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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 31, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is working several big stories tonight. the district says this man owes them nearly $18 million in unpaid taxes and now the city is taking action. plus a problem for prosecutors in the lululemon murder trial, why jurors will not see some of the evidence. and herman cain on the defensive in d.c. speaking out about the sexual harassment
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scandal rocking his presidential run. we'll begin with a man who owes d.c. nearly tonight million dollars in unpaid taxes. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the city's tax office is now taking legal action to try to get him to pay up. fox 5's audrey barnes spoke with him at his home tonight in northwest. reporter: the first question i asked barry moore as we stood on the porch of his house on military road is how could he rake up an $18 million tax bill. off camera he said he'll have plenty to say when the time is right. his neighbor like many in the district is outraged. >> i looked over there one day at barry's. i saw five cops coming upstairs and i'm thinking there's something really big going on hemp. reporter: mark barr said he stood and watched as d.c. police swarmed his neighbor's house. the city's tax office says barry moore was its known 1 on
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the district's list of 18 -- no. 1 on the district's list of delinquent taxpayers. >> i think everybody in the district should so be up in barmes this. it is unbelievable and i'm -- arms about this. it is unbelievable. reporter: tax office director steven fordy said they were recently made aware of not case and they've wasted no time moving in to try and collect the back taxes. >> we seized the property the taxpayer owes more than $17 million. they're getting prepared to move forward making collections in this careful. reporter: fordy says moore racked up the huge between between 2002 and 2009. he would not say why it was just coming to light. we asked moore no also refused to answer. he told us he's a self-employed trader when questioned about his line of work, but fox 5
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news learned he's also a former lawyer and had worked for the securities and exchange commission. >> he was a former securities and exchange commission guy. i'm thinking how does that work? reporter: according to this profile moore created a business in his name last year and may now be providing home healthcare for seniors. the profile claims moore was bringing in at least $96,000 a year, money the city will be going after in the legal action they're pursuing. >> we are moving quickly to protect the district's interests. reporter: now city officials say they may foreclose on moore and take his home which won't make a dent in his bill. latest records say his house is only worth about $778,000. he owes almost 18 million. shawn. >> that is mind blowing, audrey. so who else is on this delinquent taxpayer list and how much do they owe? reporter: altogether the 18 most delinquent taxpayers owe
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$25 million. morowitz is no. 1 with almost $18 million inback taxes. william webster owes $856,000 coming in at no. 2. >> quite a difference there. thank you. a guilty verdict for the illegal immigrant accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash in virginia. a prince william county judge found carlos montano guilty of six charges including felony murder. montano was driving drunk when he crashed head on into another vehicle last year killing sister denise mosier and injuring two other nuns. montano faces up to 70 years in frizz on. tonight on the news edge at 11 -- prison. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 why wasn't he deported after two previous dui arrests. a researcher at the national zoo was convicted of animal cruelty. a neighbor left out food for some cats and notice offed something strange in the bowls. turns out it was rat poison. daphene researches migratory
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birds at the zoo. there's no word if she'll keep her job at the zoo. more chilling testimony in the lululemon murder trial and for the first time since testimony began the issue of motive was argued today in court. the state's attorney asked the judge in the case to allow testimony showing the victim jayna murray may have confronted the defendant, brittany norwood, over stolen merchandise. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. reporter: in his opening statement last week state's attorney john mccarthy nerve mentioned the motive. it -- never mentioned the motive behind the attack it was the state's theory jayna murray venezuelaned brittany norwood but never -- murray confronted brittany norwood. it's said this is hearsay and cannot be admitted into evidence. the state said the conversation took place the night of the murder. when the jury took their seats the state called to the stand
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dr. william vosburgh, a blood spatter expert and direct on every the state crime platform the doctor told the court from the blood pattern he found in the bam room where murray's body was found she was -- back room murray's body was found she was hit standing up and then hit in a crouched or kneeling position and then hit further on the ground. when asked why there was no blood on the bottom of murray's shoes dr. vosburgh said murray fell where she was hit and never got up again. when asked about the blood found in the bathroom where brittany norwood was found, dr. vosburgh said there was too much blood to have come from norwood's wounds suggesting it was somehow transferred from where murray was killed. when brittany norwood first spoke with police she told a detective jayna murray was hit in the head near the front of the store by one of two a sale rants. the jury heard from a -- two a sale rants. the jury heard from a --
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assailants. the jury heard from labor assistant that said there was blood in murray's socks. the blood around murray's head contained norwood's dna. >> the jury went home today after listening to a montgomery county detective detail how norwood's story didn't add up and how at first they believed her and initially looked at other people as suspects before her story started to fall apart. stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of the trial. paul will provide constant updates on air and online via twitter. there's a link to his account on our homepage in the hot topics bar. you can get updates through your smartphone. click mobile at the top of our website to download our mobile g to track down the men who robbed a dentist and his patients in his northwest d.c. office. the robbers had at least one .45 caliber gun. they were wearing halloween masks when they demanded personal belongings from the victims at the office on butternut street. no one was hurt in the robberies.
