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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. 5:00 on this wednesday morning. you can see the washington monument out there. glad you're with us on another chilly morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. you're right. it was a little chilly out there today. but i think things might get better. >> yes, they will. >> tony perkins, good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. we have a fine day on tap. we get off tie cold start in the area, cold to cool depending on where you are. things will warm up quite nicely. skies are mostly clear. the nearest cloud cover is really across the great lakes and the upper midwest. nothing here. lots of sunshine and temperatures near where they should be for this time of year. current temperatures around the region at reagan national were
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at 43 degrees. 43 now. dulles international at 36 degrees. bwi marshall at 37 degrees at this hour. the forecast for today, lots of sunshine. we are looking for a high of about 62 degrees, right where we should be for this time of year. we'll have the five-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's get your on-time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning to all of you. we are checking out the drive around town which is pretty much up eventful at this moment. no incidents to report northbound on i-95 leaving woodbridge in the main line and the hovs headed north up towards the capital beltway. you will find inbound new york avenue, traffic running smoothly as you travel from northeast to northwest. you will find lanes are open southbound along 270 out of germantown, father hurley boulevard all the way out towards the split. one hitch in the get along is along 410, the east-west highway as you work your way west of connecticut avenue. that is where we have the water main break. some traffic is able to get by
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at this time. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, a deadly shooting in a crowded shopping center parking lot. it happened last night at the penn forest shopping center in prince george's countiy. >> someone opened fire around 8:15 p.m. police say 27-year-old anthony washington and a woman who was with him were hit by bullets. washington died on the scene. the woman went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the shooter got away despite a search on the ground and in the air. investigators are going through surveillants video from several stores to see if that provides any clues. police say they may have caught someone involved in the shooting of a teenager in georgetown monday night. the 17-year-old victim's name has not been reheesed. we are told he is in grave condition. d.c. police say one man was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license but they are not yet naming him or saying for sure for he is the one who shot the 17-year-old. there were five other shootings in d.c. on halloween night. all but one of the victims were
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teens. jurors in the lululemon murder trial have heard from the victim's mother and seen the accused in the videotaped interview. this as the prosecution is set to wrap up its case. phyllis murray was called to the stand tuesday to talk about her daughter, murder victim jayna murray. she confirmed jayna had a car that detectives found. james drury conducted two videotaped interviews with norwood days after the murders. duringy testified norwood wanted to tell detectives that the men she claims attacked her and murray had made her move murray's car. investigators have released a composite sketch of a man accused of trying to abduct a teenaged girl. the 17-year-old was walking between apartment buildings at the garrison woods complex in stafford county last tuesday. she says this man here, the man resembling this drove up and
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ordered her into the car. when she refused, he threatened to make her come with him. she ran and the man drove off telling her he would be back. are. president obama using a local bridge as a backdrop for a speech later today. the president will visit the georgetown waterfront park near the key bridge high heighting the need for infrastructure investments that boost the economy. the white house said the bridge could receive funding if congress approves the bill. republican presidential candidate herman cain coming to tysons corner later today. he is still dogged by sexual harassment charges from the late 1990s. for more on the claims, we turn to fox 5's stacy cohan who is live this morning in tysons corner. >> reporter: good morning. herman cain certainly arrived here in washington during a trouble spot in his campaign with charges swirling around him and the sexual harassment suit and what happened during
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that case that dates back to the mid-1990s. herman cain is perch ad top the heap in the polls just two months before the props begin choosing their presidential nominee. that is when news of the lawsuit broke. the woman apparently worked with cain at the national restaurant association and accepted a five-figure cash settlement to settle this claim. >> brought my hand, didn't touch her, up to my chin and said you are the same height as my wife because my wife comes up to my chin. that was put in there as something that made her uncomfortable. we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement, maybe three months salary or something like that. >> reporter: that was herman cain explaining some of the details of the case. the woman involved would like to plain more details because she is meeting with an attorney today in the district. she wants to be let out of her confidentiality agreement that
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she signed as part of that settlement so that she could speak out. herman cain is in town to speak about the legitimacy of his campaign. he wants washington power brokers to pay attention to the series of events scheduled for today and it all begins at 8:00 a.m. right here at the ritz carlton where he willing holding a teleconference with northern virginia groups. back to you. >> thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton's mother has died. dorothy howell rodham passed away at a washington hospital. the clinton family is planning a private memorial service. mrs.rodham was 92 years old. the financial crisis in greece taking its toll on markets across the globe. >> up next, a surprise decision by the prime minister of greece that sent global markets crashing. we are checking more headlines. stay with us. 
