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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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as groups of rebels moved in, gadhafi is shoved on the hood of a car where he appears to bleed to death from gunshot wounds. nato forces spotted his 80 car convoy trying to escape. french warplanes hit the convoy. >> you have won your revelation. >> reporter: president obama congratulated the libyan people and hailed the death as a success of his administration's for men policy. >> without putting a single u.s. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives and our nato mission will soon come to an end. >> reporter: rebels celebrate a major victory. gadhafi's dead said secretary of state hillary clinton clears the way for libya to move forward. >> that is one more obstacle removed from being able to get on with the business of
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announcing a government and try to unify the country. >> reporter: for 42 years moammar gadhafi, an old nemesis of the united states kept a strangle hold on power. that grip slipped as democracy protests swept the middle east. >> gadhafi probably would not have met this end in the same way had the united states not been involved military. >> reporter: the kato institute said libya's new government needs to win the confidence of libyans themselves. >> the most important thing is for the united states not to have their fingerprints on this government more than it does. >> reporter: as middle east dictators have fallen this year, the most violent end was reserved for one of the most violent dictators in the region. gadhafi's son is believed to have been killed in this attack as well in sirte today. his one time heir apparent said
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gadhafi is wounded and is in custody. despite gadhafi's death, leaders have not declared a victory. they say there are pockets of pro gadhafi forces operating tonight. >> what about the gadhafi loyalists? is this over or will we see more violence on the horizon. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton says a victory hasn't been declared as of yet with the pro gadhafi forces out there. some say remember what happened in iraq even after the death of saddam hussein. some mound into an ncy that lasted and entangled the united states for years. it's a pivotal time for this transitional council. it will do what it can to get the government up and running. rebels forces in libya discovered an underground bunker in sirte.
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libya's national transition council members checked his home today. he left tripoli in august. sirte was the last pro regime stronghold for the former dictator. this is big news. the news spread around the world in minutes. for several local students it was the news they had waited a lifetime to hear. this is changing their hopes of the future. beth parker is in the newsroom with reaction to the killing of the gadhafi. >> is spoke this afternoon with libyans in washington basically learning to be diplomats. they were selected for the libyan diplomatic training program, part of the management institute at american university. it has not been easy for them to be so far away from home during months of turmoil. but they told me that today they have a new feeling, freedom. >> at 6:00 in the morning one of my friends called me from
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tripoli. guess what happened today? i tell them what, what happened? he told me that gadhafi -- then i found out that he was killed. how do i feel today? i feel very excited but not very happy. >> i don't believe it the first time. but after when i watched the news, i saw the picture. it's complicated emotion. i feel relieved. >> today i think we are closing the curtain of our bloody chapter of history. i feel for relief. i am not that happy, not that sad. >> reporter: raise a hand for me if you lost somebody close to you in this fighting?
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>> i lost two friends, yes. >> reporter: and they were part of the fighting? >> yeah, they were rebels. >> thank god we have each other so that makes a time that we can share it. >> with the help of how to be a professional diplomat, spreading yesterday. now we need to be professional diplomats and build these good relationships with the rest of the world. >> reporter: this is a two-year program. they are about halfway through. some had master's degrees before coming to the united states. the students you saw in the story are not the entire group that started this program. many gadhafi supporters chose to go home. live in the newsroom, beth
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parker. a man convicted of booming flight 103 received a hero's welcome when he returned to libya in 2009. he got a hug from moammar gadhafi. he was never charged with the bombing but many suspect he was involved. the lockerbie bomber was released because he was dying from cancer. he is still alive. a maryland teenager is charged with helping jihad jane. mohammed killeen is an northern student. agents arrested him in july. investigators say he met larose online when he was 15 and raised money for her to send to militants and recruited women. rose named herself jihad jane on a you tube video and pled guilty to four federal charges. we have a news alert out of montgomery county. dozens of firefighters are facing this heavy smoke and flames inside this house.