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>> of. the historic october snowstorm is that paralyzed parts of the northeast ruined halloween for many kids. the weekend storm dumped more than 2 feet of snow in some places, downed thousands of trees. more than 2 million people are still without power tonight. we're down here in the weather center with sue palka talking about. this just what a crazy thing to happen. we aren't even in november yet. people are still without power tonight? >> that's right. we had our first snow before we had our first freeze and in our area we don't have too many power outages and we really didn't have too many at the height of it. to give you some idea how bad this was and how devastating it is, check out snow totals. plainfield, massachusetts, from an october storm almost 31 inches of snow, bristol, connecticut, 17 inches up where espn is, west milford, new jersey, 19, hazel toon, pennsylvania 16, and we'll look -- hazelton, pennsylvania, 16 and we'll look at some of our
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storms. this storm is having a big impact on the halloween celebrations in the northeast. take a look. reporter: this weekend frightful nor'easters slammed the northeast knocking out power to more than 3 million homes and businesses from maryland to maine. many communities canceled halloween evented over concerns of downed power lines on the roads and sidewalks. today connecticut's governor issued a dire warning. >> no child should be participating in any halloween event without direct and constant supervision from the parent. they are dangerous situations out there. reporter: schools and businesses were shut down today as people cleaned up and waited for the lights to come on. officials in some states including new jersey say it could be days or even as long as a week before everyone is back online. >> don't think they're making sufficient progress, believe me. i think you folks have seen i'm willing to call people out when i don't think they're doing
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their job. however. don't think that's the case at the moment. >> crazy. >> let's talk about what happened locally. had a little flurry activity at my house at gaithersburg, didn't really accumulate but in a lot of other spots it did. frostburg 9.5 inches of snow, damascus 3.4, the greatest total in maryland 11 1/2 inches west of the emmetsburg area, winchester, virginia, 5 inches, martinsburg, west virginia, 4 inches and mount storm got 14 inches of snow. crazy stuff. i also saw where central park had almost 3 inches, so a lot of this setting records. here at reagan national we have not had our first inch of snow, so we still have something to look forward to. i think a lot of people wonder if this means anything for the winter. i would say at this point quite unusual. i don't think we could read too much into it just yet unless we see a big parade of nor feasters developing over the next few weeks, quite the halloween trick for take lot of people.
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>> brian, back upstairs. stuck on a plane seven hours, jetblue says it will take a hard look at decisions made during saturday's snowstorm that left hundreds of passengers stranded on the tarmac at hartford's bradley airport. two years ago the government imposed stiff fines on airlines that kept passengers waiting too long. doesn't seem to matter. consumer groups say despite the government threat incidents like the one that happened in hartford could happen again. the virginia boy lost in the woods for nearly a week with autism could soon leave the hospital. bobby wood was found in a creek in richmond friday afternoon. tonight he's still recovering. doctors say he's in good condition despite spending six days wandering alone in the freezing cold woods. to the presidential race, a sexual laments scandal threatening herman cain's run. he's firing back. plus the scrines season is in a downward spire, how -- the scrines season is in a downward -- the redskins season is in a downward spire.
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reporter: a lot. people are in georgetown shoulder to shoulder on the sidewalks. it is a party, right? [ cheering and applause ] reporter: some businesses are loving, it but let knell you if you park illegally -- tell you if you park illegally, stick around to find out what happens. shawn, over to you. i'll take it. and some virginia republicans pull hail wean prank on president obama, but this controversy -- a halloween prank on president obama, but this controversial cartoon is getting criticism from both sides, the full story to the news edge at 11:00. -- on the news edge at 11:00. 
