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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. he is a strong contenderthe
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presidential race. we'll have more on herman cain. there is the streets in northwest d.c. on this wednesday morning. 42degrees at reagan national. much chillier in the outlying areas. i'm steve chenevey gym a maureen umeh. let's get a check of our weather with mr. tony perkins. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i love the way you slide in. >> i have to admit, i was daydreaming and i heard you say my name. it is cold but aside from that, things are fine. we'll see a nice day today. let's take a look. we'll start with our satellite- radar composite. you will notice there is virtually nothing on it. take a look. nothing in the way of precipitation. and not -- well, there is nothing showing up in the way of cloud cover. officially, reagan national is reporting a few clouds and there is a little bit of fog out there this morning and where it is, it could be dense so you want to be aware of that.
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other than that, we've got clear skies and it will be a nice start to the day when the sun comes up next hour. right now, reagan national reporting a temperature of 43 degrees. relative humidity is at 89%. the wind are calm. that barometric pressure has been rising. forecast for today, we'll see lots of sunshine. it will be a mild day. very pleasant. we're looking for highs in the low 60s for most of the area. there you go. not a bad one. do enjoy it. >> all right. let's get a check now of our on- time traffic with julie wright. >> all right, maureen. we are looking at this crash on the outer loop of the beltway courtesy of sky fox. it has been moved over to the shoulder. outer loop of the beltway as traffic merges on. the beltway itself is open. you will find southbound 29, lanes are open as well as you work your way southbound from white oak down to the beltway. so again, accident activity on the outer loop of the beltway at colesville road now completely on the right shoulder.
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expect the delays, we'll show you where as we pop it back inside. outer loop of the beltway, delays are stacking up working your way past university boulevard and around to what was the accident scene. no problems to report if you are traveling northbound on 95 and 395 coming from the occoquan to the pentagon, the lanes are open at duke street headed up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. republican presidential candidate herman cain is speaking at events around the d.c. area today. sexual harassment allegations from the late '90s that recently resurfaced are showing no sign of going away. >> one of his accusers who wants to go you believe is meeting with her lawyer in georgetown this afternoon. the first appearance for cain is this afternoon in tyson's. >> herman cain has come to the washington area to tell power brokers he is a serious candidate and yet he is still pending off attacks dating back to the sexual harassment
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charges that were in the 1990s. merge and cain has been polling at the top of the heap of the republican presidential hopefuls. the former ceo of godfather's pizza said he came to washington today to talk about health care reform but the sexual harassment charges continue to be the topic of the day. now, the woman worked with him at the national restaurant association. she did accept a five-figure cash payout. cain has now been flip-flopping or said to have been flip- flopping his answers in response to this while first saying that there was no settlement of the sexual harassment charges and finally admitting that there was one. >> it wasn't intended to be clintonian. it was simply using the word greementd which -- agreement which, in business organizes that i have republican, whenever there has been an employee leaving, we would generally call it an agreement. so that was what was happening. >> reporter: the woman at the center of the case is trying to
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get out of her confidentiality agreement. she would like to be speaking about this. that is why she is meeting with with her lawyer. herman cain is set to talk here at the ritz carlton at 8:00 a.m. back to you. in the meantime, the president will promote his jobs plan in an appearance near the key bridge, one of several bridges in the area in need of repair. part of the spread's job creation plan includes investment in infrastructure improvement. the president will speak at waterfront park in georgetown around 11:00 this morning. fallout from the image showing the president as a zombie with a bullet through his forehead. now, the communications director for the committee has resigned. in a statement, the committee apologized to the president and anyone offended by the image. world stock markets continue to tumble this morning. the global sell offstarted in europe yesterday after greece's prime minister announced he would put a european debt deal
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up for referendum. markets plummeted after the announcement and the dow lost almost 300 points. president obama is leaving for the g-20 meeting in france later today which could be dealing with a full-blown crisis. we are talking more about this later in this morning's business beat. other top stories this morning, the suv -- the search is on for whomever opened fire in a prince george's county parking lot killing one person. it happened at the penn forest shopping center in forestville. police say anthony washington died at the scene. a woman with him was shot in the arm. she will survive. investigators are looking at surveillance video from several stores in that plaza a. we are continuing to follow developments out of the lululemon murder trial inform court, jurors learned more about what led police to arrest brittany norwood for the murder of her coworker jayna murray. a montgomery county police detective took the stand and talked about two videotaped interviews with norwood done shortly after the murder. she was not under arrest at the time and was still claiming she
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was beaten and sexually assaulted by up known attackers. in one. interviews, norwood said the attackers forced her to move murray's car and then come back to the zoar. the detective said her story didn't add up and she was arrested shortly after that interview. coming up next, she was the inspiration behind one of the most powerful women in politics. the mother of secretary of state hillary clinton has passed away. also ahead, bank of america drop as a debit card fee. more on this decision to ditch the move that set off so much customer outrage. back after this. hiarvey levi. woman: working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work,
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bank of america says it will go ahead and drop that $5 fee for debit card users in response to customer complaint inform you complain enough, sometimes people listen. decision by competing banks not to charge the fees on their banks also led bank of america to change its mind.
