
8:03 am
restrictions on 95 to alleviate tie ups the problem is, you can't enter into those hov lanes they don't start until the work zone appears you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, just frying to get up there. -- trying to get up. checking for a crash between montrose and the lane divide an hour commute out of german town and lanes are open on the outer loop, flowing from 95 college park out towards georgia avenue for those travelling along eastbound 66 centerville to the belt way 45 minute drive and there, all lanes are open travelling the inner loop leaving braddock road, 135 and tyson, a 35 minute commute slow going inbound, river dale checking for the crash, westbound 214 at the belt way. thanks julie investigation under way after a deadly accident on the belt way a man on a motorcycle hit a car left unattended on the outer loop
8:04 am
near route 50, just before 10:30 p.m. last night he died from his injuries turns out the driver of the car left the vehicle in the middle of the belt way to get help for a flat tire. now to our other big story two tragic cases involving children in montgomery county. both murdered their step fathers suspected in their deaths. on the left after an intense search police believe they have found the body of 11- year-old william, more on that first, stacy cohen is live with news of an arrest in the murder of another young child jessica, stacy joins us from police headquarters in rockville we will get more on that investigation when we join stacy right now good morning stacy. >> reporter: good morning alison we definitely have some difficult stories to report about the deaths of these two children but there is good news at least in the case of the 12- year-old jessica, found murdered back in may there is an arrest in that case, her 42-
8:05 am
year-old step father david hang was arrested with killing his step daughter. he is estranged from jessica's mother that day may 31st she came home from school as normal, by 7:30 p.m. she was found stabbed to death in the basement. dna evidence found on a sheathe that belonged to a small sword connected hang to that crime scene and a boot print that may have been worn in his job as a riden bus driver. we spoke to a woman who claimed to be his wife they lived near the crime scene in the same neighbourhood as jessica. >> did you have any interactions with them. >> they don't talk they don't come outside, see them only at night time when they are coming in the house. >> that woman that claimed to be david hang's wife -- [ audio
8:06 am
difficulty ] >> reporter: boot print or this matching foot, we know he will be in court later today at 1:00 p.m. by the way he is -- [ audio difficulty ] >> stacy cohen reporting there on the death of jessica, we will have more on that case throughout this morning. >> now to the other death involving a child in maryland police found remains of a boy in a wooded area, near route 355 clarks burg maryland. there are science of trauma to his body the discovery comes a week after william's mother was found murdered in their german town home those who knew them are devastated. >> william was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world there is no reason this should have ever happened to him. >> we were neighbors and she had such a giving heart and she did such a good job with her son and she loved him and lived
8:07 am
for him. jane's estranged husband, curtis lopez was arrested in north carolina he will be extradited to maryland in the next ten days. >> thank you the murders of these two children tough enough for adults to try to understand imagine what it is like for children even those who did not know the victim but maybe they heard about it at school or watching the news joined now by alicia from cognitive therapy for kids, thanks for being with us. let's talk about that, it is a situation where it is tough enough for adults to try to understand and know what is happening, what is your best strategy for telling parents to be able to talk about this with their kids, first of all should parents bring it up or wait until the kids ask a question. >> i think the kids are talking about this at school and it is coming up you will want to deal with this with the children. parents have to first remember their own anxiety when i heard
8:08 am
about this with the amber alerts and things like that my first thought were for my kids that is a natural response but if we convey our anxiety to kids when talking about this type of thing it makes it more complicated, and scarier for them. >> sure as you talk to us we will put tips up on the screen so those of you at home can follow along as well when you talk about this anxiety you are talking maintain a calmness you are talking about parents. make sure parents get their minds set first so kind of come up with a plan before we talk to the kids. >> absolutely our own anxiety if we are feeling something scary we convey that to our kids we want to make sure before we talk to them about it we've got the facts got a way of handling this we are okay. >> what about when you are actually talking to the kids what do you want to let them know as far as if they have questions and how they are feeling about it, make them comfortable even in the discussion. >> you want to acknowledge their feelings one of the
8:09 am