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making head lines, emergency talks in europe. it come as stock markets around the world are in a free fall all buzz of the prime minister of greece decided to put the european debt deal to a referendum. the dow dropped almost 300 points with banks taking the biggest hit. in arab yarks markets are continuing to slide. president obama is leaving for
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g-20 meeting in france tonight where the european debt crisis will top the agenda. -- in asia, markets are continuing to slide. it looked like the mayor from laurel, maryland will keep that job. he got 50% of the vote well ahead of his challengers. we have an update on the virginia boy with autism who was lost in the woods identify week. 8-year-old robert wood's father says his son as spoke ain't few words, which is very rare. the child remains in the hospital though after doctors found a hole in his esophagus. his grandmother told a virginia newspaper that she thinks the tear stems from something the boy tried to eat while he was lost. a volunteer searcher found the child in a creek bed north of richmond on friday. a fox 5 follow-up. one man owes the city more than $17 million in back taxes.
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now, some city leaders want answers. >> going back to the fact that if you get a parking ticket, we can track you down, boot your car and tow it. but when you owe millions of dollars year after year, how does this happen? >> that is when a lot of people are asking. a new plan to collect past due fines. we'll check your forecast and julie has traffic too. it is all coming up. q you disgust me.
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take a look at traffic out there on the bridge this morning. oxon hill headed toward the wilson bridge. this will make you feel a little bit warmer if you can take home a cool $245 million. you will have to get in line first though. that is the estimate jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing. >> the powerball jackpot has not been this high since june 2nd, 2010 f one ticket matches all six numbers, the owner of that ticket will have the choice to take the full jackpot
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in 30 annual payments or take a one-time cash option of approximately $146.2 million before taxes. you can play powerball in maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> you think everybody ever takes that 30-year deal anymore? >> i have seen some people do that. although give me all my money at one time. >> i would be worried that the lot way would go bankrupt. >> what if a situation like greece happened and all your money is tied up. what do you do then? >> it would be a tough problem to try to think about for about three seconds. >> that's right. i'll buy a ticket. that's for sure. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. speaking of numbers, as far as our numbers go with the ever- changing current temperatures across the region, we are now at 42 degrees here in washington. similar to yesterday, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 42 in washington. 40 at quantico. annapolis is at 43 degrees. we have agot plenty of 30s out there as we expected this
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morning. 35 at baltimore. 34 in gaithersburg. dulles is at 32. winchester at 34. 36degrees right now in fredericksburg. all right. temperature trend, let's take a look at what we expect to see during the next several days. our average high for this date is 63 degrees. we'll be right there knocking on the door today at 62. tomorrow, we'll be there, 63. then our temperatures do drop off a little bit as we head towards the weekend with highs only in the 50s. this indications that they will go up again next week back into the 60s. so we're not done yet with the mild air. that is good news. sentinel satellite-radar, things look very clear across the region. reagan national is officially reporting a couple of clouds but i do want see them on the satellite image nor is there any precipitation to deal with. there is still some storminess offher and well out to the west, there is some rain showers. that is across the upper midwest. that will not be impacting us. the forecast for here for today is a good one. sunny skies, another mild afternoon, very pleasant.
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yesterday, we actually got up to 61 degrees, we'll go with 62 for today. another good one. then for tonight, we will see cheer skies again and another quite cool -- this is the same graphic we used yesterday because it is the same forecast. 40 for your overnight low. many of new the 30s. good day, mostly sunny, 63 tomorrow. friday is looking better now. cool on saturday. back up to 60 on sunday. the redskins are here this weekend taking on the 49ers. that will be a lot of fun. but it should be a nice day weather-wise. now, let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. >> are you sure they're here pause a lot of people would say they didn't show up for last week's game. >> good point. that's a zinger!