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investigators are looking into a scaffolding accident in montgomery county that left three workers hanging from a high rise building in rockville. it happened on montrose road this morning. when the scaffolding gave way, the men had to cling to their ropes until help arrived. witnesses couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> three men hanging from the chain that was above the building and i think one had fell and landed on top of another one's shoulder and they
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were twisted to the side. >> firefighters responded and used their ladder truck to get the men down. each worker was placed in a bucket and brought to the ground safely. republican presidential candidate herman cain is on the defensive tonight. he's accused of sexual ha a. back in the '90s. according -- harassment back in the '90s. according to politico, this comes from cain's days at the national restaurant association and the claims were settled out of court we're told. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> her main be her main and her h -- herman be herman and herman is going to stay and be herman. reporter: herman cain would not say if he had been sued for sexual harassment. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. reporter: but at the national press club later cain offed his version of what did or did not -- offered his version of what did or did not happen. >> while at the restaurant association i was accused of
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sexual harassment. falsely accused i might add. reporter: at issue was a politico story claiming cain was sued by two women for inappropriate sexual behavior when he headed the national restaurant see, in the 1990s. cain -- restaurant association in the 1990s. cain said ole is unaware of a reported -- said i is unaware of a reported -- he is unaware of a reported five-figure settlement in the case. earlier cain had told fox news he believes the story which did not name his accusers was circulated to damage his presidential campaign. >> now obviously some people are going to be turned off by this cloud that someone wanted to put over my campaign. reporter: everywhere herman cain went in washington monday he was followed by a crowd at an event here at the national press club. it's been sold out for weeks, but these recent developments sent the room to capacity.
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wtop political analyst mark plotkin says cain's claim that he did not know about a sexual has a. settlement will prove difficult to explain -- harassment settlement will prove difficult to explain. >> if somebody sued you twice sexual harassment, i think you would be interested in the result. reporter: cain insisted he was innocent. moving forward the question is if voters share his view. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the redskins are at a turning point. they have now lost three games in a row, need to get back on track to salvage the season. so how is the team going to respond to yesterday's historic loss for the head coach? fox 5's sports director feld feld here with more. >> we've seen this before. the last time the redskins started a season 3-1 only to lose the next three was back in 2003, head coach steve spurrier and the team actually dropped four straight, finished 5-11
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and as the ball coach said not very good and yesterday was not very good in toronto. 1st quarter no score until ryan fit patrick connects with a height -- fitzpatrick connects with a tight end scott chandler who takes it 20 yards for a touchdown. it was all buffalo would need. 2nd quarter redskins driving at the bills 22. john beck absorbs one of his nine sacks. that matches a team high for sacks allowed set back in 1978. a graham gano field goal is blocked on the next play and 4th quarter beck looking for a home run but an easy interception for the bills. the redskins lay an egg north of the border, shut out 23-0 by buffalo, the first time mike shanahan has been blanked as an nfl head coach. >> i'm disappointed to lose, no question about, it especially when you lose not way we did without scoring a point. that's always disappointing. you find out what type of character you have by the work ethic that the players have, how they come back. >> it's going to be harder to
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hold it together. the more adversity we face and the harder things get, that makes it tougher to stick together. so this is when you need your leadership and your coaching and things like that to really step in. >> the redskins have claimed running back tashard choice off waivers. redskins made the move monday to give them a potential third tailback because they lost hightower for the season. he was waived by dallas the other day. he got hurt against st. louis, his shoulder, but they don't think it's too bad an injury. they think he can help. they've got roy helu and ryan torain and now they have choice. >> got a lot of banged up people. >> moss still gone another three to four weeks, cooley gone. five offensive players out. >> a little pressure off shanahan because we've seen the stats compared to jim zorn and steve spurrier. >> he's not doing so well. >> no. i think the pressure is firmly on the coach. >> oh, yes. >> right now he is struggling and he's getting shorter and shorter in these monday press
10:21 pm
conferences and i'm sure he would prefer a needle to the eyeball than coming there monday and taking our questions. >> indeed. thanks for the update, feldy. we asked do you think the redskins can turn this thing around with john beck as quarterback? about 2/3 said yes. the rest are not convinced he can make a difference. maryland may be called the free state, but it is going to cost you even more to cross the bay bridge, details coming up next. plus if you don't pay your traffic tickets, it could affect your credit score. we'll explain as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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dig in those heels on those speed camera tickets? the village of chevy chase has started using collection agencies to get speeders to pay up. if you don't pay, your credit score could suffer. aaa mid-atlantic says the
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tickets can't be used against your driving record, but not paying them means the village is losing money it's counting on. >> if it were a legitimate program and didn't have all these money making questions about, it then people would pay up. so so many people are rebelling, but we think people should go to court and fight the ticket. >> chevy chase is the only local government using a collection agency. the montgomery county police department does not use them. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight with the latest on the cost of the dulles rail extension. the project is expected to add 9 million new passenger trips a year and generate $15 million in the first six months. unfortunately it will cost $20 million to operate during that time period putting the system $5 million in the hole. metro fares do not typically cover the cost of operations, but the agency says some of the dulles line costs are expenses. driving across the bay bridge is getting more expensive. starting tomorrow the toll will jump from 2.50 to $4.
