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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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their homes even though i was a stranger to give me a nice rest. reporter: a small sacrifice compared to fighting a war but still much appreciated. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. and we're continuing to follow breaking news, shots fired at a shopping plaza in forestville, maryland, two people hit. tonight one is dead, the killer on the run. fox 5's audrey barnes live at the scene with an update. audrey, what do you know? reporter: the victim has been identified as 27-year-old anthony washington of landover, maryland. he was shot multiple times in the parking lot here at the penn forest shopping center. witnesses say a woman with him was shot in the arm. she has now been taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. so far police have not released a motive for the shooting, but neighbors say they've been complaining about loitering and crime in this shopping center for months. one man said that at times there are 200 people in this
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park being lot making it almost impossible -- parking lot making it almost impossible for him and his family who live in a quiet townhouse community near here to even get to the dry cleaner's or the nail salon. as for anthony washington, i spoke with his first cousin whose name is gene. they remember raised together not too far from here -- they were raised together not too far from here in landover. he tells me this neighborhood was anthony's downfall. anthony was just released after serving 15 months last wednesday and less than a week later he is now dead. his friends and family say they tried to get him to stay out of this neighborhood, but he kept coming back. police are actively looking for the shooter in this case. they say all they have now is a very vague description, but they did bring in canine police dogs and the helicopter was up, but so far no one is in custody. brian, back to you. now to edge exclusive. construction workers robbed at gunpoint in a northeast d.c. neighborhood. tonight the victims are talking
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to fox 5 and police hope a clue we're about to show you will help solve this case. fox 5's wisdom martin back from the neighborhood now. >> we talked to two victims who didn't want their faces shown because there is an armed robber on the loose and there is also some video of the suspect captured by a security camera in one of those robberies. reporter: the most recent armed robbery happened in the 600 block of orleans place northeast. just after 6 p.m. this homeowner was sitting out front while his construction workers were finishing up for the day in the basement. >> the construction folks working in my house came up to me from the basement and said think just had gotten robbed at gunpoint. reporter: a suspect with a gun walked through an unlocked back gate, took their money, then took off running. >> well, it reminds me this is still a fairly dangerous neighborhood. at least you have concerns about your safety and you have to keep your eyes open.
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reporter: about a block away october 21st this contractor was doing electrical work in the front yard of a home on m street northeast. >> i am really, really surprised. reporter: this is surveillance video taken at the home of the suspect walking up moments before he says the man pointed his gun and told him to give him the money and cell phone. >> i say to him, i have nothing, but he say hey, you going to play with me. i will kill you. reporter: police say the suspect took his money and ran away. even before that incident the men working at this property at seventh and florida avenue northeast say they were robbed while working. >> in 30 years i've been in america, never had went through this situation and i just want to finish this job and leave. reporter: it was three weeks ago when the five contractors say they were approached by a man with a gun who demanded their money. >> then he walked in there and cocked his gun and put anybody at gunpoint on the floor
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accident took our wallets and cell phones and all -- floor, took our wallets and cell phones and all the money we. had. reporter: none of the workers expected this to happen, especially in the day. so now they are taking extra precautions to be more careful. >> i'm telling all employees in the morning keep the door closed and if you see strangers, let us know. we'll call 911 and basically we are only working eight hours, daylight. reporter: the neighbors say the story doesn't end there because another contractor was robbed in that same neighborhood three times by a guy with a gun. they took his money as well. >> so uns like these are all connected, but what are -- sounds like these are all connected, but what are police saying? >> they did happen in the same neighborhood. the victims were all construction workers and all the crimes had the same m.o. it's still under investigation and at this point they aren't sure if all the crimes are connected. also in d.c. police say think may have caught someone involved in the shooting of a
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teenager in georgetown last night. the 17-year-old is in grave condition at this hour. d.c. police say one man was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license. they aren't naming him or saying for sure if he's the one who shot the 17-year-old. there were five other shootings in d.c. last 90, all but one of the victims teenagers. new tonight the communications directeddor for the loudoun county republican -- director for the loudoun county republican come team is resigning for this image showing president obama with a bullet in his head. a similar figure showed house minority leader nancy pelosi. one of the women who accused gop presidential candidate herman cain of sexual harassment wants to talk. a lawyer for the woman says he's trying to get around a confidentiality agreement in the case so the unnamed woman can tell her side of the story. word of accusations from two women came over the weekend. yesterday cain insisted it was
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unfounded and said he was not aware of any settlement in either case. last notepad mitted to fox news channel there was a settlement -- last night he admitted to fox news channel there was a settlement in one of the cases. >> we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement, quite frankly. >> what would that be about? >> maybe three months salary or something like that. >> so cain says dow nations have flooded in from supporters this -- donations have flooded in from supporters this week. president obama using a local bridge as a backdrop for a speech tomorrow, laura evans everywhere at 11:00. >> the president will be visiting georgetown water park tomorrow highlighting his jobs bill to boost the economy. the white house says the bridge could receive funding if congress approves the bill. a dramatic day in the lululemon murder trial. the mother of victim jayna murray took the stand to tell the jury about her daughter.
