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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 27, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning on this october 27th. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes who has the latest on our weather. >> showers generally on the light side but enough to wet the roadways out there. i'm sure it will slow the commute. you can see the shower activity, generally light, kind
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of spotty. there is some showers inside the beltway there in northwest washington and around the we were side of the beltway and up 270 up into montgomery county up towards damascus and gaithersburg. so that is kind of the theme around here. hit and miss showers for the morning hours. they will be with us intermittently as we watch the frontal system sag to the south. at reagan national, 57 degrees. we will have some periods of shower activity. highs in the mid-60s. so a cool one out there. changes, cold weather, coastal storm. we'll look at that coming up. >> thank you. now to today's top stories. police are searching for a suspect after a local college student and marine was murdered
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in a quiet community. 24-year-old alonzo guy top was a second year music major at howard university. early tuesday morning, he was gunned down in mount rainier. police believe it was a robbery gone wrong. the lululemon trial picks back up today. brittany norwood is accused of beating coworker jayna murray to death last march and then trying to cover it up. defense lawyer admitted norwood killed murray during a heated argument but that it was not premeditated and not first degree murder. the trial is expected to last about two weeks. still, no sign of a missing 9-year-old autistic boy in central virginia. a huge search involving hundreds of volunteers will pick back up later on this morning. but police have been out looking for the boy all night. little robert wood, jr. wandered off from his family on zipped at the north ann
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battlefield park. mayor vip gray and several district leaders are facing investigations for ethics violations. the biggest complaint has been that rules are not followed. >> reporter: as the committee on government operations got under way, several chairs were empty including the one for committee member harry thomas, jr. who is currently the focus of a federal investigation. >> this is a low point in this body. i can't remember a time in which so many members were under either investigation or a cloud of suspicion. >> reporter: the chair of the committee says she wants an open and honest government and believes public officials should be held accountable. >> unfortunately, many of the successes that we are achieving in the district of columbia are overshadowed by the scandals. >> reporter: councilmember jack evans used the strongest language saying the rules should be clear fai. councilmember violates them,
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they lose their seat. >> what are the penalties for violating the law. you can't legislate sand say somebody has to be honest. that is inherent in people who are in the government. but if they aren't and they get caught, the penalty has to be severe enough that they can't serve any longer. >> reporter: among the ideas, the creation of an ethics board, even term limits and a rule council members can't have outside work. >> i view this hearing as an opportunity for the city and for all of us to have a fresh start and a new deal. i think we really immediate to deal this as where we want to be five, 10, 1520 years down the road. council chairman kwame brown who is also under federal investigation attended part of the meeting. although he has been criticized for the fully loaded suv and is being investigated for alleged campaign violation, brown says he supports new, strong ethics laws. >> that is why i made sure that
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we led the charge and making sure we shepherd these bills through the council. we'll have a bill done by the end of this year. >> that was matt ackland reporting. committee member harry thomas who is also under investigation for allegedly taking $300,000 from the city was not at yesterday's meeting. his staff says his busy schedule kept him from attending. we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 on this thursday. let's take an up-close look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning and it will be wet around that capitol dome this morning at least. we have some rain in the area. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes to -- for the latest on
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our weather. >> is this going to stick around all day? >> it won't rain all did i but it will be cloudy. it won't be a heavy rain. just showers intermittently throughout the morning. we do have light showers falling at the moment here in washington and showers up to the north and west into montgomery county. much of the area currently getting a break. look at what is going on out to the west. you can see the rain sliding in from west virginia. that will be in here shortly. we will have rain as mentioned on and off throughout the day as this frontal system sags to our south. that will bring some cool air. >> you know what i like. >> you'll love it. our highs later today, cooler than yesterday, only in the low to mid-60s. showers around, lots of clouds. many of us will be in the low 60s with 62 in martinsburg, 65 in washington. cooler today and downright cold