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the fbi has arrested four men in georgia accused of plotting an attack on government officials. the men all in their 60s or 70s or suspected members of a militia group. they are due in court today. prosecutors accuse the men of planning to make and disperse the poison ricin in atlanta and other cities across the nation. they are also plotting to kill unname government officials. secretary of state hillary clinton's mother has passed away. dorothy howell rodham died at a washington hospital. mrs.clinton portrayed her mother as a caring beacon of strict in the family offering intellectual stimulation and teaching her children to be calm and resolute. mrs.rodham was 92. next, if you are among the many people job hunting out there right now, we've got some news on a big job fair happening tomorrow. >> we'll check in with tony for a forecast that will brighten things up today. 
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if you are looking for a job, you might want to get your resume ready and plan to head to prince george's countiy time job fair will be at the the community college. only two hours from noon until 2:00. this is tomorrow. some of the employers who ill be there looking to fire include the secret service, the maryland transportation authority police, the army, and prince george's county government. you can have access to thousands of local jobs by going to our web site at and looking for the job shop link at the top. the home page. >> or you can hope to hit the lottery. tonight's powerball drawing is $245 million. the powerball jackpot has not been this high since june 2nd, 2010 f one ticket matches all six numbers, the owner of that ticket well have a choice to eager take the full jackpot in
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30 annual payments or take a one-time cash option of approximately $146. 2 million. >> you make it sound so easy. >> i wish it were that easy. >> i'm not sure what this says about me either i'm the eterrible optimist or completely unrealistic in my expectations. >> how so? >> i buy these lottery tickets every now and then and like i'll buy $10. so it will be ten games. then, when i check the numbers the next morning -- >> you get upset. >> i'm really disappointed. >> we all think we're going to win. >> i only play when it is over $100 million. >> i do not get that. i can't be bothered spending a dollar. >> you give me $3 right now, i'd be happy. >> yeah. but i'm really disappointed and a little angry when i don't win. >> you know, yesterday, some people thought it was a lucky
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day, 11-1-11, a lot of people did play. >> wait until next week when it is 11-11-11. >> i'm telling you what i win. >> where did maureen go? that girl is gone. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the main weather headlines and today's weather headline rhymes. yes, we have a big high and it's going to be dry. it's not that good but it rhymes. here are your temperatures for today. 42degrees right now in washington. 42 in annapolis. plenty of you in the 30s. 34 in gaithersburg. 39 at quantico. dulles is at 32. in frederick, maryland, 28 degrees right now. a cold start to the day. you will need the jacket. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. i show it to you just to show you there is nothing going o this may be picking up some of
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that low level fog that we have out there this morning. there is fog in some location. it is dense in some locations so that may be what that is. it certainly is not precipitation. we don't even have the clouds to produce precipitation. let's broaden this this out appear show you the big picture. it is quiet across the eastern seaboard and down to the southeast as well although there are some clouds down there. forecast looks like this. sunny skies, mild afternoon, 62 degrees for your high today. for tonight, another cold night. we'll see clear skies, overnight low about 40 degrees in up to. 30s again outside of town. five-day forecast, today is a good day. tomorrow is a good day. friday, not a bad day. 58degrees. there will be more clouds on friday and there is a chance after i shower or two. but now we think primarily south of the district. the weekend is cool to mild with a good amount of sunshine. that is it. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright and find out what is happening
