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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 26, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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personalities of the locals. the second rudest city is new york. los angeles came in no. 1. at least we beat them for traffic, right? now you have the news edge. the news is always on the world series game six according to forecasters will happen. we'll be here afterwards. see you. warner bros. domestic television distrib >> today on "tmz" -- >> i didn't think it was possible but there's someone in hollywood who has a worse bathroom situation than us. "x factor" and "dancing with the stars" are having a poop war. >> a note posted says these restrooms are for everyone. if you have a problem just ask for rob. i'm the 6'3" black man. >> chaz bono got voted off "dancing with the stars. chaz is a full-on star. what does chaz bono do now? >> he goes to congress and gets testimony and he --
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>> goes and gets bitches. he's famous now. >> mandelar. he's been in all these "saw" movies. have you ever witnessed something crazy like that in real life? did you ever see anything like "saw" in real life? >> so harvey's singing again. he's in detroit but he goes to the studio where they recorded all these classic songs and he sang "my girl." >> harvey is like -- so bad. >> it's day 40 of the occupy wall street protest and still we have no idea what they're doing. but now, more than ever, they need our support. >> sean lennon and his buddies, they did a performance -- >> yes, sean lennon, son of legendary beatle john grabbed his guitar and like his father before him, roused the spirits of the people with one inspirational song -- >> ♪ living in a material
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world 12 living in a material world ♪ >> are they singing madonna? >> it's ironic. >> no, that's alanis morissette. hello, music humor. but we get it. it's not really a rally the people kind of song. if only they knew how to sing a song like john lennon. >> they need more entertainment down there. they get bored. >> sure, they need entertainment, showers. yeah, they need a lot. >> what are you shaking your head about? >> madonna. it's ironic. and then we're going to go to starbucks. >> nobody is talking about how hard it is to live in america with all my dad's money. >> it could be the start of a whole new movement. occupy wall street unplugged with all-pro seeds benefiting a
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frisbee game in the park. can't wait. >> that was dedicated to ben bernanke! >> you're my favorite. >> you always tell me that. >> we have suzanne somers cougaring in on our camera guy. >> i like you too. >> thank you, thank you. >> she's one of those women that makes you feel uncomfortable to be around because she's just that sexual. >> i'm going to buy a bra. >> i don't know if she's that sexy. it's zwhraust guys think about that thigh m. that's the biggest flirt. >> really? >> you know, if you go to the gym and you're doing that -- >> the single >> yeah. there's always some creepy guy walking by if you do it at the gym going hey, what's going an over there? >> you've done it? >> no i haven't done it. >> thank you. "tmz" is always good to me. >> "tmz" pop quiz. what has two legs, is mind-blowingly hot and will kick your ass through your face? the answer, adriana lima.
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yeah, you punch those thugs. they've been so naughty. >> adriana lima is doing boxing workout with a dude in miami. >> please tell me she has headgear on. >> she's not boxing -- no one is hitting her. >> oh, she's training. >> yes, and it's the sexiest boxing training ever, outside of "rocky 3." just two straight guys enjoying a hug. but back to adriana, who's actually not bad in the ring. >> she looks like a appropriate i'm serious, she looks really good. her style, her technique, everything. i'm like dang that girl will kick your butt. >> whereas most hot girls will just destroy your self-esteem, adriana can also destroy your face!
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>> she's like a bond girl. beautiful and will kick your ass. >> most importantly she's wearing tights. >> tights? >> check out adriana lima -- from a distance! >> seriously, she will end you. >> what's up? >> jalen rose at l.a.x. you better start looking over your shoulder, dude. you're status as resident basketball guru may be in trouble. >> they're starting some kind of league. they're taking too long. we're starting our own league. >> the fans' league. >> it's not a league. it's a celebrity game. >> did you tell them they can't play? >> no everyone can play. >> i'm not sure shavon should -- i saw her playing basketball last week and it was not good. >> i got every basket in except i don't like it when
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they run in my face. i'm like ahhh. >> you guys should invite me. get me on twitter. >> wilt chamberlin. >> watch out. >> just remember shavon doesn't like things thrown in her famous. >> all good. good night. >> how are you? >> i hear you're rocking, man. >> oh, yeah! john morello, guitarrist for one of the angriest bands of all time. starring in -- >> "peacemaker. >> do you want to shake hands? >> yes, he had just finished a show when he walked into a raging argument between security and a fan who was turned away from getting backstage. >> hold on a second. >> he spent five minutes mediating the thing. >> i got tickets and i was disrespected by these two security guards right here.