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around here by saturday with highs only in the upper 40s. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to see the latest on traffic. looks like it could be messy with the rain. you just never know. >> absolutely. it won't make our commute any easier this morning. we are dealing with wet pavement. when i left gaithersburg, i was dealing with wiper issues. i had the wipers on full blast. by the time i hit the beltway, not so much. it just depends on where you ar morning. lanes are open traveling the beltway from connecticut avenue headed around towards georgia avenue. no sign of any overnight roadwork thanks to mother nature. checking for a crash on the outer loop between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue but so far nothing has been found. the road spray kicking up in your face leaving germantown headed out to mva. no problems reported inbound on 66 leaving manassas in towards
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centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an unexpected start to the lululemon murder trial. suspect's attorney admitted brittany norwood killed jayna murray inside the bethesda store last march but that it didn't go down like prosecutors said it did. stacy cohan has more. >> reporter: the defense attorney said yes, indeed, brittany norwood did kill her coworker, jayna murray but that it was an accident, not a planned killing. in fact, the words he used were that his client, brittany norwood, lost it during a heated argument. >> trying to get a verdict of second degree murder. he could conceivably be asking for a verdict of voluntary
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manslaughter. >> reporter: the prosecution did not get to use the graphic photos they wanted to use in opening statements. they did show the jury an array of eight different murder weapons including a hammer, wrench and box cutters. they also heard from the first person to discover jayna murray's body. i'll have that coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you. paul wagner is blogging and tweeting about the trial from the courthouse. go to and click on hot top ins for a choser look at our coverage and paul's daily update. the search if a killer is under way after a local college student and marine was gunned down in a quiet community. 24-year-old alonzo guyton was a second year music major at howard university. early tuesday morning, he was shot and killed at the kaywood garden apartment complex in mount rainier. friends say he had manned to stay there overnight. guyton's wallet was missing and
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police believe it was a robbery gone wrong. an autistic 9-year-old from central virginia has not been seen since sunday and police are hoping he is still alive somewhere in the woods of hanover county. search teams have been out all night looking for robert wood, jr. he is autistic and usually avoids contact with people. there is some speculation virginia governor bob mcdonnell could be on the sort list of gop vice presidential running mates. he met with mitt romney in fairfax yesterday. although their conversation was private, the speculation is growing. tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: they say virginia is for lovers and mitt romney was trying to romance a potential running mate and he may have come to the right place. >> it is a critical state. >> reporter: at fairfax county's gop headquarters, he met with current virginia governor bob mcdonnell sparking
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questions about romney and mcdonnell as potential running mates. >> it would be presumptuous for anyone in my position so far from the nomination to start thinking about who might be a vice president. i'm sure that all the people recognize the great leaders we have in the republican party and certainly this man is one of them. >> mcdonnell returned romney's praise but stopped short of an endorsement are saying in he was interested in joining a romney ticket. >> governor romney gets it when it come to free enterprise, a marvelous record of achievement creating wealth and jobs and opportunity for people. >> reporter: the meeting between the two lasted only 10 minutes. outside, a few pro-obama demonstrators tried to grab media attention from the republican crowd. both romney and herman cain are tied at 21% in the polls. many are speculating he may find a running mate here in
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virginia. >> it is a plus to have mcdonnell on the ticket. >> reporter: the wtop political analyst mark plotkin calls virginia a 2012 battleground state. politically, he says mcdonnell is strong in areas where romney is weak. >> i think he appeals to independent voter. i think he is a lot more conservative than he projects but i think he would be an asset. >> reporter: as for whether or not romney asked for his endorsement -- >> i asked every governor for their endorsement. >> reporter: romney's campaign is serious about wanting to lock up the nomination long before virginia's march 6 primary day. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. later today, herman cape will be in arizona speaking to republicans at a lincoln day dinner. rick perry is broadcasting his first television ad in iowa. and president barack obama is back at the white house after
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introducing his new student hoon program in denver yesterday. legal challenges to president obama's health care overhaul. coming up next, the latest timetable for the supreme court to make a key decision. plus, a show of emotion from the doctor accused in the death of michael jackson. we're checking more headlines when we return. return. 
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prince george's county police are investigating a shooting outside a liquor store. they say a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound outside of three road liquors last night. the store is located along brandywine road in brandywine. the victim was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. no word so far on any suspects or motive in this case. in other headlines, occupy protests from new york to california. protesters with the occupy wall street movement marched in front of city hall in new york city last night.
