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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 2, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a news alert off the top tonight. the lumulemon murder trial is over. it took the jury less than an hour to find brittany norwood guilty of first-degree murder. a verdict that brought jayna murray's family to tears. >> more than anything, i know
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the trauma our family has been through. i want no other family to go through this. >> tonight, we're bringing you every angle of this stunning courtroom drama. fox 5 news at 10:00 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> brittany norwood sits in a jail cell right now facing life in prison without the possibility of parole for a brutal murder that stunned the entire country. our crews were inside the courtroom as the verdict was handed down. they have been following the trial since it started. let's start with you, paul, on how this went down in the courtroom. >> brian, the jury caught the case at 5:55 this evening. within an hour, they sent a message to the judge that they reached a verdict. as they filed back into the courtroom, these six men and six women were watched by brittany norwood. she looked up at them. she didn't do what she was normally doing, which was looking down at the desk, which
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wasn't paying attention to what's going on. the clerk said to the jury foreman, what did you do? guilty, the murray family behind me broke into tears. it was swift justice. a few minutes after 6:00 p.m., the six men and six women of the jury decided right away what they were going to go. >> we said, rest start off, which way are people leaning and everybody, are people leaning toward first-degree? all hands went up. >> a lawyer says the 12 then proceeded to discuss the case. within an hour, he says, they had decided on the verdict. >> what made it such a quick verdict is the number of injuries and where they were sustained and the fact they were sustained while she was still alive before the final injury that killed her was struck.
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>> the prosecution showed the jury color autopsy photos of jayna murray's head covered with deep wounds, lacerations, and bruises. although brittany norwood watched the jury as they returned to the courtroom, she had no visible emotional reaction. >> i think she has been remorseful from day one. >> douglas wood says he's disappointed with the verdict. >> i mean, we are able to show it happened in a short period of time. those types of injuries are more consistent with someone who acted impulsively. >> but state's attorney was able to prove his case. detailing for the jury over six days how brittany norwood lured jayna murray back to the lumulemon store that night and viciously attacked her in a back hallway. it was a planned assault and norwood knew exactly what she was doing. >> i would like to thank the men and women of the jury that served on this case, as i said
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to them during the course of this trial, this was a difficult case. i'm sure for the men and women who were selected, this was a hard case. >> john mccarthy says he will seek life in prison without the possibility of parole. when brittany norwood is sentenced. >> people related to this cation. this is a case that mattered to the people of this community. it really shocked the people of this community and rocked us very much when this first occurred, because this was a terrible event when it was first reported. >> some lee way in sentencing. he does not have to sentence her to life without the possibility of parole. brittany norwood will be sentenced on january 27. i'm going to bring in bob now. he was here. he listened to the murray's and their reaction to all of this and bob has their story. >> you could see it in their eyes. you could hear it in their
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voices. this afternoon in court during closing arguments, they say these have been the worse seven months of their lives. the roughest couple of weeks here, very emotional during trial. but they are feeling great relief tonight. >> more than anything, i know the trauma our family has been through. i want no other family to go through this. and i felt the brutality was undescribable. >> her mother, father, and two brothers sat through a grueling and graphic trial. sharing hugs of joy and relief with jayna murray's cheerful friends after the verdict was read in court. >> i think to an individual family member, we are all looking for that new normal. for some, it could come tomorrow. for most of us, i suspect it will come over years. >> jayna murray was a 30-year-
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old texten, outgoing and athletic. killed so violently last march 11. most everybody in the courtroom turned their heads suddenly and gasped aloud when an autopsy photo was shown to the jury during closing arguments this afternoon. >> my sister was fighting for what was right and that helped us through this trial to make sure that what was right was done in the end. >> we want the community to know. we want the world to know how strong of an individual she was. how strongly she believed in right and wrong. she was a beautiful person. sheready contributed 30 years of beauty to the world and we believe that she would have contributed beauty to the
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world for another 90 years. murrays live a long time. >> you can hear the murray family chuckle there, but sadly jayna lived a shorter life than most people. david murray thanked the prosecutors. he thanked the police, even thanked the media for giving them space and privacy during the trial and they were eager to speak tonight, brian, and thank everyone and tell us how happy they were with this first- degree murder guilty verdict. >> you are looking live at the lumulemon athletica store where jayna murray was killed. we are going to talk live to thomas about this whole investigation coming up at 10:30. and then on the news edge at 11:00, we are with jayna's running team. and you can tell us what you think of the verdict on our facebook page. now to a developing story, the herman cain campaign being rocked by new sexual harassment allegations. tonight, a third woman has come
