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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we will have details for you, fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. take a look from our tower cam. still dark, daylight getting shorter it is the first day of november glad you are with us on this november 1st, 2011. >> we have a school closing to tell you about in frederick county maryland, it is closed once again the school is still without power again, that school is in frederick county closed because they don't have power. after the weekend's weather. >> let's check with tony for the latest. >> got morning, we have a nice day on tap today, wasn't a bad day yesterday, cold start today, not as cold a start at least not for viewers from washington to points east where you have temperatures in the
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40s and low 50s if you are off to the west temperatures there are in the 30s. 39 dulles, 32 frederick, 34 winchester, 45 dc ocean city 49 degrees. let's go to viper. i want to show you what is going on out there as we show you precipitation we have seen. dissipating and pulling out rain showers across the eastern shore and southeastern maryland and along the beaches again that precipitation is pulling out cloud cover will go with it. off to the west skies mostly clear that is the trend that will continue today the forecast today looks like this lots of sunshine around looking for a high of 59 degrees, not a bad day at all we will have more details coming up in a little bit right now our first check on traffic for this hour from julie wright. all right tony, still very busy for those travelling i-95
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a crew in sky fox accident activity, pretty severe the helicopter has been requested to the scene westbound 234, west of i-95, westbound lanes are currently blocked that is what you can see, westbound lanes are closed, eastbound traffic, i-95, backed up for a half mile you can squeak by, single file to the right, under police direction, it is reported a medevac helicopter was requested at the scene. expect delays east and westbound, 234, west of i-95, let me take it inside update the right here on 66, accident activity, 50 fair oaks, we had accident activity tieing up the roadway, you see the person standing outside of the vehicle which i didn't approve of waiting for assistance on scene big delays out of manassas. eastbound 66 working in toward
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the capitol belt way. accident activity, 17th, still in play, over turned truck stay to the left to get by. for you travelling northbound out of waldorf, at brandy wine, below speed 216 to 198. new this morning police investigating a deadly crash in prince georges county this happened along wood yard road at perry wood road late last night three cars involved two drivers killed a third in critical condition this morning. violence across dc halloween night 6 people shot, 5 locations, including a teen shot in georgetown. >> that happened late last night along m street in the midst of all the celebrations, stacy cohen joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it is hard to believe georgetown is packed
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every halloween it was last night as usual, unfortunately there was a shooting here, one of five across the city. 2800 block m street, this was around 10:45 p.m. the place full of revelers, when a shot rang out a 17-year- old was found lying in the street shot once in the head no word onuses februarys i can tell you that 17-year-old is -- on suspects, i can tell you that 17-year-old is said to be in grave condition. >> two people shot in northeast dc that happened around 9, an hour later a few blocks away, at knight and crittenton another person was shot. 8:40 p.m., another teen was shot new york avenue metro station that wound is not serious just a grazing wound finally, around 10:30 p.m., 7th street, southeast, another man was shot. total of six people injured and
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five shootings what we have now the shooting in georgetown was the most serious the victim in grave condition significant portion of georgetown remains shut down as police wait for daylight. back to you. >> thank you. more chilling testimony expected in the lululemon murder trial, monday a blood spatter expert testified the victim was likely first struck standing up, then sustained numerous blows in a kneeling or crouching position then never got up again. a dna lab technician testified a rope found around murray's head contained dna from the suspect. stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of the trial paul wagner will bring constant updates on air and online via twitter. go to hot topics bar and get updates through your smart phone put mobile at the top of our website to
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download our mobile ap. >> prince william county a guilty verdict for the illegal immigrant accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash. he was found guisix counts including felony murder he was drunk and caused a deadly crash in bris cothat killed sister mosier and injured two other nuns. he was released from custody awaiting deportation, he faces up to 70 years in prison. two reston parents in virginia charged in the death of their young daughter in the hotel bathtub. 21-year-old her yum and her husband are charged with abuse and neglect she drowned in the westin hotel last month police are still investigating her death. nearly 2,000 federal prisoners will be eligible for release the result of a law congress and president obama
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signed last year that measure ended harsher sentences for crack cocaine compared to powder. the overall effect will be spread out over years. lawyers for the tucson shooting rampage suspect want an appeals judge to rule against the forced medication of jared loughner. he has pleaded not guilty to 49 charges stemming from the shooting in january that killed 6 people and injured gabrielle giffords. battle over iowa expected to get even more intense for the republican presidential candidate ahead of the january 23rd caucus. a forum is planned to give contenders a chance to outline their plans. two sen real figures will
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-- central figures will skip the event, romney and cain. cain is in washington doing damage control. >> his evolving responses are creating questions about his candidacy. herman cain calls this a witch hunt but his campaign's response to its first real crisis is creating problems of its own. he is being followed everywhere now for his campaign it is for all the wrong reasons. he finally spoke bluntly with foxes great at that van sauce treen last night about his time heading up the national restaurant association. >> i was standing close to her, and i made a gesture, you have the same high heels as my wife and brought my hand up to my chin and said you the same height as my wife, because my
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wife is up to my chin. >> reporter: he said earlier he wasn't aware of payment made to settle the cases out of court but later in the day he acknowledged in one instance. >> we ended upsetling for what would have been a termination settlement quite frankly. >> what would that have been about? >> maybe three months salary. >> reporter: such settlements wouldn't be unusual and generally carry no acknowledgement of wrong doing on either side but the changing story line may point to deeper problems. >> he needs to retire with his staff to make sure he knows the facts, call people who might remember it and get the story in his own head straight otherwise he is in deep trouble. >> reporter: while many conservatives are rallying around cain some question whether his relatively small campaign team is ready for prime time in washington doug luzader fox news. some conservatives backing cain include the head of the media research center, the attack was labeled a high tech