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the fire started in the basement. this is on 7 locks road. it happened this afternoon. two firefighters came away with minor injuries. medical crews treated them at the scene. four people live inside the home. none are hurt. a murder on board a metro bus. right now police are searching for the man who shot to death demar tuesday thompson a person on board started shooting at the victim. he was hit several times. the bus was on alabama avenue southeast heading to the dean wood metro strags. there are cameras on the bus inside and out. a bristow couple pled guilty to barricading their three young daughters inside drywall. prosecutors say christina moore and john roney nailed drywall so the children could not get out. they did it because they needed
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a break. they each pled guilty to three counts of felony child abuse and neglect. sentencing is in january. as workers continue to assess and repair earthquake damage at washington national cathedral, mayor gray says he will ask the federal government to help pay for it. he hopes the feds will give the city $7 million to fix district buildings and 15 million for the national cathedral repair. matt ackland has more on that. >> reporter: already the bill for this project is over a million dollars. that simply is a drop in the bucket to what officials need to actually complete the project. that's why mayor gray was here. he got a quick to your then announced he would ask the federal government to foot the bill for the project. imagine the view high on top of the national cathedral. thursday special rappeling crews searched for more damage
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from the e as -- earthquake as officials below tried to figure out though pay for it. mayor gray got an up-close look at what it will take to get the national treasure restored. >> there is stone upon stone here. >> on friday the mayor will request a disaster declaration from fema to pay for the damage to district buildings, schools and the national cathedral. $22 million in all. the sooner the better. many believe the cathedral helped drive the local economy. half a million visitors each year. >> these visits are an important contributor to the local economy. it pains us and the businesses in the district that our doors have been closed to the public since the earthquake on august 23rd. >> what about using tax dollars to pay for a religious structure. >> i look at it as a national treasure that transcends religion. i know there is a concern about
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the state -- the state religion issue, if you will, but i see that as not germane in this instance. >> reporter: recently crews lowered the massive pinnacles from the tower. each are 6-foot tall, weigh two tons and were made by hand. they will be restored that way as wll covage of the national -- the east coast earthquake and the after effects continues on we got pictures and video from the washington monument and the national cathedral as well as the latest updates on the repairs. it's all in one place four. a guilty plea from a former d.c. employee accused of stealing $400,000 in tax refunds. mary ayers was a tax examiner.
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she admitted to wire fraud and transmitting the money to her bank account and friends. the cash came from withholding credits in taxpayers accounts. sentencing guidelines could land her in prison for more than five years. she has to pay more than $400,000 back to the district. maryland has an outline for a new congressional map. governor o'malley signed legislation on redistricting. the map was redrawn in response to the 2010 census. it reflects population growth in the d.c. suburbs. republicans say it's an attempt to get more democrats elected. the search for the exotic animals on the loose in ohio is over. we have new details on who let the animals go free. gary? >> thanks a lot. feeling more fallish out there. it looks like we will stay dry. the question is, do we stay dry through the entire weekend? we will talk about that. hat. 
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new details about the exotic animals set free from a wildlife preserve in ohio. all the animals are accounted for. a monkey that police thought was running free was discovered inside one of the larger cats
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that police shot and killed. nearly 50 tigers, grizzly bears and other animals were put down yesterday. the owner of the preserve set the animals free before killing himself. >> mr. thompson did have a bite wound to his head area that doctors said would be consistent with a bite from a larger type cat or tiger or ben gel tiger -- bengal tiger. the doctor believes that this bite wound probably occurred within seconds to a minute after the gunshot wound. >> the six remaining animals were taken to the columbus zoo. high winds in chicago knocked several boats loose in lake michigan. as many as 20 were damaged and some sank after knocking against the concrete walls near the field house. authorities secured as many as they could. a high wind warning was in effect this morning.
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but waves were reportedly as high as 25 feet in some areas. there is certainly a chill in the air. gary warned us. >> he knows what he is talking about. >> gary, what is up? >> we hope i do. >> we count on you. >> it's still a little cloudy. we will start with viper to show you this big area of low pressure. there is cold air aloft. we started off with shine this morning. as soon as we start heating the ground in this type of situation, we quickly build clouds. you can see the blue up in the midwest, that is not rain. even though there is rain, it's slightly enhanced cloud cover. we are stuck under the clouds. i think we will be for most of the evening. we will stay dry. earlier a little light shower was on radar. that has moved on. temperatures chilly. when you factor in the wind, technically with a temperature of 59, the windchill doesn't kick into effect yet.