10:26 pm
it will go up again in 2013 to $6 those are just some of the new hikes in maryland for tolls. you can see the full list on by clicking web links. forget a cramped dorm room, some college students will be living on a cruise ship, they were supposed to move in today. plus halloween hoopla in the district live at the giant georgetown celebration. we're back. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed. that's where henderson found the one for him. way to go, henderson. finding the perfect car is easy at carmax because each car is carefully selected, inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and backed with a five-day money back guarantee so come find the one for you today, at carmax. way to go, neil.
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imagine this being your college dorm. about 250 students from st. mary's college williston call this cruise ship home because of a -- will soon call this cruise ship home because of a mold problem in their dorms. laura evans following this one now. >> they were supposed to move onto the ship this afternoon, but there was a last minute delay because the captain wasn't happy with the way the ship was docked. once they finally make the move while it's an unconventional
10:30 pm
dorm, students we found were excited about it. [ ship horn ] reporter: the sea voyager cruise ship docked on the st. mary's river now home to nearly 20050 college students forced out of their dorm -- 250 college students forced out of their dorms because of mold. originally allison moved into a hotel when the mold was discovered a few weeks ago. >> i was going through a week of midterms not knowing where i was going to be living, for how long, when i was going to move out. reporter: the mold surfaced in two on campus residence halls, prince george's and caroline halls. it's not althorn usual but the problem kept get -- all that unusual, but the problem kept getting worse, so they called in an industrial hygienist. >> they inspected the building and determined that we had a systemic mold problem in those halls and as a precaution we made the decision to move those students out of the residents
10:31 pm
halls into hotels. >> having nearly 240 students commuting from three different hotels, one almost 20 miles way presented challenges from traffic and transportation schedules to future distribution, internet access and loneliness. reporter: a week after the students made one move news came they'd be moving again. i was frustrated that i had to move again, excited that i was going. reporter: administrators say there's historic significance here, too. >> students for generations beginning in 1840 arrived on catch us aboard steamboats -- campus on aboard steamboats on which the voyager is modeled. reporter: and then there are the other perks. >> we have clean sheets, new towels twice a week and the crew taking care of us. so it's definitely got some upsides to it. >> definitely. the st. mary's college students
10:32 pm
will have to wait until at least tomorrow afternoon to move their things onto the cruise ship no, word if dramamine is provided and it's unlikely this ship will turn into a booze cruise because there is a very limited number of guests allowed on the ship at any given time, only 20 to 25 total guests at one time in addition to the 240 students who are living there already, will be tomorrow. >> don't think they'll be complaining. the tour mobile made its final loop through wash today. the popular sight seeing service has escorted tourists around town over four decades. a spokesman for the national park service said the company was in tough financial straits, no word if any other service will start to host the guided tours. how many trick-or-treaters stopped by your house for halloween tonight? we found some great ones at the mall at prince george's today. how much money did you spend on candy and costumes this year? the national retail federation predicted more americans would get into the spirit this
10:33 pm