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lynching and likened it to clarence thomas. he faced allegations of sexual abuse at his senate confirmation hearing, two decades ago from a long time employee. rush limbaugh lashed out at media. it is election day in the city of laurel maryland polls opened 7:00 a.m. this morning folks are choosing a mayor the incumbent faces two challengers. laurel residents are also electing five councilmembers one for the at large member and two each wards one and two polls are open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> dc councilmember calls action by congress insulting, yesterday introduced a bill requiring criminal background checks for mayoral appointees. council is already considering a bill that would require such
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background checks, today, they plan to introduce an emergency ruling. tolls across maryland going up today what you need to know. in the district taking action against a man who owes theory $18 million in unpaid taxes. details next. >> kim kardashian in the headlines that is not going away any faster than the marriage which lasted 72 days. we will break down the numbers coming up this morning. >> hers or his? >> don't get started. >> just trying to figure out the money part. a live lookout side as we head to break latest weather and traffic -- was she paid to marry him. >> would you marry someone for $18 million. >> let's talk at the break. >> well, that's a problem
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secretary of state hillary clinton cancelled a trip to london and turkey because her mother is ill. no word on the nature of the illness but has been scheduled to depart washington last night international conferences will focus on cyber security and afghanistan. >> owner of nascar's top team and his wife recovering this morning when the small jet they were in lost its brakes and crash landed at an airport in key west. rick and linda hendricks, suffered minor injuries the plane listed to jimmy johnson racing ran off the runway last night. could be time before the northeast residents get back heat and light more than 2 million people still without power following the freak october snow storm some families waiting out in crisis in shelters many towns had to
7:16 am
postpone trick-or-treating. >> i thought about that, you know, i guess as a mom i was like the kids. they will get it but from what i heard, they have postponed it to thursday or friday one of the main issues they got to get the power back on. all right. we had a nice evening here for trick-or-treating, dry as predicted it got cooler, pretty rapidly during that period of time i know at the beginning was fine and then had to put a jacket on, but today is going to be a great day let's look at the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school, our temperatures vary, 45 to 50 we wanted it to look like we weren't crazy really it could say 35 to 50 there are temperatures in the 30s out to our west and then off to the east temperatures around 50 degrees, a very wide span all depends where you are, colder to the north and west, dramatically colder always a
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bit colder but dramatically colder, skies partly sunny partly to mostly sunny, sunrise occurs, 7:35 a.m. short time from now. the national map, 45 degrees, check it out, you can see to the north and west and frankly to the south here, 38 degrees raleigh, 36 detroit, 33 cincinnati, we've got temperatures as we pull this out, cool across much of the nation check out the nations mid-section, wichita kansas, 56 degrees, 60 dallas, that is not a bad start to the day, miami 70 degrees. here is the national map not a lot going on here rain here in our region associated with a coastal low pulling out still rain showers if you are travelling up to new york city for example they've got rain now most of the rest of the country is quiet forecast today, next five days, high, 59 degrees under mostly sunny skies, a little bit breezy tomorrow 60 and sunny thursday, 65 and sunny, very nice, on
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friday, maybe a few showers maybe i will say now 30 to 40% chance saturday dry, 55. not bad at all. that is a good project there you go. all right. what's going on, busy morning out there, isn't it. i think everybody is on a sugar rush that is where the rush ends not getting any where fast today serious accident, medevac helicopter has come and gone find this activity, 234 west i-95, remains blocked off westbound side west of i-95, eastbound some traffic is able to get by under police direction. we will go to cameras travelling eastbound, northbound 395, headed up towards seminary road it remains heavy, slow, steady all lanes are open eastbound 66 tied up out of manassas. 50 fair oaks earlier we showed you that accident activity has cleared remains bumper to bumper slow, from business,
7:19 am
234. quite a commute, travelling southbound along 270, accident activity, under investigation the roadway remains blocked for you guys travelling down montrose road, a 47 minute commute. coming in out of waldorf, the accident blocking the left lane delays from climber drive, southbound, 195 to 95. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. heads up for drivers in maryland tolls across the state will cost you more. that means bay bridge toll will go from $2.50 to $4 that will go up to $6.2013. see the full list of new toll hikes in maryland at here is one in what seems to be the pretty obvious category dc has some of the longst commutes in the country researchers say, that is bad
7:20 am
for you they found long commutes by car and public transit alike, have a more adverse effect on overall well being they cause more daily stress, poorer sleep quality and exhaustion. there you go. dc tax office taking legal action to get delinquent residents to pay up. one man who owes the city nearly $18 million, we tacked with barry off camera, at his home off military road it is a house the city may foreclose on to get money it is owed. he is a self-employed trader we have also learned he is a former lawyer and works for security and exchange commission he would not say how he wracked up such a huge bill >> i think everybody in the district should be so up in arms about this it is unbelievable i cannot even fathom it. >> much of the claim is interest. all together the city's 18 most delinquent tax payers owe
7:21 am
$25 million, moorewick taking up $18 million himself, number two a man named william webster who owes shy of a million dollars. talking about money, kim kardashian and her family made a huge bundle of cash on a marriage that lasted only a couple months. >> that has many out there shaking their heads, maureen do you have an answer for this. >> i have so much to say about this i will start by saying this is one of those divorces a lot of people saw coming kim kardashian splitting from humphries after 2.5 months of marriage. so she lists irreconcilable differences. worried how long the nba lock out could keep humphries out of work and out of shape.
7:22 am
she said she hoped things would last forever but quote somethings don't work out as planned she reportedly stole the rights to her wedding made as a tv special -- stole the rights to her wedding made as a tv special, $18 million. more than $10,000 for each hour they were married, yeah, a lot of you are sounding off on our facebook page about this one. there is no way she knows this soon the marriage won't work. what a waste of time, effort and money and not her time effort or money either. wow, $10,000 an hour she could have just paid off my student loan. humphries said he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work humphries won't get a penny of the kardashian portion but here is my take i am thinking when he signed that fake agreement in the beginning he was getting money any way he
7:23 am
will be okay. >> yeah. >> too bad. >> the mockery of the institute of marriage. >> you are right. >> for everybody who complains they watched the marriage. >> they did. >> millions watched it and the show and buy into it >> i don't know how to feel about this one guys. as a romantic i am very sad about it. >> thank you maureen. i am right there with you. >> it is 7:23 a.m., up next a call for consumers to boycott johnson and johnson baby shampoo why? what the company has to say about it too. two cultures working together to create art in arlington part of the face to face project at the artist sphere. holly morris is live in rossland with a preview we will check with her later. 7:23 a.m. q you disgust me.
