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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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own and never will. that first ball signed and handed to him by mickey mantle. like a lot of kid in the 1950s who didn't realize the future value of autographs think he went out and played baseball with it. >> quite a collection there. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. 5:00 right now on this thursday morning. we take a look now at the lincoln memorial. glad you're with us. it is a little windy out there this morning. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins now. you can see the camera bouncing around. >> it is already quite windy out there. we'll have winds through the course of the day. we're done with the rain. that is out of here. we've already got clearing going on as we speak so we'll see a good amount of sunshine today but it will be windy. let's look at what is going on
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out there. we'll start with what we call in-house vipir. it will give us a good view of the precipitation that we've seen across the eastern united states into the northeast, the mid atlantic out to the west as well. you can see the spin in the atmosphere pulling that rain away from here. this doesn't show clouds but the clouds are going with it. very pretty skies actually this morning with a mix of clouds and clear skies so it looks pretty nice. here is a look at the current conditions being aren'ted at reagan national. 63degrees. relative humidity, 78%. those winds right now out of the south at 17 miles per hour, gusting higher than that. forecast for today, we'll see partly sunny skies, quite breezy. high about 64 degrees. winds will be out of the southwest gusting up to 30, 35, 40 miles per hour at times today. there you go. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. >> we can stand to dry out a bit.
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>> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> good morning to you, steve. good morning, everyone. on the roads, lanes are open. so far, an easy commute for you guys coming southbound on 29 as you work your way south leaving randolph road, about 32, 35 miles per hour coming down to the capital beltway. coming out of laurel, no incidents to report. the out are loop in food shape heaving college park trying to get past colesville road. overnight roadwork, none to talk about at this time. i think that is because of the weather. i don't see any roadwork out there on the highways at this time. 359 in good shape duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a deadly shooting on board a metrobus. this happened in the 2300 block of alabama avenue southeast. stacy cohan is there at the scene with the los angelesest for us -- with the latest for
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us. >> reporter: police are out here still investigating. we have metropolitan police department out here too. you can see the police are still on the scene behind me. there was a bus stop just about halfway down alabama avenue from where i am right at this moment and i'm told around midnight it was a w 4 bus that was traveling in the direction of the deanwood metro station when somebody fired a weapon on the bus. an adult male on the but was shot multiple times. he was on the way to the hospital when he died. we do not have a description of the suspect at this time. we do know that the bus is equipped with cameras both inside the bus and outside the bus. so obvious will you, metro transit police will be reviewing that as they continue to search for the suspect this morning. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. a disturbing discovery in prince george's county. emergency responders were called out to the scene of a burning car around 1:00 this morning. once the flame were
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extinguished, they discovered a body inside that car. the death investigation is currently under way along the 2900 block of calverton road. it is located in an industrial area of forestville. no word on the identity of the victim so far. a maryland teenager found not guilty in a vehicular manslaughter case. investigate irs say 18-year-old brittany sadosky drove through a step sign while talking on her cell phone in may. she crashed 199car killing douglas callahan and sending his wife rhonda to the hospital. -- she crashed into a car killing douglas callahan and sending his wife and ato the hospital. >> we have so many of these cases where a distracted person who is irresponsible and not paying attention cost the person their life. >> we are hoping by this case going to court, are we are bringing awareness to people that this is what can happen. >> sadosky's attorney said the
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jury followed the law in this case. the facts did not lead to gross negligence. he says he feels bad for the family but the law is clear. we are monitoring the rising costs at metro this morning. more's new line to dulles could cost a lot more than expected. metro's director says the first phase of the project might end up running as up some as $150 million over budget the first phase is about 11 miles of new rail running from falls church through tysons corner to reston. it was projected to cost $2.8 billion. president barack obama brought husband wife to an event in hampton, virginia pushing his jobs bill. the president and first lady spoke at a military base and talked about the need to hire veterans. she announced that a company called american logistics association is hiring 25,000 vets. following up with a loose animal story from ohio this morning. many criticizing the killing of exotic and medicals.