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on the roads. >> all right. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway this morning, heads up, i'm talking to you. coming from the mean headed down towards the dulles toll road, sky fox above the scene of an incident that is now tying up the right side of the road just past oop of the beltw as you work your way through tyson's, v-d.o.t. is on the scene. it was reported as a stalled car but we know the right leap is blocked, outer loop. beltway just past 123. delays are starting to form on that beltway outer loop as you work your way past the scene. if your commute takes you down past the tyson's area, this is what will slow you down outer loop of the beltway just past 123. right side of the roadway remains closed. we'll update your ride elsewhere. coming inbound from the west off of 66, lanes are open but check it out. coming in from manassas, you are down to about 27 miles per hour and again towards centerville, 35 miles per hour. all of this traffic starting to slow as you continue eastbound in towards fair lakes and fair oaks. 29 at blake lane just west of the beltway. accident activity reported
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there as well. top side of the beltway, the outer loop, earlier incident, 29 colville road gone. delays from route one to georgia avenue. about a 17-minute ride at this time. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about what is happening in greece and why it is fueling fears of another recession. >> as we go to break though, the tough economy not impacting the price for a pair of queen victoria's bloomers. >> nice. >> which are rather large but that is beside the point. they recently sold at auction in london for nearly $15,000. the bidder was anonymous. >> who is buying the queen's drawers. >> you never know. 
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time to talk a little business now. all eyes or greece as we brace
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for what could be another bad day on the market. let's head straight to lauren simonetti. what is going on in greece. the prime minister had to open his mouth, didn't he? >> the surprise call of the prime minister putting that deal up for the vote. the chances are that they don't want more welfare cuts and more tax increases that are part of getting that bailout so they might vote no and if that happens, greece will probably default on its debt and the eurodon't will be toppled and not good news for greece. the europe is the number one topic being discussed among leaders around the world. u.s. shares hanging on it by a threat thread but as you can see, down 297 on the dow yesterday on top of the a 276 point decline the day before. >> is that the biggest story we'll be following today or are we watching something else here in the u.s.? >> it is greece.
6:25 am
still greece. greece for a long time. >> staff stile driving the world right now. let's talk about the auto industry right now. sales have picked up for the most part in the last month. >> yeah, go figure. gas price are 64 cents higher than they were last year but people buy more suvs and pickup trucks. auto sales in october up 8% to about one million cars and trucks sold. that is the best october since before the recession since 2007. ford sales are at 6% last month compared to oskt last year. gm up 2% and chrysler up 27%. -- ford sales are at least 6% last month compared to october last year. >> thank you, lauren. coming up next, true or not, allegations from a republican frontrunner's past showing no signs of going away. herman cain is in our area today and so is one of women who has filed some of those claims. the latest in the sexual
6:26 am
harassment allegations coming up. that accuser saying she plans to go public. she will be meeting in georgetown with her attorney today. a packed parking lot, two people shot, one of them killed. we'll have the latest on a search if a suspect. that is all coming up. ?
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news this wednesday morning. time now 6:29. shaping up to be a beautiful day. a little chilly today. mr.tony perkins telling us it will get nicer. >> yes, it is. it will be a nice day today. tomorrow being tomorrow, a pretty decent day. we have a nice little string going on here. let's show you the current temperature around the region. right now here in washington, it is 42 degrees. 42 out in annapolis.
