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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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her with a 30- pound wait. there is evidence that her son was killed with a baseball bat. this is curtis lopez as he looked last night being led into the homicide and sex section of the montgomery county police. until yesterday, he was locked up in carolina avoiding expect -- expedition. the police believe they have enough evidence to show lopez was responsible for the death of the estranged wife jane and murdered her 11-year-old son william. the police found her body on october 12th in her bed under the covers. her son william, though, was messing. after a six-day search the ref- year-old was found dead in a woodediary off of clarksburg road. the prosecutors say neigh have footage from surveillance cameras showing curtis lopez loading a baseball bat into the back of the car on saturday october 1st. additional surveillance video shows curtis lopez and mcquane at a gas station. that same day 100-yards from where williams asbody was
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found. prosecutors believe there was evident to request that the motive was for the car. procedure to september the 30th, we now know from witness interviews that the defendant was texting photoparagraphs -- photographs of the vehicle in advance of jane going missing. we know that after her death we believe, he texted photographs of the car to his girlfriend who was found in possession of the car saying this is the car, we're on the way with it. >> reporter: the judge ordering lopez be held without bond. >> i'll take it. let me ask you a question, though. it appears that the motive for this was simply over the car. is that what your understanding thing is? >> material things. he was seen loading a television from that apartment into the back of that car and
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he was found in possession of the cell phone and william mcquane's cell phone. that is what prosecutors are painting at this point it was all over material things. >> unbelievable and stu for -- thank you for bringing us up to date. >> sure. we know a jury found brittany norwood guilty of first-degree murder in january. he will learn if she will spend the rest of her life in prison for killing her coworker inside of a bethesda store. we're hearing from investigators who helped solve the case and bob barnard has more. >> reporter: this was a tough and challengeing case for investigators. first of all, you had the awful crime scene and the confusing situation with who they thought was the surviving victim turned out to be the killer. police were able to get to the truth of what happened march 11th at the lulu lemon store in
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bethesda and ultimately ending up with the convict of first- degree murder of britney norwood last night. a short time ago, i had a chance to sit down with the head of the major -- major crimes division here. captain gave gillespie. here's what he had to say. >> and first it's nice to see her family have some sort of closure and the verdict, i think, last night, helps them along with that process. as far as being a part of the investigation, some of the work, the people working here are tremendous and they're top notch. i am proud of the work that they have done and in this casey anderal others throughout the year. it's great to be a part of something like that. >> and dave gillespie spoke did about the case in detail and we'll have more on the fox 5
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news at 10:00. and back to you for now. we're following breaking news in the murder of howard university sophomore alonzo guiten. police arrested two more men. 18-year-old michael jordan and 21-year-old lorenzo carlton. giteon was shot to death in front of a payment building. the police believe the motive was robbery. a third suspect was arrested last week and all three are charred with first-degree murder. and the best d.c. teachers could be in mean for thousands of, part of the plan to encourage high-level teachers to transfer to push-performing schools. some are wondering if that could hurt schools producing great results and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: some of the teachers could get up to continue thousand dollars a year and the idea is to take
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great teachers and move them into poor performing schools and hopefully it were them around. the proposed pilot program would focus on four low- performing schools in d.c. some teachers would be offered anp centef package to pack up the classrooms and head for schools in serious need of help. >> there are a lot of -- teachers i spoke to that would like an opportunity. they believe in the art of teaching. >> reporter: couple chairman brown is hoping to get -- council hairman brown is hoping to get city leaders into the deal. he wants to give teachers who agree to move temporary protection from some strict teaching results. >> at the end of the day, this is not about touching impact but changing impact. >> reporter: some parents worry the plan may not be the best move. >> once you do have some good