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it feels cooler out there if you are out in the wind. we have had temperatures in the lower 60s. but most of the afternoon has been mostly cloudy. these temperatures have come down a bit from the highs. 57 gaithersburg. dulles 57. look at highway gears town winchester 55. in western maryland, cumberland a temperature of 50. this is with southwesterly winds. so, it's unusual for us to be chilly like this with winds out of the southwest. but that is what happened. it's happening now. cooler air settles in the next couple of days. that is going to keep us around 60 to 63 for a high temperature. this evening, clouds and breezy at 7:00. the wind gusts will be around 25 miles per hour. still breezy at 9:00. as we progress through the evening the clouds will break up. by 11:00, 50 degrees. tonight in the suburbs, temperatures around 40. we will answer that weekend
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request whether it will be dry -- it will be dry this weekend. actually it will be nice this weekend. the full forecast and everything that goes with it coming up in a few minutes. >> oh, just spill the beans. >> what the heck. >> that wasn't a good tease. >> sometimes you have to do that. you don't want to frustrate everybody. >> they won't leave yet. there is much more to talk about. it's the day after at redskins park as in the day after the team decides to change quarterbacks again. we know about rex grossman out as the starter and josh beck in. today was the second full day as the guy. dave feldman has with more. >> reporter: wisdom and laura, the team is saying the right things. can you imagine if sometime during the preseason a wide receiver came out and said beck is horrible or grossman is no good. do you think he would get a lot of balls thrown to him?
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i don't think so. beck is the guy and he is getting support. for those that don't remember how he got here, he was acquired in a trade from the ravens last season during training camp. he will make the first regular season start since december of 2007, the rookie season with miami. despite his complaints since then, his teammates have full faith in his ability to lead them to the panthers and beyond. >> i think we are confident in him. he played well in the preseason. it's the fact that he hasn't had any reps in games this year. so, you kind of hope that he gets it there and stays calm and goes out there and executes the game plan. that's what we expect him to do. we expect him to lead us to a win. >> we are confident with him out there. he has picked us apart in practice. we definitely know he knows how
5:20 pm
to execute it. game species is a little different. things move faster. there is no repeats. hopefully he will go out there and feel confident and give us a win. we need one. >> they do. grossman had 11 turnovers in five games. if beck can hold on to the ball, he can probably hold on to his job. that is the key if he doesn't turn over the ball because rex grossman through it to the other team more than his own team. >> he did give it up a lot. >> he d. >> not a big surprise. >> some people predicted that. you knew what you got with rex. there was a lot of questions about him protecting the ball and when he implodes, he does that. >> he did a great job of that on sunday. want to get away north holidays? grossman might want to. bett we will tell you why. if you see a story you think we should look into, give us a shout. send us your news tips to fox 5
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or we will be right back. ack. @@@
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the structural integrity of china's great wall is starting to crumble. it's on the mining industry that is threatening the wall's stability. the great wall attracts millions of tourists every year but mostly to the newly restored sections near the capitol of beijing. let's talk about saving money. two u.s. airlines are hiking prices and others could follow. that is bad news if you are trying to buy a plane ticket. delta started it by raising prices up to $10 one way. united followed the move.
5:25 pm
airlines often roll back fare increases if competitors don't match them. the airlines last raised prices in the summer. staying on the subject of money, when you add up the costs of costumes, decorations and candy, halloween can be tricky when it comes to money and taking it right out of your wallet. >> you don't have to skip the fun or skimp on the costumes. we show you some money saving strategies. >> the national retail federation says halloween shoppers will spend about 75 bucks this year. halloween the second largest event driven season for retailers. you can keep costs down. that doesn't mean turning off the lights pretending you are not home. >> it's not something that you want to avoid because you don't want to spend a ton of money on it. out fitting the ghosts and witches can add up. this year it's about the decade chichester look playing off the hot shows on tv.
5:26 pm
>> pan am and boardwalk empire and mad men. they are having this decade chichester look. you can go to the thrift store and recreate that. >> reporter: for a completely precostume, try clothing swaps. >> parents with kids, bring your halloween costumes from previous years and swap. >> reporter: think ahead to next year when the halloween sales hit. >> when halloween is over, the stores slash prices. think about what you want to be next year and get it at a cheap price. >> reporter: have your centerpiece do double duty at the. think of the dessert or favor acts as decor then the guest takes it away afterwards. >> homemade cost stopples. >> that's what i -- costumes. >> that's what i do. i'm cheap. >> my daughter is going to be a basketball player. my wife has old basketball
5:27 pm
uniforms. i haven't decided on my son. i haven't figured it out but it won't cost me a dime. >> teach us all. finding a job in this economy can be difficult. the government is teaming up with a social media giant. the growing cost of metro rail to dulles. es. arvey lev.