6:30 am
36 in cambridge. 39 in quantico. dulles airport at 32 degrees. the temperature trend will show improving temperatures during the next couple of days. very nice temperatures. our average high for this time of year, 63 degrees. we'll be knocking on the door today. we think we will get to 63 tomorrow. by sunday, we think we'll be back up to 60 degrees. forecast for today look like this. sunny skies, a mild afternoon. 62degrees for your high. not much else to tell you about. there you go. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. today's question is about daylight saving time. steve will remember because we've dealt with this before. not one of 199favorite topics. >> nor mine. >> we'll talk about it because it is coming to an end this weekend and so that always
6:31 am
prompts a bunch. questions. we'll delve into it once again and explain why we have it and why it is ending this weekend. ending for the year. it will be back next year as far as we know. so there you go. that is coming up. >> let's check your on-time traffic with julie wright. >> maureen, i don't get it. hone tony, i don't understand. how can you not like daylight saving time. >> you fall back. >> that is an extra hour in the club, honey. >> one hour you're going to lose that daylight for the rest of winter. >> you enjoy that hour. >> i will. all right. here we go. 29 at blake lane. that is where we have accident activity reported as a car into a pole. the crew in sky fox is live over the scene right now. you will find that it is definitely impacting the commute in all directions. this is large fire truck is holding up the middle of the roadway here.
6:32 am
it is affecting all the lane here at this intersection. some traffic is able to get by under police direction but it will tieen your -- tie up your commute this morning. getting busy north of 236 headed up to seminary road. no incidents to report leaving braddock road heading out towards 66. the outer loop of the beltway slowing going past 395. 450 at the bw parkway, authorities checking for an incident there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. republican presidential candidate herman cain still trying to explain sexual harassment claims. the businessman has made when some say are conflicting stapts about whether he knew about the harrassment charges. >> one of the women who claimed that sexual harassment is reportedly meeting a lawyer in georgetown later today. cain will speak in tyson corner this morning. stacy cohan is there now live with the latest. >> reporter: herman cain certainly brought his campaign here to prove that's a serious political candidate but all that he has been dealing with
6:33 am
lately is with the sexual harassment claims and certainly that has followed him here to washington. he has been polling at the top of the heap of the republican presidential hopeful as this campaign has gained momentum. the the former godfather's ceo is planning a series of meetings here in our area. but the campaign has been filtering the fallout of the recently resurfaced sexual harassment charges and herman cain did have the opportunity to tell his version of the story. juror brought my hand, didn't touch her, up to my chin sand says you're the same height as my wife because my wife comes up to my chin, my wife of 43 years. that was put in there as something that made her uncomfortable. we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement, maybe three months salary or something like that. >> reporter: now, although the case was set weld a five-figure
6:34 am
settlement, the woman involved now want to break her confidentiality agreement and talk about what happened. she is meeting with a lawyer in georgetown today with the national restaurant association to try to get out of that confidentiality agreement. herman cain will be speaking here at the ritz carlton at 8:00 a.m. he has an event in alexandria and wraps up the day speaking with members of the health caucus where he is hoping to talk about health care reform. president obama will be in georgetown promoting his jobs plan with an appearance near the key bridge. part of his plan includes investment in infrastructure improvement. the president will speak at waterfront park in georgetown around 11:00. fallout from the controversial image showing the president as a zombie with his a bullet through his forehead. it was used to promote the
6:35 am
republican committee's participation in leesburg's halloween parade naval -- in a statement, the committee apologized to the president an anyone offended by the image. a shooting in a local shopping plaza. this one happened last night in the parking lot at the penn for of the shopping center in forestville. police say anthony washington and a woman with him were hit by bullets. washington died on the scene. the woman has nonlife- threatening injuries. have investigators are going through surveillance video from several stores to see in that could provide any clues. police say they may have caught someone involved in the shooting of teenager in georgetown monday night. the 17-year-old victim's name has not yet been released but we are told he is in grave condition. d.c. police say one man was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license but they are not yet naming him or saying for sure whether he is the one who shot the 17-year-old. we continue to follow developments out of the lululemon murder trial. yesterday in court, jurors learned more about what led
6:36 am
police to arrest brittany norwood for the murder of her coworker jayna murray. a montgomery county police detective took the stand. he talked about two videotaped interviews with norwood done shortly after the murder. she was not under arrest at the time and was still claiming she had been beaten and sexually assaulted by unknown attackers. in one of the interview, norwood said the attackers forced her to move murray's car and then come back to the store. the detective said her story didn't add up. she was arrested shortly after that interview. traffic around the new mark center up 395 in alexandria expected to get worse. >> the new facility that popped up due to military base realignment and closure process is now causing some parking problems. fox 5's sarah simmons has the story. >> reporter: not even half of the 6400 employees anticipated to move into the mark center are here yet. but when you watch the traffic pattern -- >> it is noticeable. unfortunately, it will only get worse. >> reporter: traffic is picking up.
