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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> think about cell phones not as a day a divine right. >> putting a little distance between yourself and your device might help in more ways than one. 5:00 right now on a thursday morning. glad you're with us. it is october 27th. there is your washington monument on the right of the screen. a little bit of rain out there this morning. a little wet. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins this morning. starting to feel like halloween out there. we are getting ready for it. >> it is getting closer and closer. so are the cold temperatures. we'll see cooler conditions begin to move in later on today and the next couple of days
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going to be really chilly. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll start with that. we have rain showers across the region as expected. rain is here, none of it particularly heavy. light to moderate rain falling across the region. all the areas in green there, that is where it is raining. so in the district inside the beltway, all around the region, pretty much most of you getting rain. not everybody at this point but you will get some later on. right now, current conditions being reported at reagan national, rain showers, 57 degrees. relative humidity is at 96% and the wind are currently calm. they will pick up a little bit later on today with the passage of a cold front that will be coming through. here is a look at the day planner for today. showers, clouds around, rain showers through the day. cooler temperatures, highs only into the mid-60s for today. we'll tell you about a freeze warning that is in effect for perhaps some of our viewers for tonight into tomorrow and we'll talk about the weekend forecast
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too coming up. >> all right. >> is it a warping? what's that? it is a watch, not a warning. >> we will watch for it. >> either way, i still hear cold. >> let's check in with julie. >> the freeze watch includes me republicanning to the dresser to get out the footy pajamas. then you know it will be cold outside. on the roads, wet pavement is what we're dealing with. no incidents to report right now. keep an eye open for incidents that could occur. i-95 in good shape. lanes are open. road spray kicking up in your face. when i came in about an hour ago, there was rain coming down. wiper were in full blast. allow extra time on the roads. the good news is we are incident-free. the beltway is looking good traveling between annandale and merrifield. no problems to report leaving northeast to northwest. southbound 270 looking good on the top side leaving urbana headed out towards 109. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. new this morning, prince george's county police investigating a shooting outside of a liquor store. they say a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound outside of the three roads liquors around 11:15 last night. that store is on brandywine road in brandywine. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. no word on a suspect or motive. police also searching for the gunman who shot and killed a local college student and marine. 24-year-old alonzo guyton was a second year music major at howard university. early tuesday morning, he was gunned down in mount rainier. friend say he had planned to stay there overnight at a fellow student's apartment. police believe it was a robbery gone wrong. day four of the lululemon murder trial picks back up later on this morning. there was an unexpected twist though during opening statements. the suspect's attorney admitted brittany norwood killed coworker jayna murray inside
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the bethesda store last march but not like the prosecution claims. stacy cohan has the details this morning. >> reporter: good morning. if opening statements are any indication, this is going to be a very dramatic trial in what is already an extremely high profile murder case. 29-year-old brittany norwood is on trial for premeditated murder in the killing of her coworker that happened inside the lululemon store earlier this year nai. surprise move, norwood's attorney, doug wood, admitted that his client killed murray but said that it was not premeditated, that she lost it during an argument. one. the first witnesses for the prosecution was a man who was waiting outside the apple store next door and went into the lululemon store after a manager arrived and found the store in disarray. >> this is not just a normal smash and grab. it's like somebody is probably hurt. i kept walking further back to see if somebody was gravely
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injured and saw more good and that is when i found the first body and then came back out and saw the second girl laying there. >> reporter: he actually discovered jayna murray's body and found norwood injured but still alive. the jury also got the opportunity to see eight murder weapons. those include a hammer, a wrench and a box cutter. we expect testimony to begin again later today. the trial is expected to last about eight days. reporting live in rockville, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. also fox 5's paul wagner is blogging and tweeting about the trial from the courthouse. head to and click on hot topic for a closer look at our coverage and pull's daily updates. later this morning, hundreds of volunteers will be back out looking for a missing boy in central virginia. 9-year-old robert wood, jr. is autistic and usually avoids contact with other people. he has been missing since sunday. search teams have scoured the woods near the north anna
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battlefield park where he was last seen. they stopped searching after sun downbut police have been searching all night. in the race for the white house, former massachusetts governor mitt romney hanging out with the governor of virginia in fairfax. governor bob mcdonnell met with mitt romney privately for about 10 minutes at gop headquarters. virginia is a key swing state and there has been some speculation that romney might ask mcdonnell to be his running mate. >> it would be presumptuous for anyone in my position so far from the nomination to be thinking about who might be a vice president. but i'm sure everyone recognizes the great leaders we have in the republican party. you've beinged every governor for their endorsement. >> mcton el staffers tell fox 5 that there will not be an endorsement before election day next month. the other republican frontrunner, herman cain, is