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forward saying the presidential candidate harassed her while she worked for the restaurant association back in the 90s. ross is in the newsroom now. they have a good idea where all this information is coming from. >> some are pointing fingers, saying they may have orchestrating this. as you know, herman cain has denied the allegations, but they just keep coming. and tonight, veteran political watchers say because of the way he is handling it, his campaign may be on the road. >> herman cain telling reporters he is done answering questions about a growing alleged sexual harassment scandal. >> don't even bother. it's a good question, though, about confidentiality. >> what did i say? >> excuse me. gentleman. >> excuse me. >> now, a third woman has come forward accusing cain of aggressive and unwanted behavior, which included a private invitation to his
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corporate apartment. she never filed a w place complaint, but two other women did and were paid settlements. and there is more bad news. a former restaurant association pollster now gop consultant who is a rick perry supporter wouldn't go into specifics, but told oklahoma radio station, ktok he witnessed some of the alleged behavior towards one of the women. >> i tell you at the time she was a very lower level staffer. she made two years out of college and this all occurred at a restaurant. everyone was very aware of it. >> told a northern virginia technology group he is just being attacked. >> there's a force at work here that is much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign and this journey to the white house and that force is called the voice of the people. that's why we are doing as well as we are in this campaign thus
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far. you all were supposed to applaud. >> what are political pundaunts saying? >> he has said these are baseless claims. we are hearing more and more women maybe coming forward. his campaign is in a lot of trouble and the way he handled this. his story was inconsistent from the beginning. so major, major problem for herman cain. it's hard. >> joining me now is joe, who was an attorney for paula jones in the clinton sexual harassment scandal in 1997. joe, you think you see similarities between that case and this one. >> i do. i see four similarities. one, they each involve claims for sexual harassment. the second is that each involved a denial, first in the paula jones case. the cain case, a denial that there were claims for sexual
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harassment ever filed. a third similarity is that each now has a changing story. there was an ambitious that paula jones did work for then, governor clinton in the executive branch and now cain does admit that yes, there were claims, but they were baseless. in addition, he first denied that there was any agreement or settlement. and finally, the final similarity is that each delay their case. bill clinton thought delay would help him. and it did to a certain extent and cain, that cain said i'm done answering questions, so i'm going to just march ahead and talk about my proposals for america and i'm not going to deal with this. so delay is now the new watch word in the cain camp. >> how significant is it that there are three women claiming? >> it doesn't sound good. it doesn't smell good, but it
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doesn't mean that these claims of sexual harassment were in fact valid claims. we don't know the claims. we don't know the details. it's important before you rush to judgment to understand just in fact what was being claimed and whether or not they were in the law. can't leap to a conclusion. >> thanks so much. maybe we'll get a peek that may get a look at some of those reports. thank you so much for your insight. >> it is the stuff nightmares are made of. plies sadr conditions. tens and thousands of drivers stuck on area highways. now the federal government has a plan to avoid it. we'll have details next. exposed in a courtroom. a home grown terror plot, a wave of explosions and biological attacks planned for dc. the chilling details tonight at 11:00. 
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[ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car. [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ the federal government is making changes to its bad weather policy for the first
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time in 14 years. now it comes after this. last year's winter debobbing l where hundreds of workers were sent home at once, causing hours and hours of congestion and confusion. fox 5 is in the newsroom now with the new changes. wisdom. >> who can forget what happened back in january. it looked like everybody was on the road at the same time as it was snowing. now with the federal government have been 300,000 employees in washington, they want to keep those employees off the road during the next storm. january 26, as snow was covering the region, thousands and thousands of commuters rushed from their jobs to get home only to be trapped in bumper to bumper traffic. >> unfortunately, the government didn't release us until 3:00 and at that point, it was late. >> federal worker, christine, was trying to get home from her training. how long does it normally take you? >> about an hour. >> and that day? >> four. >> drivers are stuck in
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traffic for more than eight hours. some slept in their cars and didn't get home until the next day. other drivers abandoned their cars in the middle of the snow filled road. >> it was chaos. it really is was. i had never been in that situation. >> trying to get from silver spring to gaithersburg. it's normally a 45 minute trip. >> it took me five hours. my car died in the middle of 270, so i had to come home about a mile in the middle of the interstate because people couldn't get up the hill. >> planning for creating the situation by dismissing workers too late. >> i know i made the call, so people were already in route in the commute. it didn't do them any good. the office of personnel management said they would make a decision earlier and send workers home. or they will allow people to tell work when severe weather could cause problems. also workers who don't leave the job by a certain deadline