6:37 am
along with that, another problem. >> they park that you are cars and go up and catch the bus to go to work. >> reporter: that has been a problem for these residents for some time. they also live near the new mark center facility and expect that to make parking even worse. so neighbors who live close to the new building fought for these parking restrictions. if your car doesn't have a city of alexandria registration, you can't park here between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the anticipated a real f of brac employees parking in our neighborhood. >> reporter: dave dexter is a former member of the neighborhood brac advisory group. >> there will be a lot of additional pressure once the building is fully occupied. 6400 people is a lot of people and 40% of them do not have parking. so they will be searching for spots. >> reporter: the parking signs went up a few months ago and already parking enforcement is fining offenders. >> there were cars parking. there was a real slug of
6:38 am
tickets early on. the signs went up one day and parking enforcement came the next. >> disabdery residents had to sign a petition to opt into the parking restricts on their street. employees with other businesses surrounding the mark center say their parking garage even became a prime spot for workers building the facility. >> they had monitors sitting there and they had a sign up saying if you are not signed up or not with an affiliated organization, it is $50 a day. so they really got on the situation railroad quickly. >> reporter: dave dexter is still keeping a watchful eye on his street though. >> the game isn't over yet, unfortunately. >> reporter: no one knows the full impact of the move here suns less than half of the employees are here now. anyone who chooses to park in those restricted areas could expect a $40 ticket on the windshield. in alexandria, sarah simmons, fox 5 news.
6:39 am
the pentagon gave $180 million to widen route one near belvoir. the section between telegraph road and mount vernon high will be widened to sick lanes. work could begin at early as 2013 and take up to three years to complete. the department will also help fund traffic improvements in bethesda. state and county officials will get nearly $89 million to help pay for planned project around the new walter reed national military medical center. coming up next, a couple arrested, their daughter taken into state custody, all over a sandwich. wich.
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could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin's new smokehouse sausage breakfast sandwich with sausage from hillshire farm.
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we check headlines. prescription painkiller abuse is reaching epidemic levels in the u.s. >> that is according to a new cdc report. john roberts has more from atlanta. >> reporter: it is the number one killer drug in america according to the centers for disease control. more people in the u.s. dry from overdoses of prescription painkillers than from cocaine and heroin combined. the raw number telling the story. almost 15,000 died from prescription narcotic overdoses in 2008. the highest rate among people between the ages of 35 and 54. the cdc says prescription deaths have almost quadrupled in the past decade. the number of drugs in the market has also skyrocketed with enough prescription narcotics doled out in america to medicine indicate every person in the country every day for a month. many who die are habitual drug
6:44 am
abusers but others are folks would got prescriptions from their doctor for short term pain relief and got hooked. >> when i went to medical school, we were incorrectly assured, don't worry, if patients have short-term pain, they won't get hooked that was completely wrong. a generation of doctors and patients and families have learned that is a tragic mistake. narcotics are dangerous, highly addictive drugs. >> reporter: police across the country tried on keep up with the flow of illegal prescriptions on the streets. the illegal drug trade is a huge problem that crosses all arab, age and socioeconomic lines. >> from a law enforcement perspective, it is the most serious public safety problem that we face and threat that we face as a community. >> reporter: dangerous and expensive too. the centers for disease control says the medical costs alone from drug overdose deaths are upwards of $70 billion a year. onroberts, fox news. also making headline, a
