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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 2, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good wednesday, november 2nd, 2011 to you. a live look at the washington monument. it will be a gorgeous day touched hoping we'll see plenty of sunshine. good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox amorning news. how about that weather, quick look now with tucker barnes. >> should be beautiful this afternoon. a lot of sunshine expected. temperatures rebounding into the 50s. got to get there first. cloud cover across the great lakes and a little bit of storminess well off to the east of us. but that's it. right up and down the eastern
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seaboard, we are looking at sunny skies. high temperatures back into the low 60s. right now at reagan national, 43. that is the warm spot so there are a lot of 30s and even a 20 or two on the map. no winds. mild conditions expected with sunshine. high temperatures about 60, 61 degrees here at 4:00 p.m. so a good looking day. back to you. >> thank you. now, a look at this morning's top stories. a man is dead, a woman hurt after a shooting in a shopping center parking lot in prince george's county. this one happened at the penn forest shopping center in forestville, maryland, shortly after 8:00 last night and the parking lot was packed. investigators have been going over surveillance video from several stores in that plaza. so far, they haven't given us much information about a suspect in this case. jurors in the lululemon trial got to see and hear from
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brittany norwood yesterday in the taped interview of the murder suspect right before she was placed under arrest. it was the first time the jury heard norwood speak and as bob barnard explains, the jury also heard from the victim's mother. >> reporter: phyllis murray was the state's final witness of the day, called simply to tell jurors about her daughter, murder victim jayna murray and to confirm this was jayna's car found with blood and brittany norwood's hat and dna inside of it. earlier, david mcgill demonstrated for jurors how quickly and easy easily he could bind his wrists with zip ties. but the key witness of the day was retiring montgomery county police detective james drury. it was he who conducted two videotaped interviews with
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norwood days after the murders. remember, she was not under arrest, had freely agreed to speak with investigators. the second interview on friday, march 18th, was at norwood's request. she wanted to tell detectives something she hadn't mentioned in the interview two days earlier. they made me move her car, norwood said. jayna murray's car from in front ever the store the night of the murder to a fur away parking lot in bethesda. we'll be waiting, she says, the killers told her. don't do anything stupid or consider yourself dead. when asked by detective drury why in the world she then walk back to the store where she claimed she was sexually assaulted and beaten, a sobbing norwood said i knew they knew where i lived. it doesn't make sense, drury said. what else are you holding back? nothing, norwood answered. shortly after the interview ended, she was arrested and carnalled with her coworker's
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murder -- and charged with her coworker's murder. >> reporter: bernie grim is not affiliated with the case. >> if you talk to any police officer, all they want is a suspect to start to talk. it is perfect in a person says i killed her. but all the circumstantial evidence that she confessed to and all the things she confessed to or admitted to that make no sense forensically puts her right in the corner. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> norwood says they were taxed by two masked intruders. prosecutors are trying to vince the jury that the crime was premeditated. plenty ahead. weather, traffic and top stories. fox 5 news at 4:30 starts now.
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another good morning to you. wednesday, november 2nd, 2011. taking a live look at the capitol dome. beautiful morning out there today if you are just getting up. you can enjoy what is in store for you today weather-wise. i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a look at your weather with mr. tucker barnes. >> what's up? >> i think today will be a great day. it felt good this morning. >> yes, temperature will be mighty comfortable later this afternoon. we need a jacket for the kids headed to the bus stop. in spots, the temperature are approaching freezing. here in washington, not so bad, 45. 38 in baltimore. 40 at patuxent naval air station. 39 at ocean city. later this afternoon, all of us upper 50s, low 60s. lots of sunshine. that is how quiet it is across the eastern seaboard. there is your sentinel satellite. we don't have clouds stretching from boston, new york,
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washington, down towards raleigh, out to the west, cleveland, cincinnati. a nice stretch of weather today and the next couple of days. the only day with any cloudy's will be friday. more on that coming up. >> looks like a pretty clear day out there weather-wise. i don't know about traffic- wise. >> it's little early. we don't get the bad traffic going until at least 5:00. >> i love the predictions. we don't have it until 5:00 a.m. thank you very much, tucker barnes. on the roads, traffic is very light. tucker is indeed correct about that. inner loop of the beltway, they have not yet milled and repaved that far right exit lane to southbound georgia avenue. it is quite a jolt coming from the left and center lanes to that exit for southbound georgia avenue. traveling out to the west, here we are live on 66. overnight roadwork looks like it is cleared from nutley
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street headed in towards the capital beltway. lanes are open there. lanes open in the main line as well as over in the hovs. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this wednesday morning, the search is on for whoever opened fire in the shopping plaza parking lot in prince george's county killing at least one person. the shooting happened just after #:00 last night at the penn forest shopping center in forestville. police say a man died on the scene. he has been identified as 27- year-old anthony washington. a woman with washington was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. investigators are looking at surveillance video from several stores in the plaza. police say they may have caught someone involved in a shooting of a teenager in george up two monday night. the 17-year-old victim's name has not been released but we are told he is in grave condition. d.c. police say one man was arrested for carrying a pistol