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48 l.i.e. ops, tigers and bears were eventually killed by sheriff's deputies. the humane society of the united states says this is the that police could do to save the animals. it is criticizing the ohio governor for allowing a ban on exotic pets to expire. he tells fox news that he now wants to introduce new laws limiting their sale in ohio. two young lives cut far too short alleged by by their stepfathers. straight ahead, we are learning new details about both of those cases. >> plus, actress lindsay lohan back in court. will she be going back to jail? we'll check headline next as fox 5 morning news continues. when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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montgomery county miss are investigating more security video showing 11-year-old william mcqaip and his stepfather just before the boy disappeared. they say william did not appear to be in any distress but investigators found his body in the woods on tuesday. the suspect, curtis lopez remains in custody in north carolina. the maryland state's attorney is considering seening the death penalty. prosecutors revealed jessica nguyen was stab more than 40 times in the basement.
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her family's gaithersburg home back in may. her stepfather david hang is charged with her murder. yesterday in court, he sobbed and said he was innocent but prosecutors say he killed jessica because her mother would not divorce him and that the two had an arranged marriage to deal with her immigration problems. a montgomery county special education teacher is charged with child sex phones. 28-year-old jeremy brown teaches children with autism in rockville. police say he posted an online chat rooms in 2010 and contacted undercover officers posing as 14-year-old girls. he is accused of having sexually oriented conversations with them. lindsay lohan back in handcuffs after a judge revoked her probation. she was taken no custody in court yesterday after she was terminated from community service at a women's shelter for too many violations. lohan posted the # hundred thousand bail and was later
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released. she will be back in court november 2nd when the judge will decide if she should serve more time behind bars. she is scheduled to complete at least 16 hours of community service at the city morgue before then. they always say dream big. up next, how one woman's dream about president obama netted her some serious cash. try $200,000. we will explain coming up. >> what? also coming up, the latest on today's weather forecast. going to be a windy one today and julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ck. 
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taking a live look over the woodrow wilson bridge this morning, you can see it should be a smooth ride out there except for you might have to hold on to the steering wheel just a little bit more today.
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let's find out what we're in store for today. let's check in with tony perkins. >> look at that camera jumping around because of the wind. pretty brisk winds out there this morning. it will be a fairly windy day today as well. let's take a look at what is going on out there. i'll start with your weather headlines for the day. i kind of just sold it to you. blustery and cooler as well behind that cold front that has now come through. temperatures around the region as we speak, we've dropped off now to 60 degrees. 56 at dulles airport. win chest are, 54. quantico, 57. 63degrees in annapolis. we are talking about the winds and the wind gusts. winds gusting now up to 25 miles per hour here in washington and this is the kind of day it will be. we'll see the win gusting to 25, 30, possibly up to 40 miles
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per hour later this afternoon. blustery day for all of us across the region. here a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states and there is the rain that we had yesterday pulling out of the region. clouds are pulling out as well. i do think we'll get more clouds pushing in here later on today. you can see the spin in the atmosphere with that area of low pressure so some of those clouds out to the west, some of them will break up over the mountains but we'll get some of those later on here but it will be a dry day for us today. the forecast looks like -- pardon me. all right. partly sunny skies today. quite breezy at times. 64degrees for your highs. for tonight, a cool one, lows in the 40s. partly cloudy skies and still rather windy. winds gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast.