tendencies we have as parents is take away some of the hurt and scareness this is a scary sad situation we are not going to get away from that we want to give them a place to talk about it and where feelings are okay we want to give them things to do with their feelings when you feel overwhelmed and scared, you got to remember this is a rare and isolated incident this is truly awful but doesn't happen frequently there are a lot of safety measures in place for you from locking your doors at home to school as a secure building there are a lot of safety things around you, external things and police people to how your family works. >> a lot of people talking about acknowledging feelings of youngsters a lot of parents might be afraid to bring it up in fear of more questions coming up. >> that is true you don't want to make it you put it in someone's mind, a lot of times it is already there what i know about kids from working with kids if it is already there they are going somewhere and on mind with it then it will be much better for them to go to
8:10 am
that dark place with a parent with someone who can help them understand and navigate it so it is less scary. >> one thing you mention when it comes to that as a parent you stick to the facts now, the question then becomes in a situation like this where you have horrible cases that have facts that are not all that pretty, which facts do you share which ones do you hold on to. >> so, it is possible, limiting exposure to media is great in this kind of thing asking yourself is this going to be age appropriate for my child to watch and then as kids ask questions you answer them don't overwhelm them with facts as they ask questions answer them with simple straightforward language for younger kids you want to keep it as simple as possible for older kids you may go into more details just because they may make it more dramatic go off on some kind of idea about it you want to make sure you are reigning them in a little bit. >> just as we adults react and
8:11 am
are effected differently so are kids, now what about -- i guess the final point we will make here if you get to that point where you need to find some body else to help out what are somethings you want to look for. >> well, if your child is already has a tendency toward anxiety or depression those are going to be warning signs already if they start talking about this a lot you notice they are having trouble sleeping, changes in their mood they are not eating as much some times kids, sadness looks like irritability you don't expect it you are looking for changes in moods persistent going to last more than a week. >> i was going to ask if there is a time period here. >> you have cool counsellors they are great they are trained in dealing with crisis. you have your pediatrician, a lot of local resources. also with child deaths you may want to talk to your religious leaders seek out help however your community supports that. >> sure let your kids know it
8:12 am
is okay to talk with counsellors at school. >> absolutely. >> no doubt it is a tough topic for us to understand many days and tough for the kids we appreciate your advice thanks for being with us. >> 8:11 a.m., 63 degrees on wednesday morning president barack obama is bringing some help on today's leg of his bus tour more on who will join him in virginia. fox's consumer reporter joins us with tips how to save money this halloween on everything from candy to costumes stay with us 
8:13 am
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8:15 a.m. on wednesday morning. kind of a scary spooky day with all the rain and fastness out there one thing you don't want -- nastiness out there. one thing you don't want to get upset is out of hand halloween spending.
8:16 am
>> deals for financially fit festivities my kids always want us to totally go bonn kerrs in the front -- bonkers in the front yard and all that. >> where is your costume steve. >> good morning. >> all right yeah, here we go, the bottom line is this we love halloween according to national retail federation consumers will spend 6 .8 billion, with a b dollars on halloween this year that is a tonne of money for a holiday you are right is fleeting at best the average family will spend a little under $100 here is my concern about halloween i don't thing people get a full picture of what their halloween budget entails it is one of those holidays you buy a little here and there and all of a sudden you have done all this over spending my first challenge is get an accurate picture i think a lot of people approach halloween with two things in mind, candy and costumes what about decorations and kids that are going to have a halloween
8:17 am
parade at school the haunted hayride or whatever else it is you want to do as an activity. well, here is the bottom line halloween is a holiday with a firm expiration date on it for lack of a better term. there are always coupons and deals candy, go online right now, google candy coupons i guarantee you will find all sorts of deals, the kind of candy we give out at my house is whatever kind is on sale. you will save some money. here is the thing steve i was only half joking when i asked why you weren't dressed up because we all could use some help and need inspiration what can we look for this year? >> yeah, here is the deal we go to the store, we think we go looking for a costume and buy something, right but really all you are doing is going looking for inspiration, how many of us go in search of a certain thing instead of going to a retailer to find inspiration go to a website like coolest home made
8:18 am be inspired for free. there are happens of costumes on there and i guarantee if you go through enough of them you will realize i have that in my closet or i can go down to goodwill and pick up a couple pieces you will save a bunch of money what we are looking for is inspiration not an item. >> the best part, if you go trick or treating or to a party you are probably not going to find someone wearing the same costume. >> if you made it. >> you mentioned the haunted hayrides what about activities how do you search for the best deal there. >> well, here is the deal, all these coupon sites out there, has done the work for you, go on to the internet and find all those halloween deals, social couponing sites they are all posting right now because again this is a holiday that once it is over, it is over we are fum on into christmas. retailers -- full on into