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now to the race for the white house, a new poll shows half of adults say president barack obama does not deserve to be reelected but americans have not found a republican they would prefer over the president. 30% of republicans say they would choose former massachusetts governor mitt romney. 26% herman cain and 13% chose rick perry.
5:31 pm
president obama is even or slightly ahead in all hypothetical patchups. the labor department rolled out a new initiative looking for a new way to connect unemployed americans with jobs but lawmakers on both sides continue to debate over though get the economy moving again. jennifer davis reports. i am proud to have assembled one of the largest collections of job search and job placement and training tools anywhere. >> reporter: the labor secretary says her department is teaming up with facebook so you can use the social media site not just to connect with friends but to job hunt. the new initiative involves a page highlighting job search services and resources. a sort of free online job fair. >> it represents the obama administration's strong commitment to customer service on the most important issue of our time, helping people find employment and work. >> reporter: when it comes to the president's job plans he couldn't get passage of his entire proposal so he is
5:32 pm
breaking it down into parts. first up a senate vote on the repeal of a 3% withholding tax on government contractors. >> that is something that enjoys bipartisan support, that the president is for that can actually do some good right now. >> reporter: the senate is voting on a $35 billion teachers and first responders jobs bill paid for with a millionaire surtax. the vice president said it's a job creator but republicans say it's a taxpayer funded bailout that they will not support. >> stimulus 2.0. instead of leading u.s. 50 miles per hour in the wrong direction, now they want to take us 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction. >> reporter: there are new job numbers coming out of the labor department showing applications for unemployment benefits fell by 6,000 last week but not as big of a drop as economists expected. jennifer davis, fox 5 news. president obama is returning to late night tv.
5:33 pm
he is set to make his fourth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno on tuesday. he will be in the west coast raising money for his rehe leaks bid trying to gain support for the jobs bill. facebook is joining forces with the department of labor to help people find jobs. to help us with the program is carl pelicchi. tell us what the goal is? is this to reach out to more people to find job opportunities. >> you are right. we really want to match the resources and the audience of facebook with the great resources of the u.s. department of labor. there are great ways to find a job, find training, opportunities, the certification that you need for jobs. there are 3 million jobs still unfilled in this country. we want to match workers to work. >> you go to the facebook page and you like it and there are
5:34 pm
opportunities. >> there is all sorts of resources like tools that you can use called my skills my future that we put out to match your skills with jobs and training and opportunities. you can investigate opportunities with our job core program if you are between the ages of 16 and 24 we have 125 job corpse centers. there is all sorts of information out there. we know that people may not go to a government site. the first stop may be facebook there. are 130 million users of facebook. we will go to them. >> double part of the reason unemployment numbers are so high because people don't have access. >> they may not have access to the information about training. a lot of people just need a little bit more. certification to get a little more training, a little more experience so that they can get the job that employers are looking for. this makes it easier to find
5:35 pm
where it is. you can do it any time. and getting on to facebook, is this the first book in really conquering social media with getting access out there or are you going to twitter. >> we launched with five partners, department of labor, facebook, national association of college and employers, national association of state workforce agencies. we are encouraging more social media groups, organizations, anybody that has something that they want to share to join the partnership. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> wisdom, back up to you. monitoring metro tonight and tracking the bottom line. metro's new line to dulles could cost a lot more than expected. metro's director said the first phase of the project may run as much as $150 million over budget. that was the figure in the worse case scenario for spending. the first phase is 11 miles of new rail from falls church to
5:36 pm
titan' corner to reston. work on the red line will close two stations friday night until closing time sunday. passengers have to take buses between fort totten and new york island stations. add a half island to your area. work on the blue line, yellow line and green line will add about 20 minutes to your trips. coming up next on fox 5 news at 5:00, the united states is seeing its worst measle outbreak in years. tonight, more about what may be causing the surge. rge. 