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it is not bad looking. it is cool though. tomorrow, not a bad day. sunny, 63. saturday, i think nice, partly sunny, 64. sunday, sun you and 65. this is where we are now. temperatures in the mid-60s with a fair amount of sunshine. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening on traffic. >> and just in my opinion, this is as cold as it should get. >> well, it is going to get colder. >> thanks for raining on my parade. >> i'm sorry. >> here what is i know on the roads this morning coming inbound along southbound 270. no incidents to report leaving urbana headed down towards route 109. about 65 miles per hour so you are still at speed coming in towards german up two with no incidents reported. outer loop of the beltway quickly removed to the shoulder. lanes are open once again and the pace still at speed as you
5:18 am
work your way past the scene headed around towards the american legion bridge. 66 in great shape, no incidents to report leaving nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. d.c. police are done asking for immigration status. mayor gray has signed an executive order. matt ackland has that story. >> reporter: inside a packed city hall room, mayor gray was cheered as he signed an executive order that basically instructs local authorities to look away from immigration status. >> we're in the going to be instruments of enforcing federal law when it comes to immigration status. >> reporter: members of the imgant community say for years they worried about reporting a crime or even offering police assistance in their investigations, all because of their illegal status. >> the community should be telling the police but they are not because they are intimidated. >> reporter: a member of her own family was a victim of sexual assault but never reported it. >> i was still afraid of the police because that is what you have as a kid, you got to be
5:19 am
afraid of the police. have you that in your mind, that you call them, you are probably going to be deported. >> reporter: when it comes tie more serious crime, police are allowed to ask immigration status. if little a minor offense, officers won't ask and won't cooperate with federal immigration officials. >> there is for interest for the metropolitan police department to check on immigration status. i think that is what is being said here today through the mayor's order. now, we've drawn a pretty bright line between who is going to enforce the civil immigration orders and who is going to investigate crime in the city. >> reporter: how will this executive order stand up against federal law? that is still unclear. but no now, members of the immigrant community say this will help bridge a better relationship with authorities. >> now, we can call if we see something wrong, we can call the police. more comfortable for me to call the police now. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> some will say this is not a huge deal because this has been
5:20 am
the policy of the police department for years but now with the order from the mayor, police must follow low it. >> coming up next. >> what time it is in. >> what time is it? >> about 2:00. >> it is the three musketeers. kevin mccarthy talks to one of the stars of the movie, orlando bloom. how does he like playing a bad guy? we'll find out. 
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take a look at the sky out there. you will see the clouds breezing through here because it will be quite breezy out there today. we'll check in with tony coming up in just a bit. some sweet dreams complements of president obama. a virginia beach woman won the cash five lottery by playing president obama's birthday which is august 4, 1961. she got the idea after having a dream that she had a chat with the commander in chief. she felt so strongly about it, she bought two tickets, each worth $100,000. she and her husband also won the game's top prize back in 2006. they are just lucky people. >> ic a lot of people will play those numbers today. >> i think so. >> if you like sword fights, explosions and villains, duking it out with the good guys, the
5:24 am
three musketeers might be a good bet at the box office. >> kevin mccarthy talked with orlando bloom who is one of the stars and plays a good guy. >> i liked seeing you play a bad guy. generally, you play really good guys but this this movie, you looked like you were having an amazing time playing the bad guy. >> it was kind of the reason i got involved because i think people would probably think of me as a musketeer. but then my character was depicted as a bit of a bond with a twist. he is sort of shaken, not stirred. he has a bit of an end to him. for me, it was just great to play that kind of arrogant, cocky, petulant child really for want of a better word. he was the king of england's
5:25 am
favorite courtier. he was very wealthy, very witch historically and money was power and certainly was back then too. he sort of wore his wealth with the jewels and purple outfits. i hayloft fun dressing up and getting into that character. >> the three musketeers, they fail on their mission. >> they're down and out. >> and they pick themselves back up again. as an actor, you do so many movies, was there ever a moment in your career where you felt like you were down on yourself and this is not a business you wanted to be in anymore? >> i think as moments like that come and go in one's life all the time in different ways. i mean certainly think i went -- after i finished the pirates trilogy, i felt i needed to do
5:26 am
some theater and to work on taking some time and work on my craft and keep doing that and realized i'm going to always be doing that because there is always more to learn and i have a lot to learn. i've been very fortunate to do what i do and i love what i do but it is all about learning, growing and getting better at what i do. >> wouldn't have recognized him without the facial hair. >> pretty amazing. >> tomorrow, kevin joins us live to review the movie. we are following several stories including a tragic scene on a metrobus. stacy cohan is following that story for us. >> reporter: good morning. there was an overnight shooting that left one person dead on the metrobus. the investigation continues and i will have the details coming up in a live report. 