8:19 am
christmas. retailers are wanting to offer incentive prices to make sure you pay a visit. >> we will talk to you before the actual date but nice to see you. >> thanks steve. >> now let's look at our forecast tucker. we have a lot of clouds and gloom and rain showers falling as well. that will be the theme around here, we will see on gain off again rain showers. hd radar and shower activity not everywhere but you can see inside the belt way, pretty good soaking shower that continues and up 95 towards columbia, beltsville, laurel, pretty good shower as well out to the west not so much charles town, winchester getting a break but when i open it up here you will see we have more rain off to our west and another good batch of tropical moisture down to the carolinas that will merge to one. a lot of clouds on the forecast again possibility of more showers throughout the day and even potential for some pretty good thunderstorms around here
8:20 am
later on this afternoon, very warm air trying to move on ahead. 63 regan national, 69 gaithersburg. highs cooler than yesterday only upper 60s. probably need a light jacket in addition to the umbrella later this afternoon. cool stuff in here later tomorrow and tomorrow night, highs 60s by thursday, friday and sunday. that is a look at weather back in a minute on time traffic julie has your latest. slow going. >> still at this hour tucker just like we started at 4:30 a.m., with bumper to bumper traffic along northbound i-95, delays, triangle headed to the prince william parkway construction project with us all morning long still in place only the left side getting by, they lifted hov restrictions, but unfortunately damage is done and road work still in place, southbound, 270, before montrose accident activity
8:21 am
mainline blocking the left lane each direction you will find traveling the belt way outer loop, 95 college park headed around the georgia avenue, between connect cut and georgia, gain 395, delays from the belt way, across 295, you will find that is a 35 minute commute all lanes are open, here, 18 miles per hour as you continue northbound, trying to get across the potomac other side of town, delays, travelling inbound stretch all lanes are open, all across the washington parkway lanes are open, down to route 50 that is a 50 minute commute. results are in from yesterday's special election in prince georges county they show democrats, leon davis, easily beating gardener with 91% of the vote to gardeners 9% it was expected as prince georges
8:22 am
county is heavily democratic. >> republican presidential hopeful herman cain was on the receiving end of a lot of attacks on last night's cnn debate he is the front runner in most polls right now and his 999 tax plan was criticized for imposing a national sales tax. go to new hampshire where they don't have a sales tax and you fix on giving them one. >> whether you throw out the existing code and put in our plan you are still going to pay that that is apples and oranges. >> i am going to get a bushel basket that has both taxes. cain says the occupy wall street protestors don't understand the economy and should be protesting in front of the white house. other highlights include mitt romney saying voters should not consider a candidates religion and ron paul calling to an end for aid to israel. >> first lady joining the
8:23 am
president on the last stops of his tour. the president's final stop is at a fire house in chesterfield, central virginia, that will be this afternoon. 8:22 a.m. on wednesday morning coming up more on the search for wild animals in ohio that has shut down schools and has residents ordered to stay inside. being called an incredibly rare look at one of history's truly iconic battles, the authors of voices of the bulge, join us next. later live with a preview of velocity dc dance festival that gets under way tomorrow first a new segment you will see periodically here on fox 5. >> fox 5s. vice president and general manager, duffie dier will offer his take on news events that effect our area. he begins with the reason why he is launching this effort. now that's my take with
8:24 am
wttg vice president and general manager. >> people here at fox 5 along with more than 5 million residents are hard working, civic minded people here, we pay our taxes push for better schools and vote hoping for a more responsive government all of us want to see our children to grow up to be solid citizens that give back to their community yet citizens are often let down by their elected and appointed officials fox 5 news told countless stories about elected and appointed officials who chose to ignore the law or enriched themselves at the expense of the people they serve when some are caught they hunker down, weather the storm hoping media will get bored and move on the other stories. not so for fox 5 news we will continue efforts to shine a bright light on unlawful and unethical actions of elected and appointment officials in weeks and months ahead we will single out situations warrant
8:25 am