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jurors saw video of suspect brittany norwood interviewed by police. the case could go to the jury as early as tomorrow. secretary of state hillary clinton's mother died. dorothy howell rodham passed away just before midnight at a washington hospital. mrs. rodham was 92 years old. we heard the traffic warnings for years. this new building in alexandria is expected to eventually create major congestion and already problems are popping up, what's being done to ease the pain next. a car goes careening a swimming pool, an 86-year-old woman trapped inside with the water rising. we'll show you how this one unfoiledded. check out some of the other stories on the run -- unfolded. check out some of the other stories on the rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a special unveiling today at reagan national airport. a 9-foot bronze statue was displayed for the public. it depicts reagan with his hands to his side gazing into the district. the airport authorities spent about 80,000 on site preparations. traffic around the new mark center off 395 in alexandria is expected to get worse, but the new facility that for thed up due to the base realignment -- the -- new facility is expected to get worse due to the new base realignment. reporter: not more than half of the 6,400 employees anticipated to move into the mark center are here yet, but when you watch the traffic pattern -- >> it is noticeable and it's only going to get worse. reporter: traffic is picking up and another problem along with that. >> them park their cars and go catch -- they park their cars and go catch the bus to go to work. reporter: that's been a problem for these residents who
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live near the new art center facility and expect that to make parking even worse. neighbors who live close to the new building fought for these parking restrictions. if your car doesn't have a city of alexandria registration, you can't park here between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week. >> we anticipated a real flood of brac employees parking in our neighborhood. reporter: dave dexter is a former member of the neighborhood brac advisory group. >> there's going to be a lot of additional pressure once the building is fully occupied. 6,400 people is a lot of people and 40% do not have parking. so they're going to be cinching for spots. reporter: the parking sign -- searching for spots. reporter: the parking signs went up a few months ago and already parking enforcement is finding offenders. >> there is a real slug of tickets early on. people didn't see not signs. they went up one day and parking enforcement came the next. reporter: alexandria residents signed a position to opt into the restrictions on their street.
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employees with other businesses surrounding the mark center say their parking garage became a prime spot for workers building the facility. >> they had monitors sitting there and sign up saying if you are not with an affiliated organization or signed up, it's 50 bucks a day. they really got on the situation very quickly. reporter: dave dexter is still keeping a watchful eye on his street, though. >> the game isn't over with yet unfortunately. reporter: no one knows the full impact of the move here since less than half of the employees are here now, but anyone who chooses to park in those restricted areas could expect a $40 ticket on their windshield. in alexander, why sarah simmons, fox 5 news. ? alexandria, sarah simmons fox 5 news. coming up next a frightening crash into a swimming pool. the driver tells us how it happened. as we approach the holiday season beware of fake ipads, the scam that's becoming more common. as we head to break jimmy
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about 250 students from st. mary's college are spending their first night in their cruise ship dorm. they wanted to move in yesterday, but officials determined the boat was not far enough and needed to be move. a frightening crash into a swimming pool today. a security camera at a texas apartment complex caught it all. the 86-year-old beingly hit the gas sending her car -- accidentally hit the gas sending her car smashing through the window into the water. >> the water got up to about here. when it started coming up, i thought oh, hell i'm going to drown, okay. >> the lady got lucky. as she struggled to get out a witness walked up to the pool, casually took off his pools, waded into the water to get her out. she's okay. she says the next time she goes to the store, she'll catch a cab. at home two traffic clogged roads are getting leaf, plus a bank drops its plan -- relief, plus a bank drops its plans for
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an unpopular fee. shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, you complained, bank of america heard you and they listened. it decided to drop the $5 a month fee allowing customers to use their own debit cards not to mention competing banks also deciding to do away with those fees putting more pressure on bank of america to follow suit. no. 4, a new study shows women with family members who test positive for the breast cancer gene don't automatically have a higher risk of getting the disease. stanley ford researchers compared breast cancer rates -- stanford researchers compared breast cancer rates between carriers and noncarriers of the gene. no. 3 the first lady smithsonian exhibit at the national museum of american history is closed put reopen november 19th in a new face and will feature more than 24 gowns including gowns from michelle obama, barbara bush, nancy reagan and jacqueline kennedy. no. 2, beware of fake ipads especially during the holiday
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shopping season. nearly 18,000 fakes and clones resembling the ipad experts say and the android devices were sold online in july. to avoid getting cheated stick with trusted websites and beware of those extremely low prices. and no. 1 tonight congestion relief is coming to route 1 near fort belvoir and also the brand-new home of walter reed in bethesda, the defense department extending more than $180 million to improve traffic floppy on the roads as both areas prepare for a huge -- flow on the roads as both areas prepare for a huge increase in traffic due to the base relinement closure plan. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> nice stretch of weather coming up. >> the chilly nights will be around, near freezing in the suburbs tonight, but this is how we roll in november. wire look being at the monument. it is crisp and -- we're looking at the monument it. is crisp and clear and chilly