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>> how about them caps? >> there you go. >> on the roads right now, off to pretty much a quiet start. no incidents to report for you if you are traveling northbound on i-95. you will find lanes are open coming in out of woodbridge. so again, definitely keeping speed right now as you travel northbound leaving woodbridge headed towards the occoquan. hov is in good shape as well. overnight roadwork has cleared as you travel the beltway between annandale and merrifield. if you are coming in from the west off of 66, light traffic volume now from manassas head in towards centreville. no problems report the right now coming across the american legion bridge. traffic running at speed leaving montgomery county headed back into fairfax. no problems to report off the inner loop as you continue to work your way around from the dulles toll road back around towards 270. it is the wasn'ter main break that is tying up our commute. if you are travel ago long 410 on the east high pressure west highway near connecticut avenue, some traffic is able to get around this break. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. a fox 5 follow-up. do you owe the district money? several leaders got upset after seeing our report about the man who owes more than $17 million in back taxes. >> reporter: the news was stunning. when the d.c. tax office said the man who lives here in this northwest home owes a whopping $17,851,000. >> it is up believable. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown got on the phone to find out what triggers enter place and why didn't d.c.'s tax office go after this case sooner. >> why didn't we do something earlier? once again going back to the fact that we get a parking ticket, we can track you down, boot your car, find it right away and tow it. when you were millions of dollars in back taxes year after year after year, how does this happen. >> reporter: but councilmember mary cheh wants to take debt collecting a step further and has a message for those who owe
5:20 am
the district. >> they should start writing checks. >> reporter: cheh has already introduceed a plan to form a team of debt collectors. this team will be authorized to collect from nondistrict residents. >> i'm going to get full council support, i have no doubt to bring it under one umbrella and to have a centralized collection agency to give them special powers to go into other districts an to file liens. >> reporter: cheh says for two look, d.c. has known about millions more in unpaid fines and has done little to collect. >> there is a lot of money out there and it is well worth it. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> chairman brown supports the bill to get a team of collectors. he never served time in the military but next, this man is taking a long journey to help
5:21 am
to pay his part for the cost of freedom. >> he is doing it all on foot. we will meet him next. first, if you see a story you think we should look into, give us a heads up. send your news tips to fox 5 tips at stay with us. q spots again. detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry
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take a look outside as you see the washington monument on the far right of the screen. one local landmark reopening now four months after a fire. the tune in restaurant and bar closed its doors back in june after they had a big fire and kitchen. the restaurant and bar area was mostly spared from the flames but there was significant smoke and water damage. the owners plan to reopen on friday. a map you are about to meet is hoping you will see his story and go to our web site and make a donation. >> he is for the a veteran himself but he is raising money for wounded warriors. beth parker shows us. >> i average about 1 miles a day. >> reporter: it was all about getting started. >> i'm sitting on my couch on my butt breathing free air and i'm looking at the pictures of those boys, men and women they are bringing home shot to pieces in a coffin and i'mening, you know, i never made my payment and freedom
5:25 am
isn't free. about two years ago, got the idea in my head like a song you can't get rid of and i couldn't shake it. >> reporter: phil szpicki is walking and visiting each of the three 9-11 sites. we caught up with sphik spiky as he passed from maryland into d.c. along the way, he takes it all in. >> the scenery, the people. >> he is a 70-year-old chicago police detective who never served in the military himself. >> what you see a tombstone that says 28 dead, unknown. you realize that is what sacrifice is really b they brought a young man home to rockford with no arms and legs, that is sacrifice. me being a policeman, i had my moments but nothing compared to the american in the military. >> reporter: 1,000 miles can be
5:26 am
a long, lonely road. >> it wears out mentally as much as physically because you miss your family, you're far away from home. >> reporter: he arrived in shanksville, pennsylvania two weeks ago. >> said a prayer for the people, some a private moment. >> reporter: szpicki is paying his open way so every dime he raises goes to the wounded warriors. >> people that have taken care of me, people who have encouraged me, brought me into their homes even though i was a stranger to give me a nice rest. >> reporter: a small sacrifice compared to fighting a war but still much appreciated. in georgetown, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that man will be walking here to our studio later this morning. he will join us in our 9:00 hour. a surprise dip in the pool for an 86-year-old woman. she didn't plan it. well, extra pretty much explains what happened. she is okay. how did it happen though in we'll talk about that next. >> coming up in about 18
5:27 am
minutes, we'll hear from her. up next, stacy is following our big story. >> herman cain comes to walk and those charges of sexual harassment are still swirling around and making headlines. i'll have a full report coming up. 