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>> you are members of your party? >> there's no way in hell this is going to happen. >> i'm sorry it got out of hand. >> tom morello, peacemaker. >> it's not very rock 'n' roll, is it? the whole scenario. >> yeah, he should have punched him. that would have been better. >> no, it was noble. it was selfless. it was -- >> stupid? >> ah. >> he was a peacemaker. >> peacemaker. >> peacemaker. >> peacemaker. >> hey, adam, how you doing, man? >> we got adam lambert leaving the restaurant. j. lo cried on stage recently. we asked have you ever cried onstage? >> of course. >> what makes you cry
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onstage? >> i don't know, when you get into the emotion of a song. >> what made j. lo cry? >> yeah, she's fine. >> he's in a convertible mustang. i hate it. >> why? >> that's the highest thing you can get at a car rental place. >> i rode in one of those in the south of france. the top was down, having a great day, taking photos and i pulled over to the side to take a photo of the border between france and italy and hit the curb and put a huge scratch on the front of the brand-new b.m.w. i returned the car. i was like there's a little thing on the side over here. >> you told them? 234e6r -- never tell them. >> i did tell them. >> that's what happened after i pulled into this garage. you did it because i'm black. >> i wish i'd thought of that. >> take care. >> what is this about lindsay doing the million-dollar spread in "playboy"?
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>> i don't know. >> the ex mrs. hefner. >> she's been paid to be in playboy so they asked her if lindsay is worth a million dollars? >> she's worth whatever she's worth. >> who would get the most money for posing in "playboy"? >> no one's ever seen a full frontal of -- >> angelina jolie. >> her photos have been all over the place. >> sarah palin. she would get a million bucks. >> michelle obama. >> the first lady? >> what about pippa? >> scarlett johansson. >> oprah. she would make a ton of money. >> you have to want to see the person. >> chaka kahn. >> aretha franklin. >> oh, aretha would be good. >> you have a good day, ok? >> coming up -- >> paris jackson, she's the
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only girl on the football team. she's a blocker. she's attacking the quarterback, pushing all the other boys away. >> plus -- >> are we partying for halloween? >> do you want to extend an invitation to tan immigrant irishman? >> like some poor guy is arriving at ellis island.
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>> coming up -- >> henry cavill. shirtless, ripped.
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>> "tmz" presents paris jackson, football legend in the making. >> the cool october winds cut across sherman oaks through the fields. one young girl, michael jackson's daughter paris stepping forward, ready to face any -- >> paris jackson at her flag football game. >> ok i was in the middle of a thing but whatever, go ahead. >> she's the only girl on the team. she's playing. not only is she playing, she's a blocker. >> really? >> yeah. >> well, let's check the replay.
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>> blanket and prince are on the sidelines blocking. >> who else is there? >> oksana and timothy dalton, their son sasha plays on the same football team as paris. >> and the exes came together to cheer on the team and can't you just feel the love? but back to paris. >> after the game she tweeted "we won 32-6." killed them. >> heart of a champion. paris jackson, football legend in the -- >> yeah, boy. >> oh, to hell with it. >> happy hump day for all the women. henry cavill, shirtless, ripped. >> is he the new superman? >> that's right. man of steel. he looks so good. you know how you guys like [beep]? i think a lot of girls like shoulders. all right, bleep me, whatever. t. and a.
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happy hunk day, ladies. you look good. >> what happens when two giant tv shows share the same bathroom? toilet turf wars! >> there is a war, a civil war erupting over the toilet that the studios were giving the stars of the "x factor." >> yes, where classic shows like "welcome back kotter," "sonny and cher," and ed sullivan all pooped. >> they claimed the bathroom as their drawing line claiming territory. that's not cool in a place where other people are filming. >> in this case, "dancing with the stars," who wasn't going to take this sitting down. actually, they wanted to sit down. anyway. >> and then a note appeared underneath the "x factor" sign that said "these restrooms are for everyone. if you have a problem with that, come see me. i'm on stage 46. just ask for rob. i'm the 6'3" black man.