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clean bill of health for the president, his doctor says mr. obama is in quote excellent health and tobacco free he calls him fit for duty at 50 years old and says he is physically active and at a healthy weight he eats a healthy diet and on occasion, drinks alcohol in moderation. campaign for safe cosmetics is can go consumers to boycott -- consumers to boycott, johnson and johnson baby shampoo. they said they are gradually phasing out the chemicals but not responding directly to the demand they already make other versions of shampoo without the chemicals. big unvailing, regan national airport, details coming up. >> while most republican presidential candidates pitch
7:28 am
their jobs plan in iowa, herman cain is here in washington on damage control. as we head to break, let's lookout side problems on the commute this morning, this is your typical traffic backing up on the 14th street bridge. tony's forecast is the brighter spot to have day, all next when fox 5 morning news continues ♪
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today the president marks the end of the space shuttle, they flew on shuttle atlantis that landed at kennedy space center for the last time july 21st. >> hard to believe the program is over now. >> we are living in a very transitional time aren't we? is that the right word? >> yes. >> i mean it is kind of exciting, we are on the verge of something different. >> yeah when you think about the things that we have experienced those of us who are adults, the things we have experienced during our lifetime. major changes and changes occur more quickly. >> i would imagine there are some -- no, my granny is
7:32 am
living, 95, but didn't see any change or very little but it is exciting. >> thing back 100 years it is a drop in the bucket. >> our thought for this day. now weather. >> weather forecasting, about the same as -- >> basically what is happening. >> fancier equipment. 56 degrees right now, regan national airport, dulles, 55 degrees, i won't tell you tucker, it will just make you madder. >> what? oh, see, just proven steve right. these are the high temperatures from yesterday, 56 degrees at regan national airport, 55 dulles, 56 bwi marshall, all right here is a look at current temperatures around the region, 45 degrees, look at the mixed bag out here it is actually pretty rare we see this big of a difference in temperatures on this map. dulles fairly close in,
7:33 am
sterling, 45 in washington, 14- degree different there, more cloud cover off to the east those clouds are pulling out more clear skies allowed for more cooling out there, to the west. all right satellite radar composite for the region, there are your clouds you can see we still have that cloud cover over southern portions of maryland, eastern maryland the rain is moving out still a couple showers, that is pulling away the clouds pull away too you can see the clear skies we have here really from washington to points west that will be the dominant feature today, lots of clear sky lots of sunshine and mild temperatures check it out your forecast today, mostly sunny a little breezy at times, high today, 59 degrees, not bad at all a little below normal we will take it. tonight we cool off skies pretty clear overnight low in town 40 degrees many of you again will be in the 30s. 5 day forecast tomorrow great day, 60 degrees with sunshine,
7:34 am
thursday, pardon me, 65, and very very nice, friday is going to be pretty decent clouds will build in, showers first half of the day we quiet down for the weekened cool, 55 saturday. that is the latest on weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic from julie wright. many comments yesterday about your performance very well received. >> some body please tell them who i is. all right that was a lot of fun yesterday unfortunately not so much fun on the roads this morning, busy commute if you are travelling southbound 270, big delays out of urbana. lancaster mills road at due wee mills road an accident investigation under way leaving urbana out towards montrose a 47 minute commute there. still struggling, northbound 5,
7:35 am
brandy wine, southbound 29 not only do we have this crash at 175, only the right lane open prior to this, we got accident activity, southbound 40, right lane blocked zigzagging out of howard county, inner loop of the belt way, dulles toll road, 236 to the toll road, eastbound 66 struggling to get in on time big delays from manassas, headed to fair oaks that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. republican presidential contender herman cain says he is the victim of a witch hunt for the second time he said he was falsely accused of sexual harassment in 1990s what no idea why that story is resurfacing now. always good to see you john. >> always good to be here steve. >> before we get into details let's talk about how this story suffer faced, came to light anything -- surfaced and came to light anything shady or
7:36 am
fishy about how this came out >> my first instincts were, herman cain should know who his accusers are. even in the sensational case surrounding dominic strauss- kahn he knew what the charges were. that said, donald trump and others have pointed out that in business, this is not uncommon. people tend to prefer to pay employees when there is a dispute like this, sign con phi den i can't likety and have it dispatched i think in part that is why politico has not gone with names, citing confidentiality and i think that is why herman cain said some times contradictory things, he was treading lightly. >> this is an appearance before these allegations came to light this story came out but perfect
7:37 am
timing for him to have a chance to respond to it how did he handle that. again the so called evolving answers do not look good. quite honestly i have a funny feeling he was quite happy kim kardashian, liked the wedding better than the marriage. at this point, i think it also reflects on the fact he has a skeleton campaign staff not an armada of backers out there, seasoned campaigners this is one of the reasons there have been some problems i think it is not so much important what mr. cain said at the press club but how he will handle himself in days ahead. >> based on what we've heard so far and his response so far will this have an over riding effect on the campaign so far or something put to bed now so you can move forward as he chooses. >> when a little more comes out about it, i would respectfully say he followed the example of
7:38 am
bob mcdonald when he was running for governor of virginia, two years ago. he had charges against him albeit less dramatic, involving things he had written in a masters thesis, what he did was had a news conference by telephone, conference calls from reporters and they asked him every con zable question, -- conceivable question about the thesis and charges against him and he answered until everyone was too tired and hung up and that put the flame out right away. >> he addressed it then. >> he did. >> hopefully took care of it with herman cain, if he does something similar, is it good that it happens at this point in the campaign. >> absolutely the iowa caucuses aren't until january, new hampshire primary isn't until the first of the year although i know some of this is an evolving answer in itself but i think i would be best for
7:39 am
herman cane, to then sit down with reporters by telephone and simply take every question that he can possibly answer, within the law. >> now, as a journalist we know there is always more information to be discovered now if mr. cain has something else in his closet that is yet to come out, is it best for him to divulge that information now? >> absolutely remember one thing, herman cain is relatively untested, political force at this point i interviewed him in 2004 when he ran for the united states senate in georgia, he is an excellent candidate again a first time office seeker running against two members of house of representatives and he lost the primary at this point he is completely untested in national politics, i would say with respect he has been given a path so far, but i think it is a pretty good bet to say, that people will look deeper
7:40 am
for things like this. and just knowing mr. cain as i do, from when he was a senate candidate i think he should address them with his characteristics force and charisma. great to talk more. >> okay always look forward to it steve thanks for having me. >> thanks for being with us. alison back to you. 7:40 a.m., still ahead a big time auto maker helping sick and elderly and a cat, swept away during a tornado turns up alive months later, we will explain that. first, my fox half off deal $49 can buy you a 90 minute massage, this is at the glenda kay healing massage therapy in fort washington maryland. this treatment would normally cost $114 but get it for $49 look for the deal on the right side of the home page. we will be right back  [ female announcer ] for over 30 years,
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toyota is helping sick and elderly walk and balance themselves better with robots
7:44 am
they showed off the technology, along with an intelligent machine with padded arms to help health care workers lift disabled patients from bedcarry them around they hope to make the products available next two years. >> five months after he was lost during the massive tornado in joplin missouri he has been reunited with his family. he was hiding in the bathtub for cover when the twister hit he was whisked away october 19th the family got a call from the humane society he had been found he was under weight suffering from dehydration otherwise, okay. oh, that is amazing. >> great little reunion. >> they say they have nine lives. >> that is what they say about cats you hear these stories you don't hear about other animals much but cats who disappear and reappear later on amazing. >> mm-hmm. >> we did have that one story about that puppy the other day.