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heading to arizona today to attend a republican lynn done day danger. rick perry's first political advertisement is being unveiled in iowa. president obama is back from denver where he announced his student loan initiative. more changes are coming to the national mall and up next, the latest on a plan to overhaul three areas of the mall. we'll check headlines coming up next. [ speaking french ]
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protesters with the occupy wall street movement marching in new york city last night. they were showing solidarity with protesters in oakland, california would rallied again yesterday. in denver, protestors slept under 5 inches of snow and there are protests continuing in toledo, ohio and atlanta, georgia. european leaders finally agreed for a debt deal and this morning stock markets around the world are soaring. leaders met until 4:00 in the morning trying to come up with a plan to solve the problem. they greed on cutting greece's debt, reenforced an eu bailout
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fund with over a trillion dollars and will require banks to write down 50% of their investments. asian stocks are way up on that news. an update on the west virginia mine explosion that killed 29 men. the former head of security at the upper big branch mine convicted of obstructing the investigation. a federal jury found huey stover guilty of lying to investigators and getting rid of thousands of security- related documents after the 2010 explosion. stover is the first to face criminal prosecution in what has now become the worst coal mining disaster in u.s. history. the nonphotograph its trust for the national mall has named several high profile architecture firms as finalists in a design competition. they will overhaul the washington monument grounds, redesign the constitution gardens and create a civic square at the foot of the capitol. it would be called union square. embarrassment for a couple out picking apples. up next, the husband studies
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maps for a living so how did he and his wife get lost in a large orchard? it led to a call to 911 even. the first significant snowstorm of the season out west. look at this. could it be coming this way soon? probably not. tony is here with the latest on traffic and julie has traffic. stay with us.  [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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october 27th seems a bit early to be talking about significant snowfall. we are talking about somewhere else. this is what they are waking up to today in cheyenne, wyoming. several inches fell there yesterday. >> same story in denver, colorado. about 5 inches came down. heavy and wet bringing down tree limbs and power lines. this morning, thousands of people with no power in the dark around denver, colorado. >> just a few days ago, temperatures were in the 80s. now, this is what they're dealing with. >> haven't we talked about this before. snow out there around this time of year. is this highly unusual? >> i wouldn't say it is highly unusual. they got a pretty good amount
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for late october but there are parts of colorado, parts of the west that get it fairly early. some of the ski resorts have already had some snow. they like that. good for them. we don't have snow in our area but there is a freeze watch that goes into effect for some of our counties to the north and west tonight into tomorrow. right here, mild temperatures currently. 59degrees. we've got rain showers across the region. as you take a look at the sentinel radar, plenty of rain to go around. it is not heavy rain but we are having rain really from washington right up to baltimore. all the areas here in green you are seeing rain. winchester, you've had some showers. that is dissipating right now but you will get more coming up a little bit later on. we'll show you the wide image there. there is a lot of moisture to work with associated with this frontal boundary. so before the day is over, we'll get more precipitation here. generally speaking, the thought
5:17 am
is at reagan national, anywhere from 1/10-inch to 1/4 inch before the day is over. several more hours of off and on rainfall through the day. now, let me take a look at the temperatures. it is 59 degrees now here in washington. 57 up in gaithersburg. 59 in annapolis. fredericksburg, 64. haggerstown, 61 degrees. quite mild there. but you can see some significant changes tonight. there is a freeze watch that goes into effect late tonight into tomorrow morning for counties to our north. it includes cities like frederick, maryland, hagerstown, maryland, cumberland. morgantown, charlestown, west virginia, places like that where you could see temperatures in the low -- mid and low 30s out there tonight. it is not a warning at this point. there are some warning in pennsylvania but here it is a watch and again, we're not talking about the washington metropolitan area. here is what we are looking at
5:18 am
for today though. cloudy skies. showers likely. another mild day. 65 and that is actually our average high for this date. then for tonight, we will see more clouds, some early showers. breezy conditions. winds blowing up to about 15 or 20 miles per hour. the overnight low in town about 42 degrees as that cool air really works its way in. the five-day forecast, check it out. tomorrow, only the low 50s. quite chilly, a little bit breezy. showers on saturday. 48degrees for the high. and overnight lows in the 30s saturday into sunday and then halloween right now looks pretty good. 59degrees under partly sunny skies. we believe it will be dry but becoming chilly during the trick or treat hours. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. julie, not a pumpkin but we have a skull for you on halloween.