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without a license. but they are not yet naming him or saying for sure whether he is the one who shot the 17-year- old. there were five other shootings in d.c. halloween night. all but one of the victims were teenagers. ers. the lululemon jury hears from a detective who interviewed the suspect. he interviewed brittany norwood several times in the days after the horrific murder. montgomery county police directive jim drury says he first thought she was a victim. she was not under arrest at the time of the interviews and freely spoke to investigators. she requested a second interview to tell police something she did not mention two days earlier claiming the two killers made her move suspect jayna murray's car. she also tried to claim she went back to the store where she claimed she was later sexually assaulted and feared for her life. president obama is using a local bridge as a backdrop for
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a speech later today. the president will visit the georgetown waterfront park near the key brim. he is highlighting the need for infrastructure improvements to help the economy. presidential candidate herman cain still trying to explain sexual harassment claims. he made what some say are conflicting statements about whether he knew about the hawrmtd charges. we get more now from fox 5 stacy cohan who is live in tyson's corner where cain is appearing later today. >> reporter: the republican presidential hopeful herman cain is bringing his somewhat up traditional campaign to the heart of the political entrenched power right here in washington. he will be coming here to the ritz carlton in tyson's. the former ceo of godfather's pizza plans to tell us that his
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is a busy campaign. the charges were filed against him in the mid-1990s when he was at the national restaurant association. although the woman accepted a five-figure payout, he says the case from the mid-1990s was completely false. >> we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement quite frankly. >> what would that be about? >> maybe three months salary or something like that. >> reporter: the woman that accepted that five-figure payout is now meeting with a lawyer. they are going to be in georgetown today because she would like to get out of the confidentiality agreement she was forced to sign as part of the settlement apparently in an effort to speak out as cain has been vehemently denying the sexual harassment charges. cain's event today here in the ritz carlton. he will be speaking with the northern virginia technology council and the consumer electronic association.
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he moves on to have a press conference today in alexandria before wrapping up his activities on capitol hill. back to you. >> thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton's mother has died. dorothy howell rodham passed away at i awashington hospital. the clinton family is planning a private memorial service. she was 92 years old. more fallout over a picture of president obama that stirred controversy. many say the altered image was done in very poor taste and the man taking responsibility for that e-mail is responding. no wheels on a packed airplane. we'll explain how this one happened. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies
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world stock markets continue to tumble this morning. the global selloff started in europe yesterday after the greek prime minister announced he would put a european debt deal to a referendum. the deal was thought to be
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finalized last week and after the announcement being stock markets plummeted. the dow lost almost 300 points and asian markets are plummeting overnight. president obama is leaving for the g-20 meeting in france which could be dealing with a full-blown crisis. communications director for the loudoun county republican committee is taking full responsibility for sending out a halloween invitation with a picture of president obama as a zombie. he is resigning and tells the party chairman that he, quote, will not excuse my missing the connotation of the zombie picture of the president. he says he found it online by searching google for obama and zombie and it was in poor taste f he thought about it more, he would have chosen a different picture. it is a day off in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. testimony ended yesterday. defense attorneys and particulars called their final witnesses yesterday after 22 days of testimony. the panel did not hear from dr. conrad murray who told the
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judge he would not testify in his own defense. authorities say murray gave jack sob a fatal dose of the powerful's at the timic propofol. attorneys will use today to prepare for closing statements which are expected to begin tomorrow. a frightening emergency landing for a plane full of passengers in poland. a boeing 767 touched down on its belly without any landing gear. amy kellogg has a report. >> reporter: warsaw, poland, a boeing 767 makes a dramatic belly landing. the flight operated by a national carrier called lot originated in newark, new jersey and was headed for the polish capital. local media reporting the plane experienced electrical failure and the landing gear wouldn't come down. pilots had to circle the airport for more than an hour to burn off fuel in preparation for the emergency landing. >> they probably dumped some fuel so they land wade minimum amount of fuel on board. >> the brave crew then made
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this daring touchdown, sliding along the runway before coming to a halt. >> it is almost like a polish captain sully who landed in the hudson a while ago. can you not have acted for a more picture perfect landing without any landing gear. >> reporter: emergency workers rushing to put out a small fire and get the passengers to safety. >> what i'm most amazed at is, after that plane stopped, the rescue crews are right there putting the fire retardant on that aircraft because that metal right now is probably still hot. >> reporter: the plane was carrying 230 people. amazingly, one none of of them were hurt according to the airline. amy kellogg, fox news. as we head to the holiday shopping season, ipads are sure to be on many people's wish
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lists. but up next, a warning about some counterfeit ipads plus parking problems around the new mark center in alexandria. we'll tell you what is being done about it. plus, we are checking weather and traffic. stay with us. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today.