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will be told to shelter in place and basically not get on the road. >> it would certainly be convenient. >> what happens if they schedule leave and there's no snow? opm says -- this new plan was created by regional officials seven months ago to avoid what happened in january. also, usually makes the weather calls at 4:00 in the morning to spread the word about the next day. now they are working at pushing that time up to avoid what happened. we don't want to see anymore snow or cars on the road. nothing like that ever again. we keep our fingers crossed that this works. >> we can keep that from coming, we won't have to worry about that. >> that would be great. but we can't avoid the snow. >> indeed. wisdom martin, thank you. damage discovered from the east coast earthquake in
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august. this time at arlington national cemetery. the second floor of arlington house is closed because the quake shifted the houses back wall by a quarter of an inch. arlington health was in the mist of a rehab. the national park service say repairs won't be finished until the end of march. synthetic marijuana being sold at corner stores and it's a serious public health issue. earlier this year, virginia banned it and dc wants to do the same thing. fox 5 has that story. >> it's not marijuana, but for those who smoke it, they say it sure does feel like it. we talked to this 18-year-old last year. >> you get the same high as marijuana. i believe, i smoked it 30 minutes ago and i feel good right now. >> we got mixed reviews. some teens told us yes, it's a problem, but others -- >> i mean, i heard of spice,
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but i don't think people really use it. they talk about it. >> dc council member introduced a law this week to ban synthetic marijuana. he hears complaints from residents all over the city. >> our kids are smoking and snorting this. this was brought to my attention by a police officer who said this is out of control. >> even though a current order makes k2 and products like it illegal to sell or possess, there's a lot of confusion out there. for example, at this convenience store northwest, a clerk had k2 behind the counter. she showed us this document from the manufacture. she claims she was told it proves the product she is selling is not illegal. she is confused about it all and before we left, he pulled the product from the shelf. >> having the discussion and making sure we do something about it is what i hear from
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residents. >> matt, fox 5 news. we checked on the state of maryland. police tell us k2 is not banned by state law, but police can take action because the dea has listed it as a controlled substance. the man suspected in the murder of a maryland woman and child is back in montgomery county. curtis lopez was extradited from north carolina today. he was arrested there after jane mcquain was found murdered in her home. an amber alert was issued for her 11-year-old son, william. his remains were found more than a week later in a wooded area. lopez is charged in the woman's death and charged in the boy's death will likely be filed soon. lindsay lohan ordered back to jail. also ahead tonight, the skins welcoming back a familiar face. dave breaks down the latest move. >> another really nice day here in dc. it's been a nice run of weather. chilly nights and comfortable days. we see a new trend of one you'll like more. i'll let you know what that
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trend is. that's all coming up later on fox 5 news at 10:00. stay with us. 
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welcome back, everyone. we're talking the state of the skins with dave feldman and we are also talking about a former redskin coming back to town for this weekend's game. >> carlos rogers didn't have a great career here, but in a conference call, his new head coach said today he is playing great. the niners are playing very well and he said don't make too much into the motivation of a guy coming back. all of these games are important. every redskin we talked to said, i can't wait to hit carlos. so they are going to try to hit him, but here's the story with carlos rogers. he did struggle. he is 30 years old. but he had a rebirth since signing a one-year deal with the san francisco 49ers.
10:26 pm
he has three interceptions this season, including one for a touchdown. he helped the ninners race out to a 6-1 start. yesterday he spoke on his career. >> until after greg left. after that, it wasn't fun anymore. it was a younger group of guys that are hungry, ready to work. ready to win. we work hard out here. not saying that we didn't in washington, but it's just different. >> i was only with carlos for one year. carlos, i liked him as a person. he was wanting that big payday and we weren't going to go in that direction. we weren't going to make that type of commitment long-term. i'm hoping for him he does get that. hopefully the 49ers. >> and of course mike shanahan wishes him well, just not this weekend when he's playing his team. here's the deal with carlos
10:27 pm
rogers. your son plays similar to carlos. carlos was fast, he could cover everybody, he couldn't catch. if he could catch, he would be a wide receiver. int, he would drop them. this year in san francisco, he is catching them. >> looks like he is getting better in san francisco. and coming up at 11:00, why the shanahan, shanahan thing might not be working out. mike is the head coach. people are now questioning what's going on with kyle. so the coach will speak out about his son tonight at 11:00. >> all right. thank you. brian. justin bieber, a dad? that's what one woman claims. hear her story coming up. plus, you go there to get a great buy, turns out, that's not playing too well in this economy. why stores are in trouble tonight. you see a story you think we should look into, send your tips to our website or call
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202-895-3140. we'll be right back. [ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car.