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teachers in place why -- teachers in place, why would you mess with that? >> reporter: the washington teacher's union madeed him for wanting to improve education for all students. it wants to make sure the incentives are fair and available to teachers in the low-performing schools. >> i will be fighting to the death for those individuals, and that is very clear. i brought it up and brought it up today with him. we're excited. >> reporter: where does the money come from to pay for the perks? that is still not clear but brown believes -- . >> we can no longer afford not to have the best teachers and a low-performing school. >> let's show you some of the perks that are on the table. there is that $10,000 bonus. there is a home buyer housing assistance for teachers that need to move and tuition assistance and also increase tax credits. chairman brown said that he would like to move quickly on this and have a public meeting
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as soon as possible and get a plan in place bite end of the year. shawn? >> -- by the end of the year. >> thank you. a herman cain controversy took another big term. the lawyer accusing cain of sexual harassment said the client wants to speak out. tom fitzgerald spoke with him. what did you find out? >> reporter: we spoke with the attorney joe bennett, shawn this morning. the client has a clear idea of what hosts to do here. he wants to issue a statement disputing herman cain's stage saying he was falsely accused and did nothing wrong. she will not go into the details about why she filed the complaint. you will remember, two complaints were fileed in 1999 when herman cain was the ceo of a national restaurant association in washington. cain modified his recollection throughout the week and first refusing to acknowledge them and saying he wasp aware of them and yesterday blaming it
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on rick perry. the attorney general read a brief statement on behalf of the client iniortown. >> i will be sending by e-mail this morning to the restaurant association's attorney a draft statement of my client's position for the restaurant association's agreement for release, notwithstanding, the confidentialt claus of the 1979 settlement agreement. >> reporter: it's important to point out that while herman cain incests he was wrongly accused, enpets in sexual harassment litigation say with the accusers barred from speaking outs are exactly what happened in the cases remains unclear. for the part, the national restaurant association issued its own statement saying it has heard from mr. bennett and did not say who the organization will wave this confidentialt clause. laura? >> thank you. it's up to a jury to decide. the corruption trial against u leaseee curry wrapped up -- ulysses curry wrapped up today
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and closing arguments were heated at times. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: federal prosecutor called the senator not from prince georges but the senator from shoppers. meaning the senators from shoppers food war house. they hinted at a federal conspiracy to bring down a popular maryland pop tishian. maryland state -- politician. >> reporter: maryland state senator curry showed a somber demeanor each day as he arrived in the federal courthouse in baltimore. he's been in the state legislature since 1986. and if convicted, the 74-year- old could conceivably spend the rest of his life in prison. curry and two former executives are on trial for extortion, bribery, and conspiracy. the state's case, curry never listed the supermarket chain as an employer on required disclosure forms while he helped the company with real
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estate zoning, and legislation. defense attorney joseph l. evans reminded the jury that maryland legislator are permitted outside of work. curry was a consultant for shoppers and other supermarket chains knew it. the attorney evans conceded that senator curry shouldn't have voted on the liquor licensing bill and shouldn't have sent out letters on shoppers ' issues that were written on his legislative stationary. the defense attorney hinted that a federal prosecutorial conspiracy to bring down the powerful and popular legislator. assistant u.s. attorney cathleen gavin reacted sharply and saying the state senator from prince georges is the state senator from shopper. she reminded the jurors it failed to disclose nearly a quarter million given to him by the supermarket chain and ridiculed defense witnesses who suggested he was not disorganized or smart enough to follow out of the forms.
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they were buying the senator, the prosecutor told the jury. that is what they were doing. with -- by the way, the jury got the case around 4 this afternoon. the judge will let him deliberate until 530 i'm or 6 and we'll let you -- 5:30 or 6. we'll let you know if they will update it. i don't see this and three different defendants in the case, i don't see the jury returning any time this afternoon or in the next day or two. laura and shawn? >> john henrehan, thank you. the name game for metro stations in our area is causing all kinds of controversy. >> the new names you will be seeing. and also tonight, closing arguments underway in the michael jackson death trial. we're live in los angeles with the latest. and shocking video going viral tonight. a daughter posts images of her brutal beating by her father who was also a judge. what he is saying today.
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>> here. metro changing the names of five stations but getting the board to agree to those changes was a challenge itself. it took more than two hours of testimony and debate. in the end, some writers may find the new names more confusing. fox 5s sherri ly is here with the story. >> reporter: some metro staff spent months getting customer feedback and doing research to come up with short remains. instead of going with the staff recommenting as, metro's board in most cases, made the names longer. what is in a name?