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could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin's new smokehouse sausage breakfast sandwich welcome back to fox 5 morning news. wednesday, november 2nd, twifn. looking out here at one of our tower cams, can you seat washington monument. you can see it is a clear day shaping up to a beautiful day
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too at best -- wednesday, november 2nd, 2011. >> let's talk to tony to see if we can get the details. >> yes, today will be nice. tomorrow will be nice. friday will be decent, i think. not too bad. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the temperatures. we are getting off to a cold start but you are used to that by now. 45degrees right now in washington. we are at 38 degrees in baltimore. 36degrees at dulles. we'll check this graphic because myening is it is 42 degrees. not sure why it says 45 there. you go. 39 according to this in ocean city. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite. i do want to mention fog. i encountered fog on my way in so there is some fog out there in some of the low-highing areas and around some of the rivers and streams and creeks. i do want to mention that. not much in the way of cloud
5:31 am
cover. we have mostly clear skies. lots of sunshine today. sunny, nice, seasonable temperatures right where they should be, into the low 60s. look for a high of about 62 degrees later in the afternoon there you go. enjoy it. >> thank you. let's get a check of our roads with julie wright and on- time traffic. >> right now, no incidents to report as you continue to work your way around the capital beltway. you will find that the lanes are open as you continue to make your way between college park and bethesda. overnight roadwork that was in place as you approach colesville road has cleared. southbound 95, 259 in good shape coming in out of laurel. no problems to report now at the will sop bridge. traffic flowing freely on the northbound side of i-95. pinning up volume but no incidents to report as you guys head north in the hovs and the main line headed up towards the occoquan. 66 coming in from the west, not a bad trip leaving manassas headed inbound this morning. traffic volume is also at speed
5:32 am
coming across the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. president obama will be using a local bridge as a backdrop for a speech later today. the president will visit the georgetown waterfront park near the key bridge high heighting the need for infrastructure investments that boost the economy. his latest push for his jobs bill. the white house says the bridge could receive funding if congress approves the bill. presidential candidate herman cain is still trying to explain sexual harassment claims. the former businessman made what some say are conflicting statements about whether he knew about the harrassment charges. we get more now from fox 5's stacy cohan who is live in tyson corner where cain is appearing in just a few hours. >> it is amazing how things can come back around when you are running for president of the united states. indeed, herman cain is trying to fend off all of these
5:33 am
charges swirling around him from a sexual harassment case dating back to the mid 1990s. he is the leader in the presidential gop nomination. he is coming to say his candidacy is real, he is serious and he is ready for high office. he has been busy fending off the fallout from these recent sexual harassment charges. at first, herman cain said there was no settlement and then he admitted there was one. >> the way i explained that contradiction is because when i first heard the word settlement, i thought legal settlement and my recollection early in -- my recollection later was there was an agreement so i made an assumption about the word settlement and i ntd think there was a legal settlement but an agreement. this happened 12 years allege and so all day in the miful my
5:34 am
regular schedule, i'm trying to piece the pieces together. >> there is somebody who does have a recollection of what happened. that is the woman involved. she is meeting with a lawyer in georgetown today. she wants to get out of the confidentiality agreement she signed back when she accepted a five-figure payout as a result of the sexual harassment charges. we'll see what happens there. here at the wits rites carlton at #:00 a.m., herman cain will be giving a speech -- here at the ritz carlton at 8:00 a.m., herman cain will be giving a speech. ate land overman is dead this morning gunned down in a busy shopping cent are parking lot. investigators say 27-year-old anthony washington was killed last night in a shooting at the penn forest shopping center in forestville. a woman would was with -- who was with him was also hit but
5:35 am
it is said her injuries are not life-threatening. police are looking at surveillance video from several stores in the plaza. jurors got to see and hear accused lululemon athletica murder suspect brittany norwood tell her stories to detectives. we get the details from back born arrested. >> reporter: phyllis murray was the state's final witness of the day called simply to tell jurors about her daughter, murder victim jayna murray and to confirm this was jayna's car, found with blood and murder suspect brittany norwood's hat and dna inside of it. earlier, police evidence technician david mcgill demonstrate for jurors how quickly and easily he could bind his wrists with plastic handcuffs call zip ties, the kind norwood claims the men who broke into the store and killed jayna murray placed around her
5:36 am