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it was a show of solidarity with protesters in oakland, california who also marched out of the city plaza last night. protesters in denver braved the snow there and there were also protests in ohio and atlanta where 50 people were arrested yesterday. the official coroner's report on amy wipe house reveals that she drank herself to death. winehouse's parents were in court for the hearing on her death. a pathologist said she had more than five times the legal limit. now to the michael jackson death trial. character witnesses take the stand as defense lawyers try to convince the jury that dr. conrad murray is a caring, knowledgeable physician. he was even brought to tears during testimony. the prosecution, however, hammered on the same point with every witness trying to prove that, unlike with jackson,
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murray saw each of them in a hospital with his support staff and proper equipment. the defense is still expected to call two expert witnesses and they can potentially wrap their case up by the end of this week. the u.s. supreme court could decide whether to hear achallenge to the health care reform law in about two weeks. federal appeals court rulings on health care in atlanta, six nationally and richmond or the agenda for the justice's private conference set for november 10th f they agree to hear any or all of those cases, the decision would be announced that day or when the court meets in public session the following monday. the fredee macceo says he wants to step down next year. the federal housing agency has requested that the board work on a succession plan for the ceo spot. a fox 5 follow-up, relief for people trying to pay off the student loans. more on the president's plan to
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one will get the official pardon right before thanksgiving. this year, some high school students are working to help tame the turkeys to make it just a little easier to put the birds on a table if you know what i mean. >> we're obsessed with the turkeys this year. this is about the fisk time i've soon a story about turkey. -- this is about the fifth time of a seen a story about turkey. the rain showers are moving in. they will be with us on and off all day long. i think most of the rain will be out of here by early afternoon and then we'll have some clouds. but then the chilly air will start to work in. you will notice the chill as the wind will pick up later tonight. there is your hd radar. shower, you can see them green on your map all over the place and inside the beltway, we've got light to moderate showers. they are not falling too heavy, too fast paced at the moment. you can see the hit and miss
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nature of the showers continues up into montgomery county. lots more rain out -- let's look at the map. i'll show you the rain out to the west and you can see it riding along this frontal system. look at that orientation, sort of west to east. we have plenty of rain showers in front of us. the rain will be with us for a good part of the day as well as the cloud cover and the cool temperatures. highs today will be in the low to mid-60s. out to the west, that is the cold front that has much chillier air. winds will pick up and behind it tomorrow, even with some sunshine, even with a bright day, our high temperatures will only be in the 50s, in the low to mid-50s. it will be much cooler tomorrow and as that cooler air moves in tonight, we've got a freeze watch off to the north. 57 in washington. 66? quantico. still some 60s out there. annapolis is 59 and 54 in frederick. here is your forecast for today
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and lots of clouds around, showers likely. 65 your daytime high. winds out of the west at five to 10. wind will pick up tonight. they will become brisk at times out of the north, 15 to 20 gusting to 25 to 30. early showers, breezy and cold overnight. overnight low in washington, 32. we've got a freeze watch. we'll show you that coming up off to the north and west. could be the end of the growing season for parts of the area. there is your five-day forecast. chilly tomorrow. it will be breezy at times. we cloud back up friday night. a few more showers on saturday. best chance south and east, mentioned that coastal storm. only 48 on saturday. could be some mountain snow well off to the west. we start a nice rebound. halloween, it should be dry with sunshine a good portion of the day. julie wright has your latest on traffic. >> you got to get a jack-o- lantern on that map. you just can't have a sunshine on there for halloween. >> i'm working on it.