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rebecca -- a lot in 19 characters or less. >> the names do matter but shorter is better and less confusing. >> the best example is you street, which i can't remember all of the other parts this go with it. >> reporter: what to do with new york avenue, florida avenue, gallaudet u. chem it? >> there is -- change yet. >> there is a consensus of recommendation fornoma, gallaudet. >> noma? that is north of mass. it's a little-known name used to revive the neighborhood. >> the effort to change the image and the kind of development in that quarter. we spent a lot of time on that. >> there was negative research findings on the wordnoma. most in the research do not know what this mean. >> reporter: the board wrangled over station names when just four months ago, the report by the general accountability office criticized the board with micro management, like choosing seat colors. >> please keep in mind that
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you're representing all of the people of your jurisdiction and region. not just the institution, from which may advertise more than being a part. >> reporter: some board members argued why not use all 19 characters if you have them. oldtown will be added to king street and ball park to navy yards. >> we feel strongly that ballpark be a part of the primary names. >> reporter: holy cross hospital only knot an h for hospital on only got an h for the hospital. >> if you go down the path, you will never end going down the path. it will bendless and we'll be here debating station names at every meeting and non-profit that wants to be listed on it. >> reporter: the board shell the edition to the national mall and the smithsonian. >> the white house is not on the map. >> reporter: the once consensus, changing the waterfront to the waterfront. the university no longer exists. metro will keep new york avenue on the newly name noma
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gallaudet stop for one year for riders to get accustomed to it and then we'll do this all over again, laura, with the proposed silver line nails in less than a year. >> oh what fun. the many muters. sherri ly, thank you. the former nfl star and actor bubba smith has died. he died from an acute local of a weight loss drug in his system. the los angeles coroner reports the 66-year-old had high concentrations of tenter mean and heart disease. a caretaker found his body in a california home in august. he played on the baltimore colts superbowl tow in '71 and then went on to play officer moses hightower in the police academy movies. closing alls in the trial of hikal -- michael jackson's doctor. they're accused of causing his death and taking him away from the children and race can -- the children. craig bosswell has more. >> reporter: good evening to
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you. the defense is closing the arguments. the ib drift saying that did not happen and reestablishing a timeline of the day that michael jackson died. earlier, the prosecution spent two-plows hours with that final word saying dr. murray carried out a pharmaceutical experience on michael jackson. here we are, after 39 witnesses and more than five weeks of testimony, the jury is hearing the closing arguments from the defense and prosecution. the four tarns began their closing statements. the judge read the first portion of the jury instruction and that is basically a road map to decide the guilter innocence. >> the people must prove that one and that committed a lawful act and two -- and. >> reporter: the state argues they were carrying for jackson
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and go of tone jackson by them on june 25th, 10. the prosecutor said while the case is nearing an end, it will never be open for jackson's children. >> conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. that conrad murray left prints, per i -- parrots and blankets without a father. for them this case does not end today. >> reporter: the defense said that jackson, in the murray, administered the fatal dose of propofol, the claim this put the leading experts at odds during the trial. after the defense wraps up with the closing arguments, the prosecution can come back and get the final word in to the jury, expecting the prosecutor that he will in fact, do. that if the jury convicts dr. conrad murray, he paces -- faces up to four years in
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prison and -- >> is it going to wrap up today or closing arguments tomorrow? >> the judge is locally to get it wrapped up today and gave both attorneys 90 minutes to wrap up the closing arguments, even though they went longer. the judge wants to move it along and get this to the jury. it's likely to go to the jury today. >> okay. thank you. a county judge in texas is under fire after his his daughter posted this troubling video on youtube last week showing him repeatedly whipping her with a belt. the video was shot in 2004 when she was 16 and he was pushing her for using an illegal fire share program on the computer and she's 23 and hose the judge will get help. >> that conversation was this morning in the telephone and i said what happened? he said, you know i am shocked as you are and apologized for all of the mess.
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jot state commission on judicial conduct has opened an investigation into this video new viewed more than 2 million times youtube. law enforcement in texas is investigating the incident. in england, a bitter sweet duel for a professional soccer player and he scored the goal. he revealed a red t-shirt reading that's for you, son. he spread his arms wide and looked up to the sky and he called it the most important of his career. his team lost 1-3 despite efforts. and it's not just after shocks rattling our area. >> it's not. what we're learning about the shaky ground we walk on. and for retailers, it's on.
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[ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car. [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado
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-- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ ♪ >> geologists have a theory about the earthquake that rattled our region this summer
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saying it's possible a new fault line developed or a previously undetected one is found in virginia. the u.s. geo logical survey said the quake triggered more than 600 aftershocks and that caused damage to the washington monument and the national cathedral. and this is that picture today. >> if we can keep this rolling and rolling. gary mcgrady is applauding. and are you applauding the weather? >> the rat forecast, right? >> no, i never do that. i learned a long time ago you can be humbled like that in this business. i don't do that and this is vipir. we have shower activity to the west and that looks like a lot. believe yet or not, it's going come through and i will throw
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it in early tomorrow morning and looks like most of us will stay dry with this and the bulk of that goes to the south and had is what was applauding. 63 here in town. up to 63 and we may have made that to 64. frederick, 64; fredericksburg, 64; culpepper, 64 and in terms of the forecast this evening, not too bad and nice at 7:00 and to 57. clouds are down to 54. cloudy overnight tonight and in the rain, that should scoot by to the south of us and is going to get breezy and colder some changes as we head into the weekend. the weekend is looking pretty good. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> all right, gary, thats. >> okay. one local group said big corporations are using loopholes to avoid the tax man. you won't believe the local companies that are the one of the offenders. >> and holiday shopping is starting early this year.