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[ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one.
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our top story tonight, a guilty verdict. brittany norwood faces life in prison without parole in the death of jay in murray. montgomery county police chief, thomas manger. thank you for joining us tonight. you have been in law enforcement for a long time. what are the feelings you go through and your detectives go through after seeing some closure like this and getting the verdict that you thought was just? >> well, this has been a long journey for us. this started seven months ago when my cops walked into that store and saw one of the most horrific crime scenes you could imagine. you had two victims, one deceased.
10:32 pm
the other claiming to have been beaten and sexually assaulted and we go from that scene to investigating that case with a terrific job by some great detectives who were able to determine the truth and then collecting the evidence, presenting it to the state's attorney, who i have to say, john mccarthy, certainly earns his reputation as being the best prosecutor in the state of maryland and he certainly did it with this case. and so it is a sense that justice has been done. >> and john mccarthy mentioned tonight that this is a crime that the community really sort of, i wouldn't say -- i wish i could remember the exact quote. really responded to. why do you think that is? because it was so horrific? >> i think it was a combination of a couple of things. one, the horrific nature of the crime. plus, we typically didn't have those kind of cases.
10:33 pm
we don't have those kind of cases in that area of the county in bethesda typically, and what was initially described by brittany norwood was so outrageous and certainly put such fear in the community that it did grab everybody's attention and there were a lot of folks that were deeply affected by this case, there were a lot of folks in bethesda who were in great fear for their own safety, thinking that there were these two individuals who were responsible for this event. so it really did have an effect on the community. >> now that it's over, what was the key turn in the case for investigators? what had them from thinking that brittany norwood was a victim in all of this to a suspect in all of this? >> you know, it was the forensic evidence. you know, when we have a crime where you have a victim who claims to be sexually assaulted. claims to be beaten. we have to believe those victims and we do believe those
10:34 pm
victims. it was when the forensic evidence that we were collecting didn't match up to the story that brittany norwood told us and we started finding these conflicts in what the physical evidence told us and that led us to the road of determining exactly what really did happen on that night. >> thomas manger, while obviously there are no winners in something like this, we know justice has been served tonight and on behalf of the community, they are proud of the police department and the prosecuting attorney in this case. >> thank you. >> attorneys are prepping for closing arguments in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. testimony ended with murray saying he will not take the stand. today wrapped up 22 days of testimony. the defense is sticking to its theory that jackson gave himself that fatal dose back in 2009. the jury should get the case
10:35 pm
very soon. lindsay lohan heading back to jail. a california judge sentenced her to 30 days behind bars. she failed to complete a community service assignment at a women's shelter. she will have to perform all of her community service at county morgue or risk serving an additional 270 days in jail. this is lohan's fifth jail sentence since 2007. the one he faced in maryland sparked 911 calls. see the crisis coming up. plus, better stock up now, because the cost to pack your pantry is about to skyrocket. but first, the company may be patting your bank account more than you expected. fox business network explains. the word around the world. the key report showing the private sector added 110,000 of them last month. that was more than expected and dropping to the lowest level we have seen in four months.
10:36 pm
that's not making the top money man feeling better. ben bernanke says unemployment will not be improving any time soon. all is coming ahead of the october employment report that is out friday morning. and more worries that greece could put the brakes on any kind of recovery right here. facing a no confidence vote on friday. this is greece preparing on major spending cuts. and a good deal for american workers saving for their golden years. 75% of companies that recently suspended 401k matching plans because of economic downturn have reinstated them. that is business. i'm neil. 
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discount retailer is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. in the meantime, other stores are thriving. even expanding. sarah simmons has the story. >> you look down any street these days and it's not hard to find those store closing signs. a specialty store may find it hard to survive, but filing basement? after more than a century in business, the discount department store's owner is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the third time in over a decade. but this time the retailer could close for good after the holidays. john with the national consumer's league is noticing the consumer trend. >> you think they would go to a discount retailer to save money, but consumers tend to cut back on things like clothing and going out. so i'm not surprised to see a
10:41 pm
discounter, discount clothing in particular, not being able to make it. >> while filings basement continues to falter. high end stores are popping up more and more. the clothing store, brooks brothers set up shop in georgetown within the last month. just down the store, a women's workout apparel store is coming soon. >> somebody has money. or they are the parent store of the little store. >> it's a prime example of the split between those who have money and those who are unemployed or under employed. >> your high end consumer seems to be doing okay. they are out there buying a new suit, for example, or buying expensive, you know, designer yoga equipment, for example, and they seem to be doing fine. they haven't been affected by the recession as much as middle and low income consumers. >> discounter can survive, they have to be willing to make the discounts even deeper. >> i think if the price is good, people will buy. you have to bring it down to an attractive bargain for them. >> sarah simmons, fox 5 news.