even greater scrutiny, and commentaries like this one, we will point them out so you have a clear picture as to facts involved. people of the washington dc area deserve the best from our officials we won't get their best unless we don't understand who is living up to their -- unless we understand who isn't living up to their expectations  when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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time now 8:28 a.m. as we look at stories making headlines, 25 deaths in 12 states now linked to listeria outbreak, going on for some time talking about cantaloupe, 123 people sickened nationwide that number could grow. it could take up to 2 months for listeria to appear maryland is among the states with confirmed deaths. >> dozens of animals on the loose in ohio, bears, big cats and big game animals they escaped from a farm where police found the owner dead. they shot several of the wild animals last night they are still trying to figure out why cages were left open and how the owner died. we will get more on a live
8:29 am
report coming up. tuck. hey, guys rain showers in the forecast and possibility we could get strong thunderstorms in here later today. got to be ready for that. most on the strong side, cloud to ground lightning. afternoon time >> mid-to late afternoon. >> okay. >> warm air moving overhead will kick things off. rain showers, hd radar will show you showers that continue to fall across the area. good news after heavy rain or periods of heavy rain, scattered showers at the moment and you can see here generally on the northwest side of the belt way, northwest side of town up towards bethesda, soaking rain showers and southern montgomery county, not so much here south and southeast of the city down into southern maryland you are doing fine temporarily out to the west, winchester, charles town, rain showers, lift off to the north and east more in the forecast later today. >> let me show you why satellite radar, will show you
8:30 am
the big picture combination of this tropical moisture from the south, the storm that tried to get together, tropical storm but all that moisture lifted north and then a big upper level low you can see it spinning out there, towards cincinnati that will pivot and bring energy into the area. we will get a break not much in the way of sunshine probably just cloud cover later this afternoon warmer air moving in could kick off thunderstorms get it all out later tonight and cooler and dryer air will start to work in tomorrow changing forecast, that day of transition cooler air lagging behind. >> 63 the winning number not only baltimore, but 50s off to the northwest, hagerstown 59 degrees your 5 day forecast periods of showers could be afternoon thunderstorms lots of clouds around during the course of the day, tomorrow looks better, breezy afternoon sunshine highs mid-60s cool it down, for the weekend highs both saturday and sunday, only 60s should be nice should be
8:31 am
dry, a few clouds moving through from time to time that is a look at weather alison over to you. the battle of the bulge was the last major nazi offensive against the allies in world war ii and involved almost a million soldiers the new book is called voices of the bulge, documentary of the same name reveal untold stories first hand accounts from american soldiers and german veterans including st officers or soldier -- ss officers or soldiers who talked to authors after decades of silence. >> martin king and michael collins. >> good morning. >> 12 years of blood, suite and tears, -- sweat and tears, is the story now told. >> it will never be told. absolutely not, no. still uncovering stuff. but 12 years collectively, we spent, investigating stories, cross referencing and i have been working from europe where
8:32 am
i live, and it mike has been working here in the state down here a lot too where did you go mike. >> national archives in college park, doing research, looking for just documentation of different reports written out by each division during that battle. and when i would uncover things i would send e-mails and make phone calls to martin telling him what i found. >> oh, my phone bill was horrendous. >> but well worth it. >> absolutely yes. >> in the book, i find just so incredible, is what we said in that lead in there because you talked to both sides it is a complete book at what is going on with the often times young men tell us about talking to these men in the first unts tha we pick up voices of the bulge. >> well, yeah, with the american veterans it was some of them never had really spoken about their stories until now
8:33 am
or just past three years. you find that a lot this generation doesn't speak. >> absolutely. >> sorry go ahead. >> this generation they came back from war and went back to their every day life they didn't see it as something they needed to dwell on they saw it as their job and came back many of them they started to begin to relive some of their horrors they saw and you had to be mindful of this you had many soldiers who lost friends and some became prisoners of war that can become difficult as a historian when interviewing someone you have to be mindful what they went through. martin i will ask you about the german soldiers including the ss soldiers i am surprised they opened up at all. >> oh, dear me. >> can you talk about it? >> absolutely well, first of all the ss don't like being interviewed when you actually do get them to talk, it is
8:34 am
usually quite sporadic and the thing is with the ss when you actually get through, now they are all in their late 80s early 90s almost like confessional now okay we will come out and tell you what happened. that was a phenomenal, i mean some of these guys were remarkable there were atrocities committed during the battle of the bulge mike and i wanted toe get under the skin of these and find out who were the perpetrators who did what who was where and we have been able to establish this now. if i might make a clip to that, thanks no this book one woman in this book was knighted this year because of this book, first black woman in europe, to receive a knight hood because she spoke with the u.s. army in the battle of the bulge she was a belgium woman from the congo and volunteered to work 10th