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>> handle it or not, the countdown is on and that is -- believe it or not the countdown is on for christmas. melanie alnwick has more on who is opening up early and why. >> reporter: it's about the competition. the national retail federation is forecasting a small bump in sales this year. it's important for retailers to get customers in the store and ringing up the purchases early. the trees are up the lights are o the scene is almost set for black friday 20 life, and it's coming early -- 2011, and it's coming earlier than ever. >> retailers are literally tripping over each other to see who can open up first. the first place you go on black friday is probably the place
5:31 pm
you will spend the most money. >> reporter: all macy's stores nationwide will open at midnight with target and kohl's. last year, wal-mart, sears and toys are us opened on thanksgiving day and people do shop. >> last year, 24% of shoppers were at the store on friday, 4:00 a.m. or earlier and the number of people shopping at midnight tripled. >> reporter: is anyone near a shopping mall is the last place to be. sounds like we might be missing out. the best part is the discounts and deals you will get. prices corner center is opening the entire mall at midnight again. every store will have special deals hour-by-hour. marketing manager elizabeth said that 15,000 people were waiting for the doors to open last year and employees are looking forward to a repeat.
5:32 pm
>> we get excited about it. >> reporter: bulging bags and ringing registers more than making up for the lack of sleep. >> reporter: we can expect is to to see what some of the black friday deals are next week when some of the early sale ads will be released. shawn? >> what sells new this year? >> one of the new things is wifi. more stores are offering free wi-fi. people recognize they want to use their smart phones and if they have free wi-fi, they may see the offers coming in and some free shipping is starting earlier and lasting longer. another thing, the retailers are looking to see if people will use the daily deal sites like groupon and living social to see if they will give those instead of gift cards this year. >> very interesting. all right. here it comes. seven weeks. thank you, mel. >> you're the target audience. >> i admit i am.
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talking about putting a christweek. a new report shows that many of the country's biggest corporations are paying no federal taxes can you believe that? they conducted the research and examined nearly $300 corp rate rages and few 10% paid zero taxes or used loopholes and joining us is rebecca wilkins and thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> in reading your report, i found it interesting that pepco paid the lowest average tax latestern ifs you investigated, negative 58% and last year negative 118, 118%. we should note the companies are not doing anything illegal here, right? >> well, it's probably two different things. they're taking victim of a lot -- advantage of a lot of tax breaks that are perfectly legal
5:34 pm
that congress put in the code. but they also are doing aggressive tax planning. they're engageing in some tax shirts, they're doing leverage leasing deals and things that may not hold off if they got challenged by the irs. >> there has to be a major frustration factor for americans who are frustrated about the current tax system here. what does this tell americans about what is wrong with our system? >> that problem is our tax system picks winners and losers, you know. again some companies taxbreaks that other cuffs can't get. we found a big variety and amount-of-taxes that are different, the different industries are paying and some companies. one might be paying 30% and the other is paying less than 10. >> what is the goal doing this? is it to change the tax laws or expose the corporations? >> it's really about champing the tax law. we're hoping that text is
5:35 pm
reform is on the agenda next congress and congressional lawmakers will take our report and look at it and see what needs to be done to make the tax system more fair leave all. and to make sure that we raise enough revenue to pay for the vital things that government provides. >> now, general electric found to be paying a tax rate of minus 45% and calls your report inaccurate or distorted. is that taken out of context in any way? >> not at all. we look at the current federal tax liability on their current u.s. profits. they're going to try to copus too us by talking about the defeated taxes, and that is really taxes to pay in the future and talking about the worldwide taxes and from foreign governments. we're looking at the federal income tax. >> where do you take this from here, your efforts? >> well, we hope we'll take it to congress, with some tax form
5:36 pm
and hope to take it to the streets. maybe the people protesting the will have another arrow in their quiver to get the things that they want. >> rebecca wilkins with the citizens protect justice, appreciate you being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> shedding light on that. a violent night in the occupy oakland protest. demonstrators started a large bonfire in the middle of downtown. dozens of police in riot gear moved in. some businesses were heavily damaged. officers arrested 80 people yesterday, protestors shut down the port of oakland, the fifth busiest in the nation. it should have been a normal trip to the hospital. >> one family claims it turned into a nightmare for their young son. the story is coming up. [ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car. [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro.