10:42 pm
>> the expansion of discount stores is actually making it more difficult for them to survive. with no end to the economic struggles. the future does not look good either. coming up tonight, when the verdict came down in the lumulemon murder trial. one of our crews was outside the store. they met a group of people. how they are remembering her tonight. plus, the feds claim they had a wave of terror here in dc. where bombings and biological tax involved. details and the novel where they may have gotten their inspiration at 11:00. mm
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have you noticed your grocery bill is getting more expensive? you can blame it on one important vegetable. >> corn, so good and more expensive these days.
10:46 pm
>> we've had fairly high prices the last few years. >> just five years ago, corn was around $2.50 a bushel. today it's around $6. what you may not realize, you already have money invested. corn farmers get help from a subsidized program. direct payments which help with the cost of getting crops planted and crop insurance. >> 60 days, july and august, the most critical time for corn production, we didn't get any rain. >> that cut the yield on steve's corn by half, with taxpayer backed crop insurance. then there's ethanol, the fuel made by corn. it grew in the last decade, thanks to a long list of federal subsidies, making ethanol requires a quarter of the corn crop, boosting demand, driving up the price of corn. >> farmers you hear screaming are the livestock producers.
10:47 pm
they have to pay that price. >> and more expensive, corn feed makes food cost more. like beef, pork, chicken, even eggs and milk. the ethanol industry and its thousands of employees want you to know. >> we believe that ethanol tax incentive can go away. >> but to keep demand up for ethanol, producers want more ethanol fuels on the road, which may require more federal subsidies. chew on that. steve brown, fox news. >> have your shorts on today? >> i did not have the shorts on today, but it was beautiful outside. >> you know, he is still wearing them. it really is. for the guys. >> yeah, i was going to say. >> the rest of us have given up on that. >> we might be getting warmer days. by warm, i don't mean 70s.
10:48 pm
how about mid and upper 60s? tomorrow, close to the mid 60s and a couple days next week. keep your fingers crossed. if we get that, it will be a little bit of indian summer. it doesn't look like it's anything too terribly warm, but it's also not bitterly cold. tonight, we've had cold nights and a lot of frost around on people's windshields. took time to scrape it off. it's not going to be quite that cold. maybe three or four, five degrees warmer in some spots. a couple high thin clouds coming on in. and guess what? a bit warmer on thursday. i think 64 or 65 degrees will be doable. we'll be getting sunshine in the morning and some high clouds in the afternoon. those clouds will thicken tomorrow night and into friday. and in fact, we're going to have showers close by as central virginia on friday and at least our future cast models seem to think it could get into the suburbs south of d.c. we're going to keep an eye on that. most of the other models are keeping it to the south. we'll see the clouds and after
10:49 pm
the clouds and the rain pull out of town, it will be a cooler, but a dry weekend. it's the front that is coming. you may have heard about, first of all, the high pressure is over us right now and it's keeping things blocked up. there's a strong front. this produced the snow. now it's moving on out of the area. they picked up 6 inches. wound up earlier today, grievely got about 11 inches and that storm has been tracking across kansas, now you can see the frontal system here and you can see it when i put the temperatures on here. it's 65 in st. louis. it won't be for much longer. because after the front swings on through, temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s. 14 degrees, casper, wyoming 25. here in d.c., we are 50 degrees and as mentioned, it's not quite as cold as it was last night. here is the trend for the next several days. average high temperature is 63. we'll be about 64 on thursday. okay, a little cooler after the front goes by on friday at 57
10:50 pm
and saturday, 54. we add six degrees to that on sunday. even a few more degrees on monday and tuesday of next week. around the region, we check temperatures and finding mostly 40s. your 37 in frederick. 49 in annapolis. 43 in leanardtown and we expect you to head into the 30s, but not quite as frosty as last night. here inside the beltway, 42 degrees. chilly, but not really cold. and a sunny, milder day for us with a few high clouds in the afternoon. our thursday will feature a high temperature of right around 64 degrees. at 8:00 in the morning, a chilly start. 43. by noon, we are about 59 degrees. lots of sunshine and more high and thin clouds around at 5:00 with the temperature of 62. so, we're keeping thursday dry. i wanted you to see the future cast, because lots of good sunshine. here come a few clouds later at night and i wanted to see friday morning at 8:00 a.m., maybe a couple showers. this might be a little bit
10:51 pm
overdone. most of the other models keep it here. how long does it hang around? a couple showers around for the afternoon hours south of d.c. and then we swing it all out of here. we are starting to see the clearing line friday, but chilly for friday as well as saturday. we'll start to take the edge off as we head into the weekend. this big ridge is going to make for a nice weekend. wanted to see that forecast. our temperature on saturday, 54 degrees, but a nice jump up on sunday. perhaps keep the 60s going into the second week of november. monday at least gets a good start at 63 degrees. we mentioned this every night. nobody is taken by surprise that we change our clocks this weekend. we go back to standard time, so you get that extra hour of sleep and officially make that change saturday night before you go to bed or first thing sunday morning. or you're going to be the first one everywhere. >> don't do that. thank you. >> teen pop sensation, justin bieber is denying allegations that he fathered a child.