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take a look down at wisconsin avenue this morning. our view from tower cam on this thursday morning. we are trying to keep the camera from shaking for you too much. can't do too much about the wind this morning. we can call day breeze but it might turn into a good old wind later on today. >> it is breezy but we have some gusty winds and we have tucker up on top of the camera right now holding the camera still. >> he is only so strong. >> and up there, the winds are
5:30 am
more brisk. >> doing a good job so far. >> he is so strong. >> he is. >> but it is breezy. you want to know how breezy ?ts. >> please. >> l at a map and we'll show you. the winds in washington the same winds are blowing at about 20 miles per hour. that is pretty fast. 12-mile per hour winds in baltimore. 10 at dulles. 21miles per hour at patuxent naval air station. so yes, a breezy, breezy morning. here is a look at our sentinel radar. it was showing a lot of rain yesterday. that rain has pulled out of here and the clouds are going with it slowly but surely. we have some morning clouds and than we'll see a good amount of sunshine and more clouds we'll build in later. here is alook at the forecast for today -- here is a look at the forecast for today. breezy, wind gusting at times this afternoon up to 40 miles per hour. temperatures a little bit below normal. look for a high today in the
5:31 am
district of 64 degrees. 62 in manassas. 63 in baltimore. let's say hell hello to julie wright. >> hello, julie wright! >> hello, everybody. on the roads right now, you will find traffic volume moving at speed. this is working in your favor around the capital beltway. no incidents to report eastbound on 66. tharves to the rain overnight, you will find that the construct has already cleared because it never happened. lanes are open eastbound on 66. volume increasing out of manassas. crash on the out earlier loop here at connecticut avenue quickly moves to the shoulder so all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a man gunned down on board a metrobus. this happened just after midnight on alabama avenue in southeast. fox 5's stacy cohan is live there at the scene with the latest. what's going on? >> reporter: well, the police investigation is what is still going on. we do want know a lot about the
5:32 am
motive behind the shooting. i can tell you it is not the metrobus driver that was shot. it was the passenger on the bus. take a look behind me. you can see that the roadway is shut down here at alabama avenue and 21st street southeast. they have a couple of blocks closed as the accident investigation continues. you can see a metrobus stop about halfway down the block from where i'm standing. it was just after midnight. i'm told the bus was the w 4 bus traveling from the deanwood metro station. the victim was shot multiple times. the victim died on the way to the hospital. the metrobus was equipped with cameras both inside and outside the metrobus. that is what they are reviewing now as they continue the search for suspects. back to you. >> thank you. a disturbing case for prince george's county police officers called you out to the scene of a burning car around 1:00 this morning. turns out there was a body
5:33 am
inside. this was in the 2900 block of calverton road in an industrial area of forestville. no word yet on the identity of the victim. we continue to monitor metro's budget and even though metro officials have promised for months that the dulles metrorail project was, quote, on time and on budget, the medicine of the project admitted for the first time last night that it could be as much as $150 million over budget. the project director told metro's board that $150 million estimate would be a worst case scenario. a sad ending now not strange story of animals on the loose in ohio. dozens of exotic animals were set free from a wildlife preserve. a few of them were caught but as fox's mike tobin reports, others had to be put down. >> reporter: grizzlies, lions, even tigers shot by sheriff's deputies in the dead of night in such operation desert fox i that the lives of the deputies were at risk. >> i had deputies that had to shoot animals with their sidearms at close range.