7:45 am
>> i forget what his problem was the little jack russell. >> yeah, the one in minnesota. >> some natural disaster seems familiar but cats seem to do that. >> dogs do some times get left behind by owners or something and track them down. >> right. >> like across country. >> unbelievable. that was subtle. move along tony. 45 degrees right now, washington, a little much of the pep talk. 36 degrees dulles, 39 salisbury, 32 winchester, here is a look at the jet stream, 37 degrees pittsburgh new york city, 47, west virginia, 30 degrees there right now. yikes here is a look at the jet stream, what is happening across the country snow possible middle part of this week in the rockies, not that
7:46 am
unusual because the jet stream is so far south here it is to the north it will be nice for the weekend, the way things are looking now cool, but quiet conditions should be nice really for most of the rest of the week except for a little impulse that comes through friday maybe bring rain 5 day forecast high 59 degrees tomorrow 60 and sunny thursday, 65, friday a few showers and saturday and frankly sunday, dry temps in the 50s. there you have it. >> thank you tony. >> my pleasure. >> let's look at traffic early on this tuesday morning. >> all right you guys new problem to report inner loop of the belt way approaching the dulles toll road, crew in sky fox big delays travelling up the west side of town headed up towards that dulles toll road we had accident activity tieing up the left side of the highway causing troubling this delay northbound robinson terminal headed out to what was the accident scene. a lot of flashing lights still there left side remains closed take it back inside and update
7:47 am
your ride elsewhere. southbound 270, bumper to bumper, a 15 minute commute, closed until further notice due to accident investigation, northbound 5, brandy wine, accident activity, left lane, 175 wreck now cleared big delay headed up towards the dulles toll road. it is an honor for the late president ronald regan today at the airport baring his name a 9- foot stall statue will be unvailed part of the series of events marking the centennial of his birth. airport officials are alerting drivers to expect delays around the airport 11:00 a.m. and noon today. >> holly morris is getting a bit creative this morning. >> she is at the artists sphere with details of an artists exchange. >> nothing helps the creative process more than lots of creative minds coming together that is what is happening here in fact we have artists all the
7:48 am
way from germany and some here in arlington that are coming together, to create a specialmaster piece for you to see we will tell you all about it and how you can do just that live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 7:48 a.m. good morning to our fan of the day it is jill she says i just had a total knee replacement october 20th, most mornings i have been up before you even start the day so i am right here waiting for you i live in northwestern virginia in a little town without a traffic light i know i am your biggest fan out here. please know we appreciate you each and every day and hope you feel better really soon if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day post a comment under jill's photo. no space between fox and 5. 
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artists are working with artists from germany to create an installation at the artist sphere. >> holly is there to learn more good morning. >> good morning i should also say gutten monning to you. this has to do with artists from germany and ireland coming together to create an amazing master piece. site specific here. the creative process itself lasts 10 days but part of a bigger program. the program specialist for arlington cultural affairs she joins me good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me about this thing you are calling project 2011 face to face. >> it is an international artist exchange we have five
7:53 am
artists here, from germany working in the same space, on individual projects and collaborative projects, and they are spending 10 days learning from each other, practicing their art having an opportunity to create art and everything they make here today will be on view at artist sphere installed in special spots throughout artist sphere for people to see. their space is open to the public people can come in see them working interact with the artist talk with them in the same way the artists are learning from each other they can learn about the art here. >> why is it so important to do something like this and achen germany. >> it is one of arlington's sister cities we have been fortunate to sponsor lots of exchanges but it is not the work themselves going but the people the opportunity for artists to work together and learn together cultural exchanges are important it allows people to understand
7:54 am
areas of commonality and where there are differences understand, through motivations behind them and dimension and for artists to have an opportunity to learn from each other, it is an experience that will resonate in their work and lives. >> it is an opportunity for the artist and all of us here. >> absolutely. >> to come and see what they can come up with together. >> we want to make the most of our time we will talk with her later, but we want to spend time with our artists. mary detwiler. >> hello. >> is that right? good and marhana is from aachen. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you guys are doing the same type of art. >> similar but different names that is called relief and this is called modern type. concept is the same one has on top and one has paper on top.
7:55 am
>> how do you all work together to make this a piece that you know makes sense as one. >> we are using similar colors to uniform things together and we are using some similar techniques, in that you can see the final lines end up being spontaneous, random, accidental it is a lot of fun so theme matically as well as colors do tie things together. >> what have you gotten out of your time here so far. >> at the moment, i use some recycling material, just found in mary's cellar i cut it and she want to throw away. >> mary you are such a wasteful american what are you doing. >> i know, shopping in my basement. >> very good. >> so i take and cut this and put some lines and these are unique prints you know, it is only the -- in this case, i have -- i print the surface and
7:56 am
she printing lines. >> that is really amazing. >> you can do it with everything, you have at home, so it is no problem, and you can also combine look at this. >> look at that. >> so you can take another piece and make a combination you have seen over there. i can take another color or another piece. >> very cool. i like it so much you guys are wonderful thank you so much our website, we have a link to the artist fair and also to arlington cultural affair ifs you want to find out more don't forget project 2011 face to face will be on view from november 5th through december 11th, coming up in our next hour not only did some artists come here, to arlington but, back in the spring some artists went from arlington to germany, so we will find out about that and talk with artists already busy at work creating on this tuesday morning back to you all in studio. so beautiful i love it.