6:45 am
nightmare a mom to be, her husband and their union daughter. the couple was arrested last week at a honolulu safeway. the woman 30 week pregnant ate a sandwich while she shopped. they paid for the groceries and forgot about the sandwiches worth about $5. they were arrested for shoplifting and their daughter was taken into set custody for the night. police say it is standard procedure. after the story grabbed headlines nationwide, the safeway has decided not to press charges and has apologized to the family. pretty incredible video out of poland. this plane has no landing gear but the pilot is still able to bring it down on its belly safely. emergency landing, that plane full of passengers. the landing gear as we said would not open. there was appear electrical problem in the plane. -- there was an electrical problem in the plane. 230 passengers on board that plane that took often from newark, new jersey and not one
6:46 am
was hurt. great job by the pilot there. >> absolutely. >> grace under pressure. >> so, you're shoughing papers. you look mighty business iyi. >> lots to learn about and read about. >> so you're shuffling papers. you look mighty busy. >> we start with the current temperatures around the region. it is cold outside. put the jackets on the little ones as they head out the door. 28degrees in frederick, maryland. 34 in gaithersburg. cambridge, maryland is at 36 degrees. 42 right now in washington. and in annapolis, 37 in quantico. win chest are, virginia is at the freezing mark at 32 degrees. we'll pull this out and show you all across the mid-atlantic and the northeast, 42 in new york city so temperatures pretty consistent. 39 in boston. 39 in richmond. cape hatteras, 55 degrees. that is nice. here as look at the satellite
6:47 am
image. there is some fog out there. we have no advisories but there is some fog in the low-lying areas near the rivers and streams. what you can see is that our skies are mostly clear. that means it will be a mostly sunny day for us today. there is no system in place to really change that. what is in place is high pressure. that is dominating bringing us mild temperatures and quiet kenny today and tomorrow. i think for the bulk of friday as well and then we'll start to get some clouds in here. maybe on friday, some precipitation to the south of washington. here is the forecast for today and the next five days. today, a nice day. sunny skies. 62degrees for your high today. then for tonight, 40 for your low in town. 30s outside of town. tomorrow, 63 with sunshine, very, very nice. friday, we add a for you clouds. add the chance of some showers but right now, we primarily think that will be south of the district. weekend is decent, highs
6:48 am
ranging from the mid-50s on saturday to around 60 degrees on sunday if you are heading out to the redskins game. should be a good day as far as the weather goes. >> great football weather. >> very good. tucker barnes is here. >> hey! >> it is now time for ask the weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your questions. today's question come from elaine jackson. she wants to know why does daylight saving time ends. i don't understand why we have to go back to standard time. she says she read that at one time, daylight saving time was observed year round. elaine, excellent question. >> slept use of the word saving because everybody calls it
6:49 am
savings. >> let's -- excellent use of the word saving because everybody calls it savings. >> when you are going to the game on sunday, remember, it is an hour later. >> there you go. you got sunset on sunday afternoon 5:03. >> san francisco is traveling here. maybe the time change and the addition of daylight tfg time will mess them up. >> what would really change their game is for frank gore couldn't play. >> that would help too. >> saturday night, 2:00 a.m., depending on how you look at it. daylight tfg time, the history is long. benjamin franklin actually was the first person to propose it. -- daylight saving time, the history is long. it really became popularized in europe during world war i.