10:52 pm
claiming he is the father of a former son. the two hooked up backstage. she is asking for a paternity test and wants bieber to provide support for the baby. x factor fans, it's all in your hands. the top 12 performed live tonight and now it's up to america to vote for their favorite. the winner gets a $5 million recording contract and the contestants want it badly. >> we are going to let out as the show goes on. >> i just hope when i sing, i hope america enjoys me and loves me and votes for me. a lot of people to impress, and i have a rocket or else america will be disappointed. i want to be america's choice. i really do. i really -- i love being in the final 12, but i want to be the final one standing. >> i'm going to do something different. i can say this about it,
10:53 pm
definitely unpredictable. >> that astro kid is great, isn't he? >> amazing. so many of the acts were amazing tonight. >> a few is a little weird, maybe somebody not wrapped up, because the judges aren't gouge going to bash their own contestant. >> they bash each other's. tons of people were chatting and twitter was exploding tonight. so a lot of people liked astro. other big fans of marcus and melanie. marcus being local. he did an unbelievable job with bobby brown. some of the other ones, people on the fence about rachel crowe, which is interesting. she has been one of the lead ones. drew, her song choices not so great. and some of the groups were a little here and there. so we'll see how that ends up tomorrow night. >> and chris renee pulls through. he is doing good. >> i love him. >> i would like them to sing
10:54 pm
their own songs. >> i thought he did pretty well. >> and a little bit of controversy. some of the older singers had previous singing careers. >> yes, two big stories breaking and great news that x factor has been picked up for a second season. but leroy bell and stacey francis both now is coming out that they have had record deals before, which they both said, oh hey, we fallen on hard times. we have never been able to get our careers going, but leroy bell produced for gladus knight. a little bit of a career. it's not like nothing happened for you. >> we'll see how they make it on the show. like you said, x factor got picked up for next year. everybody is excited, including the host, there is a brian who has claws, right? you may not make it. >> people are mixed. >> the show will be there.
10:55 pm
all right, thank you very much. back upstairs. >> what happens when the crusader runs into trouble himself? that's when the cops step in. and ahead tonight on the news edge at 11:00, man shot on halloween night. find out how this cigarette lighter saved his life. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep, and chrysler dealers. [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha. [ girl's voice ] hi todd, do you wanna be my boyfriend? [ chuckles ] sure! great -- gimme your melt. myy--melt? [ singsong voice ] yeah. i'm your girlfriend now. ahh, i don't think this is working out. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the steak & cheese -- layers of juicy steak and bubbly, melted cheese. subway. eat fresh.
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we all know bat man is known for fighting crime, turns out the cape crusader's super powers were no match for car trouble on a maryland roadway. beth parker explains. >> halloween can be a spooky time. strange things happen. sometimes even a super hero needs some help. >> howard county 911.
10:59 pm
>> a 911 call from a motorist on route 29. >> he's in the left lane. he's in a lamborghini. he's dressed in a bat man costume. >> that's right. bat man with a flat tire and his $200,000 lamborghini. two howard county crime fighters helped get the bat mobile off the road. turns out the bat mobile had to be towed. he was returning to the bat cave. in fact, he was going to visit six children in the hospital. he did make it to his destination. a friend gave him a ride. a super hero afterall. in howard county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the news keeps coming. here is brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> she was


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