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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it took almost two centuries to reach the 6 billion mark and just 13 years later we've grown by another billion. the united nation says we could reach the 8 billion mark by 2025. right now china is the most populous nation, but india is expected to take the title in a few years. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. first up on the news edge tonight a controversial cartoon of the president offends both the left and the right. the loudoun county republican committee is apologizing to the president for the picture which shows him as a zombie with a bullet in his head. laura evans now with the details. >> this controversial picture was attached to an e-mail about loudoun's halloween parade. an artist has distorted the president's famous hope poster from his campaign as you can see here, turned him into a zombie with a hole in his forehead. nancy pelosi got similar treatment, although no hole in
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the head there. the virginia democratic party spokesman calms it insulting and violent. rep -- calls it insulting and violent. republican governor bob mcdonnell calls it shameful and offensive. tonight the chairman of the loudoun county group responded saying apparently some individuals have interpreted the image as intending to portray the president as a victim of the violent crime. nothing could be further from the truth and we are deeply and sincerely apologizing to the president and anyone who viewed the image if that was the impression that was left. so we want to know what you think, just a joke or bad taste? you can see the picture again and we invite you to post your comment on developing tonight gop frontrunner herman cain spent the day on damage control. a report from politico claimed sexual harassment lawsuits against cain were settled out of court from his days as head of the national restaurant association. cain wound up having to explain the story when he showed up at the national press club for his speech on his 9-9-9 tax plan.
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he denies everything. >> i've never sexually harassed anyone and yes, i was falsely accused while i was at the national restaurant association and i say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless. >> cain went on to say he didn't know of any legal settlement in the of the group's privacy rules. politico did not identify the women involved in the suit, but the paper says it reviewed documentation that described the allegations and resolutions. the news edge on virginia now, the man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident stood before a judge today. 23-year-old carlos martinelly montano who was facing deportation at the time of the accident was convicted in the case. fox 5's wisdom martin now with more details. >> not to an was he in the country illegally, but he had been arrested for dui before and picked up by customs
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enforcement. tonight some county leaders want to know why he wasn't deported and say there's a bigger battle brewing over immigration in prince william county. august 1st, 2010, a car carrying three nuns from richmond to a bristol monastery violently crashed into another car. >> the car driven by the defendant hit the right side of the bridge, crossed back over, hit the car that the nuns were riding in head on. reporter: brian parent, a marine there that dane attending to all the wounded at the scene -- day attending to all the wounded at the scene including the driver of the other car, carlos montano, and testified he smelled alcohol on montano's breath. >> it's unfortunate that some people take others lives into their hands by drinking and driving. reporter: sister denise mosier in the back seat of the car died at the scene. >> she has scarring she described as railroad tracks on
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her body it's so extensive and she lost her left thumb. reporter: it turns out montano had been turned over to customs long before the accident. after his second dui offense. as part of the county's crackdown he was identified as an illegal immigrant, but county leaders say they were stunned that he wasn't deported. >> we want to know why it is that they released this criminal dangerous illegal alien in the first place and why he wasn't deported. reporter: prince william board of county supervisors chairman cory stewart said the county law endorsement has turned over more than 4,000 illegal immigrants since 2007. >> the most important thing is that there are thousands of other illegal aliens who pose a public safety hazard who have been apprehended in the past and who have been released by the federal government and who are still out there posing a threat to public safety. reporter: stewart says they are suing the federal government over montano's records in an effort to figure out why he was released.