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>> is that what you're giving me, a skull. >> it is scary. >> unfortunately, i already have an empty skull. here we go on the roads right now. your lanes are open traveling northbound 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. no problems to report as you cross over the potomacen you will find that lanes are open if you are traveling eastbound 66 coming in from fair oaks headed over towards the capital beltway. top side of the beltway not so bad right now. the lanes are open as you work your way around westbound 495 headed over towards your commits for georgia avenue. coming-- towards your exits for georgia avenue. southbound 95, 65 miles per hour and average peed on the beltway at new hampshire avenue, about 65 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a meteorologist is telling an embarrassing tale. the man who studies maps for a living got lost picking apples with his wife in an orchard in massachusetts. >> they put off calling 911. they thought they could find
5:20 am
their way out. apparently not. fox's bret connellys that their story. >> reporter: first, the corn maze, now an apple or chord. here is where our self-admitted embarrass story begins on the 100-acre apple orchard in stow where mark and his wife lost their with a picking apples. >> i followed my wife. she knows everything. she goes follow me, i know where are we're going. i said really? she brought me down this dirt road. >> but that didn't get them back to their car. instead, it took them deep near the field lined with apple trees. >> if you go off the beaten path and you are walking through the woods, have you no idea where you are. >> in fairness, it was getting late in the afternoon and we've had people that can't find their way but we are usually there to help them out. this was later in the day and wimbledon gone home for the night. >> if worse comes to worse, we'll call the police. i said i don't want to call the
5:21 am
stow police. i'm a grope man. how can i get lost in a flipping apple orchard. >> we are in the or chord and we can't find our way out. we're walking and it's very dark. >> reporter: the 911 called tracked mark by gps. this comes just week after another local family called 911 after getting lost in a corn made. back out at the apple orchard, some usual customers shook their heads. >> it is not really a maze. it is an or chord. >> pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: more than an hour later, they were rescued and spared a night out surrounded by the forbidden fruit. >> i said how many people actually get lost? he goes nobody. >> the lucky ones. a woman allegedly caught in the act on video accused of poisoning cats and she works at the national zoo. we have an update. first, a reminder, if you
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airmen are now resting at arlington national cemetery, their remains buried in a single calgary cet yesterday with full military honors. they were on a bombing raid over berlin in 1944 when they crashed. their remains discovered at the german crash site in 2003. over the next several years, u.s. military investigators were able to identify them. now a story that may not be making headlines. a bird researcher at the national zoo accused of trying to kill cats in her d.c. neighborhood. >> feeding street cats is controversial but as will thomas found, while one neighborhood fed them, another is charged with poisoning them. >> reporter: her name is niko. she is a ph.d. national zoo researchers specializing in migratory birds. in this online video from a lecture, she discussed cats. >> i just want to present some photographic evidence that i actually like cats. you think they are fascinating animals. >> reporter: here is more footage presented in d.c. superior court this week in an
5:26 am
effort to convict her of trying to poison street cats. the prosecution says surveillance cameras positioned outside her columbia heights apartment building on 15th street shows her walking up to a planter and putting rat poison in food bowls left out by a neighbor to feed cats. a woman would lives in the same building scored the poison and called authorities. she routinely leaves food out for cats as she did on this night. rachel sterling believes the prosecution is correct. she should be convicted. >> it is not normal that people poison animals. and to carry around a container of rat poison in your bag, that is nuts. >> reporter: both sides rested in the animal cruelty trial wednesday afternoon. it's bench trial. so the union will decide the outcome by monday. she pleaded not guilty and has
5:27 am
always maintained her innocence. she claims this video shows her removing cat food and in a plastic bag so it wouldn't attract rats. >> she was doing something wrong. i don't understand why somebody would do something like that. you have no right to kill off something. >> that was will thomas reporting. it is a misdemeanor case but her career is at steak here. >> the zoo tells fox 5 she has no contact with the animal collection and she remains a bird researcher while the legal process plays out. three centuries under water. now, a rare piece of history is pulled from the ocean but it could take nearly another decade to really see what it is. that story is coming up in just about 20 minutes. first, stacy is following our big story this morning. let's check in with her once again. >> there was a surprise move by the defense in the lululemon murder trial. i'm live at the rockville courthouse. i'll have the latest coming up. ♪
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halloween again? nice mummy costume. can't anyone do anything origina.ahhhh. edible arrangements bouquets. they're so fun it's scary. call, click or come into the location near you. taking a live look at the beltway this morning. you can see just a little bit the lights are lighting up the roadway. just a little wet out there. we've had some rain so you will have to deal with that road spray as you head into work. >> many folks will have to deal with rain showers on the way in today. it is raining right now across
5:31 am