5:34 am
that is how volatile this situation was. we are not talking about your normal, every day house cat or dog. these are 300-pound bengal tigers that we've had to put down. >> reporter: 18 bengal tigers were killed, a tragedy acknowledged by jack hanna. given that there are only 1400 left in the while. but he said what wuz was done had to be done. the safety of people takes precedent over animals. >> this is not just like a nightmare, it is like noah's ark wrecking right here in zanesville, ohio. >> one veterinarian attempted to tranquilize a degreer but when she darted it, the tiger became aggressive, unaffected by the drug. >> reporter: autopsy result are not back but it is believed terry thompson opened the cages releasing 56 animals and then killed himself. locals went into lockdown after they were told by sheriff's deputies to stay indoors and to
5:35 am
keep their children and animalled inside. classes were canceled at three local school districts. ultimately, 48 compote you can animals were shot and killed by officers using everything from handguns to high-powered scopes. thompson was already known to law enforcement. they've received numerous complaints about animals on his property. >> this has been a huge problem for us for a lot of years. >> animal rights activists say this never should have been allowed to happen. >> we had regulation. they're trying to work on something right now to catch up and get it taken care of. the last escaped animal has been found inside of another animal. it was the monkey that the sheriff thought might still be running free but was found last night. one of the big cats ate the morchy and it was discovered after the big cat was shot and killed. -- ate the monkey and it was discovered after the big cat was shot and killed.
5:36 am
president obama back in the white house after his three-day bus tour. he wrapped up his tour by deploying one of his biggestest assets. used his wife to help sell the jobs bill. >> how lucky am i to be married to michelle obama? >> i'm he very thrilled, very honored to be here. number one, i never get to do anything with my husband. i haven't seen him in three days. >> the first lady is a lot more popular than the president these days. one poll in august found 54% of americans view him favorably but 70% view her in a favorable way. an alleged car thief going to new heights to perfect his craft. the details of how he allegedly used heavy machinery to steal a car right off the lot. >> there was one problem with this heist. it was all captured on video. we'll show it to you. as we head to break, a quick look at the markets. >> started the day okay and then a 72 point loss is how
5:37 am
things ended up. the nasdaq is down 53 and the trend continued overseas where the nikkei slid 90 points overnight.  [ speaking french ]
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prosecutors revealed that jessica wynn was stabbed more than 40 times and left to die on the basement floor of her
5:40 am
family's home in gaithersburg back in may. at excused killer is her stepfather, david hang. prosecutors say hang was paid to marry jessica's mother to ease her immigration problems. he killed the little girl in a fit of anger when she would not divorce him. on tuesday, investigators found william mcquain's body in the woods. the suspect, curtis lopez, remains in custody in north carolina where he was arrested for the death of will yap's mother. the state's attorney is considering seeking the death penalty. police in indiana say a man wanted to steal a car so badly he picked it up with a crane and took off. but he did not realize the whole thing was caught on tape. surveillance video shows the flatbed truck with the crane on it pulling up to the car dealer last sunday. the man is under arrest this morning but police still have not found the stolen car. pretty good bet there are a lot
5:41 am
of cameras around these days especially at the auto dealer. >> the washington redskins have made their decision for sunday. it will be john beck as starting quarterback. he is back in the saddle for the first time since his rookie season four years ago. we're checking in with the sports junkies about that coming up income. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. - - coming up next. mm! america runs on dunkin'.
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. we're taking a live look
5:44 am
from our tower cam looking back over washington, d.c. this morning. you can see the clouds up there in the sky. it will be kind after chilly one. we'll check in with tony in just a bit for the latest on your weather today. take a look at this incredible bible video. a kayaker had a rare encounter with the largest animal on earth, the blue whale. he recorded it all on his helmet cam while off the coast of california. not only can we see the whale swim ago long side him for several minutes but you see here the kayaker also dips the camera into the water for an underwater view. blue whales can get up to 90 feet long and weigh more than 200 tons. >> how do you stay that calm when you're next to that. >> i don't know. >> organizers are planning the national christmas tree lighting. the online ticket lottery recommend strigs opens at 10:00 a.m. on november 3rd. it will be open for four days. the ceremony itself will be thursday, december 1st, 5:00 p.m.