7:57 am
thanks holly. >> up next hour a new diplomatic battle palestinian fight for saint hood why the white house may cut off funding to a certain un agency. >> is celebrity buzz, talk about kim kardashian filing for divorce the timing is weird i think we thought it would last a little longer. nba star chris humphries. >> star or player. >> did he play? >> 72 days of marriage, next hour gossip columnist joins us with more on just how real their marriage was to begin with. they are a cute couple  [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
7:58 am
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subway. eat fresh. certainly a violent night in the district, six shootings including this one in georgetown. live at this halloween hot spot police are trying to figure out why a 17-year-old was shot in the middle of a crowded street. from brad to jen to demi and ashton hollywood weddings seem to catch the eye of many
8:01 am
of us. now the latest big i do turn to i don't after all kim kardashian's 72 day old marriage we are talking about our love affair with hollywood marriage coming up later. >> you speak for yourself alison. >> she has two sisters big in the industry she could end up being bigger than both of them. >> even bigger. >> elizabeth olsen making a name for herself a fantastic movie out she stopped by the studio she sat down with alison we will share that chat they had coming up. good stuff. >> really good stuff the movie is said to be really good. >> a little disturbing. >> tony come on in. >> john our conversation. >> i like american endings not like other country's endings where it leaves you hanging i like to know exactly what happens this movie doesn't give you that. >> i like that. >> very art ski.
8:02 am
>> critics like it. >> apparently she is something else. >> very good. >> and a nice person. >> oh, good. okay very good. listen we have nice weather conditions out there, some rain this morning off to the east, as expected, that is pulling out as we speak. let me show you hd radar. most of the region is certainly precipitation free in fact, most of the region, has clear skies, there are some lingering showers across the chesapeake bay right now to our north and south, some rain showers also, just north and east of baltimore, and ocean city just off the board walk there, offshore, some rain showers there, but all of this is pulling off to the north and east and will continue to do so during the remander of the -- remander of the morning hours. >> relative humidity 80%, winds out of the north 8 miles per hour barometric pressure on the
8:03 am
rise. sunshine once we get that rain out to the east, we have lingering clouds, east ward all of us will get the sunshine today looking for a high of 59 degrees, not bad at all, do enjoy the day. >> sounds very nice. well, let's see how enjoyable the commute is. i can assure you my traffic report will last longer than kim kardashians wedding. if you are travelling way out to the west this is where we have accident activity reported on 15 to 50 gilbert's corner be careful police are on the scene to help direct you around. 15 at 50 we have accident activity tieing up your commute inbound, new york avenue, left side of the roadway remains blocked off big delays off 50 from river dale headed into northeast washington northbound 5, brandy wine accident activity still in place, and again, on 395, leaving duke street headed up towards
8:04 am
seminary road, more delays crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. violent halloween night in the district, a total of six people were shot across the city. >> including a teen shot along m street midst of the celebrations in georgetown. stacy cohen joins us with more details. well, we still have the scene set up here, in georgetown as a result of that shooting what a frightening halloween across our city the shooting here in georgetown was actually the last of the five shooting scenes let's get to what happened here 2800 block m street, 10:45 p.m. last night street packed with halloween reveler wills, very traditionally a busy night here in georgetown when a shot rang out and a 167-year-old was shot -- 17-year-old was shot in the head fell to the street that person is in grave condition we have no word yet on suspect or suspects in this case. elsewhere across the city, two
8:05 am
people shot and wounded in petworth, northwest dc 9:00 p.m. an hour later, 9th and crittenton, another person shot we are told those are not connected incidents. 8:30 p.m., a teen was shot new york avenue metro station, we are told the wound is not serious, and finally 10:30 p.m., someone was shot at 7th street, southeast washington, terribly violent night in our city none of the shootings have yet proven to be fatal no word on whether arrests have been made here in georgetown it is now daylight that is what detectives are waiting for to have a chance to survey the scene after the shooting happened when they have full light that is why road closures remain we will keep you posted throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime a guilty verdict for the illegal immigrant accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash in vir jane. he was found gill -- virginia.
8:06 am
he was found guilty of 6 charges he was driving drunk when his car crashed head on. he faces up to 70 years in prison. jury in the lululemon murder trial will likely never hear about a motive for the killing, the judge barred prosecutors from raising the possibility that murray confronted norwood about stolen merchandise. the jury heard from a blood spatter expert she was first hit while standing them sustained numerous blows in a kneeling or crouching position and never got up again. a rope found around murray's head contained dna from norwood. an apology to the president over a picture many agree is tasteless portraying the president as a zombie with a bullet hole in his forehead. bob mcdonald calls the image
8:07 am
shameful and offensive the louden county republican committee says quote apparently some individuals have interpreted the image as intending to portray the president as victim of violent crime nothing could be further from the truth we sincerely apologize to the president and anyone who viewed the image if that was the impression. mandatory screening for hiv in teens as young as 16. we will tell you who is behind what could be a controversial decision. and drama at the united nations more on the move that has some celebrating this morning and the united states pulling money from the organization. back after the break
8:08 am
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. stories making headlines this morning researcher at national zoo found guilty of
8:11 am
trying to poison feral cats in her neighbourhood. 250 students from st. mary's college will soon call this cruise ship home they are making the move because of a mold problem in a couple dormitories students tried to move in yesterday officials determined the boat was not out far enough and needed to be moved so, they should be able to move in today. >> district has an alarmingly high hiv rate now the american academy of pediatrics says kids 16 and over should automatically be tested in city that is have high rates of infection because 55,000 people of hiv are between 13 and 24, half of them don't know they have it. all right it is about 11 minutes, past the hour. take a look at what is happening outside. >> a whole lot of cuteness out walking around last night. so, but i still need a little more. i always need a little more.
8:12 am
>> we've got a little more for you -- there was a whole lot of cuteness last night now time for additional cuteness, my first 5 photo of the day, oh,. >> thank you. >> that is exactly what was ordered. >> 4 month old rudy, roody. interesting. it is his first halloween obviously, he is 4 months old while he is dressed as a frog his grandparents say he is their little prince. >> i know that's right. >> isn't that cute. >> he is super adorable. >> here is what is great at this age he has no idea this is a costume this could be what he is going to wear every day for the rest of his life as far as he knows. >> warm and snugly. very cute. >> happy halloween to you hope you had a good one yesterday. if you want to send your child's picture or grandchild's picture go to click on mornings now to hd radar we continue to watch, dissipating,
8:13 am
dissipating rain showers still rain across portions of the chesapeake bay and off the coast of ocean city and beaches there, that is about it rain pulling out we will continue to see a little bit of precipitation across the chesapeake bay that will die out and we will be left with dry conditions through the course of the day today. temperatures not just here but everywhere, at least across the united states, 46 degrees, increase, we will change the bug for you, 46 degrees washington, temps in 30s. 33 detroit and cincinnati milder temperatures south central plains, 58 in denvis, denvis, i mean 58 in dallas i was thinking of talking about denver, 49 degrees there. 59 degrees mostly sunny,
8:14 am
today is nice, thursday is nice, sunny and 65 maybe a few showers friday that is a look at what is happening with weather now more on the morning rush hour traffic hey julie. >> your mind does things. >> believe it or not on occasion it does. >> see i do this, just to wind mine up. you look closely, you can see the injury bills. >> no -- injury bills. >> no, >> i am winding up my own mind. >> on the roads, busy commute, accident activity continues to block the left side of the road inner loop of the belt way, left lane remains blocked it will take you 36 minutes, route 50, arlington boulevard, down to 10 miles an hour. creeping and crawling along as you work your way in from manassas. the crash there in left lane,
8:15 am
50, out of river dale, below speed as well prince georges hospital headed to northeast washington delays, southbound 29, randolph road past the industrial parkway traffic is congested, four corners on to the belt way and 95 delays for those continuing out of laurel, 36 to 19 miles per hour as you continue to work your way down toward the outer loop. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. well, now palestine has been approved for membership in the united nations cultural agency, they are concerned palestinian officials will try to join other groups under the un umbrella. joining us this morning is former ambassador david smith the u.s. member of the international security advisory board and senior fellow at potomac institute for studies.