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 [ female announcer ] having granands! biis easy.n the morng just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. about 250 sphriewnts st. mary's college spent their first night in the new cruise ship dorm. they moved in yesterday because
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of a mold problem in their regular dorm. the students tried to move in monday but officials determined the boat was not out far enough and needed to be moved. more than a million people from maryland to maine remain without power after the weekend snowstorm. hardest hit, connecticut. that set's governor says several out of state utilities have not kept promises of sending in crews to help and he has now appealed to the u.s. department of energy. >> of a made it clear to the utility companies that we need more crews. i've made it clear to the federal government that we need more crews and we are starting to see a response to that. i want to be very clear. i'm he not interested in excuses or apologies. what we need is action. >> the nor'easter is blamed for 25 deaths. hundreds of roads remain closed because of downed trees and some rail service in new jersey has not been restored. tucker barnes, still hard to believe that so much damage from that snowstorm. we recovered pretty nicely and
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-- >> all the leaves on the trees. that was the problem. >> it's shame. for our front, we're doing pretty well weather-wise. >> right now, smooth sailing. back to the dorm story on the boat, i would want the captain's quarters. >> that would be kind of nice. i'm thinking a little extra service, a little extra room. >> yeah. >> what about students who might be seasick. >> i don't know how much it moves. it's probably anchored pretty well. >> how many people could say when i was in college, i lived on a cruise ship for a while. pretty neat. >> if you are living on the cruise ship, weather should be perfect. i've never been on a cruise before. >> it is not all it's cracked up to be in my opinion. i did one of those cheap ones one time. >> maybe that's the problem. i want to go. 61 was the high temperature at reagan national.
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bwi marshall, 62. 60 at dulles international. this forecast for the next several days, this is what we live for all year is our forecast right through the weekend here. it should be quiet with a nice moderating trend in temperatures. i think by next week, we'll be back into the mid- to upper 60s. so no more snow in the forecast. that is good news. 43 at reagan national. it is very chilly in spots. leonardtown, you're 36. we are cool in southern maryland. cool to the south. fredericksburg is 36 degrees. manassas now 326789 we have freezing temperatures in martinsburg, 32. frederick, you are always the cold spot for some reason this time of year. 28 in frederick and 39 in hagerstown. you get the idea here, very cool temperatures to start the morning. should warm up nicely here. we don't have too many problems with fog and we should warm up nicely back in the low 60s later today. there is your sentinel sat-rad. very quiet conditions. look at all the counties. we've got clear skies here as i mentioned earlier. all the way from boston to new york, right down the 95 corridor. out into ohio, we're doing just
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fine actually few clouds there to the north and west of the great lakes, north and west chicago. that won't get in here. this is a big snowstorm out in colorado right now. show that to a little bit. that storm will pass to our south thursday night and friday, bring us some cloud cover. that is the only thing to talk about in the next week. sunshine, mild afternoon, a beautiful afternoon. that should say 62 degrees for your daytime high. winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. that's right, clear skies, cool tonight. you can see the next couple of days, we'll be just fine. maybe a shower south early friday morning. that is the only fly in an otherwise perfect forecast. by monday and tuesday, mid-60s so nice looking forecast. let's do some some on-time traffic with julie wright. am i right, is it quiet until 5:00? >> it is quiet right now. i think you hit the nail on the head. we do have a water main break
4:49 am
overnight and that will tieen your commute along eastbound 410 after connecticut avenue. the water main break occurred on 410, just past connecticut avenue. now, out to the beltway, the overnight roadwork that was still in place as you approach colesville road headed around towards 270, you should now find all of your lanes open. no incident to report southbound on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. two traffic-clogged roads are getting some relief. congestion relief is coming to route one near fort belvoir and the new home of the walter reed in bethesda. the defense department is spending more than $180 million to improve traffic flow and the roads were for the huge increase in traffic there. traffic around the new mark center off 395 in alexandria is expected to get worse butt new facility that popped up due to
4:50 am
the military's base realignment and closure process is now causing parking problems. sarah simmons has the story. row not even half of the 6400 employees anticipated to move into the mark center are here yet. when you watch the traffic pattern -- >> it is noticeable. it will only get worse. >> reporter: traffic is picking up and along with that, another problem. >> they park their cars and then go up and catch the bus to go to work. >> reporter: that has been a problem for these residents for some time. they all live near the new mark center facility and expect that to make parking even worse. neighbors who live close to the new building out for for these parking restrictions. if your car doesn't have a city of alexandria registration, you can't park here between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the week. >> we anticipated a real flood of brac employees parking in our neighborhood. >> reporter: dave dexter is a former member of the
4:51 am