8:35 am
army and largely forgotten never talked about it after the war when we uncovered her story we compiled a dossier and sent it to the king of belgium and said come on this woman is a hero she deserves recog nice and so with his support my wife and i attended the knight hood ceremony this year in june and august, she was knighted, one thing you would not believe she is only that big but what a woman. >> i saw her picture she is a petite little thing. >> she is gorgeous, absolutely wonderful. they made passing reference to anna from the congo and i came in on this i said anna from the congo you know i know she was there, but we didn't have any idea of what she had done. >> right. >> when we uncovered the story how this little tiny lady was
8:36 am
dragging wounded gis, under fire wearing an american u.s. army uniform we have to go further with this. michael 600,000 u.s. troops involved, 81,000 americans died over this period, has now the story been told are our kids learning what they need to know about these great sacrifices. >> i don't think so in a way history in schools are being shoved off everyone is talking about science, technology, engineering which are fine they are great but if you don't know your history you will repeat it as they say and i believe not only for the battle of the bulge but world war ii in general, what these great veterans did, both men and women, is almost income pro hencable they lived through the depeg then had to go to war -- depression and then had to go to war and come home especially for many of them who didn't speak they went back to what they knew. to get these stories you can
8:37 am
never get complete stories. >> sure. >> we hope this book will. >> and dvd. >> and dvd. >> companion documentary dvd. >> you have told the story in the way we can all appreciate. first person account is fascinating you all do have appearances right. >> yes, mike tell her where we have been. we have been to west point, sienna college my alma mater. new york. also fort dicks new jersey u.s. may value museum here in dc today 1130 a.m. west point as well. >> yes, valley forge as well. tomorrow. >> if you would like to meet the authors, man it is all in here you should feel this book it is heavy called voices of the bulge, untold stories from veterans of the battle of the bulge find out why martin has that poppy on his lapel thank
8:38 am
you. >> steve over to you. >> fascinating stuff great research 8:37 a.m. on wednesday morning up next news for job seekers tell you ability one job fair taking -- about one job fair taking place today and reveal today's job of the day up next 
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:41 a.m., prince georges county public schools are holding a job fair to recruit bus drivers pay starts $10 an hour, benefits included paid training provided to all new hires, today's jobs fair from 10-2 glendale park, applicants are encouraged to bring current license and application there will be another one saturday more information click on jobs. don't forget to check out our job of the day, looking for
8:42 am
security agents, dulles airport, pay $10.65 an hour increases to $11.10 after a year full benefits provided for more on this and others, go to click on the job shop, find it on the top of our home page. now 8:41 a.m. on wednesday morning, after two years of sold out performances velocity dc dance festival is back. >> another chance to see them see them for free now holly is giving us a preview of the action. >> reporter: you are right steve see it for free now but if you want to come this weekend get your tickets now we are live this morning, where they are indeed gearing up for velocity dc dance festival in its third year all about show casing the vibrant of the dance community here in greater washington area but a chance for them to see where the dance community is headed like with these young dancers ands from joy of motion we are enjoying this morning coming up we will
8:43 am
learn more about them and give you everything you need to know to come out and enjoy all the performances this weekend stay with us 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> holly is at the shakespeare theatre, a beautiful venue in dc down by verizon center, sidney harman hall. they are getting ready for their third annual velocity dc dance festival, tomorrow through sunday. holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning the only thing that makes this venue more beautiful and when beautiful young dancers ands like this come to show case their talent this is alexandria, she is a dancer and choreographer have you been part of this before. >> no. >> reporter: this is your first time. >> yeah. >> reporter: you are excited what are you all going to do. >> perform my piece, water between us. >> reporter: tell me about it. >> it is about water, because water is like evolves every day in our lives and shows emotions between people so it is kind of like the same but different because it is water and
8:47 am
motions. like the tsunami in japan and it can be gentle, washing a cut like something that happened like the relationship between people. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 12. >> are you sure you are not 22 these are big concepts. how did you know you were going to be a dancer? >> well, i started when i was really young and my mom and grandmother are both dancers ands. >> reporter: how did you know you would be a choreographer? >> well, i think it is because i love dance and that dance is also a language and i can also express my feelings through dance, without speaking or writing. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like you have any trouble expressing yourself but none the less we are going to let alexandra go ahead and show us her dancing talent as she does that with her fellow dancers ands from joy of motion i will bring in helen hayes a teacher there at joy of motion as well. what an impressive young lady. >> yes, she is. >> reporter: now you guys will be a part of something that is