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meantime montano was convicted in this dui accident that killed sisser mosier. >> it -- sister mosier. >> it creates a lot of what happens in this community. >> carlos martinelly montano is forgiven by our sisters and we will continue to pray for his continued rehabilitation. reporter: montano will be sentenced in february, but the battle between prince william county and the federal government over immigration enforcement is far from over. sentencing is scheduled for february. the felony murder charge carry as i maximum of 40 years in -- carries a maximum of 40 years in prison. the defense plans to appeal the ruling. in virginia this evening two reston tarrents charged in the dit of their young daughter in -- the death of thereon young daughter in a hotel bath -- their young daughter in a hotel bathtub charged with child abuse and neglect. the 1-year-old girl drowned
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last month in the weston hotel last month. police are still investigating. he's the biggest tax scofflaw in the district and d.c. police knocked on his door to try to get him to pay up. fox 5's audrey barnes with the details. how does this district resident ring up this huge bill? >> d.c. tax officials say this claim is from back taxes from 2002 to 2009 including interest and penalties. we talked with morrow wits off camera on his -- morowitz at his home on military road tonight. he told us he's a self- -employed trader, a former lawyer and worked for the securities and exchange commission. he would not say how he racked up such a huge bill. his neighbor is outraged. now the city has taken legal action seizing his interest in the military roadhouse assessed
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at $778,000, nowhere near what he owes of 17.8 million. we are following breaking news from georgetown where police are on the scene of a shooting. it happened a short time ago. a man han shot near the four seasons hotel. we have a reporter headed to the scene and will bring you the very latest. complaints of an iphone glitch, we have the fix still ahead. plus a new report shows there's no evidence linking d.c.'s mayor to a pay for play scheme, but there are questions. we'll explain that later. >> a couple showers floating around especially down to our south, but the good news is they're not frozen showers. we've had enough of that for a while. we've got an interesting trend in our next several days. how about a little warm-up? i'll have your five-day forecast coming up on the news edge at 11:00. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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tonight a small victory for mayor vincent gray. a congressional investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by his mayoral campaign is over. the oversight committee says if sulaimon brown was paid during the campaign, there's no evidence gray knew about it. fox 5's matt ackland with more details. >> two, one, [ cheering and applause ] reporter: mayor gray began the day in ward 5 cutting the rein bone on a new playground. he seemed almost re-- ribbon on a new playground. he seemed almost relieved to get an investigation out of the way. >> it sort of makes us feel vindicated. it's been a long offer deal and we've been pretty -- ordeal and we've been pretty consistent, very consistent obviously in what we said all along the way. reporter: it was mid-march when we caught up with sulaimon brown after he'd been summoned by investigators for the committee on oversight and government reform. chairman darrell issa ordered
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the investigation worried district officials wouldn't do a thorough job. >> i won't get into the specifics of what they asked and are looking for, but i will say i'm doing my best to cooperate. reporter: oversight investigators interviewed several senior members of the gray campaign. although investigators found evidence supporting claims brown may have been paid by the gray campaign to keep his own mayoral campaign afloat, they found no connection to mayor gray himself. >> there's just no credibility with this man and he said a lot of things, alleged a lot of things and there's been nothing to corroborate it. reporter: brown declined an on camera interview monday, but when we asked about the oversight committee report he said, "i've been telling the truth from day one. it insults basic common sense." the oversight committee did refer to money orders paid to sulaimon brown with possible links to howard brooks, a senior campaign aide, but the mayor says he never authorized any payment. >> i've not seen mr. brooks the
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entirety of calendar 2011. reporter: and you separate yourself from anything that he may have done, correct? >> correct. reporter: for some reason subpoena powers were not used as the committee investigated this case. also there is another federal investigation still underway. the u.s. attorney is also looking into these allegations, but no word when that case will wrap up. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. the man who launched this congressional probe now appears to be looking to crack down on what he calms croniism. chairman darrell issa -- calls croniism. chairman darrell issa wants background checks on certain district officials including those appointed by the mayor. the fbi released surveillance video of russian spies busted in the u.s. last year. we'll show you them in a few minute. and owners of the new iphone complaining about their battery life, but a quick fix can earn you extra time. tonight's top five coming up. [ boy's voice ]  hi, samantha.