8:16 am
let's talk about the big picture here when you talk about admission into the cultural agency with the un we are talking about the relationship between israel and palestine as far as americans are involved can you tell us how big of a deal this is. >> a pretty big deal as you know the palestinian authority has been trying to seek un membership, that is a tough road to go, they are probably not going to be able to succeed with that so what they are trying to do is chip away at un separate operating organizations unesco is one of the more prominent ones they have their own rules no american veto, no security council simply a matter of getting two thirds of members this was a way to get around the security council of the united nations and in a bigger picture a way to get around direct negotiations with israel. >> a lot of people applauding this and then some others, united states, not so much, and what the action that we had to take, was to cut off sanctions
8:17 am
can you explain, the legalese of all this. >> it is simple the united states traditionally tried to support israel, two laws passed in 1990 and 94, so the bush one administration and clinton administration and those simply say any un body that recognizes the palestinian authority, palestinian liberation organization, as equal to a member state will not have funding from the united states it is very clear and the obama administration within hours said it is very clear and announced what they will do. >> was this unexpected? the last sort of movement we had was when we had the palestinian authority there, asking for membership and then, this is the next thing we see is this an unexpected move from this body. >> no, i don't think so. clearly what is happening here,
8:18 am
is the palestinian authority, has decided on an independent gap butt they are trying to put pressure on israel, trying to avoid direct talks with israel trying to declare themselves a state by popular acclimation they are having a hard time in the un because of the security council hurdle they have been working this in other operating agencies i think it as been about a week we have seen some indications american ambassador in paris where unesco is head quartered warned a few days ago insider baseball but not a surprise to people following it. >> what would the motivation be. >> they don't have a motivation it is 194 member states plus the cook islands and that, that have been admitted you are talking about what is the motivation of the 100 and some members that voted for this basically it is what the
8:19 am
palestinian authority was looking for a vote of support for palestinian state hood without going through what is going to be a very tough road of negotiations with israel reality is that is what you've got to do unesco itself doesn't have motivations beyond what membership says it has. >> a victory for palestine. >> seems to be a victory for palestine but reality is united states will have to react this will polarize the situation israelis will not sit idle with all this, you have the quartet, which is the group of the european union, russia, united states, and united nations trying to get the two sides together that is the only way to a palestinian state now the situation will harden that could be apparent victory. >> before we let you go the human toll of sanctions what would that look like? who would that effect?
8:20 am
>> you have many many programs, hundreds of programs, this is the organization that does for example best known as probably designating the world historic sites, that designate around the world, things that can't be touched because of cultural value but there is a lot of scientific programs, educational programs, things going on all over attempts to restore, japan after the tsunami there are a lot of things that matter but frankly a lot of things that don't matter too. this is big power politics reality is they have now done something they understood what the consequences were going to be and the consequences are going to be just that and yes, there are going to be programs that don't have money for awhile. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> steve over to you. a man bitten in the neck by a shark surfing off a california beach out of hospital and talking more on
8:21 am
his story next. >> holly checking out an art event with an international flair this morning we will check with her later on keep it here we are back with more fox 5 morning news after the break, 8:21 a.m. .  [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien,
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the dock for accused of causing -- doctor accused of causing michael jackson's death will let the judge know if he will testify in his own trial he said monday he needed to consult with his attorney he is accused of giving jackson a powerful hospital anaesthetic at the singers home. a phoenix jury find as former construction worker guilty of killing nine people in the baseline killer case that terrorized the phoenix area during summer 2006. he had been accused of killing nine people and committing dozens of other crimes including rape and child molestation. 8 to 10-foot great white shark spotted near northern san diego county. >> lifeguards advicing people to stay out of the water in monterey county 27-year-old eric is lucky to be alive he was bitten in the neck by a 9- foot shark surfing with friends.
8:25 am
in the neck it narrowly missed his jugular vein and artery. >> >> i just want to thank everyone, that supported me all my friends on the beach, the paramedics, especially who helped me in the ambulance they did a great job, also, obviously everyone at the hospital, and yeah, i just feel really lucky and grateful right now. ununbelievable he sur vived that. -- survived that. >> officials are warning people to stay out of the water for the next week because of the shark danger. if you haven't heard by now i don't know where you have been but kim kardashian filed for divorce after a few weeks of marriage. >> are we surprised really? >> no. >> maybe by the timing. >> i would agree. the in the know gossip columnist at the hill joins us to talk more about this and
8:26 am
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it is 8:29 a.m. on tuesday morning as we look at stories making headlines, new video released by the fbi, russian spies arrested last year right there in the white t- shirt that is the red headed super model spy as they call her, the spies were kicked out of the u.s. get a closer look at the surveillance video, go to click on web link, you can watch the whole thing. >> kind of intriguing. >> very much so. >> hillary clinton cancelled a trip to london and turkey because of her mothers health she was supposed to leave yesterday for the trip but cancelled after getting word that her mom is sick. the nature of her mothers illness was not released. 2,000 federal inmates are eligible to get out of prison today, it comes after changes in the way crack cocaine
8:30 am
sentences were calculated, a law last year ended the harsher practices. 8:30 a.m. we say good morning to tucker barnes. >> slash elton. >> check it out on the website if you haven't seen our halloween -- >> right to the weather forecast i am only given a minute it is easy plenty of sunshine, different clouds lingering this morning your headline alison, is,. >> not a bad week ahead. >> this you go. >> okay. >> some times we don't have a lot of creative things to say so we say things like not a bad week ahead. it will be beautiful for early november next couple days later this afternoon upper 50s. yeah, nice, and again a lot of sunshine should be light winds later today again looking at
8:31 am
just a real nice forecast here although cool morning for the next couple days, now we are cool, 46 regan national, 30s off to the north and west gaithersburg, 36 degrees check out frederick freezing mark 32 for you, 33 martins burg, warmer south and east, fredericks burg, 43 annapolis, cloud cover, 50 and 46 in leonard town, yesterday, mid- 50s. today upper 50s and as we get to tomorrow and thursday we should see 60s so generally improving forecast overnight clouds a few showers overnight particularly south and east of the bay down towards ocean city and salisbury see that quickly lifting here to the north and east, area of low pressure associated with the storm dragging moisture and cloud cover with it, well to south and east, look what is going on west virginia and ohio clear skies high pressure building in that should give us a nice forecast later this afternoon and again, wednesday, thursday looks fantastic temperatures back into the 60s.