8:48 am
actually new to velocity dc it is called rant. >> rant is something being started this year, to give opportunities to young choreographers, emerging artists to have their work shown in a larger forum in a more informal setting it is one of the reasons i am extremely excited about velocity this year people are getting opportunity to connect with these people often times you purchase a ticket go into the auditorium and you watch dance but don't have a chance to talk and connect with the artist. >> reporter: how is this going to work? this happens before the main performance. >> that's correct. >> reporter: out here in the hall and lobbies and things like that. >> right opportunity for people to mingle, talk with the artists and up close and personal instead of far away so they will be able to really feel the energy and magic. >> reporter: almost as if they are a part of the performance themselves. >> that is what we hope. >> reporter: also if they have a child maybe be inspired to find out more about and get involved in the dance community
8:49 am
here in dc which how would you describe the dance community here in dc? >> the dance community here in dc is incredibly rich i am proud to say i have been a part of it for more than 20 years what happened in the last decade has been phenomenal there is such growth more and more companies being given opportunity to perform and more venues. we certainly always need more but you take a festival like velocity that is what is incredible about it, it brings world class artists together if i am an audience member and don't know anything about dance and i come to velocity i get an opportunity to be exposed not just to one form of dance, ballet, mod earn, jazz but multile forms. >> reporter: people may not even realize they have a liking for something until they see it >> right. >> exactly. >> reporter: thank you so much for bringing out those lovely girls this morning they are just so beautiful and have done
8:50 am
such a wonderful job. come see them and all the talent available here starting tomorrow through sunday shakespeare theatre company, sidney harman hall and people like joy of motion in the hallway, rant starts 6:45 p.m. and show at 7:30 p.m., we have a link to the box office get your tickets vie the the shakespeare company box office here or online as welcoming up in our next hour yet another group that will perform, city dance coming out and we will continue to talk more about the dance here in dc and how vibrant it is. beautiful holly thank you. 8:50 a.m. on wednesday morning still more to come we will check today's sports headlines including. >> the latest on the caps and skins, stay with us @
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> checking the sports headlines. a great day on the ice last night. the washington capitals looking to keep their undefeated season alive against the panthers. that is a great start and this
8:54 am
is a great start to the game last night. marcus johansson, the capitals add two more goals, including a nice empty net goal. 3-0, shutout win. the caps 5-0 on the season. the first time in franchise history the team started 5-0 and they will try to make it 6 in philly tomorrow. shanahan will announce who will start as quarterback against the panthers on men and he was pulled in the middle of the game sunday for john beck against the eagles. we ask our facebook fans who do you want to see start on sunday? not a lot of love for rex. a lost people wanted him to be the starting quarterback. they hope thatthy don't start rex chokesman. >> he should be the star and has the ability. if you watch his byu
8:55 am
highlights, he reminds you of aaron rogers. he was in college many years ago. we'll so what happens. >> oh. that is the coach's decision. doesn't matter what we think, right? >> rough. >> four intersections and seeing that come. >> yeah. and it's close to 9:00. we'll take you with more to talk about this morning. and we're all over one of the biggest stories grabbiing headlines across the nation today. dozens of exotic and dangerous obey pals escape a -- and excite -- animals escape a farm. this is close to the columbus zoo where he works. the time is 8:55 o. a wednesday morning. we'll be back after the break. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me yup. out?
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[ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we're coming up on 9:00 right
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now. this is a look at some of the stories we're following. we continue following a developing story out of ohio. a strange one. dozens of wile, exotic an-- wild, exotic animals on the loose in a small ohio up to. we're talking about bears, tigers, lions and other animals. the owner has been found dead. the hunt is on for the remaining animals on the loose this morning and people in the town are told to stay inside. and animal expert jack ha, in na will join us from the scene with the latest. -- jack hanna will join us from the scene with the latest. and now the child's mother is speaking out this morning, what she has to say and an update on a court appearance made by the father yesterday. and season 2 winner of b.e.t.'s sunday's best. deann bruce crawfordly is back with


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