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in the health alert, the united states is dealing with the worst measle outbreak in 15
5:40 pm
years. experts suspect it's being driven by travelers returning from overseas and unvaccinated children. the information is coming out of the infectious diseases. according to the cdc we see 65 measle cases per year. this year more than 200. most weren't vaccinated against measles. another reason for pregnant women to make sure that they are vaccinated against the flu. expectant mothers that get a flu shot pass the immunity on to their babies and it lasts up to four months. a pledge in howard county to skip the soft drinks and improve your health. it encourages everyone not to drink soda for the next month. they claim it will give people a boost to help prevent
5:41 pm
obesity, create healthy communities and healthy choices. will she ever learn? that's the question we keep asking about lindsay who lane. she is in trouble again -- lindsay lohan. she showed up late for her community service. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else? why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon.
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every pet owner thinks their pet is extra smart, talented. a california woman has more reason to brag than us. >> her name is alicia dillon. she saved a puppy from being put down because it couldn't be sold. the dog repaid her over and over again. fox's rich rodriguez has the
5:45 pm
story. kiss? kiss? thank you. >> reporter: this pure breed australian shepherd loves her owner. they have been together nearly seven years. despite being blind and deaf, angel can follow orders. >> for sit, two touches between her back hip. i didn't say lay down. there you go. then to lay down it's two touches between her shoulder blades. >> she talks to angel like she can hear. every command the dog receives is by touch. >> i can tell her to sit calm underneath her chin and she will move until she finds me or finds something else. alicia dillon says the key to training a deaf and blind dog is patience and repetition. she has a relief word like okay, what you would normally tell a dog. and because she can't hear that, hers is over her face and that means she can go and be a
5:46 pm
dog. >> reporter: angel likes to hang out with other talented dogs that can see and hear. angel proved she can compete with the reese of the pack. she is a regular visitor at petsmart. >> as long as i take the same round when i come in, she doesn't usually hit anybody. but like over in this area where i don't venture a lot, she will run into but she grazes off things. >> angel's breeder wanted to have her put down because she was disabled. alicia came to her rescue and they have been best friends every since. in fresno, california, rich rodriguez, fox news. >> now they can brag about that dog. so, have you heard disney on ice is back. this production is called dare to dream. it's open at the patriots center. what do i have to do with this.
5:47 pm
>> skate? >> no, i do not wear princess costumes. in an effort to teach children that they should dare to dream a panel was held at an all girls charter school. i was invited to sit on the panel and talk about pursuing your dreams, defining sense of self and making good decisions. also on the panel was deborah leads, ceo of bet network, a pediatrician at children's national medical center and kay savage. 1000 very well behaved 7 to 9- year-old girls who asked really fabulous questions. it was neat. it was fun to talk to them and meet all of them. >> you give them words of wisdom. >> i tried and they gave me wisdom, too. they were great. >> did they wonder where cinderella was. >> tiana came in from princess and the frog. she pursued her dream.
5:48 pm
i got tears in my eyes because the girls were so excited. it was sweet. >> gary, you partake words of wisdom as far as the weather is concerned. >> oh, yeah, the weekend. >> you do listen. >> of course i do, gary. since the afternoon, the clouds filled in late morning. we woke up to good sunshine. a couple of places north and west have showers early this morning. then the clouds came overhead. we will talk about that, why did that happen. one thing we had plenty of is the wind. it has been gusty out of the southwest. in washington the wind is at 24 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour gusts for gaithersburg and just about everybody, at least in the high teens to lower to mid-20s with the wind and i think this will
5:49 pm
stay with us the next few hours then calm down late evening and during the overnight hours. 59 degrees in the city. gaithersburg 55. annapolis 60 degrees. across the bay, cambridge dropped to 59 degrees. chilly on i-81 with temperatures in the mid-50s. once the clouds came over head and we became mostly cloudy to even cloudy, the temperatures in the low 60s in some spots got cooler, back to the mid- to upper-50s. this is what we are seeing now, detroit 46 degrees. columbus 43. pittsburgh 44. look at beckley, west virginia, 39 degrees. there is a cold core of air primarily aloft but basically making it cloudy. there is showers farther north, up into the northern sections of the midwest. 57 at 7:00. 50 at 11:00. i think by 11:00 we will have
5:50 pm