halloween. they say it tends to happen when the economy gets scary. >> we're seeing a growth in people participating in halloween activities and we're also seeing a large growth in consumers planning to celebrate by dressing up in costume, too. >> the national retail federation estimates 160 million people would celebrate halloween this year and would spend nearly $7 billion. there's no d.c. tradition quite like halloween in georgetown. >> every year it gets a little wild, this year no exception. our own will thomas live out there. who did you find tonight, will? reporter: just wait to see what i found. they're right off camera. let me tell you and i said this as we teased it earlier, it is a party down here, hundreds, if not thousands of people, descending on georgetown in. a moment we'll do our little fox 5 costume contest. here's a preview, duane, right down the line, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. go there it is, some
10:34 pm
competition. shawn, brian, you guys will decide, but let me show you first how some of the night has played out here. roll it. ♪[ music ] reporter: michael jackson's thriller sets the mood in the heart of georgetown. [ screaming ] reporter: hundreds of people crowd the sidewalks. some just come to look. >> as the evening goes on, it will change. reporter: and you know this from years past? >> yes. >> we've got the show tonight, you all. pick them out. here. reporter: others are definitely part of the show here. >> usually sit here in costume, always a plus. reporter: what is your costume? >> i'm a operate wench. reporter: what are you? >> a -- i'm a pirate wench. reporter: what are you? >> a cowgirl. >> it's what we really like to do. >> i'm a nurse. >> i'm a prisoner. reporter: what did you do
10:35 pm
wrong? >> everything. reporter: who are you? >> i'm michael. reporter: michael who? >> jackson. reporter: but for georgetown's business community this night is all about the dollar signs. >> we are expecting saturday to be pretty crazy and very quiet because of the storm. so we're thinking that a lot of people, especially students, that don't necessarily have to work or can skip work or classes tomorrow might come out and mob the scene. reporter: barricades have been put up on this section of m street to prevent people from going into the street into heavy traffic. a parking restrictions are in full effect. you park illegally, the city is cracking down. fifty dollars tickets and a tow to the outskirts of -- $50 tickets and a tow to the outskirts of georgetown. >> we got it cleared up so everybody can be safe. reporter: now the costume contest, again, brian and shawn, you guys decide this. we're on tv time, so we got to
10:36 pm
do it quick. the russian czar, the mobster, the joker. i think you know this guy. the witches and the egyptian. all right, guys, tough competition. what do you think? >> it's between the czar and the mobster i think. >> i'm down to the mobster. i think that's our winner. >> go with the mobster. reporter: that's your final verdict? >> the mobster. reporter: final verdict is? >> mobster. >> mobster. reporter: i'm not sure. i can't hear you. >> mobster, mobster, mobster. >> county producer tell will in his ear the mobster. -- can the producer tell will in his ear the mobster. reporter: i think it's a time. the mobster, you get the house t-shirt and you get the autographed picture i took just last week. >> oh, wow, that's the consolation prize probably. reporter: back to you guys. >> that must have been like will's 1987 glamour pic. >> when he was in the singing group, the teenage singing
10:37 pm
group. >> somebody out there i'm willing to bet went as will thomas. >> you think so? >> i think. so. >> y87 thomas or today's will thomas? >> '87. let us know. >> we still pick the mobster. coming up kim kardashian calling it quits after just 72 days of marriage, the latest details that have plenty of people talking. let's hope this next couple has a lot more left, the story behind the proposal that knocked her off of her feet, but first to fox business network stu varney. talk about a halloween treat for your money, even with a big selloff on the last trading day of october stocks still way up for the month, the dow seeing its best october in nine years, the s&p 500 the best in nearly 20 years. and halloween shoppers aren't too scared about shelling out the cash. they're expected to spend more than 72 bucks on costumes, decorations and candy up nearly 10% from last year. meantime more big job cuts for a big bank.