hands after tax her inside the lululemon store that friday night last march. but the key witness of the day was retiring montgomery county police detective james drury. it was he who conducted two videotaped interviews with norwood days after the murders. she was not under arrest, had freely agreed to speak with investigators. the second interview to friday, march 18th, was at norwood's request. she wanted to tell detectives something she hadn't mentioned in the interview two days earlier. they made me move her car, norwood said, in a that murray's car from in front of the store the night of murder to a far away parking lot ineth bess da. we'll be waiting, he she says the killers told her. don't doing in stupid or you'll be dead. when being ad why in the world she then walked back to the
5:37 am
store where she claims ever claimed she was -- to the store where she claims she was assaulted, and it doesn't make any sense. >> if you talk to any interrogator, any police officer, all they want is a suspect to start to talk. of course, it is perfect if someone says i killed her and i'm the person and arrest me. but it is never a perfect world. but all the circumstantial evidence that she confessed to and the things she confessed to or admitted to that make no sense forensically puts her right in the corner. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. in the videotaped interview with police, sales clerk brittany norwood told investigators she asked jayna murray, the manager of the store, to come back to the store after closing that night because she left her wallet inside. that is when norwood claimed they were attacked by two
5:38 am
masked intruders. prosecutor are trying to convince the jury the prime was premeditated, first degree murder. one of the nation's largest banks apparently getting the message. up next, and about-face that will save customers some money. a frightening landing for passengers on a backed airplane. no wheels on that plane. big problems yesterday on the stock market all stemming from guess again. dow down almost 300 points. nasdaq off 77. overseas, no break in the asian market. nikkei down almost 200 points as investors fear that greece may reject the debt deal.   we're back after this. ♪
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making headlines, and absolutely amazing scene in warsaw, poland. this is a boeing 767 landing without any landing gear. the pilot now being called the sully sullenberger of poland. the flight originated in newark, new jersey and local media reported it experienced electrical failure and the landing gear would not come down. passengers gave a lot of praise to that pilot. >> very good, excellent landing. pilot was really great. a little bit bad information before but everything went really great. >> thank goodness for that. amazingly enough, up in of the
5:42 am
230 people aboard that flight were hurt. it is an about-face for bank of america. bank is dropping its unpopular fee that it recently imposed. it has decided to drop the $5 a month fee for using debit cards. competing banks also decided to do away with the debit card fees putting more pressure on bank of america to follow suit. caught on camera, a car plunges into a swimming pool. up next, we'll hear from the 86- year-old driver. she is okay but what happened. ? a mighty comeback from the caps. we'll tian talk about it with the sports junkies coming up.  [ screaming ]
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caught on camera, check this out. a frightening crash. we'll show it to you again. you can see it happen as the car takes a dive into the swimming pool which is actually a good thing that it hit the pool because the woman was not hurt. this is a video from a security camera at a texas apartment
5:46 am
complex. >> she hit the gas sending her car into the water. >> i'm trying to think if i can dog paddle or something. the water got up to about here. i thought when it started coming up, oh, hell, i'm going to drown. >> the lady struggled to get out of car. the witness walked up to the pool, take off his shoes, gets into the water and gets her out. she says the next time she goes to the store, she's getting a cab. >> might have to do that for a little while until she gets the confidence back. quite a scene but good thing she had a soft landing. >> very lucky. >> fortunate. >> spry old lady. i'm sure she had quite a scare there. >> what's happening out there? >> not much, frankly. we have quiet conditions across the region. we'll have a nice day again
5:47 am
today. after the shock of the snow, i think mother nature felt -- >> yeah, we're not complaining. our highs made it up to where we should be. 61 was the high at reagan national. just a couple of degrees shy of the average high for the day. dulles medicine it up to 60 degrees. bwi marshall made it up to 62 degrees yesterday afternoon. we'll do just about the same today. all right. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. we banged on the computer, got it right. 42degrees is the current temperature in washington. 35 in baltimore. 28 right now in frederick, maryland. so some very cold air in place in parts of the area. it is coat weather this morning. 40degrees in quantico. 36 in leonardtown and let's go to stevensville, 37 degrees there. here is what is going to be going on today and tomorrow for what will be controlling our weather. high pressure rules, the big h. you know by now if air regular
5:48 am
viewer that that means things will be calm in our reason on. we have a nice little warmen hundred -- warm-up going on today. today, tomorrow, things look good. for today, officially, mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon. 62degrees for your high. not bad at all. for tonight, clear skies, cold again, euro night low in town about 40 degrees. outside of town, we're looking at temperatures in the 30s across much of the region. five-day forecast, tomorrow, more of the same except a couple of degree warmer. one degree warmer. 63degrees under mostly sunny skies. upper 50s on friday. more clouds and the chance of some showers particularly to the south of washington. saturday and sunday, highs ranging from the mid-50s to around 60. it will be a nice weekend. that is a look at what is