neighborhood brac advisory group. >> there will be a lot of additional pressure once the building is fully occupied. 40% of the people do not have parking. they will be searching for spots. >> reporter: the parking signs went up a few months ago and already parking enforcement is finding offenders. >> i dim feel cars parking. there was a real slug of tickets early on. they went up one day and parking enforcement came the next. en. >> reporter: alexandria residents had to sign a petition to opt into the parking restrictions on their street. employees with other businesses surrounding the mark center say their parking garage even became a prime spot for workers building the facility. >> they had monitors sitting there and they had a sign up saying, if you are not signed up or not with an affiliated organization, it is $50 a day. but it really got on to the situation very quickly. or dave dexter is still keeping a watchful eye on his street though. >> the game isn't over with yet up fortunately. >> reporter: now, no one knows the full impact of the move here since less than half of
4:52 am
the employees are here now. but anyone who chooses to park in those restricted areas could expect a $40 ticket on the wind shield. in alexandria, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. the first ladies exhibit is now closed. it will include gowns from my shoal obama, barbara bush, nancy reagan and jacqueline kennedy. a special unveiling at reagan national airport. a nine foot bronze statue of the airport's namesake was revealed to the public. it is located outside terminal a. it shows reagan with his hands at his side gazing off into the distance. price tag, about $900,000, generated by private donors. the airport authority spent about $80,000 for site preparation. wear checking consume anterior letters. bank of america is dropping its up popular fee. it decided to drop the $5 a
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month fee for using debit cards. competing banks also decided to do away with the fee putting more pressure on bank of america to follow suit. beware of fake ipads especially during the holiday shopping season. experts say nearly 18,000 fakes and clones resembling the ipad and android devices were being sold online in july. to avoid getting cheated, you want to stick with trusted web sites and beware of extremely low prices. you need to relax just a little bit? how about a 90-minute massage. that is our my fox half off deal of the day. $49 can buy you a 90-minute massage in fort washington, maryland. this treatment would normally cost $115. check it out on look for the deal on the right side of our home page there. a health alert for you now. johnson & johnson's baby shampoo contains two chemicals the company knows can be
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harmful for babies. campaign for safe cosmetics wants johnson & johnson to remove trace amounts of the chemicals from their baby shampoo. in bigger amounts, the chemicals can cause cancer. the company says they are reducing or gradually phasing out the chemicals. encouraging news for women with a family history of breast cancer. a new study shows women don't automatically have a higher risk of getting the disease even for a family member tests positive for the preens gene. stanford researchers studied more than 3,000 people with breast cancer gene mutations. they found no evidence of increased breast cancer risk among noncarriers. the finings contradict an earlier study that suggests simply vague relative with the breast cancer gene raised the person's risk of developing the disease. a special night for hockey fans down at verizon center straight ahead. >> he had to wait for the puck to roll out of area where he is
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not allowed to touch it. the capitals make him pay. >> down 3-0, a thrilling rally to send the fans home happy. highlights next. stay with us. 3q during the darkest chill, brighten your home and lift your spirits. it's a new way to greet the holiday season. the winter lights collection from air wick. something in the air wick. okay, so who ordered the cereal
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a thriller at verizon center last night. washington caps fell behind the anaheim ducks 3-0 and then mounted a mighty comeback with less than a minute remaining. they tied opportunity at 4-4. the fourth overtime. then, with less than three minutes remaining in the extra period, backstrom did it again. he put on the game winner. caps make it 5-4. they are 8-2 on the season. the coach had to this to say after the game. >> it says a lot for the resilience of the team. i think the third goal that we got, which might have been a little bit on the lucky side,
4:58 am
sort of buoyed the guys up again and they got reinvigorated and i thought after that, they thought they were going to tie it. they believed they were going to tie it. >> the redskins return to practice today to begin to prepare for the 6-1 frap 49ers at fedex field on sunday. can you catch that game here on fox 5 at 1:00 p.m. the redskins offense has struggled since john beck took over as the starting quarterback. the team was shut out on sunday for the first time since 2009. >> that situation with a lot of the injuries we have, you know, it is easy to point to that or to point to a quarterback change being out of sync but at the end of the day, we haven't been executing what has been
4:59 am
called for. we have to see what it is we have to do to get better. george washington hoops heldettes media day tuesday. a new era is beginning with the head coach returning home. bowie native attended carroll high school and played at catholic university. he was previously the head coach at catholic. and at vermont, he served as an assistant at maryland for gary williams. what about expectations for this year? >> what goals do you set for yourself? >> really, we want to be in the top third of the a-10. that means you got a great chance at post-season and that is where we want to be year in, year out. we'll have some up and downs i'm sure. we've the got to increase the talent level. the talent level is so high even under coach hobbs a few years ago. so we have to do a good job recruiting especially locally. >> all right. plenty ahead still. weather,


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