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in the morning. these. >> it's that are at or below freezing won't result in any more -- these nights that are at or below freezing won't result in any more freeze warnings. hard to believe at this time last week we were starting to see the first signs of what eventually became the snowstorm. tonight it looks a bit better on radar. we had another storm system around last night and that has now slid off the coast. here comes another snowstorm, the second one in a week that's going to be hitting denver and it's really just getting going there now. they've still got rain, but they're surrounded by snow. it could produce another half foot of snow and not just for denver, all of colorado, parts of nebraska, wyoming, even the da coat as and maybe even kansas -- dakotas and maybe even kansas. meanwhile feast your eyes on this. the next three days here in the met pop tan area looking good, 63 -- metropolitan area looking
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good, 60 try degrees wednesday, thursday 64, an increase of cloud cover late thursday into friday -- 63 degrees wednesday, thursday, 60 now, an increase of cloud cover late thursday into friday. it will drop our temperature, too, friday. today's temperature 61 degrees, warmer than that tomorrow, dulles 60 back from a low of definitely 8 degrees and bwi marshall 62 degrees -- a low of 208 degrees and bwi marshall 62 degrees. 37 degrees for dulles and manassas, winchester and culpeper already down there as well. you will be headed to the freezing mark if not below tonight. very chill start for you in the morning. d.c., annapolis 48 degrees and quantico 44 degrees. over the other side of the mountains we aren't really finding colder temperatures. that. , we see the first sign of warmer temperatures -- in fact, we see the first sign of warmer temperatures, chicago 60 degrees at this hour. it looks like you're headed for 34 in chantilly and front royal
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32 degrees, germantown 31, clear skies and light winds, ideal radiational cooling, freezing and below suburbs, 40 degrees in downtown d.c., a sunny comfortable wind in town, 62 devil our winds will be light out of the -- 62 degrees. our winds will be light out of the south, southeast. we'll probably stay dry this week. the only chance of anything would be thursday night into friday. we don't think that will happen, but it will drop our temperatures late week friday only about 57 degrees, saturday about 56. this is the weekend we return to standard time. don't forget about that or factor it into your weekend plans and sunday about 60 degrees. don't go anywhere. dave feldman will let us know if the caps have continued on their win streak. we'll be right back. 
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this is your local nissan dealers sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> washington capitals just completed their best october in franchise history. a 7-2 record, the two back to backroad losses thursday and saturday in edmonton and vancouver and that is what had bruce boudreau a little on edge before tonight's game with anaheim. the way the game started didn't help either. defenseman john erskine making his season debut coming off shoulder surgery in may. known 50 cody eko -- no. 50 cody ekin called up from hershey. good effort on the wrap around but didn't get it through. 2nd period ducks lead 2-0.
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tomas vokoun, second of the game, ducks build a 3-0 lead. a pass to dennis wideman, one time to make take 3-2 ducks lead after two periods -- make it a 3-2 ducks lead after two periods. now less than a minute left in the game, can't down 4-3. an extra skater on. nick backstrom bangs home the rebound up top, ties the game 4- 4 we go to overtime. jeff schultz goes through traffic and backstrom scores the game winner. the caps rally from a 3-0 deficit to take the ducks 5-4 in overtime. >> it says a lot for the resiliency of the team. i think the third goal that we got which might have been a little bit on the lucky side sort of buoyed the guys up again and they got reinvigorated and i thought of that they thought they were going to tie it. they believed that they were going to tie it.
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>> good one, bruce. the redskins off told, back to practice tomorrow -- today, back to practice tomorrow begin preparing for the 6-1 san francisco 49ers, a 1 p.m. home game here on fox. the redskins offense struggled since john beck tooker to the starting qb role. the team scored just -- took the starting qb role. the team scored just 20 points so far. one teammate believes beck is not entirely to blame. >> tough situation with a lot of the injuries we have. it's easy to point to that or to point to, you know, quarterback change being out of sync, but like i said, at the end of the day it's football and we haven't been executing what's been called. so that's something we have to look at. we have to look at it closely and see what to do to get better. today george washington hoops held its media day. a new era beginning at foggy bottom with the head coach returning home.
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the bowie native attended carroll high school, played ball at catholic and previously was the head coach at catholic where he won a division 3 title. he was a very successful coach apt vermont and assistant at maryland -- at vermont and assistant at maryland. now his expectations this year at foggy bottom. >> i ultimately would want to be in the top third because that means you got a great chance at post season. that's where we want to be year in, year out. we'll have some ups and downs i'm sure. we've got to increase the talent level. it's so high even under coach hobbs a few years ago. so we got to do a good job recruiting especially locally. the big east has invited six schools to join the conference. three would be football only members, navy, boise state and air force. nba fans today should have been the opening night of the season. if you see steve bucchanz,
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