5:49 am
happen with the weather. now, here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >> all right. problems right now on the outer loop of the beltway as you work your way around past colesville road. the crew in sky fox with us early this morning to show you this crash. this is going to affect the ramp from southbound 29 to the exit for the outer loop. that exit ramp is tightly squeezed at this point. traffic coming from four corners headed down to the exit for the outer loop has to merge early into slow traffic on the beltway headed around towards georgia avenue and out towards connecticut avenue. again, a lot of equipment still on the scene squeezing that ramp from southbound 29 to the exit for the outer loop. so 29 is starting to back up now from university boulevard to the exit for the outer loop. we'll take it bakken side and we'll show out outer loop itself which is already starting to slow as you work your way past university boulevard headed around towards the accident scene. so again, main line of the beltway already slowing here as you work your way westbound 495 past the accident there at colesville road. no incidents to report right now in virginia. 66 looks good coming east out
5:50 am
of centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. blocked by ryan. ward following the play. ward fires, score! 45 seconds to go. wipes up, top shot, kicks a rebound. score! backstrom to the roof! score! backstrom ties it. backstrom wins it! >> what a game last not at verizon center. the caps improve to 8-2 on this young soap. caps are hot, no doubt about t you can't say the same for the redskins. we'll focus on the caps now as we join the sports junkies at 106.7 the fan. >> good morning. >> i wish i could have stayed up to see the game. >> why are you wimping out on us. like you have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning? >> something terrible. maybe the fact that they were down three and i knew they would come back so i can watch the highlights. >> i had begun to lose hope
5:51 am
when they were down three goals. maybe they have a hangover from the road trip to canada, losing both games there. but this caps team has some resiliency to it. nick backstrom was the hero last night. haven't lot of a game at verizon center yet. >> they are down 3-0 but at one point, they were completely outshooting them. i think the caps had outshot them something like 38-17. they were dominating with the chances. they just weren't able to get a goal until the end. another interesting aspect and i'm sure you're read about it this morning is that boudreau late sat ovechkin, didn't have him in for key stretches there, sebbing a -- sending a signal to his young star. >> almost too much to imagine something hike that happening.
5:52 am
>> we talked about it. their third line is really kicking butt. >> brooks has to be one of the best if not the best third line player in the nhl. >> right it was great because, you know how things can turn and quickly fans can turn on you. they got off to the great start f they had lost three in a row, this t. would be have been panic city here. >> come employment dominating it. >> 40-15. they did dominate on the guys you are shutting down a pretty prolific offensive team. i thought i was in a time machine last night. solani has to be in his hate 30s but he's still got it. >> nice to talk about a winning team in d.c. speaking of that, i'll skip right past the red -- the redskins today because why ruin a good thing. i want to talk about the nationals.
5:53 am
i think this 2012 team is a couple of piece as way from being a playoff contender. who do you see them going after? >> i don't know if they'll spend the money that it will take to get the guys. i see pujols staying in st. louis. fielder, i could see him going to the american league. i think they need another outfielder, and they need more power in the line-up. >> they proved they're willing to spend money. >> but are they willing to spend $17 to $200 million on one guy. >> aren't they the richest owners in baseball? >> that doesn't necessarily mean they're willing to shell out another $20 million a year for a guy who won't produce like jayson or willing to take that chance. >> the thing they learned from jayson werth, you have to get the bang for your buck. >> it won't be like dan snyder signing it one minute after
5:54 am
midnight i don't think. at least we hope not. thank you, guys. we'll see you tomorrow. how much do you value your ipad or if you don't have one, how much would you pay for one? >> how about $8 million? >> not a chance. >> we're going to explain this one. that is coming up next. >> today's my fox half off deal diagnose 49 to buy you a 90- minute massage. the treatment normally goes for $115. you can get it for 49 bucks. go to and look for the deal on the right side of the home page. 
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it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, jordan smith. shays she watches every day with her big sister and niece. >> jordan says they thinks tucker is one of the hottest guys in the weather world. tucker just ran out of the studio. she says, quote, sorry, lol, tony. >> we think you're pretty hot, most mornings, well some morning. >> well, maureen does. >> a handsome guy. here is something to add to the christmas list. the stewart hughes company just unveiled the ipad two gold history edition. the back panel is made out of 24 karat gold. the apple logo is covered with diamonds. >> it is also made of the rare
5:58 am
gemstone called amelite and to top it off, the company took real dinosaur bans bones and shaved them into the finish -- real dinosaur bones and shaved them into the finish. add it all up, you are spending $8 million.
5:59 am
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