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[ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ ♪
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>> a maryland family is suing baltimore, washington, medical center and one of the doctors after the son's legs had to be amputated above the knee. the six-year-old eric tflynn's parents took him to the emergency room last december and said the doctor failed to diagnose him with strep throat despite obvious symptoms, so he was sent home without antibiotics and became septic and critically ill the next day. he had to be taken to the university of maryland hospital where his legs were amputated to save his life. the flips want other -- flynns want other parents to know the dap jersey of str ep if not treated properly. >> we went from having a normal life and having everything so easy as far as him. he ecel ised in everything. he, you know, was one of the best in the soccer team, one of the best on his t-ball team. anything he does, he doesn't ask for help and figures yet
5:41 pm
out himself. he's a leader. he's a leader. >> the hospital said it has not seen a lawsuit but released a statement saying in part bwmc and all of the providers who care for eric believed the care he received to be thorough and appropriate. his symptoms were not consistent with or indicative of the very aggressive form of infect. and for -- infection. for many kids, the best part of the holiday season is opening up presents. we will explain how you can help by donating to toys for tots. what is wrong with the redskins? what knowened to a sea -- happened to a season that started out with promise.
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>> you might want to stop by toys "r" us tonight or tomorrow to help make the holidays special for a needy child. the u.s. marines are taking off
5:45 pm
their toys for tots annual drive and to encourage customers to donate a new unwrapped toy. marines will be at local stores promoting their campaign. shaquille o'neal supports the effort as shack-a-plus. you will see -- shaq-a-claus. and don't forget to apply for tickets to see the lighting of the national christmas tree in person. starting today through next monday. seen up in the online lottery. go to and look under local news for more information. there the ceremony is thursday, december 1st at 5:00 p.m. on the ellipse. >> hopefully it won't be snowing. how far, winter is in full blast with the first snow blotch of the season. the snow started falling yesterday by early morning. there were two, three inches on the ground and they're expecting a total of six inches by the time it's all over. >> i'm going to ask gain if that is headed our way. >> i hope no not. the redskins are sporting a
5:46 pm
three-game losing streak. the game won't be easier for them. >> the team is working hard on thefra field and doesn't seem to be translating into success. dave feldman has more. >> reporter: you motioned the three straight losses, mike shanahan dropped four straight, twice in an 18-plus career year as an nfl head coach. both came when he was with the broncos. the coach has been on edge a little lately as you might expect. to the players and as lindsay murphy reports, boiling points may not be too far away. >> see you on the feel. not moving the ball in office or stopping anyone on defense. special teams not creating anything? we're not creating anything to bit anybody excited and go out there and, you know, take the game to another level. simple as that and the other teams were making big plays, off of plays and we're here watching them do it. >> reporter: al,ander sums it up well on monday. just one day after the skins most embarrassing loss of the season. a game where the quarterback
5:47 pm
spent more time on the turf rather than moving down the surf. the skins gave up a record 10 sacks and were shut out the first time since 2009. >> reporter: feel like the team is ready to move forward. this last week, it was one of the ones where you have to say okay, that was gut wrinking and is not us. >> reporter: -- gut wrenching and is not us. >> reporter: the kids have lost three straight and four of the last five. the frustrations on the field boiled over last sunday and versus the bills leaving some to question whether this team ask tick -- can stick together through the tough time. >> when things go bad, you find out the true character of people. we'll see how it goes and i don't see serious issues with the device of business in the locker room and when that happens, the season will be over. >> reporter: six is the number of the week that john beck is 0-
5:48 pm
6 and the san francisco 49ers, after having six wins all of last year, already 6-1 and that is only week 9. >> and thank you. coming up at 6, we'll look at the redskins struggling and they take on the 49ers. the nfls fifth leading rusher. i will see you then. for now, back to laura and shawn and the pride of bel air, texas, outside of houston. mcgary -- gary mcgrady knows it very well. >> he is very proud. >> yeah. >> and earlier issue it was oat meal and now bel air. >> and that is league a city inside. >> really? yeah. a great day today. talking tomy buddy steve who had me for golf today it was wonderful. >> ah. a beautiful day for golf. >> and my other buddy taught me how to plum bob. you ever done that? >> no. >> you? >> yeah.