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it could be a major step in palestine's quest for statehood. earlier today members of the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization voted overwhelmly to grant palestine full membership in its organization. the united states reacted to the move by announcing it is cutting off funding this year to unesco and would suspend all future funding. the fbi released surveillance video of 10 russian spies arrested in the u.s. last year, never stole any
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u.s. government secrets but had all the cold war moves down. videos show glamorous of glamorous red haired spy anna chapman having coe with an undercover agent -- coffee with an undercover agent in new york and outside d.c. one guy delivered a package too a secret dead drop. the spies were kick -- to a secret dead drop. the spies were kicked out of the u.s. we've got tips for travelers and smartphone users tonight. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, good news for college freshmen concerned about packing on the pounds. no. 5, turns out that freshman 15 is more of a myth. a recent study found women gained an average of 2 1/2 pounds, men an average of 3 1/2 pound their first year of college and fewer than 10% of college freshmen actually gain 15 pounds or more. no. 4, has your battery life die creased since you upgraded your iphone software -- decreased since you upgraded your iphone software? one expert recommends turning
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off the setting time zone toggle. go to settings and look in the systems services section. the change has doubled the certificate's battery life. no. 3, holiday shopping -- the expert's battery life. no. 3, holiday shopping expected is dismal. 1/3 of americans plan to spend less money this year. 15% only plan to spend more. topping the gift list this year, electronics, gift cards, toys and cash. no. 2. d.c. had some of the longer commutes in the country and it is bad for you researchers say. they found long community biz car and public transit have more -- commutes by car and public transit have adverse effects, cause more daily stress, poor sleep quality and exhaustion. no. 1 tonight, if you're commuting by metrorail this weekend, expect delays. crews will be working on the red, blue and orange line. look for slowdowns between foggy bottom and mcpherson
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square. several stations will be closed on the redline, but shuttles will be available. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. want to get back to breaking news from georgetown where police are on the scene of a shooting, happened near the four seasons hotel a short time ago. will thomas is live tonight in georgetown, gotten to the scene. he can fill us in now. reporter: just a short time ago i spoke with a high ranking d.c. police official. about 10:45 this evening a 17- year-old teenager, a male, was shot in the head. it happened on the 2800 block of m street. you can see just past some of these people and i guess we should point out and a lot of you know this, this is a party scene here obviously. it is halloween, but just about 4 blocks from where i am where you see these lights and i think we're in some video now as well, police responded 2800 block of m, a 17-year-old boy shot in the hid. he has not been pronounced, but -- in the head.
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he has not been pronounced, but this police official said he left the scene in grave condition. they stopped one person running from the scene. we saw officers speak with him. they did not call him a suspect. parent there was a group of guys. them got -- apparently there was a group of guys. they they got into a fight. i'm also told about 10:15 officials stopped a 14-year-old who had a shotgun. whether or not these two situations are related they don't know yet, but again a 17- year-old boy shot in the head on the 2800 block of m street. he has been returned to the hospital. his condition at this hour unknown. they are speaking to one person who was seen running from the scene. we'll continue to work this story, the next update obviously tomorrow on fox 5 morning news, brian. >> more pleasant news, the weather held out for all the little trick-or-treaters out there. >> it certainly did.