much of the region. we expect more rain during the course of the morning and into the afternoon as well. we'll show you where we are getting the rain. it is breaking up a little bit but there is your look at hd radar. gaithersburg, leesburg, reston, you are all seeing some rain showers, severna park, annapolis, a little bit of rain out there. down tower south in waldorf, seeing a plgt -- down to our south in waldorf, you are seeing a little bit of rain down there as well. here is a look at the temperatures across the region. baltimore at 57 degrees. ocean city, 63678 dulles airport, 59 n harrisonburg, it is 59 degrees. forecast for today, plenty of clouds around, periods of rain into the afternoon hours. temperatures where they should be for this time of year, 65 in
5:32 am
washington which is actually our average high for this date. that is the latest on the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie wright and get a look at traffic. good morning, ms. wright. >> good morning to you all. we are looking pretty good out on the roads right now. a little bit of wet pavement and road spray which means you got to leave early, pack the patience. the drive on 66, the volume uncreasing from fair oaks headed over towards 123 but all of your lanes are open. no problems reported on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. 395 looks good coming across the 14th street bridge. new york avenue, kenilworth avenue is running freely through northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the prosecution in the lululemon murder trial will try to lay out its case when the trial picks back up this morning. in a surprise move during opening statements, the defense lawyer admit his client killed
5:33 am
a coworker in bethesda back in march. stacy cohan is live necessity courthouse in rockville with the latest on this case. >> the issue at this trial has now moved to whether or not brittany norwood committed this murder into whether or not it was premeditated. the prosecution says the attack was vicious and premeditated lasting as long as two hours. but defense attorney doug wood emphatically disagrees. he says 29-year-old brittany norwood did indeed murder her coworker during appear argument at the lululemon bethesda store back in march. however, he says that that murder was not premeditated. in court, he used the words brittany norwood lost it during a heated argument. >> i think it is a sign that he does not have a great deal to work with. that is what i think and believe me, that is off the top of my head. doug wood is an extremely capable lawyer and i'm sure he has explored every possible
5:34 am
defense but i just -- if he is admitting that, then that make the prosecution's job that much easier. >> reporter: to emfa cities size the brutality of this murder, the prosecution displayed for the jury an array of eight murder weapons including a wrench, hammer and box cutter. there was also a witness on hand the first person to discover jayna murray's body and to discover brittany norwood, a person who had been waiting next door outside the apple store when the manager arrived at lululemon that morning. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. a little reminder for you. fox 5's paul wagner is blogging and tweeting about the trial from the courthouse when it is in session. go to, click on hot top ins for a closer look at our coverage and also paul's daily update. police are searching for a suspect after a local college student and marine was murdered in a quiet community. early tuesday morning, 24-year- old alonzo guy top was shot and
5:35 am
killed in mount rainier. his wallet was missing and police think it was a robbery gone wrong. guyton was way second year music major at hour university. several d.c. leaders are facing ethics investigates including the mayor and now the d.c. council is considering several ethics laws. many complain that city officials do not follow the rules and as fox 5's matt ask land explains, even when the rules are broken, no one is really punished. >> reporter: as the committee on government operations got under way, several chairs were heme including the one for committee member harry thomas, jr. who is currently the focus of a federal investigation. >> this is a low point in this body. i can't remember a time in which so many members were under either investigation or a cloud of suspicion. >> reporter: the chair of the committee says she wants an open and honest government and believes public officials should be held accountable. >> unfortunately, many of the successes that we are achieving in the district of columbia are
5:36 am
overshadowed by the scandals. >> reporter: councilmember jack evans used the strongest language saying the rules should be clear f a councilmember violates them, theys lose their seat. >> what are the penalties for violating the laws. you can't legislate and say somebody has to be honest. that is inherent in people who are in the government. but if they aren't, and they get caught, the penalty has to be severe enough that they can't serve any longer. >> reporter: among the ideas on the table, the creation of an ethics enforcement board, stronger control over constituent funds and even term limits and a rule council members can't have outside work. >> i view this hearing as an opportunity for the city and for all of us to have a fresh start and a new deal. i think we really need to view this as where we want to be five, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. >> council chairman kwame brown who is also under federal investigation attended part of the meeting. although he has been criticized for that fully loaded suv and
5:37 am
is also being investigated for alleged campaign violations. brown says he supports new, strong ethics laws. >> that is who i've made sure the council woman led the charge and making sure we shepherd these bills through the council. she is doing a great job and we'll have a bill done by the end of this year. a stunning refuse laying in the bernie madoff scandal. what his wife said the couple tried to do after her husband admitted to stealing billions of dollars. we'll have details of the latest victims pulled from the rubble in turkey. wall street way up after positive economic reports and good news from europe too. dow gained 162 points. nasdaq up 12678 asian markets shooting high are after hearing news of that european leader's plan to cut massive debt.