10:38 pm
credit suisse slashing another 1,000 jobs bringing its total layoffs to 3,000 this year. the general motors driving the opposite way, the bailed out automaker investing nearly $400 million in an engine plant outside detroit. gm hopes to create or save 320 jobs. after your thanksgiving feast how about feasting on some shopping? macy's opening all of its stores at midnight after thanksgiving. it is the latest chain to open early for black friday, the day retailers traditionally start turning a profit for the year. that's business. i'm stuart varney.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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today. kim kardashian filing for divorce. the reality show star calling it quits after just 72 days of marriage to nba player kris humphries. according to twitter, kardashian sold the rights to her lavish made for tv wedding for $17.9 million. you do the math. it comes to $10,358.80 an hour of marriage. kardashian not seeking an annulment but is listing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. she released a statement today saying in part i had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. >> not only was she annoyed that he wasn't working, she was annoyed because, you know, the nba lockout could happen at any moment. here kris is, a free agent. she wants him training like at the gym working out staying in top shape, you know, practicing his basketball and he wasn't doing any of that. >> sounds like she didn't want him. the couple does have a prenup. kardashian is reportedly asking both sides pay their own
10:43 pm
attorneys' fees and that a judge terminate humphries' rights to spousal support. the latest on the trial of mostly cloudy's dr. carbon monoxide. prosecutors cross-examine -- dr. carbon monoxide. prosecutors cross-examined a -- dr. conrad murray. prosecutors cross-examined senator expert today who said the amount of prop given -- examined another expert today who said the amount of propofol given to mostly cloudy was not a lethal dose. it will be determined wednesday if lindsay lohan violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program. lohan will reportedly tell the judge again that she's really serious about complying with terms of her probation. coming up on the news edge mayor vincent gray in the clear. a new report shows no evidence
10:44 pm
linking him to a pay for play scheme, but there are still some questions about the mayor. a local group apologizing f controversial halloween cartoon, hear what both sides are saying about this thing tonight. the news edge starts at 11:00. [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪
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critical drugs in sport supply putting patients at risk. today -- in short supply putting patients at risk. today the president made an executive order to reduce risk. reporter: the fda will double its staff that deals with drug shortages and while it won't completely fix the problem, patient safety advocates say it's a start. cancer drugs, surgery drugs and hundreds of other injectible medications, the list of drug shortages continues to grow. >> very much so. they're escalating even faster this year than we expected. reporter: the american society of health pharmacists said 300 drugs could be in short supply
10:48 pm
in 2011. >> jay catara knows what it's like. in august the center where he was receiving chemotherapy ran out of drug being used to treat his cancer. reporter: tuesday president obama signed an executive order intended to address the problem. >> this is something that needs to be done. reporter: the order would put more resources towards investigating price gouging, speeding up regulatory review of drug manufacturers and getting more notice when a drugmaker might fall short or shut down a production line. reporting is a critical issue. with enough notice the fda has been able to prevent 99 shortages this year, but only a very small number of drugs overall have to be reported. a bill in congress now would make reporting mandatory for many more. >> we need them to be on board because we know people are dying and we know people are going to die. reporter: unless they can get the life saving drugs they need. the fda ad mints these steps won't be the end of drug -- admits these steps won't be the
10:49 pm
end of the drug shortages, but they will keep it from becoming a full blown crisis. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> it was a little chilly today but still good news for trick or treaters because it was dry. >> nothing wrecks halloween more than rain and/or snow, although i don't think the kids would have minded that as much as a little rain. there actually is a little rain that i'll show you in a moment, but most of our trick-or- treaters had it dry. we've got a couple of pictures to show you. i'm trying to figure out exactly where this was. this was also georgetown, too. the little ones are down there and the big kids are taking over the party late tonight as we just saw in will thomas' story. not as much fun when halloween is on a monday night, but it looks like people are adjusting their schedules accordingly so they can really enjoy the evening. even batman finally arrived. good to know he's in town and can rescue us, lots of creativity out there forsure. let's look at radar tonight to
10:50 pm
see what we are talking about. this is not rain, but down across charles county, a little bit of calvert county crossing over into the bay, that's some light showers, maybe a few moderate downpours and a little bit of northern st. mary's the company getting in on that. showers, that's probably about as close as most of them get. they are coming from a weak area of low pressure moving just down to our south. you can see some of the more moderate downpours. those are staying south of us. if anything get into the metro area, it would be sprinkles or very spotty showers. i think this will be pretty much out of here by morning. we widen out the picture. it does extend down to the carolinas. this will eventually get off the coast and become yet another pretty big storm, although this time it will be far east of the coastline before that develops. we are thinking this won't be a bad week. as a matter of fact, even if we have a couple clouds from the morning system, they won't last long and we think we're in for a very sunny tuesday with a temperature of about 58
10:51 pm
degrees. by the way, we've got a lot of clouds out there now. it's not as chilly as last night. wednesday 60 degrees, thursday dry. thursday night overnight into friday is the next chance of neighbor a couple showers. notice our temperature -- maybe a couple showers. notice our temperatures are warming up a bit, too. 56 degrees today, average 64, well below it. dulles last night 28 degrees, rebounded to 55. bwi 56 degrees today and temperatures aren't that far from there at this point, cooler tower west where winchester is 43 -- to our west where winchester is 43, dulles 44 degrees with snowpack ute to our north and west, d.c. is -- out to our north and west. d.c. is 50 degrees and i don't think we get much tolder than 44 degrees tonight -- colder than 44 degrees tonight. tomorrow maybe early clouds, but a sunny afternoon up to about 58 degrees. you may notice a north breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour.