8:32 am
the five day forecast 59 later today, 40 in town, lots of 30s tomorrow morning jacket weather next couple mornings your warm up 65 by thursday could be a shower friday right now the weekend looks nicer than last weekend temperatures in the 50s. saturday and sunday. sunshine. okay that is a look at weather let's toss it over to steve with the very latest on celebrity break ups. this segment dedicated to you tucker barnes. >> certainly fast, 72 days after saying i do kim kardashian and chris humphries saying see you later news of the split monday after weeks of speculation, after they got married, everybody talking about the split so are we, judy in the know, at the hill, more inside. judy always good to see you. >> you too steve. >> when you first heard about the wedding how long did you give it? >> you know with these hollywood marriages the clock is always ticking the fact it
8:33 am
lasted 10 weeks that is amazing. >> you wouldn't have given it a couple more months. >> brittany spears was 55 hours. 10 weeks is a lifetime i have been in traffic on the belt way, the last little bit less than 10 weeks. bar set low with some of these marriages, in this case, with kim and chris, what was it? what didn't work out. >> well, you know sceptics might say the timing of this marriage was a little suspicious, so let's put it this way, kim has a new reality show coming out in just a few weeks based in new york. chris humphries, a local celebrity, plays for new jersey jets there is that and another interesting fact chris genre jenner her mom and manager has a book coming out guess when that comes out? >> the day. >> that's right just interesting timing when you look at the different pub lisly
8:34 am
deals they have coming out i always say there is no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to publicity. >> everyone is talking about this being for money. if the show is in new york you would have thought they would have got more money out of staying together in new york where he plays basketball. >> true but weddings are huge business in television, the e channel got as much as $65 million for airing this wedding the kardashians supposedly made a deal with people magazine to sell photos for $1.5 million engagement photos of kim to ok magazine for $100,000, weddings in general are big bucks. so kim kardashian makes out financially, e made out because everyone was watching this from a financial stand point everyone comes out on top here but, people who are tired of these hollywood weddings are still upset. >> absolutely but you have to
8:35 am
take these with a grain of salt, you can probably count on one hand the number of marriages in hollywood you know of that lasted more than ten years whoever it is whenever they get married don't invest too much personally into someone else's marriage. >> why is it we are so captivated by this and still watched this wedding even though, if you admittedly you know if you watch the show, before they got married, they didn't really seem to get along all that well before they got married. >> it made for excellent drama. i think the great thing is, any of these reality shows and tv weddings it is a soap opera the best part we can follow the soap opera and turn it off when things get too intense or have to deal with reality or our own lives. >> you think, this is a sellable tail for chris jenner. >> she has a lot of interesting things to say and the timing of her daughters divorce is interesting. >> i moon it is fascinating
8:36 am
just so many people i think are paying attention to this and the world, you know, twitter verse, the reality thing, all just blown up about it how long are people going to talk about this one. >> until the next divorce or wedding or engagement i give it maybe an hour. >> this could be one of them. judy, in the know columnist for the hill appreciate you being here. >> we will talk politics next time. although, dc and hollywood very much interminged these days alison back to you. it is the story that we truly love to share these kinds of stories i should say, soldier serving in iraq comes home to surprise his son. more on this emotional reunion up next  man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education, grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%.
8:37 am
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have you seen this viral video. surprise didn't quite go the way this guy planned this is youtube video of the event after everyone yelled surprise brittany thought it was for her birthday. no, wait i want to marry you. good night brittany. she passed out cold, so the poor guy had to do the whole thing over again 15 minutes later she was fine and she said
8:40 am
yes. >> my goodness. >> it all worked out. >> i don't want to say bitter story but a heart tugger here emotional home coming in mississippi for a soldier serving in iraq. >> he surprised his two sons at their football game saturday they had no idea their dad was coming home let alone show up at the game an announcement was made after the national anthem was played. >> ladies and gentlemen please join me welcoming specialist michael christen [ applause ] that gives me goose bumps. he just dropped the helmet and ran that is the little girl too, she is a little cheerleader the tears were flowing when the sons and little girl got to see their dad. he had been serving in iraq more than a year he helped coach the boys won both of their games they won any way wouldn't have mattered. i am impressed they could play after that >> they had something to play
8:41 am
for couldn't get much more inspiration than that. >> it is a great story 8:41 a.m. on tuesday morning. your chance to see art with an international flair that is what holly has for us this morning holly. >> reporter: yeah, from aachen to arlington that is what we are checking out as we are live at the artist sphere where some artists from germany combined with artists from arlington virginia to create a wonderful new installation that will be here at the artist fair for you to see. coming up we will talk about this exchange experience and about how you can meet and talk with the artist yourself. all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:42 am
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all right artists sphere in arlington is the setting for an international artists exchange. >> holly is there to learn more about the project 2011 face to face program. good morning. >> reporter: good morning you know what i love about being here this morning, is that this isn't being created just for us, these artists are actually hard at work they have been creating nonstop since we have
8:45 am
been here this morning. i love watching them create i just wish i could crawl into their minds and be as creative as they are. katherine is with arlington cultural affairs they help put on this exchange we are talking about artists coming from germany over to here back in the spring there was a flip of that we sent artists there. >> the project initiated april 201three arlington artists when the to aachen for 10 days they stayed in the homes of the artist there, worked together to create site specific installations throughout the 17th century monastery now an art center and their space is open to the public a lot of people came in and watched the artists work like here, they -- we love having people come in and see the artists work here, and they can do that, this whole week up until friday night when we have our opening reception at 7:00 p.m. >> how do you go about choosing which artists get to go and
8:46 am