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5:41 am
on christmas eve 2008 but woke up early the next day. bernie madoff is serving 150 years in prison. boxing great plowed playweather, jr. has been found not guilty of misdemeanor harrassment charges. he was accused of threatening two security guards who had ticketed vehicle parked near his home and he would get his, quote, unquote home boys with guns to deal with the issue. the death toll from turkey's massive earthquake is now up to 523. when emergency workers found an english teacher, they say her heart stopped beating. >> her heart stopped but we managed to make it start beating again. we managed to keep her alive.
5:42 am
>> rescuers saved another survivor early this morning but rain and snow are really hindering the rescue effort. the redskins getting hit hard with the injury bug. santana months, chris cooley, tim hightower. is it too much for the team to overcome? we'll check on that next. >> tony perkins has the weather and julie wright has your traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back.  [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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we take a look at the national cathedral there. you can just barely make it out in the darkness there. you can see the light on the top of the cathedral there in the middle of the screen. after three centuries under water, a cannon believed to belong to the infamous pirate blackbeard pulled from the ocean. >> cool. >> researchers off the coast of north carolina raised that weapon from the shipwreck on the sea floor yesterday. it weighs 2,000 pounds. it is eight feet long. archaeologists say it could take as long as eight years to carefully get through the ocean debris to get to the metal part of the cannon. >> that is really cool. >> always fascinated by that. when i was growing up, i used to read books about the
5:46 am
shipwrecks. >> there are a lot of them down there. as you know, extraordinarily hard to get to and then pull stuff up. >> eight years it said to get through the stuff. >> you want to be very careful. >> after about a year and a half, you're like oh, the heck with it. >> i can't wait anymore. >> how would you like for that to be your job. here is your eight-year assignment. get to the bottom of this cannon. >> your assignment today, weather. >> get to the bottom of the weather. we have rain showers. we had rain showers yesterday. now, we did predict the rain yesterday. i will say it came in a little sooner than i thought and there was a little more than i thought during the course of the afternoon but still, the rain showers continue across the region today. this is a look at sentinel radar. you can see that many of us are now getting this light to moderate rainfall. it is mainly light rainfall frankly at this point. and this will continue off and on during the course of the day
5:47 am
but really the washington- baltimore corridor, rain this morning. now, let's pull this image out. we are keeping rain in the forecast because this is socialed with a frontal boundary that is making its way eastward and there is lots more moisture to deal with. i'm he not say -- i'm not saying this is all going to hang together in this fashion when it comes through here. we are not expecting a lot of heavy rain today. it will come through during the daytime hours, maybe still a sprinkle or two in the evening but we think it is primarily a daytime event. here is what we think we're looking at as we take a look at future cast. this is not doing a good job right now of showing what is happening because this is showing heavy rain at this hour from washington up to hagerstown. we are for the getting that. this morning, we continue to see rain showers. you start to see some breaks in that precipitation out to the west. by this afternoon, this is showing still cloud cover and a
5:48 am
few more showers popping up. so perhaps by late afternoon, it will be breaking up and then during the overnight hours, that colder air works its way in here. we clear out and because that colder air comes in and we clear out so efficiently, that is why there are freeze watches in effect for some of the counties up to the north. for places like frederick, maryland, hagerstown, cumberland, places like that. forecast for us looks like this. cloudy skies, showers likely as i just showed you. high 65 degrees becoming a little breezy as the day progresses. for tonight, early showers. breezy and cold overnight. the freeze watch is for well to the north and west. 42 for your overnight low. look at the breeziness, wind out of the north 15 to 20 miles per hour. five-day forecast, after a high in the mid 50s today. overfight lows in the 30s saturday into sunday and i want to go back and mention friday
5:49 am
into saturday, some of you will be in the 30s. halloween looks okay. not a great day but okay. a lot of clouds around. we do think it will be dry at this point. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> i like it when it's dry because i don't want my milk duds to get mixed up with my twizzlers. >> are you still trick or treating in. >> yes. you didn't recognize me last year when i came knocking on the door. i was the big kid that you slammed the door on. that was me. a combination of volume and wet pavement contributing to the delays. outer loop of the beltway before you reach university boulevard at the northwest branch, m-d.o.t. on the scene of a stalled car. that is what is tying up the right lane. 66, volume increasing here as