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"dancing with the stars." >> they had to bring height into this. >> intimidation at the toilet. >> there is a stage manager on dancing with. stars named rob. >> breaking news! >> there's a conspiracy going on because we talked to people close to the toilet situation -- >> they're called janitors. >> rob didn't write the note. >> which means someone full of -- >> shouldn't they just go by rating? >> to decide who gets the john? >> no they should go by fan votes. >> great, so if you think "x factor" should get the bathroom, you need a life. and if you think this whole story is a load, what did you expect after -- >> toilet turf wars! >> coming out of the lingerie for halloween. >> is it going to be sexy or scary this afternoon? where does the decision lie? >> funny. >> funny? i said what are you actually doing for halloween? she's like --
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>> i think i'm going to a halloween party. >> want to extend an invitation to an immigrant irish man? >> it's not my party but i would have you. >> you have to see the video. it's on. >> immigrant irishman, like a poor guy arriving at ellis island. >> i think you may be reading a little bit too much into it. i think she just meant she would have you come to the party. >> watch the video, dude. >> when he was telling us about it before he was like -- >> you're one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen in person. >> oh, thank you. >> and you deserve all the happiness and more. >> thank you. >> coming up, >> costas, mandelar. he's been in all these "saw" movies. >> plus -- >> chaz bono got voted off "dancing with the stars. my question is what does chaz bono do now? i think chaz should have a sitcom. >> "that's my chaz.
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hi there. i'm ian wright
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>> next "tmz" -- >> he got this cadillac and
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and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
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>> "tmz," online and on your phone 24/7. >> october 25, 2011, the date tragedy struck planet earth. >> chaz and lacey. >> chaz bono was voted off of "dancing with the stars"! no! >> nei nein, nein! >> no, uh-uh. no, no, no. no, no, no. hell, no! no, no. i refuse -- no. no. >> look how absolutely crushed he is. >> we got chaz and lacey as partners on jimmy kimmel afterwards. i'm telling you, chaz is a full-on star. everybody wants a picture with chaz. he's vernice, takes pictures with everybody. >> wow, he really is a star, which is extremely rare for "dancing with the stars.
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>> what does chaz bo do now? >> yes, the question on >> everyone's mind -- who is this guy -- what does chaz bono do now? >> anyone? guess we'll start throwg stuff out there. >> if u like it you can take it. if you don't, send it right back. >> a chaz bono exercise tape. five minutes of exercise a day and you can look like chaz. ok, his own apple tablet, the i-chaz. you brought it up, what's your idea? >> i think chaz should have a sitcom. he goes back to his hometown. he dresses up as a girl. prom queen. i love it. done. comedy. >> and it's called "all that chaz! >> i don't think s >> damn. maybe he should just live off his mom. that sounds better anyway.
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>> wait, he stars in a movie as a fele robot who changes into a male ro boat. "transgenders. ! really? fine, screw this. >> halloween is comingp. >> what would you wear for halloween? >> we got costas mandylor. >> who? >> costas mandylor. he's been in all these "saw "movies. >> is he in multiles? >> he's in multiles have you ever witnessed something crazy like that in real life? [laughter] >> have you ever seen anything like "saw" in real life? >> there was the time i woke up in that room. >> no it's too crazy. >> but "saw "is great. really smart. >> how many are there now? >> "3-d was number eight, i believe. number seven? sorry. seven.
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>> there are as many "saws" as there are "police academies. congratulations. thank you. >> c078ing up -- >> >> so harvey is singing again. >> the harvey singing tour continues. >> i thought his singing would be the worst thing. 
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>> so, harvey is singing again. >> so this is the way the temptations really do it. >> he's been a over the
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country doing speeches and he's in detroit. got to go to motown. >> this is the original studio. it says like hicksville, u.s.a. outside. >> ♪ i got sunshine on a cloudy day ♪ >> ♪ and when it's cold outside i got the month of may ♪ >> he's all offkey. >> it's like harvey is [laughter] >> that's exactly what it looks like. >> it's so bad. >> we'll let him defend himself tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i'm a lawyer.
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