40s in the suburbs. mostly cloudy now. a few clouds at 9:00 and partly cloudy by 11:00. the winds will come down a bit over the next few hours. it will be gusty until 9:00 or so then i think it will calm down. we started off with sunshine and we clouded up this afternoon thanks to this big upper level storm system that is sitting and spinning back to the northwest of us. that's one reason why the winds have been strong. we are getting a lot of jet energy on the bottom side of this storm system along the jet stream here. this is a closed area of low pressure. but don't worry. this won't be affecting us for the weekend. it's moving on and in its place we get this dominant area of high pressure. now, for the weekend, it's a dominant area of high pressure but it's at the surface. aloft we will have clouds coming into this. it won't be a perfectly sunny weekend but it will be dry and
5:51 pm
not bad. 63, good amounts of shine sunday -- saturday. a few more clouds on sunday but it will still be nice. temperatures in the lower 60s both days. breezy this evening, i don't know night chilly in the suburbs. lower 40s. in town, upper 40s. mid- to upper-40s. 57 at noon. tomorrow's high temperature in the lower 60s. more sun than what we had today. i still think we will have a lot of cloudiness in the afternoon. weekend is dry and beautiful. and then monday clouds, 66. tuesday beautiful. high of 67 degrees. i want to let you know something that just crossed the associated press wires. a small earthquake hit in san francisco. 3.9 on the richter scale which isn't huge but centered in berkley. felt almost 22 years to the day from the earthquake that
5:52 pm
happened during the world series, giants and the a's. 3.9 in san francisco just happened. >> all right. so, in other news, this is expected to be the final day of testimony in the prosecutors's case against -- prosecution's case against michael jackson doctor. the medical expert testified that there is no way that jackson could have died from swallowing the drug because it doesn't enter the bloated stream right away. murray's attorneys are expected to begin their defense in the manslaughter trial tomorrow. talk of the town, lindsay lohan's latest round of trouble. she was turned away from a community service duty at the l.a. county morgue. we are joined now live from la. what happened with her. why does she keep getting in trouble? >> reporter: isn't this incredible.
5:53 pm
a day after she got chewed out by the judge for not complying with probation she is supposed to be at the morgue today to start her new assignment as ordered by the judge and she shows up late about 40 minutes late -- more than 40 minutes late. she was supposed to be there at 8:00. she phoned in at 7:40 to say she would there in ten minutes. she shows up at 8:40. when she got there, the morgue basically said you can't come in. they turned her away. they will notify the judge that she again was late to her appointment. she has to show the judge that she is trying to make better on her promise, that she will try and do things right but this isn't good for her the day after. >> what happens now, does she go back for another round of community service or what will happen to her as a result? >> well, here is the thing, she didn't really violate anything
5:54 pm
by being late. she didn't have to show up today. she said she would show up today. so according to the judge, as long as she complies with 16 hours by november 2 she will be okay but i'm sure the judge won't be happy that she disrupted their entire operation by saying she would be there then showing up late. >> this girl just can't get her act together. thank you for bringing us up to date on that situation. meanwhile, french president nicholas sarkozy and his wife are feeling happiness over their baby girl. they did not reveal the name of the baby and during the pregnancy the wife said she would never release any photos of the new baby. >> congratulations to them. let's head over to brian bolter. >> following several developing
5:55 pm
stories including a major one. a metro bus shooting. we will have new video from the bus that police want to you see as they try to find the gunman. >> not too early to talk about snow. we have new predictions about the winter season ahead. following the historic killing of moammar gadhafi. dramatic video of the leader's last moments alive.  [ fefemale announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪
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it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries.
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caught on camera, amazing escape for the baby in the stroller. he was not hurt when the car came smashing through the car window. the panicked mother grabbed her 15-month-old to mange sure he was okay. the baby was crying but not injured. witnesses believe the driver hit the accelerator instead of
5:59 pm
the brake. staying in australia, a race across australia didn't require gas at all because the vehicles powered by the sun crossed the finish line thursday. a team from a japanese university came in first in the 1800-mile race. a team from the never lands came in second and students from the university of michigan crossed the line third. 37 teams competed in the race. >> pretty cool. >> very cool. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now. now. worldwide response to the death of moammar gadhafi, from libyan rebels to dc tourists. see reactions to the historic news. first, breaking news out of southeast d.c. police are searching for


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