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>> you got to get a pumpkin. >> i'm working on it. >> in other words, i want candy. don't forget. >> i know you do. >> all right. here we go on the roads. you will find if you are traveling between annandale and merrifield, traffic volumes, not so bad. about 55 miles per hour headed up towards 66. we are maintaining speed on the west side of town. no incidents to report if you are continuing on inbound new york avenue leaving northeast to northwest. all of your lanes are open. northbound i-95 an easy drive leaving woodbridge headed across the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police make an arrest in a series of robberies. investigators say michael mcintosh is linked to at least four armed robberies in the station's parking garage. officers arrested the 22-year- old october 16th aboard a green
4:50 am
line train after a robbery on u street. >> while transporting that individual to the booking facility, one of our officers looked at him and said this looks like the suspect wanted for the robberies at the suitland metro station. >> they want you to park in well-lit areas, have your keys in hand when you are walking to the consider and back into the parking spot so you can make a quicker exit if necessary. make sure you are visible this halloween. the maryland state highway administering is loaning out the reflective vests that the highway workers wear. if you are over 40rbgs you might want to -- 40, you can might want to avoid the black licorice in the halloween bag. it can send to you the hospital. it cause a drop in potassium
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levels which can lead to heart problems. also, check your cabinets. wegmans is recalling pine nuts sold in virginia around maryland because they could be contaminated with salmonella. they were distributed under the name sunrise commodities. student loan dead deet is one of the biggest financial burdens young people face right now and college costs keep on going up. -- student loan debt is one of the biggest financial burdens young people face right now and college costs keep going up. we have a report. >> my last semester, he decided to get another loan for housing and school. >> that is how much three years at the university of islamorada have cost her out of state. >> i'm kind of of nervous but i guess i have to plan well and
4:52 am
budget. >> reporter: student loan debt is becoming a crushing burden for many young graduates, more than a trillion dollars owed nationwide and the obama administration is offering some relief. >> the idea is how do we make college more affordable and how do we make sure you are burdened with less debt. >> reporter: about six million students and grads would have a mix of federal student loans will be able to consolidate into one loan. the interest rate is the average of those outstanding loans with a 1/2% discount. >> we're going to put them into effect not three years from now, not two years from now. we'll put them into effect next year because our economy needs it right now and your future could use a boost right now. >> reporter: starting in 2012, monthly payment will be capped at 10% of income and borrowers who continue to pay on time will have the balance of their
4:53 am
loans for given after 20 years. >> i'm never late with a bill now. if i can keep this up, that would be really great. >> reporter: students say they will take any help they can get. even better who be if college just didn't cost so much to begin with. a new survey by the college board found the average public college student now pays 17,000 a year in tuition, room and board and graduates with $22,000 in student loan debt. time maybe to save a little money for you this morning. today's my fox half off deal. a little house cleaning. 6 #% off home clean -- 68% off home cleaning. this is a $155 value. just go to our web site and click on the my fox half off icon. stay with us. we'll be right back. ight back. you've heard of
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the powerful formula in rid-x has enzymes to immediately break down waste and bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank build-up. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. the force, the redskins, pretty much the walking wounded these days. santana moss will be out five to seven weeks. he broke a bone in his left hand on sunday and has already had surgery to. a tough time for months who has 25 receptions this year. the washington caps look to stay undefeated tonight. they are in canada to take on the edmonton oilers. they dominated the detroit redwings on saturday 7-1. the caps are the nhl's only unbeaten team. and a programming reminder for you. tonight is game six of the
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world series, weather permitting. it was rained out last night. but you can catch all the action here on fox. first pitch set for 8:05 p.m. you may have heard of sleepwalking, sleep eating, even sleep driving. now you can add sleeve texting to that list. this newest nocturnal activity is impacting young people who are seriously attached to their cell phones. nes. >> sometimes i just fall asleep with it in my hand because i'm so tired. >> i usually sleep with it in my hands and if it vibrates, i wake up. >> 15-year-old mattie shores and darby rider are just like your kids. >> easier than calling. >> texting is the way to communicate. it is quick, doesn't use up minutes and you can talk to all of your friends at once,
4:58 am
sometimes hundreds of message as a day. studies show teens spend an hour and a half just texting each day. >> i don't remember doing it but i remember texting my boyfriend and i woke up and i thought i just said good night and he sent me these message and he was like what. i looked at the message i sent before it was -- i said something hike completely weird. sorry we lost all of our songs. >> yes, both maddie and rider say they sent nocturnal notes. >> i remember opening my phone. i don't remember typing anything and sending it but i'll send like really random things and ill awake up and there will be a text message and it will be like what are you even talking about. >> dr. michael rich says he
4:59 am
sees this behavior in a lot of young people. >> because texting is something people do and particularly that kids can do without even looking at the screen, it is something that is going to happen in your sleep. >> it happens because so many of us sleep so close to our phones e ready for a call or text at any moment. but dr. rich says sleep texting means you are not falling into a deep sleep which impacts how you retain what you learned throughout the day. >> the deep stage four rem sleep that is necessary to move stuff they've been exposed to during the day from their short high pressure term memory into their learning centers and their memory center >> so how do you put the news button on texting? suggests you put the phone away at a certain


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