5:45 am
on the ellipse. for more information, go to and click on web links. >> i can't believe we're talking about it already -- the online ticket lottery registration opens at 10:00 a.m. on november 3rd. >> does it seem to you that as the year goes by, it speeds up, like the last couple of months just fly by. >> absolutely. >> sort of like the gas gauge question in weather guy. >> i'm going to write in a question. i thought about something and said i want the answer to this. we'll talk about the winds. let's talk about the temperatures that we have out there. cool start to the day. you showed that live shot. i like that sky. i like the way that looks with the clouds pull ago way. they're kind of impressive looking. 59degrees in washington, cool start to the day although not
5:46 am
bad. 57 in quantico. in fact, i want to recharacterize this as mild. what makes it cool is the wind interacting with the temperatures. let's talk about the winds. they are quit gusty. gusting up to 25 miles per hour right now in washington. 31miles per hour in annapolis, 28 in baltimore. 18 in manassas and in culpeper and this is what we're going to be seeing during the course of the day today. these winds could gust between 30, already seeing that at annapolis and 40 miles per hour later on today particularly during the course of the afternoon. here is what is going on. i want to show you surface map. we have this area of low pressure. we were talking about that yesterday. it is still out there. we've got the cold front that has come through now. so we've got the cooler air and whenever you have this area of low pressure, you get the winds wrapping around it owe our winds today out of the southwest. that is the motion around the low out of the southwest and blowing pretty strong. there is actually a coastal flood advisory in effect because of the winds and the wave action and all of that type of thing.
5:47 am
so coastal flood advisory in effect for much of the region. your forecast for washington for today looks like this. we'll see partial sunshine, quite breezy at times again with those winds gusting rather strongly up to about 40 miles per hour. look for a high of about 64 degrees today. then for tonight, a cool night tonight as our lows do drop off into the 40s under partly cloudy skies. still some gusty winds out there. gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. five-day forecast, we're dry for a few days but we're cool for your daytime highs in the mid-60s. overnight lows in the 40s and we do think that some of you particularly to the north and west over the weekend will see some overnight lows in the 30s. you do want to be aware of that. that is the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic. no, it's not. that is the latest on the weather. now, hears the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic. here is julie wright. >> when you say temperatures in the 30s, my mind goes some
5:48 am
where else as well. >> i'm sure it does. >> that is feet in the jammies kind of weather there. >> i know you. >> here we go on the roads right now. southbound along 207 coming in out of germantown. lanes are open as you travel south of father hurley boulevard. still doing the double nickel all the way. that is where our good news have got serious problems for those traveling on the of waldorf right now. we are receiving word of a fatal accident involving a pedestrian closing a portion of 301 between pierce road and substation road. 301 blocked off each way between pierce road and substation road until further notice. no incidents to report on utah 5 once you get there. traveling inbound on 66, between 56 and 62 miles per hour leaving business 234 headed in towards centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. talking sports now. game one of the world series, cardinals and rangers tied at two in the sixth the pinch hitter alan craig hits one to
5:49 am
right field. cruz cannot make the catch. a run scores. that proves to be the game winner. the cards hold on to beat the ranges are 3-2. game two is tonight at 8:00 here on fox 8. pretty much everybody saw it coming, knew what was going to happen this weekend. coach shanahan announces it would be john beck to start the game on sunday where the skins take on the carolina panthers. beck replaced grossman last week. it will be beck's first start since 2007 when he was with miami. will he it be able to bring some stability to the skins' offense? will he survive in will they win in let's check in with the sports junkies. they had to make this decision. what do you think? >> i think it was the only decision that could be made. you can't continually trot rex gross man out there if he is go he go to have a quarterback rating in the 20s. won't have that sort of game every time out but his play declined ever since the opening week win against the giants where we had a 110 rating. it all culminated in the 23 rating against the eagles.