5:50 am
well. leaving business 234 out of manassas headed in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the redskins get hit with the injury bug. can the young receives step up in the absence of santana moss. we'll start with the that very question with the sports junkies. what a difference it makes. >> in a couple of weeks, guys are just dropping. you young are guys will have to step in and play. fred davis will see more ball as a tight end. gaffney by default backs the number one wide receiver. >> don't sleep on anthony armstrong. he started 11 games last year and he has been injured a little bit. he has had some opportunities here and there. i don't think he has quite capitalized on them yet. he he is a guy that could
5:51 am
stretch the field for the redskins. >> they added some depth but it was an underwhelming starting receiving corps to begin with with santana moss as your number one. nice guys. gate to have young guys produce but they don't have anybody elite. i would much rather that he do that than go out on the street and sign a guy like bernard barry. see what the young guys can do. >> we haven't even talked about the injuries on the offensive line. they are without their starting left guard for the year and trent williams out for another couple of week. i think that will come back to helicopter them. >> plus we've benched our quarterback for ineffectiveness. this team is in turmoil. >> that's what you wanted to see. >> maybe so. >> this is the one season i think in the last couple of years that there was some depth to this roster but we've gone through it. we are pretty much to the point where one or two more injuries and you have to make some change. my thought process has always
5:52 am
been and this is nothing against fred davis, think he is fantastic talent but any time you have any nfl team where you are building your offense around a tight end, you have some work to do. >> unless it is like an antonio gates, then yeah, i agree with you. >> the disappointing thing, we are talking about the offense and that is natural. the defense has been relatively healthy the last couple of week and they have looked bad. they've given up over 400 yards the last two games. now, they will take on a buffalo team that has a great running back in fred jackson and ryan fitzpatrick is having a good year. >> i agree with you. how do you see it coming this week? one of the things we talked about yesterday was the fact that the redskins defense has been tops in the nfl but the bills don't give up the sacks. you can get to fitzpatrick. this is a guy that was left for dead, not that good. now, he is becoming an emergencying star in the heying. >> i think they have to be relieved they are not facing michael vick or cam newton.
5:53 am
they've got a guy who will stay in the pocket in fitzpatrick. i think that is an advantage to the skins. >> it can get ugly. bill can score a lot of points. one area where the redskins defense excelled, they were top three in point allowed. now, it has gotten kind of ugly in the last couple of week. i wonder if they can address that. i'm afraid this one could get out of hand. >> fred jackson is one of the more versatile backs in the league and he is having a great year too. and stevie johnson is a premier receiver on the outside. >> it will be fun to have. jackson is the kind of guy you'd love to have. i intentionally did not mention the caps. we'll talk about them tomorrow, hopefully in a good way. one programming reminder. tonight is game six of the world series, weather permitting. it was rained out last night.
5:54 am
we'll have the action for you tonight though hopefully. first pitch is scheduled for 805:67:89. the rudest city in america. did d.c. claim that unflattering distinction? >> no, couldn't have been, could it? >> we'll tell you where we placed in the rude ranking. but first, today's my fox half offer deal. time to do a little house cleaning. 68% off home cleaning services from l & g cleaning are us. this is a $155 value. head to and click on the my fox half off icon. stay with us. we'll be right back.   .  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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. time to say good morning now to our facebook fan of the day. it is regina hairston greer and she watches fox 5 morning news before going to bed after her midnight tour of duty. you see, she is a d.c. police officer, steve. so i think maybe we should just let her be fan of the day whenever she wants. >> we'll be on our best behavior. this next story may confirm what some of you already suspect. the district is the fifth rudest area in america. >> readers were asked to rank cities. second rudest city in the nation, new york city, no price there. l.a. came out number one.
5:58 am
the other cities that beat us in term of rudeness, miami and philadelphia. >> of his a little surprised by miami. i think we both were. i don't get why we're that rude. >> back after this. 
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