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we've got some clouds and a few showers dune to our south, but most people got through -- down tosh south, but most people got through this -- to our south, but most people got through this dry. the clouds are keeping us warmer than we were last night. so that's going to be better news for those of you in the morning. it won't be in the 20s in most areas as it was this morning. we'll keep things at a more reasonable 30s into of the 40s. tonight we spotlight a little light rain. this is actually not rain. what we are seeing down across charles county into calvert county moving across the bay. this has been moving quickly northeast, but it's one or two little heavier downpours just south of waldorf close to prince frederick moving out of the region. this is actually the northern edge of a band of moisture down to our south. we had a little moisture out to our west. that he went drying up, but this batch of -- that's been drying up, but this batch of moisture down to the south is
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associated with a weak area of low pressure coming up the coast. it will eventually get an energy boost, but it will be far enough off the coast when that happens we won't get enough effect. we'll have a bit of a north wind out of it. 11:00 tonight futurecast has a handle on that. by 7 a.m. it's taking the showers across the bay into the delmarva. there might be a spotty shower in the northern neck of virginia, but most of us will have sunshine to start our tuesday and by noon the storm system is out of here. we'll roll through wednesday and most of thursday dry, but there is a front coming you can see it our futurecast. trying to break up across western pennsylvania, but as the front comes through late thursday into friday it's possible it could approach do us a few showers here and there, but anything we -- produce a few showers here and there, but anything we do get would be light. temperatures not terribly cold. today we were 56 degrees, but hey, we're still finding warmer temperatures on the map. hard to believe after that
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weekend snowstorm. wichita was 74, st. louis 73, dallas 77. we will see our temperatures moderate in the middle of the week. tonight 50 degrees in d.c., 45 dulles, 41 frederick. it will be chilly tonight. we can find cooler temperaturings on the other side of the mountains, but not as cold as the last two nights have been. we're going for 58 degrees tomorrow, warmer wednesday and thursday. how about thursday at 64 degrees, cooler friday after the front goes through with a couple spotty showers at 54 and saturday looks nice. maybe it will be a better weekend for the redskins, too. i know we're talking about it again. it's hard to face, it fans, but feldy well help you do that when we return -- feldy will help you do that when we return.
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it is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> redskins, help is on the way. you now have a choice at running back, tashard choice picked up today off waivers. he was waived injured by dallas saturday after suffering a shoulder injury the previous week. he gives the skins a third tailback after tim hightower was lost for the season with a knee injury. 3rd quarter yesterday bills leading skins 13-0. ryan fitzpatrick finds scott chandler covered by london fletcher for the 15-yard touchdown. fletcher is clearly miffed. after the play he had a problem with laron landry regarding the blown coverage. then d'angelo hall stepped in trying to make peacemaker. the cameras caught the interchange and today barry cofield weighed in with this.
11:25 pm
>> you should see the competitive things out there. you shouldn't see arguing and in-fighting and people going to the media airing dirty laundry. if we can avoid those type of things, we'll have a good chance going forward. >> i don't care what we got to do, we got to get a win. i don't care what we got to do to do it. i'll come in here 24 hours. i won't afternoon sleep as long as i can get a win. i want to win bad. >> quarterback john beck is now 0-6 as an nfl starter. one big reason for yesterday's loss, he was sacked nine times by a bills defense that entered the game with only four sacks through six games. the nine sacks allowed by the redskins matched a team record set back in 1978. today the head coach was asked who was to blame for beck's lack of protection? >> everybody looks at the offensive line saying nine sacks and everybody says it's the offensive line and that's not the case. there's a lot of people
11:26 pm
involved in sacks. sometimes it's pass protection. sometimes it's route. sometimes it's quarterback. a lot of things will go into a sack. of course, this game is no different. >> monday night football jim zorn, the chiefs quarterback coach, with the head coach todd haley hosting the chargers, 1st quarter chiefs led 3-0 , matt cassel with plenty of time. jonathan baldwin 39 yards for the touchdown. 4th quarter now chiefs lead the chargers 20-12. the nationals have picked up the option on davey johnson who will return next season as manager. he took over for jim wriggle man and posted a 41-44 record including 15 wins in the final 20 games. today cardinals manager tony larussa fresh off winning his third career world series title announced he's retiring after 33 years. he managed the white sox, athletics and cardinals and he leaves with 2,728 victories, the third most in major league history. he is one of only two managers
11:27 pm
to win the world series in both leagues. the caps will try and rebound tomorrow from their first two losses. both are on the road. they host the ducks tomorrow at verizon center. i'm dave feldman. have a good night. brian is back. [ [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle.
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