5:50 am
you had to bring in beck. >> rex got emotional when he was talking about t he knows he was given a shot and he had the opportunity to run with it and succeed and he blew it. we don't know what is going to happen with john beck. john beck hasn't started a game in forever in the regular season so it is at great unknown. >> but don't expect miracles from john beck. >> i don't. >> don't expect him to go out there and look like tom brady. he will struggle like rex struggles. >> he doesn't have to though. he just has to play better than rex. >> they just have to do better than rex. >> this is a huge game for the skips. >> i think we see the season crumbling in front of us. from john beck's perspective, rex grossman had eight games. he turned it over 19 games. the last game, he turned it over four times. he just has to be better than that. just go out there, do the best you can. try to get a win. but whenever you do don't throw
5:51 am
four intersenses. >> the bar is very low. >> it is very low. >> which is terribly unfortunate for redskins fans. hopefully, this is a different john beck than the one with miami in 2007 because there, in five games, he fumbled the ball eight times. so maybe he is not throwing the picks but he had a little double with the dropsies. if he struggles, can you go back to grossman or are you stuck with beck for the rest of the season have i think have you to give beck at least six to eight games to see what's made of. >> they gave rex eight games. >> there is though point in going back to rex grossman. you no -- you know what you have in rex grossman. >> you also had a guy who got off to a 3-1 start. >> mostly because of their defense. towards the end, it was just a disaster. rex had three games last year. he had five games this year. i agree with cakes. you got to give beck at least six games or so. but if he comes out and it is catastrophic and he plays
5:52 am
horribly, steve, then you have no choice. you have to put rex back in there. >> two of the three wins the skins have are against teams who are combined 1-9 in the standing. >> but look what happened last week with philadelphia coming in at 1-4 and you have carolina coming in with a terrible record too. they have a 22-year-old guy who scored 13 touch downs in his first six games which i will remind you he has now started more games than john beck. >> carolina is absolutely not i apushover despite their 1-5 record. they've been in every game. their defense still needs a lot of work but cam newton, as you mentioned, he will be a handful for that redskins defense. it will an close game. >> all right. real quick, world series now. if you had a chance to watch last night, any thoughts on the game and who you may be picking this year in the world series? >> the cardinals are hot. i thought this would be an offensive game t wasn't. carpenter pitched great in the post-season. this was a defensive and pitching game and larussa made the huge call to pinch hit for
5:53 am
alan craig. he came up hewn in the post- season too. game one goes to the cardinals. i still kind of assume this is going to be an offensive series but game two is huge when the next three or in texas. we'll see what happens. >> i got to go with the hot bats right now. when you look at in where the cardinals were for them to be at this point, you got to think this might be their year. >> thank you. enjoy the redskins game and we'll see how team beck does on sunday. it is the junkies on 106.7 the fan. >> a popular rock star doing his part to help feed the hungry. up next a rather unique take on a new restaurant that is now open for business. we'll explain. we have avenue got time for a my fox half off deal. are you ready for some wine. you want to stock up this weekend because it comes from a vineyard in mclean, virginia. $29 bottles buys you two
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. time to say good morning to our facebook fan. day. it is michelle polk. she is a caps fan by the way and says the capitals being 5-0 makes up for the skins being so
5:57 am
out of sorts. >> the skips do have-- the skins do have a winning record but the caps are doing great. >> if you want to be our facebook fan of the day, find us on facebook and post a comment under michelle's photo. customers can earn free meals by volunteering. the kitchen began serving meals a few years ago but now it has a permanent home in a venerated body shop. bon jovi says the goal is to help the hungry with without the stigma of a soup kitchen. >> soup kitchen would be a wrong terminology and i think that that would take away someone's dignity because the mind's eye sees the soup kitchen like we all do on skid row where it is a necessity of having to eat as opposed to the celebration of dining. >> soul kitchen has its own organic garden but it also
5:58 am
accepts donations from whole foods and other area vendors. good luck. it is that time of year. the holiday shopping soap and ahead at 6:00, what retailers are doing to try to lure you in. >> taking a live look over interstate 66 iggest natural gs projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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