which artists from there get to come here. >> we had an open call to see who wanted to go and three artists, linda, mary detwiler and lisa mccarty went and spent time their work was a nice complement to the artists there, the artists we are working with in aachen are from a women's artist collective, they organized the project and do this kind of thing throughout the world we are excited to have them working with us also. >> we are excited to be here this morning katherine. i can't hop into their minds but i can hop over next to them i will talk with ann morrison good morning to you. >> good morning to you. obviously you are a painter tell me what you are contributing to the effort. >> well, i just got back from italy, three wonderful weeks in italy. >> lucky you. >> i was incredibly inspired by the color of the houses a train ride i took from florence to
8:47 am
luca i wrote down all the colors. >> because this looks very us the can to me. >> good good. >> that is exactly the point. so i am trying to just do this drip painting to evoke and convey those yummy warm colors of tuscany. >> have you had any inspiration that you have been able to envoke and convey from your time spent with the german artists here? >> absolutely i've learned a lot about just different techniques, and i am very inspired so i have done another piece related to just tieing canvas in knots. >> maura is staying in your home. >> yes, we are having a grand time. >> have you negotiated her to create a piece for your home yet. >> we are working on it >> that is my creative idea. i will let you get back to creating. i want to come over here to silvia, good morning. >> good morning. >> you just came through new york. >> yes i went to new york
8:48 am
before i come to this state. >> and you are a painter as well. >> my paintings are inspired a little bit from new york. >> tell me what you are working on and is adding to the project here. >> so i am working on special project which has to do with time, with travelling, and i like to travel and to take this inspirations and put them in my paintings. >> what do you like best so far about the time you spent here. >> what do i like more? new york. so much inspiring and i think maybe you can see it on my paintings there, looks like big houses,. >> yeah, well, give dc time i think you will like it here too. >> yes, i love it i love it also, the exhibition there is very inspiring. >> all right i will let you get back to work thank you very
8:49 am
much. go to our website, we have a link to the artist sphere website find out more about the face to face project the artists are working for 10 days here you can stop by while they are working come in see them create and then don't forget about that free reception on november 4th 7 to 9 meet the artists that night and the actual exhibition is november 5th to 11th and their art work will be for sale don't forget about that, coming up next hour we will spend more time with another artist and find out more about all that is going on here at the artist fair. thank you. you heard kevin mccarthy review the film friday gave it great reviews, elizabeth olsen system to the olsen twins,. the film getting a tonne of buzz including oscar whispers, elizabeth olsen stopped by. >> good morning.
8:50 am
>> good morning. >> welcome to dc. >> thank you. >> this movie is getting a whole lot of buzz from sun dance and the toronto film festival can you tell us about it? >> sure it is about a young woman who escapes a cult, and moves in with her sister, tries to reassimilate back into society during that time she grows paranoid the cult she left is coming after her and it goes back and forth between the present and flash backs so it is all intertwined. >> i love flash backs. >> yeah, i mean it adds a lot of suspense and it also adds to slowly unravel her story because it is all -- it is one of those movies where you have to be an active audience member and you get to create your own ideas what is going on and you learn more as you go. it is a fun experience. >> sounds great now i got to ask you about the title because
8:51 am
i had to look at my notes, martha, marcy, may, marlene is there a meaning behind the title? >> absolutely. >> what can you tell us. >> yeah, i do think it is fun for an audience to have all of the three names because marseilles may is one name in the -- mar see may is one name in the film it is about a girl with a fractured identity trying to find herself in this world and all three of those represent parts of herself and represents the larger idea of a fractured identity. >> your performance -- the movie is getting good buzz but then your performance is getting a lot of attention. you are still in college. >> yes. >> what is that like to hear? >> really really rewarding and exciting and thrilling, bizarre i feel so fortunate because a
8:52 am
lot of -- this is my first film that has been released, and i made five films this year so this has been a huge learning experience and it is really amazing for that first off that i had the opportunity to do this film because they wanted an unknown actress and that doesn't happen often. i was lucky i was chosen for the part and it is a part that i loved. you know it is funny you should say that a lot of times i think okay there are more than five actresses and actors and i hate that word actress, there are more than five "it" girls at one time so i love when young talent is infused and there is a break out and you know it is like the "it" girl now i am glad they chose you but i can't let you go and i know you are probably like i hope she doesn't bring it up,
8:53 am
but your famous sisters the olsen twins, the resemblance is there what was it like being the baby of that group. >> so my entire life i have been asked it doesn't matter what point in my life i was asked what is it like to have the olsen twins azure sisters and -- twins as your sisters and i have always responded the same way at least our family, with children, we never had any established anything, beforehand so there was never a drastic change of anything, so it was just natural, and normal for me and for us and obviously, things that were normal to us aren't so normal to other people but i never thought of it as jarring or like i never thought of it in a bad or good way it just was. >> right. >> and i don't know if it is because i grew up around sets or if it was because i loved
8:54 am
musical theatre, but there is something in me as a little girl that always wanted to perform so i started when i was 8, and i knew i wanted to do it professionally when i turned about 10 yeah, i danced i sang i don't sing really i enjoy singing and then when i was in college i met great people that helped me start working. >> i think it is awesome you clearly have your own identity because their path was different. >> absolutely. >> so i wish you continued success. nice young lady. >> yeah. >> very friendly. >> down to earth she grew up in the olsen -- they have an empire, i don't know if people understand that she grew up normal. >> the film again opened on friday. again getting huge buzz. >> 8:54 a.m., tuesday morning one of the country's most entertaining comics, very funny
8:55 am
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search fox 5 morning news on facebook no space between fox and number 5. coming up 9:00 a.m. tony is back to join alison. all right steve thank you very much here is a look at stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour, fox 5 morning news he moved in next to former vice presidential candidate sarah palin now he has written a book about the tea party darling, joe mcginn mess sits down to talk about the book what he learned about palin. good stuff a little later. >> cancer claims thousands of lives every year, but could early detection come from a very unlikely place. your family pet could help save your life a remarkable story you don't want to miss. >> i've heard about that. also you've seen him in movies, on stage and on tv keeping the audience in stitches he is on a comedy tour and joins us live in studio to


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