6:50 am
>> you know why? >> tell them why. >> you guys know why? let me share with you. here is why. because in the case of germany, they wanted to conserve their electricity, their coal use during the war because they didn't have enough coal. so they proposed this and then they put it in actionened the united states quickly adapted it. >> and because there were some benefits, the u.s. got into it during world war ii. it became more widespread. >> you have the same number of hours of daylight. it is just you look at the numbers differently. how is that conserving anything. >> over the years, there have been various arguments made as to what the benefits are. the primary benefit is from saving energy. for example, she is remembering, elaine who wrote in, she says at one time, didn't we do it all year? i think in 1973-74 during the until crisis, they kept it in place all year long. it seems according to most surveys, it seems to save anywhere from .2% to 1% of your
6:51 am
energy costs. that is not a lot except on a nationwide level, that is fairly significant. but there are other things to take -- they used to say farmers like it. they just want to rise with the sun and do the natural thing there. most farmers don't like it. >> can i ask you a personal question. why do you dislike it so much? >> i find it disruptive. i don't think the overall benefit is worth it. it takes me an hour to change my clocks in my house. i don't gain anything. >> it's big house. >> no, i have a lot of clocks. >> a clock collector. >> if you could have it either way, either what we do in the summertime where it stays light later or what we'll do in the wintertime, which one would you prefer. >> my preference would to be just let things be as they arrest, stay on standard time. however, a lot of people say no, let's just stay on daylight saving time because we have more light during the summer. i could live with that. >> let's mention most of the world or much of the world just
6:52 am
keeps it on standard time. >> and indiana here -- parts of indiana, giant we are about to run out of time. >> it is still not mandatory in the united states. most of the states go with it because that is what most people are doing. parts of indiana. >> an hour late to worker day. >> we have to get to the actual answer for elaine. why does it end? because in the summer, the -- in the fall, the argument is made, well, kids are now going to school in the dark in the morning so they set it back so there is more daylight. you can argue it. >> arizona does the same thing and parts of colorado. >> two hours different one part of the year. >> i say just stick with one thing and just do that. >> i agree. >> how long does it take to change the clocks? >> it depends on the clock. >> all right. if you have a question that you want answered. go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on
6:53 am
air. i change my watches. it is difficult. the clock in the car. >> do you do it saturday night or wait until sunday morning. >> saturday night. >> otherwise, you don't wake up on time. >> there is the problem. that is his saturday night, julie wright. >> that is why i don't like it. >> lord, have mercy. i'm going bar tender, hit me all around. if you are traveling around town right now, the outer loop slowing from route one headed over towards georgia avenue. awful your lanes are open. 95 backing up 212 to the beltway. this is 29 at blake lane west of 495678 the accident involved two vehicles, one car into a utility pole. three people were transported away with nonlife-threatening injuries. tow trucks or the scene. traffic on 29 from the left to the right side of the screen is able to get by to the right. you will find some traffic able to get by from blake lane under police direction but this is definitely tying up your commute 29 at blake lane.
6:54 am
real quick peek at what else is going on out there. northbound along i-9 5rbg9 a little bit below speed prince william parkway to 123. -- northbound along i-95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you very much. we know that d.c. is a great town for foodies. we've got great food all around the area. >> we sure do and the rest of this week, we are checking out some of the best it has to offer. this morning, it is all about pizza. >> you are making me hungry. >> next hour, holly is live in northwest with a slice of history from one local favorite. time now, 6:54. we are back right after this. ♪ when life gets busy... there are days where you want to give your immune system some support.
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. good morning i am holly morrison. did you know 94% of americans eat pizza. in fact, kids ages 3 to 11 prefer it for lunch and dinner
6:58 am
over anything else. we decided to search out the best pizza in the city. tough job. we are starting at famous luigis because one they have really awesome pizza. they opened their doors, 68 years ago today. as a result they are celebrating by offering up their 1943 mep you today. -- menu today. we want their secrets to their tops and crusts and we are going to three other places. we can't go around the greater entire washington area maureen if there is a favorite pizza place you have, we might mention it throughout the morning. that looks fabulous i cannot wait to see what you come up with this morning. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day jordan smith she watches every
6:59 am
day with her big sister and niece, that is the little girl in the photo with her and she thinks tucker is one of the hottest weather guys in the world. sorry tony lol. i know. we think tony is handsome too. may not be hot but he's handsome. my bad. tomorrow's fan of the day, post a comment under jordan's photo. fox 5 morning news. thanks for joining us for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to alison and steve. thank you coming up, more fall out for herman cain as the republican presidential hopeful tries to put charges of sexual harassment behind him one of his accusers says she wants to tell her side of the story. >> financial fears begin


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