10:52 pm
sometimes this time of year it's rather noticeable when the wind is from the north, but enjoy the sunshine at 8:00 in the morning 45 degrees, by noon 54 with lots of sunshine and by 4:00 58 degrees and again the sun sticking with us. max hd futurecast will show you showers down to our south and east. we run this out to the morning rush hour and they may still linger across the lower portions of the delmarva, but most of us are getting into the sunshine. tuesday afternoon, keep it sunny through wednesday and our next chance of any precipitation comes along the frontal system, but this really tries to break up. a couple spotty showers thursday night into friday and that should be it. meanwhile looking at the pattern midweek we've got snow for the rockies as the jet stream takes a big dip out there. high pressure will rule here in the east and that will make it nice for the weekend even with some sunshine in our future. so we're in good shape in week.
10:53 pm
something you do need to know about this weekend, as we look at friday at 54 into saturday, very nice. we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. >> it's that time of year again. it is late. it's part of that legislation that passed a couple years ago in congress where we return to standard time about a week later and we'll go back to daylight saving time a number of weeks before we used to back in the day. >> i don't like the change. it starts too early. >> i don't either. >> i read a great argument over the weekend why we should just do away with it altogether. >> it was done for a farming society to bring the crops in. >> and the kids could help. >> that's right. >> i vote for the change. >> me, too. look at this viral video, a surprise proposal not going as the guy planned. this is his youtube video of the event. after everyone yelled surprise brittany thought it was a birthday party until her boy friend got down on one knee. watch what happens. she really didn't. she passed out cold.
10:54 pm
she really fainted. he had to do the whole thing over again 15 minutes later. the good news is she said yes that time and she did not faint. >> moneyfully their wedding will be longer -- hopefully their wedding will be longer than 72 days or their marriage. the planet has reached an incredible milestone. >> there are now 7 billion people on earth, coming up a few babes that helped us reach that milestone and way, from the united nation. the feds watching their every move, the newly released undercover video of those russian spies in the u.s. including anna chapman. if you see a story we should look into, send your tips to fox 5 tips at or call us at 202-895-3140. we'll be right back. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
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what's the one best thing about vacation on the gulf? the great outdoors in mississippi. our seafood in louisiana. our beaches in florida. alabama beauty. choosing between them might be tough. but everyone agrees, the gulf is vacation at it's best. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. so come on down to mississippi. louisiana. florida. alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters, and we're 100% open for business.
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planet earth reached an incredible milestone today. the world welcomed its 7 billionth person. baby danica may camacho of the philippines is one of the symbolic 7 billion babies -- not 7 billion baby born today but the 7 billionth baby born today. >> a lot of babies born today. >> even though baby danica received the honor the u.n. says it is impossible -- u.n. says it is impossible to pinpoint the exact arrival of the 7 billionth person, so they picked today to mark the occasion. reporter: meet baby peter born just after midnight on halloween and russia is claiming he's the 7 billionth person in the world. this little girl narguth born in india is also declared the 7 billionth. her father says he simply dreams of her getting a good education and becoming a
10:59 pm
doctor. monday the united nation said the population of planet earth has reached a new milestone and since it's all but impossible to pinpoint which child is no. 7 billion, the organization is celebrating everyone. >> this day of 7 billion is not about one newborn or even one generation. this is a day about our entire human family. reporter: the mood is not entirely celebratory, though. the u.n. secretary general warns of a strain on basics like food and water while pointing to challenges the world is currently facing. >> look around you. scandal news headlines, famine in the horn of africa, fighting in syria and elsewhere. protest against the growing economic inequality from wall street to main street, rising public anger, loss of faith in governments and public institutions to do the right thing. reporter: here's a look at some other milestones. it wasn't until 1804 that we reached


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