5:49 pm
>> in people say it doesn't work. i'm saying -- . >> it works, huh? >> in the home. >> and my buddy mike. hold your putter up. you line up a putt and that hole is on the left side and that works. >> okay. >> and you take us the next tom you go. >> that's fine. tuesday is 67 degrees. >> holy toledo. >> where are we going, feldy? >> if you want to good morning you're in, too. >> beautiful out there and maximize the days whole you can hey, it's so nice and into the next several. that is going to be cooler for the weekend and nice. enjoy it the first part of next week. after that, looks like things will go downhill. is that that is's sneak peek at the long-rage modeling. the sun is on -- son is still up for you in -- for now.
5:50 pm
fall back saturday night, sunday morning with an extra hour of sleep and next week, when we try to take these pictures, it's going to be disarm out there and we're dry upped the high pressure. see the showers and a couple of thunderstorms trying to go to parts of kentucky and into ohio and extreme western sections of virginia and to west virginia. you would think that this is just going come on over. all of our forecast guidance and charts we look at and waiting to the south of us. showing you a future cast coming up. 62 now in the city. dulles is 64. culpeper, 63 degrees and columbus is 67; detroit is 51. the reason i motioned that is the frontal system is coming through and we have had 60s today, moreget about it for the
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weekend. and that is going to stay dry. the temperatures into the lower 50s. we're under the influence of high pressure today and keeping the clouds and rain at bay and that is moving in our direction. making for colder conditions tomorrow. the wind is going to pick up. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. going to stay a chance, a very slight chance of a spotty shower here and there and that should be light, too and to 42 and cooler. that looks like into the suburbs temperatures, mid- on to -- to alley-oop upper 40s and we're tabbing 15, 20, gusts up to 55 and by 5:00, the
5:52 pm
sunshine is back and breeze. going to feel cooler than that and this is future cast. and that is close, to and we're dry by the afternoon and the breeze will kick up. and is the is going and the winds will calm down and into sunday, bitter with the temperatures up approaching 60 degrees on sunday and we should be in the upper 50s and again plenty of sunshine and rain will stay to the east of us offshore and that looks real real nice.
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the trend, saturday 54, sunday, 58. and monday, 63. tuesday, i said 67. only 65 on tuesday. but, the models were suggests it might be warmer than that. we're going be conservative and say 65 and perfect. and when feldy takes us, it will be a chilly start and dress in layers. >> okay. >> the back 9, you drop a layer -- layer. and teach everyone how to plum bob and feldy, you will pick up the tap. >> and -- >> and -- >> i have to ask you about mount head oregon. >> and they were nice today. >> right. >> and that flipflops. >> and it will flip flop. i don't see snow cones. >> okay. >> and i am sure. >> okay. >> and thank you. let's go to brian with a look of what is next on the news edge at 6. and this is a scandal but two presidential campaigns
5:54 pm
against each other. one of the women accusing herman cain of sexual harassment wants her story in the open. her lawyers spook out at the top of the our. -- hour. >> and the woman found guilt net lulu lemon murder trial facing life in prison without a possibility of parole. find out why reaching a setense, though. and lawmakers in one county say a youth curfew proposal needs to go a step further and being floated around. could lead to profiling.
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that's because for 100 years chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ ♪ >> the x factor's top 12 in the hands of america. last night was the first live performance at the -- and to let fans vote for their favorite. how do they feel they did? >> a lot of them high, high notes and that is on and i think i am proud of myself. >> and the crowd looked like
5:58 pm
it. they enjoyed it from the judges and that is -- and that is number ofracking. it's up to america now and they will vote for me. >> and that is a good performance. at the end of the day, it was better. and it was great. >> find out who stays and who goes when the x factor airs on fox 5 at 8:00 tonight. and that is hurtful. i didn't want to disappoint anyone. but, first and foremost, i have to follow my heart. >> kim kardashian is soothing her broken heart with a business trip to australia. she filed for hearse from her husband on monday. they made it 72 days after marrying in a very elaborate ceremony shown on reality tv. thanks for joining us at 5. the man sstarts now. -- the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
now. the herman cain sexual harassment scandal is not going away. the attorney for one of the presidential candidates accusers is speaking out. three women claim that cain engaged in enash pro -- inappropriate behavior. the attorney wants the d.c.- based group to lift the confidentiality agreement. this comes as accusations come about as who leaked the story in the first place. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom with the latest. tom. >> reporter: we spoke with the one whoel ised claims against herman cain while at the national restaurant association. tonight, he is asking that group to allow his client to publicly dispute herman cain's statement that he was falsely accused


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